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tv   The Now Cincinnati  ABC  February 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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a slick day on tri-state roads -- and it's not over yet. our team is tracking more snow and falling temps in the coming hours. a bizarre sight at the banks-- when a crane gets stuck mid-air. we're are there now-- as construction crews try to get it back on the ground. right now -- a construction crane that collapsed has been returned to its correct position!a crane *collapsed onto the third deck of the parking garage on race street this afternoon.nobody was hurt but city officials are giving us more insight into what happened.and we're going to get you those details in just a few minutes. but first we want to get you caught up with the weather. weather.a *9 first warning weather alert day still in effect because we saw a lot of snow today and there is more
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several hours.oh -- and some really cold temperatures are in our future too. too.we have live team coverage for you here on the now briana harper keeps an eye on the troubles drivers have been battling, steve raleigh is tracking what's still to come.we start with him and a look at your forecast.steve? 3-8 pm - scattered snow showers will develop again, dropping down visibilities, quickly covering our roads and causing more travel woes. it won't be as widespread as this morning but it's still going to impact the evening rush. snow squalls will be possible in this time. so a good reason to still be in the "alert day" status.tonight - snow should be much lighter and we won't see as much accumulating overnight. the hope is that we can end the alert day. steve will be in this afternoon to
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the now's briana harper has been outside, monitoring area roads all day.briana -- what have you seen? that's right if you travel along highway avenue here in covington you'll definitely want to be cautious.neighbors tell me this hill combined
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winter weather can be treacherous. the driver of this car learned that lesson the hard way.early this morning crews responded to this overturned car off highway avenue.the result of the driver losing control as the car traveled downhill, flipping over the guardrail and landing on its's a situation neighbors in the area say is all too familiar. joey alegrett// lives along highway ave"they don't think about that curve but that curve can be dangerous. i've slid on that curve-- i haven't had an accident knock on wood but it's bad."the condition of that driver has not yet been says its situations like this that drivers can avoid if they play it safe.cheryl parker// aaa spokesperson"it can't be you have to drive for the conditions, use your speed wisely."other winter weather driving tips include allowing enough follow distance between cars, don't brake and turn at the same time--that can cause your tires to lose traction and avoid cruise control."ohio is in the top 5 for winter weather traffic fatalities
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too many, one is too many."but with hopes for safer driving prevention is key."slow down i mean we're in a residential zone it is a highway, it is highway avenue but it is a residential zone there are kids on this street." i just put in a call to triple- a in the last half hour and i'm told so far today they've responded to ______ service calls. the company is encouraging drivers to pick up pamphlets like this one. they're available at any aaa location providing a handy reference on how to safely drive in ice and snow. reporting live briana harper the now cincinnati. safety inspectors trying to figure out what caused a crane accident that happened this morning at the we mentioned -- crews got to work just a little big ago returning it upright.all work at the site has stopped until
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happened.monarch construction's president talked exclusively with 9 on your side scott wegener about the investigation. while it isn't too difficult to see what happened to this crane at one of the banks' construction sites, it may be some time before we find out why. "there's an investigation underway to determine what caused the crane to tip over."it's called a rough terrian crane, rented from maxim crane works, capable of lifting 75 tons. apparently, the crane operator was a monarch construction employee, *not* supplied by maxim. we can see that the boom crumpled while extended to its maximum reach of one hundred and twenty six feet.the jib cantilevered against the side the parking garage, lifting the vehicle completely off the ground."it is fortunate no one has been hurt."three stories below, one of the crane's stabilizing legs appears to have buckled. cincinnati city manager harry black says the crane was
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when it tipped over.inspectors from the city and osha met up with safety teams from monarch and messer construction to get on top of what made this crane go bottom the banks for wegener. there's no word yet when work will resume at the site. breaking news -- the hamilton county prosecutor has just approved upgraded charges against the woman accused of killing a bicyclist about a week ago.people around the tri-state have mourned the death of michael prater -- even setting up a ghost bike at the location where he was hit on u.s. 52 in anderson. melinda woodall now faces nearly a half dozen charges including two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide. investigators say she was on drugs at the time of the crash and never stopped. we got our first reports of zika near the tri-state today. officials in both ohio and indiana announced confirmed cases.the patients did not contract the virus here-- here--in fact- both had reportedly just returned from
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say that now that someone has tested positive, planning is underway to make sure the state is ready before mosquito season. so when you hear that zika is here in the ohio and indiana -- it can be scary.but the centers for disease control say there are some things to remember. remember.there isn't any proof zika can be transmitted through casual contact. contact.and outside of a few cases -- most americans who have contracted the virus got it while in another country. country.there is a travel alert issued for anyone with plans to travel to parts of the world where zika is spreading through mosquitoes. that includes puerto rico, the u.s. virgin islands and brazil. there are concerns that mosquitos with the virus could show up in the u-s later this year ... causing more the c-d-c just moved its emergency operations center to the highest level... in order to prepare.the only other times a "level one" activation has happened are with ebola, h-1-n-1 in 2009... and after hurricane katrina.
