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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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what they were and declines a field sobriety test before gett g put in handcuffs 2:59"where you coming from today ma'am?" january 25th--an ohio state trooper begins this traffic stop near troy 3:23 "pull your car more over to the right side of the roadway for me" inside this black s-u-v is attorney and w-l-w radio personality 'lisa wells'. moments later... she's asked to step out... appearing to walk slightly unsteadily to the cruiser 5:07"anything in pockets?"getting patted down -- put in the car -- and read her rights 5:29"(miranda rights) i'm a criminal defense attorney - i'm a criminal defense attorney"then--6:03 "(you have a bunch of loose pills on your seat, what are they?) on my seat? (yup, theres three of them, they're loose pills, they're all different) i don't know" minutes later... the trooper returns to the car31:27"(am i under arrest?) well, i'm gonna ask you ma'am, are you willing to do a field sobriety test for me? (no) you're not gonna do anything? (no, i'm a criminal defense attorney - id be an idiot to do a field sobriety test)" wells is put in handcuffs32:06"you're now under arrest for operating a
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34:13"obviously - with the pills and stuff - you ok? - i believe you're impaired by those, ok, just by the driving, by the reports we got on your driving, driving i saw" not long after--she voices concern about her career49;29 "(i don't want to get fired from my job) where do you work at? (700 w-l-w)" wells has been off the air for several weeks. when we first asked her about these charges --she said... quote... "i am not a public figure and you should not be court on march 3rd. back to you. i'm in the first warning weather center with steve raleigh...who's watching heavy rain with flood potentials moving in.steve? rain chances begin late
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likely overnight. the overnight rain showers will be heavy at times and widespread heading into the wednesday morning commute. wednesday will be a wet, soggy day in the ohio valley. rain will be heavy at times, and we could see 1.5" to 2" of rain out of
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fort thomas police say it was one of the worst wrecks they've seen....and tonight we know a baby was thrown 30 feet... in a crash likely caused by drugs. that vehicle flipped eight times on i-275.michael gilliam died -- amanda thomas and a seven-month-old was injured. but tonight -- investigators still don't know *who* was driving that car. and it's scenes exactly like that -- that police in fort thomas are trying to they're *now* patroling northern kentucky interstates... interstates...nine on your side's tom mckee rode along with them today...tom? h.i.t. in fort thomas stands for heroin interdiction team putting into action a plan sergeant chris goshorn suggested just three weeks ago. three officers patrol patrol i-471 and i-275 looking for impaired drivers on heroin.i rode along with the sergeant to show how police are keeping
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tuesday afternoon.i'm riding with sergeant chris goshorn on i-471 heading toward a traffic stop made by one of his h.i.t. team members."primarily we're out here enforcing any traffic, registration violations, anythhing like that to get vehicles stopped and then as the traffic stop goes along if we find other evidence or information, we'll investigate it further."that's exactly what happened on i-275. the traffic stop was for not wearing a seat belt, but officer nick hoffman found much more."as soon as he walked up to the vehicle he saw the back middle passenger appear to be trying to conceal something down her pants". that was a significant quantity of heroin in a plastic bag.the woman was arrested on four drugs charges. the h.i.t. squad began operating on february 15th, but lieutenant rich whitford says it's already making its mark."the first week we've 32 citations or arrests -- drug- related -- 19 of those are heroin in one week."that stunned team members -- especially what was recovered
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week."one of our officers on the team stopped a female. he found eight grams of crack cocaine, eight grams of heroin, almost $3,000 and a loaded gun."the goal of the three member team is to try and stop fatal heroin-related accidents like the one monday on i-275"that's what they're out there doing -- trying to take these impaired drivers off the road to save lives. sergeant goshorn says he knows it's a tough job that has to be done. "very, very prevalent -- very big problem right now -- and this is exactly why fort thomas police created this unit." the team is on the roads monday through friday -- nine to five -- for the next several weeks.then, it will be evaluated to see if the program should continue.odds are it will.tom mckee, nine on your side, live in fort thomas. tough questions for the head of veterans affairs today... about allegations of wrongdoing at the cincinnati v-a. senators gave bob mcdonald a
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alleged problems discovered in a nine on your side i-team and scripps washingtion bureau report.national investigative correspondent mark greenblatt has the new promises from ohio senators. nepotism, lack of cleanliness, mismanagement, staffing shortages, fear of whistleblower retaliation. --- senators from the veterans affairs committee took turns telling v-a secretary bob mcdonald. they're concerned about the widespread problems at the cincinnati v-a, detailed in our investigation . which prompted the v-a to look closer itself. va secretary robert mcdonald runs = :23 - :29 we immediately sent the office of medical inspector to cincinnati. we do have a preliminary report from them. the secretary didn't share the results with the committe insiders who spoke out, are safe. secretary mcdonald anybody who retaliates against a whistleblower will be held accountable. at the center of the allegations: dr. barbara temeck, acting chief of staff. whistleblowers say she intentionally cut services veterans depend on. like bill
