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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  November 3, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

6:30 pm >> rose: taking on takata. the u.s. hits the japanese company for its deadly air bags with fines that could reach a record $200 million. also tonight, in god we trust-- but not as much as we used to. a revealing new survey on religion in america. attention pet owners-- something in your chewing gum could kill your dog. and a man who has seen sunrises and sunsets from a perspective few of us ever will. >> it is just a completely different level of color and brilliance that you see of the earth. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is on assignment. i'm charlie rose. japan's takata corporation admitted today it knew about a defect in its air bags but
6:31 pm
with that, the u.s. government hit takata with a fine of $70 million. the fine could grow to a record $200 million if takata fails to live up to the termsave settlement announced today. the air bags are blamed for seven deaths deaths and nearly 100 injuries. jeff glor has been on this story since the start and has the latest tonight. >> reporter: stephanie erdman's life has been changed forever. in september 2013, she was involved in a low-speed collision. instead of her takata air bag protecting her, it nearly killed her. >> instant blind offense my right side followed by gushing blood. >> reporter: the air bag exploded and sent shrapnel into her face. >> it was terrifying. i thought i was going to bleed out at first. >> i have to say, this has been a mess. >> reporter: today, transportation secretary anthony foxx blamed takata for misleading regulators and the american public for years. >> delay, misdirection, and
6:32 pm
refusal to acknowledge the truth allowed a serious problem to become a massive crisis. >> reporter: documents filed with the national highway traffic safety administration, or n.h.t.s.a., showed takata first learned about an exploding air bag in hondas in 2004. honda recalled about 4,000 cars in 2008. but for years, takata denied a nationwide recall was necessary. this summer, after congressional hearings and pressure from the government, takata admitted the air bags were defective. 19 million vehicles from 12 auto manufacturers are now being recalled. the problem centers on the air bag's inflater, which is filled with a chemical ammonium nitrate. tests show when moisture or humidity gets into the system, this can happen. the air bag explodes, rupturing the metal casing, and sending shrapnel flying through the vehicle. so far, only 22% of recalled vehicles have been repaired. n.h.t.s.a. today ordered takata
6:33 pm
and get it done two years faster than originally planned. takata must also stop making all air bags with ammonium nitrate. n.h.t.s.a.'s mark rosekind: >> but the risk of these defective deflators to you and your family is significant, and that's why n.h.t.s.a. is taking unprecedented steps to protect you. >> reporter: takata gave us a statement saying, "we deeply regret the circumstances that led to this. we will comply with all aspects of a settlement and are committed to being part of a solution." the full solution, all those fixes and no more ammonium nitrate, won't be complete until at least 2019. charlie. >> rose: thanks, jeff. we posted a list of the recalled vehicles on our web site, now to a very different risk to life, gun violence. in chicago alone there have been well over 2500 victims so far this year. the latest, a young boy killed yesterday.
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here is dean reynolds. >> reporter: this is where nine-year-old tyshawn lee was murdered on monday, and that's his mother, karla, on the ground being comforted by the cops who just told her that her boy is dead. >> please, put the guns down. please. taking too many young lives, please. >> reporter: he was shot multiple times in the neck and head. police don't know yet whether he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time or actually targeted in a gang feud. dean andrews is chicago's chief of detectives. >> there was an unknown number of individuals gathered in the alley prior to the shooting. some type of argument or altercation ensued, which was followed by gunfire. >> reporter: a police spokesman said while many in the community are helping them, the boy's father, a known gang member, is not cooperating. tyshawn lee wasn't the only casualty on monday. 20-year-old kaylyn pryor, just starting her career as a
6:35 pm
in a drive-by shooting while on a visit to her grandparents. a 15-year-old gang member standing nearby was wounded. with 391 murders in chicago this year, the homicide rate is up 18% over a year ago, and the victims include 40 children. the president, the f.b.i. director james comey, and hillary clinton have all been to chicago in just the last week, decrying the violence that has defied answers. susan johnson runs an organization that provides support to victims' family. >> i know i parent of a six-year-old, a parent of a seven-year-old. >> reporter: what do you tell those people? >> there's nothing you can tell them. all you you do is with with them. >> reporter: local churches are offering a $20,000 reward, charlie, for information leading to the killer in this case. >> rose: thanks, dean. in new york today, republican presidential contender donald trump called a news conference to promote his new campaign book
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published by cbs' simon & schuster. then he went after his opponents chapter and worse. here's major garrett. >> i do think it's time to have some of the other republican candidates drop out? yes. i think marco is highly overrated. ben carson does not have that energy. i think beating hillary clinton is going to be easy. my jeb impression? no, i don't want to do that. i don't like showing a person sleeping at a podium. >> reporter: trump even previewed his upcoming appearance on "is the night live" which has drawn protests from democrats and hispanic groups, who say the hosting gig legitimizes trump's hard-line immigration policies. >> i think they should demonstrate. ratings will go even higher than they are going to be. it's going to be one of the highest rated shows ever. >> reporter: a second national poll now shows ben carson leading trump with carson at 29%, trump at 23%, and the rest of the g.o.p. field trailing by double digits. trump finds carson's lead mystifying.
