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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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new developments at five - police say a 13-year-old stole a taxi - -threatening the driver at gunpoint.the teen later crashing during a chase.for what caused that teen to crash - and where the teen boy is now - here's 9 on your side's t-j parker. that 13-year old is here now- being questioned for today's incident- and possibly another where he may have stolen a car yesterday. police say fortunately, though, no one has been hurt. *this* is the car police chased for over a mile- after it was stolen from *this* shell gas station at mchenry and harrison. police tell 9 on your side- the 13 year old- took the car after threatening the driver with what looked to be a gun- late this morning. sgt. tom coombs: "50:55 she is disabled she has bad knees and she had a walker in her trunk and when the suspect asked to exit the car she said she wasn't able to without her
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walker before he took off. police found him less than 20 minutes later- where he led them on a small chase. sgt. coombs: "52:01 a parked vehicle that was struck possibly two"district three supervisor, sergeant tom coombs, says after he hit those cars- he got two flat tires- and thats when police were able to catch up with him near beekman and cummins. 50:41 the juvenile who was also suspected of taking the car was arrested at the scene they found the suspected gun- a pellet gun- inside the car. police then took the teen to district three for questioning. again- police say the teen matches the description of someone who stole another car, yesterday.they're still trying to figure that out. we're live in westwood, t.j. parker, 9 on your side. in democracy 2016... bill clinton in clifton today supporting his wife's campaign for president saying she's the best change-maker he's ever known. known.nine on your side's tom mckee was there and is live with the recurring theme of
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tom? it was unity -- looking at the humanity in people around the world instead of focusing on their differences.that's what he said hillary will do when she's is the white house. house.clinton came to the stage with mayor john cranley and quickly touted his accomplishments in growing jobs and economy -- things he said hiillary's experience will allow her to do when she's elected president. however, he told 500 people at the clifton cultural arts center that she can't do it alone -- you have to work together to solve problems. "when you're president, you can label and blame for about 15 seconds after you take your hand off the bible and then it;'s all yours baby. and you either show up and make it better or you don't. people are either better when you quit than when you came or they aren't. children have a brighter future or they don't. we're coming together or we're not. that is all that matters. so, don't let up, bear down and elect the best changemaker i have ever known." how was the speech received? recation is coming up new on nine on your side at six tom
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kroger now on the frontline to save lives from a heroin overdose.the grocery chain will begin selling narcan at several of its pharmacies.our scott wegener tells us the move is a sign of just how bad the epidemic has become. as if we need any more examples of how rampant the problem heroin is in our communities,.."beginning on monday, february fifteenth, kroger pharmacies in the cincinnati dayton division, including store in ohio and northern kentucky will begin to dispense naloxone without a prescription."naloxone, otherwise known as narcan, can reverse the dealy effects of a heroin overdose almost immediately.ohio attorney general mike dewine says, yes--the problem is that bad. "we lose three, four, five, six, seven people a day in ohio." ohio."for eighty dollars, the kit contains two doses of a nasal spray that friends or loved ones of addicts can use
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as they're offering them help, with the epidemic we have in cincinnati, i think that's all right."patrice foster says that *help* is key to her support."as long as they got an option to get off what they're on, it's all right for me."senator rob portman was on hand for friday's announcement. he agrees with patrice."if you have to apply this, be darn sure you're also applying a message, which is please go to treatment, get into recovery. please don't go through this again."kroger joins cvs pharmacies selling the life saving drug, now even while shopping for milk and eggs. scott wegener, nine on your side, cincinnati. those buying narcan will go through a consultation and an eight step education checklist before receiving the drug. new developments now - two 15-year-old girls were shot and killed at their own high school. each girl was shot once at the school in a phoenix suburb. police say a gun was found
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possible murder-suicide, or double-suicide. :10 - :20"what i really want to get out there is, we don't believe there are any outstanding suspects. these two young women were found next to each other and there was a weapon found beside them." them."police arrived at the school within two minutes of the reported shooting. the relationship between the two girls is being investigated. more than two-thousand students attend the school. a tire explosion sends a cincinnati fire fighter to the hospital with minor injuries. injuries."it sounded like a bomb going off. it was that loud." loud."the explosion that richard dwyer heard was a tire blowing out on a burning rumpke recycling truck.the truck's brakes apparently caught on fire here on vine street in front of withers auto firefighters worked to put out the flames, the tire exploded.vine street was briefly shut down while crews cleaned up the mess. unsuspecting restaurant
5:07 pm information after the attacker was killed.why the restaurant owner - thinks he was the target. a lenten tradition in full swing. 9 on your side is live at one of the first fish fries of the season. it even has a drive thru!plus - some of the
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breaking news in butler county.... a 56 year old woman there has been diagnosted with the zika virus. the ohio department of health says the woman just returned from guyana. another case was reported today in licking county. those are the third and fourth cases of the zika virus in ohio. the other are in northeastern ohio. zika is usually spread by mosquitoes. it can cause birth defects when a pregnant woman gets the virus. happening now across the tri- state... it is the first fish fry of the lenton season. a huge tradition for area catholics. 9 on your side's john genovese is live in burlington at the tasty fish fry at immaculate heart of mary - john? the dinner service is just starting tonight and we've already seen a decent number of people stopping by. out here is the drive-thru service this is one of the things that makes this fish fry unique. cars have been pulling upe placing their order and within two minutes
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take a look at this - we were just inside where all this food's being prepared. on the menu tonight - fried and baked fish soup here called 'the tommy boy.' it's basically a grilled cheese sandwich with a piece of fish melted in the middle. all the proceeds from the fish fry - of course - go back to the church. the men's club starts preparing for each dinner service the monday ahead of time. we talked with one of members who's been doing this for 19 years about what makes their meal stand out from the rest. "we make our coleslaw from scratch - these guys over here are hand breading our fish - a lot of people buy a pre battered fish and all they do is drop it in the deep fryer - its ready to go - we hand do it every week - we thaw out the fish - about 12-hundred pieces a week - and that is an added touch" so dinner service runs until 8 tonight. drive thru - dine in and carry out. average meal is about 7 bucks. again - all the proceeds help benefit the
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we're on your side with other great fish fries to try in the tri-state including the prince of peace school ... all saints catholic church and old saint mary's church. the top nine fish fries to try are posted now on an officer on leave - for a racist comment posted on facebook. facebook.the comment - was in response to a black man's suicide.his department's reaction when they caught wind of the remark. hundreds of brews on the menu. the cincy beerfest starts tonight.when the doors open - and one new feature that can land you some free beer.
