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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  February 21, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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. it just sounded like a million shots waking me up out of my sleep. new information about the man police were pursuing just before he and two police officers were shot in brooklyn. a developing story in michigan where a gunman went on a random shooting spree, different locations. the results are in for hillary clinton and donald trump. and the next candidate to throw in the towel. cbs 2 news this saturday morning continues right now. good morning. coming up on 7:00 a.m. on this sunday, february 21st. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm andrea grymes. the top stories are straight ahead, but first, vanessa murdock has the forecast for
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it's a beautiful start, but it will get cloudy as the day adds advances. rain on the way later, later into the day. for the first two-thirds of today it will be warm with the highs in the 50s, looking good. right now, it's 50 in central park, but it's just 30 in morristown, and 46 in, let's see, napeague. i'm from long island, and i have actually never heard of napeague. my apologies to all of you from there. i will have to look up how you say that. it's 10 degrees colder this morning. on the satellite and radar picture, a beautiful beginning, and the clouds will thicken throughout the day. by 3:00, mostly sunny and 54. at that point in time, we see
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by 4:00 or 5:00, showers move in, and they are steadier stuff moving through the overnight hours with rain. overall, as i mentioned, i think the first two-thirds of sunday, looking great. the full forecast coming up. major storm system moving through midweek. andrea, back to you. we have been following a developing story on long island. the faa is investigating a small plane crash in suffolk county and the search continues for at least one person, and at last check that person was still missing. officials said the plane went down in the port jefferson harbor shortly after 11:00 last night. three people were rescued after the crash. now to michigan where at least 7 people are dead after a gunman drove around randomly
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he shot and father and son and then shot a 14-year-old girl at a cracker barrel, and all died. >> this is your worst nightmare. you someone just driving around, randomly killing people, and there's usually a rhyme or reason to it, but in this particular case w renot finding it. >> the suspect did not resist arrest when officers approached him, and then they found more weapons in his vehicle. >> an investigation is underway as police work to determine what happened during a shooting in brooklyn that left two nypd officers injured. >> one of those officers is still in the hospital, and ilana gold is live from kings county hospital with more. ilana? >> reporter: diane, we can tell you one of the officers was released from the hospital last night, and as you just mentioned, the other officer is here getting treated. he was shot in the hip. officers have so many questions an the shooting, and they are trying to figure out if the
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>> reporter: cell phone video capturing the frantic moments after the gunfire on lexington avenue saturday morning. two nypd officers shot following a wild pursuit. you can see one on a stretcher, getting put in an ambulance. >> i just heard like 1 million shots rumble off, waking me up out of my sleep. >> reporter: officer william reddin still in the hospital, and andrew yurkiw was spared when the bullet struck his vest following the shootout with jamal funes. police say the problems started when they responded to shots fired, and they approached funes, and he allegedly pointed a revolver at him and drove off. officers responded for backup. funes went the wrong direction and slammed headon into a police user. the nypd says by this time several officers and backup officers surrounded his
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a barrage of 30 bullet was unloaded. it's unclear if the two officers were injured by friendly fire or by the gun found in the suspect's car. >> we will attempt to verify, where were the officers at the time of incident. as to whether they were in the vehicles or throughout the vehicle, the shooter was inside of the vehicle during the entire incident. >> reporter: the suspect was convicted of assault here in 2007 and served prison time. he has an arrest record in illinois and north carolina. police don't know why he was with. that's still under investigation. a -- again, a second officer is still here recovering. ilana gold, cbs 2 news. police are investigating a
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a 32-year-old woman was stabbed to death inside of an apartment on sheffield avenue, and after a dispute with her husband, police say the 31-year-old man was found inside of his home with a severed arm after he reportedly tried to commit suicide. he is expected to survive. residents say it's usually a quiet neighborhood. >> when i heard all of this i was afraid to step out of my house. >> this is supposed to be a safe neighborhood. >> you never know what people are going through and what problems people have. you never know what is going on behind closed doors. >> investigators said the couple had one child together, as well. both were found safe at a different location. it was a big night in the race for the white house. hillary clinton clinched the win in nevada. she got 53% of the vote compared to 47% for bernie sanders. donald trump won with nearly one-third of the vote in south carolina.
