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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  August 31, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: police call the incident embarrassing. this is the fourth time since june a suspect has escaped nypd custody, including this incident in east harlem where detectives gave chase to a man in handcuffs bolting down the block. >> police commissioner, these continued lapses should be basic policing, the care and custody of a prisoner. >> reporter: police arrested tiffany neumann saturday for being combative at this restaurant on 83rd and amsterdam before walking 50 feet to pretty girl clothing boutique where she allegedly stole clothes. her shift. he she is no, i am pregnant. her co-worker confronted neumann and called police. >> she was completely resisting arrest. she was doing that thing like she had her feet on the hood of the car. it was absolutely ridiculous. >> reporter: following an alleged sighting of neumann in
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central park this morning, police rushed the area but found nothing. residents at this apartment building in riverdale say detectives were also there searching, but it was a dead end. she gave police a false name when they arrested her. >> reporter: it's not uncommon for suspect to lie about their sidety. she is 5'3", 120 pounds. she has been arrested six times before. they are hoping to catch her before she leaves the big apple. matt kozar, cbs2 news. a car crash leaves two young girls seriously injured is. it happened on main street. chopper 2 was over the scene. investigators say the car was in an accident on the street then went over the curve. the vehicle hit the two victims and knocked over a parking meter. no charges have been filed. new at five police say a
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driver's turn on to the toe connick parkway led to a deadly wrong-way crash. tonight a family is grieving. cbs2's lou young live at state police headquarters on hudson. lou. >> no easy explanation for this fatal wreck. alcohol, drugs, excessive speed, not obvious factors at all. motorist with two passengers on the suv was on the wrong side of the parkway yesterday when she hit the motorcycle head on. the place where jeffrey divine died is a narrow winding stretch of parkway north of bryant pond road in putnam county of the motorcyclist collided head on with an suv heading the wrong way early sunday morning and died instantly. the case is under investigation, but the road itself appears to be a contributing cause according to new york state place. >> it's a very dangerous road. >> reporter: friends of the dead man consoled each other monday at the auto shop where he worked.
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he was heading home at the start of a new life. >> he was doing real good. got himself together. got a good job. apartment. everything. just tragic. >> reporter: mallida espinola was heading her suv back to danbury connecticut when she turned the wrong way on the old parkway. the ramp has two-way traffic. there is a stop sign at the the end going that way and-way sipe indicating the direction of travel. if you make the left and head down that road on the wrong side, it might be difficult in the dark to realize what's wrong until it's too late. >> that particular area is very difficult because once she made a left going southbound in the northbound lane, there is no way to turn around. there is a stone wall on one side and a center guardrail in the middle. so there was no way she could turn around. >> even if she knew she was on the wrong side, she was stuck? >> yes. >> reporter: drivers who are familiar say they understand the mistake.
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>> they need to maybe put more signs saying northbound, southbound, wrong way. and it's dark. there is no lights. so can understand if you are not familiar with the road you would go the wrong way. >> reporter: state police are referring all questions to the department of transportation. westchester assemblyman has renewedis call for a complete review of all parkway interchanges in this area. no charges have been filed, but the investigation in this fatal wreck is still open. one teenager is dead and two others seriously hurt in a car crash on long island. it happened before 9:00 last night in west babylon. police say the 19-year-old driver lost control on little neck road, hit a telephone pole and slammed into this house. the impact of the crash was so severe the car was destroyed and the house condemned. the mother is grateful her daughter made it out alive.
