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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  November 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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street, one of those robberies on this corner. take a listen to a dispatch call obtained by cbs 2 news. >> they are all bicycles, appear to be juveniles between the ages of 10 and 14. they just committed two armed robberies. >> reporter: newark cops put on alert on mohammed ali avenue and on lincoln street to look out four teens on bikes -- for teens on bikes terrorizing residents. >> one has a handgun. >> reporter: neighbors are fed up. they don't want to give out their names. >> i find it unbelievable. i understand like people doing things out of desperation out of hopelessness right now but 10 and 14?! they don't have no guidance, no direction. >> reporter: for officers a dangerous day. an on-duty newark cop happens to walk in on a robbery at a gas station shooting one suspect and arresting the other. then an off-duty u.s. postal officer is shot in the hand after being approached by cop impersonators. the dispatch call we got makes
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it clear, police not taking any chances. >> when you come across these juveniles, use caution. they are armed and dangerous and they are all on bicycles. >> reporter: we checked in with the newark police department to get more details on this story to see if they made any arrests. but so far, no one has gotten back to us. we're live in newark. christine sloan, cbs2 news. after shutting down part of the flatiron district, police now have a man in custody in connection with a burglary in manhattan. cbs 2 cameras were there as officers escorted the suspect out of an office building just before 5:00. police locking down the area for several hours after reports that somebody had broken into a home near fifth avenue and 28th street. area employees returning from lunch were not allowed to go back into work until police found the suspect. those charges pending tonight. and the developing story on manhattan's lower east side, where police say a man followed a woman into her apartment building and
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sexually assaulted her. cbs 2's matt kozar joining us live from the scene. neighbors there saying a broken door partly to blame. >> reporter: the baruch houses here near the fdr drive are generally safe compared to other nycha buildings but when the lock on the front door is broken in, anyone walks inside, it's hard to be safe especially after what happened this morning. police say a man in a hoodie followed a 40-year-old woman from the elevator and forced himself into her apartment where he sexually assaulted her and stole her cell phone. neighbors tell us she is hearing-impaired, which may explain why she didn't hear the man following her. residents say they are concerned that a broken front door may have given the attacker easy access to the building. they say it's been this way for weeks. after we started shooting video and asking questions, nycha workers showed up and tried to fix the door but couldn't. >> it shouldn't happen. like, the door should be fixed so nobody to come in. >> i'm always looking behind me before i come in the building. >> reporter: we reached out to
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statement. nycha takes the safety of our residents seriously and today senior staff visited boo rock houses to assess the security measures. security measures. nycha officials say that common. as soon as crews work and fix them at different buildings, they are broken again. they tell me they had no work orders at this building, that they will be sending crews back tomorrow morning. but in fact, we just saw a few show up this evening. they are going to try to fix them tonight. at least that what nycha says. reporting live on the lower east side, matt kozar, cbs 2 news. an acquittal tonight in a decades old armed robbery case that inspired the film "goodfellas." earlier this evening, reputed bonanno crime family member vincent asaro walked out of court a free man. asaro was charged in the 1978 lufthansa armed robbery at jfk airport that netted thieves $6 million. the plot portrayed in the 1990
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movie directed by martin scorsese. asaro was only charged in 2014 after his cousin named him in the crime. asaro spoke out, outside court. >> i just want to repeat i would like to thank my two lawyers. without them i wouldn't be here now. i would like to [ indiscernible ] for treating me great. >> now i think mr. asaro intends to go home -- >> i'm dying to get home. >> let's go. >> what are you going to do? >> what am i planning to do? >> let's go. >> have a good meal? >> see my family. >> he is now 80 years old. prosecutors had painted him as a bonanno family loyalist. but his lawyers argued he was framed by mob turncoats looking for leniency in their own cases. fireworks in another courtroom involving the man accused of killing nypd officer randolph holder. today, the judge who initially released tyrone howard in a drug case resentenced him. she also sharply attacked the