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his car is hit by two trains! thankfully officers pulled him from his truck just before that second train collided! collided!timothy mccollough is doing okay especially when you think about what nearly happened to him.his jeep was left a mess of metal.officials tell us mccollough slid into one train on an icy crossing. as officials were trying to help him out they got word another train was on the way and wasn't slowing down.coming up on 9 on your side at six -- tom mckee is going to have dash cam video of the rescue and you'll hear mccollough's call for help. right now... voters in new hampshire are making their voices heard.. with the first presidential primary in the nation.but how much does what new hampshire has to say about the candidates ... actually matter?the now's todd walker is in manchester ... where voters admit that their picks aren't always going to be the nominees. the people get a lot of individual attention from the
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political experts we talked to said the biggest thing new hampshire does is weed out candidates. it's widely expected to see more drop-outs from the race after today.. as new hampshire has its say.*pkg full=for the last couple of weeks new hampshire has been the center of the political universe.. but this morning.. past all the campaign signs.. there was a point where that didn't matter anymore..when new hampshire primary voters stepped into the voting booth.. they got one of the first says in this presidential race.. something many took to heart..1:12:22 i think new hampshire matters and i think we help set the trend for the rest of the country :26 1:20:43 the tradition of the new hampshire primary is very unique :47it is a small state that gets a lot of attention for its choice for president..1:20:47 the fact is we're not looking for influence :49 people here are looking to engage civically they're looking to weed these candidates out :56 1:15:09 the concerns of the people of new hampshire may not be the same as in the big urban areas but at least all of the ideas and issues get out on the table :19so how often do the choices made here actually turn into a candidate becoming the nominee?1:22:17 for quite some time we did have this saying always first always right :21the track record isn't the best over the last few decades..-gfx--since 1980, the winner of the new hampshire primary has gone on to win the republican primary 3 out of 5 times..for the
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of 6 primary winners got the party's nominationthey are proud to cast their vote.. 1:20:58 this is the only place in the nation where you can ask a question and a follow up question of a candidate 1:21:05 and for just a while.. be the center of the political universe. ohio governor john kasich needs a strong showing in today's primary ..his campaign for the g-o-p nomination chose to 'skip' a hard push in iowa ... where he got less than two percent in the caucus... instead he focused his efforts on getting out the vote in new hampshire. kasich has said previously that if he, quote, "gets smoked" in the granite state ... he'll wrap up his campaign.if early results hold, though ... his time on the trail won't end the tiny town of 'dixville notch,' voters were the first in new hampshire to cast their ballots at midnight ... and kasich took the republican nod
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with kentucky's rand paul out of the presidential race -- some of his top supporters are now backing *marco rubio. rubio.according to rubio's campaign -- about two dozen state lawmakers who had first backed paul, are now pledging support to rubio.kentucky will hold a caucus next month instead of it's traditional primary.the change was made so paul could run for president and remain on the ballot for his senate seat, which he is defending against democratic mayor jim gray. ohio will still hold is primary next month -- but the deadline to register if you haven't already is in just a week. here is what you need to know. you need to register to vote by february 16th.board of elections offices will be open until nine p.m. that night so you have extra time.or you can register online at the secretary of state's website. and this is another day to remember -- february 17th. that's the day absentee voting will start for the primary election... which will be held march 15th.