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night, the end of jeb bush's campaign. he finished well behind the new york billionaire. >> i want to begin by thanking the people of south carolina. this is a special state. [ cheers ] >> reporter: another big win for donald trump. cruz and rubio were in virtual second place. >> we can stand together with the constitutional con seventive and bring back morning in america. >> the movement is the son of a bar tender and made from cuba who tonight stands one step closer to being the 45th president of the united states of america. >> reporter: voters said the most important quality in a candidate is that he shares their values. for jeb bush who was in the bottom three, it was time to call it quits. >> the people of iowa, south carolina, and new hampshire have spoken, and i really
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tonight i'm suspending my campaign. >> no! >> yep! >> reporter: hillary clinton avoided an upset despite the late push for sanders. women voted for hillary clinton 57% to 43%, but the young women voters went for sanders. >> it's a campaign to break down every barrier that holds you back, and we are going to build ladders of opportunity in their place so every american will take you. >> i believe that when democrats assemble in philadelphia in july at that convection, we are going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> up next for the candidates, the republican caucuses in nevada on tuesday, and then the democratic south carolina primary next saturday, and
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on march 1st. donald trump, marco rubio, ted cruz, and bernie sanders will be talking about yesterday's results with john dickerson later this morning on face the nation. we will speak with john and get a preview of his show right here about 8:00. >> i love hearing what john has to say. >> a lot to get to today. a date with danger. we have photos of a suspect who is stealing more than just hearts, and how he is meeting his interests on a dating app. frostbite, the flu, achy joints, how to protect yourself from winter ailments. mild for today. we have rain on the way for then, and then it's really midweek we are focused on with the major storm that could bring very heavy rain and wind.
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well, thousands of people attended the washington, dc, funeral of antonin scalia. it was held at the largest catholic church in the u.s. vice president biden, his wife, and all eight sitting supreme court justices were among the dignitaries that attended. justice thomas shared a reading from the new testament. scalia's son, paul, a catholic priest, led the service. >> sure he forgot our names at times or mixed them up.
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he loved us and sought to show that love. >> scalia died last week at 79 years old. at least three people are dead after a powerful cyclone ripped through figi destroying hundreds of homes and crops as well. the wind speeds were up to 177 miles an hour. the government says they have cleared vital roads and reopened the main airport, but officials are still assessing the damage to the pacific island chain. now over to vanessa murdock to check the forecast for our area. >> it will be rainy this evening, but get out there and enjoy the first two-thirds of your sunday it will be truly pleasant, but for some, there's warming up that needs to happen before you reach the 50s that we anticipate today. live outside for the beautiful live picture a mild start. winds out of the west at 7 miles an hour. your headlines, still above
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low 40s, but instead the low 50s. evening showers moving in, and then a midweek soaker, making its way towards us. we will talk more about that momentarily before today. 54degrees, the anticipated high. sunset at 5:37, and here's what we expect as we move forward. a lot of sunshine to start, but the clouds quickly and unfortunately moving on in. we will make our way through the rest of the day, low pressure bringing clouds and then rain and even a tick of snow, and that's before the system exits. here we. go going through the forecast hour-by-hour here. increasing clouds for today, and a little bit of wet weather this afternoon, and becoming a bit more steady as we make our way through the evening. watch what happens at 10:00, and it's a little cold air making its way in and even snow as the system makes an exit, but we do not anticipate
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maybe slick roadways out there, but nothing to concern yourself with. for us. we are quickly warming up into the 50s out there looking good, and then we will see cooler air making its way in for tomorrow. tomorrow, as skies clear, we will see a lot of sun, but it will not be nearly as warm. increasing clouds. afternoon into the evening hours, and then tomorrow, we are looking a little bit brighter, but so much cooler. take a look. here's the extended forecast for today. 47degrees or excuse me, 54 today. rain moving in late, and then for tomorrow, 47, and a lot of sun, and tuesday,42. increasing clouds. we are looking at a significant system, and that could bring us very heavy rain wednesday into thursday. very powerful winds as well. after that, friday, and maybe a
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the system will make its exit. >> diane, back to you. we still have another month of winter, and does it seem like everyone you know is sick around this time of the year? we hear a the lot about the flu and colds s what about other ailments that come along with winter? >> dr. david nuna and dr. alexandria are here. you say people tend to injure themselves more this time of the year? >> yes. >> reporter: why is that? >> the ground we walk on has changed. our hips rotate slightly, and all of a sudden if there's wet, frozen, flushy ground, and we don't have good footing, we can cause a twisting type of condition in the body, and that can lead to the twisting and tearing of soft tissues around the joints. >> you want to get out and still get exercise.