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surgery, but the v-a told him bill hatfield vietnam veteran runs = :52 - :56 "...we don't have a neurosurgeon at the hospital anymore." ohio senator sherrod brown announced...he received a new commitment from the v-a secretary. sen brown: once the beginning of the investigation is completed///i'm hopeful in a very short period of time that secretary mcdonald and i will together visit the va in cincinnati after the hearing... mark: hi mr. secretary, mark greenblatt with scripps news we followed up about the v-a.s investigation. secretary mcdonald: we take these allegations very seriously and that's why we're digging into them. when we have more to report we will obviously report it. mark: deputy secretary gibson said yesterday on a reporters call, after a few days on the ground omi investigators quote unquote, saw something which lead them to them to want to call... led you to want to call in the ig. what is it? secretary mcdonald: that's not appropriate for me to tell you what that is. --pretaped tag-- mark greenblatt scripps national investigative correspondent runs = 1:35 - 1:43 so now it's a waiting game... leaving whistleblowers on edge, and veterans continuing to question cuts in care. mark greenblatt scripps news on capitol hill. police say he left a man paraylized -- and now a shooting suspect will have to
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jail.a judge set john white the third's bond at more than one million dollars.he's accused in a shooting nearly a month ago on kings run drive... he was arrested yesterday.police say he's from chicago -- and has prior convictions -- so he shouldn't have been carrying a gun. saint 'x' students are learning about those different from them... and they got a visit from a man who spends his day with gang members.'s this man -- father gergory boyles.he's spent 30 years doing interventions with gang members in los angeles.the school invited him to spread a message -- bridging the gap between the "haves" and the "have-nots". "the hope is that if you can have them be utterly convinced that we belong to each other, that there is no us and them, that you want them to invite a community of kinship such that the hope" hope" father boyles kicked off a two-day summit at saint x. tomorrow -- students will hear from more speakers... before a
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slavery" tomorrow night. tri-state kids and teens can be forced into homelessness for many reasons...but some don't have a permanent home because their family rejects them. them.and that's why a local group created a new app to help l-g-b-t-q youth get help. "upz" helps connect those kids to emergency resources -- and hotlines to prevent self-harm. the app is available for most smartphones. tonight -- the investigations into *three* ohio cancer centers... could be a case of health care fraud. fraud.the f-b-i and u-s attorney's office are investigating cancer centers in clermont -- adams -- and scioto counties.the ohio attorney general's office told nine on your side the medicaid fraud unit executed a search warrant.the company has not commented on the investigations. a one-time plan so successful -- ohio lawmakers want to make it's the tax holiday that benefits parents and students shopping for the school year. year.and the state says it was
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new proposal would make the three-day tax holiday in august last year -- it would apply to clothing and footwear that's 75 dollars or less... and school supplies that cost 20 dollars or less.senators passed it today -- the bill now goes to the house. we're three weeks away from the ohio primary... but more than 10-thousand ohioans have already cast their ballots. ballots.early voting pulled in nearly 85-hundred people to voting centers... another 16- hundred have mailed in their picks.and the state has received more than *150*-thousand applications for absentee ballots. and if the election were today -- a new poll says *donald trump* would win the buckeye state... beating the governor! quinnipiac university polled likely voters... and found trump would win 31 percent -- john kasich would only gather 26 percent.and in ohio -- it's all or nothing for the 66 delegates at stake. a decision tonight could bring a new kroger marketplace
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township.that would require a rezoning of land on the corner of ohio 747 and tylersville road.a blue-ash based group wants to develop "crossings of beckett".that's where kroger and other retail would go.west chester leaders will discuss the proposal tonight. the surprise patrol looking for lucky winners -- to receive *free money*.see who gets surprised with a one- hundred dollar gift card. weather and sports are ahead, what do you guys have coming up? up? wednesday will be a wet, soggy day in the ohio valley. there's a chance we could see some minor flooding due to all this rain. rain. who made it to goodyear...and are they happy about it. the story in sports. and on world news tonight... the details inside president obama's plan to close a notorious u-s prison.why he says guantanamo bay undermines national security. life inside the box...the hot trend making its way to the tri-state and the process that goes into making it happen. you're watching 9 on your side
