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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  August 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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artistically i wases pressing myself. i couldn't have been in a better place in terms of my life and the direction i wanted to it be in. >> reporter: he has been diagnosed with bipolar and undergoing therapy. charges of public lewdness, disorderly conduct and exposure were dropped friday. he remembers everything from that day but left trying to make sense of it. >> i was paranoid that people were after me and they were evan for me from all sides. >> reporter: paranoia began when leaving his family's home on roosevelt island. he took off his sneakers and compelled to be outside. >> i was vulnerable and didn't want to involve my family. i thought they would get hurt. >> reporter: the paranoia was getting worse and headed for
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signs in times square. >> reporter: thousands gawked at his meltdown and he woke up in the hospital and al realized his episode spread around the world and hopes to start a discussion around bipolar and help millions of dulse suffering with mental health issues. >> i'm telling the story that people might be able to understand and relate to. >> he has been dropped from ford models and faces disciplinary hearings with columbia university but hopes
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he was a big fan of painting before buts that been helping him get through this time. -- but that's been helping him get through this time. we are following break news, out of new jersey, chopper 2 over a bus accident that's causing major traffic back ups in jersey city. joe is live with more. >> reporter: the accident just it was northbound truck route 109 at the 440 split. all lanes closed for sometime. oh fishes tell us there were 6 adults and five children injured with non life threatening injuries, you can see the extend of 109, extensive delays from the newark area up to jersey city, here at 440, managed to get a couple of lanes open.
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joe beerman, cbs 2. full day of intense frustration for delta airlines passengers. the airline is now trying to catch up after a major computer crash this morning. cancellations and delays left passengers stranded caught in the middle of a major backlog. some flights are taking off and airline is blaming it on a power outage. >> reporter: that's right, hundreds of cancellations and delays on all of the flights we have seen here at newark liberty international airport, anywhere from 3 to as much as 7 hours. the question many people are asking tonight, where was delta's back up system to protect computers? frustrated delta passengers waiting in long lines going
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demanding answers after the airline says an overnight power outage at the atlanta hub caused a system wide computer failure. >> it's silly, i work in a hospital, we have to have back up generators and tested regularly. >> reporter: water bottles passed out at the airport not cooling off tempers, delays on almost every flight and cancellations. joan and her family stranded in newark. >> what are you going to do? >> some of us are standing in line so we can hopefully get on another flight. >> reporter: earlier everything down, delta computers control screens, flights and ticketing. the airline's ceo apologizing on the web. >> we got delta teams working around the clock to restore our system capabilities. i'm sure you can appreciate, it's all hands on deck efforts. >> reporter: a passenger advocacy group says the system shouldn't be this vulnerable.
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computer system that simple power failure in atlanta could take them down worldwide at any given time. you have back ups and back ups to your back ups. that's why we have co-pilots on aircraft. >> reporter: in june, a delay on southwest, a system airlines and customs uses to check passenger names against a list of terrorists down at major airports. united grounding flights this summer when a router couldn't problem that may not be going away. >> demand for power is increasing , the infrastructure is the same for sometime. >> reporter: delta suggests to check the status of your flight before coming to the airport and right now, all flights can be changed for free. that could change. we are live at newark liberty international airport, christine sloan, cbs 2 news. a homicide investigation is underway in massachusetts where
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killed while jogging. police found vanessa mar coat's body in princeton. her family reported her missing after she went jogging alone on a wooded road and never came back. the 27 year old who grew up in boston lived in new york city where she worked as an account manager for google. >> less than 24 hours in to the investigation, we believe this is a homicide. we cannot tell whether or not it was a random act at point. we are asking residents to be vigilant. >> marco was in massachusetts visiting her mother. google released a statement offering condolences saying she had a you bick you douse smile. there is no known connection, nypd was scouring the scene in queens searching for clues to track down a suspect.