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reasonable right now?we have some good news that might just have you saving even more when you fill low prices could just go. and you're looking live at mardi gras celebrations underway right now in the big easy.but believe it or not -- fat tuesday isn't the only thing people are celebrating today. "there's a national holiday for just about everything, and on fat tuesday, the choices are aplenty. the big qiuestion
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right behind me -- is a live look at mardi gras underway now in new is also *fat tuesday that's the annual tradition to indluge just before christians observe the lenten season.but the now's andy choi shows us how the day falls on a few other high-calorie celebrations. :00-:05 $:42-:47choi "as if fat tuesday wasn't fat enough, this national day of gluttony
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food-related holidays. so what's on the mardi gras menu? ohhh thinking 3,000 if not more that's 3,000 paczkis hot off the shelves at royal bakery, all to celebrate paczki day. the traditional polish before lent a fried, doughy, sweet celebration. 14.25"every fat tuesday, go to the store and get some paczkis. ever since i remember."19.33"mix, bake, boil them. fresh every morning. so we make them fresh every day."don't forget to make room for national bagel day. the good folks at dudleroy's bagels say it's the ultimate meal under five bucks. 23.31"happy national bagel day.""cheers to that." "mmm i'm just gonna stretch it, toss it out a little bit"and if you're still hungry, cosmo's pizza can help you celebrate national pizza day. 35.40"you got any tums?"and that just might send that new year's resolution right over the edge.31.27"that's right, this is probably around the
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[laughs]."23.51"how do you not eat all these at work?""well i do have a belly so i kind of do!"34.56"good slice""good slice""pizza cheers"36.14"so whether it's pizza, bagels, or paczki, remember this. keep all things in moderation. including moderation. diet starts tomorrow. i'm andy choi for the now mmm." some of the most popular mardi gras meals also include gumbo, jambalaya bread pudding, and of course... king cake! remember the days of one dollar gas?they could be coming back.9 on your side's carol williams is here with the good news for your wallet. wallet. this is really good news for us, and our family and friends across the country.
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indiana, kansas and michigan are among the states seeing the lowest gas prices in more than 12 years.and it's not just the midwest.prices are down double digits in every state except hawaii from last month. the national average is now at 1-72 a can see how that compares as far back as 20-13.check out how much lower prices are now.we're actually seeing the cheapest gas we've seen across the country since early 2009. so how long could these low prices last?triple-a says demand for gas typically starts increasing this month... and reaches its peak in august.that means typically prices are higher during those seven months.but that may not be the case this year.both gas and crude oil supplies are at record levels right now. so triple-a says that means prices may stay low for you longer than thing that could change that is if refineries decide to shut down and do maintenance because
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3-8 pm - scattered snow showers will develop again, dropping down visibilities, quickly covering our roads and causing more travel woes. it won't be as widespread as this morning but it's still going to impact the evening rush. snow squalls will be possible in this time. so a good reason to still be in the "alert day" status.tonight - snow should be much lighter and we won't see as much accumulating overnight. the hope is that we can end the alert day. steve will be in this afternoon to
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some of your favorite candy -- is getting a little healthier. healthier.the change that might just make you feel less
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some of the most colorful candy in the world is going natural.we're talking candy like m-and-m's and skittles. "mars incorporated" just announced it's getting rid of all artificial colors from all of the candy, chocolate, gum, food and drinks it'll take five years to make all the changes."mars" makes more than 50 popular brands that also include snickers, twix
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mean m-and-m's will end up shades of beige? mars say it's working to find natural alternatives so it can keep making the quote, "vibrant, fun colors" we expect. target made headlines last year when it dropped the boys and girls signs from its toy aisle. its going gender- neutral with its bedroom sets for kids. these are images from the can see there are still some pinks and blues.but they're switching fairy princesses for more neutral images like trees and says they're making the change after hearing from customers. *casey anthony -- the woman acquitted in the 2008 death of her daughter, caylee -- may be planning to open her own photography business. business.newly uncovered documents show anthony has rented space just feet from the water in west palm beach. the building is owned by the man she hired to prove her innocence back when caylee vanished.anthony filed the application last november with plans to open january first. but a facebook page she appeared to have launched for
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taken down and paperwork with either. you count on your car seat to keep your child safe.but could risk anyway? anyway?why your child's coat could be keeping their seat what you can do about it. and ... what's only nine days away?here's a clue ... mister redlegs and rosie red are revved up and ready ... along with the road crew at great american ballpark!we're
