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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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run in lower manhattan. explosion caught on camera.
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right now we have breaking news at newark airport. that's a suspect on the ground surrounded by tsa agents. that security scare triggered long lines, major headaches and a travel nightmare. i'm diane macedo. cindy hsu is off. terminal c had a huge evacuation. police say the suspect entered through the door setting off a large chain of events that left travelers waiting for a long time. matt kozar has video as security moved in. >> chaos at the airport. port authority police shut down terminal c for about an hour and a half. everything was on hold. even the planes couldn't land
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because an unidentified man snuck in to the terminal. >> security with guns drawn the ground. a passenger shot this video and posted it on youtube. another passenger, richard kreswick, took this photo and said 10 tsa agents are chasing a white male. running at me. i throw my briefcase in the front of the guy they're chasing, trip him, and a customs agent draws his gun. a man snuck in to terminal c through an exit. after arresting the suspect, police evacuated the area as the k-9 unit did a security sweep. >> we've been waiting here for at least an hour. >> reporter: on a busy sunday trying to get out of town. angeles. >> reporter: frustration followed the long lines that snaked past the ticket agents. no one was allowed to go through security. >> how long have you been waiting for? >> felt like seven years. >> that long? >> yeah. >> reporter: an
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impatient al klein waited for his wife. >> she landed on a plane and they said they couldn't get it gated so they're roaming around outside. >> reporter: marilyn was stuck in the sky. >> we were ready to land and all of the sudden it was circling and circling and nobody knew what was going on. finally the pilot got on and said air traffic control is saying i can't land right yet. >> no word on the suspect's likely be facing. police took him to a local hospital. reporting live from new york airport, matt kozar, cbs 2 news. now to more breaking news. police are look ing for a prisoner who escaped from new york presbyterian hospital. hazel sanchez is live with more on the search to find her. >> like you said, police are still actively searching for
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that female prisoner who escaped from new york presbyterian lower manhattan hospital. she has been identified as 25-year-old christine figereto from the bronx. she was being prepped for arraignment earlier today. she had been arrested for petit larceny among other charges and was complaining of bruising, claiming to officers she was pregnant. they took her here to the hospital. she was handcuffed in an exam room in a hospital gown when police say still be wearing that hospital gown. she's described as a white woman, about 5'5", and 120 pounds. her name, christine figereto, the fourth prisoner here in new york to escape this summer. one in june, one in a woman from the bronx described as being white woman, 5'5" and 120
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anyone with information is asked to call police. for now we're live in lower manhattan, hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news. writer and director wes craven died this afternoon after a battle with brain cancer. craven was known for such films scream. recently he served as executive producer for upcoming feature film girl in the photographs. his first feature film was last house standing on the left which he wrote, directed, and edited in 1972 then later remade. in an announcement tonight his family said craven died surrounded by loved ones in his los angeles home. wes craven was 76 years old. it was a dangerous weekend for swimming at the beach. lifeguards had to rescue several people yesterday afternoon. at one point they even used a rope to pull in a distressed swimmer. no major injuries reported. beach is going to be packed over the next few days. we could get hit with a second heat wave this year. elise finch is in the
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weather center with more. >> we're expecting another heat wave if these numbers hold up. 91 degrees in newark. 90 in central park and laguardia. 80s for bridgeport, islip, and jfk. but the first few locations, you're headed for a heat wave. so far this year we've had 13 days where we've had 90-degree temperatures or warmer. we're expecting to put together another string of those days. take a look at your temperature trend. we were at 82 on friday. 87 yesterday. but 90 degrees today. and we're expecting a pair of low 90-degree temperatures for your monday and tuesday. if we hit these numbers, that will be our second heat wave of the summer. and just be mindful the humidity is also on the rise along with the temperatures. so we'll call it really uncomfortable over the next couple of days. both the heat and humidity together. i'll have more coming up in your full forecast. tonight we have two tales of one city. former police commissioner ray kelly is accusing mayor de blasio of putting lives in danger just as
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the mayor defends his record. cbs 2's jessica schnedier has the story. >> reporter: warring rhetoric between new york city bill de blasio and former top cop ray kelly. in a sunday op ed in the daily news, de blasio proclaimed new york city is as strong as it's ever been, saying the quality of life issues like homelessness and times square panhandling and near nudity have been overblown by hopper bolic pundits and right wing politicians with an ideological axe to grind. excerpts obtained by the new york post show kelly slamming de blasio's tactics and abandonment of stop and frisk crime fighting. he wrote he shrugged and walked away from a routine and useful policing tool, continuing, i personally resent the implications of de blasio's false narrative. i knew the truth that our policies targeted reported crimes. we didn't target people based on their skin color.
