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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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people in the public refer to me as a monster. >> he made international headlines as the cannibal cop and he tells his side of the story and answers every single one of our questions. but first -- holy [bleep] >> it's falling. >> reporter: cars crushed. pedestrians hurt.
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down in a matter of seconds. >> it felt like an earthquake. >> reporter: we get an inside look at the extent of the damage. >> it looks like something out of a movie set. >> good evening. >> crews in the middle of a massive cleanup, more than 14 hours after the collapse. >> the pights really tell the story. you can see the metal mess stretches a city block and then some. an entire line of cars smashed. some drivers were temporarily trapped until first responders came to free them. >> cbs2 has team coverage. we begin with tony live at the scene. >> reporter: maurice, a block north of the collapse side, you can see a section of the crane that collapsed.
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streets of most pedestrians. hours after the crane came down, a sidewalk shed went up to protect from further debris. inside, pictures show a 2-ton hook and weight ball that came crashing through the ceiling, leaving a gaping hole and broken windows. >> you heard the boom and run to the windows and i see a crane falling on the street. >> reporter: construction workers at a nearby building captured the collapse. the slow process of lowering the jib suddenly accelerated by gusty winds. >> winds started blowing so they went back up with it. >> reporter: a veteran operator was in the control cab. he was injured as it flipped upside down. the treads facing the sky made for a bizarre sight. cbs2 has obtained this picture of the wind meter inside the
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miles per hour, as the process began. the crew trying to lower the arm into the safety position, an upside down v over west broadway as seen in this picture taken wednesday. >> it was being moved into a secure position because by the manufacturer's instructions as winds toped 20 miles per hour. >> reporter: instead, the collapse. the crane crushed more than a dozen cars. the few people still on the street rushed to safety. a random decision may have doomed 38-year-old david wichs of manhattan. the headquarters of the sergeant's ben every lance
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i spoke off camera with a hard hat part of the crew. this industry is heavily regulateed. they can't do anything without approval from the city. they had approval for the work they were doing today. this hard hat blaming sudden high winds for the disaster. crews will come in and unbolt what's left of this crane or cut it up into pieces with torches and cart it out. >> tony, thank you. one of the victims hurt is recovering now at bellevue hospital. 73-year-old thomas o'brian has a head injury but is expected to be okay. we're told he came to new york to visit his daughter. the man that died, david wichs was walking in the area as tony mentioned when the crane collapsed. police say he was killed instantly. funeral services are planned for sunday morning. as the cleanup continues,
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investigation and trying to prevent similar tragedies in the future. cbs2's jessica schneider live with more on that. jessica. >> reporter: maurice, there were no signs of trouble here. in fact, the buildings department inspected that crane just yesterday. the crane operator was actually lowering that boom when winds out here approached 20 miles per hour, something that was standard. so with questions now looming as to how that crane collapsed, the department of buildings has launched a full investigation. this crawler crane is 565 feet long and capable of lifting 330 tons. it was just installed at 60 hudson street last saturday. tasked with replacing generators and air conditioners on the building's roof. just 24 hours before its terrifying topple, inspectors for the city's department of buildings checked it out as it prepped for its next phase of
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an extension was added and crews reported no problems. >> it was approved and submitted by an engineer, went over by my staff. >> reporter: this is one of crane related accidents in the past year. last may several people were injured when a heating and air conditioning unit fell 30 stories to the street. a massive construction boom is taking over manhattan. in 2009 there was a total of 21 million square feet under construction. by 2015, 88 million square feet. now the administration plans to invest $120 million to add 100 new building inspectors for a total of 500. >> we have more inspectors we're going to get on top of that. >> reporter: the crane operator was tested and had no signs of alcohol in his system. while this investigation continues, the mayor has ordered that all 376 crawler
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are now operating here in the city, he has ordered them all to be secured. jessica schneider, cbs2 news. >> thanks. >> earlier tonight you had a chance to experience the magnitude of this thing, this collapse, the crane firsthand, right? >> it was quite something to see. here's what i saw. you can see here the reaction on my face when i saw it. this is the base of the crane flipped over. then the span of two blocks that the boon of this crane sits, the cars on the left crushed. it's an enormous amount of damage to see in person. i know i said this before in our earlier reports, it's one thing to see it on tv. in person it's a completely different experience because the crane, the damage, it's almost like 100 times what you would expect it to be. >> you can almost feel the weight looking at it on tv. in person must be several times more. >> it's really overwhelming.
