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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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something is coming to the subway that we haven't seen since '90s. could be an upset in iowa? t ncwean bng yothenreare asweano brg u e st taie vetle
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breaking news. upset in iowa. ted cruz tops donald trump in votes after a record turnout for the republican caucus. i'm kristine johnson. we want to get right to those results. marcia kramer is in now with the latest. marsha, that could be just one of two upsets tonight. >> reporter: absolutely true. after months and mountains of polls, tonight marks the first measure of the candidates and the surprise of many. donald trump was not the top vote getter in the gop. checking the numbers on the
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pulled off a small upset. winning with 28% of the vote. trump takes second. marco rubio was just one point behind him. looking at the democrats, the race is too close to call. with hillary clinton and bernie sanders neck and neck. with 89% of the vote in, just 0.3% separate the two. it could be a long night. >> we're in trouble but we're going to turn it around and we're going to make a get -- make america great again. >> [ applause ] >> reporter: donald trump talking in iowa where where voters frustrated with washington policies and both the economy and foreign policy turned out in droves. it was the first test of whether the brash billionaire, reality tv star could convert his fan base into a voter base. while he finished in the money, texas senator ted cruz's support from conservators --
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appear to give him the edge. there were 12 republicans fighting for support in iowa. iowa turned into a three-way fight between cruz, trump, and marco rubio. ben carson, a distant fourth. >> i'm honored, really honored that we are so happy with the way everything worked out. tomorrow afternoon will be in new hampshire. >> reporter: iowa is in primary importance because it's the first nominating contest. the democrats duking it out for 44 delegates, less than 1% nationwide. the applicants battling for 30 delegates when there are almost 2500 across the country. it's also important because it begins the weeding out process pressuring the less popular performers to get something going or else. former governor martin o'malley and democrat -- so did republican mike huckabee, others will follow dropping out. hillary clinton battling so- called democratic socialist bernie sanders. seeking vindication and a
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barack obama. i know you want to ask me how good iowa voters are at picking the party nominee. you might want to ask ronald reagan, george bush, mitt romney and john mccain. they all lost in iowa but won the nomination. now, since 1972, iowa democrats are right 43% of the time. iola republicans were right just 50% of the time. so, christine, it's going to be -- >> it really will be. thanks, marshall. five people are under arrest in connection with the stabbing death of a teenager outside a new jersey restaurant. the suspect accused of murder is the son of a former city hall age. cbs twos brian is in edgewater with the details. >> reporter: parents and forced to walk there young children under police crime scene tape on old river road in edgewater, new jersey as police there investigate a deadly botched robbery attempt.
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tickets down. >> reporter: khari noerdlinger is under arrest charged with manslaughter and weapons possession. the bergen county prosecutor's office says noerdlinger, who lives in this apartment building nearby, was the target of an armed robbery at 10:30. he allegedly fought with one of the would-be thieves, 16-year- old 70 and llewellyn of spring valley new york and stabbed him in the leg severed an artery. he later died at the hospital. four other suspects from rockland county in armed robbery attempt are also behind bars. accused of trying to hide evidence after the fight. khari noerdlinger is the set of rachel noerdlinger, a former top aide to bill de blasio's wife. in 2014 he was arrested for criminal trespass. that same year, rachel noerdlinger resigned from her job at city hall in part she said to spend more time with her then 17-year-old son. >> it's all a shock to me. >> reporter: lane reno lives
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>> never had issues with them. no. >> reporter: jeffrey lichtman is an attorney who represents both rachel and khari noerdlinger. he tells cbs2 news that he's very disappointed in these charges and claims that khari noerdlinger was the victim in all of this. mayor de blasio and his wife issued a brief statement saying their hearts go out to everyone involved. reporting live at edgewater, brian connie ware, cbs2 news. breaking news where five firefighters have been hurt, fighting a fire at a home on sinclair avenue. tracee carrasco has more. >> reporter: the fire started here around 9:00 tonight at this house behind me at 1053 sinclair avenue. in the huguenot section of staten island, started in the basement and quickly spread. fire chief on scene tells us the fire was so intense it burned through 12 beams of the
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fdny sent out mayday calls because of probationary firefighter fell through the first floor and fell into the fire. fire chief on scene tells us five firefighters were injured, that probationary firefighter with second-degree and third- degree burns, there were some family members on scene. we're told everyone got out safely. reporting from the huguenot section, tracee carrasco, cbs2 news. new video showing thousands of stranded rush-hour commuters at grand central station, metro- north service on the new haven and harlem lines will shut down after a man jumped in front of a train and was killed this afternoon near the bronx botanical gardens. there were up to two hour delays in both directions. some commuters took it all in stride. >> it's a good thing that human life matters enough to delay all these people to take care of it. in some parts of the world i've been to, they wouldn't do that.