6:37 pm
>> i don't know how he stays there. >> reporter: at a book signing in tampa, carson responded. >> i say go talk to the people. they understand. >> reporter: trump also broke with many of hills fellow republicans who have been demanding changes to televised debates. >> i don't really care that much. i want a room. i want a podium. and let's get going. >> reporter: at a new york city fund-raiser, president obama ridiculed g.o.p. debate anxiety. >> it turns out they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. ( laughter ) >> reporter: trump's new book celebrate his relentless self-promotion in business and politics. charlie, trump writes, "i'm a businessman way brand to sell. when was the last time you saw a sign hanging outside a pizzeria claiming the fourth best pizza in the world?" >> rose: thanks, major. now to the book of revelations about americans and religion. there are some interesting findings in a report at a from pew research. for one thing, the number of americans who say they are
6:38 pm
has fallen over the past seven years from 71% to 63. more now from john blackstone. >> in north hollywood, california, alex mccale says she fulfills her spiritual needs at a yoga studio. like many people aging 19-25, she no longer goes to church. >> most of my friends-- and when most i mean, like, all except for my boyfriend-- don't go to church anymore. >> reporter: in fact, only 28% of her age group go to services weekly. but not necessarily saying well, there's not something out there? >> absolutely not. it's more of, like, i hear so many people that are like, "i believe there's a god. i just don't think there's a hell." >> reporter: since the survey was first taken in 2007, there has also been a decline in the number of americans who describe themselves as being affiliated with a religion from 83% in 2007 to 77% in this survey. but the survey notes that among
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those who do identify with a religion, the level of religious observance has remained stable, 63% attend services at least monthly, which is the same percentage as 2007. the number who say they pray every day has risen from 65% to 66% in this survey. carol bakhos is director of the center for the study of religion at ucla. >> there is something that beckons us and is something that we respond to, and we respond to it through religious or spiritual practices. and i don't think that, that will ever go away. >> reporter: while organized religion may be declining, spirituality is on the rise. the study shows six in 10 adults say they regularly feel an inner sense of peace and well-being. and, charlie, that's up seven points from seven years ago. >> rose: thanks, john. the iraqi politician who helped persuade the u.s. to overthrow
6:40 pm
saddam hussein died today of a heart attack. ahmad chalabi had lived in exile during saddam's dictatorship and had close ties to the administration of george w. bush. after the u.s. invasion, he tried but failed to become iraq's prime minister and later had a falling out with the pentagon. ahmad chalabi was 71. iraq today is a fractured nation. much of the north is controlled by isis. charlie d'agata visited a town where people fear their way of life is disappearing. >> reporter: mayada abdul rhani and her children found shelter here after islamic militants overran mosul in the neighboring villages. as a christian, she was forced to make a stark decision-- convert to islam or face execution. now, she told us, she doesn't trust any muslims. "they recruit and train kids mike line to behead people," she said. "how can i ever live with those people?
6:41 pm
it was difficult to live with them before isis. now it's impossible." like thousands of others, she fled to the village of al qush, where the entire population is christian. the site is also home to the st. hormoz monastery, carved out of the mountain, its origins dating back to the seventh century. it's one of the oldest symbols of the christianity in this region, and as isis has forced christians out of mosul and surrounding villages below, it's becoming one of the last. for the thousands of christian refugees, it's not just isis, known here as dass, "that keeps them from going back. father gazwan baho told us people were shocked by betrayal of muslim neighbors they had known for generations. >> many of them, they were supporting daesh, so we know that daesh will go away from iraq, but the mentality of daesh
6:42 pm
will remain at mosul. >> reporter: mayada told us even if isis is one day defeated, she'll never go back. for christians, she said, iraq is gone. none of this bodes wells for the u.s. plan to drive isis out of mosul in the hope of putting iraq's second largest city back together again, charlie, especially since it's been under isis control for more than a year. >> rose: thanks, charlie. investigators from a number of countries are about to examine the flight recorders from the russian jetliner that went down in egypt. all 224 people on board were killed. today, our david martin learned a u.s. satellite detected two heat flashes, one when the a321 broke up in the sciesh the second when it hit the ground. there was no sign of a missile launched, meaning it is unlikely the plane was shot down. investigators are also zeroing in on the cause of a jetliner fire last week in ft. lauderdale.
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a fuel line became disconnected before the boeing 767 burst into flames as it was about to take off from venezuela. the plane was evacuated. 22 people were hurt. a former c.e.o.'s golden parachute saves his life. and a warning about a health threat to your pet from chewing gum when the cbs evening news continues.trum. a complete, and tasty new way to support... your energy... immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. our parents worked hard so that we could enjoy life's simple pleasures. now it's our turn. i'm doing the same for my family. retirement and life insurance solutions from pacific life can help you protect what you love and grow your future with confidence. pacific life.