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 the owner of a columbus restaurant where a man attacked others with a machete - thinks his restaurant was targeted because he is israeli. the f-b-i joined the investigation but it's not sure of the suspect's motive. police say the attacker is 30- year-old mohammed barry.he was shot by an officer after violently attacking four people. an ohio officer is on leave tonight - accused of posting what can only be described as a racist comment on facebook. lee cyris an officer in fairborn - that's in the dayton area.
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his page - posted "love a happy ending."that was in response to a black man's suicide outside the ohio statehouse.the fairborn chief says his department took action immediately. "made aware of a social media post that was linked to a fairborn police officer. at that time internal fairs initiated." officer cyr was off duty when the post was made, but chief barlow says if he finds out cyr wrote the comment, it violates the department's social media policy, "issues that may discredit to the department are against policy." policy." mar-shawn mccarrel - a black lives matter activist - killed himself on the front of the ohio statehouse monday. wright state senior tristina allen who worked wth mccarrel says she will be highly offended if the investigations finds cyr wrote the post. post. "i think it is completely unacceptable for someone who is supposed to protect and serve to have that comment towards someone who is dead."
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chief barlow said the alleged post does not represent the department as a whole. "we take this issues seriously, and we will ensure the professional standards of the department are upheld." and 9 on your side just learned that officer *seer* was warned about his "social media behavior* back in may following a different post. tonight is the start to the ninth annual cincy winter beerfest! beerfest!it's at the duke energy center all weekend long. 350 varieties of craft brews are on the menu!new this year - a "breakout room!"teams that successfully master the clues and break out of the room get a free beer from braxton are still on sale!doors open at 7-30... beerfest is part of the top nine things to do this weekend. you can visit wcpo dot com for
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our better chance for scattered snow showers develops this afternoon and will continue during the evening rush. visibility will reduce at times with our more intense bursts of snow. but remember, it doesn't take much to make roads treacherous if a snow squall develops. in all, around a half inch of snow is possible. the max amount is around 1" but that would be very isolated. the weekend begins with another round of
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relief is months away! away! why a zika vaccine is no where in the near future.and the brand new concern for pregnant women. cutting your medications in half!a new diet plan recommended for diabetes patients. how it's proving to save lives and money. new at 5:30...with many of us hoping for love this weekend, consumer reporter john matarese is on your side with
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about the top 3 valentines day you don't waset
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tonight in healthy living - we just told you there's a zika case in butler county - and we
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greater than ever. but trials are still more than a year away. away.the mosquito-borne virus has been linked with serious birth defects. the world health organization says 15 companies or groups are participating in vaccine development. however, large-scale trials take at least 18 months. also new today - the department of homeland security released a plan to monitor infected travelers. three recent deaths are linked to the virus in venezuela. and health experts are also linking the virus to miscarriages.two women reported having the virus -before they miscarried. proof a low-carb diet works. a team in australia had people with type two diabetes stick to a diet low in carbohydrate s, but high in protein and unsaturated a result - the diabetes patients had to pick up forty-percent fewer medications. much more to come on 9 on your side at's anchor
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working on. we have breaking news..the new information we are learning tonight about the local woman just diagnosed with the zika virus. plus - a mom is speaking out saying her daughter is being attacked by kids at school... and nothing is being done about it!it's a story you'll see only on 9 on your side... next at 5-30. before contemplating the many choices on steak 'n shake's $4 dollar menu, one must calm the mind in our zen garden. focus. the garlic double steakburger meal. reflect. the taco salad meal. zen steakburger meal. oh! the $4 menu. where all meals are under $4.
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breaking now at five-thirty - a butler county woman is being diagnosed with the zika virus. virus.9 on your side reporter evan millward is live in our newsroom with the brand new information.evan - we just got this notice from the ohio department of health. this butler county woman who is reporting having the zika virus just came back to the states from guyana. guyana.she's the third person in ohio with the virus - a fourth also reported today near columbus.zika is usually transmitted by mosquito bite - it can also be spread by sexual contact with an infected person.officials
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butler county was infected. remember - there is a *possible association between zika and birth defects - so pregnant women should be most fact the c-d-c recommends they not travel to parts of south america. and some new zika numbers for you now -- there are a total of 52 travel-related zika cases in 16 states.that's up from 35 in 12 states reported of those - in indiana.we'll be following this for you moving forward - back to you. now at 5-30.a mom is saying enough is enough after she claims that boys are not just bullying-- but physically attacking her daughter at school! tonight she's speaking out... 9 on your side's butler and warren county bureau chief jay warren - joins us live with her story. and jay-- these kids are young. we're talking elementary school students here third and


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