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be shut down because they share the same track at botanical gardens stop. new information on what struck the window of an amtrak train last night, nearly causing it to shattler. investigators say a rock hit the express train as it passed through pennsylvania to new york. passengers thought a bullet hit that window. conductors say this area is notorious for rockthrowing and other incidents. six subway slashing so far this year prompting calls for more police and now one group says it will fill the void. the guardian angels are riding the subway tonight promising to make citizen arrests when needed. cbs2's jessica schneider with more on this. jessica? >> reporter: christine, they say they plan to ride the subways every night until the situation improves. that team of guardian angels met right here at columbus circle around 7:00 tonight, they say they will ride the subways until 1:00 this morning. >> follow me.
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called his volunteers to action monday after a string of subway slashing's including one this weekend. a 27-year-old man was cut in the face while waiting for the to train at a harlem station early monday morning. >> since they are not removing the really psychologically damaged and dangerous mentally ill people, we're going to start removing them and forcing the issue. >> reporter: he says he doesn't see police patrolling the trains or the platforms. commissioner bill bratton shrugged off their vigilante justice on a radio show monday morning. saying the number of slashing this is not astronomical. >> not expected to engage in anything, they don't have any power. so i don't see that being a big story. the six incidents we've had, are all independent of each other. six subway incidents, last year in the month of january, we had three slashing incidents that did not track media attention. >> don't try to downgrade the
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ought to be encouraging us and others to come to the forefront while this becomes a crisis. >> reporter: we wrote the subways tonight where we saw homeless people encamped on the seats and others sleeping on the platforms. some riders are hoping to guardian angels make a difference. >> they were here when new york started to turn around. a couple decades ago. i'm glad to see them, because i'm concerned about creeping lawlessness and scofflaws. >> you don't see too many cops. 59th street, they have a precinct upstairs that should be under here. more often. you don't see that at all. >> reporter: the guardian angels acknowledge they can't actually make arrests, but they say they will bring problem passengers right to police. they say they will move on to the other boroughs starting next week. live in columbus circle, jessica schneider, cbs2 news. zika virus declared a global health emergency, still ahead, the new testing plant for new york.
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but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. new york state is offering free testing for the zika virus for people with symptoms who traveled out of the country. governor cuomo announcing a zika hotline to answer concerns about the health scare. cbs2's tony aiello has today's developments. >> reporter: with a hotline and free testing, new york is trying to stay on top of the growing concern. officials say nine new yorkers picked up the mosquito-borne zika virus while traveling outside the country. most adults shrug off zika without feeling sick. but one of the infected new yorkers is a pregnant woman. the virus has been linked to a birth defect called
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babies in latin america born with undersized heads. leading the world health organization to declare the outbreak -- >> and extraordinary event and a public health threat to other parts of the world. >> reporter: more than 20 countries in the caribbean and central and south america are part of a travel warning for pregnant women. monday, federal officials added costa rica, chorus out and nicaragua to the list. brazil is ground zero for the health crisis. it is set to host the olympic games this summer. sunday at a prevent in rio, a wrestler for the new york -- new york athletic club says she's trying to keep the risk in perspective. >> if i was plans have a child in the next month, i would be extremely uneasy about this. and maybe i would have changed my decision. >> reporter: the mosquito that carries the virus does not live in our region. health officials do not expect a major outbreak here. other us cases so far occurred in people who traveled to countries where zika is already
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christine? researchers say they found deformed fish new jersey waterways. the us geological survey examined the river in sussex county and the great swamp in morris county. scientists say they caught male fish that had female sexual characteristics. researchers say the fish were likely exposed to contamination from chemicals. a long island investment banker fights back after being expensive diamond ring. 48-year-old angela bianca filed a federal lawsuit against nassau county police alleging false arrest. last october bianca was charged and sapphire ring from a jewelry store. at a roosevelt field mall. bianca says she was shoe during the heist. her attorney says she didn't even resemble the suspects. >> she was brought into the precinct, she was handcuffed against the wall, she was
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>> store receipts and surveillance video led prosecutors to drop charges. nassau police are not commenting on the lawsuit. the real suspects have not been caught. the breathalyzer used to catch drunk drivers may soon be used on rockland county students. nyack's education board is considering checking students. if a student shows certain signs of drinking, including serbs -- slurred speech, inability to follow instructions or bloodshot eyes, a student could be asked to take the test. nyack could vote on this proposal as early as tomorrow night. new tonight, keyless ignition's are convenient and easy but does this new technology come with deadly consequences? cbs2 with a warning about keyless danger. >> if i get to my car, you don't have to dig into your pocket, especially in the wintertime. >> reporter: the technology allows drivers like stephan