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to help a worried bride to be. >> nesh just left a salon. an fdny chaplain offered to walk with her to city hall. the groom even officiateed. >> in times of need new yorkers really come together. when the crane first fell, people off the streets ran to help. and the chaplain proveed new yorkers really are helpful. >> the bride calls her the coolest fdny chaplain ever. on our web site you'll find the entire clip of the crane as it went down. we're expecting an update from the city on the situation tomorrow. one of the two nypd
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a bronx housing complex is home tonight with his family. [ applause ] >> this is fellow officers applauding as the officer left lincoln hospital this afternoon. the 29-year-old was shot in the nose. his partner, officer cruz, was shot in the stomach. she is still hospitalized. the police commissioner who met with the officer today says he is happy both are doing well. now to the weather, after a snow covered morning, look at the roads there, look at tonight. the real danger is black ice. big drop in temperatures could make the roads slick. lonnie quinn in the weather center with more. >> as of now, going through the overnight hours you worry about black ice. as far as the snow we picked up today, don't have to wait long, already forming in the pacific northwest. next week lots of chances for snow. we'll talk about that later. also ahead, sucker punched on the street.
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there. there. he's not the only one police are looking for. >> plus, it is something, an option many people use to make shopping easier. why are some experts saying to steer clear of self-checkout? >> seeing triple. can you tell the mom apart from her twin daughters in this photo. the viral photo that has millions asking who is who. >> he's called the cannibal cop. >> if you're not into cannibalism how do you explain those comments? >> the exclusive just ahead. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. some disturbing video of a street corner attack shared on social media leads to a criminal investigation in paterson, new jersey. the person behind the camera is heard instigating a man who walks up and sucker punches the victim. the video was sent to cbs2 by
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>> we will not tolerate that type of behavior or action in our city. >> these kids are terrible. >> there is no word of any arrest. lonnie quinn is here, getting freezing out there. >> will get cold again tonight. we picked up the rain, and sunny, a little bit of warm. a lot of melting and now freezing is taking place. plenty of spots now below freezing. really today i think was more about the pictures. you had that type of snow out there, it was a heavy sort of wet snow. every little tree branch got covered with the snow and they got heavy and some of them snapped. power lines. that's still a problem tonight. you're not out of the woods yet. there's your picture over the city with a clear sky. 33 degrees. suffolk county, we knew you'd be a winner.
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next week we are talking snow. four chances for snow next week. before you get there, got a nice looking weekend. saturday and sunday both days, sun and cloud mix, 44 saturday. 47 super bowl sunday. now the skies are beautiful. no problems for saturday or sunday. maybe late sunday could be an issue with this system around seattle and portland, it will make a push to the gulf of mexico, gather moisture, exit around the southeast seaboard and make its way up closer to our yesterday. i showed you this picture yesterday, i showed you the center of circulation. it was offshore. it's trending further west. this becomes an issue for us. could be putting snow down. now the early numbers and the one guarantee i can give you about these numbers i'm showing you for monday into tuesday, sunday into monday, they'll change. the numbers will change as we get more information.
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if i'm going with a nam, 3. 2in the city. we keep an eye on this to see how it's going to turn out. just know it's a potential right now. if you notice those numbers were monday into tuesday. very active week next week, every day with the exception of thursday. that could change. but monday, tuesday, wednesday, friday, all with snowflakes on the board. >> thank you, lonnie. now to a cbs2 exclusive. he was dubed the cannibal cop. an nypd officer accused of planning to abduct, kill, and cook a list of women, including his wife. >> but his conviction was overturned and this past december a federal appeals court upheld the acquittal, making him a free man. the now 31-year-old sat down with cbs2's alice gainer to explain what happened and where he goes from here. >> reporter: today the nypd officer accused of plotting to kidnap and eat women. >> was it a twisted sexual fantasy?
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world had a field day. >> this started in high school, was there a friend who talked about it? >> never talked about it with anyone. never, never, never. >> none of your friends knew this side of you? >> no, never. it's like, how do i bring it up. >> reporter: now the world knows his darkest secret. in 2012, gilberto valle, an nypd officer at the time and married father, was accused of plotting to kidnap, torture and cook at least 100 women, including his wife. she was the one who tipped off authorities after she put spyware on the computer. >> she saw me staying up late for the computer. she thought i was having an affair. >> she thought you were cheating. >> she didn't expect it. >> reporter: he had been spending his nights in chat rooms, writing things like "letting her bleed out, then butcher her while she hangs." >> they have a picture of beautiful women laid out on a platter.
