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tv   CBS 2 News at 630  CBS  August 30, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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the news is next. right now a developing story in midtown, one man is in the hospital, another under arrest, after a stabbing at the i'm diane macedo. in for cindy hsu. thousands of commuters use the port authority bus terminal every day hoping to get their destination safely. but this morning, a dispute between two men triggered an attack in the bathroom.
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cbs 2 hazel sanchez is live outside the terminal with more hazel? >> reporter: diane, port authority police have identified the stabbing suspect as 22-year-old azeem breen from jamaica, queens. police say he did know his victim. but still, travelers that we spoke with say that doesn't give them any peace of mind. the attack happened at about 7:00 this morning, in the men's bathroom, next to the greyhound bus terminal on the lower level of the north wing of port authority. police say he stabbed a 47-year- old man multiple times and ran off. investigators are looking into the possibility that the victim had a relationship with the suspect's mother, but the motive for the attack is still unclear. the stabbing comes a month after a woman was allegedly raped inside a port authority parking garage. a second violent crime that has some travelers feeling very uneasy. >> oh, my gosh. really?
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happening here? >> i think that is ridiculous. the amount of police, what here. >> it is scary. it really is. you have to be very careful when you are traveling through here. >> reporter: the victim had surgery earlier today and is expected to be okay. the suspect is in plus custody, facing several charges. including attempted murker. live in midtown, hazel sanchez, >> thank you, hazel. tonight. former police commissioner ray kelly is accusing mayor deblasio of putting lives in danger just as the mayor tries to defend his record. cbs 2 jessica schneider is live in washington square park with reaction. jessica? >> reporter: mayor deblasio penning this two page spread in the daily news today, proclaiming his progressive policies are working. but at the same time, ex-police commissioner ray kelly wrote in a book that those same policies are leading this city astray,
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and some people out here agree. mayor deblasio declaring new york city is as strong as it has ever been. and that the growing concerns about quality of life issues like homelessness and times square panning and nudity have been overblown by hyper bollic pundits and right wing politicians with an ideological ax to ground. new yorkers though say the trouble is far from overblown. >> i don't want to bring my son or daughter over there, because it is no longer a kid function to bring, it is an adult party. i think they should come out and pass a certain amount of time when there are less kids, and not during the daytime. >> mayor deblasio admitting that the summer months have seen an increase in the number of homeless but touting the progressive achievements including $1 billion over the next four years for homeless services and universal pre-k and unemployment dropping to 5.7% the lowest level in seven years and expanded paid sick leave for 500,000 new york city workers and crime rates that are down 4%, even though murders, rape, and robberies
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are all up from last year. deblasio's optimistic op ed standing in stark contrast to the fiery words inside ray kelly's new book, profiled by the new york post. the former police commissioner slammed deblasio's abandonment of stop and frisk crime fighting, saying the mayor shrugged and walked away from a routine and useful policing tool. snatching law enforcement defeats, from the jaws of legal victory. some new yorkers though are standing by deblasio, and agreeing that he does good things for the city. >> he is on the right track. to help a lot of people. i think his heart is in the right place. >> reporter: mayor deblasio did stress in the op ed that he will not let the city refer to what many refer to as the bad old days. jessica schneider, cbs 2 news. >> thanks. the members of the broadway community want to honor of the actor killed in a fatal fall. using the hash tag kyle, calling on lights on broadway
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marquis for the memory of jean baptiste, the first african- american to perform the role on jean valjean on broadway. he fell from a fire escape in clinton hill brooklyn friday night. no word on a decision on whether or not to dim the new at 6:30, we have reports of a peeping tom on the prowl in manhattan. and a man spotted watching people from a fire escape. cbs 2 steve langford reports the site has prompted one resident to take action. >> a primal fear for residents of new york walk-outs. realizing that upper west side building where a woman here reports seeing a man, pants unzipped, on the fire escape, right outside her back window, three times. >> we got the note here on thursday. it was kind of shocking. >> reporter: a note from a woman posted on the front door of the building, warns fellow tenants to keep their windows locked because she writes i have caught some guy standing on my fire escape, watching me, with his pants undone. >> that is really weird. and kind of unsettling that someone has been on the fire escape. so we have locked it.
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>> we buzzed the apartment of the person who wrote the note. a woman told us she didn't want to talk about it. >> the apparent ease with which someone might get access to the fire escape at the back of this building painfully clear from the open gate and the garbage strewn side street entrance. to the second gate behind the afflicted building that is also unlocked. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the disturbing note prompting nervous reactions from fellow upper west sider. >> i think it is terrifying. i would want to move. >> reporter: in the note, the police. but the man outside her window was already gone. and the nypd says it has no formal complaint on file. >> unbelievable. perverts. they tend to find places where they are noticed. >> reporter: giving tenants here the creeps. on the upper west side, steve langford, cbs 2 news. this just in now. a self assault near rutgers university in new brunswick. investigators say a man touched a woman just before 3:00 this
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morning near the intersection of richardson and wyckoff streets. the suspect allegedly followed the victim in a backyard where she was attacked. we are told the victim is affiliated with the school. the suspect is still on the run. we have new information on a homicide in the suburbs. the new jersey landlord is now accused of murdering his tenant after a dispute. prosecutors say 83-year-old hasbrouck heights homeowner john went vise shot and killed 58-year-old john bilardi jr. during an argument yesterday. the argument was reported and the man was found with a handgun. he has been charged with aggravated manslaughter. bilardi listens down stairs in the home. and one man who has not wanted to be identified saying he was sick over the past two months. >> he was a weak man. in need of a lot of help. when i heard he shot somebody, i couldn't believe it. because he was so weak, i can't figure it out. just being able to shoot a gun. >> prosecutors didn't say what the two men were arguing about.