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>> i thought the worst. then when they say your daughter is alive, and i said thank god. thank god. >> 17-year-old kenya jimenez died from her injuries. the cause of the crash is under investigation. the driver has not been charged. now our weather. 90-degree temperatures and a heat wave. lonnie quinn is looking into it. >> look, we were 90 the degrees yesterday. we have been above 90 today. tomorrow is going to be close. i think we will hit the 90-degree mark. right now a good looking shot. partly sunny, 90 degrees. high temperature was 9th 1. that makes 14 90-degree days this year. 39. 1902. so halfway would put you at 19. 19 90-degree days. we are at 14. we are close to average. nothing about average as far as august is concerned. during this month as it comes to
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a close we now rank as the third hottest august in our history since we have been recording temperatures, which goes back to the late 1800s. hottest every 1980 at 80.3. skies overhead a wispy cloud. i showed you those. a little bit of probation trying to make itself into northwest new jersey. not part of this partly cloudy. as i look at day tomorrow, this will be the key. the winds are calm but they are due to turn to the north. if they turn to the north at 88, 89 degrees. if it happens later 90 to 91 tomorrow. either which way, 91, 89, a hot one out there. we will talk about the extended forecast a little bit later. >> thanks, lonnie. a commuter alert for drivers who take the george washington bridge to new jersey. >> the port authority will close the lower level westbound lanes this week at night so crews can remove temporary construction platforms. the lanes will shut from 9:00 to five the next morning. all lanes will remain open on
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friday for drivers heading out of town for labor day weekend. now to campaign 2016 and the erosion of support for hillary clinton. a new poll shows bad news for her and it was taken before the latest e-mails were released. cbs2's dick brennan with more. >> reporter: hillary clinton lost a third of her support in this iowa poll since may and has fallen below 50% for the first time. and the soon to be released e-mails from her private server could give her critics more opportunity to i attack. >> i can only run my campaign. >> reporter: hillary clinton is acting casual, but someone is gaining on her. there is growing support for senator bernie sanders and even for a potential presidental bid by vice president joe biden. the numbers in the latest pole of iowa caucus goers clinton with 37%, just a seven pound lead other sanders who has 30, biden has 14%. >> our campaign is doing great. >> reporter: on the republican side, donald trump so-called
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summer of trump dominance may be slipping. a new poll out monday shows trump is tied with ben carson in iowa for the lead. each has 23%. there have been hints of possible problems for trump. he led in a national survey from quinnipiac last week. when asked to describe candidates with one word, voters chose air gat, blow hard and idiot to describe trump. >> lousy numbers as far as honestly. >> reporter: trump hammered clinton and her top aide. >> so she is getting classified secrets. he should is married to anthony weiner, who is a [inaudible]. he is. do you think there is even a 5% chance that she is not telling anthony weiner of a public relations firm what is coming across in. >> reporter: the use of e-mail ease secretary of state may be
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taking a toll on her image. 7,000 more pages are being released, including 150 e-mails that have been censored because they contain information that is now deemed classified. now, a federal judge ordered a so-called rolling release of clinton e-mails. that's happened over the last three months. this is the largest batch it date to be made public and we are told it should happen sometime after 9 p.m. tonight. dick brennan, cbs2. governor christie could be taking a page out of mr. trump's playbook making waves with a plan to track immigrants the way we track packages. >> and at any moment they can tell you where that package is. it on the truck. yet we let people come to this country with visas and the minute they come in we lose track of them. >> coming up at 5:30, what christie is now saying about those comments. a tearful tribute this afternoon to a broadway actor
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who fell to his death. fellow performers and friends gathered in central park to remember karl jean-baptiste. they celebrated his life. the 21-year-old fell from a escape friday night. police say he was sitting on it with a friend when he stood up, slipped, and pell backwards. he was the first african-american and the youngest person it to perform the role of john val john inly ms. rabe. everyone. not only in the history he made on the broadway stage in one summer, you about he touched everyone he spoke to. >> some if the broadway community want lights on broadway marquees to dim if his memory. the suspect accused of killing a sheriff's deputy in texas appeared in court and is being held without bond. prosecutors say the deputy was
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shot 15 times in the back. cbs2's omar villafranca reports. >> reporter: deputies filled a texas courtroom for the appearance of a man suspected of assassinating one of their own. the harris county district attorney told the court what security cameras and witnesses saw as this houston gas station friday night. >> he saw a dark-skinned male who was bald with red shorts and a white it t-shirt running up behind the dominican republic who did not see him or hear him coming and shot him in the back of the head. >> reporter: devin anderson told the court miles unloaded his entire pistol into goforth. 15 bullets in all. she said the shell casings match the hit-and-run authorities found in miles' garage and that the attack was unprovoked. miles has a lengthy criminal record that includes six previous arrests. two for using force against officers. authorities believe goforth was
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targeted because of his uniform and linked a ambush between heightened tensions between after ofs and police. >> this crime is not going to divide us. it's going to unite us. there. >> reporter: hundreds gathered in houston over the weekend for a vigil and march in honor of deputy goforth. omar villafranca, cbs2 news. >> and the deputy leaves behind a wife and two children. coming up, it's like no challenge the nypd has ever faced before. why the pope's visit is presenting special challenges for police and how one event could change how you go about your day. the deflategate scandal heads to court again. the stalemate and latest offering from a sketch artist who became famous from her last sketch of tom brady. and the vma goes to nicki minaj! >> back to this [bleep] i had a
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lot to say about me the other day in the press. miley, what's good? >> as expected, it was crazy at the vmas last night. some parents say it went a
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new details tonight about the massive and complex security plan being worked out for pope franci ' visit next month. >> it could be one of the biggest challenges ever faced by the nypd and the secret service. cbs2 political reporter marcia kramer here with more on this one. marcia. >> reporter: maurice and alice, there is a spector of terrorism. the fact that 160 heads of state will be here at the same time as the pope for the united nations general assembly. then there are the complexities of protecting a pope who likes to mix it up with his flock. >> it's going to be an unprecedented challenge for the department. >> unprecedented. >> reporter: police commissioner bratton and john million are, the nypd's top terrorism boss, on security plans for the pope's visit to new york.
