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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  March 3, 2016 2:07am-2:37am EST

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it doesn't take much snow to cause problems. so to prepare you for tomorrow.. we go right to nine first warning cheif meterologist steve raleigh. steve. we'll see increasing clouds tonight leading to snow showers and possible accumulations in spots around the tri-state before noon tomorrow.of course, this means, at the very least, snow showers for the morning commute, with temperatures in
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now on 11 at 11... an extraordinary day at madison high school.students return to class after a shooting that injured four of their classmates. and in honor of those students... dozens at a vigil tonight at first presbyterian church.. offering prayers and hope for the days ahead. "i think that robably being kind to one another and stressing kindness and stressing goodwill oward
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we can do." tonight we're hearing from one of the four students wounded in the attack. brant murray was lucky. he was hit, but not directly by a bullet. bullet.nine on your side's john genovese has his story tonight. john. brant murray is still recovering tonight after being hit by shrapnel. school is now back in session-but what some of these students saw - we're told - will be impossible to forget "i didn't really get a good look at his face and he didn't really say anything, he just shot and then ran out."with bullet fragments still lodged in his leg --14-year-old 'brant murray'-among four students injured in monday's shooting "i saw the gun so i ducked under the table and i grabbed my friend, so we're laying under the table and he ran out after he shot the two kids next to me."two days later--the images from those moments still on too many minds "someone pulled out a gun at lunch" mitchell ramsey fled the cafeteria-"that was
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out of there"running up a nearby hill before making this call for help"i'm outside - i'm at a house" as the majority of students are already returning back to class "it felt really strange but with all the therapists that came and the counselors - it felt a whole lot safer"through vigils and support-this community is committed to moving forward"i came tonight to be able to just keep them lifted up in prayer"austin hancock -- the alleged shooter -- is facing charges for attempted murder. knowing why it happened - we're told - is what's needed to fully heal "he was a good kid until he did what he did. he was liked by many people and he was funny." we're told 1 of the four victims in this shooting already returned back to school today. hancock is scheduled to appear in juvenile court on april 5th.
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14 year old james austin hancock is accused of opening fire. he's now in the butler county juvenile detention facility.... he faces a total of six charges.. including attempted murder as john mentioned. investigators still haven't said anything about a motive. austin hancock's family released a statement today about the says in part they are devestated by austin's actions at school on monday. we pray for the immediate recovery of the injured students and for the healing of the entire community. students at many schools across the area have been showing their support for the madison high school mohawks by wearing red t-shirts. red is madison high's color.this picture of butler tech students was posted on instagram with the hashtag "mohawk strong." now on wcpo dot com and our mobile app... all our coverage of the shooting at madison high school... and the latest on where police say the gun came from . now on 11 at 11.. the butler county coroner rules hamilton firefighter patrick wolterman died of smoke inhalation. wolterman's death is also
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only the coroner can make that determination.the report obtainted by our partners at the hamilton journal- news also says carbon monoxide and thermal injuries contributed to wolterman's death. 28-year-old wolterman died in a house fire two months ago when he fell through the floor and into the basement. the group taking a hard look at the u-c police department is already having an impact. chief jason goodrich and his top major resigned friday - just after the review started. all these changes are coming in the wake of the deadly shooting by officer ray tensing last year. nine on your side's evan millward was at a community forum tonight -- he joins us live on campus now with what he learned. the group says there were - quote- serious gaps in management and oversight. tonight we learned what one might be - as residents wonder - where do police
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here in their neighborhood. right now - u-c police aren't allowed to make off-campus traffic stops.julie murray/cuf resident 063525 he gave me a warning for not having the right tag on my license plate that was january fourth.julie murray told that story to public safety leaders and review company exiger wednesday.murray 063557 my point was to illustrate the fact that everybody is confused about who has the authority and responsibility to do what?u-c-p-d - already acting to investigate murray's claim.the department says it will use body camera video to figure out what happened - and which officer conducted the stop.nicole avant/son attends uc 063039 i just want ucpd engaged in more service encounters than encounters where they're questioning individuals or punishing them because that can be traumatic. nicole avant comes at it from
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son goes here - but she's optimistic.avant 062926 things are changing. i definitely sense a change happening.- starting sooner than many expected.the chief resigns after so-called gaps are found. 062650 jeff schlanger/exiger advisory president the gaps? were serious, yes.evan - is it personnel? is it policy/procedure?jeff - i'm not going to get into it, it will be included in our report ultimately to the extent that we can share those details. so here's a timeline on that exiger review.i'm told there will be some preliminary findings - a progress report - in april.the final report comes out in june.and we've been told *that could dictate the timeline for hiring a new top on u-c's uptown campus, em, 9oys. now at 11 in the race for president... the impact of the big wins for donald trump and hillary clinton on super tuesday. trump took seven states in the g-o-p contest.the impact is dividing the party.. with ted
