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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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why your personal space on's -- on planes could be shrinking. we live in an age of technological wonder. at the touch of a button... an infinite source of answers to any question we might ask. except for one... the one we thirst for. the question that lies at the intersection of technology and spirituality.
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bundled up for the bitter blast, temperatures dropping down to the teens tonight. only getting worse as we head into the weekend. not in the white house yet. >> harsh words for hillary clinton. she and bernie sanders face-off for the first time since new hampshire. his face in his hands as he learns his fate. a former nypd officer is convicted in a deadly stairwell shooting. i'm maurice dubois. >> i'm kristine johnson. former nypd officer peter liang was found guilty of manslaughter and misconduct in the death of akai gurley. lou young has been covering the case, life in downtown brooklyn with more on that guilty verdict. >> reporter: a cop on trial,
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the jury decides on the very top count, reckless manslaughter . there was a palpable jolt in the courtroom tonight. take a look. >> official misconduct, what is your verdict? >> guilty. >> reporter: it was all over. peter liang became a former police officer and a convicted felon for firing his service weapon in a darkened brooklyn innocent man. akai gurley's family gasped. i asked kenneth thompson what he whispered to the victim's mother after the verdict was read. >> i told his mother i'm sorry that we were in that courtroom at this point. because there are no winners. >> we're not rejoicing. but it's about being accountable. for the innocent life that was taken. >> reporter: the state's case hung on departure from accepted police practice and his claim of accidental discharge of a
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in a situation where there was no active threat. one juror spoke briefly on his way out. >> i have family who are police and it was a very tough decision. >> reporter: the defense team seemed shaken by the total defeat. >> i don't think the facts support reckless manslaughter. >> the police union criticized the verdict saying it will have a chilling effect by criminalizing mistakes but the da said this was about holding an officer accountable for recklessness. he bristled at any suggested this was part of a larger anti- police movement. >> there's no message here. nothing to do with ferguson or staten island what baltimore or any other place. this has to do with who are we here in brooklyn? what do we stand for? >> reporter: peter liang will be sentenced on april 14. although he potentially faces as much as 5 to 15 years in prison, this charge has not required jail time. the judge has broad latitude.
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now to the bitter blast, so cold out there you can barely stand to be outside. it's only going to get worst. -- get worse. we could see records in the long holiday weekend, lonnie? >> you're right. the record chance would be early sunday morning but i know it's winter and i know it's supposed to be cold outside. i'm telling you, it's going to get colder and windier than it is right now. we're here on the west side, 46 and west on highway, there's the intrepid right here. a little gust coming in off the water. let's take a peek at temperatures all over the area because it gets cold, it's going to get colder. temperature readings right now, monticello at nine degrees, new york city is 19, hampton 16. wind gusts basically everybody has a wind gust around 25 miles per hour or stronger. the office of emergency
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wind warning for new york city. they really want you to be there. the stuff in. temperatures right now are feeling like six degrees below zero in monticello, eight for new york city, zero for the hamptons. the wind chill factors are kind of paling in comparison to what weekend. we'll talk about that later. let's go back to you guys. >> okay. breaking news, able -- a gruesome discovery, a skull and possible human remains were found inside a garbage bag left in a flower bed at petersfield park in jamaica. a parks employee discovered it around 2:00 this afternoon. the medical examiner will now determine if the remains are human. now to campaign 2016, a night of contrasts as bernie sanders and hillary clinton debate for the first time since the new hampshire primary. >> sanders, the goal was to build up his momentum. for clinton, to regain hers.
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>> reporter: the first debate since bernie sanders beat hillary clinton by 22 points in new hampshire, and right from the get-go, tensions flared. >> i'm ready to go into the white house on january 20, 2017 and get to work. >> you are not in the white house yet. >> reporter: the first half was spent slamming bernie sanders for proposing plans she says the country can't pay for. >> so we have a special obligation to make clear what we stand for which is why i think we should not make promises we can't keep. >> i do believe that now after the american people they'll wall street out, yes, they should pay a wall street speculation tax so that we can make public colleges and universities tuition free. we bailed them out, now it is their time to help the middle class. >> reporter: the battle now moved to nevada and south carolina where both candidates are playing too black and latino voters and women to get them wins.
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support me because i'm a woman. i'm asking people to support me because i think i'm the most qualified, experienced and ready person. >> [ applause ] >> reporter: bernie sanders banking that his status as a political outsider holds. >> the american people are tired of establishment politics. tired of establishment economics. they want a political revolution. >> reporter: hillary clinton holds a significant lead in the polls in nevada and south carolina. nevada holds its caucus on february 20 and south carolina democrats vote on february 27. kristine? the republicans next debate is this saturday, right here on cbs. coverage from greenville, live coverage -- begins at 9:00 p.m.
