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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  March 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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an agreement for nj transit riders.
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password safe next. live from the cbs broadcast center in new york city. this is cbs2 news at 11:00. >> and screaming and fighting officers left bloody. a violent chaos at a donald trump event. >> disaster on the highway as a flying tire crashes through a driver's windshield. but first -- >> nj transit riders breathe a sigh of relief as a last-minute going. >> i'm maurice dubois. >> and i'm kristine johnson. the deal is averted for now. and lou is live in newark with what both sides are saying. lou? >> reporter: and a relief here at the nj transit. the deal has to be approved by
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but the good news, for now, a strike is averted; we have reached a tentative agreement. we're going home to our families. [applause] >> thank you. >> reporter: little on the way of information. 11 unions working without a contract for five years now have a possible deal that will carry them through the rest of the decade, averting the new jersey trances sit strike that will be authorized for this coming sunday. but at what cost? chris christie wouldn't talk about it. >> reporter: the price tag on this. it was estimated at one at one point the union proposal would cost $830 million. do you know what will could cost? >> i do and i'm not telling you. >> why not? >> because the unions and i have made an agreement that the financial specifics of this deal will not be put out by the government until they've had an opportunity to present it to their members! >> reporter: we're happen -- >> we're happy for everybody.
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and it's done. >> reporter: the governor was critical of the $183 million original proposal so we can presume what was agreed to is less than that. but the length of the deal is a surprise. >> this is going to give measure of certainty and stability as we go forward. we're talking about a contract that goes back -- all the way bobbing to 2011. that goes through 2020. i said there won't be any fair increase -- fare increases by this as of now. >> reporter: through june of next year, riders are happy the trains will keep rolling. >> no more strike? >> no. >> oh, that's so good! >> i'm happy because it would have been chaos on monday. >> reporter: or there would have been chaos on monday. pay hikes are retroactive and increases in contributions for health insurance. but exactly what the details are, they're not speaking, as you heard there. the good news, though, is that
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usual in and out of penn stays all along the northeast corridor through new jersey when the workweek resumes on monday. lou young, cbs10 news. [ booing ] tonight, anger boiled over at a donald trump rally in chicago. protestors and supporters brawling. violent so bad the candidate canceled his appearance at the event and shut the event down. chaos poured into the streets. dave live now. >> reporter: chaos inside and outside that trump event. demonstrators and the candidate's supporters getting physical. >> reporter: in chicago, it began with chanting. [ chanting ] >> reporter: then turned physical. the rally for republican presidential nominee frontrunner donald trump at the university of illinois in chicago was postponed at 6:30 p.m. place.
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actually on the stage. >> we thought trump was coming out. and they canceled it saying it's not really safe. >> reporter: police ejected several antitrump protestors protestors from inside the pavilion. outside, tensions flared. in a telephone interview with cnn, he explained his postponement. >> i'm not a person that wants to see violence. i'm not a person that wants to see people hurt. and that's why i put out the statement before. and it said i want people to go in peace. >> reporter: he says protestors are the violent ones. >> i saw very, very strong, very violent protestors hitting people. and, yeah, i'm not happy about that. and i would always express my feelings about that. >> reporter: some protestors took credit for stopping the rally. >> yes! yes!
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[ wooing ] >> no trump! >> reporter: some trump supporters called that un- american. >> they are the intolerables. they can't stand someone has an opinion that's not theirs. >> reporter: trump's challenger in the race, ted cruz, said tonight trump creates an environment that encourages what he called nasty discourse. carlin, cbs2 news. >> thank you, dave. an unprecedented move by marco rubio. he urged republican candidates in ohio to turn out and vote next tuesday for john kasich. he says kasich has a much better chance of stopping donald trump in ohio than he does. he told voters in his home state of florida to vote for him. on the democratic side, the candidates are working to show up support for their primaries. bernie sanders spoke before a
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hillary clinton is gearing up for an event tomorrow in st. louis. voters in missouri and north carolina go to the polls on tuesday. it was a terrible accident today when a tire flew off of one car and then slammed into another. here you can see the damage. the windshield on the suv smashed part of the roof gone. the impact injured two people, one of them critically. brian conybeare has more from queens. >> reporter: this is the wheel, rim, tire, and all that flew off and hit this suv in queens. they say that wheel went airborne, bounced over the center median, and smashed into the windshield of another suv traveling in the opposites direction. you can see the windshield smashed and a huge hole in the roof. >> it's scary. i wouldn't know what to do. >> reporter: drivers nearby were stunned by what happened. >> that's insane. that's like the worst nightmare i've ever seen in my life. it's like from the movies. crazy.