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doctor oliver sax, beth selling author of awakening has died, known for exploring the wonders of the human brain and chronicled people's struggles and successes and he suffered a rare eye cancer that has spread to his liver. and dr. oliver sax died today at his home in manhattan. he was 82 years old. a family fight to save lives after a tragedy on television. >> these people are messing with the wrong family. >> their daughter was killed by a former co-worker in an on-air ambush. hear how they are turning their heart break into action. plus, highway horrors caught on camera. a truck explodes, sending debris flying and the driver survived. we will tell you how. >> and too close for comfort, a hungry shark takes a bite out of woman's surfboard. elise? >> well, we will say hello to september soon. but summer is hanging on. big time. get ready for the heat and the humidity. both are on the rise this week. steve? >> elise, last night, the jets first round draft pick left with an injury, we are going to update that.
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plus a big name has pulled out of the u.s. open. the yankees made the box score today. we will show you later in
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sports. it was a moment of silence today at turner field in atlanta to honor a baseball fan who fell to his death yesterday. the braves displayed a photo of the man, 60-year-old greg ace murray on the scoreboard before today's game. murray fell from the upper deck into the lower level stands during last night's yankees/braves game. yankees catcher brian healthcare can's mother who is a nurse says she was nearby and mccann says she immediately ran over to try to help. the braves put out a tweet saying today we remember congress ag murray. police believe foul play is not suspected. in campaign 2016, a new poll. democratic bernie sanders is
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iowa. the des moines register poll gives clinton just a 7 point lead over the sumping sanders. vice president joe biden who is still deciding if he will run, he has 14%. on the republican side, donald trump maintains his lead, 23%. but retired neurosurgeon dr. ben carson has moved into second place. walker. caught on camera. a frightening scene on a highway near jacksonville, florida. this video shows traffic moving smoothly, when suddenly, a truck on the left-hand side of the screen just explodes. the semi truck crashed into the guardrail on i-95. fireball. the debris flew all over the highway backing up traffic for hours. okay. no one else hurt. but as you can imagine, those drivers got quite the scare. could we get hit with another heat wave? straight ahead. mountains. day or deal.
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we have new information about her rescue. >> and don't forget to follow cbs 2 news on facebook. find us on facebook .com/cbs
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new york. hundreds of people came together today for a special memorial in virginia to remember the tv news crew shot and killed on live television. >> the inter faith service in roanoke honored 24-year-old adam ward. the gunman, investor flanagan, was fired from the station for poor performance two years ago. he killed himself a few hours after the shootings.
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parker's parents also spoke out again today saying they will not let their daughter die in vein vowing for advocating for tougher gun laws. >> allison would be really mad at me if i cannot take this on and i promise you, i have said this time and again, these people are messing with the wrong people. we are going to effect a change and it is going to happen. >> parker will have a private memorial service. tuesday. >> and we have an incredible story now of survival. a hiker found alive after she vanished for more than a week in the california winderness. cbs 2 brian webb explains how she was found. >> reporter: the hiker was air lifted to a hospital after surviving nine days alone in the sierra nevada mountains. >> she was injured. she does have some broken bones. >> reporter: 62-year-old miyuki harwood was rescued after she used a whistle to alert rescue teams. it is a huge relieve to harwood's family. >> beyond excited.
