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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 23, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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york city, i'm jeff glor. suspect it's monday, november 22nd, 2015. suspectcaptioning funded by cb it's monday, november 22nd, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." millions in the united states prepare for a busy travel week with concerns of an attack at home. more than a dozen are wounded when a shoot-out erupts where hundreds of people will gathered. a tribute in music by celine
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good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. thanks for joining us. i'm meg oliver in for anne-marie green. this morning belgium remains under what the prime minister calls a serious and eminent threat of a terrorist attack. the capital brussels is locked down. schools and public transportation are shut and hundreds of troops are patrolling the streets. don champion has our report. >> reporter: brussels remains on its highest terror alert for a third straight day, as armored vehicles, soldiers, and police officers stand watch outside train stations, heavily armed security forces conducted more than a dozen raids in and around the capital city overnight, searching for terror suspects. authorities arrested 16 people during the raids. one person even allegedly tried to ram a car into police. >> for the time ing, we cannot confirm if there is a relation eehis t this arrest. >> reporter: still on the run,
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the key target of the raids, terror suspects salah abdeslam, police believe he wasriven to belgium after the terrorist attacks. we would rather see salal in jail rather a sem terri. >> i'm concerned that we don't have the time and we don't have years. weeed to be aggressivenow. >> rsident obama will mt with the french president tomorrow at the white house to discuss shared efforts to stop the terror group. and this morning, the french president is meeting with british prime minister david cameron. the two men are talking about better coordinating responses to terrorism. the men also visited the
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the worst carnage of the paris attacks. meg. >> reporter: last week the french prime minister warned that the terrorists may use chemical or biological weapons. suits worn by those people dealing with dangerous viruses were missing from a locked storage area in a paris hospital. separatist groups in mali. 19 people, including one american, were killed when two gunmen stormed the radisson blu hotel. the mali government and northern separatis have b n negotiating more than o years. the hotel was about to host another round of peace talks. 46 million americans are expected to travel this weekend. according to a new poll a vast majority of americans believe a large-scale attack like the one
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jamie yuccas has more on the stepped-up holiday security. >> reporter: 46 million will travel in the united states this week and they will see extra officers and patrol dogs and gonzalez at virtually every airport and train station and tourist destination in the country. homeland security secretary jeh johnson says his agency is ready for anything. >> i always hesitate to rank threats, but the potential copy cat, the lone wolf actor is one >> reporter: lines at the airport will be longer and slower. the tsa says it will handle 25 million passengers this week with enhanced screening. >> we are a little bit more aware of the increased security now and the people may be a little more nervous but, at the traveling. >> reporter: if travelers are nervous, so are the airlines. phony bomb threats rerected three flights last week from the u.s. headed overseas, including a turkish airlines flight to istanbul sunday morning.
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in new york city sunday, police held a three-hour active shooter drill in the city's subway system. for the first time, their drill included an attacker in a suicide vest. >> we have now beefed up our resources that we will be in a position to handle a significant number of events going on simultaneously or sequentially. >> reporter: the department of homeland security says there are no credible threats anywhere in the united states. jamie yuccas, cbs news, new york. most of the paris victims died in the bataclan theater. they were there to watch a concert by the american band eagles of death melts. band members said the terrorists even got into their dressing room. >> the terrorists got into a dressing room and killed every one of them except a kid hiding under my leather jacket. people were playing dead and a great reason why so many were killed because so many people wouldn't leave their friends. >> 89 people were killed in the theater. all of the band members
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>> i would bring it back, yes, i would bring it back. i think waterboard is peanuts compared to what they do to us and what they are doing to us. >> reporter: a percentage of voters say the paris attacks affected who they support. in iowa, 43% said the attacks affected their vote a lot or somewhat. ben carson said he would support monitoring mosques or any organization where there are, quote, things that are un-american. >> we should monitor anything, mosque, church, school, you know, shopping center where there is a lot o radicalization g . on >> reporter: president obama returned to washington early this morning from his tour of asia. before he left, he said the republican rhetoric is doing the terrorist work for them and urged americans not to panic. >> they can't beat us on the battlefield so they try to terrorize us into being afraid. and to changing our patterns of behavior. and to panicking and to
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partners, ando retreating from the world. as president, i will not let that happen. coming up on "cbs this morning," the latest cbs news poll on the refuge crisis, isis, and the president. a before the accident this morning in the investigation into the killing of an indianapolis pastor's wife. cbs affiliate wt-tv reports three suspects are in custody for the rape and murder of amanda blackburn and the three are suspected in a number of burglaries. a video captured one of the suspects in a home invasion more than two weeks ago. as many as 500 people had gathered sunday for a musical video shoot and block party when shots rang out. police are calling on witnesses to help identify on the gunman. >> there were multiple people firing at each other and into this crowd. right now, we need people to
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come forward to tell us who they saw. >> detectives combed the park under bright lights overnight for concludes. police say the shooting may have been gang-related. millions in the eastern half of the country face a frigid start to the week. freeze warnings are in effect across the southeastern u.s. cold air will settle in from new england and new york, down to the eastern gulf coast. heavy snowfall in detroit this weekend made the roads messy and driving dangerous. homeowners in indiana were digging out from the season's first snowfall. plows were out clearing roads. news." racial controversy on the campaign trail. donald trump has tough words after an african-american protester is arrested at a trump rally. a baby born premature on a cruise ship three months ago finally returns home. this is the "cbs morning news." replenished. emerge everyday with emergen-c packed with b vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good everyday?
