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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  March 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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of the man and his son's frightening brush with death. >> the worst-case scenario. i think he could have died. >> reporter: he says around 10:45 this morning while driving here on route 1 just north of route 130 in north brunswick he noticed a large piece of metal just laying in the middle of the road. >> we couldn't avoid it. >> reporter: and hit it at 55 miles per hour. >> all of a sudden i haderred this loud sound. i thought my tire went flat. within a split second i heard my son scream. pierced through the undercarriage of his car and ripped through the passenger seat where his 15-year-old son dillon was sitting and into his leg. >> it just pierced right through his left thigh and skin. >> reporter: the metal appears to be steel welded together in an x shape. about 3 feet by 3 feet.
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where the metal came from but that he will never forget his son's pain. >> it was just a horrific scream. you don't want to see any children scream especially your own. >> reporter: still, he tells me his son is going to be okay and that he is thankful. >> just blessed that everything is fine and we are going to go home. >> reporter: thankful that it wasn't any worse. scott rapoport, cbs 2 news. >> wow. well, the authorities say the metal object might have been in a support beam for a spare tire under the truck. dillon will stay in the hospital overnight and could be released tomorrow. now to the search for a terrorist in belgium. police conducted raids across brussels looking for bombing suspects. video shows an injured man on the ground holding what appears to be a bag. witnesses say he was shot in the leg and arrested. custody as police searched. secretary of state john kerry laid a wreath at memorial site in brussels and pledged support.
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any assistance necessary in investigating these heinous acts of terrorism. >> also today the pentagon announced an isis commander was likely killed by u.s. airstrikes in syria. he is identified as abd al- rahman mustafa al-qaduli. a new jersey man who narrowly survived the attacks in brussels is now back with his family. gabriel chan says he had just pick up his suitcase inside the airport and was looking for his driver when bomb went off. the businessman says the blast suddenly turned the room into a cloud of debris and confusion. >> the glass came over me and the ground. all i thought about was my family. my instincts were just to try to survive make sure i would get through it and the screaming and the -- and the crying, just -- it was deafening. >> today he visited the belgian consulate to pay respects accompanied by two of his children and his mother grateful that their loved one returned home. the search is on for a suspect in the shooting death
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police released this wanted poster of the suspect anthony morales. he is accused of gunning down 47-year-old adele rivera and her 21-year-old son anthony. investigators believe the younger rivera was working on his car when he and the suspect had an argument over money last night. a third man was also shot several times in the leg. new information on an upper east side murder. the medical examiner says 78- year-old christopher cooley was strangled. his body was found march 16 inside his apartment on east 64th street. sources say a tie was twisted around his neck in an odd way and it's not clear if anything is missing from his apartment. no one has been arrested. an alleged car burglar is knocked out cold by a good samaritan trained in martial arts. police in fair lawn bergen county found 41-year-old kevin stark unconscious in an apartment complex in a parking lot. a resident henry rodriguez told officers he was
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stark as he broke into the car. police say stark pushed rodriguez, who quickly used his martial arts training to put stark in a headlock that caused him to faint. >> he definitely picked on the wrong guy. most certainly. and destiny had it that, you know, he was supposed to be caught. >> fair lawn police say they don't recommend you confront wrongdoers but they applaud the good samaritan for helping them catch the criminal. now an update on a queens- based flight attendant accused of drug smuggle. a brooklyn federal judge granted the jetblue employee $500,000 bail. but a california judge overruled him saying marcia reynolds needs to stay behind bars until an april 7 hearing in l.a. tsa agents say they caught her trying to take 70 pounds of cocaine on to a plane at los angeles international airport. her attorney says his client was set up. some condo owners in new jersey are frustrated and want to sell their homes. but they can't because of an unexpected fee from their
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cbs 2's meg baker spoke with them and gets some legal advice. >> reporter: these members of the eagle ridge condo community in west orange, new jersey are panicked over a bill they received to replace the siding on their homes. residents here in section 3 were given a notice informing them it would cost on average $30,000 to replace the siding per home. on the back side, payment options which many say will not help them in this situation. >> nobody has this kind of money. it's the size of a down payment if not more. it's somebody's college education. it's the price of a car. in fact, my poor neighbor who is out on disability right now, um, has to sell her car knowrd to do this. >> reporter: homeowners were told the siding needs to be replaced because the condos were not built properly in the '80s. >> i can't afford it. it's a hardship. >> reporter: legal expert frank marciano says it is the elected board of trustees' responsibility to maintain common elements and -- obligation to provide