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republicans to leave the race... and get behind him as the alternative to trump. clinton dominated the democratic race over bernie sanders... and seems to be turning her attention to november... and is directing her attacks at donald trump. and it appears the republican field of candidates is on the verge of shrinking. doctor ben carson today announcing he sees "no path forward" to the nomination. but he stopped short of officially ending his campaign. a brown county man accused of threatening and stabbing his neighbor last march will not stand trial. in fact- a judge has dismissed his case entirely. 9 on your side's ashley zilka spoke to the victim in a story you'll see only on 9 on your side. according to police- this is the very spot where david amburgey was threatened with a hammer and then later stabbed by his neighbor. that same neighbor has never even appeared in court and won't have to in the future. system has failed him. 12:54 "i could wake up any morning and see him sitting on the front porch." 58david amburgey says the man who tried to kill him is now free. 16:38 it's more the mental
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really get to you. 43the case against robert philpot is dismissed. his defense attorney says he was found incompetent to stand trial. 06:20 based upon all of the evidence, judge gusweiler found that he was not restorable, that it wasn't a result of a mental illness or mental disease and so by statute, he dismissed the charges. 32last march- police say philpot threatened amburgey with a hammer, got arrested, posted bond, went back to amburgey's house and stabbed himall in the same day. 14:52 he was standing right there by those trees. 53 15:47 i backed into to that chain and that's when he cut me across the top of the head. 50amburgey defended himself striking philpot. both men were airlifted to uc hospital. 12:38 at the time of the assault when i got him off of me, i did what i needed to do to get him off of me and then i stopped. 43philpot's attorney says his client has been in a nursing home since the stabbing. he can talk but he can't walk those around him..philpot doesn't remember a thing from that day.04:09 mr. philpot really didn't understand the nature of the charges against him or how to assist his attorney in preparing for the defense. 15with attempted
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gone from philpot's record future is unclear and that's what scares amburgey the most. 07:06 if mr. philpott would get out of the nursing home, he would present a danger to no one. 09 11:26 he's not betting his life on it. i am! 27 ashley/tagtake a look at this sign. amburgey is selling his home. he says he wants to move as soon as possible. ashley zilka, 9 on your side. some roads will be closed tomorrow and friday because of the renovation work at music hall. fourteenth street will be closed between central parkway and elm street to accomodate a crane. the closure will be in effect from seven a-m until five p-m both days. . demolition crews will be working... and the crane is needed to remove the debris. but... residents and businesses along this stretch of 14th will have pedestrian access. its one thing police say you should never, ever do. but that didn't stop a store clerk from confronting an armed robber. her amazing response is next.
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racing boat flips at sea. what the crew was doing just before the accident. not just one.. but four new i- phones. john matarese has the scoop on what many believe apple has up its sleeve in just a few months. planned pregnancies. the new report that shows women are gaining more control over when they have children. you're watching nine on your
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 we have some jaw-dropping surveillance video out of georgia, where a convenience store clerk determined she would not be the victim of an armed robber.look at this.. the guy pulls out a gun.. points it right at her face... and she fights back! first she slaps the gun away... pushes his face... wrestles for the weapon while she grabs a board of some kind and smacks him with it. when he runs away.. she's not finished.. the grabs a hammer and went after him. the gun man is now under arrest. america's cup sailboats are built like high tech flying machines... reaching nearly 50 miles an hour just using the wind. except.. they can also capsize.and that's just what
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no one on the 45- foot long catamaran was hurt. the boat flipped while trying to turn with the wind behind it.but accidents like this have turned tragic in the past. in 20-13... one sailor was killed when a boat flipped during training for the america's cup in san francisco bay. an s-u-v with six children inside is stolen. now.. a man and woman are in custody.. and police are calling them persons of interest. interest.police in dayton, ohio say the s-u-v was left running outside a market last night the two took the car. the s-u-v and children were found safe about 20 minutes later. they range from a year and a half to ten years old. but police then spotted another car linked to the auto theft... which started a 20 minute chase. a man accused of robbing not just one... but two homes.. says he was sleepwalking. police near phoenix say thomas doran had stuff from both homes with him when he was
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that he had been drinking and taking prescription medicine the night before.he told police he doesn't remember anything that happened. despite that.. he wandered about ten miles.... the equilvant distance from fountain square to evendale. a luxury i-phone. that's just one of the predictions for the next round of i-phones expected later this year. john matarese has the preliminary rundown.... so you don't waste your money. it's now march....and in the apple world that means just 6 months until the release of the next iphone.while many people still dont have an iphone6 is getting ready to release several iphone 7's! ------------------the past couple of years have brought a new iphone, and a larger version of that phone.but forbes magazine says apple plans to shake things up this september....releasing at least 3 new phones, and possibly a fourth.and the most noticeable change: they may not need headphone jacks. jacks.forbes says we can
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plus, with wireless earbuds and a better camera.but it says apple is also preparing an iphone se, which will be a smaller size like the old iphone 4, so that it fits in smaller pockets. pockets.finally, now hear me out on this, the report suggests a fourth new iphone could be coming....a premium version of the iphone 7, with multiple cameras...apples version of a loaded out luxury car.of course it'll cost a lot more.whatever you buy dont waste your money. i'm john matarese 9 on your side.
