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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  April 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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their neighbor has gone way too far. but can they do anything to stop it? good evening. dana tyler is off tonight. a town supervisor under federal indictment but he refuses to leave office and now growing calls for him to step down. >> residents are raising their voices even painting their lawns to protest. cbs 2's tony aiello has the story new at 6:00. >> reporter: they are a handful of ramapo's 130,000 residents. >> no more corruption. >> reporter: but these protestors claim to speak for the majority in demanding the resignation of supervisor christopher st. lawrence. >> be a man. have a little sense of dignity left in your body. and resign. >> reporter: she has protested every day since the fbi arrested st. lawrence on april 14. he is accused of lying about the time's finances so ramapo could sell bonds for his pet projects including a minor league ballpark.
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is millions of dollars in the red. >> i'm a taxpayer. who do you think is going to pick up the tab for all of this? we are, not him! we are! >> reporter: some protestors have painted their lawns with, hashtag csl resign. many homes have signs protesting overdevelopment, critics say st. lawrence has catered to the fast growing that sid ek community where he maintains strong support among the hasidic. >> it's a witch hunt, the u.s. attorney. >> i say he should continue to serve, yes. >> tony aiello. >> not today? >> reporter: you let him know that we stopped by? >> i will. >> reporter: you'll ask him to give me a call? st. lawrence wasn't in the office friday. he pleaded not guilty and said he is looking forward to his day in court. >> i do belief that everybody is innocent until proven guilty. but i also believe and i was also taught that when you do something wrong you man up. >> reporter: protestors say because new york is one of 21 states that does not allow a recall election for a local
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to keep up the pressure for st. lawrence to resign. tony aiello, cbs 2 news. >> st. lawrence did resign from two unelected positions with rockland county. protestors hope for a big crowd at a rally tomorrow morning at town hall. there is a growing memorial outside the paisley minneapolis. the sheriff said prince's body had no obvious signs of trauma. cbs 2's hazel sanchez here now with more. >> reporter: investigators say prince was last seen alive by a friend who dropped him off at his home 8:00 wednesday night about 13 hours before he was found dead inside an elevator in his home. investigators say prince was of a struggle. and they have no reason to believe his death was a suicide. it could take days or weeks before we learn what killed
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>> certainly a big event internationally and nationally and, um, i can tell you that we are going to leave no stone unturned with this and make sure that the public knows what happened. >> reporter: longing to stay connected to the legendary pop star born prince rogers nelson countless fans are gathering outside the apollo theater in harlem and at paisley park his home and recording studio in chanhassen, minnesota, where a memorial is continuing to grow. it is my loss. it is all your our loss. [ crying ] i feel this really a lot. >> reporter: you felt that connected to him? yes. [ crying ] >> in mourning like everyone else. i mean, he was so beautiful and alive and all of a sudden he is gone. >> reporter: the loss of this eclectic performer perhaps felt deepest by the entertainment industry. inspired by his greatness on broadway the cast of hamilton closed their show dancing to let's go crazy.
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the color purple belted out purple rain. [ music ] >> reporter: protege and collaborator sheila e says prince's creative genius is undeniable. >> he was a genius. the music he created and what he has done an left in his legacy of music for the fans is something that all of us will never, ever forget. his music will live on forever. >> reporter: investigators say they cannot confirm if prince was on any prescription medication at the time of the death. and they wouldn't address reports that he had a drug overdose less than a week before he died. medical examiner says toxicology test results could take weeks. other news now. police say that a fake cop who is now in real trouble with the law, 25-year-old new jersey man arrested for trying to impersonate a police officer. police say the 25-year-old zachary schmitt was driving on interstate 78 near the
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attempted to pull over a car by turning on blue emergency lights and then flashing a new jersey state police decal. but inside that car he tried to pull over was an off-duty real new jersey state trooper. schmitt was arrested and charged with impersonating a public servant. we also have some new information on a plane crash in cresskill, new jersey. investigators say that mechanical failure caused the plane to go down on a soccer field back in september. two people on the cessna were seriously hurt. the pilot steered the plane away from those on the ground. a community in queens is on edge after two especially violent attacks. in one case, security video shows the suspects coming up from behind and hitting the 32- year-old man in the face with a rock! it happened in ozone park just blocks from a similar attack. people who live in the area say this is a reminder of how important it is to stay aware.