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welcome back to the now cincinnati... the big headline today has been the snow snowwe'll still see some flurries as we head into the evening hoursbut that's not all right steve? steve? 3-8 pm - scattered snow showers will develop again, dropping down visibilities, quickly covering our roads and causing more travel woes. it won't be as widespread as this morning but it's still going to impact the evening rush. snow squalls will be possible in this time. so a good reason to still be in the "alert day" status.tonight - snow should be much lighter and we won't see as much accumulating overnight. the hope is that we can end the alert day. steve will be in this afternoon to
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with these cold temperatures - - you know slick roads may be a factor.make sure you catch *good morning tri-state.the chris, kathrine and jennifer will have the latest conditions, cancellations and delays, along with traffic issues you might face. many states have mandatory
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laws.for example -- in ohio, children have to use at least a booster seat until they are eight years old or four feet, nine inches tall.and while those safety seats save young may be making a mistake that's putting them at risk in the winter months.9 on your side consumer reporter john matarese with that about it. it. you may have seen reports recently about the danger for children who wear puffy winter coats while buckled in their car seats.a lot parents have shared the warning on facebook in recent months. consumer reports says it is a real concern, but there are easy ways to keep your child safe. with the help of 5-month-old ben, we can show you a quick way to check if your child's coat is too big and bulky to wear under the car-seat harness.ben is put in his snowsuit and properly secured him into his car seat so there was no slack in the harness straps. then his coat is
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the straps really are. (sot: emily thomas)"so really, the snowsuit added this extra frontal crash, all this extra room means that there's so much space for ben to be able to ride up, and for his head to be outside the protection of his shell, which means he could have a head injury." injury."you can use the same test for bigger kids too.but how can you keep your child safe and warm in the car? for a baby, consumer reports recommends first securing them into the seat and then putting a blanket on top of the harness. along with those tips, consumer reports suggests you periodically go to a car-seat checkup event to make sure your seat is properly installed. a michigan mom was concerned about coat dangers so she designed something called "the warm me."we checked it out. it's essentially a double-lined fleece poncho
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you put your child in the car seat, you flip up the back of the warm-me, then open the front to secure the straps and then close comes with little pockets in the front for the kids to their hands warm. allison o'rourke | founder of "the warmme": "it's way more convenient, trying to carry coats and hats and children and purses and diaper bags out to the car, it's just too much of the hassle. i just put it right on here, i don't have a coat and a blanket, i just have the warmme." warmme."if you'd like to learn more about "the warm me".. you can find information online. this is what a more than 4- trillion dollar budget looks like. president obama's proposal arrived today for lawmakers to check would increase taxes by more than 2-trillion dollars over the next decade. the budget includes boosting retirement accounts, fighting the opioid epidemic, and investing in alternative transportation projects to deal with global warming. the republican-controlled
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the budget without approving the entire thing.but they may not even do that because president obama will be out of office less than four months into the budget year. a middletown high school student is arrested for threatening to kill any african americans who show up to class later this week. week.middletown police chief rodney muterspaw addressed the situations online today.he says the student was arrested and has been taken out of school.police say he acted alone.parents were notified by the principal through a voicemail. now -- an update on the contaminated water woes right here in ohio.the ohio village of sebring, near youngstown, tested positive for lead just like flint, michigan. tests from the epa found high levels of lead in eleven of the 180 homes that voluntarily submitted samples.all together about 30 homes with lead levels over federal standards have been found.the ohio epa says it is working with the village leaders to find a solution. this should be a welcome sight for baseball fans's mister red legs and rosie red ... helping load up the truck
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road crews are getting geared up at great american ball park's just 'nine days' until the reds pitchers and catchers report at spring training in goodyear, arizona ... and fifty four days until 'opening day' in cincinnati!the truck rolls out tomorrow morning and is due down south on saturday. the nfl changing *which players are eligible for some pretty big events.the changes its making all in the name of zero tolerence. before contemplating the many choices
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one must calm the mind in our zen garden. focus. the garlic double steakburger meal. reflect. the taco salad meal. zen the original double 'n cheese steakburger meal. oh! the $4 menu. where all meals are under $4.
