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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  March 6, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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foul given. layman. >> bill: down on the bottom. >> ian: juwan morgan is fouled from behind. >> bill: the hustle plays. most of them have gone to indiana. >> ian: williams upset at himself that he missed the free throws. indiana retains it and morgan, a 76% shooter is at the stripe. >> bill: the pieces fit for indiana. it's not like there is a buzz saw of overall talent but as a team they're magnificent contributors. >> ian: they won the big ten title in 2013. they lost their top four scorers from that team that included oladipo and zeller. tom crean has been able to get this team back to that high level. >> bill: it's the speed of the
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you've got to match it. the push. the willingness to spread and attack stretches your d. tough pass. >> ian: ferrell. the turnover. >> bill: he knows. a little giveaway. trimble a little frustrated. how smart is he? didn't go all the way -- actually picked it up, i think he was going to make a play for a cutting hoosier. >> i thought you were going to say "smarter than your average point guard." >> bill: that he is. that's not going out on a limb. >> ian: i'm like your "boo-boo." >> bill: hurt his shoulder again. >> ian: a left-shoulder injury he was dealing with heading into this game. >> bill: looks like that thing again -- even though he's bending over, excruciating pain. >> ian: he aggravated it against
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tom crean comes over. the medical staff will come over. dr. steve opfelt who played here for bob knight. >> ian: doing his job trying to tip a ball, and did, by the way, did his job. >> bill: did and paid for it, and tom was saying to both of us that at the end of the year, it's happened so often they're going to have to address it. god bless him, huh? >> ian: indiana playing without robert johnson. high left-ankle sprain. morgan was a question mark for this game. hartman was a question mark for this game. they help the freshman to the locker room with 1:20 left to play. >> bill: yesterday he was saying "i feel pretty good.
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remember the rebounding he got earlier in the game, soaring -- tom and the staff, tim buckley worked hard, chuck martin, rob judson, on the other end i spoke to hall of famer at st. mary's who watches the games, he studied, by the way -- la salle guy. >> ian: brantley in for maryland, trimble will sit and melo trimble wraps up his day with 17 points. four rebounds. three assists. >> bill: indiana puts so much constant. every trip. you've got to match it. >> ian: 17 for yogi ferrell. >> bill: nice hands. >> ian: layman gives it away.
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all window dressing for indiana. >> ian: layman has fouled out. the big ten tournament coming up in indianapolis. indiana will be in the be one seed. michigan state the two. maryland entering action could have been the three, or the four. either way, they've got the double bye which was a big key for mark turgeon. >> bill: that's what his concern was. they've got a few days to get back together and get organized. this was a terrific performance. who was ready. watching practice, tom didn't want any letdown. layman's playing the game with them, not sitting down -- you get that reaction at home, don't you? >> ian: yeah, left, right. billy, maryland will be a part of it, indiana will be a part of it.
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ten tournament, semifinals and finals on cbs from indianapolis next weekend. >> bill: from beginning to end. >> ian: it's going to be a battle too. >> bill: it's going to be a great tournament. seven guaranteed, maybe eight teams. >> ian: depending on michigan. >> bill: yeah. >> ian: final 45 seconds. williams makes his move. hangs and hits. 80-62. williams has 23 to lead the hoosiers. >> bill: when he finishes at the rim, ooh, does that complement their sets. tom wanted to probably call that time out, continue play to get seniors in. >> ian: nickens had it blocked. anunoby. 20 seconds left. >> bill: they're going to call a time out and keep playing.
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yeah. just to get the seniors in. >> ian: senior day. yogi ferrell. >> ian: indelible impact that he's had on this program. >> bill: a keeper. little bit. notre dame game seems, tom, to have turned the season around for them -- buckley with the hug -- why not? he is hugable. i've seen him play a lot of good games. this kid tees it up.
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>> bill: don't rub it in. >> ian: he wants to get one more player in. tim priller. >> bill: something to talk about the rest of your life. >> ian: indiana riding the waves. big ten champions. they will enter the conference tournament as the number one seed. maryland. the number 12 hoosier defeat the number 14 terrapins. for bill raftery, tracy wolfson and the rest of our crew, this bloomington. tonight on cbs begins with 60 minutes followed by new episodes of emv madam secretary, the good wife and "c.s.i." cyber.
