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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  March 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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delays on the tarmac, big travel trouble in laguardia for one reason. door to door to find his victim, the search for a suspected rapist who attacked a woman while her roommate was right there. it's not going to happen. i'm not even answering that. >> hillary clinton pushes back as she and bernie sanders go head-to-head after his surprise victory in michigan. >> i'm kristine johnson. more of those stories in a moment. first, it's the middle of march but it looks and feels more like summer outside. record temperatures today and now everyone is wondering, how long will this last? vanessa murdock has more on the record warmth, live in columbus circle with the mobile weather lab.
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>> reporter: right now, temperature is just about 70 degrees from the mobile weather lab out here. that is seven degrees from where we topped out this afternoon. it was a new record set in cancel -- central park, 77 degrees. the previous record, 69 in 2000. it wasn't just central park. we set records almost across the entire board. the hotspot today was newark at 82. that was a new record. also a record at islip, the previous record was 64. today topping at 68. wonderful warmth today, in fact how warm? 82 degrees in newark, it's the earliest it's ever reached 80 or above. so very impressive warmth today as far as what's happening right now. right about 70 degrees, close to central park but only 51 in the hamptons, that's because of the wind direction, winds from
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over the water, temperatures have been substantially cooler today and that trend will continue tomorrow. question is, how long does the warmth last? tomorrow we will see more highs in the 70s but cooler on the coast. more specifics and taking you into the weekend in my forecast. back to you. >> thank you. runway trouble at laguardia, right now still delays of up to an hour on departures, port authority had to shut down runway 13 to repair of all things, a possible. the shutdown lasted five hours. it caused a backlog of planes on the tarmac. >> we thought we were departing. the pilot basically said there were 27 planes on the tarmac. we had to wait another hour. >> i was supposed to leave at 9:00 p.m. hopefully i will make it by 7:00 a.m. when i have to go to cabana. >> the runway reopened at 8:00 tonight. no word yet on what caused the pothole. have you seen this man? police are searching for a
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violent sex assault. they say carefully calculated, valerie castro spoke exclusively with the victim's roommate, live in jersey city with the interview will only see here. valerie? >> reporter: this team, the victim is so traumatized that she has since moved away. police believed the suspect found his victim after checking several doors on the street, he got lucky and found one unlocked. >> i was freaked out. i was so scared. >> reporter: this terrified woman doesn't want to be identified after what happened to her roommate at their apartment. >> she told us she was assaulted really badly. and looks like she was raped. >> reporter: police are looking for this person of interest, a man wearing gloves as he appears to canvass the neighborhood. police believe he tried to open several doors until he found one unlocked. >> she did lock the bathroom apartment door.
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get inside of the building, like the door was super easy to get open. so he went directly into her room and did all the terrible things. >> reporter: the roommate says she woke up a two -- woke up to a commotion. other neighbors heard the cries for help and called 911. >> creek -- somebody, please help me. somebody help! >> reporter: he said the roman -- woman had run out of the building after the assault. >> a lady in the street in her nightgown. didn't seem right. >> her roommate says she was brutalized. >> she had bruises everywhere on her body. her stomach, her face and eyes. she had a huge bump at her for that. >> reporter: bokar hopes police find the suspect before he finds his next victim. >> he's not a man. that's what i think. he's a monster. >> reporter: the victim's roommate says her landlord plans to properly secure the door to the building.
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been the victim but her bedroom door was locked that night. live in jersey city, valerie castro, cbs2 news. new developments in the drug bust that led to an nypd detective being shot in brooklyn. one suspect has been charged and police are questioning a person of interest. surveillance video shows undercover police chasing the suspect in a minivan in bushwick last night. investigators say the suspects tried to take off with the detective partially inside the vehicle. officers opened fire. investigators believe the bullet that hit detective john gladstone in the shoulder did come from his partner's gun. silver alert for a missing man with dementia. 83-year-old vincent lobiondo lives in long island. nassau county police say he was last seen around 10:00 a.m. walking around fayette street. please call the police if you see him. campaign 2016 tonight, the
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pulled off michigan impossible, one of the biggest upsets ever in a presidential primary. >> sanders and clinton mixed it up tonight again at a debate in miami. tony aiello has the highlights. >> reporter: democratic debate number 8. it took place in the aftermath of today's -- tuesday's stunning upset michigan. the polls had hillary clinton up by an average of 21%. she lost by a point of the half. >> our message, the need for people to stand up and tell corporate america and wall street that they cannot have it all. it's resonating. >> reporter: clinton pointed out she thumped sanders in mississippi and holds a commanding lead in delegates. >> i was very pleased by the overall outcome last night. >> reporter: she was less pleased when pressed about the email scandal. she pushed back hard. >> if you get indicted, will you dropout? >> it's not going to happen. i'm not answering that.