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and fire up the engine with a simple push of a button. but there's just one problem with this popular feature. hundreds of people a year like george gonzales say they are forgetting to push the button a second time. to turn the car off. >> one night i was in a rush, stepped out of the vehicle and i forgot -- i thought it was off. the next morning when the car was still running. >> reporter: for gonzales was parked on the street, it cost in a dank -- a tank of gas. for others, the mistake has cost them their lives. marcus alex is an attorney who filed a lawsuit against 10 of the world's largest automakers. >> with your car in the garage, go into your home, never knowing that the engine is still running. >> reporter: you unload it, close the door, and the carbon monoxide builds, eventually seeping into the home. >> there have been many instances, four in the past
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and dying as a result. >> what's shocking is that the government and manufacturers have been so slow to respond. >> reporter: an attorney who represented five keyless carbon monoxide injuries and deaths says the national highway traffic safety administration has spent years debating what to do about this problem. instead of having a debate, why not have the manufacturers fix the problem? >> reporter: alex says a simple software update could detect when a car has been idling for too long and shut it off. >> if we can have an auto shut off to save you the inconvenience of a dead battery when you leave your headlights on, why can't we have auto shut off on the engine to save your life? >> officials say it is still reviewing suggestions on how to fix the problem. auto alliance which represents many manufacturers told cbs2,
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ignition's generally follow the recommended practices of the society of auto engineers. let's turn to our forecast, lonnie quinn is standing by. mild weather as of late. tomorrow is groundhog day. here we go. 64 degrees. come on. these are temperatures you find in the middle of april. what i have right now outside, eventually 40, some 30s, 46 right now coming in from brooklyn, elena is telling me mild evening, feels like april. we were just talking about that. feels like april. hope the groundhog it's an early spring. if the groundhog sees his shadow, that would mean six more weeks of winter. clearing sky right now so i think shadows will be cast tomorrow. doesn't mean the groundhog is going to be right but probably will see his shadow. 46 right now in new york city, 59 in central park, a full 20 degrees above the average for
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be at above average. not every day is going to be 20 above but above average every day, wednesday we find a 60 or higher but it's going to come with rain for wednesday. the record for wednesday is 64, we may be close, cold returns by the time we get to next week, outside right now, rain showers, all offshore currently, part of this front that made its way through the area, about 10 degrees colder tomorrow than we were today, clear air sets up, then you get to this system, bringing us big rain by the time we get to wednesday. if wednesday is going to be 60, it's going to be that rain. 47 for your day tomorrow, there's the groundhog, looks good. sun and clouds tomorrow, the groundhog will see his shadow because there's going to be sun making shadows. as you look at the extended forecast, 60 on wednesday, a warm, mild day, but a windy one and not going to be warm because of the sunshine. i don't think you see the sunshine. a wet day out there in the afternoon hours, temperatures
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because of southwest wind. thursday looking at 46, better looking sky put down by 15 degrees or so, 39 on friday, by the time you get to next week, monday or tuesday, cold air is coming back. as i look at long-range plans. >> there we go. up and down. alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc.
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now otis is here. let the celebrations begin. >> let all the hype begin too. super bowl week started with a bang for the broncos. motorist cut off their motorcade causing three of the buses to let. fortunately, no one was injured. the broncos were the first team to arrive at the mega media session which is now called super bowl opening night instead of the usual tuesday morning event. thousands of media members in costume, characters showed up, the tables were turned.
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of those wrestling masks. who can forget him throwing hands with odell beckham, jr. at metlife stadium? no hostilities between peyton manning and cam newton. they belong to a mutual admiration society. >> he's been awesome. that's the best word i can think of. he's been a great passer, a great runner, a great leader. >> if anything the sheriff has to say, you can probably put it in gold, to be even mentioned and affiliated with the face of the league, but yet i think i have bigger fish to fry. on sunday. >> might get his suit -- his first super bowl. catch our coverage of super bowl 50, tune into cbs2 at 11:00 ame, don't forget, coverage from the bay area wednesday night. now to the yankees, they get bad news today regarding one of their young superstars, greg bird is going to miss the entire 20 -- 2016 season. he will have surgery tomorrow.
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31 rbi and nine doubles. when we return, more from me and media day.
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lumps. welcome back. the nets in action tonight, they were looking to turn the page on the calendar. the new year has not been kind to the boys from brooklyn, 3-13 in january. hello, february. those losses came at the hands of the pistons. brandon jennings, playground off the backboard 200 drummond for the jam. got to get up to throw down, part of the 11-0 run. the nets would fight back in the fourth, joe johnson, brook lopez throwing it down, game- high 27 but they couldn't keep drummond quiet, 21 points, 18 rebounds, the nets fall 105- 100. nothing seems to change like the calendar. cam newton making headlines as soon as he touched the ground in san francisco. soon to be mvp, the most vicious pants when they got off the plane, making a fashion
11:28 pm
jeans, pants made by for such retail for $849. tonight, he explained his choice to deion sanders. >> when i looked at my pants, i said these are black and gold, to tie in along with the whole super bowl 50, black and gold. >> you know those are must win pants. you can't get off the plane like that and lose. >> every time i put on the entire every single morning in my life, it's must win. >> there you go. >> dress for success. >> some people were going, dressed for success, feeling confident. >> color-coordinated. >> you could pull those pants off. >> yes. take them off. [ laughter ] >> i was going to say. you would have to lay down to get things it.
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