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>> it's going to be a massive operation, a complex operation, and one, as the commissioner will remind us, that a city has to live and breathe and operate around at the same time. >> reporter: operate, yes. quickly? maybe not. frozen zones can mean massive traffic congestion. and there is also the headache of how to protect the pope when he offers mass at madison square garden above penn station. the busiest train station in north america. 600,000 commuters use the six sub island railroads. several entrances to penn station will be shut. but that's not all. sources tell cbs2 that plain clothes cops will be riding the trains and subways and that one of the more unusual assignments will be to guard certain structural columns inside the station. also a way to detect a device aboard a train or tunnel is something called the counterterrorism overlay. the nypd will have cops doing
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everything from directing traffic to using long guns for rooftop sniper patrols to radiation detect on land, sea, and air. >> traffic significant challenges with crowd control. you have the threat and spector of terrorism. so we are going to have a significant deployment of uniformed personnel, a significant counterterrorism overlay on the part of the intelligence bureau and the counterterrorism bureau, and a very significant partnership with the secret service. >> reporter: and since this has been designated a national security event the secret service is the lead agency. that means that all the assets of the department of homeland security will be at the city's disposal. alice, maurice. >> what is the message to the public? stay home if you can? >> good day to telecommute. >> exactly. thank you. well, a ruling in the deflategate case could come as early as tomorrow. no comment today from tom brady or nfl roger goodell as they left the federal courthouse in manhattan. both appeared for a final
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conference, but could not come to an agreement. the nfl suspended brady for four games for his role in using underinflated footballs last season. brady steadfastly denies any involvement. the judge will decide whether to uphold the suspension by the end of the week. and today's court appearance by brady gave the sketch artist jane rosenberg another chance to capture the patriots' quarterback on canvas. >> she took a lot of heat on social media for the accuracy of her brady sketches the last time he was in court. here you can see her portrayal of brady earlier this month. that's on the left. and on the right that's her sketch of brady today. she apologized for the earlier sketch for not making brady look handsome enough. she said it's weighed heavily on her ever since. >> i have had sleepless nights and tom brady has been in my mind. -minute of the night i get up worrying about it. >> well, after doing her sketches today she had a hard time getting a good look at brady in court.
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>> this is a nightmare. i couldn't see him. i started squirming in my seat and moving from side to side. i was like on the edge of my seat to get a look. >> rosenberg said she wished she had more time to do today's sketches, but she is relieved that maybe now she can get some sleep. >> and move on. >> that's right. >> he doesn't look happy. he does not look happy. he looks a little upset about the whole thing. and she is so good, right? >> she is great. >> her work is on the money. >> the one time, right? >> a tough one. let's talk heat wave here. lonnie quinn is looking at that. >> a heat wave is possible. it's not guaranteed tomorrow. i think we will be right about there. it would be the third day number area. right now over central park 90 degrees on the nose. 91. 11 degrees extra on the thermometer we typically get this time of year.
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the coolest spot monticello at 82 degrees. the hotspot outside edison, new jersey, where it's 91. how hot it feels, a little bit of humidity in the air. not a lot. we have had worse. feels like 91 as opposed to 90. 92 for edison versus 91 on the thermometer. of our area. it will stay there through friday. high pressure is set up just to the south of the great lakes. that clockwise rotation around southwest wind. so we stay hot right through thursday. in terms of overhead, high to the south. i want to quickly show you what happened with erika. not a heroin. not even a tropical depression. it's low pressure. making a lot of rain off the west coast of florida. there is a bigger storm out there off the coast of africa named hurricane fred. i will talk about that a little bit later. back to you guys. >> okay. lonnie, thank you.