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some agree de blasio's new york hasn't lived up to the progress of his progressive policies. >> i don't feel it as a city employee. i don't get any sick days, i don't get maternity leave. i don't really see the changes that he claims he's made. >> reporter: the op ed boasts several accomplishments like universal pre-k, unemployment rates dropping to 5.7%, expanded paid sick leave and crime rates down 4%. >> i believe that the mayor has a lot of good intentions and he's done a lot of good things for the city. >> a spokesman for the mayor says overall crime has gone down, even as the use of stop and frisk has been reduced. but statistics released by the nypd this month shows robberies, murders, and rapes have all gone up. in long island city, queens, jessica schnedier, cbs 2 news. new at 11:00, police are searching for a man who sexually assaulted a woman in brooklyn.
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it happened shortly after midnight on rockway parkway and kennarsy. a man is described as a black man in his 20s wearing hawaiian shorts. in new jersey another sexual assault, one of two crimes now under investigation involving rutgers university students. the first incident happened before 1:00 this morning around hamilton and hartwell street off the campus. the victim reportedly was hit in the arm with what might have been a bullet. students say they heard shots and an ambulance was seen leaving. >> [ inaudible ] it was the first time i heard the shot of gunfire. >> around 3:00 in the morning police say another person was sexually assaulted at the intersection of richardson and wyckoff. the suspect allegedly followed the victim in to the backyard where she was attacked. the suspect is still on the run. in virginia hundreds of
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people came together for memorial service in honor of the tv news room shot and killed on the air. this as the reporter's parents are vowing to fight for stronger gun laws. >> adam and alison saw as their mission to awaken us to what was good and fun in life. >> reporter: colleagues remembered alison parker and adam ward as two hardworking journalists taken much too soon. >> i want to play softball with adam again and i want to see alison dance. and i will in the wonderful memories they gave me, they gave us. >> reporter: the two were gunned down while conducting a live tv interview on wednesday. shooter vester flanagan faxed a suicide note to abc news outlining his racial motives in the killings. flanagan took his own life as police closed in. to parker's parents the tragedy has opened a window for change. >> you always think there's a tipping point. this time it's going to be dedifferent. >> we cannot be intimidated. we cannot be pushed aside. >> reporter: in an exclusive
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interview with cnn, barbara parker says her family will advocate for gun control reforms. >> if you're a parent, if you're a mother, if you have children, can you look your child in the eye and say we're willing to allow you to be collateral damage in order to keep what some people say is their constitutional rights? >> reporter: the parkers say they know their work will take a long time, but -- >> i'm telling you, they mess would the wrong family. >> a third victim, vicki gardner, survived the shooting. she's now in the hospital recovering after being shot in the back. a mother makes a mistake at the grocery store. how could she forget her child? hear what she says. >> i thought the whole time he was in my car. >> photos show that baby all alone in a carriage. the woman is speaking out about the ordeal. why she says it could happen to anyone. >> plus trouble on the fire escape. a half naked peeping tom targeting people in the upper west side. >> too close for comfort. a shark takes a bite out of a woman's surfboard.
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>> david ortiz had something to say about the mets' pitching staff. we'll have that. plus cbs sports radio host damon amendolara joins me. we'll be talking mets, yankees, and giants? can this offense do anything besides the occasional
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one handed catch? new tonight, it was an emotional show of support for the family of a sheriff's deputy who was murdered. hundreds of people came out for a vigil tonight in a houston suburb. the crowd gathered at a church then marched the chevron gas station in suburban houston where the deputy was ambushed friday night. 47-year-old darren goforth was pumping gas when he was shot several times in an attack the sheriff says was clearly unprovoked. 30-year-old shannon miles was arrested yesterday and charged with capital murder. he's expected in court tomorrow. investigators say he has a lengthy criminal record. what would you do if you were sitting at home and then noticed someone watch ing you from your own fire escape? steve langford says the sight has prompted one woman to take action. >> reporter: a primal fear for residents of new york walk-ups
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realized at this west upper side building where a woman here reports seeing a man, pants unzipped, on the fire escape right outside her back window three times. >> we got the note here on thursday and it was kind of shocking. >> reporter: a note from a woman posted on the front door of the building warns fellow tenants to keep their windows locked, because, she writes, i've caught some guy standing on my fire escape watching me with his pants undone. >> that's really weird and unsettling that someone's been on our fire escape so we locked it. >> we buzz the apartment of the woman who wrote the had note. she said she didn't want to talk about it. the aparent ease that someone might get access painfully clear from the open gate of the garbage strewn side street epterance to this gate also unlocked. >> oh, my gosh. >> the disturbing note prompting nervous reactions from fellow upper west siders. >> it's terrifying.
