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tv   Today  NBC  March 16, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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it. that's the way she is now. she'll sing for us a little bit later. >> she sings about her girls, her husband. then you never know what to >> love him. >> with his son daniel to tell us about a new season of their hit show. we cannot say the name. it's like up -- creek. that's where they live. >> it's starting the second season but they've been renewed for season three. >> really? >> yes. >> was that in the notes? jill is coming up, too with her shopping bags. all the stuff to make your life easier like a travel backpack. you can go anywhere you want. >> how cute is our jill. >> she's perfect. i hate her. >> words of wisdom. >> namaste. >> i want to hold you because you're my person. >> this is a good sign having a
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it means we have tried for something. this is a good sign having a broken heart -- >> probably how jojo feels. >> elizabeth gilbert from "eat, pray love." >> jojo does. >> jojo is on the prowl for her new -- >> no man is safe. >> no man is safe. last night on "the voice" they do the battle rounds. those have been continuing. some of the best parts are when contestants get to meet these iconic singers. the one helping. >> the mentors. >> two singers from team christina got to meet the one and only patti labelle. >> i'm glad they knew who she was. sometimes these young kids have no idea. >> they admired her. >> they were asked to sing this patti labelle song "lady marmalade" for their blind audition. imagine singing to her that song. and christina who also sang that song. >> let's take a look at what
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>> today gave me so much confidence and there's no option to go home. >> they made both me and patti's heart just sing. i just pray that one of the guys saves the other half here because these girls are no joke. >> we haven't done that since the grammys. >> i know. girls? >> pinch me. i'm not really here. i'm not in kansas anymore. >> in the middle of the song, that's what they were singing. >> both ladies did survive and are still in the competition. adele is on her world tour.
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they are in a big arena but they are intimate between her and the audience. there was a couple together for 12 years. and they love one of adele's songs. they've been together but they are not engaged or -- love." >> and she noticed something was going on in the audience. >> a proposal was going on. >> take a look at what she did. >> did you just get engaged? did you?
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>> this is our song. >> that was -- >> i have no idea what she was saying, but i loved hearing it. just so darn loveable. >> i can't believe that. they'll never forget that. okay, which brings up the topic of engagement rings. >> i'm sure people are noticing that i'm not wearing my -- everybody looks at that sort of thing. when i went in the dead sea, they tell you to take off all of your jewelry because it can be horrible. so i haven't put it back on yet. >> so do you think and this is a question for everybody. do you think the size of the engagement ring matters? that is not what i meant. do you think it does? do you think it matters?
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>> changeis that a bad word? >> change the vowel and it would have been. >> buy a vowel. >> so some people, some guys believe it is a symbol of how much they -- how much love they want to show to their fiance. and some women believe it shows how much their man loves them. how big is the rock, you know? >> maybe those kinds of things mean something at the beginning. i remember when frank asked me to marry him when we were in atlantic city at the trump plaza -- >> pause for a moment there. >> and he takes out this gorgeous 5 carat emerald cut ring. just blindingly beautiful. and i just took one look at it. can i go show my parents. so i left him sitting there. went to my parents. then years later it was stolen. and i remember thinking, the only thing that was sad is i wanted to give it to cassidy some day.
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and we walked in and he said anything you want. >> wow. >> and i went, i want that simple little teeny band over there. that's all i want. and, you know, by that time, after about 15, 16 years of marriage -- >> you didn't care about that stuff. >> uh-uh. >> i agree with that. >> no, no, no. >> the average cost, by the way -- >> how about you, hoda? >> you know what's funny? when i was proposed to in the buggy in central park -- >> on valentine's day. >> whatever. when i was proposed to, i didn't look -- i didn't notice the ring. i really didn't notice it. >> i believe that. >> i wasn't so -- >> you aren't into stuff. >> i'm not into stuff. >> now you're not into him at all. it worked out well. >> and average engagement ring runs almost $6,000 according to "the >> i've always been about terra firma.