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let's head up to chopper 2 right now. there is a situation developing in rye. a truck is stuck under a bridge. that is a train trestle. joe beamon overhead in chopper 2. >> two warning sides. warning low bridge and clearance 10-7. you mix in a budget rental truck. truck gets stuck underneath the metro-north tracks here up in rye. the exact address is 100 east purchase street. obviously, purchase street is closed. metro-north has had to slow the trains down through rye. expect five to ten-minute delays on the new haven line. this looks like it's going to be here for a little while. first thing they usually do is try to let the air out of the truck's tires and see if then he can drive it out. but truck stuck really good there. live in chopper 2, joe biermann, cbs2 news. >> joe, thank you. with 90-degree temperatures and a week left for some people for summer vacation, you can bet
5:23 pm
the beaches will be packed this week. >> one place on long island will have fewer people protecting swimmers. why lifeguards could be in short supply. and a storm seen from space where this hurricane is forming. dana tyler with a look at the news at six. >> a mountain of railroad ties on some tracks in some community and neighbors are afraid these toxic ties could make them six. haze-sanchez is demanding answers. that story is tonight at six. also tonight some new safety seat changes. new rules for strapping in kids that take effect tomorrow in new jersey. this mom is doing it right. are you? cbs2's elise finch is work october story right now. she will have the new rules parents need to know tonight at
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marinate your steak with kikkoman to enhance its juicy, natural essence. (taiko drum beat) (taiko drum beat) lots of unhappy folks turned away from one of jones beach's most popular summer attractions. >> the giant pool is off limits because of a lifeguard shortage. jessica schneider has the story. >> reporter: all day long families planning a day in the pool instead were left disappointed. the multilane pool is closed this week because of a shortage of lifeguards. >> it was a waste of time coming here. we would have gone elsewhere.
5:27 pm
>> reporter: john and kathy schmidt didn't find it was closed until they walked in with others from a distant lot where they paid a $10 parking fee. >> for now we want to -- we weren't informed. >> there are no lifeguards. >> reporter: parks managers say the lifeguard shortage was caused by school districts deciding to start school early ahead of the late labor day holiday. >> with school starting earlier a number of the staff were going back to school whether they were students or teachers. we had to react to that. >> reporter: parks managers have instead urged visitors to go to the beach where the remaining lifeguard staff is still posted. but many came unprepared for the beach. this former long islander shelled out 20 bucks to rent an umbrella. >> i need my jones beach fix. this place is in my blood. >> i am a lifeguard myself. so they could get enough lifeguards. that shouldn't be a problem. >> reporter: queens lifeguard sal vargas doesn't believe there is a short and says the state
5:28 pm
could have reached out to the lifeguard unions to get more help. park managers say it's a temporary problem, adding the pool will reopen on saturday fully staffed with line guards for the packed baby crowd. jessica schneider, cbs2 news. >> those who turned around can get a refund on parking. there is also the same issue in the town of babylon. there will be no lifeguards posted until saturday at town pools and beaches. up next, tracking immigrants like we track packages? >> the fedex can do it. why can't we? >> it's a plan some people call more extreme than donald trump. but is governor christie serious? violent crime near campus. the fear at rutgers university as students come back to school. a new trend turns you will the volume in local restaurants. why noisy dining is by design
5:29 pm
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tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto has been prescribed more than 11 million times in the u.s. and that number's growing. like your guys' scores. with xarelto there is no regular blood monitoring, and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . christie on immigration? good evening. kristine johnson. >> i am maurice dubois. the republican presidental candidate is making his own controversial comments about immigrants and it's getting him back in the headlines. >> chistine sloan has the story.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: you heard it. christie wants fedex to track immigrants overstaying their visas. >> when your time is up, we will that's for coming. time to go. >> that's weird. why would you track someone? >> reporter: christie asked the same question on the sunday defends himself. >> we can do it. we should bring in the folks from fedex to do it. that. i don't mean people are packages. with the christie camp sent us to when we requested comment. we wanted to know if the in your face jersey guy is craving for some trump attention. >> trump has trumped all the other truth speakers. >> reporter: is christie trying to out do trump? >> christie is bringing his background as a prosecutor and an executive to the presidental race. and so, yes, he is trying to be the "law & order" guy. >> reporter: this political analyst says illegal immigration is a hot button issue and christie's controversial words
5:33 pm
could get party members to listen as he seeks the republican presidental nomination. in madison, new jersey, chistine sloan, cbs2 news. >> governor christie remains in bottom half of most republican presidental polls. a recent national poll from quinnipiac university has him ninth out of the 17 gop candidates. fema under fire for the handling of hurricane sandy. they are accused of wasting $3 million when it set up a field office at the jersey shore. an audit by the department of homeland security finds that fema spent too much money leasing office space because it was done at the last minute. also the agency needlessly kept the full space after operations had wound down. fema agreed with the audit's findings and promised to do better in the future. two crimes reported in one morning near rutgers university campus in new brunswick. not exactly what parents dropping their kids off and students want to hear when returning for the semester.