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harsh words for donald trump. >> trafficking in prejudice and paranoia has no place in our political system. >> the american people are never going to elect a president who insults mexicans, who insults muslims. >> reporter: trump was on the stump in north carolina talking up his plan to build a wall on the us-mexico border over opposition from the mexican president. >> he's come a long way because a year ago he said there's no way we're going to build the wall. now he accepts the wall is going to be built. >> reporter: ted cruz is trying to chip away at trump's ever- expanding lead. he was endorsed by carly fiorina. >> it is time now to unite behind the one man who can beat donald trump, who can beat hillary clinton. >> reporter: the contest on
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florida and ohio where a new poll shows john kasich with a slight lead over trump. as we saw in michigan, this is a season when polls can be almost worthless. maurice and kristine, the last poll in idaho had trump up by 11. he lost to ted cruz by 17. >> and hillary was up last night also. >> she was until the very end. >> the campaign seems to have been flipped on its head. thank you. don't go near the water fountains. that's what students are being told at 30 public schools in newark. administrators say the water has elevated levels of lead. the mayor says the water problems are because of old pipes at those schools and not the city's main water supply. he is asking for donations of bottled water and city workers rushed to clean up the issue. homeless and hoarding, bins and bags that make up an entire block. so what is the city saying?
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staten island has a solution. frightening photo taken
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known for her shopping carts that span a city block, sanitation workers throughout much of a homeless woman's pose actions. the woman, a symbol of the city's homeless issues is well known to people in hell's kitchen. this is what sonya gonzales's collection of cards bursting with belongings looks like. she pushed them from spot to spot in the neighborhood. by reputation, gonzales stayed under the city's radar for years. >> well, i got to do it. >> no word on what happened to gonzales after her birth long
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turkey trouble onset -- staten island, they are darting into streets and people in the section say they are fed up. so the feds are moving in to try to ship those turkeys out. cbs2's jessica schneider explains. >> reporter: dozens of turkeys taking over the sidewalks and the streets near staten island sure. >> they become a nuisance. >> reporter: city councilman steve mateo has been fielding complaints from fed up neighbors near this intersection of seaview and mason avenues. the u.s. department of agriculture is coming here to lower these turkeys out. >> usta can start dating and then getting turkeys and relocating them to a sanctuary in greene county. >> reporter: they have been trouble for the last eight years or so but now that they are invading staten island university hospital grounds, there are medical concerns. >> hospital is worried about people and patients coming in and dragging that into the hospital. >> they have been triggering traffic tie ups too.
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creek park where cars weaved around a mass of the winged birds. >> they stop traffic. they could cause accidents. >> reporter: usta will moving to capture 100 of these turkeys. they will bring them upstate to a sanctuary and if there is still trouble, they will get another permit to round up more. >> i like the nature of it. but it gets overwhelming i guess. >> reporter: they should be done sometime next week. on staten island, jessica schneider, cbs2 news. outrage from parents at a florida school over its response to a threatening photo posted online by a student. the photo shows a masked student holding a bb gun with caption, going to the shooting range today. school. about two weeks ago officials and law enforcement investigated and found there was no credible threat but parents say the school did not acknowledge the picture until tuesday when it started spreading on social media.
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it's hard to remember life before gps. now traffic apps not only alert you to real-time backups on the road, they diver into faster alternate routes. >> but as dick brennan shows us, residents living along those alternate routes are pushing back. >> reporter: why sit in this mess to get to the george washington bridge? when any number of traffic apps like google maps can help circumvent congestion? >> excellent at taking you off the clogged highways and sending you want to the byways. >> reporter: but these byways are often residential streets in towns like leona, new jersey. every day, hundreds of cars that use our side roads as a cut through to their bridge. >> reporter: that's driving residents of this to square- mile town crazy. >> it can take you 15 minutes to get from one side to the other. >> reporter: not only that says thomas rowe, it's potentially dangerous.
