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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  March 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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newsroom. >>reporter: merrick garland is called an exemplary judge who deserves a fair hearing and up or down vote. garland is the one name that has come up repeatedly between democrats and republicans when it comes to qualified candidates for the supreme court. >> i've selected a nominee who is widely recognized not only as one of america's sharpest legal minds but someone who brings to his work a spirit of decency yensy even handedness. >> president obama unveiled his nominee to replace antonin scalia. americaic garland is qualified to sit on the high court. >> this is the greatest honor of my life other than asking my wife to marry me. >> garland is six # three years
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he was appointed to the u.s. court of appeals in dc in 97 and became chief judge in 2013. he has held several positions in the public and private sector including as prosecutor in the u.s. department of justice's criminal division. garland clerked for the late supreme court justice william j brennan junior. he received his bachelors and law degrees from harvard university. >> people must be confident that a judge's decisions are determined by the law and only the law. he or she must put aside his personal views or preferences and follow the law, not make it. >>reporter: cbs chief legal correspondent jan crawford said he would balance it to majority liberal. >> he would be a solid liberal on the supreme court but considered more of a moderate. he has friends, close with the chief justice john roberts. he doesn't have a huge controversial record. some of those hot button social
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into trouble in the past. >>reporter: replacing just scalia is a hot button issue during this presidential election since his sudden death last month. several republicans vowed not to take up any nominee and leave it for the next president. >> gop frontrunner donald trump says the next president should pick the next supreme court justice adding he would choose someone conservative like justice scalia. democratic frontrunner hillary clinton says president obama has a constitutional duty to put forth a nominee for the senate to consider. live in the newsroom, andrea grymes. cbs 2 news. more breaking news, the search is on for armed robbery suspects who targeted an upper west side hotel. cbs news janelle is live with the very latest. >>reporter: mary it happened here at the roadway in what was
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west 71st and central park west. this assault happened in the basement. three paperworkers attacked inside -- three workers attacked inside. police are looking for the men responsible. >> ems wheeling the employee into a waiting ambulance. his co-workers head bandaged after he was attacked by two armed men. >> a bunch of police officers outside and inside. >> did they give you an explanation to what happened. >> no, not a word. >>reporter: guests forced to stand outside as police searched for evidence left behind by two men who they say were wearing ski masks and hoodies. investigators say they came in demanding money and beat three of the workers, taking off with the cash just after 8:00 this morning. most guests having no idea what had taken place. >> i go down to breakfast and they say you need to go outside. there is no breakfast today.
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relatives showing up at the scene historical talking with -- hysterical talking with police about what happened. the hotel is known to be a hot spot for questionable activity. >> every time you turn around there, are police, some kind of a thing going on here. and it is kind of scary. this is such a quiet, beautiful neighbo. >>reporter: and at this hour, detectives have been in and out of the hotel here canvassing the neighborhood as well trying to find any evidence connected to those suspects. it is not clear at this point how much money was stolen but they say that the suspects also got away with belongings of those employees who were attacked. anyone with any information are urged to contact the nypd. reporting live this afternoon from the upper west side. janelle burrell, cbs news. a long island teen awaiting sentencing for a crash that killed five people could face more charges.
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we're live at courthouse in hempstead. caroline? >>reporter: it was less than a week ago, cory glow was offered judicial leniency, treated as a juvenile in a drag racing crash that killed five of his friends. last night, he was rearrested. the passenger in a car that was speeding with an illegal weapon and it was a mile and a half from the fatal crash. 19-year-old cory glow in a familiar place en route to court less than a week after he admitted he killed five high school class mates. he is facing new charges. the tragedy on mother's day 2014. a nissan packed with teens crossed into on coming traffic crashing head on into an suv in farmingdale. he admits he and a friend challenged each other to the street race. the other car lost control. glow fled the scene. he is awaiting sentences on manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide and assault but last week a judge offered a
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a youthful offender plea deal that outraged victim relatives. the family of 14-year-old carly longburg in court. >> to think your child's life was only worth 24 days in jail. that is an injustice and crime against the families. >> glow was a passenger in a car last night driven by 17-year-old adam rosenthal pund over for speeding and possession -- pulled over for speeding and possession of a knife and small bag of marijuana. >> we have full faith with the district attorney's office that they're going to do the proper investigation and i think at end of the day they're going to do what is right and just in this case. >> it is unclear what this new arrest will mean for his plea deal. victim families say it is a deal breaker. >> judge murphy did say in the court at the last court date, anything, any trouble whatsoever. youthful offender is off the table and he will be served with maximum time. >> they're speeding, they're doing whatever they want.