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but as far as actually cutting her up, none of that stuff, the blood stuff never appealed to me. >> reporter: the fbi found files on his computer that included women's names, addresses and photos. >> i'd send a bunch of pictures to somebody i was role playing with and they would pick which one they thought was the prettiest. and that person picked my wife. not like i was shopping her out or intended to do harm toker. i'm not so much into the whole cannibal part per se. it's more about the, like the bondage stuff. but-- >> but you had mentioned things online like the size of an oven. >> right. >> cutting somebody up. >> yep. >> if you're not into cannibalism, how do you explain? >> i had created this role where i was the cannibal guy, the chef, my user name, whatever it was. as time went on, and people, more and more people wanted to do these role plays with me, because i was kind of good, i
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little more graphic and not disappoint. again, the competitive side of me came out. >> you searched online for methods of abduction. why search online? >> to add realism to the stories. it was all role plays. >> reporter: in march 2013 he was convicted. he spent 21 months in prison. >> i had a job in the kitchen, as everyone knows. >> do you see the irony? >> of course. that was the only job available. i didn't have a choice there. but i am a good cook. >> reporter: in july of 2014, a judge overturned his kidnapping conviction saying it was fantasy role play. >> would you go on one of those sites again one day? >> i don't know. i can't answer that. i'm not interested in this right now. if i wanted to, it's not illegal. >> reporter: he was vindicated in the courts, but in the court of public opinion, he knows everyone has their own verdict. >> i wish i wasn't known this way.
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this. i wish i still had my wife and daughter with me, i wish i was still a police officer. i miss that stuff every day. >> he's wife divorced him and he hasn't seen his baby she's now four. he's in therapy. he had a girlfriend for a few another field. he is debating a career in law, or trying to get reinstateed into the nypd. >> amazing how candid he was. really no emotion. just matter of in fact. regarding his career in the police force, any chance of that? >> it is possible. it would have to go through the courts. he would have to sue. he said he applied to 15 places and nobody hired him. >> even though he was cleared? >> right. a family friend got his current job.
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i didn't have him hooked up to a lie detector test, but he did answer thing and that struck me as well, the fact he was so calm. i asked him about that, he said he's so numb to everything at this point. >> no emotion. >> no emotion. yeah. >> thank you. great reporting. time to check in with otis livingston, talking super bowl and the count down. >> reporter: that's right. the countdown to kickoff continues to roll on. we are less than two full days away from super bowl l. eli manning has won two super bowls and hopes his brother can pick up his second. he still doesn't know if it will be peyton's last rodeo.
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two of the young ladies pictureed here are 16-year-old twins. the other is their mom. can you tell who is who? she drinks lots of water, avoids stress and works on her inner beauty. can you tell? not you, you're cheating. she's on the left of your screen, and she is 35. they are 16. those are good genes. >> i have to know how she avoids stress. >> tell me about it. i can drink water.
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>> reporter: hello, i'm otis livingston live from san francisco covering super bowl l. the teams have gone through their final practices. and as colorado's coach kubiak says, the hay is in the barn. coaches unable pose with the trophy. commissioner goodell gave his
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one of the concerns is o'dell beckham, jr.. he was given two personal foul penalties, but wasn't ejected from the game earlier. the commissioner proposes if a player gets two, they'll be tossed. 21 of the guys who always represents the giants positively. eli manning talked about his big brother peyton and his future. if this is his final game, eli has career advice. >> i offered if he wants to be quality control for the giants and earn a little respect and see if he can know anything and help out a quarterback in the quarterback room a little bit, i can probably make a call or two and find him a spot. >> reporter: eli has a little pull. golden gate bridge the backdrop when i spoke to brandon marshall and he gave me his thoughts on panthers cam newton. >> this year i think people have embraced him. but the older people, they're
11:29 pm
him on dancing. we got to understand the o'dell beckham, jr. and cam newtons, with cam leading that new generation, this is the new football league. it's the entertainment business. >> reporter: get your super sunday started with us at 11:00 a.m. all the way through the game at 6:30, and i'll have the postgame afterwards. on the hardwood tonight, knicks and nets lost. i got a chance to meet the 16 people who have attended all 50 super bowls. they had some great stories, including one guy who thought super bowl i was going to be a love connection. >> i tried to impress a young woman, football tickets to see the game. >> reporter: no limo? >> no limo. >> reporter: that's not impressive. >> she wasn't impressed with the game, she wasn't impressed with me. >> reporter: they were done by february. but he did go to a super bowl with a woman 10 years later.
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that's it from super bowl l.
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