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free as our gift. these free gifts are only available to women watching this commercial. live from studio 46 this is cbs2 news. right now a developing story in queens. a stabbing and an arson attack at a liquor store. the suspect now in custody after a wild chase. first, the death of nancy reagan. the actress, act racistvist and former first lady remembered for her love of politics, people, and her husband. i am cindy hsu. tributes are pouring in for nancy reagan, who was a queens
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los angeles police officers saluted her hearse as it left her home in the bel air district of los angeles. mourners dropped off flowers after hearing about her death . >> reporter: she was a first contributions to the nation in her own right from her campaign against kids using drugs and alcohol, her battle with breast cancer and her efforts to secure funding for alzheimer's research. she was the devoted wife and fierce protective of the 40th president. theirs was a true love story. a gentle rub, her head placed on her husband's coffin. one of the most memorable images of nancy reagan. her love and devotion for her husband the president. a man she called ronnie. >> i can't imagine a marriage any other way.
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whimsical as in a mother 'day letter that red m is for the million ways i love you, signed an admirer, the thoughtful ps. she was born in 1921 as ann nancy. she moved to chicago and took her father's last name davis. after graduating from smith college she moved to hollywood to weekend an actress. feature fills. one of her last opposite her husband in hell cats of the navy. they married in 1952 and had two children, patty and ron junior's. they raised ronald reagan's children from a previous marriage. first lady of the united states in 1981. >> i don't remember thinking anything except, my gosh, here he is and he's president. >> reporter: through her husband's time in office, nancy reagan often appeared in
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she redecorated the white house, bought any china. she stayed close to her husband's side, even more so after an assassination attempt. she conducted an astrologer for his safety. her lasting legacy as first lady, her campaign against drugs. >> what should you do when someone offers you drugs? >> say no! >> reporter: the just say no anti-drug campaign swept across the country and into schools and broughtler to the united nations as the first first lady to address a generally assembly. it became after a young girl asked mrs. reagan for advice. she said just say no. >> it served a purpose. >> reporter: after president reagan was diagnosed with alzheimer's she was his devoted caretaker. >> that's the worst part about this disease. there is no nobody to exchange memories with.
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death in 2004, she was at odds with other republicans. campaigning for funds for stem cell researcher to find a cure for alzheimer's. >> we have lost so much time already and i can't bear to lose any more. >> reporter: she attended former first lady betty ford's funeral. >> nancy reagan was indispensable to mr. reagan. she was his constant protecter. of course, she was the love of his life. >> reporter: state republican ed coox, richard nixon's son-in-law, worked in the reagan administration. >> she was so devoted to her husband, so devoted to the nation. it made her a very effective first lady. >> reporter: coox and his will attend nancy reagan's funeral at
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library in simi valley, california. >> the pictures are so amazing. thank you. president obama and first lady michelle obama said our former first lady redesigned the role. their statement reads in part, we remain grateful for nancy reagan's life, thankful for her guidance and prayerful that she and her husband are together again. more tributes and a photo slide show visit our website to a developing story now. after a violent crime spree in queens that involved stabbing a man to death and setting him and another man on fire. cbs2's brian coneybeare joins us live from astoria. >> reporter: this is still a very active scene unfolding at this hour. the entire neighborhood here in shock. multiple shots were fired late
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two officers injured during the frantic search for 23-year-old suspect considered armed and dangerous who allegedly killed a liquor store owner today, stabbed another man, set him on fire, and he may have also slashed another woman early this morning. police frantically searching for the suspect in two stabbings in queens today. he was spotted at about 5:30 in a building on 36th street near astoria boulevard and witnesses say shots were fired at the scene but it is not clear who opened fire. police were looking for in suspect, james patrick dillion, age 23, who was also wanted for questionen in two other incidents, including one slashing earlier in the day. hours earlier the owner of astoria liquors and wines was stabbed in the neck and a small arson fire was set at his store 3 p.m. on astoria boulevard and steinway street. one regular customer at the store tells us he spoke with george, the owner, just last night.