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we'll see increasing clouds tonight leading to snow showers and possible accumulations in spots around the tri-state before noon tomorrow.of course, this means, at the very least, snow showers for the morning commute, with temperatures in the upper 20s.snow showers return after 4 a.m. and last through the morning rush. right now, minor accumulations of up to 1/2" are possible on grassy and elevated surfaces. watch for a few slick spots here and there, but this should be a minor impact for us we head through the morning, temperatures are forecast to rise above freezing and change over any snow showers to rain showers. friday will be a break from the active weather, with partly cloudy skies and highs
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tonight in healthy living... more women are having planned pregnancies than ever before. that's according to a new report from the guttmacher institute. it says the unintended pregancy rate for women between the ages of 15 and 44 fell 44 percent from 2008 to 2011. researchers say the findings indicate woman are gaining more control over when they get pregnant.the researchers can't say for sure what is causing the change. but they speculate that it may have to do with contraception choices.. especially new long acting form of birth control. time for sports and nine on your side sports director john popovich. this is a night that belonged to the high schools. it's the sweet sixteen in ohio....we'll have the highlights. highlights.and it was the always entertaining region 9
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for the boys.....all the highlights ahead in sportsnow,
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good evening everyone, a parking spot was hard to come
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campus tonight. it was the tipoff of the region nine boys tournament. conner and st henry went back and forth in the night's opener...this turnover and basket by travis connley put the cougars in front-but st henry hung close..stephen maley intercepts and scores...the lead is only one- but then connley saw a hole in the middle of the crusaders defense...he took it to the basket-st henry cut it back to one..adam goetz with the runner with a minute left-but conner made all the necessary free throws down the stretch... -the cougars advanced to the semi finals the second was an uphill battle for newport...-they were taking on covington catholic-the colonels have been here aj mayer draw the defense and then see cole von-han-dorf under the the basket-they also made a little about austin sweeney on the alley oop to von han dorf...up high on the backboard and it drops thru-newport had to fight for shots...ethan snapp nails a three from the side.-but covcath was too much..c-j frederick hits. a 16
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move on. that was the best news for northern kentucky. simon kenton lost in the 8th region, campbell county lost in the tenth region. division three districts at ud arena tonight...jordan gaines of purcell marian with the pick..and the stumbling pass to rasheed ali shakir...the cavaliers on top of tipp city bethel.-six foot seven kameron moore was a force for he loses the handle on th ball and it still drops in. purcell wins by 25 points. for the kinda of knew this was coming. the best teams from the greater miami conference were the best teams in our area....and both won tonight. tonight.lakota west in the regional semi finals tonight against springboro...danielle wells with a really nice feed inside to nia staples....- springboro was pretty good...23 and 2 heading into this game...-but they were no match for the firebirds...abby prohaska with the steal...she gives it it up for the score..lakota west wins 55 to 42 the second game featured the
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heights wayne...mason with good ball movement, laura van kleunen with the nice turn.- this was all mason...3 in the you shoot it...samari mowbray sinks a three.-the comets were too much for wayne tonight....they win tonight 58-37, they'll play lakota west for the regional title on saturday. how about this for a discovery. from a crumpled paper bag in a dilapidated house in los angeles..7 ty cobb baseball cards were found dating back to 1909. only 15 others are known to exist. together..they're worth over a million dollars. and the reds and indians played to a 4-4 tie today in the cactus...most imposing performance for the reds came from starter roger stephenson, the teams top pick in 2011. - he gave up a walk and hit..but no runs in two innings of work. nine on your side returns
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this wednesdy. wednesdy.we're always on with breaking news, weather, and sports on wcpo-dot-com.
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election have never been higher and the rhetoric from the other side has never been lower. >> reporter: in her victory speech, clinton never once mentioning trump's name, but her message was clear. >> we know we've got work to do. but that work -- that work is not to make america great again. america never stopped being great.
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>> reporter: turning trump's "make america great again" slogan into a full-blown attack. >> we have to make america whole. we have to fill in. >> reporter: taking him on with a message of unity over division. >> you know what, it works. instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers. >> reporter: but clinton still fighting off bernie sanders, too. at railly in maine, the senator defiant, still turning out the crowds, and turning up the heat on his rival. >> we were up against a candidate supported by the entire political establishment. somebody almost universally known, someone who had been anointed as the inevitable nominee. well, guess what? she's not so inevitable today. >> and while bernie sanders remains defiant, clinton's team


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