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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  August 30, 2015 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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quiet. one man is in the hospital, another arrested after a violent attack inside the port authority bus terminal. police say 22-year-old aazim green stabbed a 47-year-old man multiple times. it happened around 7:00 this morning in the men's bathroom near the greyhound bus terminal in the north wing. investigators say the victim and the suspect knew each other. the victim went through surgery but is expected to be okay. there was a moment of silence today at turner field in atlanta to honor a baseball fan who fell to his death yesterday. the braves displayed a photo of the man, greg ace murray, on the scoreboard before today's game. murray fell from the upper deck to lower level stands. yankees catcher brian mccann's mother who was a nurse was nearby. mccann says she immediately ran over to help. they put out a
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call 1-800-341-9716. caught on camera, look at this frightening scene on a highway near jacksonville, florida. traffic moving smoothly when suddenly a truck on the left side of the screen explodes. the semi crashed in to the guard rail on i-95 and burst in to a huge fireball. debris then flew all over the hours. but get this. the driver of that truck is okay and no one else was hurt either. rocker chrissie hynde is
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making headlines not for her music but for her words. in an interview with britain's sunday times, she reportedly suggested a woman can be at fault for rape. she's quoted as saying if you don't want to entice a rapist, don't wear high heels so she said she takes full responsibility as she was sexually assaulted at 21. tomorrow the deflate-gate hearing resumes in federal court. tom brady is challenging his four-game suspension by the nfl. also on monday, the u.s. open begins in queens. serena williams and rafael nadal are scheduled to play. president obama announced mount mckinley will be renamed denali. on wednesday the family of
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detective wenjian liu will get a new home. you may notice it's increasingly difficult to have a conversation when you go out to eat. andrea grymes reports some new york city restaurants are now dishing out decibels in order to create buzz, literally. >> reporter: many restaurants not only serve up drinks and food these days. but also a lively and loud atmosphere. >> something that continues to encourage social interactions and i love that. >> reporter: restaurant owner gabriel embraces the trend. a noisy dining room. he's not alone. >> the idea is to create a party atmosphere at a lot of these places. >> reporter: restaurant critic adam platt has reluctantly listened to this transition over his 15-year career with new york magazine. >> the classic old fashioned quote/unquote fancy restaurant was a hushed little darkened parlor. now it's really the
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exact opposite. >> reporter: he says about a decade ago the noisy kitchen culture started working its way in to the dining room. unscientific smart phone meter app found noise levels at restaurants we recently visited hovered in the mid 80s, the equivalent of city traffic, in to the 90s, like a jackhammer pounding away. not the best environment if you're looking to have an intimate conversation over dinner. >> i hate it. absolutely hate it. >> why? >> because i can't stand not being able to hear. >> reporter: diners we spoke with have mixed reactions to this noise revolution. >> that's what you expect when you're in new york city so unless i'm looking for a quiet spot, i don't mind. >> you're supposed to hear the other person. >> it's okay when the people around you are talking. it's kind of nice, it's invigorating, but when it's like the kitchen stuff, i don't like that. >> reporter: others say if you can't stand the noise -- >> you have to accept it. >> reporter: it's your choice to stay or leave. andrea
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grymes, cbs 2 news. it was a close call with a shark for a surfer in california. she got away safely. her surfboard not so much. the 6-foot great white took this huge bite out of her board. the surfer said she actually pushed the board toward the shark as she jumped off. there were several other people in the water with her. >> i was just about three feet out from the next guy so i was just a little bit further out. somebody. >> the nearby surfers helped bring her to shore. luckily she wasn't hurt at all. new tonight, always expect the unexpected at the mtv video music awards. taylor swift and kanye west are at it again. >> i first met kanye west six years ago at this show actually. so i guess i have to say to all the other winners tonight, i'm really happy for you and
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i'm'a let you finish, but kanye west has had one of the greatest careers of all time. >> that joke referred to the stunt west pulled in 2009 during the vmas when he took the microphone away from swift. she then presented west with the michael jackson video vanguard award. west gave a 10-minute speech and said he is running for president in 2020. elise finch has a look at the forecast. >> i've got your forecast and it won't take me 10 minutes to give it to you. [ laughter ] temperatures and humidity both on the rise. if you stepped outside you know. let's take a look at our current. 75 degrees in central park, same for the hamptons and belmar. 70 for sparta. 77 in greenwich. take a look at the relative humidity. 90% for white plains and greenwich. 94% humidity in monticello. this is what you can expect. cloudy, mild, muggy tonight. we do have a steamy start to the work week. a
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second heat wave of the summer is possible this week and we really don't have much relief in sight by way of cooler temperatures. we have a couple chances for scattered showers, maybe a thunderstorm, but still doesn't manage to cool things down. here's your vortex satellite and radar, shows some of the cloud cover moving in. 92 degrees, the forecast high. we're expecting to hit that at 3:00 in the afternoon, with the humidity. that 92 will feel like 94. here's a look at your 7-day. a string of 90-degree days heading our way. golf history from the barclays tournament in new jersey plus steve overmyer sits down with damon amendolara from cbs sports studio. he'll talk yankees, jets, mets, giants.
