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tv   9 On Your Side News 530  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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where she was battling a rare brain cancer called d-i-p-g. scott and amee white' s daughter died this weekend, surrounded by friends and family.still, they say she was victorious. victorious. "she won because she showed us how to fight."that fight has been getting an increasing amount of attention.we've met several of its front line warriors over the years-- --kyler bradley--lauren hill --and remember little elena desserich ( des'-er-ik)backin 2007?her father founded the cure starts now."we all share a desire as parents to come together and to make sure that no other child ever goes through what our child went through."that desire brought the families together at one of lauren hill's last basketball games, to present a check for d-i-p-g research. and at a nine on your side telethon in 2014."it's comforting to see all the support out there."the cancer is so rare that research was virtually none existent."it's very personal."rick merk lost his son to brain cancer."i can't fight for tony now, but i can fight for every other
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p-g collaborative, unifying over fifty different fundraising organizations world wide to find what could be a major game changer."with a cure to this type of cancer, that would unlock all different kinds of stratgies that they could use for all over forms of cancer. we call that a home run cure."which perhaps brings more clarity to that statement about grace white. "she won because she showed us how to fight."scott wegener, nine on your side, woodlawn. if you would like, you can donate to the cure starts now by visiting wcpo dot com. there are new pictures tonight of miami township firefighers saving a doe caught in a fence. take a look.the department tweeted these pictures out today...they say she is fine... and hashtagged the operation: animal rescue. there is new information at this hour about a weekend chase that ended with an officer firing his gun. cincinnati police say the 28-year veteran of the force thought the man he was chasing
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on linwood avenue in mount lookout early sunday morning... but did not hit the 23-year-old. the chase reportedly started after "ali gervacio" didn't stop when officers tried pulling him over.he ended up hitting a weapons on him when he was arrested. and tonight - police are now saying a second man was inside the car driven by gervacio. that man was seriously hurt - and is recovering at u-c medical center.ali gervacio is out on bond tonight.police say alcohol is believed to be a factor. tonight - we know the driver who caused a deadly crash over the weekend was arrested on drunk driving charges last week. week.five people including that driver died early saturday morning on i-75 just north of dayton.this comes after police say the same man was drunk behind the wheel of a car on thursday. for the first time tonight - we're hearing from the columbus couple attacked by an ohio man with a machete. machete.the couple was just finishing up dinner last thursday night in columbus
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and began hacking away at them. somehow - they managed to get away - and ran outside of the restaurant to get help.they consider themselves very lucky! :23-:31 head.">police killed mohamed barry after he reportedly charged at them with the machete! could an arrest be coming in the death of a local mom whose baby was in the backseat when she was murdered?9 on your side's butler and warren county reporter jay warren reports on person of interest in custody. dayton police say they have conducted numerous interviews as they try to find whoever was responsible for killing brittany russellpolice say it was friday that during the course of the investigation they interviewed a man who then was arrested and booked into the montgomery county jail russell was found shot to death in her car with her six month old baby haven edwards in the back seat((jody sheeks/brittany's friend))
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no i thank god that the baby was six months old because if it was older then it would be it's life."i talked to jody sheeks after the news of russell's death--up in dayton police said very little about the direction of their investigation but did explain they were investigating her cell phone records and interviewing a host of people to try to find out what happened((lt. andrew booher/middletown police living there and that's some of the people that we've made contact the find out if they saw anything--we're still interviewing people back and forth but we are getting information from people in the area."and while the investigation continues russell's family has a visitation planned for this wednesday at herr--riggs funeral home in middletown ((sot))"i pray that we get justice for her cause she really deserves it she was a good mother she deserves justice." that was jay warren reporting. if you can help solve this a call. in the race for the white house...democratic presidential hopefuls hillary clinton and bernie sanders are
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buckeye state.they will both speak at an democratic dinner party next month... just two days ahead of the march 15-th primary! tickets to the event at the columbus convention center start at 50 dollars. and if you want to vote in the march 15-th primary... time is ticking if you need to register.the deadline to sign up is can get forms on-line at my ohio vote dot com... as well as your local board of elections.that means early voting in the buckeye state starts on wednesday. and changes are coming this election season for republican voters in kentucky. kentucky.the republican caucus is on the books for saturday, march fifth.111 of kentucky's 120 counties are hosting a caucus.only those registered by december 31-st of last year can vote.the democratic primary is scheduled for may 17-th. 17-th.on wcpo dot com - you can read the reason why republicans are voting in caucuses this year. next at 5-30...tornado warnings are out in states
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we have a look at some of the new damage video just coming ahead. plus the amazing performance by a cancer patient that stopped pope francis in his coming up. i'm john matarese.check your cable, dish, or fioptics bill lately?chances are it's gone up again for 2016.i'm on your side with how you can fight back.