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people, it means something, that's great. god bless you. but i always wanted a house. give me a house. i didn't want a big wedding. i'd take the money you'd spend on all of that and put it toward your life together. >> yes. i totally agree. a study from the university of colorado in boulder that says people buy gifts that are symbols much their love, they almost always overspend. i love you so much. here's something i can't afford. all righty then. >> it's not fun when we agree. >> by the way -- >> even when you were gone, i lost the winebot. >> you did? >> i have not won the winebot. that's what we do when we disagree on something and see whose line fills up faster. >> i've lost it every single time with you and once when you were away. >> so sad. here's good news for mariah carey fans. she's going to be on a reality show. it is kind of a docuseries. it's going to air on e! .
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>> it is mariah's world and we just live in it. she's going to be giving her world tour and also planning her wedding. and she's also raising her twins. i'm kind of surprised. she seems to be at a good place now emotionally and -- i personally would want to just keep it nice and tight and close to the vest after you've been through all of that. keep something sake red at home. >> she seems like a little bit of a perfectionist. she likes control over things. maybe she has control over what is put out and what isn't. it seems like it's a little risky. >> oh, yeah. she's going to be on e! right? >> we have a hump day hunk. alexander scarsgard. >> oh, my goodness. >> what? he's tarzan. >> a film coming up called "the legend of tarzan." >> yes. >> the rain, isn't there something extra that that adds?
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>> wet and standing outside. >> me, tarzan. >> speaking of tarzan -- >> we love this. >> this is one of our favorite commercials. is it ggeico? >> we're going to play this because it makes us laugh. >> i think we should have taken a left at the river. >> no, tarzan. >> tarzan doesn't know where tarzan go. >> do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? >> no, no, me tarzan. jane of jungle. >> if you are a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save 15% or more on car insurance, it's what you do. >> do you have to do that right in my ear? >> perfect. from movies to tv and broadway, you'd think rita wilson has done it all. one thing she's never tried until you. right after this. she's a party machine.. i know. it's awesome.
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she's an actress, singer, producer and mother to tom hanks. now you can add songwriter. she is also a cancer survivor. it's been about a year since her breast cancer diagnosis. she has come back stronger than ever with a new self-titled album, and i had a chance to talk to her all about it. >> i see you in a lot of settings. at events, with your husband, acting. i feel like you are the most joyful i ever see you when you are sing with a microphone in your hand. there's something that happens to your face and -- >> i love it so much. maybe it's because when you go through some kind of health issues or anything like that, you are just so happy to be doing the things you love to do that i get such complete joy out of music, i feel how amazing it is to do something like this now in my life and just kind of not care. you want to do a good job but you try not to care about what
10:14 am
about you on the internet or something. >> your views have been great. i read one in rolling stone and one in "the new york times." you also collaborated on writing these songs with songwriters. this is a lot of your heart and soul. you aren't reading someone's material. >> when you write a song it's really who you are, truthfully, and you are so exposed when you sit in the room with these wonderful songwriters. you are humbled by their talent but you have to be prepared to dig deep and that's what makes the situation so rewarding and satisfying. >> there's a song you write "every day." >> i wrote that with christian bush of sugarland. >> it's about you and tom. >> how you fall in love with the little things about someone. >> every single day. >> maybe other people wouldn't notice but you would. >> you had health issues like a year ago. almost a year ago this month --
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>> -- you had your surgery. is it still one of the first things you think about. >> it's not one of the first things i think about. one is how grateful i am that i'm here and that i caught it early and had a second opinion on my pathology. and how lucky i am to be here and living life every day. but it does occur to me that it's the fact of life that happened to you so there have been things i changed five glasses of alcohol max per week, which i do. and i was like, really, at this age i have to start cutting down? okay. fine. exercise is very important. but like really you wake up every day just being thankful for that day because it could have been a different story. >> you learn so much more after facing that with tom. >> you completely do. like you never know how someone is going to react in a situation but i felt that we were actually got closer during that period of