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warehouse continues to burn tonight. it started this afternoon, destroyed the main warehouse and spread to at least two industrial park in somerset county. hillsborough was closed, it's unclear what started the fire. injuries. five people are under arrest tonight and charged in last year's deadly gas explosion in the east village. michael were charged with manslaughter today. they along with a general contractor and an unlicensed plumber are accused of breaking an illegal gas system that caused the blast. the master plan was charged with falsifying documents for allegedly siding off on the plans without reviewing them. investigators say the landlord was more worried about money than tenant safety. >> this is a monumental case. this sends a message that we're not going to tolerate this. >> it's not helpful listening to mayor de blasio slam the
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that can hurt a fair trial. >> two people died in the march explosion last year which leveled three buildings. new video tonight, the suspect accused in a stabbing assault at crown heights. police say just before noon yesterday, the suspect targeted a 25-year-old on empire boulevard, stabbed him in the left side of his back and then ran off. police say the victim did not know his attacker. no word on the victim's condition. a long island teacher is pulled from the classroom after she says she tried to comfort a grieving student. janice graf, high school art teacher in central says she took high school senior maddy ziminski out for a cup of hot chocolate, it happened during the school day with the parent's permission but it is against the strict policy tuesday -- to take students off campus. the student who recently lost two loved ones wants her teacher reinstated. >> i was distraught and i needed help. >> she needed someone to talk to.
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kids. back in the classroom. >> her attorney says graph, who's been with the district for 30 years, could lose her pension and benefits. the district did not comment. the 140th westminster kennel club dog show starts monday but one canine competitor is already a winner. >> the dog saved his owner's life. brian conybeare has the expiring story -- the inspiring story. it's new at 11:00. >> reporter: gordon and julia want tommy to take best in breed at the prestigious westminster dog show next week but they already have a very good reason to celebrate. >> he saved our lives. >> reporter: their home caught fire and was filling with smoke while they were sleeping. that's when tommy ran upstairs and jumped on their bed. >> lands next to me and he's shaking, bumping into my face and shoulder, hard. so of course i wake up. oh, my god, house is on fire. >> reporter: the smoke detectors inside the home had
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five sleeping people, four dogs, three birds, some fish and a turtle could have easily perished. >> when there's a fire, every second counts. the hallway was filled with smoke. >> god only knows what could have happened. everyone is okay because she's a hero. >> reporter: the interior was left with major damage in the electrical fire. they all had to move out. while tommy is getting used to the reconstruction going on, julia says he's ready for the biggest show of his career starting monday. >> very hopeful, he's a beautiful dog. ever been in. >> reporter: whether or not tommy wins, this hero dog and family will finally get to move back into their fire damaged complete. in hicksville, brian conybeare, cbs2 news. >> gorgeous and brilliant dog. a school bus out of control in new jersey. swerving.
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as if air travel wasn't annoying enough, the decision that means your seats could be getting even smaller.
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right by the stop sign. three students are being credited for averting a potential disaster and stopping a runaway school bus. it was traveling on route 22 in bridgewater yesterday morning emergency. the students jumped into action to save everyone on board. >> he said, what exit? we were like, the exit to get to stool. -- to get to school. >> i jumped up and pushed it all the way into park and took the keys out. >> i told everyone to get out. >> the driver was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. a new roadside in a brooklyn neighborhood as many people confused. a stop sign recently added on carroll street and carroll gardens, the problem is it is
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middle of the block. residents say the sign comes out of nowhere, many drivers don't even stop, department of transportation says the stop sign was added because of construction across the street. we are told it will be removed when the work is complete. a possible end to the unrest in syria with the promise of a cease-fire, secretary of state john kerry made the announcement in munich after meetings with leaders from more than a dozen countries. the goal is to implement an agreement within the next week. it would not include international efforts to destroy isis. fighting syria has claimed a quarter million lives over the past five years. attempt to push back on shrinking airline seats -- fails. the house defeated bill. aviation experts say the distance between rows has decreased by 4 to 6 inches over the past decade. seats are two inches narrower. another reason travelers feel cramped, men and women on
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and an inch taller since the 1960s. valentine's day just around the corner, if you are like most margaret -- most romantic couples, you might be sharing a kiss. >> many women wouldn't mind have fuller -- having fuller lips. max gomez tells us about a new way to get soft, natural, kissable look. >> reporter: you don't have to be a celebrity watching to see that big luscious lips are in fashion these days. whether you think they are attractive or not, stars are clearly enhancing their lives. videos. then there are many women who want fuller lips without going to extremes. >> i love the confidence i have when i have a nice, philip. >> a little bit bigger but still looking natural. and soft. >> reporter: it's the last part hard to get right. injectable fillers work all right but sometimes they harden
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have to go in every single year or maybe a little more than that and get multiple needles injected to maintain a moderate increase in size or enlarge whatever they want. >> reporter: fat injections also disappear and produce the dreaded duck lips. that's what led eileen, casey, and nicole to this dr. soft, stretchy, flexible lip implants that come in small, medium and large. they are inserted through two tiny incisions in the corners of the mouth. results? soft, kissable lips. >> when i touch them, i don't feel anything. should be okay. if anything happens, i will let you know. >> why buy a car if you're not going to drive it? >> reporter: the implants can be removed if you don't like them or want to change sizes. the cost is $3500, about the cost of two or three sets of the projections. dr. max gomez, cbs2 news. >> they did look pretty natural
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better than injections. >> all right. let's go outside with lonnie quinn. speaking of cars, getting colder by the minute. >> no kidding. here's the deal. we are on the west side, the intrepid right there on the hudson, this is the bike path, as you guys can guess, there's not a soul biking or jogging. the only bike you are going to find is my chariot right there. it was a cold right to this live shot. what we're dealing with right now, a different perspective on new york city, the skies -- not the story, the winds are blowing and temperatures are dropping. right now, 19 degrees, that wind makes it feels like nine. almanac shows you the warmest tempter you hit all day, 31 degrees. 10 degrees colder than it should be this time of year. but even that is not indicative of what this day was like because you hit 31 a little bit after midnight.
