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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 430 AM  ABC  March 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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with your wet forecast. showers and storms will develop after 10 a.m. and will be their strongest through 4 p.m. damaging wind gusts are possible along with downpours as these storm pass. highs reach the mid 50s before
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in just a few hours... the alleged madison high school shooter will face a judge on felony attempted murder charges. 14-year-old james austin hancock will appear in a butler county juvenile court... after police say he pulled the trigger of a 380-caliber handgun inside the school's cafeteria.9 on your side's john genovese... with how one of hancock's own friends says it all unfolded right before her eyes. beginning as a school day like any other 12:02"we all walked into the lunchroom - austin was perfectly happy - we were all
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talking about stuff"aleeanna carpenter was sitting with 'austin hancock' and two other friends. it wasn't long - she says - before one of them made a comment about having a problem with another student 12:38"austin was like - do you want me to shoot him?" listening in disbelief12:38"we were like - what do you mean shoot him? what do you mean? and he was like - i got a gun" it didn't take long20:05"it was a black gun - he pulled it out - and it was the loudest shot ever - and i just saw the bullets like slowly fall by my face. and i look over and there's blood everywhere." 15-year-old cameron smith and 14-year-old 'cooper caffrey' hit by bullets. two others by shrapnel."i don't know what to say, i don't know what to do. i don't know whether to push him down or run" as he was heading for the door-aleeanna says she and austin locked eyes 17:45"i saw him running and he said goodbye - thats when i started running" 21:38 "i'm just thanking god that he was her friend and she didn't get shot accidentally"mom ladawnya carpenter can't shake
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god all day thats she's safe and she's home and she's not hurt"happening so fast-- aleeanna just wants to know why. 14:21"he was a really good friend - he came to school happy everyday - i dont know if he had any bullying issues - i didn't know of anyone bullying him - he was cool with everyone, that i knew" those students are all recovering this morning at a local hospital... and expected to survive.and another of hancock's friends is giving us some insight into this young man.9 on your side's jason law continues our team coverage with new details on the alleged shooter. 15:22 "i don't know what was in his
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he's known james austin hancock since kindergarten. 16:42 "i thought he was like, a good student." {16:44{jtrack: phelps says hancock had friends. he wasn't bulled and he seemed like a typical teenager. {15:15 "he was a normal kid. i played football with him in the fifth grade. he was pretty normal." {15:21 {jtrack: by all accounts, the school day was normal until investigators say hancock pulled out a handgun and opened fire inside the cafeteria. phelps was in the cafeteria too, and watched his classmate--a boy he's known since they were both five--go on a shooting spree. 18:06 "i heard a loud pop and i turned around and i saw this kid running and shooting people." {18:12 18:38
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hear?" jake: "i heard i think four or five." jason: "okay, and were they close together or were they spaced out?" jake: "the first one, like, the first one is where everyone turned around. then like three seconds later, he shot three more, or four more." {18:53 they run toward gunfire to protect our children.and this morning... the son of the madison senior high school resource officer tells nine on your side his dad is strong - but took this shooting hard. kent hall is retired from the butler county sheriffs office - and now works in the school. hall's son thomas graduated from madison last year and is now a township trustee.he spoke to 9 on your side at a prayer vigil last night. thomas hall/son of school personally to be able to go home to my dad tonight, i was
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can't wait to get home and see him and hug him and be, i don't know, i'm grateful that everybody's ok, no fatalities. fatalities.hall's son also tells nine on your side there is some evidence that suggests hancock looked around and waited for hall to leave the cafeteria before opening fire. 9 on your side is committed to bringing you the latest information on the madison school shooting throughout the day.good morning tri-state's chris riva will anchor our team coverage live at the high school... starting at five a-m and you can find the 9-1-1 calls and the latest information at our website... w-c-p-o-dot-com. showers and storms will develop after 10 a.m. and will be their strongest through 4 p.m. damaging wind gusts are possible along with downpours as these storm pass. highs reach the mid 50s before falling quickly this afternoon.
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easing fears...the middletown shooting is raising concerns about just how safe our children feel at school. school.the advice one expert has for tri-state parents. super tuesday slugout.donald trump... looking to knock his remaining challengers out of the g-o-p race. why some in his own party say they'll
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when something tragic happens... like the shooting at madison high... we wonder about the mental toll it takes on our children.... and how we can help.9 on your side's tanya o'rourke spoke with a child psychologist about what you should say... and how you can ease your child's anxiety. ((sot 22:44)) "the first step is really to just start the conversation to find out if they have any fears, what those fears are and normalizing their feelings." feelings."julie bemerer is child pyschologist at cincinnati children's hospital. she says coping with this kind of stress can be handled by keeping your routine and taking a big breath.