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can take other than keeping your eyes open. >> reporter: keeping your eyes open helps. wearing stable shoes is important also, as well as keeping the pace. don't try to rush too fast. if you're falling, usually there's a twisting motion, and you can injure jr. knee your hip your leg your buttocks. is there a way to fall more safely? >> it comes with agility and instinct. some people fall more gracefully than others. if you're out of shape and or overweight, potentially there's more forces across your joints as you're falling, and that can lead to more damage. >> may be a good time for the treadmill rather than the park, >> absolutely. >> when it comes to cold and flu season, a lot of times you only think of that having to do with the really cold months but late into the season it's affecting people. >> absolutely. our immune systems are run down by this point in the year.
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we are feeling string around the corner, but we need to take precautions to improve the cold and flu. it's a late-peaking flu season, and we are seeing h1n1 circulating it affects the middle-aged patients. i want to put an announcement out there go get your flu shot. it's not too late. >> i would have assumed it was. >> nope. >> what about swings in temperatures. last sunday negative 1, and now the 50s, how does that affect the immune system? >> our body gets confused and we are confused what to do with ourselves, inside, outside, and you're not dressing warmly enough, and then this nice day, and you're not taking care of yourself like you should. you're not washing your hands, and you're shaking someone's hand and you think the cold and flu season is behind us, and
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you still need to be aware you can transmit viruses and be susceptible. >> what does this do for joints, i have bad knees myself, and when it rains or when it's cold, it affects people. >> we feel pain because of the nerves in the joints, and they are stimulated. it's usually stimulated because of the ongoing low inflammation, and then there's a change, and it causes a change in your joint. the best way to prevent the pain in the joints, stay healthy, stretching, flexibility, tone, those are important aspects of joint health, and i think it's important to work on that in your life. >> i quickly wanted to touch on respiratory. >> if you have is a respiratory illness like asthma, colds and the winter is horrible for that because cold weather caused
7:20 am
tightening of your airway, and as we discussed you're getting imcreased rates of cold and flu, which can exacerbate the precautions. you want to sleep be a humidifier, and get your flu shot, and take your medicines like you should. if you doctor a flare with your asthma, talk to your doctor with what you should do. for more information on how to stay healthy this time of the year, go to thank you, diane. it's 7:20. he put his life on the line for our country. >> i said my god, it's like being in a movie. this couldn't be happening to me. >> still ahead, the long overdue honor given to a local world war ii veteran, and does your pooch need to go for a walk, but you're not home to do it? there's an app for that. the new dog walking apps you can get to get to your pet when you can't. there you.