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"we are the champions" champions"a sea of orange and blue in downtown denver this afternoon...hundreds of thousands of people packed into the civic center area... to celebrate the broncos' super bowl victory.before this huge rally... the team and the lombardi trophy made their way through the streets of denver in a parade.this is the 3-rd time the broncos have won the super bowl.and their first win since 19-99. so this is the part of the newsroom where our sports team -- led by john popovich --
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your favorite sports.and come next year -- they're going to be watching a very different n-f-l.the league has announced changes that will *ban players from the combine and the draft for certain behaviors. our friends at newsy explain. the nfl is taking a strong stance against college players convicted of domestic violence, sexual assault or weapons a memo to nfl teams obtained by usa today , the nfl said players convicted of any of those crimes wouldn't be invited to "any league-related event," meaning they'll miss out on the nfl combine and nfl draft. (video via wls-tv http://abc7chicago.c om/sports/nfl-draft- 2016-returns-to- chicago/921472/)the memo says draft-eligible players will need to consent to a background check. if something comes up in the check or if players don't agree to it, they won't be invited to nfl events. (video via the new york times .com/watch?v=icligeyhx7g)the move comes in the wake of several incidents in the nfl in the past few years. "domestic violence, including
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irresponsible ownership or handling of firearms. ... these activities must be condemned and stopped," nfl commissioner roger goodell said in a 2014 press conference .it all came to a head when ray rice, adrian peterson and greg hardy were publicly tangled in alleged domestic violence incidents at roughly the same, for clarification, usa today explains last year's no. 1 overall pick jameis winston, accused of sexual assault at florida state, would still have been able to attend the draft and combine under the new rules. winston was never charged with a crime, much less convicted. (video via cbs .com/watch?v=jhwqyg6w4bs) players who do have these past convictions can reportedly still hold private workouts, school pro days and more. more. watch newsy 24-7 on your tv or download the newsy app for on the go updates updates the fact that roaches like this can squeeze through small cracks in your home may gross you out.but their ability to do that... could actually save your life one day. scientists at u-c berkeley have been studying them to see how
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bodies-- and how tiny they can get .heres what they found: roaches can get down to the height of two stacked pennies. the researchers then used what they found to develop this roach robot.they say it could be used in the future for search and rescue after tornadoes, earthquakes or explosions.the robot could help find survivors... and safe places for first responders to go into the rubble. lemurs are on the verge of extinction. experts... says clear-cutting is destroying the forests in madagascar-- and that's putting 90-percent of the lemurs there in danger.there are 107 different types of wild lemurs that live on madagascar... and they're found no where else in the world.24 of them are already listed as critically endangered.the scientist who tracks the lemurs there... says if something doesn't change... within 25 years... its natural habitat... will be gone. looking to get away for a few days but don't want to go to same places you always visit? visit?we're looking at the best cities to visit that are
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you're watching the now on wcpo 9 on your side... a driver runs a red light in missouri -- and sets off a chain of stunning events.a trooper arrived to the scene of a car crash and spotted one of the vehicles in flames.he was able to pull the woman to safety with the help of another person.the woman suffered serious injuries.the man who was blamed for running that red light didn't wait at the crash.he ran away but was tracked down a short time later and arrested. more can't miss surveillance video to show you.a man attacked an elderly man at random then attacked someone else with a sword. watch the man in the red hat. he casually steps into line at a shell gas station in florida, then out of nowhere, starts to attack!two guys duck out of the way.then a woman and an 82 year old man fight off the attacker!the entire store just watches in
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walks out of the gas station. minutes later -- another call for help. ( major rick rocco / lauderhill police ) "we get a call from the swap shop about a man in the swap shop brandishing a sword and attacking one of the clerks at the swap shop." shop."police say the same man then frantically and violently started swinging a sword at a clerk.and even chased him around the store.that clerk was forced to fight him off too.police are looking into the possibility the man was on drugs at the time.oh -- and he was driving a stolen car at the time. there's reason to be optimistic when it comes to the job market ... companies advertised 'more' openings in december... as more people quit thier jobs. jobs.the labor department says the number of job openings jumped almost five percent to five point six million, the most since july.and the highest number of americans in 'nine years' are quitting their jobs.they're usually quitting for better paying positions too!experts say a high number of people quiting is a sign that overall pay levels could increase because employers will have to offer
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don't look to the typical places for your spring or summer vacation this year. travel guide "lonely planet" is out with the u-s spots it says are "up and coming"... and are the best to visit in 20-16. 16.philadelphia is number one. but consider when you go.the 20-16 democratic national convention will be there in july.natchez, mississippi is number's one of the oldest continuous settlements on the mississippi river.and number three is yellowstone national park.the old faithful geyser is what most people go to see. if you're thinking a road trip to one of these spots sounds like a good way to spend a weekend ... we pulled out the trusty navigator on google maps to see which of the top ten are within driving distance ... 'milwaukee' is the closest of lonely planet's must-see destinations'll take you about six hours by car to drive about 392 miles to the wisconsin city lovers, take note... you can tour both the miller and lakefront breweries ...or see how