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skills of relaxation skills, deep breathing, listening to music, doing family activities together can all help decrease anxiety." anxiety."but what about when it's time to go back to school.. how do you make them comfortable enough to return? bemerer says says-start a conversation with your child.-ask them if they have fears-identify teachers or people at school who can help them feel safe.but for parents, fear that this can happen again can be alleviated as easily. school shootings seem to be here to stay. stay.we used to be able to say 'oh that doesn't happen very often, or that happens far away from here'. but the fact of the matter is that's not true anymore." besides questions about your kids... you might have questions for your can find a list of them on w-c-p-o-dot-com right now. the madison school district isn't the only one dealing with guns at school. a middletown student is also facing charges this morning
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gun in his you'll recall... all middletown schools went into lockdown after the shooting in madison. when that lockdown was lifted... a student came forward and told a teacher about the gun. school officials say that student will be suspended. showers and storms will develop after 10 a.m. and will be their strongest through 4 p.m. damaging wind gusts are possible along with downpours as these storm pass. highs reach the mid 50s before falling quickly this afternoon. taking the lead...hillary clinton is looking for a super tuesday clean sweep.the candidate she now has her sights set on. secret service scuffle.a photographer snaps... and attacks a member of donald trump's security detail.who
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on your side!" today is super tuesday... and g-o-p frontrunner donald trump will spent part of his busy day in the buckeye state.he'll appear in columbus at noon... and is poised for a history- making election night. the latest national poll shows trump supported by 49 percent of g-o-p voters going into super tuesday... with voting in 12 states and more than 16- hundred delegates at stake.but inside the republican party... some are refusing to support nomination. sen marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate"i'll never allow a con artist to take control of the party of lincoln and reagan or of the conservative movement." movement."the lone star state is a bright spot for the opposition.trump is polling behind in texas... which is the biggest super tuesday state.senator ted cruz hopes his constituents will give him
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meanwhile... on the democratic side... hillary clinton is focusing her efforts on republicans instead of rival bernie sanders. sanders.polls say voters in twelve states will hand big wins to clinton as she hopes to solidify her lead.sanders is not giving up hope... saying he expects to win many delegates tonight.... even though some of his supporters fear a poor super tuesday showing will make an irreparable dent in his campaign. time magazine is responding this morning after one of its photographers got into a fight with a secret service agent at a donald trump rally. rally.hey... *beep* you, *beep* you... what? what?that's time magazine photographer chris morris swearing at the agent.after he refused to go back to the media area... the agent wrestled him to the ground. morris then started kicking the agent before he was tossed out of the event.time says morris has -quote- "expressed remorse" for escalating the confrontation. we're just about a month away
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*new look* reds will take the field for the first time later this evening in arizona. it's the first day for spring training games in both florida and arizona. the reds and indians will kick off cactus league play in goodyear tuesday afternoon... at three player who's not expected to take the field today... reds center fielder billy hamilton... who's coming off shoulder surgery. now let's check in with with your nine first warning weather. weather. showers and thunderstorms are returning to the tri-state today and there's a chance that a few could turn severe. clouds will increase this morning and isolated showers begin around lunchtime. then, a more defined area of stronger showers and storms will push east across the tri- state through 4 p.m. this is
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wind gusts and an isolated tornado. the storm prediction center has most of the tri- state in a marginal risk of severe storms, but still has the slight risk for our southern and eastern counties. highs reach the mid 50s by 2 p.m. and then temperatures fall quickly this afternoon. we'll eventually see a rain to snow transition overnight. a few isolated snow showers will come down as we head into wednesday morning with little to no accumulation. this means no worries on the roads for the wednesday morning rush. thursday will bring yet another chance of light snow but it will change over quickly to rain here in the tri-state. we are still tracking this system, so we'll let you know if anything changes.morning rushpartly cloudydry startlow: 36tuesday rain, heavy at timesisolated thunderstorms possiblehigh: 56 tuesday nighttransition from rain to snowtemperatures fall quicklylow: 28wednesday mostly cloudyflurrieshigh: 37 wednesday nightmostly cloudy
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traffic growing problem.the obama administration is taking on e- cigarettes... after another explosive mishap. mishap.the accident that left a florida woman with *more* than just a burning car. forget about those long flights...nasa is working on getting you across the country
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develop after 10 a.m. and will be their strongest through 4 p.m. damaging wind gusts are possible along with downpours as these storm pass. highs reach the mid 50s before falling quickly this afternoon. we're learning new details this morning about the shooting that left a dayton pastor dead... and what may have led up to it. investigators say the brother of the rev. william b. schooler sued the minister over an inheritance dispute five years ago.daniel schooler claimed that he was owed money from the real estate value of the church.a court ruled against his claim.a relative says daniel has a history of mental illness... and shot his nephew in the arm in 2001. police now say there are *two* people of interest in the case of a falmouth woman... who's body was found on sunday. tara turner had been missing since
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found last night in shag creek near route eight. the kentucky state police are leading the investigation with help from the pendleton county sheriff. the obama administration is now reviewing that would expand f-d-a oversight of e- cigarettes... after yet another mysterious explosion. explosion.this car burst into flames after an e-cigarette apparently exploded in naples, florida.authorities say cassandra koziol told police she was smoking a modified e- cigarette when it exploded in her mouth... burning her face and nearly blowing out two teeth. "i had like char // i pushed a button i felt an impact on my face // i saw like sparks fly off onto the passenger side." the government says million of americans smoke e-cigarettes. and so far, more than two dozen fires and explosions have been reported... including this fire at a kentucky gas station when an e-cigarette exploded in a man's pocket.
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getting ready to come home today... after nearly a year in space. kelly and russian cosmonaut mikhail kornienko served as test subjects on the international space station... so scientists could study the affects of space travel on the human's all part of nasa's goal to make sure astronauts can handle a trip to mars.he'll land today in russia... and return to texas on wednesday. forget about space... nasa may potentially revive supersonic jet travel.the space agency is working with lockheed martin to develop a passenger jet that can fly faster than the speed of sound.this is a preliminary design.nasa says the plane would be safer... greener and quieter.supersonic commercial jet travel ended more than a decade ago with the grounding of the concorde. coming up in our next hour... middletown school shooting... good morning tri-state chris riva has a look ahead at our
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and what we're learning about the teen suspect. suspect. more than a fashion statement...a woman's questionable choice in shoes gets gets her in trouble with the t-s-a.the eye-catching design that caught one agent's
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2300 shelby: i heard the gunshot go off and then i saw one of the kids go down and grab the leg and fall a local teenager will make his first court appearence today. what we've learned about the
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the calm before the storm.a 9 first warning this morning.the threat of severe weather


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