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hey guys, we are going to talk about the purple potato. they are similar to the white potato. you can cook them almost the
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time in the pan is your friend here. when you see them in the store, they are going to look like a regular white potato. heavy for their size, and you want them not to have a lot of blemishes or cracks. a little like this, that's okay. you want a dark purple hugh. luckily we have this camera light, and you can see the violent systemmers throughout it, and that's gorgeous. you definitely want to that in these potatoes. place. friend. less time. they will shed their color on everything else, and that means the starches are break. i'm stephanie tantillo with your tip of the day. owners face. you're stuck at work, and your
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need of a walk. >> a growing number of apps may be able to help. >> reporter: julian considers his dog reptar his friend. >> you leave your apartment at 7:00 a.m., and sometimes you're not back until 7:00 p.m. or 8:00 p.m., and it's not fair to the dog. >> reporter: he downloaded an app to let him hire a dog walker. with the wag walk box, she gets in into his problem with no problem. >> you can follow them on gps, and it tells you what happened during the walk. >> reporter: wag is not alone. ondemand dog walking also has its risks. caleb and roger are comfortable with just about anybody walking them, but not all dogs are. for some dogs, having a stranger walk them can be very stressful. >> sometimes a dog just has a sense of who they like and who
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it could be that the dog walker has a deep voice or your high voice or they smell of smoke or something about them that the dog is weary of. >> reporter: all three apps say their dog walkers have to pass a background check and are very well trained. >> there's a thorough process for all wag walkers. we hire less than 1% of the walkers who apply. >> reporter: the apps also allow them to set up a meet and greet and set up a preserved walker, but for last-minute walker, you have to settle for who is available. it's $10 for a potty break, and then 60 minutes for a 2 hours walk. those two dogs i was walking there, they are from the humane society, and they still need homes, and they were so well behaved.
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needing homes at the 8:00 hours. two nypd officers are recovering after getting shot and injured during a confrontation with the suspect, but is the suspect the one who opened fire? much more on the investigation. someone is missing from training camp. when yoenis cespedes is suspected to return to the
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more questions this morning about a shooting in brooklyn suspect injured. who fired the rounds that struck the officers? it looks real and even passes the pen detector test, but that 100-dollar bill is fake. we have a warning about counterfeit cash being spent at local businesses. another spring-like day ahead, and there's showers headed our way. vanessa will tell us when. cbs 2 news sunday morning continues right now. good morning. it's sunday morning on this february 21st. i'm andrea grymes. >> and i'm diane macedo. the top stories are straight ahead, but first, the forecast with vanessa murdock. >> reporter: beautiful day to start, and then the rain will arrive after 4:00. showers giving away to more
7:31 am
and east of the city, as we get into the evening hours. much of the day can be salvaged and enjoyed. hope you will get out there and do so. unbelievable warmth in the city and it is 50 degrees. 28 for sparta. there's a huge spread across the area this morning. consider this a week ago this morning, it was 1 below, and now we are at 50. quite the swing over the last 7 days, and we will have cooling off to do over the next few days and we do not have more arctic air in the forecast. we will see the clouds moving on. mostly cloudy this afternoon. noon, 52 and partly sunny, and by 3:00, it's 54 and mostly sunny. after 3:00, we will start to see the showers, especially south of the city, and then by 6:00, expect steady rain for many of us, through roughly
7:32 am
rain moving on through. at that point in time, we could see rain transition into snow, before the system makes an exit. the full forecast coming up, and we will talk about that and also a more significant storm to impact us middle of the week. >> virginia necessary s thank you. now to our top stories this morning, two nypd officers are recovering after getting shot suspect in brooklyn. >> ilana gold has more. >> reporter: diane, both officers are expected to make a full recovery, and one is getting treatment still here at kings county hospital, and he's the one who was shot in the hip. it's unclear if the suspect shot them. it could have been friendly fire that left the neighborhood riddled with bullets. cell phone video captured the frantic moments after the
7:33 am
you can see one of the officers on a stretcher, getting put in an ambulance. >> i just heard a million bullets rattling off and waking me up out of my rip. officers will reddin and yurkiw were hit by gunfire. they were trying to arrest jamal funes when he tooked off and they called for backup. several officers surrounded his vehicle, and 30 bullets were unloaded, most, if not all by police. it's unyear if the officers
7:34 am
suspect. >> woe will try to identify where the officers were. shooter was in the vehicle throughout the whole incident. career criminal. he was arrested here in 2007 and served prison time. criminal charges against the suspect are still pending. a last check he was in critical condition at brookdale hospital. live in flatbush brooklyn this news. >> it turns out back in 1989, officer yurkiw's father, paul, was also shot while working for the nypd. he was saved by his bullet proof vest like his son.
