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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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(covered) terrie markesbery/runs store 031332 the general store, that old building meant so much to all of us. no matter what it meant - - the rabbit hash general store was a relic. hardly changed in 185 years. markesbery 031203 it's more than a grocery store, right? it means so many different things to each different person. even during our interview - terrie markesbery can't stop looking at it. markesbery 031304 it just does something to your soul. the store weathered winds, floods, only to be brought down by fire.nats - tearing facade down an inferno saturday night. now ruled accidental. but insurance will only cover 60-thousand dollars. rebuilding could cost 150- thousand or more.don clare/rabbit hash historical society president 054727 a new chapter of rabbit hash history has started and this fire is going to be a part of it. some things could be saved - - this part of the store's
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nearby barn. a coca cola logo seen through the char on this sign there too. the old store - outliving generations.bobby williamson/store was in family 041752 from 1919 to (19)45 when he died. bobby williamson grew up on that porch - his grandpa one prior propreitor.williamson 041839 it's not just the building burned, the history burned. there are fundraising plans - we've told you about that gofundme page up to nearly 40- thousand dollars - there will be a concert out here when it gets warmer.until then - the historical society is already working with an architect to figure out how to bring it backj to in rabbit hash, em, 9oys. a 60-year-old man who neighborhood children called "santa claus" died inside his springfield township home.
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in the driveway - but they struggled to get inside the home to see if he was inside. they say several items blocked some entryways into the home. after two hours - fire crews found the man dead inside his kitchen. neighbors say the man lived there for more than thirty years! 18:17:07 - 18:17:19"live my himself it was tough the last couple of years. not a lot of fun for him. saw him yesterday and called him santa." santa."a firefighter sprained an ankle at the scene.the department tells us that firefighter will be okay. the cause of the fire is still under investigation - but a space heater may be to blame. remember house fires can happen to any of us.we are on your side with some of the top causes of house fires - so you can be extra careful before home. the peak months for home heating fires are december through february.other common causes are candles ... cooking
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no doubt many of us are heating our homes right now. chief meteorologist steve raleigh is here - steve, the cold temperatures could cause another concern into tomorrow morning- this time on the roads. temperatures fall to the frzing g1that could result in a few snow showers mixing in but we shouldn't see much sticking, especially with wet pavement. tuesday starts cloudy with a few isolated snow/rain showers
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a man says he shot and killed his own cousin by accident.
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9 on your side's ashley zilka is live outside the justice center with new information on this investigation. donta williams appeared in front of a judge today- his lawyer says he accidentally shot his cousin. advocates say it's another heartbreaking story that is a result of gun violence. according to police, derrick johnson was shot and killed saturday morning on tulsa court.johnson was found dead in his car. 9 on your side spoke to neighbors who say they saw the car roll down the street with johnson's lifeless body inside. williams' attorney says his client turned himself into police on saturday night after shooting his family member. mitch morris is an advocate for cincinnati works. he says gun violence is a cancer that has taken over our community. 02:52 our kids our babies are terrified. we got people laying in the street dead because of senseless gun violence so we have to address this in some kind of way so one of the ways we do it is whenever there is a homicide we want to respond to that community. for the community,
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resources, people are here that care about them and that gun violence is happening. 10 williams is being held on a 250-thousand dollar bond. he will be back in court next week. reporting live, az, 9 on your side. police say two teens stole a car and went on a joy ride before crashing! officers say one 15-year-old and one 17-year-old stole a car from the walt sweeney dealership in green township. when police tried to catch the pair - the teens crashed into a utility pole, causing a fire. people living right there on thing play out. 16:28:36 - 16:28:48"my wife saw someone running through our yard and i tried to tell police officer that you know some did run through our yard ... a few minutes later the car started on fire." fire."police caught both teens who tried to run away.a handful of residents lost power for most of the day
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a supreme court justice dies unexpectedly. now a battle over who should name his successor.the latest on the clash between republicans and democrats. and fixing that fender bender. more rain and snow is on the way. consumer reporter john matarese walks you through the steps to take - if your car ends up looking like this! it is a presidential election year - and presidents day.9 on your side wants to know - who is your pick for the best commander-in-chief of the last century? rank your picks for the top five, on right now. just drag or click each name to rank. you're watching 9 on your side at
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flags across washington d-c are at half-staff in honor of supreme court justice antonin scalia who died two days ago. the 79-year-old justice was found dead while he was visiting a texas ranch.his official cause of death is a heart attack. his death - setting up a grudge match in washington about who will replace him on the supreme court. it is the president's constitutional right to appoint a judge - there are no exceptions during an election year.but republicans argue this vacancy should not be filled until a new president is elected. ohio governor john kasich noted the
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campaign trail today. :01- :09"look, scalia dies and one second after he's dead, they're already starting fighting about politics. folks, this is not helping our country." country."president obama already says he plans to nominate a replacement for scalia - who was a conservative. scalia's body arrived back in washington overnight. as many as 15 people were killed in an air-strike attack on a syrian hospital. hospital.the clinic is run by the group "doctors without borders."four missiles struck in just a few minutes. five patients and two hospital workers are confirmed least eight are still missing. early reports show russian attacks. new york city police are investigating whether former governor eliot spitzer assaulted a 25-year-old woman in a hotel room.the woman identified spitzer as her attacker - but has not pressed charges.police say the woman was trying to break up with to investigate.