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mayor and police commissioner. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer here now with that story and what happened today. >> reporter: dana, when police officer randolph holder was shot, mayor de blasio was critical of the judicial system for sending holder's accused killer to a drug rehab program despite a long rap sheet. today that judge told mayor de blasio to, quote, look in the mirror before placing blame. in manhattan criminal court today, it seemed like mayor de blasio was also on trial during the the drug sentencing of the man accused of killing police officer randolph holder. i want to correct what has been a false narrative in some ways that was presented in the press. it was begun boot mayor of the city of new york and his police commissioner, who made statements without checking the facts. said the manhattan supreme court justice patricia nunez. she resentenced tyrone howard to 12 years in prison the maximum for a 2014 drug case. but she was clearly furious about the criticism she received from the mayor and police commissioner william
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bratton satisfying shame on those politician that are now pointing fingers and trying to blame the judges for a program that they themselves wanted. and i would suggest that the mayor look into a mirror and ask himself whether or not it's his own policies that he is in favor of, whether or not those policies actually make somebody actually feel he can shoot a cop. do not blame the judges." after the shooting, mayor de blasio called for changes in the diversion program and had harsh words for repeat offenders. >> some people are not redeemable. >> reporter: those were strong words from mayor de blasio, a man who favors leniency for nonviolent crimes and first time offenders. after the holder shooting he did an about-face and said he wanted judges to be able to throw the book at career criminals. >> i'm a progressive humanitarian but some people are not redeemable. unless they are treated very differently they pose a danger to our society. >> reporter: nunez initially sent howard to a drug rehab program last fall. at the time he had a dozen
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arrests and convictions for drugs, robbery and public lewdness. meanwhile, the mayor's spokesman karen hinton said judge nunez remarks were, quote, entirely irresponsible. hinton said the judge should apologize to police commissioner bratton, who she said has done more to reduce crime in the city than anyone in recent history. dana? >> marcia, thank you. in new york state, getting access to medical marijuana will soon get easier for a select few. governor cuomo signed legislation yesterday that will speed is up access to the drug for people facing degenerative diseases and the threat of serious health risks. the program is expected to be operational in january. a full 18 months after lawmakers approved it. in the rockaways, a service to remember those who died after a plane crash 14 years ago today. american airlines flight 587 crashed in belle harbor, queens, on november 12, 2001, killing all 260 people on
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board as well as five people on the ground. the plane had left kennedy airport bound for the dominican republic. today, white roses were placed at a memorial for those who died. >> on that terrible day, 14 years ago, we lost mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors. the tragedy touched us all. but it was particularly painful for our dominican community. >> mayor de blasio was criticized last year for being late to the memorial service. this year, he arrived on time. we have been reporting on the growing refugee crisis overseas. a long island photographer used his camera to capture the daily anguish and now his efforts to help have ee night and -- united and inspired his east en community. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan reports.
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crisis since world war ii without a doubt. i mean, there's more -- there's 6 million people on the move in europe right now. >> reporter: doug from east hampton freelance photographer sent to a project in greece so overwhelmed by the hardship of migrating refugees stayed on as an unpaid volunteer recording daily life. >> you can see all the stuff, you can read about it in the paper. but once you stand in front of one of those boats and just see the looks on those people's faces. >> reporter: they have just come from turkey? >> you can see the coast of turkey. >> reporter: how many on this raft? >> 50. they just keep coming. >> reporter: many drowning in the process. while helping at the refugee camps on the island of lesbos, 40,000 hungry, cold and sick arrive each week. posting his photos on social media inspired his community at home. students of a sunday schoolteacher collected hats and scarves for refugee children. >> we sorted them out and pinned a little red heart on each hat that said, love from the usa.