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i would want to move. >> reporter: the nypd says it has no formal complaint on fire. >> unbelievable are these perverts, tend to find places where they are noticed. >> reporter: giving tenants here the creeps. steve langford, cbs 2 news. a mother faces criminal charges tonight after forgetting her baby in a grocery store shopping cart but that mom says it could happen to anyone and tonight she's defending herself. >> i'm a good mom who made a horrible mistake. >> reporter: cherish peterson was pretty emotional when she sat down to talk about what happened. the 27-year-old mom makes no excuses for accidentally forgetting her 2-month-old baby boy in front of an arizona grocery store monday. >> i got in to my car and normally i put my cart away but i didn't need to because i parked at the front of the store and i never park there. and i drove away.
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>> reporter: peterson said she had to run to the store with her four small children to buy some candy for a nephew's birthday and simply lost track of the baby. an off duty phoenix police officer almost immediately spoted the infant and took him to a nearby hair salon. the child was not hurt but it didn't take long for the story to spread on social media with people calling cherish a drug addict and terrible mom. she returned looking for her baby within 40 minutes. >> as i was pulling in to the garage, my 4-year-old goes where's baby? his car seat is right behind me and i turned around and looked and realized. it was 40 minutes but it was not two hours and i never took my other kids out of the car so it wasn't like i knew i left him. i thought the whole time he was in my car. >> at first authorities said
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they wouldn't file criminal charges against her but now cherish is facing a misdemeanor charge of child endangerment. the petersons tell us they will agonize over this for the rest of their lives. let's check in with elise finch and the exclusive cbs 2 forecast. a heat wave? how like lae ly do you -- how likely do you think this is? >> very likely. if you've stepped outside today you know the humidity is already on the rise. let's check in with some of our weather watchers tonight and see what kind of conditions we have out there. a few 80-degree temps. let's head in to the lower hudson valley, see what we got going on here. claire says late season swelter ahead. you're correct, that's exactly what we're about to get. let's stay in the area, checking in with carl. 72 degrees where he is and he says the heat and humidity back and for how long? the short answer is pretty much all week. let's take a live look outside. this is from our
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camera high atop the empire state building. if you step outside even now, 11:19, it's cloudy, muggy, 75 degrees and the relative humidity is at 84%. 90 degrees. that was our high temperature. a full 9 degrees above the average that we only 8 degrees shy of the record. closer to the record than it was to the average that we consider normal. rainfall, we did have a little tonight. we still have a couple of little cells. but generally speaking we're still almost two inches below where we should be for the month of august. we need about 2 inches of rain. we'll have a couple chances over however, none of this rain really does much to don't count on that too much. i mentioned a few showers moving through and especially if you take a look from nassau in to suffolk county, we're looking at one of those cells. it did move through the city. now we're watching it push its way across long island. relatively minor activity is what we have out here. the muggy condition you'll be dealing with. tonight
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we're mild and cloudy and muggy for most locations. as we head in to the day tomorrow, get ready for the hazy, hot, humid weather. it marches in tomorrow and basically stays with us all week long. and tuesday brings in the first day of september but it will be a sizzler. also expecting temperatures, low 90s with that humidity intact as well. so it is going to be sort of an interesting week as we say goodbye to august and hello to september. cloudy and muggy overnight. 73 degrees. we are seeing spotty showers. as we head in to the day tomorrow, partly sunny, hot and humid. 92 degrees. we do have about a 20% chance of seeing a shower. primarily looks get for north and west. if you're heading to the beaches, know we have a moderate risk of rip currents basically at all our beaches. be mindful of that. air temperature, perfect to head to the beach to cool off. you want to be very careful when you get in the water. 92 degrees the forecast high for your monday and tuesday. not much cooler for wednesday and thursday. still expecting 90-degree temperatures with upper 80s for friday and saturday. so
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hopefully you like it hot. that's what we got on tap this week. still ahead, controversial comments from rocker christy hine. >> a man stabbed repeatedly in the bathroom at the port authority bus terminal. >> a truck explodes but it's what didn't happen that might
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the mets are trying to get in to the playoffs and steve overmyer is here with a quick look at sports. they look like a pretty sure thing at this point. >> they're well on their way. they've been steal ing the back page headlines all summer. now we'll see if they can bring this together when it really counts. what you love about this team is every single night it's a different hero and in this game it was michael cuddyer. not really been a banner year for him but this go ahead knock in the 7 makes up for an earlier error. the mets win 5-4. they maintain a five-and-a-half-game lead in the nl east.
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and the yankees had another one of those offensive explosions. they rolled off a 20-6 route of the braves. they complete the sweep in atlanta. nathan eovaldi has not lost in 13 straight starts, the longest streak in the majors. we had another no hitter tonight. we'll be welcoming back our friend david amendolara from cbs sports radio. we'll talk about the yankees, the mets. specifically i'm going to ask him how the mets team measures up against the last mets championship contender, which again, is only a strike away from the world series. >> an idea of how supportive people are. i had a red sox fan that went to the game and she said secretly she was rooting for the mets. that's the kind of momentum they have right now. >> red sox fan bill de blasio was there too. taylor swift pokes fun at kanye west. we've got the video just ahead. >> plus, no more peace and
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