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bothering him and one guy's leaving town and this other guy was bothering him. >> reporter: police were combing the hill off the nearby grand central parkway looking for the weapon used in the attack. neighbors say the store owner would go out of his way to help anyone and may have been protecting a friend from the taker. >> he would defend someone. that's george. >> reporter: right now firefighters are decontaminating one nypd officer who had some kind of chemical thrown in his face, allegedly by the suspect. again that suspect 23-year-old james patrick dillion is in custody tonight. he has been taken to elmhurst hospital. by police gunfire or possibly injured himself with the knife. that weapon has now been recovered. the woman who was slashed in the face at about 11:30 this morning, that happened on 36th me. that's where the suspect lived.
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in critical condition at the hospital tonight. we will keep you updated on all this through the evening. reporting live in astoria, queens, brian coneybeare, cbs2 news. >> brian, thank you. coming up, a wild crime on the subway. a suspect on the run after allegedly throwing a teenager onto the subway tracks.
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a third teen was injured. the driver's in custody but police have not released any more information. we will have much more, including emotional sound from the mothers of the boys, tonight at 11. a 17-year-old girl is pushed onto the subway tracks in front of an on coming 7 train and amazingly she survives. the nypd is looking for the man responsible. he was seen on surveillance video fleeing the roosevelt avenue and 103rd subway station in queens. the conductor saw her, hit the emergency brakes. she survived by squeezing herself between the platform and the train's wheel as it rolled by. she was taken to elmhurst hospital with minor injuries to her ribs. a treat to start the work week.
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forecast. elise finch is here with your exclusive cbs2 forecast. >> yes, cindy, the forecast is looking good for people who the happy dance every time we talk about spring. watchers. we still have some relatively mild temps. one of the warmest is 43 from eva. mild there. upper 30-degree temps as well. lower hudson valley, this is walter in thompkins cove. 36 degrees where he is and he says it was an enio isable sunday afternoon. brief sums it up. it was a beautiful end to the weekend. beautiful day. and we still have a pretty nice night out there. a live look outside. that's from our camera ahighway atop the empire state building. 42 degrees. winds out-of-pocket east.
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46 is where we should be. still we were warmer today than we were yesterday and a significant warm-up continues for your monday, tuesday, and wednesday. your vortex satellite and radar shows, well, not a whole lot. high pressure. so things are relatively quiet for us. that is the case over the next couple of days. high is going to tap into warmer air. so we get a bit of a spring preview this week. temperatures climb monday through wednesday. we get the warm air. warmer each day. 15 to 25 degrees above normal for your monday, tuesday, and wednesday. record warmth is what is possible on wednesday. so for tonight mostly clear skies. it is going to be a little on the cold side. 36 degrees tonight. cooler in the suburbs. tomorrow though, look at this. mostly sunny. mild breezes. but 57 degrees as we start the work week, and then take a look at your seven-day forecast. we go 57 on monday. expecting a 65-degree temperature on tuesday. so really beautiful.
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temp. the record for wednesday is 69. if we hit the 70, new record. on thursday 65 degrees. we do get that with some unsettled conditions. can't rule out some showers, possibly a thunderstorm. cooler for the weekend. still in the upper 50s, flirting with 60. sunday is when we spring ahead with the clocks. >> thank you. that does it for cbs2 news at 6:30. for the entire cbs2 news team, thanks so much for joining us. we are back tonight at 11. see you then. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go.
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>> i was a snowboarding instructor, a bouncer in a nightclub. >> laura logan: and now 44-year- old justin trudeau is a world leader. the new prime minister of canada and his wife will be guests of honor at a white house state dinner later this week. the trade and the syrian refugee crisis will likely be on the menu. while we were with trudeau we found out he loves to box and is not afraid of a fight. >> people think that boxing is all about how hard you can hit your opponent. it's not. it's about how hard of a hit you can take and keep going. >> i am no expert but from what i know, what happened in the


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