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>> reporter: desperately needed. >> then they filled those two refugee camps and there's no food no water no sanitation. >> reporter: he finally came home last week stunned that so many montauk businesses inns, churches, firehouses, libraries are now involved sponsoring a group of east end cares volunteers. bob miller schoolteacher lifeguard emt. >> so i'm on may way over. we are reaching the day before thanksgiving. we have -- we're leaving the day before thanksgiving. we arrive on thanksgiving. we are bringing medical supplies. >> reporter: kountze will be joining them and helping strangers flee to europe. jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> the volunteers say child orphans are suffering so much, sick, cold and hungry, waiting to be processed, and possibly moved on to new locations in europe. next at 6:00 tonight, an agreement finally reached to build two new rail tunnels under the hudson river. also, up in flames, police searching for an arsonist who
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set a car on fire. >> parking privileges for pregnant women? one city councilman says they deserve it but does everyone agree? >> i'm taking a peek at the radar and i see a little bit of rain chance which will make its way into the area but rain isn't the big story. wind chills, that's what i'm going to talk about in just a bit. >> thank you. coming up on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," on the front lines as the u.s. pounds suspected isis targets. scott. >> reporter: dana, this is a major offensive that began today. u.s. airstrikes backed by iraqi kurdish troops trying for a breakthrough against isis in the occupation of iraq. we'll have that story and the
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news" at 6:30. i was running 6 months after a hip repair. hiking 2 weeks after spine care. and setting records 9 months after shoulder treatment. one special hospital, over 1,000 special stories.
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find over 1,000 special stories at hospital for special surgery. go to new video tonight as stamford police so much for a man who set a car on fire sunday morning on vasser avenue. surveillance video showing the man first driving by a parked car. the suspect then parks his car in a different street before walking over to the car with a flammable liquid in hand. the video then shows the man pouring the accelerant on the car, setting it on fire and running off good news for commuters.
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an agreement has been reached to build two new rail tunnels under the hudson river, will cost $20 billion and be completed by 2030. it includes two new tracks between newark and new york. the federal government will pay for half the project. commuters say this agreement is long overdue. >> it's about time. waiting for years. >> i think that's awesome. the situation right now is really, really difficult. if a wire goes down in a tunnel, it disrupts traffic in both directions. >> the states of new york and new jersey expected to come up with their share of the funds by selling bonds and applying for low-interest loans. special parking for pregnant women in new york city. it's a new proposal at city hall but how would it work and where would it be applicable? tonight, cbs 2's sonia rincon explains the city's pregnancy privilege parking plan. >> reporter: here at the babies are us in brooklyn they have designated parking spaces
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for pregnant women. new york city streets aren't as accommodating. city councilman david greenfield of brooklyn says they should be for women with problem pregnancies. he proposes a bill to give them a special placard. >> if a doctor certifies you have a difficult pregnancy, within 30 days, the department of transportation would issue a permit and that would expire 30 days after your due date and that would allow you to park in, for example, a no parking zone or at a meter without paying the meter. >> reporter: the parking placard would also mean no ticket in commercial zones like this one. midtown. it would not let you park at hydrants or at bus stops. greenfield made the same proposal four years ago and it failed. but he says the city was more revenue-driven then. now there's different leadership. >> and if we lose a few bucks to allow women with difficult pregnancies to make their it's worthwhile. and mothers we spoke with >> because when you are to the store, right? >> yes. >> not walking.
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>> that's going to be wonderful. really helpful. >> for like a couple of months you could go back to normal like everybody else. >> reporter: the national while it's important not to stigmatize pregnancy that makes women less capable a lot of people already do get parking placards. >> if we wanted to extend it for the small percentage of women who are having very serious complications in their pregnancy, need to get to work, i don't think that's unreasonable. >> reporter: critics say it could create problems with fake placards. sonia rincon, cbs 2 news. lonnie quinn has the forecast, a big game at the meadowlands. >> could be a shower but winds will be kicking in. maybe after the game, more so into tomorrow. right now the picture is cloudy overhead. you have a temperature coming in at 60 degrees. the winds are picking up as we 60 is the highest temperature of the day. 5 degrees above the average and you did that without a speck of sunshine today. forecast. look, the sun is back. at least partly sunny skies. 56 degrees so maybe a couple