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after 2:00 friday afternoon. why the tire came off is unknown. a 63-year-old male passenger in the damaged suv was hit in the head by that flying tire. the 62-year-old driver has an injured shoulder but is expected to be okay. his critically injured passenger, though, was rushed here to north shore university hospital for treatment. >> reporter: the horrific accident backed up traffic for several hours, creating a ripple effect on other roads, frustrating thousands of drivers during the already busy friday afternoon rush. >> horrible, horrible. i went from one traffic jam to another. to the grand central, it's just every place i went. >> reporter: and many drivers fearing if the timing was different it could have been them that was hit. on the grand central parkway in queens, brian conybeare, 2 news. she was slashed in the throat by a stranger. the victim saw her attack doctor never saw her attacker
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police say this video shows the man they believe that attacked her. she says he up behind her without warning, slashed her, and ran off. she says not being aware of her surroundings nearly cost her her life. >> don't stay on your cellphone while you're walking. that's what i was doing. >> reporter: you were on any cellphone? >> yeah, i was looking at my text messages. >> reporter: the suspect left behind a knife and what appears to be an american flag bandanna. him. a plan to thoroughly test the water for lead at newark's public schools. they submitted the proposal to the federal government today. the plan is to test every faucet and fountain in each of newark's 67 schools. prior to testing, they found elevated levels of lead in the water in 30 schools. the mayor blames old pipes and not the water supply. a plane makes an emergency
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the pilot reported engine trouble after taking off from the airport this morning. minutes later, he set the plane down in the sand at sunken meadows state park. thankfully no one was hurt. the plane will be dismantled and then moved. she lost her entire family in a tragic christmas day fire. now this mother is using their memories to advance a powerful cause. she told her story to cbs2's mary calvi. >> i'm here and i'll do something positive with the time i'm here. >> reporter: in 2011, christmas day, a fire killed badgers' three daughters and her parents. dealing with deep depression in the aftermath, she's rebuilt her life. she's remarried and runs a successful 5th avenue advertising firm and started a movement that's gone viral. >> viral. >> if my little girls were here, i'd be mortified at what they're seeing. >> reporter: she's calling her on colleagues in the advertising industry to stop
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women. we have more information about her women, not objects campaign on her website at who would steal from the girl scouts? police say this man and how he's accused of trying to take off with their cookie money is next. >> we just felt sick and confused. >> diners disgusted by what they found on their tables. and we're not talking about the food. the racially charged photo they found under their plates. >> could a doodle like this keep your online accounts more secure than a password? rutgers university researchers think so. plus this: >> it's a common mistake. >> most people don't realize how exposed they are to danger. >> the that could be deadly. >> people are dying. >> so why is it legal in new york? cbs2 investigates the deadly mistake just ahead. how daylight saving time
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>> plus, a modern glass
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living large in manhattan. a long island man accused of trying to steal money from a group of girl scouts. michael avelli faces robbery charges.
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stole the cash box with $100 inside from girl scouts selling cookies outside the rockville center. he was tracked down a day later at his deerpark home. family, friends, dignitaries and celebrities gathered today for the services of nancy reagan. >> as the first couple, ron and nancy reagan represented america with great distinction. >> reporter: it was at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. first lady michelle obama was among the 1,000 guests. they say nancy reagan planned the entire affair, put the list together, picked out everything from the music to the flowers. ron, jr., saying his mom and dad are now reunited. >> but most importantly, she will once again lay down beside the man who was the love of her life, the one she loved until the end of her days. >> reporter: mrs. reagan was
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the grounds of the presidential library. she was 94 years old. seatbelts, they save lives and prevent thousands of lives. >> one minute, what seems like a safe ride becomes a nightmare as a family is dangerously tossed around when their cab gets hit. >> oh, my god! >> this passenger seems to be in shock after her cab is rear ended. >> oh, my god! oh, many i god! >> and here a woman flies into a window when her fellow passenger in the seatbelt remains in the seat. it can get worse. in may, john nash and his wife were killed in a crash, both in the back of a cab. neither wore a seatbelt. this video clearly shows how the dangerous scenario can play out. the unbelted dummy goes flying into the windshield injuring or
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>> they become a projectile. >> reporter: emergency room chief says being in the backseat unbelted is a precipitation for disaster. >> people die. they get big lacerations, a mess. >> reporter: but in new york, it's legal not to wear your seatbelt in the back once you're 16. and if you ride in a cab, you don't have to wear one at all. and many don't. >> just didn't cross my mind at all to put it on. >> would have been the right thing to do but i didn't do it. >> reporter: according to aaa, many teens 16 to 18 don't wear backseat seatbelts. just 40%. >> as you track the number of deaths -- when you get to 16 to 18, the numbers just skyrocket. >> reporter: we asked some teens why more don't buckle up in the back. >> it's sometimes seen as not cool to wear the seatbelt in the back. >> i'm confident in my friends. he's a good driver. >> reporter: the reality is the deathses and injuries are highly preventible with a simple click.