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community has come together. >> reporter: it is day 6 of the investigation here in howard beach, as you can see behind me, an entire army of police officers have not slowed down, in their hunt for ca trina vetrano's killer. vetrano's mother could the killer th her mother in pink, back at the crime scene speaking with detectives monday morning, hoping police are closer to solving her murder. ob sunday afternoon, cathy, had a stern warning for her daughter's killer. >> my daughter was a force to be reckoned with. i guarantee you i guarantee you, you mother -- that you
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your pathetic life, but for the rest of e tenty. >> reporter: police have been working around the clock at spring creek in howard beach where philip discovered his daughter's body tuesday night. sexually assaulted, and strangled. >> overwhelming. it's just a heart breaking situation. >> reporter: family friend says the entire community is hurting, wants to help in any way they can. hensey launched a campaign to help fco >> the community came together and everybody donated. they all dropped it off by my house. >> reporter: city council member says there are more police patrolling howard beach more than ever before and brings comfort while the killer is is on the run. the national park service needs to make this marsh land overrun with towering weeds, safer for the community. >> this was a wake up call, definitely for the federal
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their act together. >> soon we are going to have a face to the piece of garbage that you are. >> reporter: local leaders will be holding a community meeting at st. helen catholic church in howard beach at 7:00 tonight, at the meeting they will update residents about this particular case and will tell them about what is being done to make this federal update in the death of a west chester toddler, the child's mother is now facing a felony manslaughter charge. prosecutors say barta admitted hitting 15-month-old u.s. ef several times. police found the toddler's lifeless body inside her washington avenue apartment friday morning after her up at called 911. investigators say the little girl may have been dead for
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issued on behalf of the two other children. the judge set bail at $50,000. to campaign 2016s another new poll shows hilary clinton with a double digit lead over donald trump. >> same poll found voters are less excited about the election now dan a year ago. alice gainer is here with more. >> the poll shows clinton with a 12 point lead over trump, before the conventions, sh today, both candidates hit the trail with trump giving details about updated plan as he tries to inject life in to his campaign. >> it's almost 40% -- >> reporter: trump trump was interrupted a dozen times by protesters trom the group michigan people's campaign. one by one, women from the group claiming to raise
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were escorted out. trump continued on proposing to make child care expenses deductible. >> we will roll out proposals to increase choice and reduce cost in child care, offering much needed relief to american families. they are suffering. >> reporter: he has been working on the plan with his daughter ivanka but didn't explain how he would pay for the aid and la the economy through deregulation and tax cuts. took aim at hilary clinton, arguing that he would do more for jobs and the economy. at a rally in florida, he fired back. >> his tax plans will give super big tax breaks to large corporations and the really wealthy just like him and the guys who wrote the speech. right?
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repackage trickle down economics. >> reporter: clinton toured a brewery in st. petersburg as she talked about policies she wants to itch ment to help small businesses. clinton will give her economic speech at the economic club later this week. tragedy at a water park. an accident on the world's tallest water slide kill as 10- year-old boy, who is re water slides in our area? . a crowd gets out of control when a rap star visits long island. what happened that injured two police officers. a plan to possibly alter an icon perhaps expanding the brooklyn bridge? and calls to bring in cougars to control new jersey's deer population, would the state ever go for it? one of the nicest things about the weather today is how low the humidity is. that's going to change,ly tell
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tragic death of a 10 year- old boy at a kansas city water park, caleb shaub was riding down the water slide sunday when something went terribly wrong. the body was found lying on the ground. no one said huh how he died. the slide, drops 170 feet, has been closed indefinitely. >> we honestly don't happened. that's why a full investigation is necessary. all the rides are inspected everyday. our rides are inspected by an outside party at the start before the season starts. >> the slide sends riders in a 3 person raft plummeting 70 miles an hour, before opening back in 2014, it faced multiple delays, adjustments had to be made to the second hill and
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the slide. >> parents were concerned. emily smith brings us more from suffolk county. >> reporter: at splish splash, there are 35 water slides, some high the sky with 80-foot drops. with sunday's death of a 10- year-old boy at schlitterbahn in kansas city, some parents are concerned about water slides. >> it could happen i try not to live my life that way. >> we were nervous coming today. we didn't want to let the kids come themselves. >> reporter: this is the most daring, drops 8 stories in 3 seconds. half the size of kansas city's, called cliff diver, which, like all water slides, comes with a height and weight requirement. height and age limits may have been a factor in kansas city,
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splish slash general manager says he can't speak for other parks but managers ride every slide every morning and lifeguards are audited by a risk management team to be sure they are watching height and weight requirements. >> every year at the beginning of the summer , the department of labor comes in and walks our slides the fiber glass, the towers and everything, and checks to make sure everything is okay. >> reporter: while the park in kansas city hasn't released details abou parents have a lot of questions. >> i don't know what went wrong to have it happen. my son was telling me, we had to go together. >> >> reporter: parents say when it's august and humid it's tough to tell your kids no, knowing it's all a risk. emily smith, cbs 2 news. walt disney a large stone wall going up around the pond where
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killed a toddler. barrier goes around the beachs of the 7 seas lagoon. part of the plan following the death of a 2-year-old visiting from nebraska. a gator dragged him in to the lake in june. warning signs and ropes were put up . the health department is investigating a case of zika in palm beach county. the paib involved had traveled south to -- patient involved had traveled south to miami- dade. the department is mosquito control efforts. they still believe active transmissions are only happening in miami. lonnie is in the weather center. >> the next 24 24 24 hours we are doing just fine. a sun and cloud mix. 83s humidity nice and low out there.