7:35 am
prevent the man who shot him from seeking parole next month. protesters chanted, waved flags, and held signs yesterday for peter, liang. he was convicted of shooting an unarmed man in east new york. the counterprotesters rallied across the street saying justice for akai gurley must be given. >> he is facing up to 15 years in prison. friends and family are grieving the loss of a student from canarsie who died from a possible hazing incident at buffalo state college. 21-year-old bradley doiley died
7:36 am
police are investigating if he was hazed off campus while pledging a fraternity. friends and family members said he had been in and out of the hospital for several weeks. his participants believe he may have been given a toxic drink. >> a healthy young man couldn't just have a flu and deteriorate like that. >> the school suspended the chapter of the fraternity. the national chapter said in part "it does not condone and strictly prohibits any illegal acts including hazing in any form." this morning police are looking for a robber who is targeting people through a dating app this is a photo the suspect sent one of his victims, and he was caught on video on route 673. he met the victim, had the person drive to a seclude area, and tricked the victim into handing over their phone, and he tried the same thing with a second person.
7:37 am
of bogus $100 bills going around. duked. they were made with a real $5 bill, so they will past the parker test. the hologram should match the face on the bill. >> good tip. a good samaritan jumps into action after seeing a helicopter fall from the sky. >> woman was yelling please help my son. he's only 15 years old. >> the rest view attempt to save everyone on board. it's 4 inches long and worth $35,000. why this wad of hair from nearly 50 years ago may go down in history. >> yes, and i don't like looking at that one. [ laughter ] >> first, here's your forecast with vanessa murdock.
7:38 am
to make sure it belongs who they said it belongs to. we have drops in temperatures,
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this 4-inch tuft just sold at auction for $35,000. a german hairdresser kept the clippings after giving lennon a trim in 1967. he was about to film "how i won the war." who spent $35,000. >> he's a collector so he will probably put it in a plastic thing and display it. >> here's my tuft of john lennon's air. >> people are huge fans when it comes to the beatles. it's easy to say something nice about someone you like, but complimenting someone who is under your skin is not so easy. >> john montone is on the move to find those daring enough for the damage. >> my coworker. >> my ex-husband. >> my mom. >> my wife, but i love her to pieces. >> i have a brother that is annoying.
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>> i call her the breeze. everything changes when she comes into the room. >> like little kids. over anything. over a quarter, we fight. boy. >> that's my job. >> you're amazing and a great you forever. >> you do care, and you do try. >> even though we fight, he's the best brother bro ever, but he's still a pain in the negligent i love you bro. >> you're a great mother, and you look fantastic today. >> you can be very annoying, but, i love you. >> when i appreciate all the work you do. >> when? >> yes, and when. honey, you're the most beautiful woman i have ever known and i love you very much.
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breezing through the room? >> it's all good. as long as i'm not watching football. >> who annoys you? >> my father for breaking every child labor law since i was 8. thank you because of it, i'm a hard working guy. >> does that sound like your father? [ laughter ] >> i hope he was watching. that was amazing. >> he said he has a good work ethic. >> genuine compliments. vanessa murdock is here with the forecast. you're looking beautiful, and the weather is nice, too. >> is it hard for you to stay those things to me? >> no. >> are you saying them now because everyone is watching? first things first, we will check with our weather watchers to see what they have to say about the conditions at present. we have a big spread in temperatures. the first thing i would like to do, check in with this lovely lady. lynn brown, left us this comment.