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to lose before the system stops giving these slaps on the wrists? and if that juvenile status is revoked because of this most recent arrest, he could face 15 years in prison for each of those fatallies, each of the five class mates. the police commissioner said a little while ago, he feels the man needs to do serious soul searching. cbs 2 news. >> thank you. police in new jersey are searching for a hit-and-run 20-year-old woman. parts of route 17 were shut down evidence. investigators believe the woman may have been trying to cross near the ridge wood exit around l 8:00 last night when she was struck. she was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. they're looking for a black toyota suv with damage to the right side mirror. a fight in an after hours
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people stabbed and the search is on for two subjects. magdala approximately lena doris is live. >> behind here is an income tax sign leading to an underground, illegal nightclub. it is surrounded by suspicious activity and investigators tell us it is a hot bed for illegal gambling. near west 171st street is where five people were stabbed and slashed this morning before 6:00 a.m. in a gambling dispute. our cameras caught one person wrapped in a sheet being taken out on a gurney. while investigators filed in and out of the illegal hang out collecting evidence. the underground bar is described by neighbors as a pool hall and nightclub.
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hot spot open all hours the night and early morning. >> i've seen activities, weird activity there. i just keep my eyes away from that. >> what kind of weird activity snaez. >> people going in and -- activities? >> people go in and out, a lot of people and late at night. >>reporter: complaints against the social club which is unlicensed to operate included illegal bedding and the club was investigated by nypd intelligence division. in 2011, there were arrests made for drug sales here. investigators say the fight early this morning was over an unpaid debt and now police are looking for two men they say stabbed a 24-year-old woman and 31-year-old man in the stomach. they then slashed a 28-year-old man and 44-year-old woman across the chest and left a 30-year-old woman with a garb across the face. no -- gash across the face. no word if they were involved in the dispute. neighbors woke up with a taped off block with everyone
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>> to see something like this it is like, oh, my god. >> i'm worried about my security. i live right next . >>reporter: all people who were stabbed and slashed, all five people were taken to local hospitals. they are expected to be okay. police are still searching for the two people who they say are responsible for this. they're also going to be opening an investigation into this illegal nightclub. live in washington heights. magdelena doris. cbs 2 news. the results of a grand jury investigation into a fatal limo crash on long island will be unsealed today. four women, part of a bridal party were killed when a pick-up truck driver slammed into the limo. four survived. the limo was making a u turn on route 48 at time of the crash. sources tell cbs 2 news that drivers will be in court. votes are being counted in missouri but no matter what the outcome there, tuesday was a big
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senator marco rubio lost his home state of florida and dropped out while ohio governor john kasich won his home state. cbs 2 don champion has the latest from miami. >> donald trump now has more than half of the delegates needed to win the republican nomination. >> my numbers went up. i don't understand it. nobody understands it. >> north carolina, illinois, and florida were all big wins for trump, but his loss to john kasich in ohio creates an obstacle for the frontrunner. >> i want you to know the campaign goes on. >> trump's rivals are trying to prevent the frontrunner from clinching the nomination before the convention. >> and get to cleveland and have a convention fight. even in that strategy, he has somebody in front of him who is ted cruz. >> cruz is still second in the delegate count even with marco rubio out of the race now, trump will need to win nearly 60% of remaining delegates which might be challenging.
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clinton scored a string of impressive and even surprising wins giving her a commanding delegate lead. >> thank you, florida, thank you north carolina, thank you! >> she is now nearly 2/3 of the way to the democratic nomination but bernie sanders remains determined and defiant. >> you do not have to accept the status quo. we can do better! >> cbs news, exit polls from tuesday showed more voters believe clinton would make a better commander-in-chief than sanders and her plans were more realistic. don champion, cbs 2 news. >> and here is a look at where we stand with the delegate count. for the republicans, trump is way ahead with 619 followed by cruz, rubio and kasich far behind. hillary clinton has double sanders. 65% of what she needs for the nomination and stay with cbs 2 and cbs new for
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2016 and the race for the white house. much more ahead on cbs 2 news at noon. an american college student crumpled to his seat in tears in a courtroom. why he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in prison. >> why the entire washington dc metro system is closed today. >> the nypd to the rescue where brooklyn cops found abandoned newborn kittens in trouble. >> we have a wonderful wednesday but changes in the works involving umbrellas.