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the phone right now because we have to pay more attention to see somebody coming from behind us. >> both victims were treated for broken bones and bruises and are expected to be okay. in both cases, the suspects took cell phones and wallets. vintage cars vanish from a homeowner's garage. now a long island grandfather fears his town has junked the collectibles both notifying him. jennifer mclogan reports. >> reporter: they held a photo of their 1936 chevy, it along with a 1938 classic and 1940 coupe part of a trio of collectible cars are gone taken from their islip terrace garage without authority by the town of islip. you love these cars? >> i had them for 40 years. i have two grandsons coming of age and it was going to be time for them to have part of me. but that's gone. >> reporter: others on andrew
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the family's 1923 house was passed on to them with the death of a parent. they didn't live here and it was torched two years ago. the building, the town voted to demolish. >> it should have been taken down sooner but even if the town intervened to take it down, the garage was never part of that. it would never have left vehicles in there if i thought the garage was going to come down. >> reporter: the garage was not burned in the arson. it was there he tinkered with his antique cars to get them road worthy. neighbors though want the entire property cleared. >> it brings down of the value of our homes. we try to keep them -- this is just terrible. so we have been promised time and again that it will be removed. >> it hurts the community. it hurts the area. but then eventually somebody is going to physically get hurt. >> reporter: he promises to tear down the house and rebuild but keep the garage. he has filed a lawsuit. a judge granting a temporary restraining order.
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they haven't gotten back to us. they are moving to dismiss our complaint. they still haven't told us where the property is or what happened to it. >> my plea is, get me my vehicles back or compensate me for them. >> reporter: the town won't tell us where the cars are due to litigation. in islip, property rights are terminated if homeowners violate town code. from islip, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> the lawsuit seeks $125,000 for the loss of the three cars. there is talk tonight of more tolls to come on new jersey roads. interstate like 78, 80 and 287 need repair. so some lawmakers are thinking about making drivers pay to use the highways. today we asked governor christie what he thinks of the idea. he says not much. >> there are legal impediments to doing some of that because
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is it possible? it's possible. i do advocate for it? i do not. >> an alternative to new tolls would be to raise the gas tax. dozens of new yorkers celebrated earth day today by rolling up their sleeves to clean up crotona park in the bronx. students at a prep academy joined the community to pick up trash and litter and to lay mulch in an effort to beautify the park. they hope to inspire people around the city to keep the parks clean, not only on earth day but every day. [ inaudible ] >> so we could have fresh air. >> we want other youth to do the same to take care of nature. >> the park clean-up event is hosted by build on, a nonprofit organization that runs youth after-school programs. and passover begins at sundown tonight. the eight-day holiday celebrate the exodus of jews
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the story is retold on the first two nights of the holiday during ritual meals called seders. among the many passover traditions, avoiding leavened bread. a long island family afraid to go in their own backyard. >> i feel like i'm always being watched. >> security cameras seem to be watching their every move. is it legal? >> toxic toys sold in the tri- state area. the warning for parents before you shop. >> we want a playground! >> they did all the work and there's no play. little kid raise thousands of dollars for a playground that may never be built. >> westchester county, you have had one thunderbolt out there. a thunderstorm pushing through the area. will there be more to come? i'm going to talk about that after the break. >> coming up on the "cbs evening news," more on the investigation into the death of prince. scott pelley joins us now live. hi, scott. >> reporter: great to be with