7:44 am
beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day. she wants everyone to sing in. cue diane. >> she's not going to do it. >> you're not putting me on the spot. >> i was going to, but it's not really working. the live shot from the empire state building. it's bright and it's 50 degrees as well. here's what to expect from the forecast, mild day with increasing clouds this evening, rain moving in especially south and east of the city. a few flakes possible overnight. we do not expect accumulating snow and no impact on the morning snow. if you're out late tonight, be cautious. roadways could be slick. as we make our way tuesday evening through thursday, even lingering into the friday, there's a much bigger system that i think will have big impacts on the wednesday evening commute and the thursday morning commute. as for this weekend, incredibly
7:45 am
61 was the high yesterday, normal high for april 15th, and it was a stun over the day. today will not be quite as nice, but still very pleasant, and here's what is happening out there. right now in the vortex satellite and radar picture, clearish skiesover head. low pressure is passing to the south, and rain will come later. after 4:00, showers will begin, and steadier stuff through the evening, and maybe even a little snow before the system exits. now into what i believe will be the bigger storm system midweek. low pressure system bringing a south. lingering into thursday, we will have rain to talk about. heaviest rain wednesday into thursday morning it will be very windy as well, and we could see win the year precipitation as it moves in, and especially exiting late thursday into friday.
7:46 am
for today, 54 degrees, and increasing clouds again and rain moving in here this evening. skies will be clear tomorrow. beautiful, 47 and mostly sunny. tuesday, increasing clouds, and that's when the storm system will make an impact. we will see showers and snow source well north -- snow showers well north of the city. heaviest rain may be thunderstorm. a high of 50 on thursday, and then temperatures dive thursday into friday. we could see snow showers from the same system. all the while it will be windy. >> yesterday we were talking about the possibility of snowstorm, but it changed a bit? >> mainly rain. we could see a little bit of snow as the system exits overnight, but it looks like everything is gone by tomorrow morning's commute. you got to meet someone special this week.
7:47 am
>> i fell in love with a 92- year-old man. he got a prestigious honor a long island veteran, and 70 years after the end of world war ii, i was there as he received the prisoner of war medal. >> i said my god! this has to be in the movies. me. i'm only 21. old. stan the man recalls thinking i'm too young to die when he was the u.s. army staff air force sergeant. guy. >> i was 20 at the time. that's our ship over there, and called hells toppen. >> reporter: he took fire over hungary.
7:48 am
hole was put into our plane over there. >> reporter: as he reached for his parchute -- >> this german plane blew me up to pieces. >> reporter: he made it down safely. >> i jumped into a haystack. >> reporter: 20 minutes later. >> the german came with their machine guns and said out. >> reporter: he spent 30 days in a solitary dungeon. >> i took a spoon, and i was writing how much the government owns me. >> reporter: he was then moved for a year. >> we had a food supply from the germans. >> reporter: he praises the red cross with keeping him alive.