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of clicks down on the thermometer but feeling colder than that because it's all about the winds tomorrow gusting 30 to 40 miles an hour out there. so what you should be expecting? first thing is a passing shower chance tonight even for the game. it's out there. the second thing is the skies will be clearing primarily while you sleep. third thing the winds which are starting to pick up now will do nothing but get stronger as you go through friday even into saturday morning. finally the colder air gets here but it's still gusty. cold air, wind gusts, that's the combination that brings about wind chills. you get to saturday morning where he will start off even in new york city with a morning low of about 39 degrees, factor in the winds, it will be feeling like 31 for basically everybody on the map, feeling like below freezing for everybody. coldest air so far this season. look at the vortex satellite and radar. there's your low pressure system being pushed east- northeast. it's the lower fringe that will clip our area seeing a couple of little showers make their way close to our western suburbs. and we have a chance to see a shower out there but especially north and west of the city. could you be seeing some wet
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weather. it will clear for friday. saturday basically looks fine as far as the skies but look, any leftover precipitation that's out there in our atmosphere could be a snowflake. well north of new york city on saturday morning. all right. the seven-day forecast shows you how the temperatures are going to bump back up again. it's 56 on friday. your day tomorrow has the winds out there. saturday 49. you definitely have the winds out there, as well. maybe not quite as strong as tomorrow. sunday better half of the weekend at 58. monday through thursday temperatures 10 degrees above average. 64 on wednesday. >> all right, lonnie, thank you. almost time for that thursday night football. otis has more. >> well, dana, it's all about the jets, jets, jets, jets tonight a big showdown against the bills. we have the pre-game show game night at 7:30 which will take up to coverage of the game. after the break we'll talk to
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and if there wasn't a rivalry before january 13, 2015, that may be the watershed mark for blossoming one. former jet head coach rex ryan hired as the bills' new head coach, tonight he brings his team to metlife stadium for the first time. here was rex moments ago entering metlife stadium with his buffalo bills sweatsuit on headed to the visitors locker room for the first time as an nfl head coach. tonight. this is a serious showdown. the jets trying to improve their play-off chants and hurt the bills' chances. it's sure to be a hard-hitting affair at the stadium and darrelle revis said the jets must keep their emotions in check. >> we are not trying to be too high or low. we understand it is a division game. we know playing buffalo, it is definitely not easy. they are going to bring their best. they always will. and they always have. so we'll be fine. we just look at it as another game. >> darrelle is a former rex
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player also tony richardson played for him in 2010. he gave our steve overmyer insight to th master motivator. >> i have been there having to play in kansas city haven't been there so long so i know rex had it circled on his calendar. >> is that disrespect to the jets as to geno to make i.k. enemkpali the captain? >> i think this guy isn't even a starter. you should hold that captain spot for someone who plays and will make a difference in the game. >> a low blow? that's the thing. like, you know, that's rex. i mean, he is taking shots. ahead and throwing it out there right now that he is coming here to trying to win a football game and, you know, he is going to try to hurt everybody along the way. game. i want to get suited up and go [ laughter ] overmyer, coming to you from
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metlife stadium. you. >> thank you. they want to suit up for sure. we get to start with the jets and bills with our pre-game show game nigh at 7:30. we'll have several guests. don't miss it. the giants getting set to sunday. the quarterback had his practice activity amped up today. he hopes to play the tight end. you can see that on cbs 2 as well sunday afternoon at 4:25. can eli manning outdo tom brady once again and spoil an undefeated season as he did in super bowl xlii? this is the place to be to find out. most of the fans love rex ryan but that was when he was a jets head coach. what are they thinking of him now that he leads the buffalo bills? >> after making i.k. enemkpali the team captain
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wrong way about rex. >> i thought rex was the best. the original cocky rex who wasn't guarded, who said he would take a swipe at [ indiscernible ] , i loved it. [ laughter ] >> that's right. >> but now he is a visitor. [ laughter ] >> we'll be right back. (vo) if you live in new york and you're eligible for medicare,
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i'm maurice dubois. coming up tonight on cbs 2 news after the jets game, you see those commercials constantly, average fans saying they are winning big at fantasy football. >> it got me out of a cubicle and working at home for myself which is, you know, always one might have goals. i never thought it would be fantasy sports. >> so exactly how do they make all their millions? fantasy football experts share their secrets to making a game turn in their favor. that's on cbs 2 news after the jets game. >> thank you. up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," the extraordinary act of heroism behind today's medal of honor recipient at the white house. good night.
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