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this is one of them that's a key one. >> reporter: 28 states do require seatbelt use in the back. legislation is pending to make new york one of them. alice gainer, eyewitness news. a disturbing photo depicting a lynching used as the decor at a restaurant. it was embedded in a tabletop at a joe's crab shack. it showed a black man hanged for robbery. the ncaap complained and it was removed. it's unclear if it ended up at any other locations. researchers at rutgers may be at the forefront of phone security. they find that doodles make for perfect passwords. it's harder to guess or code someone else's password when there are no numbers or letters. for the rightful owner of the phone, the doodle can also be
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remember. but maybe not so easy to replicate! >> yes! can you duplicate that? over and over. that's the question. [ laughter ] all right. weather picture for the weekend. elise finch is here. lonnie quinn is off. and we're talking friday night! >> we are! and cooler than we had over the past two days. but well above where we should be for this day of the year. checking in with our weather watchers tonight. still mild out there in a lot of locations. as we check in, we can see a lot of 40 and 50-degree temperatures. this is paul in physicianwood, new jersey. -- fenwood, new jersey. elena, 51. temperatures cooling down but still above normal. she's correct. love this springlike night. it really is! and some places chillier. some places in the 30s. inn we're closing the windows and restarting the wood fire. it's that kind of night. that's how cool things will get
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we take a live look outside from our camera ahigh the empire state building. things look good. the official high on the day, 68 degrees. your walking around temperature was more like 63. but the official will go to 68. a full 20 degrees above the norm. your vortex satellite and radar, still showing high pressure. we have a few clouds out there. but that's it. tomorrow, high pressure still dominates our weather. keeps things nice for us. but we're watching an area of low pressure. here's the setup. same system that caused fatal weather in places like louisiana. so we're watching this moisture. and it will be moving in our direction. the local be weakened by the time it gets here. here's how the futurecast sees things playing out. we start off your saturday. high pressure dominating. things are nice for a good portion of the day. by 7:00 p.m., we see cloud cover moving in. but things are still dry. it isn't until sunday evening that we're expecting to see some rain. and this is really a bit of
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the heavier rain makes its way in on monday morning. so plan for a monday morning commute that's going to be a wet one. a lot of light rain but pocket offense moderate, even heavy rain. so most of your weekend's good. monday, a little soggy. overnight tonight, 42 degrees. but that's here in the sports. we head into the suburbs. temperatures are already in the 30s for some locations. tomorrow's a nice day. 62 degrees. we have a cold night tonight. a chilly start to the day. but we rebound nicely with that 62-degree temperature. just remember, tomorrow night, spring ahead! you'll want to turn the clock ahead. but look at the sunset, 70:00 is 7:01 p.m. a beautiful thing! >> shortest weekend of the year. >> indeed! >> we'll have to deal with it. [ laughter ] march madness in full effect. uconn in another nail-biting thriller. >> and is there a conspiracy afoot?
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now your jeep sports desk. >> selection sunday coming up! odis is here with sports! >> and teams are doing their best to get the higher seeds toward march madness. villanova beats providence 78- 68 to advance to tomorrow's finals. seton hall looking to join them! have to get past fifth ranked chafier first. they hit the musketeers hard from carrington and isaiah whitehead. the dual have combined for 35 points! seton hall trying to beat chafier for the second time this season. -- xavier for the second time this season. they lead late in the 2nd half. aac quarter final. kevin johnson knocks down the triple with seconds left. start the celebration. allen says, huh-huh.
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that may be the shot that kept their ncaa chances alive! what a game! now to football. robert griffin iii visited with the jets today. some think it's a leverage play against ryan fitzpatrick as negotiations move along slowly. nba, nets taking on the 76ers. robert covington went down hard after a collision. down for a long time before being taken off on a stretcher. he's being evaluated at an area hospital for a neck injury. brooklyn waved the white flag against the worst team in the nba. easy pass as philly picks up its ninth win of the season, 95- 89. late start for the knicks in la. jackson turned heads when he said he doesn't need a top notch point guard moving forward. come on, phil!
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>> pretty pass here to pertussin gas. phil doesn't -- portizi in, gas -- portizingas. jenrry mejia says there's a conspiracy to get him!
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enfyatrn anunveri. the e e ndofitybos,e afmeofomrc patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for
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fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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welcome back, everyone! there's an interesting twist to the jenrry mejia lifetime ban to baseball. he claimed that major league baseball rigged positive results. he said his second and third positive test never happened. he alleges that mlb wanted him to give information on another play. and when he didn't, they made up the tests. they say he was a repeated user of banned performance-enhancing substances. as such, per our collectively bargained rules, he has no place as a player in the game today. but according to his attorney, they are going to appeal the decision quickly. livelihoods are on line. and the leagues need to understand they cannot run
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>> you know, i have to enjoy my friends and be on the mound happy. >> have that glow going on. [ laughter ] and in the meantime, the mets continue on without jenrry mejia, one of the key ones in the bullpen will be herrera. the nats score twice. yankees/orioles in tampa. slated to be the opening day. struck out the first two batters. tossed three innings. the yankees win it 7-1. >> oh, man! my gosh! >> you guys are funny on a friday! [ laughter ] >> you don't know the half of it!
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thanks for joining us tonight!
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with stephen colbert >> stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen: hey, how are you? hey, everybody! hey, everybody, up there. ( cheers and applause ) hey! welcome to "the late show." thanks so much. thank you, everybody. thank you so much. thank you. thank you! welcome to "the late show." thanks, everybody. i'm stephen colbert.


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