5:34 pm
meg baker bass there as police searched for the criminals. >> reporter: rutgers students are picking up books and moving into their dorms and apartments. a lot of commotion going on. >> reporter: brian lives six blocks from campus' main drag, college ave. he heard what he thought was a fight outside his window around 12:30 in the morning on sunday. this is the corner of hamilton and hartwell where police say a shooting took place just as students were moving back into their off-campus housing. >> it was eye opening because here. obviously, you see the risk is cheaper -- >> he ran outside to see what was going on. after hearing two gunshots the inside. a female student was hit in the left arm by what police call an unknown projectile that came from a dark colored older model sedan with four men inside. >> i do feel unsafe in relation to college avenue.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: police say a female rutgers student was sexually assaulted near richardson and wyckoff street. gina lives down the street and says her parents are extremely worried. >> it was actually right here, which is scary for me. i live right there. that freaks me out. >> reporter: she and her roommate have plans to stay safe. >> our plan is to call like anyone in the house. like if you are walking back late at night. >> reporter: this is the same block where billy mccowell was found beaten and left dead in the snow in 2014. information on sunday's speak to us. rutgers sent out crime alerts to students and says its public safety officers and police have increased patrols on campus and through the college classes begin tomorrow. in new brunswick, meg baker, cbs2 news. >> police are still looking for suspects in both crimes, but information today. well, what's left of
5:36 pm
tropical storm erika is soaking parts of florida and the carolinas bringing several inches of rain, strong winds, and flooding. it could last for several days. in effect through the state of the remnants of the storm are causing heavy erosion on beaches threatening rip currents for swimmers. hurricane jimena. astronaut scott kelly tweeted the photo of the massive category 4 storm. the screen you can see the moon, that circle right there. the hurricane dwarfs it. hurricane jimena is churning in the eastern pacific with winds at 150 miles per hour. it was one of the more bizarre moment on mtv last night. >> i have decided in 2020 to run for president. >> but kanye's stump speech wasn't the only odd thing. why some people are upset with what miley cyrus did as host. also how doctors are
5:37 pm
changing the way they look for breast cancer in some patients. today this history in 1939 marvel comics published the first issue. the human torch was the first followed by "spider-man,"
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. closed-captioning on cbs2 news is brought it you by the new jersey office of the attorney general. controversy and confrontation in one place at the mtv video music awards. >> even for those who come to expect the unexpected, several stars still managed to astonish like kanye west. >> i have decided in 2020 to for president. >> all right. west made the announcement at the end of a ten-minute acceptance speech. he hugged family members and taylor swift who presented him with the award. she was the top winner last night, taking home four awards. >> we will have to see what he an emotional night for justin bieber. covered his face and started single. if there was a moment when the
5:41 pm
show really went off script it was when nicki minaj called out miley cyrus during an speech. >> back to this, i had a lot to say about me the other day in the press. miley, what's good? hey. >> we are all in this industry. we all do interviews and we know how they manipulate. >> cyrus diffused the situation by saying everybody does interviews in which their words get manipulated. for a show that's supposed to shock, that's the whole idea, we end up not shocked, right? >> seemed like planned shocking moments. >> unshocking? >> right. >> with miley there, that was one of the few moments you could say she was reserved. >> nancy o'dell has a wrap up from hollywood. >> reporter: did she go too far is the question many are asking tonight. we he asked her dad, billy ray, about that as the parents television council weighs in.