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they couldn't stop screaming and crying. and yelling amongst themselves and they were all in a car on their way up here. >> reporter: harwood, an experienced hiker went missing from the group august 20. the search was hampered by thick smoke from a nearby wildfire. harwood crawled for two days, to reach a creek bed. >> she was able to drink from the creek, with the water filter that she had. to stay alive. >> reporter: authorities say harwood was weak and exhausted but thankful to be alive. brian webb, cbs 2 news. well, it was a close call with a shark for a surfer in california. she got away safely. her surfboard, not so much. the six foot great white took a huge bite out of the board. the surfer says she pushed the board toward the shark as she jumped off. there were several other people in the water at the time. >> when i was surfing, i was three feet out from the next guy. so i was a little bit further out. so maybe i was the one with the red board. you know, oh, will is somebody. boom. >> -- there is somebody. boom. >> other surfers nearby helped bring her to shore and luckily
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she was not hurt. let's head over to elise finch with the exclusive cbs 2 forecast. elise? >> diane, you can feel the humidity if you stepped outside you know that the humidity is on the rise. and so are the temperatures. we will check in with some of our cbs 2 weather watchers and see what kind of conditions we have around the area right now. and as we head into new jersey, we have at least one 90-degree reading and this is steven in hanover. he says it is 91 degrees where he is. and he says he can start to feel the humidity. and that's why i like the winter and snow. steven, my friend, i think you're alone in that one. i don't think anybody is interested in snow at this point. this is beverly in brooklyn. she says it is 85 degrees where she is. cloudy. very muggy. after two brief rain showers in bass beach, brooklyn. a few showers moved through. but as you will see in a second here, it is not a whole lot of activity. this is a live look outside from our camera high atop the empire state building. it is warm and hazy. 84 degrees. winds right now out of the south. at 13 miles per hour. so check out these highs around the area today. are we headed for another heat
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wave? certainly looks that way. take a look at today's high, 91 for newark. and islip and jfk, 84 degrees. but it is like a staircase. look at how the temperatures are going up, up, up. 87 yesterday. 90 today. and we are expecting a pair of low 90-degree temperatures on monday and tuesday. and of course, if we hit it, another heat wave for us this summer. so if you like the hot weather, i think you will love this week coming up. we have a few isolated showers and a few thunderstorms, most of this is well north of the city. we talked a little bit about showers moving through brooklyn earlier. basically the unsettled weather tonight for the most part we are expecting to be north of the city. you can see overrule, we have quite a bit of -- overall, we have quite a bit of unsettled activity along the northeast and the southeast with the remnants of air cast here is the setup for tonight. we have as i mentioned some showers, maybe a little bit of thunderstorm activity that continues through the 11:00 hour. and as we head into the day tomorrow, not a whole lot to talk about. until we get to about 5:00.
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then we have at least a chance to see a shower. possibly a thunderstorm. so for tonight, more clouds staying mild. and 73 degrees. tomorrow, partly sunny. and it is hot. and 92. look what happens. i mentioned if you like it hot and steamy, you will probably like this week. every day. through the end of the week. and through thursday in the 90s. and then beyond that, not much enjoy it again. >> keep the water handy. >> elise, thanks. and can the mets avoid a sweep by the sox at citi field? history made in new jersey today as well. steve overmyer will tell you about the amazing feat in
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sports after this. time to check in with steve overmyer and your cbs 2, wfan sports update. steve, the mets are having a tough time with the red sox. >> no kidding. playing the yankees as much as they were into this weekend. but for the first time in what feels like forever, the mets are the darlings of new york. today's final game against guest. field. and i don't know if you know this, but he is a lifelong tried and trued die-hard fan of the boston red sox. and he saw the city''s team term. and noah syndergaard. 1-0 mets. big right-hander kept it that way until the 6th inning. when big papi strikes again. career blast number 494.
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boston takes a 2-1 lead. but today, we saw the mets team that we have been seeing since the trading deadline getting clutch hits who enthey needed one. juan uribe with a big one, drives in a pair and the lead. and 4-2 after two. back. tying it at four. it allowed the suddenly hot michael kadire to play the hero. he raised his average 20 points in the last 10 gamings. and up to this player, 100 mile- an-hour heater here, it ends it and the mets salvage the final game of the series 5-4 from citi field. this month the yankees offense is a little sluggish. averaging three runs a game. but the braves have been the elixir to what ails the yankees baits. it was julio teran's time to buy a little bit of time. turner field is considered a pitcher's park. and this year the yankees made it look like a band box. jacobi ellsbury gets it started
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second. and the signing of chase headily has proven to be a pretty nice success. since the all-star break, hitting .320. to straight-away center. 10th. the 5-0 ball game. can you believe steven drew has 16 homers for the yankees so far this year? part of a four-run inning that made it 7-0. and the rest of the game was pretty much just a formality. nathan ebaldi was the recipient of the power surge. not at his best. five runs over five innings. but the run support gave him the 14th win. he is tied for third in the american league. half. this one got so out of control, brandon pender, the yankees relief pitcher, picked up his first career hit with an rbi double. the yankees pound out 20 runs, 6. great news for the jets rookie leonard williams only night. and the first round pick walked off the field last night with a fear it could be ligament damage. rest easy though. he will be fine for week one.
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and there is concern with the giants offense however. the starters have only scored one touchdown in the pre- season. and it wasn't even a pass. but did you see o'dell beckham jr. make a one-handed grab. this one over darrelle rivas and his feet were out of bounds. but odb had five catches. the question is, does he get extra credit for one-handed grabs? >> why not? and on the eve of the u.s. open one of the biggest draws has pulled out. maria sharapova, the five time grand slam winner was battling a knee injury and says it is not enough time to get ready for the event. >> in edison, new jersey, history was made in the final round of the barclays. hole. unthinkable. from 220 yards out. he does it again. second hole in one in the same day. the third golfer in history to >> wow. jason day. his hottest golfer on the planet right now. championship.
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and 8 under 62, winning by shots at 19 under. and also gets a little quality time with his son dash. on the 18th green. bubba watson by the way said that little boy ate him out of house and home. ate all of the macaroni and cheese. he ate all of the macaroni and cheese. >> muscles like dad. >> that does it for cbs 2 news at 6:30. we will be back at 11:00. for the the entire cbs 2 news team, thanks for joining us.
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