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measures up to cincinnati's at the milwaukee brat house. house.if southern comfort is more your style ...a weekend road trip to birmingham will take you about seven hours one way ... that's 463 miles. lonely planet says the civil rights district is the place to go for history buffs ...or you can hear the sounds of the south without leaving home by streaming 'birmingham mountain radio' where ever you are ... which the guide calls "the best radio station you've never heard of." 3-8 pm - scattered snow showers will develop again, dropping down visibilities, quickly covering our roads and causing more travel woes. it won't be as widespread as this morning but it's still going to impact the evening rush. snow squalls will be possible in this time. so a good reason
4:38 pm
status.tonight - snow should be much lighter and we won't see as much accumulating overnight. the hope is that we can end the alert day. steve
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you know drones are popular... but get this.there are now more registered drones in the u-s than piloted planes.9 on your side's craig mckee is here to break down the numbers numbers
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from the f-a-a.the agency says more than 325-thousand people have registered their drones since the end of december. that's 5-thousand more drones than the number of airplanes registered with the f-a-a.and that's not even all the drones out there.the agency estimates around 1-point-6 million of the devices were sold last year. all those drones are worrying pilots.the f-a-a says it gets about 1-hundred reports a month from plane pilots saying they've seen drones flying near them.the agency has opened around a dozen investigations into unsafe or illegal drones since it started requiring people to register their drones.anyone who had a drone before december 21-st has less than two weeks left to register it. new drones have to be registered before the first
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craig while you're here -- tell us about what is ahead on 9 on your side at five? first tanya we're just getting some new information into the newsroom on the safety record and violations tied to the construction company operating that crane that collapsed in the banks. we let you know what we've discovered. plus, she brought her daughter to children's hospital for a bone marrow transplant and ended up homeless because of her daughter's only friends - her two dogs. tonight a 9 on your side viewer is doing the unthinkable. and i have to say it goes beyond a roof over their head. tanya -- ad lib wrap the now cincinnati is back in just a few minutes.anne mcnamara has a look at what's in store for you. of the nation's leading hospitals will allow hiv positive people to be organ donors. i'm anne
4:42 pm
a medical breakthrough just got the go-ahead. the nation's first h-i-v positive organ donation will take place at johns hopkins university. the now's anne mcnamara explains how this move frees up more organs...for everyone. nats heart monitor beeping the wait to get to the operating table...can be excruciating. hundreds of thousands of
4:43 pm
organs...many die before getting the help they so desperately need. 54:00 can you imagine for six years waiting for that phone to ring? dr. phil gauthier is the medical director of transplants at porter adventist hospital. he says the approval of h-i-v positive to h-i-v positive organ donation is long overdue.dr. phil gauthier, md | porter adventist hospital51:53 now that patients are living so much longer with these great new medications, they're getting kidney failure for the same reasons the rest of the populations do, including old age, diabetes, high blood pressure, things like that studies estimate...up to 600 h-i-v positive people would donate their organs every year...saving more than a thousand lives. anne mcnamara | @annemcnamaratv56:20 and while the benefits are obvious for hiv positive patients, doctors say others waiting on organ donation lists will benefit, too. 51:14 it will also help non-hiv patients because we'll be using more kidneys in general, so other kidneys will be used for non- hiv patients and their wait times will go down as well it's not clear when the first h-i-v positive to h-i-v
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actually that doctors have the o-k...they can work to find organs and recipients that match. 52:38 now that we can use hiv positive organ donors, it's only going to take off even more. for the now...i'm anne mcnamara. until the hope act passed in 2013 -- doctors could not use h-i-v positive organs to help h-i-v patients. the national institutes of health spent a few years creating safeguards -- before giving johns hopkins the o-k. that's it from the now cincinnati. cincinnati.9 on your side at 5 starts right now. tracking more snow showers and bitter cold!we're on your side with the timing on this 9 weather alert day -- we'll tell you when snow and cold will affect your commutes! a heartbreaking confession.a teen admits to driving drunk - killing his own friend.what the victim's parents want others to learn from this tragedy.
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halting work downtown!we have new developments on what happened - and how crews are getting the crane back on the ground. a racially motivated death threat - at a tri-state high school.what has parents on edge - even after a student was arrested. 9 on your side at five starts now! good evening - scattered snow showers followed by arctic cold temperatures. that's what we have to look forward to this 9 first warning weather alert day. let's get right to chief meteorologist steve raleigh with the timing of this cold front - steve? snow is still going to impact the evening rush. snow squalls will be possible in this time. so a good reason to still be in the "alert day" status.tonight - snow should be much lighter and we won't
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