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vehicles doing 25, 30, 35 miles an hour on a side street not intended for those speeds. >> reporter: and it's not just leonia fear -- not just leonia. residents are also complaining of similar situations. in a statement, google which also owns -- if he wrote is public, it is available to all drivers. aaa's robert sinclair agrees but says because drivers don't always obey local traffic laws on these alternate routes, towns are taking matters into their own hands. >> we have seen the response of many towns and municipalities of preventing traffic through traffic of going down some of these residential streets. >> reporter: he has closed as many as eight roads a morning to nonresidents when traffic has been too heavy for this hand -- town to handle. while the councilwoman says barricades have helped, they are not enough. >> as soon as you stick your finger one place, they pop out
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so we need assistance from port authority because it's their traffic coming to our town. >> reporter: leonia's police force is small so they asked the port authority to provide additional officers. google told us they will be launching school zones within the ways i have to remind drivers to watch their speed. dick brennan, cbs2 news. a gorgeous night to hang out and do anything. >> no coats needed. >> vanessa is in. hi, vanessa. >> reporter: hello. it is beautiful out here right now, take a look, bringing in real-time information from the top of the weather lab right here, feeding into the back of the vehicle, it is just under 70 degrees. the winds definitely a factor tonight, gusting at nearly 16 miles per hour. it feels fantastic. invigorating, feels like late spring. let's take you live outside,
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building, this is the official reading from central park, 69 degrees. southwest winds at nine. those southwest winds are what drove us to a 77 degree high for today, that is a new record and it's the normal high for june and it's the normal high for june 7. we were very far off the mark today but i think it was very much welcomed across the city in the tri- state area. beautiful. here was the setup, high- pressure off the coast pumping in warm air from the southwest, note that area of low pressure west. tomorrow. chance for showers, mainly north of the city tomorrow afternoon, then overnight, thursday and friday morning, there is a chance for showers for all of us but for tonight, none of that. incredibly mild evening will bottom out, 58 degrees. the normal daytime high is 47. partly cloudy skies overnight,
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warmth again, forecasting a high of 74 that would tie the record set for tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies with the chance of showers, mainly north of the city in the afternoon. overnight thursday and friday as we look at your extended forecast, showers are possible for all but by friday afternoon, wonderful 64 degrees. breezy and clearing. your weekend looks picture- perfect especially saturday with a high of 60, increasing clouds late in the day, saturday 60 again with a chance for some showers. monday looks soggy at 57. than tuesday, 59 and still unsettled, then back into the 60s, for wednesday, this is a stretch of unseasonable weather for the next seven days and beyond. live with the mobile weather lab from columbus circle, maurice and kristine, back to you. a look at sports. >> we knew that this nfl free agency would be a frenzy of spending for the giants.
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talk to your health care provider. even kids who've had one shot may still need a booster. steve overmyer here with sports in for otis. >> right now, the giants making a big splash as the nfl free agency period began. i think the giants fans have to this team tonight. in the first hour, the team spent nearly half of their salary cap space. that aggressive measure proved crucial in upgrading a defense that was the league's worst. it started with cornerback janoris jenkins, one of the best cover corners in the league. and he got a king's ransom at 12 million a season, the second- highest paid corner in the league. they also back to the bring struck for olivier vernon. his $85 million deal makes him
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with the most guaranteed money. he also leeward david harrison away from the jets, harrison ranked one of the top run stuffers in the nfl, you add to that the re-signing of jpp and the giants defensive line has been completely retooled. great news for victor cruz, he is staying with the giants, reportedly restructuring his deal, could make as much as 5.5 million based on production incentives. as for the jets, they were working with a limited budget but were still able to land the most productive free-agent running back on the market, matt forte is now a jet. 30 is an age when running backs usually stopped working but it doesn't look like this kind of slowing down. last year he accounted for 32% of the bears offense. still waiting to hear about ryan fitzpatrick. the big east tournament started tonight, see if st. john's can get a feel good win
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welcome back. the knicks may be circling the drain on what will be their third straight season in the playoffs, but just when you are ready to bail, they give you a gem. on a nightly basis it's always possible to see carmelo anthony get hot. he did miss his first job. then he hit eight and a row and finished with 23. the hottest player against the suns was saucer vujacic. -- sasha vujacic. season-high 23, the knicks by 13. jose calderon, half-court alley- oop, derek williams finishing it off. and a much-needed laugher for the knicks, they win by 31. big east tournament underway, st. john's is to run
11:30 pm
the chance. christian jones, one of those who showed up for the storm but the johnnies were outperformed by henry allison, the big east rookie of the year, his 18th double double of the year, right now st. john's trailing by 10 late in the second half. the islanders have to go into the playoffs without their starting goalie. he will miss the next six weeks with a lower body injury. going for their fifth straight against a toronto team trying to avoid their seventh consecutive loss. five minutes left to go in the third, toronto tied it, forced overtime and this one ends in a shootout, thomas greiss let's in the game-winning goal. new york picks up a point, 4-3 shootout loss. earlier today was the floridian version of the subway series, the alligator alley series if you will. yoenis cespedes rounding into form, collecting a couple hits. his first start in center field,
11:31 pm
have a special guest in the owner's suite. governor chris christie was there watching this game. apparently fans were lining up to try to get selfies with him. the action is happening on the field, but governor christie was there. so time to get selfies. >> he's a big fan of the mets. >> came down at the right time. >> could have used some of those votes in the primaries. [ laughter ]
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make sure you head over to to follow us. thanks for joining us. coming up next, "the late show with stephen colbert". his guests, sorry field, jared spalding.
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-- sally field. ( band playing intro music ) ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen colbert! >> stephen: hey! hey! welcome to "the late show." ( cheers and applause ) that's nice. i can use it. thanks so much, everybody. thanks so much for being here. lovely. this is lovely to have an audience with that kind of


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