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let's start things off with the mets. david ortiz got a really good look at the mets staff this week. i think he liked what he saw. he said the mets with this pitching staff, they're not too far off from he and that's a man that knows what it takes red sox were on the verge of actually sweeping the mets. but juan driving in a couple here for the lead in the 6th. since his addition, uribe, the mets have led the majors in homers, doubles, rbi, slugging. michael cuddyer has worn a lot of hats. used to play right field in colorado.
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this is left probably couldn't have played that any worse. turns in to an rbi triple and it ties the game 4. but they brought cuddy because he's got a great bat. that's how you reconcile with fans. the go-ahead knock in the 7th. he went 3-3 with a knock and that huge rbi. 5-4 the final. their lead in the division remains 5 and a half games. yankees really sorry to be leaving atlanta after what they did to the braves this weekend. jacoby ellsbury, steve n drew all leaving the yard. drew goes 4-4, ends up above the mendosa line and was hopefully -- maybe this is going to be a bit of a springboard for alex rodriguez who's batting .138 this month. he helped ignite a nine-run
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rally in the 7th. yankees route the braves. they've scored 38 runs this weekend. they sweep the braves 20-6. still a game and a half back of the 1st place jays. remember when nohitters used to be a rarity? we've seen 13 no-hitters in the last calendar year alone. jake arrieta's recorded baseball sixth no hitter of the season and it comes at the expense of the dodgers who have been no-hit twice in the last nine days. every month we have a state of the new york sports world but the host of the d.a. show on cbs sports radio, we welcome him back in our studio once again. damon amendolara, good to see you again. you came in off of vacation to come on our show. we really appreciate that. >> look, i'm a gamer. what do you need out of me? >> what we need is information. >> well , i can give you opinion. [ laughter ] >> opinion is good. so it has
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been a long time since the yankees have played second fiddle to anyone here in new york city. what do you make of this state of the yankees right now? >> i think it's fascinating because you have yankees fans that didn't expect anything coming out of this year. suddenly a pretty good baseball team. now they're starting to tail off. the blue jays have gotten hot. yankees fans wept from this is a really fun, exciting, unpredictable season to maybe this is going to end the way we thought it was going to end, not that great. >> the next 16 games are going to be really telling for this team because they're all going to be in division games, four against the blue jays. is there any reason to believe this is not going to come down to the wire? >> i think it's possible. my prediction is it does come down to the final five games between them and the blue jairz. i don't know how much drama there's going to be because they're both riding high in the seat. their offense is on fire. they have some
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momentum after the trade deadline and the yankees have come back down to earth. >> edward inars incarcyou don't incarceon . in the past, where is your confidence meeter? >> it was high a month ago but who could have predicted getting tulowitzki and david price? one thing you could priblth is the aging e -- could predict is the aging bats of the yankees. my confidence meter if it was at 8 to win the division is at a 6 right now. >> now everybody is talking about how they set up the rotation for the postseason. >> let's not get ahead of ourselves but it's new york, so of course. >> how do you set it up? terry collins said today that steven matz is not going in the bullpen. >> give me harvey starting game
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1 of the playoffs or wildcard game. if you have the had benefit of setting things up because it could come down to that final series of the weekend then you don't have the chance to set anything up. i want matt harvey, that bulldog attitude, that alpha male on the ground. decan grom obviously number 2, give me syndergaard at 3. i'm not convinced matz is your he's just had a couple starts. injured. what happens if he comes back and he's no good? you can't set up a rookie like matz just yet in october. >> i know everybody loves this pitching rotation, but let's compare this roster build with, themselves a championship quality roster. that was 2016. how do the mets currently measure up against that squad? >> i think as a mets fan i'm more emotionally invested and connected to this roster because
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it's more homegrown guys. that roster in '06-07 like you mentioned, these were guys toward the end of their careers that had come up with other teams. this one is different because it feels like it's kind of -- they've all come up together. they've got grandy, cuddyer. bartolo colon is about 5,000 years old. but i just feel like this one, it's more easily to get emotionally attached because it feels like so many of them are homegrown. >> let's get to the football. the jets and giants play the third preseason game which is supposed to be the most likely indication of what we're going to be seeing out of both squads. the jets looked kind of sharp on offense. the giants did not. is this an offense that can flip the switch and they're going to be able to get it in to high gear or should we really be concerned with the giants' o? >> i don't think you need to be