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degrees warmer at 12:53. 2 degrees above the average. a great first half of this week, wednesday is going to be the turning point after everything starts to change. the heat goes up, showers and storms come back in to the picture and linger in to the weekend. for now, couple of the clouds, look at the clear air settling in from the north, pushing to the south, bigger picture will show you, any of the wet weather, down around norfolk, virginia, staying south, high it's giving us a beautiful day. tonight, lows 70 degrees, clear and quiet for the day tomorrow. high temperature hits 86, similar to what you had today, sun and cloud mix. back to you. coming up, outpouring of love and support from long island, a woman loses her children and left disabled after a domestic violence attack. a community is working to change her life. hear her in spiring story of
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jersey, parents fighting to keep a charter school from opening. why they are so against it. parents are thinking of back to school shopping, some are not in to the pink for girls and blue for boys, more are looking for gender neutral clothing, we will explain
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extraordinary donation from new yorkers to a young woman that endured a horror. >> dealt with an abusive boyfriend and her children were
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pushing open a car door is a painful reminder of an un thinkable act of a man she once loved, a man that was easily enraged. the 23 area old wears the scars of a horror she survived in her native, a horror that left her two children dead. >> he padlocked the door with me inside with my kids. >> lord, armed with a sword he used to cut sugar cane, hacked off her right arm. >> i started to fight with him with this hand. >> reporter: he slashed her left hand, leaving her defenseless as he slaughtered their son and daughter and left her for dead. >> it broke my heart to hear that something lake that would happen to someone. >> reporter: prosthetics maker,
5:26 pm
the story, pulling resources for a year, to get her help in the form of arms. >> at least it's a start. gets her back out the community. >> reporter: in the u.s., prosthetic divisive are advanced and available, in her native, they are antiquated. he was told she couldn't be helped. here on long island she now has a left >> acrylic nails and custom painted. >> reporter: a body powered right arm. >> she can open and close the hand. lock and unlock the elbow to hold things. >> i have a life back. i'm thankful for everything. >> reporter: with that life she wants to help other women unable to break free of abuse. >> i want them to know, don't stay in any form of abusive relationship, it is going to
5:27 pm
this week to to giana, a proud survivor. >> the boyfriend was found dead weeks after the attack, he committed suicide. been called times square in the sky, is the brooklyn bridge promenade too crowded? a thief dangling from the ceiling, how he broke in to a store and made off later her grandson is heating up the pool at the rio olympics, meet the grandmother who is taking social media by storm with her tweets of
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some are calling it times square in the sky. brook whether i know bridge draws big crowds. a fresh facelift, is such a thing possible? >> on any given day, 10,000 pedestrians and more than 3000 cyclists use the brooklyn bridge and things can get crowded quick. >> the city heard complaints
5:31 pm
uses the pedestrian and bike paths on the brooklyn bridge, they will tell you, things can get a little hairy up here. >> people are constantly falling off the bikes. it gets bad. >> i have seen a few people get hit by bikes. >> reporter: the narrow lanes, hordes of people, 10,000 pedestrians on average weekday, 3500 cyclists a day, can make things a little too close for comfort. >> i don't bring my kids up hear in the summer, here in the summer. >> reporter: now comes word that could expand the bridge. new york city department of transportation commissioner says the city is commissioning a $370,000, 7- month study that explores expansions to the fame
5:32 pm
renderings like these show widening and expansion points including possible expansion over the bridge's girders, the fundamental challenge of all of this. >> is the engineering feasible, can we find a way to accommodate and come up with a design. >> reporter: nothing is set in stone results from the study will be available next year. trottenburg wouldn't offer insight on what such project like this might cost. change would be welcome. that almost anything would be better than this. >> brooklyn bridge is 133 years ocean and any proposed changes would require coordination with the land mark and preservation commission, those agencies are already work together. a charter school showdown in new jersey, parents in month claire don't want the proposed addition to the town. claiming a charter school would
5:33 pm
public school system. >> reporter: it's hard to believe it's almost back to school season. parents have been working hard to stop the state's approval of a charter school, they say will draw students away from a unique system that the town worked hard to build. >> month claire prides iter --mont claire prides itself on based on the idea that the schools are failing. that's just not the case. >> reporter: despite opposition by some parents along with the board of education, the mayor and town council. an application has moved to phase 2 of the approval process by the new jersey state board of ed. for a school of 250 students, kindergarten to 4th grade, a
5:34 pm