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the autopsy has been completed. officials have given us new details about the circumstances of the death of the great pop star. we'll have that on the broadcast, also steve hartman on the road in central park with a most unusual pet. those stories and the rest of
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big brother is watching on long island. one neighbor's installed cameras invading another neighbor's privacy. there's nothing they can do about it. ali bauman reports from shirley new york. >> reporter: it's a neighborhood watch this family says has gone too far. the family came home yesterday to find their next-door neighbor had installed one security camera facing directly on their driveway and two more focused on their backyard. >> pretty disturbing to have someone filming you while you're outside in your own backyard and there's no privacy. >> reporter: the family called 911 last night but police said there was nothing they could do because any publicly viewable area like a backyard is fair game. >> you can't do anything with drones flying over your home and taking a picture of your home for the internet or anything like that as long as they are used for proper purposes and, um, unfortunately, you're outside
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the worst of it all is one of the cameras faces the swing set where their 10-year-old daughter plays. >> honestly, if i was a parent and i came here, and saw there was a camera, from a strange person, videotaping my little girl, i wouldn't allow play date. >> reporter: the family says they have tried to reason with their neighbor without success. and we tried knocking next door but got no answer. >> i really would love to know what his reasoning is behind him videotaping us. >> reporter: legally, their neighbor can film within plain sight but some say the law needs to catch up with the 21st century. the family plans to shine lights on the cameras to cause a flare. in shirley, long island, ali bauman, cbs 2 news. >> now, we did hear about this story through our facebook page. if you have an idea, please let us know at warning to parents about toxic toys sold in new york. attorney general schneiderman
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lead. they were sold at kmart, target and toys 'r us stores in the city and long island. some parts contained lead up to 10 times the federal limit. the jewelry kits are sold online at amazon and walmart. snyderman is calling for a nationwide recall. a plan to build a school playground in a new jersey community hits a roadblock. students from radburn elementary school in fair lawn helped to raise $60,000 for the project. they even designed the playground. but the school is on land owned by the radburn association. so all plans for the exterior must be voted on by the so, it. the kid say they are -- must be voted on by the association. the kids say they are disappointed. >> we did food and drink stands. >> we raised money for it and it's upsetting to hear that we're not going to get a playground when we did so much to raise money for it. >> the association says it is willing to meet with the
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possible location for the play grounds. we can't get enough of this today. just call him the pajama prince. president obama, look, you have to look at this if you are not near your tv. prince george, they meet the first lady and the president for the first time at kensington palace. the 2-year-old was decked out in his robe and slippers and was allowed to stay up past bedtime to meet the obamas and thank them for his rocking horse given to him as a gift when he was born. the president and first lady are in london for a three-day visit. it's expected to be their last trip to britain while in office. >> look at that little guy. >> i mean. >> i cannot get over this. [ laughter ] >> you think that's terrycloth or cotton or -- >> something tells me it might be a little more luxurious. >> a little more special. >> a little royal? >> oh, my gosh. i just can't -- i can't -- [ laughter ] >> great. isn't it? >> all right. >> he looked regal and, of course, he is regal.