5:42 pm
>> it was pretty apparent that miley cyrus was going out of her way to be provacative. >> all right. on the count of three, everyone is going to say, marijuana! >> miley seemed to have pot on her mind last night. she passed around a lit joint in the press room. >> the drug references i think were clearly over the top and clearly within mtv's power to control. >> so did miley and mtv go too far? there was also swearing. >> that [bleep] crazy. i mean, come on. >> and miley's outfits ranging from bottomless to topless to the 22-year-old host appeared backstage covering up with a curtain. the camera cut away due to an unexpected nip slip. sorry. he is still a proud dad. >> reporter: you have one of the most talked about daughters. everybody has something to say about miley. what does that feel like for you? >> she reminded me of a mixture
5:43 pm
of lucille ball and dolly parton. and as i watch miley evolve, she is taking on more and more of mean? dad, you know. >> reporter: and we have much more on tonight's e.t. maurice and alice, back to you. >> okay, nancy, thank you. see you at 7:30 when cbs2. much more coverage of the vmas. it starts at 7 with the insider. >> i must have missed that episode of i love lucy where nothing else. >> dolly parton, too. coming up coming up, a close encounter on a kayak. up next the frightening way a shark tracked somebody in the water. dana tyler with a look at the news at six. >> at six a family fighting for their son's right to go to school where he wants. >> if we can't let him go to school in our community, how is he going to stay and drive and threat get a job?
5:44 pm
>> he could be forced to attend school outside of the district he has been in for years. also, concerns over toxic railroad ties. they are piled up in a new jersey town and residents fear they could make them sick. cbs2 demanding answers. and a woman's close encounter with a bear and we mean really close. at
5:45 pm
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new research finds a healthier happy meal could be key in the fight against childhood obesity. many fast food restaurants offer healthy alternatives for children. under the healthy happy meals bill in new york city fast food restaurants would be required by law to make kids' meals healthier. it targets meals that come with a toy and man dates it be under 500 calories and include a serving of fruits, vegetable or whole grain. a new study finds the bill could have an impact. >> we found that kids that were ordering a children's meal, if the provisions in this bill were met, would save about 54 calories. >> similar legislation was recently passed in california. mammograms save lives. many studies have shown that.
5:48 pm
>> not all women get the same benefit from mammograms. dr. max gomez tells us the test is not great for women with dense breasts, but doctors are about to change that. >> many states have passed laws mandating that doctors advise women who have dense breasts that mammograms may not be as effective for them. so they may need an mri or ultrasound. researchers have devised a way to improve on mammograms. >> my tumor did not show up on the mammography. >> the doctor, they kept doing mammograms and couldn't find the tumor. >> reporter: their mammograms didn't find their breast cancers because like 25 million american women they both have dense breasts. >> mammography is the only imaging exam that has been demonstrated to reduce mortality from breast cancer. but the sensitivity goes down in woman who have dense breasts. >> reporter: the director of imaging at the breast center
5:49 pm
explained that fatty breast tissue is dark on a mammogram, mass. dense breast tissue is also white, ab securing any cancer. this tumor shows up in an mri mammogram. mris are too expensive for routine community. so they devised a better mammogram. >> contrast mammography is detecting breast cancer. >> reporter: it involves a relatively small hardware and software modification to standard digital mammography machines. contrast dye. out clearly. the same as in an mri but less than a tenth the cost and with fewer false-positives than an
5:50 pm
mri. now, those enhanced contrast mammograms are in advanced stages of testing and setting them up will be relatively straightforward in most mammography centers, which women with dense breasts may soon have a better way to screen for breast cancer. we will have more news in the fight against breast cancer in our special komen race for the cure saturday night at 11:35. that's in anticipation of the big race on sunday. >> you bet. thank you, doc. check out this video right now of a hammerhead shark swimming especially close to a couple of kayakers. it happened saturday in san diego. you can see the fin sticking out of the water. lifeguards shut down a nearby beach for the day. the shark was showing aggressive and swimmers. another hammerhead shark was spotted near the beach on sunday. again, this is san diego. no one was hurt in either sightings. however, most of the hammerhead species are said to be harmless to humans.
5:51 pm
don't want to take any chances. pool. forecast. lonnie quinn is here. the heat is here? >> here we are finishing up august. summertime heat is not going anywhere. in fact, intensifying out there. the picture you see it over my shoulder is one looking over central park. the skies are partly cloudy now at 90 degrees. 91 was the high at 2:59 in the afternoon. take a look at the temperatures for tomorrow. we are going to be close whether we hit the 90 mark. if you find 90 tomorrow, that will be a heat wave. 89 tuesday. then more so by the time you get to wednesday with a high in the afternoon of 92 degrees. we will be close whether we have a heat wave or not. either which way, it will be hot. if you don't make a heat wave it will be by a degree or two. vortex satellite and radar quiet. we have pesky clouds pushing through the area. look, it's making theski a little milky.