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shooter. those are just some of the headlines on this morning's newsstand. a search for a gunman in the shooting of a tulane medical student who stopped an apparent kidnapping. security video shows the suspect identified as caine dragging a woman toward an such early friday. the scene catches the attention of peter gould who is going down the street. his gun misfires as he aims at his head. gould's family says he is in guarded position but improving. donald trump interrupted a campaign event maybe should have been roughed up for causing the commotion. >> get him the hell out of here, will you please? get him out of here. throw him out! >> during a trump campaign event saturday in birmingham, local activists shouted black lives matter. the outburst led trump to call for the activist to be removed. yesterday, trump reacted to the
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incident. >> this guy started screaming by himself and i don't know, rough up, he should -- maybe he shooshed roughed up because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing. >> southval is one of three people kicked out of trump's event on saturday's event. a premature baby is bag in its hometown of ogden, utah, on sunday. the baby was born on a caribbean cruise in august. the 1.5-pound infant was taken to puerto rico and then miami and spend the next few weeks before going home and possibly in time for christmas. "usa today" reports belgians began posting anti-isis messages using cats when police asked citizens to stop posting photos and details of officers' movement. cat photos flooded twitter bearing information on police activity.
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. celine dion made a moving tribute to the victims of the paris attacks last night at the american music awards. images of paris played in the background. actor jared laeto paid tribute to the city of lights. his band played a surprise show at the bataclan theater. on the cbs money watch another singer set to break record sales and a historic drug merger. stock exchange with that and more. >> what would be the biggest merger in health care. pfizer and allergan on the version of $150 billion dollar deal. "wall street journal" reports an announcement could come today. botox maker allergan is based in ireland.
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to get a lower tax rate, allergan about buy pfizer. they are dealing with tough competition from generics. stocks higher on wall street closing out the best week of the year. the dow gained 579 points for the week. the s&p finished 66 points higher. the nasdaq was up 176 points for the week. if you're hitting the road this thanksgiving holiday, good news at the gas pump. the average price of ga gasoline dropped 11 cents the past two weeks to $2.14 for a gallon of regular and that is 70 cents lower than it was a year ago. analysts suspect that prices december. the final "hunger games" film tops the box office in its first weekend. it took in 10 on$101 million dollars. the film reportedly cost 160 million to make. the latest james bond flick made
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the peanuts movie came in third. adele's new album "25" is likely to break sales record. "25" was released on friday. it's on track to sell 2.5 million copies in the u.s. and that would be the highest weekly sale for any album since 1991. target is selling a cd version and says 25 of the biggest opening day sales of any album in the store's history. say the least. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. coming up on "cbs this morning," we will meet cofounders of the website fairy god boss which lets you anonymously post information about your workplace. still ahead, football controversy. questions over protocol after rams quarterback case keenum suffered a concussion. and boy band one direction
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>> poor little guy. bad time for a case of hickups to break out. 7-year-old ethan hall was performing australia's national anthem before a baseball game on friday. he didn't let the hiccups stop him. some of the players struggled to contain their laughter. good job, though, buddy. a new concussion controversy for the nfl. near the end of sunday's rams/ravens game, st. louis quarterback case keenum goes down with what was later diagnosed as a concussion. keenum struggles to get up but official spotting signs of concussions, he stays in the game. two plays later, keenum fumbles
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the ball to secure a win for baltimore. a potential super bowl matchup sunday night on "sunday night football." nfc west leading arizona cardinals hosting the cincinnati bengals. arizona blows a two touchdown lead late in the game. with the game tied in the final seconds, cincinnati is flagged with an unsportsmanlike like conduct penalty and that sets up the winning game field goal. arizona escapes with a 34-31 win. one final lap around the track for nascar great jeff gordon. a career after 23 years of racing. gordon led for nine laps at homestead, florida but ended up sixth. kyle busch won the race and champion. jennifer lopez made a splash performing last night at the american music awards. one direction took on the top award for the second straight year. they were also honored as the
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call now and request your free decision guide... and start gathering the information you need to help you go long . why if i can't go back to kansas city and do, that krous would be scared to pieces. >> one of the most iconic costumes in film history and it could be yours for the right pras. later today, the dress worn by judy garland in oim the wizard of oz" goes up for outcomion. million. zookeepers euthanized a rhine rhino after her health was starting to go down. a new jersey man is
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next week to save a woman's life. he connected with the woman by chance online. steve patterson of our phil station wyw hat story. >> reporter: if there is a single word for what 49-year-old glenn calderbank is about to do, it's hard to articulate. >> i think this is very important. so important, i'm risking my life for it. >> reporter: glenn is preparing to donate his kidney to a woman who will die without it. someone, until very recently, was a total stranger. >> reporter: i can save somebody. >> reporter: the fact that glynn has been to the hospital a dozen times in preparation to risk his own life isn't particularly astonishing. that's yujust glynn. what is twisted fate and just mb luck is the way glenn found nina. >> looking on craigslist, it struck my eye that somebody was asking for a kidney for their wife. >> reporter: glynn was looking in the material section of
4:27 am
and begging for the life of egg harbor nina maria was placed in front of him. glenn responded by asking nina's blood type and a-positive. a perfect match. within a week, nina was sitting face-to-face with glynn. >> i told her, i said, look. i know i'm a match. she said, how do you know that? i said, there is no way that i saw your ad by accident, we are the same blood type and i'm not a match. >> reporter: and perhaps the only reason nina's post caught glenn's eye is because of jessica. >> i feel like she's my angel. >> reporter: glynn's first wife, first love waited two years for a kidney after hers started failing and ooevently it came from a cadaver but when her body rejected the organ, she died on dialysis. now four years later, glynn and jessica have another shot with nina. >> i don't feel special. i just feel like somebody had to.
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that was kyw's steve patterson reporting. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the battle over allowing syrian refuges into the u.s. we will meet a syriian family after mooiigrating to texas. that is the "cbs morning news" for this monday.
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