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you were colder than that. 19 degrees for us right now, the coldest reading we had all day. it's going to get colder as you look at. it will be a really really cold weekend. let me see if i can emphasize that enough. temperatures could be record- setting. you could see a little bit of snow but a storm, it's not. that's not the story. looking for the possibility of our next storm, that will be tuesday, late monday. but get this. that looks to be mostly rain because we are going to get better -- get a big jump back to warm temperatures. the radar picture shows you the northwest flow, putting an occasional snow shower over the area. the futurecast shows you that's the way of our world through the weekend, with this cold air. maybe you see a little snow shower, most people do not. the weekend will be more of a sun and clouds mix. it's that northwest wind that is going to be amplified and the temperatures are going down. here's the deal, take a look at
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days, sun and clouds mix, 19 for the high on both days, winds at best, going to feel from 0 to 8 degrees in new york city. colder north of the city. as you take a look at sunday morning, coldest air will set up, new york city will be three or four degrees. the record on that day is to degrees. but when you factor in the winds, it will feel like 15 below zero to maybe 25 below zero around the city and points east and south, 22 to 30 degrees below zero north of the city. so some pockets could feel like 40 below early on sunday morning. so the numbers across the board, 27 friday, 19 saturday, 19 sunday, monday more than a 10 to be jump, back to the freezing mark, we're celebrating that, but then on tuesday, 45 degrees with that storm moving in, it may start as snow if it gets here late monday night, some folks on tuesday, possibly make a run at 50 degrees. live at here on the west side,
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>> have a nice ride home. otis is here with a look at sports. mets. that's a good thing. they were playing in the world
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return trip. otis livingston is here, starting tonight in brooklyn at the barclays center. >> basketball is on the all- star break. so hockey takes center stage. the only game in town. islanders hosting the kings. trying to pick up some ground on the rangers. unlike the nets, the berkeley
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for the islanders. casey cizikas in the first period, now 3-1 in the second. john tavares with the laser, the kings get dethroned by the islanders 5-2. the mayonnaise may be the first family of football but soon it may be the beckons. -- the mannings. >> reporter: beckham is one of the biggest names in the game. this beckham had to be discovered. at a vertical jump competition. >> who are you? where to come from? what planet are you from? >> reporter: the ceo of test football academy, he identified beckham as a natural, his road to becoming an nfl hopeful was anything but ordinary. this is the last video of the complaining, in high school. he decided to move before his senior year to help relieve stress on his family. >> i want to take as much pressure off them as much as i
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>> reporter: he was forced to leave college football and start a new life in new york where he became a trainer and fitness model. after five years, this 23-year- old is now ready to get the nfl one more shot. so far, he's breaking records. his combine bench press is 42 reps at 225. the record for a running back is 32. in front of us without shoes on, he jumped what would be an nfl combine record 45 inches. once an nfl team going to get if they bring you? >> a workhorse. marshawn lynch and ap transformed into one. [ laughter ] >> reporter: now he will get his shot at the combine in indianapolis. steve overmyer, cbs2 news.
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welcome back. some of the mets continue to get their work in before the official start of spring training.
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forward to a solid campaign. david wright is coming off that roller coaster season in which he missed 116 games with spinal stenosis. he returned, hit a home run his first game, and played a vital role in the postseason, drove in seven runs and homered in his first world series at-bat in game three. he knows that a peak performance is not guaranteed. >> on paper, we look great. i don't think last year many people gave us a chance to win the national league. in order for us to be successful, we need to forget about that and worry about what we need to do to be successful this year. >> wiped the slate clean and
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>> everybody is 0-0. thhas atri cmee, th bldusesacssrds. the e e ndofitywe
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thanks for joining us tonight. >> coming up less -- coming up next, stephen colbert


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