5:52 pm
it's not wet out there. bigger picture shows us high pressure stays in control for basically the entire work week. this front is going to come through the area on thursday. you think thursday you will get the peak heat with the southwest wind ahead of it, like 92 degrees or so on thursday. could see a bit of rain on thursday as well and then some i'll say the word milder air for friday. what i'm talking about going from 92 to 85 by the time you get to friday. quickly checking on the tropics. erika fell apart. if it will been a little bit offshore it would have grown. it didn't. hurricane fred, on the contrary, became a hurricane very quickly. this storm gotten its horse. i have been covering hurricanes for a long type. cape ver day islands off the coast of africa. most of the time this is where you see the systems develop but they don't become hurricanes until the middle of the ocean or closer to the winward islands. this is a hurricane right now. it is forecast to dissipate to really nothing more than a low pressure system by the time you
5:53 pm
get to saturday. we will watch it just because -- it's news worthy because it's doing quite a job at the cape ver day islands. big rains. it is forecast to lose steam into the open ocean. seven-day forecast. there is the heat. 91 wednesday. 92 thursday with a rain chance. a little bit better, i guess i'll say, on friday at 85. in the 80s through the weekend to the beginning of next week. >> all right. >> thanks. you wouldn't think a a city street. wait until you see what we found with our noise tests. and this change in dining may intentional. at six a hiker finds herself in quite the situation. a close encounter with a couple
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
tt2watx#`o4 p bt@q>v8 tt2watx#`o4 p "a@q.z\ tt2watx#`o4 p bm@q%qp tt4watx#`o4 r dztq yah tt4watx#`o4 r entq )e( tt4watx#`o4 r gzt& 0bp tt4watx#`o4 r hnt& l< tt4watx#`o4 r iztq j%d tt4watx#`o4 r jntq xu$ you may notice it's increasingly difficult to have a conversation when you go out to eat. >> cbs2's andrea grymes reports some city restaurants are now
5:57 pm
dishing out decibels in orders to create a buzz. >> reporter: many restaurants not only serve up drinks and food these days, but also a lively and loud atmosphere. >> something that continues to encourage social interactions. and i love that. >> reporter: restaurant owner gabrielle stole man embraces a growing trend. the noisy dining room am he is not alone. >> the idea is to create a party atmosphere in a lot of these places. >> reporter: restaurant critic adam platte has listened to this transition over his 15-year career with new york magazine. >> the classic old-fashioned fancy restaurant was a hushed sort of darkened little parlor. now it's really the exact opposite. >> reporter: he says about a decade ago the noisy kitchen culture started working its way into the dining room. unscientific app found noise
5:58 pm
levels at russians hovered from the mid 80s. the equivalent of city traffic that the 90s like a jackhammer pounding away. not the best environment if you are looking to have an intimate conversation over dinner. >> i hate it. absolutely hate it. >> reporter: why? >> because i can't stand not being able to hear. >> reporter: diners we spoke with have mixed reactions to the noise revolution. >> that's what you expect in new york city. it's totally fine. >> dining spots shouldn't be loud. you are supposed to hear the other person. >> it's okay when the people around you are talking and it's loud. that's nice. it's invigorating. when it's like the kitchen stuff, that's what i don't like. >> reporter: others say if you can't stand the noise. >> once you get in, the environment, you have to accept it. >> reporter: it's your choice to stay or leave. andrea grymes, cbs2 news. >> i don't know. i am good with it. sometimes you don't want to hear what the other person says. >> that's a good point. >> how about you? >> sometimes you are right. that will do it for us at five. we will see you again at 11.
5:59 pm
now. live from studio 46 this is cbs2 2news at 6. as a mom, that's what you do for your children. we are looking down the road to his future. his community. good evening. i am dana tyler. a west hampton beach student with special needs wants to continue his mainstream education, but the district policy is to bus middle and high school children to neighboring schools with experienced special ed teachers and classes. the family says that's discrimination. reports from westhampton. >> reporter: a special needs student is fighting to remain with his friends, siblings and classmates as school begins here on wednesday. but his district may not be equipped to educate him. syndrome. he graduated in june from his


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