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for everything that they do. >> reporter: because the residents elected them to be their representatives. >> i feel that as homeowners, we have our hands tied behind our back and they are not doing what's in the best interests for us as a community. >> reporter: marsian i don't says this is the downside of condo living. >> when people are buying a condo it's very important to see who the builder and developer was, do they have a track record? is the material good? >> the president of the board of trustees says the project will start april 4. he left this voice message for one of the residents. >> you have an awful lot of news to call channel 2news point them to my house and let them ring my bell. the project is going forward whether you like it or not! if you opt not to pay, or have the work done, a lien will be put on your house. >> reporter: another tip from marciano? if you want to stay in control of your property, get involved yourself with the association.
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meg baker cbs -- meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> residents pay hundreds in monthly maintenance fees. this week we introduced you to a son who saw a different woman in his mother's casket. now we are hearing from the other families who' loved one -- whose loved one was cremated by accident. cbs 2's brian conybeare reports on the mix-up. >> reporter: donald little lost his mother on christmas. 82-year-old annie had breast cancer and kidney disease. her death was only the beginning. >> it makes me feel like i'm living in a nightmare. >> reporter: little went to mccall's bronx wood fuel ran home in the bronx but in a mix- up they sent his mother's body to the wrong funeral and then the unthinkable happened. >> flex day they cremated her and my family don't believe in cremation. >> reporter: the funeral home said, please accept my
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having your mother annie little cream made, unquote. somehow they got mixed up. there was even a open casket funeral at the home in harlem thinking cancer and a long hospital stay changed their mother's appearance but when little and his daughter saw the photos. >> that's not her. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview, the owner of the funeral home is publicly apologized to lodged little. >> we are's extraordinarily sorry for what he experienced. >> reporter: james admits happened and says they are changing procedures because of it. >> one would think there are precautions in place to prevent this from happening? >> you're absolutely right. ordinarily, we use a toe tag on the deceased. but now we also included a wristband so this could never happen again. >> reporter: but that does nothing to change the fate of annie little. >> i wanted to see my mother and send her off on some peaceful times. instead she got burnt. it's just heartbreaking.
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hired an attorney and he is planning to sue the funeral home. reporting from the newsroom, brian conybeare, cbs 2 news. his name wasn't even on the ballot but a village official was still re-elected. >> i can't believe this. >> the surprising election outcome that has a long island man rethinking his retirement. >> for women by women a new ridesharing service about to hit the road for ladies only. >> a cold front responsible for the showers is moving on through. behind it, cooler air for your weekend. so just how much colder will it get? i'll have your full forecast coming up. >> coming up on the "cbs evening news," the latest on the belgium terror attacks. charlie rose in for scott pelley tonight. >> hi. coming up we'll have new details on the brussels investigation as we begin to put faces and names to the victims. plus, we'll ask female voters about the state of the political race.
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joe biermann is over the scene of a shooting. what have we learned. >> reporter: the latest information we have is about 5:45 outside 2070 third avenue which is about 113th street, 16-year-old boy shot in the
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not in good condition. police investigation just getting under way here to look for that shooter. live in chopper 2, joe biermann, cbs 2 news. >> reporter: thank you. a trustee in the village of roslyn estates hoped to retire to spend more time with his family but as mark morgan reports he got re-elected to another term. >> i can't believe this. [ laughter ] >> reporter: that was sandy's reaction when he found out he had been re-elected to the village of roslyn estate. didn't run for re-election. his name wasn't on the ballot but he received enough write- in votes that resulted in him winning one of the two open seats even though he didn't ask for it. >> i said, wow, they, um, thought highly enough to, um, come out, vote and give me a vote of confidence that hey, we like you, we need you, we want you to serve the community. that's unbelievable.