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we have new pictures tonight of damage caused by powerful storms ripping through the south.this is a school in wesson, mississippi... just south of jackson.this afternoon - the area was under a tornado warning.winds sliced these trees in's likely that it will be a few weeks before students can return back to this school. a captivating rescue is caught on camera in new hampshire. hampshire.nearly 50 people were taken from this mountain tram this was stuck 40 feet in the air near boston. this new video was taken from inside one of those trams. rescuers were able to get hot chocolate and snacks up to the stranded skiers... while they
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a young girl battling cancer sings an emotional version of "ave maria" for pope francis. take a listen. listen. after her performance, the pope gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek.the 15-year-old is waiting in a mexican hospital, ahead of surgery scheduled for later this month. the pope is spending a week in mexico. cable bill calamity... "it went from 131 to 141 to 189 in a period of 3 months." with cable costs on the rise in 2016... john matarese is on your side with the steps you can take to fight back... so you don't waste your money. scheming salesmen..."i mean, i don't know how they can live
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inside talks to our i-team... divulging the dishonest tactics power companies use to get you to switch.'re watching 9 on
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5:30. whether you have time warner cable, cincinnati bell fioptics, dish, or direct
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again.consumer reporter john matarese is on your side tonight with some ways you can fight back.but first, something you should never do with your i-phone. john? want to try something really cool with your iphone?here's a hint: if someone suggests that, don't do it! it!apple blogs are warning about a hoax circulating on claims if you reset your iphones clock to january 1970, your phone's screen will get a retro look. no it wont: you will brick the phone, and will have to bring it in for a repair. meantime, apple is recalling thousands of wall chargers tonight because they can cut out...and not charge your device. device.these are macbook usb chargers.only macbook chargers are affected, not phone chargers.if your macbook is not taking a charge, contact apple for a replacement. check your cable, dish, or fioptics bill lately?chances are it's gone up again for
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the reasons why....and some things you can do to bring it back down again. when fiber arrived in larry weaver's neighborhood 2 years ago....he made the switch from cable.cincinnati bell was offering a great deal on fioptics here in fairfield township. township."it was $131 a month." that included tv, wholehouse dvr,internet, and home phone. but then his promotion ended, and the rate hikes began. began."it went from 131 to 141 to 189 in a period of 3 months."his latest bill is over 200 dollars.weaver is among the growing number of frustrated cable, fiber, and satellite customers.all those services are rising an average of 4 percent in 2016, according to bloomberg news, for three main reasons:1. higher fees for modem and dvr rental.2. increases in programming costs...and...3. new sports channel surcharges, even if you never watch sports. what are your options? you can always call and say you are going to a
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rate. that can work to an extent, but after a while it gets tiring."----------so how can you cut your costs?-- buy an antenna for your local channels, like 9 on your side. --then ask about "basic" high speed internet: cincinnati bell and time warner both have starter plans around $20 a month.--you can then look into roku, apple tv, google tv and other web streaming you can watch netflix and other shows.larry is very happy with his service from cincinnati bell but.... but...."i can understand the price going up due to the cost of business, but the rate seems to be a bit much." if fioptics is coming to your neighborhood, it is well worth checking out...because of its great promotional rates the first year. year.finally its cheap gas monday....ron mckiddey reports the marathon in middletown at 1.37.bob aopke found reading food mart at 1.47.and in indiana terry henkenburns checks in with 1.54 at valero in aurora.
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investigates a topic many people ask me about: aggressive energy salespeople. you wont want to miss it, so you dont waste your money. could more snow be on the way?! !for the answer - lets turn to 9 first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh! we will see rain tonight mix with snow, and in some locations, change over to snow completely overnight.the complete changeover is covered by a winter weather advisory for adams, brown, highland counties in ohio and bracken, mason, robertson counties in kentucky. in those locations, snow could total from 1-3" by
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next at 5-30...a new york judge is on the other side of the bench. bench.where she was going after a late night of partying...and what happened when police pulled her over! it's a "drive-by" surprise! nine on your side's surprise patrol making someone's day at a fast food pick-up window.see who's getting one-hundred dollars today. and here's what you'll see
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a new york judge is pulled over for drunk driving on her way to court."judge leticia astacio" was arrested early saturday morning.state troopers say they believe her car was involved in a crash. after being pulled over -- the judge refused to take a breathalyzer test. she will be on the other side of the bench next month. a spanish man is making headlines for somehow skipping out on work for six years - and still getting paid! paid!the man's bosses only realized that he wasn't
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show up to get a "loyal and dedicated" service award in his honor!spanish authorities are now fining the man - to get back the money he was paid. paid.we're talking about this on the 9 on your side facebook weigh in! production on "star wars episode eight" is underway... and new secrets from set are being revealed. revealed.actors benicio del toro and laura derm will star in the sequel to "the force awakens." production for the movie is happening in london. it's will be released in december of 20-17. a warning about the people contacting you to switch your energy provider. provider.carol williams joins us with the i-team investigation every tri-state
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so many of us get these calls or visits at our home -- someone claiming to help you save money on your power bill by switching companies. companies.but a whistleblower says some of those salespeople are *not* honest!how *you* can spot these deceptive tactics. a plan to restrict viagra -- to *married* and faithful men! a kentucky bill that's turning heads and gaining nationwide attention.hear more of the interesting stipulations to getting the pill -- and the
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energy bill deception... salesmen lying to *you* -- coming to your home and stopping at nothing to get you to sign up with *them*. *them*."i think it's unethical. i mean i don't know how they can live with themselves." an i-team investigating reveals their tactics... so you can protect yourself. viagra bill...a proposal to outlaw some men from getting the medication. the message behind this unusual measure. the "surprise patrol" hits the drive-thru... to surprise a hard-working tri-state're watching nine on your side at six. a warning tonight the next time you're asked to switch to another power company. a former salesman says there are people out there who will do whatever it takes to get you to switch over -- even if it's a lie. nine on your
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reporter jason law is live -- with this man's warning you'll only -- -- hear on nine on your side. whether it's over the phone or in person, there's a good chance someone has tried to get you to switch power companies. "9 on your side" spoke with two people tonight who want you to watch out for the sales people who are less than honest. nancy norris says over the years several sales people have tried to get her to switch power companies. but the last attempt made her furious. "it seems like they were trying to get us to switch companies without realizing it." when her 87-year-old mother answered the phone, nancy says the caller pretended to be with their current provider. "they actually were not our company at all.,,,they were trying to trick us into switching." nancy figured it out before it was too late, but this man says plenty of people don't. "they're scamming people." people."


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