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next at five - with more winter weather on the way - we're all at risk of being in a fender bender. we're on your side with the quickest way to get your car fixed fast! later in healthy living - a alarming rate of a-d-h-d cases. children forced to take medication while in school. we have the treatment options to consider, before letting your child pop a pill.
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 snowy weather this weekend contributed to car accidents all over the tri-state! we're talking dozens of fender benders. with more rain and snow on the way - we want to make sure you're prepared if you find yourself in an accident of your own. john matarese joins us with the quickest way possible to get your car back on the road - john? john? wouldn't it be great if you didn't slam into that guardrail while you were out grocery shopping yesterday?we talked with a collission center and they say, the fastest way to get your car fixed is... do what your insurance company tells you. when it snows accidents will happen.florence cop"probably 90 to 100 especially on the interstate."that was just yesterday in boone county.over at "p and r" colllision, they say, the quickest way to get
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call your insurance company and take your car to the garage they say to.brad kirn/p and r collision"some of the shops around town will be a preferred shop for different insurance companies and that is because they are up to standards and certain process in place to make it trasnparent."brad kirn says that if your car is the only one involved, the often times the garage can submit the claim for you and start work immediately.but if you hit another car, or damaged property along the way, it could take a long time just to get the ball rolling.brad kirn/p and r collision"it can take as long as two weeks, that would be an anamoly i'd say, generally speaking your car would be under repair within a few days."the delay, would be waiting for police reports.of course, it depends on how much work the collission center has,and how soon replacement parts would take to get shipped. finally, the shop that gives the estimate does not have to do the's up to you
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you don't waste your money. temperatures fall to the freezing mark tonight and that could result in a few snow showers mixing in but we shouldn't see much sticking, especially with wet pavement. tuesday starts cloudy with a few isolated snow/rain showers in our eastern counties. but it will be another cloudy and mild day with highs near the 40 degree mark. another shot of moisture heads our way, this time in the form of a weak clipper system tuesday
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a disturbing trend - nearly half of medications handed out at school - treat a-d-h-d. we're on your side with one reason for the upward trend ... the signs of a-d-h-d ... and other treatment options. sweet tooth regret. how much you'll have to exercise to burn off the valentines day hearts, chocolates and other sweets. new at 5:30...check your cable, dish, or fioptics bill lately?chances are it's gone up again for 2016.consumer reporter john matarese is on
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tonight in healthy living - nearly half of the medication children receive in school these days - is to treat a-d-h-d. it's a startling number that reflects how often children are diagnosed. the medicine is approved by parents - but tracked by school nurses. according to a study by george washington university- the
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went up 43-percent between 2003 and 2011. experts say some doctors are quick to prescribe medication. "it's easier to treat adhd with a medication than to treat it with behavioral intervention." intervention."doctors say the best way to know if your child has a-d-h-d is through a evaluation. signs of a-d-h-d include inattention ... hyper-activity ... fidgeting ... and having trouble staying seated. chances are - you nibbled on some sweets for valentines day. unfortunately those little chocolate hearts add up.the *elite daily* broke down how much exercising you'll have to do - to work off that sugar. if you ate five dove chocolate hearts: you have to do 27 minutes of zumba. ten pieces of conversation hearts - means about 20 minutes of aerobics. to work off one red velvet cupcake - you'll have to run
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much more to come on 9 on your side at's anchor tanay o'rourke with what we're working on. carol... a mother's murder is top priority in butler county. county.and tonight - investigators are questioning a person of interest.a live report on where the case stands at this hour, coming up. plus - a young man... who graduated with honors is now answering to a information on a weekend chase that ended with a cincinnati police officer firing his gun... after the break on 9 on
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the family of a young girl battling brain cancer says she won her earthly battle and earned her place in heaven. heaven.9 on your side's scott wegener looks at the legacy grace white leaves behind. "she's so much fun. she's sweet.""she's our girly-girl." that's grace white, smiling,
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where she was battling a rare brain cancer called d-i-p-g. scott and amee white' s daughter died this weekend, surrounded by friends and family.still, they say she was victorious. victorious. "she won because she showed us how to fight."that fight has been getting an increasing amount of attention.we've met several of its front line warriors over the years-- --kyler bradley--lauren hill --and remember little elena desserich ( des'-er-ik)backin 2007?her father founded the cure starts now."we all share a desire as parents to come together and to make sure that no other child ever goes through what our child went through."that desire brought the families together at one of lauren hill's last basketball games, to present a check for d-i-p-g research. and at a nine on your side telethon in 2014."it's comforting to see all the support out there."the cancer is so rare that research was virtually none existent."it's very personal."rick merk lost his son to brain cancer."i can't fight for tony now, but i can fight for every other


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