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>> he is such a good person and gives a lot to the community. so i can understand why they wanted him back. >> reporter: after 12 years he decided to hang it up. he and his wife had lived in this quiet community for 45 years raising their four children and now enjoying their 15 grandchildren. >> being involved in family, i had like a crunch time of saying, i have to reduce certain things. >> reporter: so siff has a decision to make after over a decade on the board of trustees does he bow to the will of the people and return to another term? >> i still have to weigh it and discuss it further to see, you know, how our lives intertwine with community participation. >> his time and his choice. whatever he wants to do. >> reporter: no pressure from you? >> no. >> can i have that on tape? [ laughter ] >> reporter: yes, you can. and the people await your decision. [ laughter ] >> reporter: mark morgan, cbs
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>> he has until april 30 to decide ridesharing services are convenient and popular but how safe are they for women? a new massachusetts-based company will soon offer rides to women and children passengers only called chariot for women. it came from a former uber driver who said he worked a lot of late nights. >> women would jump into my car that weren't even my passenger so as a father of two daughters that scared me and i said that there has to be a better way to do this to keep women safe. >> chariot for women will launch nationwide april 19. a commuter aer will for the holiday weekend. bayonne bridge will be open until 9 a.m. on monday. it's usually closed on weekends for construction so drivers get diverted to the goethals. work crews are raising the bridge's roadway so bigger ships can go through. good friday marked in an especially powerful way here in the city with a procession
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over the brooklyn bridge. cbs 2's steve langford reports it's a timeless ceremony that connects with today's world. >> reporter: the sirens blare on but in the middle of this turbulent city and time a sacred silence as the way of the cross is honored in this most remarkable religious ritual. from brooklyn and across the famous bridge that bears the name of the borough of churches, the procession led by timothy cardinal dolan and brooklyn bishop nicholas dimarzio, a manifestation of great faith perhaps now more than ever. >> it's a tough world. we just saw the brussels events. we are going to ground zero. we recognize that the power of evil is great and can destroy many lives but the power of love is even greater when we exercise it. [ singing ] >> reporter: five of the stations of the
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day of christ observed on this journey across the bridge and through lower manhattan with an especially reverent stop at ground zero. [ singing ] >> really moving. to see so many people. >> reporter: so many people together in peace. >> it was beautiful. it was a blessing. >> reporter: an example for all. in lower manhattan, steve langford, cbs 2 news. >> the way of the cross across the brooklyn bridge was first done in 1995. >> and they come over every time. very nice ceremony. vanessa murdoch is in for lonnie quinn. we were just talking about how easter is like you never quite know what you get. >> you're expecting sunshine and warm temperatures. we have the sunshine this time but not necessarily warm temperatures. >> so it's going to be seasonable in the 50s but by afternoon. we are going to start off in the 40s. it will be cold early and we
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make their way in for sunday. tomorrow looking good. 70 degrees south winds at 3 miles per hour. your relative humidity at 63%. it's a day where you're seeing showers passing through but mostly it was warm. 72 degrees the high for today. that's the normal high on may 22. and nearly 20 degrees above normal. the temperature trend has been certainly a roller coaster this week. but now look what happens. between now and tomorrow, temperatures drop off big time by nearly 20 degrees. for easter sunday high of 57. cooler than out there today. it is still very mild now with the exception take a look at long island. these numbers are in the 50s. winds in off the water, as a result we have cooler air pushing in closer to the coast. but we are still looking at upper 60s, 70 in rye right now. slow 60s well north and west of the city. and then we look way west at
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making its way in overnight. buffalo at 34. ottawa at 30. this cold air behind that cold front which is moving on out by tomorrow morning temperatures will be starting off in the 30s for some most of us in the low 40s. with that we'll see lots of sunshine tomorrow because high pressure will dominate the forecast. and then on monday we are looking at the system well out to the west in rapid city to bring us some showers but your weekend right now looking totally dry. hour by hour here's what you can expect. a few showers that are left will be making their exit skies are clear so we are with sunshine. it stays that way really for the day but note as we make our way into sunday we see clouds off the water. winds out of the east pumping in a little bit more moisture hence more cloud cover for easter sunday. we are calling for partly sunny skies as we make our way into monday then showers are in the mix. for easter still looking good. 57 degrees. partly sunny skies.