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concerned with the giants' o, assuming he's going to be okay. luckily he hasn't been wear and tear over the preseason, the exhibition and the training camp. if those guys are healthy and larry donell is out there and rueben randle is out there and this new offense that remember, eli is coming off one of his best seasons ever statistically last season, should put up points. i'm terrified of this defense. that defense is not classic giants worthy. unless spagnola can create chicken salad out of chicken feathers, i don't see how they're going to hold anyone under 28 points. >> you're towing the line really close there. last two years you were talking about statistics. in the last two years the giants do lead in one major statistic, most injuries. is this a trend or is this an anomaly? >> you'd be foolish not to look at it as a trend because you should take all the data and try
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to find trends with modern analytics, et cetera. it happens with the giants every year. i don't think you can simply say the giants' training camp is any worse than anybody else's training camp. i wonder about jerry reese's drafting. jerry reese has hit on some stars like odell but he's also missed on a lot of guys. when you miss on draft picks you then have to go to the waiver wire or sign guys in free agency who are available for a reason or you have to go to the trash heap and get guys off the street. that i wonder if that's not one of the biggest reasons. >> tom brady is going to be in court tomorrow with the nfl. is there any reason to believe that this is going to get done before september 4th and the judge has to make a decision himself? >> if the arbitrator says you guys need to settle this because there's holes in both of your stories, wouldn't it make sense for both sides to find some middle ground? let's go. get it to two games. let's move on with our lives. >> that cuts it right in half. the extra point is now a 35-yard point after attempt. this could
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change the way you look at each one of these games. is this something we're not going to be talking about in a month from now? >> i think the extra point itself is not going to be missed many more times than it used to be. it's going to be like 99.3% or something. >> we've seen some missed extra >> you have. i just don't think it's going to be the game changer that most people do. if tim tebow in philadelphia becomes a weapon as a 2-point cat. >> we're going to get your predictions here from last month. we asked you who would be traded, hamels, cespedes, price. >> all right, partial credit. >> you said david wright would not be back. he's back. and he's playing well. >> but thank goodness. i wasn't root ing against you, dave. >> you said the number 1 pick
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in our fantasy draft would be adrian peterson. it was jamal charles. >> but the draft lineup was set by you guys. i think that thing was rigged. if i was at the top i would have made my own correct question and answer. >> we're going to start off this month's questions with our fantasy football draft. i looked at your squad and you stocked up on players from teams you absolutely hate. you have cowboys on your squad. the next time we see you will joseph randall's touchdown output be over or under 1 and a half? >> it will be over because i'm winning this league. >> eli manning's touchdowns versus ryan fitzpatrick's interceptions? >> give me more touchdowns for eli though there could be a lot from ryan pit-patrick in the next month. [ laughter ] >> will we see a season slam from serena williams who will be in the u.s. open? >> absolutely. people, if
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you're not in to tennis, you should pay attention to this. this is the most dominant female season or maybe the most dominant season of any athlete of all time if she finishes this off at the u.s. open. >> can't wait to watch that. you can hear damon every week night from 6:00 to 10:00. great to see you again. >> always a pleasure, steve. final round of the barclays from new jersey. how about brian harmon accomplished something only two golfers had ever done in history. two hole-in-ones in the same round. not even jack nicklaus or arnold palmer did that. what a year for jason day. he suffered from vertigo earlier this season then wins the pga championship a few weeks back. today he couldn't miss. kind of hard to beat someone that's knocking them down from 30 feet out. day grabs his fourth win of the season by six shots at 19 under par. mls soccer. red bulls hosting
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the first place dc united. first come, first served. philips dumped in his 12th of the year. last year's golden boot winner scores his second of the match. red bulls sliding in to second place with a win, 3-0. stick around. we'll be right back. oh, stay on that one. [changes channel] sometimes it's hard to catch all your favorite shows.
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that does it for cbs 2 news at 11:00. for steve, elise, and
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