spanish as a core subject, taking 3 million-dollar away from public schools the first year. naacp says it may segregate students. >> we have a diverse high performing school system and believe a charter school would diminish that. >> reporter: with school options for science and technology, gifted and talented, stem, montessori this is near chestnut, parents say it's just not necessary. >> if a charter comes in, we will lose some of the amazing things we can offer our children. my children are studying mandrin. >> my school has a lot of creative and amazing arts. >> reporter: state board of education referred me to the founder of the chapter, darryl bogan, she confirms he is a parent in town but wouldn't comment on the application. we spoke to 20 residents who
5:35 pm
found no supporters for the charter schools. the final decision is expected on september 30th, if approved, the school could open next year. >> chaos outside of a restaurant in free port long island following a pop up concert by the rapper 50-cent. brawls erupted among the hundreds of people that gathered inside broco's restaurant along the mile. business owners say dozens of police officers responded to the out of control crowd. >> the bouncers are yelling get down, get down. they didn't know what was happening. the policemen were being chased by the bad guy, mayhem. >> two officers were injured after someone threw beer bottles at them, three payment were arrested. report with the state liquor bureau was filed against the business, the owner is not commenting. the nypd could use your
5:36 pm
this surveillance video shows the suspect, he cut through the roof of a $0.99 store in williamsburg and went to work and made off with more than $5200 in cash, plus electronics and medicine. a out of the box idea to combat a growing deer population gets thumbs down from new jersey's division of fish and wildlife. study published in the journal of conservation letters supports introduction of cougars to help reduce the population. researcher says the mauve could cut back on deer vehicle collisions and prevent thousands of injuries to people. oh fishes say it wouldn't work with such a dense population, the cougars would get too close
5:37 pm
president richard nixson announced intention to resign, becoming the first and only president in american history to do so. the end came when secret tapes revealed his involvement in the
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javier munos takes the almost a month since mirror randa stepped down as the show's star. >> munos took over the role and fans are fired up. >> reporter: javier munos is no stranger to theater, he worked with mirror randa on in the heights, he admits he was he istant about the show's concept. >> the first thing i thought,
5:41 pm
strange. i trust him. it was upon hearing the music it was clear this was going to be great. musical won 11 tony awards and he says it relates to the audience. >> we have touched upon something that i think audiences have been waiting for, for so long, diversity on stage. >> reporter: performed for president obama and didn't know beyonce and jay-z were in audience one night. don't know if i would have opened my mouth. >> reporter: the broadway star talks about being hiv positive and a cancer survive. >> my family is my support and my root. they are my everything. >> reporter: has the hamilton craze died out at all? >> no. no. >> it's going to be fabulous,
5:42 pm
>> i'm way excited to see it. >> reporter: publicists say the show sells out every performance, now that he is on board, and theater goers have the opportunity to sign up on line for the daily lottery where they have the chance to win two front row tickets to the show for $10. the ticket prices are still up there, for this evening's show, ticket master listed from 400-up to $2500. recrouprecuperating from surgery without pain meds. here is a look at what we are working on, in the cbs 2 newsroom, more of our exclusive interview with the former model
5:43 pm
times square. people living in this neighborhood say city bikes have taken over and this road, this street has been closed to traffic for 40 years, why this and why now?
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e cigarettes are banned to minors. they require photo id to buy e cigarettes. flavored tobacco is one reason the use by teenagers is skyrocketed. >> the elier a kid experiments with a nicotine product, the more lakely they will progress to regular use. vendors will get a warning letter if they are caught
5:47 pm
fines if it happens a second time. americans are in the middle of a prescription drug epidemic, especially narcotics or opioids. >> it often happens after surgery. dr. max gomez says there is an alternative for post op pain without narcotics. >> one of the best beach known volleyball players and won three gold medals and nike's first woman spokesperson on her knees. >> felt like metal on metal burning. >> reporter: it led to a knee replacement and took painkillers for two days. >> i'm respectful of the fact that they are addictive, so i thought, i'm as strong as i am and strong in my mind, i thought why temp faith.
5:48 pm
relief is needed. >> by the second and third days most patients can take over the counter prescription medication without the need for narcotics. >> reporter: a way to ease it is with a local anesthetic. this drug is encapsulated in tiny fat >> we can dramatically reduce the exposure. >> reporter: gabby is a paid spokesperson for anti opioid abuse campaign and website at plan against >> give the power to the patient. say, you have other options besides excruciating pain and opiates? they let you print out a questionnaire to discuss your concerns and pain relief options with your doctor before
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i won't prevent all addiction but empower patients to be their own advocate. go to for the website link. a bundle of joy brought in to the world with the help of two nypd officers in front of a brooklyn police station. the department posted the picture and matthew outside of precinct 62s saying her niece was in labor in the car. when they got, there they found out it was well past time for mom to push. mom and baby named nor are doing great.