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off. >> showers on monday. tuesday, wednesday seasonable in the mid-50s with sun. then thursday and friday, low and mid-60s pushing 70. looking warm. >> thank you. otis is up next with sports. >> cc is not a-okay not a sure thing to be the fifth starter. four more teams will punch their tickets to the elite eight tonight four games featuring two number one seeds
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now with sports with spring >> that's right. a little concern for both the mets and the yankees. let's start with the mets. "the dark knight" struggled again yesterday but before you
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met rotation, thor drops his mighty hammer. syndergaard retired the first seven cardinals with pitches like this. try to hit that! 99. the former met rubin tejada hit one into center. a nice hand for him in port st. lucie. the met fans appreciate what he did for them. syndergaard looks like he is ready for the season to begin named the second starter of the year. six innings, nine runs, the game ends tied in a five. there is a tie in baseball. with opening day 10 days away the battle for that fifth spot in the yankees rotation could be decided soon. the yankees are thinking about using cc sabathia out of the bullpen. he is in a battle with ivan nova. cc is owed $25 million this year with an easy-to-obtain $25 million option for 2017. nova with another chance to impress today against the orioles. regular line-up hard to say if anyone was impressed.
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straight innings gave up 6 runs in four innings. gardner with the wheels on in the 7th with an rbi triple. love to see him round the bases. orioles an yankees go 10 innings a high scoring affair. orioles win 11-10. sweet sixteen action tonight with four games on tap. virginia against iowa state at 7:10 and syracuse and gonzaga follows that. last night blowout city. each game decided by an average of 16 points with the higher seeds winning them all. nova was on fire shooting 62.7% from the field. 66.7 from three. that's 10 for 15 in their 2 3- point win over miami. they will face top seed in the south kansas on saturday. >> and there will be a new national champion this year. duke is done! top seed oregon led by five at the half then won by 14. brooks pumped in 22. oregon will face oklahoma for
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final four on saturday. and finally tonight chicago manager joe madden is known for keeping things loose in spring training. he hired a clown to perform for his time, a man played a guitar throughout the practice. as you know it's a grind. looks like he ran out of ideas. but he kept it real cool. this is the obvious. the manager of the cubs brought in actual cubs. a couple of 10 to 12-pound baby bears on the field in mesa, arizona. they look cool and cuddly but at one point they did a number one on -- [ laughter ] >> anthony rizzo. but other than that, hey, good time had by all. and no mama bear. >> animals have never worked out but the goat remember?
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we'll be right back. coming up tonight on cbs 2 news at ncaa tournament, a scare on the school bus. a special needs child in a wheelchair falls to the floor. parents want to know why the student wasn't kept safe. how the district is responding. >> plus, what's your house worth? there's a big change that's likely to prompt a price change in bergen county homes. that and more after the game that syracuse just might win for mary.
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up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," steve hartman hits the road and catches up with a goldstar kid who stole our hearts. thanks for joining us. good night. captions by: caption colorado >> rose: police in europe stage more raids, but terror suspects as belgium mourns the victims of the brussels bombing. also tonight, cruz accuses trump of a smear campaign. >> how low will donald go? is there any level to which he is unwilling the stoop? >> rose: new research says if you want the preserve your memory, you cannot forget to exercise. and steve hartman with a young boy getting a hero's salute. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. on an especially solemn good


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