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iterguane.wel ri wn omedanseupoudeceto urewi-.swchowndet00egspdspl tanphe rju $.9a ntonneswcho tt. it tfi. . an american college student faces 15 years of hard labor in a north korean prison after a ruling wednesday. 1-year-old otto warmbier was charged by the supreme court this morning in a bizarre and likely forced confession last month, the university of virginia student claimed to have tried to steal a political banner from his hotel as a souvenir from a family friend. >> i entirely beg you, the please. i have made the worst mistake of my life. >> he was originally detained in january as he tried to leave the country with a tour group. >> if you think your morning commute was bad, be happy you are not in washington dc. the city shut down the entire metro subway system today.
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of people forced to find another way to get around. dc officials announced a closure after an electrical fire caused major delays monday morning. the metro general manager says crews are inspecting hundreds of cables to make sure there are no more faults in the system. police say they found a batch of newborn kittens. >> will the rain hold off until after the saint patrick's day
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. twro brooklyn police officers -- two brooklyn police officers found an adorable rescue. they found kittens in a suitcase. one of the kittens didn't make it but the surviving six were taken to the brooklyn animal resource coalition where doctors realized they were just a week or two old. are they adorable or what? >> so precious. >> after days of heavy rain, parts of the south are dealing with devastating floods. the rain stopped for residents are contending with flooding from the sabine river. 455 billions of water rushed into the town of dewiville. parts of the interstate 10 along the texas, louisiana border are closed as the river rises to record levels. the governor issued a declaration of much of the region.
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time now, let's bring john elliott to talk about our situation here. we're at 59 degrees now. we're close to 61, 62. >> it is noon and daylight saving time. the sun doesn't set until seven. the math is in our favor. skies have been pretty nice, but a lot of the weather watchers lamenti in fg where did the sun go. let's focus. south shore 63 to 60 seeing numbers in the 60s. in fact, good old reliable barry had 60 degrees in brooming detail. not that we're talking but 84 hours until spring. 83 hours and 59 minutes. everybody is looking forward to that. and i did research, i think, let me see if this is right. i found out why mike crossed the road in slate hill. he wanted to get to the chicken that was over there. you know you're in the country when there is a chicken in the road. thank you, mike, i appreciate. that here is the deal. we have cloudy skies for parts of the area.
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city and to the east. changing skies. there is a front pushing through. it is basically the tail end of an area of low pressure. partly cloudy and 59, feeling fine. wind out of the west at five but the weather is rolling in out of the west as well. sparta hit 60. 61 in white plains already. jiving with what the weather watchers are sending in. these numbers with limited exception, five, 10 plus, almost 15 degrees warmer than what we were yesterday. 62, so let's tack on a few. 50, the normal, well above normal, we'll see more sun or more clouds than sun, the sun doesn't officially set until seven so we have hours to go. so warmer than what we were yesterday and another warm one tomorrow but showers in the mix. not right now, and not at any time too soon, but this line holds together. the low is really quite powerful but it is going to miss us but the trailing front will usher in the chance. so let's turn on the computer models and put them to work.
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a few showers push through. then watch what happens. they weaken some what. brief, heavy rain possible. tomorrow morning through midday should be okay. started the parade, looks and feels pretty good. look at that. just as we're starting to wrap this thing up, you see some rain. so that could impact the tail end of the parade and then friday, there is another round of showers as we get ready for the possibility of some, a little bit of mixed precipitation this weekend. parade temperatures peaking around two, turns wet around 4 to 5 and then friday starts to cool down, look at that. here comes spring and we have this nasty little system of cold >> okay. >> let's hope we get through the parade without any rain, john. >> or very little and it should be later in the parade. >> thanks. when we come back -- >> adele stops her concert to we'll tell you why right after
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>> marisa: when the lawyer draws up the papers, all you have to do is sign and then everyone can move on. >> luca: i wouldn't think of standing in your way, marisa, if that's what you really want. and if it's really your idea. >> noah: stalling, luca. >> luca: am i? >> noah: yeah, you are. you're just standing there thinking about what's in this divorce for you. >> summer: look, can we just try to be civil about this, you guys? >> luca: no, it's all right, summer. i'm not offended in the least. your question's on point. what is in it for me? what? you and marisa get to be married for better or, let's be honest, for worse, while i'm left with what? >> marisa: well, you could aim for some self-respect. >> luca: oh, i have plenty of that. >> marisa: then how about your new job, the one at jabot? you remember, the one you manipulated your way into? take the paycheck, luca. live your life. and let me live mine. >> cane: hey! hey, what are you guys doing here? oh, no.


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