7:49 am
and cigarettes from back home. >> i lost about 45 pounds. >> reporter: finally all was quiet. >> we didn't know what happened but general patten's forces came to help us. >> reporter: he spent 14 months of a prisoner of war. the prison over war medal bestowed on him by kathleen rice. >> he is truly one of the great american heroes. stan the man, thank you so much. >> reporter: he tells us today is a dream come true, and he insists he's no hero, just one of the lucky ones. >> don: ones who are really the heroes are the boys that were sent to do their jobs and never came back home. >> reporter: he salutes them
7:50 am
we thank you, stan the man, for your service and undeniable charge. >> reporter: why the delay? many world war ii vets discussed their experience. if you know someone who did not get the medals they deserve, reach out to your representative. he said he wanted to be in navy because the uniforms are really sharp but he wanted the ladies to notice me. >> mission accomplished stan the man. we are noticing. >> he was tremendous. >> i liked when he said he was using correspondent to etch on to the wall to keep track of what the government owes him. >> does he have a big family? >> a son and a daughter, but his daughter who lives in the carolinas couldn't be there, but his son was present for the event. >> so wonderful. >> congratulations. >> so nice to honor because there's not that many world war
7:51 am
it's nice to give them the recognition he deserves. >> on his plane, ten crew members, everyone came home alive from the war, and there's alive today. >> thank you, vanessa. time now is or excuse me, before we get to that. more than a dozen strangers dove into action when a helicopter tour took a terrible turn in hawaii. it was all caught on camera. a family was about to tour the pearl harbor memorial on thursday when another helicopter started to fly extremely low. moments later it was completely submerged. strangers banded together to bring the victims to shore. a 15-year-old was strapped in and couldn't get isle. after 10 10 min -- couldn't get him out. after 10 minutes, rescuers managed to bring him up.
7:52 am
to me, he appeared dead. >> reporter: one of the good samaritans was an emergency nurse who opened his airway and start compressions. >> thank god for the bystanders who didn't hesitate to help. the heart of thailand is in today's dining kitchen, and it won't break the bank. this is the face of addiction. addiction doesn't discriminate. alcohol smoking weed pills crack
7:53 am
acid cocaine crystal meth heroin this is also the face of hope. addiction is a disease. help is available. visit the new york state office of alcoholism
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add sunday morning to you all. 7:54. 50degrees out there, and it will get a little bit warmer, but we also have rain on the way. we will check with virginia murdock in a moment. tony tantillo discovered a great thai restaurant for this week's dining keel.
7:55 am
>> reporter: thai select is comfortable with great pricing. different parts of thailand and different regions? >> yes. >> reporter: the food here celebrates all of thailand, but the dishes are all distinctive. >> these are the spicey noodles, and i think it's like from different parts of thailand, and there's spicey noodles with the chicken and browns sauce. >> reporter: it's a great deal for 9.95, and this pork dish is just $11 from central thailand. >> crab meat and there's the sauce this 17.95. >> reporter: these beautiful bites are a great starter. >> what kind of soup is that? >> the signature soup.
7:56 am
>> reporter: tell me about that. >> this is the rotilli. when the customer calls and this has malaysia, but it's thai curry. >> this is really cool. a lot of spices going on. >> thai select is located at 472 9th avenue. you can check out our website,, for more on tony's dining deals and his recipes and best buys. time now, 7:56. living large in a home where even the shower is a work of art. wait until you see the special staircase made with marble with 18k gold. >> gold! but first we will check on the cop stories and vanessa's forecast. it's all ahead when cbs 2 news
7:57 am
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of my sleep. >> new information about the man police were pursuing before in brooklyn. >> a developing story in michigan where a gunman killed six people in three different locations. >> a win for donald trump and hillary clinton. the results from south carolina and nevada and the next candidate to throw in the towel. cbs2 news sunday morning continues right now. good morning. it's coming up on 8:00 a.m. on this sunday, february 21. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm andrea grymes. first we have a look at the sunny forecast. >> sunshine to start. clouds and rain to end this day. much of the day will be beautiful and warming up nicely.
8:00 am
let's take you to the temperatures in the city, 51 already. it is also 51 in white plains. 33andover. 31 sommerville. we'll get into the upper 40s and low to mid-50s today. past 24 hours quite a difference in the 24-hour temperature change. 7 degrees warmer this morning in the city than yesterday. 6 degrees colder in andover. clouds are already beginning to thicken. that is the general trend for today. thickening clouds followed by wet weather moving in late this afternoon and evening. by noon, 52 degrees out there, partly sunny. 3:00, 54, mostly cloudy. by 6:00 tonight i believe for many of us it will be raining, steady light rain what we anticipate through the evening hours. as the system makes its exit it might exit with a little bit of snow, but generally speaking we


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