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like we still laughed at things and watched movies and, you know, you could still find humor in things. it wasn't all doom and gloom. >> your songs are awesome. are you going on the road? going on tour? >> going on the road. >> you are going on the road. where are we going? >> first of all, we're going to have so much fun on the road. i'm doing all these live shows across the country. i'm going on a bus with my band. we're hitting a lot of places so check has all the tour dates. i'm just excited. >> we were talking about how joyful she is. she's going to sing her song "girls night in" coming up next. then add fun to your life while adding function. >> the scoop on the coolest gadgets to make your life easy why are after this. >> she would. because there's nothing like a great meal with the family except maybe another great meal with the family buy one take one
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the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented by citi. >> actress and singer rita wilson making her debut as a songwriter on her latest self-titled album. >> get up on your feet. here she is singing one of her catchy new songs "girls night in." hey hey turn up the beat kick uppior heels
10:21 am
all of my girls are turning their wheels round hell of a day i need a night to get crazy nobody here to tell us to act like ladies hey ladies come on, come on and break up free no cover charge drinks on me which one you want it's no sense it's a girls night in come on, come on crank it up shake what you got it's just us it's all the way to do it it's a girls night in all of the guys are driving around racking up miles on the beat not gonna find us hanging downtown disco balls and a good buzz we got our own little night home come on, come on and break up free
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drinks on me which one you want it's no sense it's a girls night in come on, come on crank it up it's all the way to 2:00 a.m. it's a girls night in it's a girls night out let's go and shout it it's just us we'll do it loud turn it up all my ladies hell of a day i need a night to get crazy nobody here to tell us to act like ladies hey ladies come on, come on break up free no cover charge drinks on me which one you want it makes no sense
10:23 am
come on, come on crank it up shake what you got it's just us it's alm the way to 2:00 a.m. it's a girls night in it's a girls night in it's a girls night in >> yeah! "girls night in." we're heading up the creek without a paddle. >> yeah, because -- >> eugene and daniel levy are always full of surprises. >> and we hope the luck of the irish is on your side when you play "who knew" along with our
10:24 am
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i'm ben thompson. today former charlotte mayor patrick cannon will be back in the queen city today, to face a mecklenburg county judge. he's been in prison since november 20-14. nbc charlotte richard devayne joins us live -- richard, what time is cannon expected to appear? tune in for charlotte today coming up at 11, then nbc chalrotte is
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then nbc chalrotte is back at noon.
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>> it's winesday wednesday, otherwise known as st. patrick's day eve. we want to have a game of "who knew." hoda is with the crowd. ready to hand out 100 bucks to those who get it right and those who do not, that person gets a signed copy of her book, which is awesome. here with me is collin hammel, the irish artistic director of an irish theater in boston. >> pints for breakfast. >> we're going to go right over to hoda. >> what's your name? where are you from? >> linda from oakridge, tennessee. which city has been dyeing its river green for st. patrick's day for more than 50 years? a, chicago, b, milwaukee or c, cincinnati? >> chicago. >> 1 $00. >> what do 3 >> corned beef or cabbage? >> corned beef. >> wrong answer. >> it is cabbage. >> it's the irish dish. >> corned beef and cabbage. very inexpensive and easy to make. back in the day we weren't the best cooks in the world. >> didn't have all the money in the world. >> but now it's a deftination. people glokflock to ireland for the great food. >> we have time for one more? >> i hope so. you're getting the book. before we do the next one, just look around the store. look how many people are in this store. look over there. it's like -- it's crazy. it's crazy, crazy packed. all right. what's your name? >> taylor.