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i'm going to show you what the weather watchers are turning in as far as, you know, temperature readings around the area. north and west today plenty of readings out there that made it not lower 80s. 77 kenneth in columbia, new jersey. and ken, what are you telling me? what a beautiful day. we have had clouds roll n seeing a few little showers out there. not too much rain. better chance to see some as you go through your nighttime hours into the overnight. we could see some rain. have an umbrella. it feels like rain outside right now because your humidity is up. we have had day after day of such dry weather all the fire concerns that we have had, not today. humidity you're starting to feel it out there. 76 degrees. high temperature in the city was 79 degrees. typical 64. so 15 degrees above the average. headlines look like this. clouds are in place. they will finish out this day and start your day tomorrow and there will be some bouts very spotty but some bouts of rain mixed in. could be a heavy downpour and then rain amounts from this system are going to be kind of
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we don't see too too much. we could use some. april has a deficit of 2.08 inches of rain. we are going to pick up, you know, maybe some spots get a half inch, some less. i see some zeros. the biggest number is .5. all right. what's happening out there? just what we think it's going to be sort of spotty activity a lot of folks not seeing anything. the cloud cover, yes. the humidity in the air, yes. but here is a lone flash of red that you see on the screen. again, the radar signature tells you the intensity. you see a green color it's a very light little shower yellow or moderate shower. you see this red, that's a heavy downpour. it's one lone cell about to move into fairfield county. the bigger picture will show you there are more little cells out there but there's also a lot of breaks of dry air so you will deal with that overnight and start of saturday and then clear behind it. let's talk about what the numbers will look like for your weekend. i'm going to go for a high
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degrees on the nose. i think the second half is the nicer half of your day. 65 on sunday. more of a rain chance next week. >> thank you. >> otis is here with a look ahead at sports. >> so far, we haven't been able to celebrate any happy harvey days this season. could that change tonight? we'll give you the numbers behind the struggles. and we are back to square one with the islanders except now
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florida. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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otis livingston joins us. the isles were in a driver's seat. >> now not in the back seat but riding alongside. they no longer have home ice advantage so they tried to skate into florida and steal another one from the panthers that series tied at two games apiece. in sunrise florida the morning skatearound.
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they will need to win one game down there. we hate to say, they have not advanced past the first round of the play-offs since the 1992-'93 season. listen to the head coach. there's no panic in his voice. >> i don't think there's anything a formula that we need to reinvent the wheel here. we know what islander hockey is all about. we know the way we need to play. we have certain guys that have to play better. there's no question. i think guys know that. but at the end of the day, as far as a good team, we know what they're going to do. i want to make sure we the effort that some guys put forth there tonight. >> i want to see some islander hockey tonight! as for the rangers, they have dub dug a hole the size of the grand canyon. smoked 5-0 last night by the penguins at msg their fifth straight play-off loss at home. they are down 3 games to 1 with game five tomorrow in pittsburgh. they face the earliest exit in the play-offs since 2011. >> the season is on the line.
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no one is going to get out of this hole that we have created but the guys in the room. >> all we can do is go with the mindset that we have to win the game or the season is over. we have to man up. this is not good enough. >> right after getting swept by the a's the yankees continue their home stand tonight against the rays. against mat moore. not the start matt harvey or the mets fans expected. start against the braves he has yet to have a win. 0-3 with a 5.7 e.r.a. he says there's nothing wrong. he started games well but has fallen off quickly so that bears watching tonight from atlanta. jets mike maccgagnan met with the media less than a week away from the draft. they say ryan fitzpatrick is always their focus. it may take time before there's resolution. he added brian hoyer's visit
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tim duncan is seen as bland and base in. i remember i asked him what was a funny question last year and he didn't smile. that was my best material but yesterday he did show some humor. check out the shirt he is wearing. it says 4 out of 3 people struggle with math. [ laughter ] >> his spurs play the grizzlies tonight in memphis and i'm sure he knows two wins plus two more wins and they advance to the next round. >> pretty good. >> there you go. >> four out of three. [ laughter ] >> i love it.
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coming up tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00, it is forecasted to be the worst secada season we have seen in a while around here. so how bad will the bugs be we'll break down what to >> empty sick. >> could the closest people in your life be making you sick? toxinpic friends at 11:00. >> "time" magazine released its list of the 100 most
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seven of the honorees will grace six different covers including hamilton creator and starlin manuel miranda. also making the cover actor leonardo dicaprio, nicki minaj, facebook cofounder zuckerberg and his wife, the list contains people from all fields including world leaders and local activists to top 40 music artists. coming up next on the "cbs evening news," the president aides into a political battle a-- wades into a political battle across the pond. what he said about great britain staying in the european union. have a good weekend. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: the mysterious death of prince. the autopsy is complete. >> there was nothing at all that indicated an obvious trauma. >> pelley: also tonight, the superstar is mourned and celebrated. >> this morning we played


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