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covington is poised to be the first community in northern kentucky to allow a new kind of home that is gaining in popularity around the country. country. our scott wegener tells us about an urban pioneer who will be moving into a steel box. take a look at this satellite image of covington's urban core.this is orchard street. and this vacant lot?it's about to become home sweet home for a man with an unusual vision. "we're building a two shipping container home."it will be northern kentucky's first container case you haven't heard- homes that were orginally steel shipping
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increasingly popular across the united states. jerod theobald provided these sketches to the preservation and planning's no mansion."it's about 640 square feet,"still, jarod says for he and his fiance', it's a perfect home in a perfect neighborhood."there's a lot of creative types moving into the neighborhood, young families moving in, and empty nesters moving in."preservation and planning officials approved the home, saying it should be a nice addition to the neighborhood.but don't expect to see a flood of steel boxes showing up inside the city limits.officials say no one else has even approached them about it.scott wegener nine on your side covington. jerod says the home is costing him just about eighty five thousand dollars.he hopes to move in to his container home late this year. the nine on your side "surprise patrol" is doing just that -- surprising random folks in the tri-state with free -- our julie
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deserving of a special treat. julie o"maybe you can relate to this. you are safe where it comes to money, save save save, never spend spend spend. unless it's for someone else. you're going to like our interaction with a woman who just walked out of the miami township public library where she works."librarian"because i'm older and we've save over our lives i think it's okay." julie o"it's okay?"librarian "yeah. it's okay, we're doing alright."julie o"you're doing fine, but you're a saver not a spender?"librarian"yes."julie o "what would it take to get you to go treat yourself you would not otherwise?"librarian"i don't think there would be anything."julie o"so if someone came up to you off the street and said here's a hundred dollars just go crazy, spend something on yourself, what would you do?"librarian "probably go to a nice restaurant."julie o"nice restaurant with your hustband?" librarian"uh huh."julie o"i'm with the 9 on your side surprise patrol today." librarian"oh, that's so nice." julie o"and we want to give you a hundred dollars., librarian"ohhhh, i'm going to cry about this. that's so
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the majority of tuesday will be dry as highs climb to the low 50s. rain chances begin late tuesday night and are more likely overnight. the overnight rain showers will be heavy at times and widespread heading into the wednesday morning commute. wednesday will be a wet, soggy day in the ohio valley. rain will be heavy at times, and we could see 1.5" to 2" of rain out of this next system. temperatures will reach the low 50s on wednesday, with breezy winds from the northeast. there's a chance we could see some minor
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reds training camp got started today and while we always talk about the players who are it also involved players who are still there. rumors swirled around a possible trade of jay bruce all last night. it didn't happen.'ll recall that a couple of months ago, it was brandon phillips who was being traded away to the nationals or the diamondbacks, take your pick..and that never happened either no shortage of baskegball
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louis....but miami, kentucky and ohio state are all at home. the fifth ranked xavier musketeers on the court this afternoon, 24 hours before they play number one ranked villanova.. chris mack says the only thing his players have to be concerned with is the scouting report a couple of football notes..the forty niners have signed tight end garrett celek to a contract extension. garrett played at lsalle high school. and vontaze burfict today broke his silence about that playoff hit on antonio brown that got him suspended. he
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and now here's julie dolan with a preview of nine on your side at seven. tonight on 9 on your side at 7-- find out how an old sears building is helping students at u-c. our education reporter bob driehaus has an inside look at the 86 year old building. we'll see you after world news tonight. "the nine on your side surprise patrol, sponsored by
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that's 9 on your side at six for this tuesday. tuesday.we're always on with breaking news, weather and
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? breaking news tonight. the state of emergency this hour. multiple tornadoes reported already. the devastating damage. we're on the scene. about to power right up the east coast, 45 million in the path. also breaking, the new surveillance images of the alleged uber gunman. where he was in the hours before the rampage. the race for the white house, and tonight, the showdown in nevada. donald trump lashing out at ted cruz. and what trump said when asked why he's not taking on marco rube roe. breaking news on the zika outbreak, right here in the u.s. tonight. authorities now confirming more than a dozen new cases of the


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