10:32 am
>> knoxville, tennessee. go bulls! >> here we go. ready? >> which one of these actors was not born in ireland? >> liam neeson, michael fassbender or jonathan rhys meyers. >> b. >> b? is she right? >> she is right. >> fassbender was born in germany but his mother was from northern ireland. they raised him in ireland. a lot of great actors. "star wars" is made in ireland. ireland. >> it's a beautiful country. times. one more, hoda. >> you kids should not know this but i'll ask you anywhere. this may be a question for your dad. ready? how many pints of guinness are consumed worldwide on st. patrick's day. is it 5 million, 13 million or
10:33 am
5 million, 13 million or 24 million? >> c. >> c, 24 -- >> so sad. you get my book. pints. and there are 80 million people in the world with irish passports. what we really want is to have 80 million pints of guinness drank. >> wonderful thing to hope for. it's life changing. >> 13 million pints, the equivalent two of olympic size swimming pools full of guinness. >> it's not enough! boy, are we lucky because we have this comedy dream team here.
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almost got caught. >> almost got caught. eugene levy is here with daniel levy. comedy royalty known for his work in "best in show." >> i think my favorite of all time. >> definitely. >> plus the "american pie" franchise where he played jim's hilarious dad. daniel is following in his dad's footsteps as the star of their hit pop tv show. it's called [ bleep ] creek where they share a little
10:39 am
take a look. >> if you need money, i can give you money. >> well, thank you, david. oh, my god. what are you doing? >> i was trying to give you a hug. >> i get the gesture. >> let's just leave it. >> all right. >> so congratulations. it's a hit. it's been picked up for the third season. >> you have been so supportive of us. >> it's such a thrill to be here, by the way. >> isn't it? >> we are huge fans here. >> talk about that scene. you do a lot of the writing and you are the great improviser. what was going on. was that scripted or all you? what was happening? >> in our room we had a funny premise about what would happen
10:40 am
and the seat belt snags. the scene was written around the gag and turned out to be this very awkward, lovely moment that just doesn't work out. >> so the high-five was improvise improvised. came in at the end and he responded beautifully by ignoring me. >> what's the relationship like in real life? >> it's great. i mean, listen, it's -- well -- >> to get to come to work every day with your family is like an amazing thing. >> what happens when you disagree on something, or does that ever happen? >> a lot of fist fights. >> it gets physical. no, believe it or not, we haven't had like a lot of disagreements. i don't think we've had any. this show is in dynamic hands here. it's great. i don't think -- >> i think it helps when -- the reason the show has sort of moved along so smoothly is because we share a very similar
10:41 am
like the comedy of it -- so any disagreements or discrepancies are always resolved -- >> the older person usually gets his way. >> that's the way it should be. your daughter is also in the cast, right? >> my daughter, sarah, yes. >> nepotism is alive and really doing well. >> yeah. yeah. >> some people might have a problem with it. hoda does. i don't. i believe keep a family together. >> anybody in your family that's not funny and not talented? >> no. >> my wife deb, that is a fact. >> why isn't she on the show? >> she's not in front of the camera. she has since she had a grade three play and forgot her lines, she's always had this thing about being on the stage. >> can we play a family game? so since you guys are starring,
10:42 am
we're going to show you some characters. this is the first one. take a look. who are these people? what show is this? >> oh, that would be the "brady bunch." >> do you know the people? >> the kids and the dad. >> all right. next one up. and go. >> "seinfeld." >> who are the people? >> george costanza and -- >> his dad. >> let's do rapid fire. >> "the munsters." >> freddy munster and his dad. >> eddie. >> all right. ready, go. >> "growing pains." >> no. >> michael j. fox and his dad. oh, wow. >> i can't remember either.
10:43 am
>> hold on. here's one you both will know. >> simpsons. homer and bart. >> why did you know those two of all the ones? >> the longest running ever. >> by the way -- >> in history. >> 3 of 3. congratulations. >> we were both nominated for best actor for the canadian screen awards that we just had. >> that's not as important as the fact that -- >> it's the first time in the history of the entertainment business. >> that's fantastic. >> that a father and son have been nominated in the category. >> oh, nice. congratulations. >> in a way only a dad can brag about. >> it wasn't so obvious. >> we love you guys. come back again when you're on -- season two of "[ bleep ] creek" premieres tonight. flying off somewhere from spring break?