5:50 pm
right guys. heat and storms coming in the forecast. it was a pretty picture perfect day. >> so far, so good. a good one tomorrow, what jessica is getting at, all bets are off, midweeks hot and sticky stuff. i'm going back behind me to the weather watcher wall. let's see who what happens to chitchat with us. ralph is out there, clouds out there, he is saying more clds humidity. that has been the key. ralph, give me a picture. the low halt is something we love this time of year. that's a big change, starting to spike by the time you get to midweek. 83 currently, partly sunny, such low humidity. the heat will return, the
5:51 pm
brings about heat index and by the end of this week, we are talking females like temperature in the inland areas, could be the triple digits for some of you. new york city will be the dividing line. eastern new york cooler and hot for everybody. the cooler spots will feel like 90, 95 degrees. we will be sweating again around here. what we are not sweating is strong high pressure system, giving us a good loo brighter picture than new york city and down around ocean county, more clouds now. it's going to be problem fee for the nighttime hours. down to the south, is the spin off the pan handle of florida. it's also keeping this from moving on shore, if this stays offshore, nobody is watching this but me. i worked in this area for a long time. i get suspicious when i watch something stalled offshore. potential to develop.
5:52 pm
for you. a look at what is off to the west. the rain chance and heat and humidity. the heat dome moves in, by the time we get to wednesday, let me show you how the numbers are going to come together. the rain chance comes back and the halt comes back and temperature goes up. 87 wednesday, thunderstorm chance back to the picture. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, it's a typical summer pattern with upper 80s and 90s. thunderstorm chance everyday. olympics creating a celebrity out of one proud grandmother. >> may vis williams, she gained a global following as hash tag olympic man. petety is representing britain she recollects has been posting about his achievement, including he broke this world
5:53 pm
breaststroke. >> i always say -- you are not disappointed, but he never disappoint med at all. >> she has more than 7000 followers. twitter knows to age. >> or boundaries. up next, skip the blue and the pink, parents are going gender neutral. at 6:00, more of the exclusive interview with the model caught naked in times
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blue for boys and pink for girls is becoming a thing of the past. neutral colors for their babies. >> reporter: pink. >> pretty for girls, rough and tough for boys. haleigh sees clothes as opportunity to shape their kids. woods tries to buy gender neutral clothes, a term gaining popularity. >> we need gender neutral clothing to start at this age,
5:57 pm
start dismantling sexism and all that stuff. it starts from this tiny building block. >> reporter: psychologist, jennifer, is the author of the book, princess recovery, says the key to not to put kids in gender specific boxes, from what they wear to what is expected of them. >> if we only look as girl as cute and pretty, we pin it can lead to depression and anxiety. it's not taking away the princesses and saying you must have a truck. >> reporter: frustrated parents that want more choices started their own small on line companies. courtney heartman created childrens clothing lines that defy gender norms. after getting tired of seeing the same things over and over again. >> the slogan tees in the boys
5:58 pm
mommy's little monster, tough like dad by. >> reporter: she is hoping designs will give parents more options to chase away the clothing blues. >> several major retailers like kohls, baby gap and target offer gender neutral baby shopping options on their website. tell higs side, it was a medical episode that changed this man's life, now the model and columbia university student opens up about his diagnosis. drivers scramble to avoid a car going the wrong way on i-287, west chester, but a dot worker risks his life to avoid
5:59 pm
the city rolled in the city bikes on a dedicated play street. neighbors they they don't need it. cbs 2 demanding answers tonight at 6:00. good evening, i'm dana tyler, chris mcclain shut down times square in june. he was dancing naked and taunting police for an hour before jumping three stories to ali about what led to the meltdown. >> reporter: runway model and columbia university student, mcclain is used to weening being the public eye. nothing could have prepared him for the gaze of thousands during his manic episode of paranoia. >> i felt there were tons of
6:00 pm
now that he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, he is trying to make sense of his actions and remembers everything that days and walked me through the painstaking hours of terror. >> i felt alone and scared. i didn't want to involve my family. >> reporter: walking to his apartment singing to soothe his anxiety, he felt advertisements were urminging him to strip tried cleaning up the litter. he did not trust the police officers approaching. >> pigeons came and they excreted on to a police officer. i took taas a sign of wows the animals are protecting me. i can't trust that he is


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