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ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. >> rose: an alarm is being raised tonight about a potential danger to your pet, a sweetener used in some sugarless gum and other products could kill a dog. here's chip reid. >> come here! what did you find? >> reporter: sam caress and jordan pellett recently adopted gunner. he's helped fill the hole in their hearts created when two-year-old luna died in april after getting into some chewing gum made with the sugar substitute xylitol. she started vomiting and they
6:46 pm
was too late. >> her kidney tests weren't good. they were shutting down, and that-- we didn't really have any other choice that to put her down. >> reporter: xylitol is safe for humans but can cause severe low blood sugar, seizures, even liver failure in dogs. sugar-free gum is the biggest culprit but xylitol is also used in some sugar-free candies, chewable vitamins, even some baked goods and peanut butter. the number of products is on the rise and so are the calls to the a.s.p.c.a.'s animal poison control center from 82 in 2004 to more than 37s00 last year. some animal welfare groups are calling for warning labels on products with xylitol. dr. ashley gallagher with the friendship hospital for animals in washington says the key is vigilance on the part of dog owners. >> you just have to be really careful because dogs are nosy little creatures and they're hunry all the time. i know my dogs are and they're
6:47 pm
you have to really watch them. >> reporter: sam and jordan go one step further. >> with a lot of things like candy and gum and peanut butter, chocolates, we check all of them, and if they have xylitol in them, we don't buy them. >> reporter: dr. gallagher says what dog owners like me should do is go through the kitchen and analyze everything, especially anything that says "sugar free." if it has xylitol in it, either get rid of it or fut way up on a top cabinet far out of the reach of these guys. charlie. >> rose: great dogs, chip. protesters disrupt monday night
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6:51 pm
fans in bank of america stadium-- >> there are a couple of fans who are rapelling there. >> reporter: ...and millions more watching on tv, the question was how did two activists protesting bank of america rapell from the upper deck in a peaceful protest? in 2013, the nfl proposed new security guidelines that limited fans to bring only clear bags like these into games. security officials use metal-dell tecting wands and do pat-downs as fans enter. >> never worked on something that had 70,000 people, quite this many eyeballs on what we're doing. >> reporter: but one of those protesters, 35-year-old rica madrid, told us she just walked into the stadium with the rapelling gear. >> i went in just like anybody else would, with very little on my person. i had a clear bag, just like anybody else would, and -- >> reporter: and you got searched. >> and i got searched. >> reporter: the incident has
6:52 pm
many security experts, including karl de la guerra, questioning the nfl stadium security procedures. >> it's going to write a new page in nfl security manuals for sure. i can't imagine how one could sneak in with all that gear on. >> reporter: the head of bank of america stadium security said they're looking into how the gear made it through security. >> i think if there's one thing that came out of this is that a security deficiency was recognized through a peaceful protest that occurredsa opposed to a more violent incident that might have happened. >> reporter: four protesters were arrested and face several charges, including trespassing. now, there is a long list of items that fans cannot take into the stadium. it was raining at last night's game, and, charlie, fans couldn't even bring in their umbrellas. >> rose: thank you, omar. for an ex-walmart c.e.o. a parachute was worth its weight in gold. when bill simon's plane developed engine trouble over fayetteville, arkansas today, he popped an emergency parachute
6:53 pm
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ask your doctor about the proven full 24-hour blood sugar control of toujeo . >> rose: no american has spent as much time in space as scott kelly. his current mission has him orbiting the nurse in the international space station for nearly a year. jim axelrod paid a visit by satellite. >> reporter: scott kelly has been 250 miles up in space for nearly eight months and has another four to go. >> i'm in this enclosed environment.
6:57 pm
you know, you don't have the freedom to just walk out your front door. >> reporter: his walks out his front door now are a little more challenging. 19 years an astronaut, he took his first walk in space last week. >> it's all cinched up. >> you made that look easy, scott. we like it. >> a lot of people probably wouldn't believe this, but it wasn't really fun. it was kind of that-- that type two kind of fun and it's fun had it's over. >> reporter: so you don't like spacewalking. you like having spacewalked? >> i could-- yeah, i guess i could say that. you know, it's-- it's pretty challenging. it's also pretty risky environment out there, so it's not like-- it's not like that wee kind of fun you have when you're on a roller coaster or something like that. >> reporter: but as you can see, that risk carries great reward. when you had been looking at sunrises and sunsets from inside the spacestation, is there any
6:58 pm
difference from when you're observing a sunrise or sunset while you're spacewalking? >> it's incredible the difference. i thought-- you know, the view is pretty amazing up here looking out the window. how could it be much more amazing? but when you're looking through one, you know, pane of glass that the helmet visor is, it is just a completely different level of, you know, color and brilliance that you see of the earth than we see here looking out the windows. >> reporter: while we debate the value of future space exploration, one thing's for sure-- the views are priceless. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. >> priceless and amazing and fantastic. that is the cbs evening news. scott will be back tomorrow. i'm charlie rose. i'll see you first thing in the morning on "cbs this morning." good night. >> the duggar scandal gets the
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