10:44 am
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okay. you never know what you'll find when you dig into jill's shopping bag. today our friend and contributor jill martin has brought along a bevy of fun things. >> i like when you say bevy. >> what do you have? >> gadgets that can change your life. warm these up with your hands. all you need is your hand and there's some potion inside. >> no, no, don't open. that's unsafe. there's some potion inside. and it's a heated scooper. when ice cream is really cold you can scoop it out. so that makes it heated. >> smart. >> so that's $19.99. >> now this is a spigot. you put it in a large fruit. >> it's the cutest.
10:50 am
do you remember from "dirty dancing." and the spigot is in here and you go like this and it becomes watermelon juice. >> where does the juice come from? >> did you juice it and then put it in there? >> yeah. >> i love it, jill. >> and now we're coming over here. this is from sharper image. it's a 360-degree mirror. if you want to see the back of your hair like an updo or whatever is going on, you look over there and -- >> i see jill? >> i can see -- >> you can see the back of your has. >> i don't know. >> 360 degrees. >> unbelievable. >> when you have it -- when you see everything you got kind of thing. >> so that's that. if you'll take a seat. >> okay.
10:51 am
are speakers there. bluetooth. >> finally some real music. >> thank you, jill. >> it's over? the song is over? >> bluetooth but the speakers are here. your guests can control their own music. >> it's genius. >> take a seat and pretend we're on an airplane. if you go to an airplane you know you're limited. so this vest it's a wearable carry-on. and i keep everything in here. a whole carry-on. that way i get two carry-ones in one. i get everything in my vest. >> it looks a little suspect. >> yeah. >> but, no, it's not suspect. but everything is in here. so that way i get -- >> did you pack your thong? >> yeah, it's up here. two carry-ones. everything here and everything in the vest.
10:52 am
>> this thing is fabulous. so this thing has a battery inside and you can charge your computer. it gives you 20 hours of extra charge time. >> jill, thank you. >> we are back in a moment.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
>> she looks adorable in that. we've got some fun friends with us today. auction winners are here, steve, nancy and devon from rehoboth beach. also, kristin, dave and sage escalante. just precious. so glad you're here with us. >> sage, we're wearing your little pin. the little sparrow. we're on the journey with you. >> tell us what your organization is? >> it's not really an organization but it's just what the swallows mean to me and my journey with cancer.
10:56 am
swallow comes in once a year and it's a big deal. the swallows represent my journey. >> you are a lovely girl here with your lovely parents. >> tomorrow we're celebrating st. paddy's day. >> a performance by river dance and celtic thunder. >> plus we'll get cooking. >> doesn't get more irish than john goodman and fabio. >> fabio isn't irish? >> we had to mix it up, all
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
bye. this is an nbc news special report. here's matt lauer and savannah guthrie. >> good morning, everyone. 11:00 on the east coast. 8:00 a.m. on the west coast. this is an nbc news special report. here is what we're expecting in a moment. president obama will announce his nominee to fill the supreme court vacancy created by the death of justice antonin scalia. >> it'll happen in the white house rose garden and it'll be merrick garland, a 63-year-old chief judge of the u.s. court of appeals to the d.c. circuit. oversaw the oklahoma city bombing in the unabomber cases. and a long-time judge on the federal bench.
11:00 am
it's an election year. senate republicans vowed to block any nomination that comes from the president. we're going to talk about the pick with chuck todd in a moment. first, let's bring in nbc justice correspondent pete williams. what do we know about him, and what message is the president sending with this pick? >> the message is that he's trying to make it harder for senate republicans to oppose someone who is not only well-liked but has a good reputation in town and a wide breadth of experience. we expect, matt and savannah, to hear from judge garland when the ceremony begins. that's the usual tradition here. the white house is already saying he has more federal judicial experience than any other supreme court nominee in history. >> pete, that brings me to chuck. certainly, the white house is trying to put senate republicans who vowed to not even bring any nominee up for a vote in a tighter spot, in an election year. saying, this is a this is the best you're going to get. >> third time he's been vetted


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