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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  March 12, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, chaos at a trump rally. the angry clash, physical violence. supporters and protesters facing off in chicago. officers hurt. the entire event canceled. >> tonight's rally will be postponed until another day. >> his opponents now taking their own shots. >> this is a sad day. >> donald trump himself weighing in this morning. what will this mean just days before more crucial primaries? underwater.
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nearly two feet of rain in the south. how's this underwater and floating away. >> my little boy wants to go home and we don't have a home right now. >> we're live in the storm zone this morning. sacked. the cleveland browns cutting johnny manziel. the latest blow for this troubled quarterback after the headlines about hard partying and an alleged confrontation involving his ex-girlfriend. so what is the next for the guy they call johnny football. fantastic finish. the amazing buzzer beater. forcing a fourth overtime at the uconn/cincinnati game. >> i'm just so happy i shot one in. >> his team one giant step closer this morning to the big dance. let's get straight to the
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that chaos. >> it happened in chicago. brawls both in and outside the hall between trump supporters and hundreds of protesters who had poured into that event. force. you can see one here burning a trump flag. others were busy hurling themselves on to the ground creating human chains and shouting anti-trump slogans. >> the trump campaign called off the event. trump saying he didn't want to see people hurt. his rivals are weighing in this morning. we do have team coverage on everything from the political implications to ongoing security concerns and start with alex perez who is right there on the ground in chicago. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, paula. good morning, dan. the rally here never actually started. the clash between trump supporters and trump protesters got very ugly, very fast. >> all: we want trump. >> reporter: mayhem at this arena in chicago. thousands gathered to see presidential candidate donald trump.
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>> tonight's rally will be postponed. >> reporter: his supporters and protesters facing off in a series of heated and violent exchanges. >> donald trump is not welcome in chicago and we're going to make that clear today. >> reporter: protester later storming the empty podium shouting at people below before security forced him offstage. that same man later going head-to-head with a trump supporter. both men wrestling. throwing punches as onlookers tried to break up the fight. >> i don't want anybody -- a brawl here. i don't want her or him beat up. >> reporter: spreading outside. this police officer struck by a flying bottle. one of two officers injured during the commotion. >> there's been a total of five arrests made at the pavilion. >> reporter: on cnn donald trump citing safety concerns and denying his past remarks played a role. >> i don't take responsibility. rallies. i'm not a person that wants to
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put out the statement before and said go home in peace. >> reporter: during the republican debate thursday, trump grilled about encouraging unruly behavior among his supporters. >> i'd like to pump him in the face, i'll tell you. we're not allowed to punch back anymore. i love the old days, so if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you, seriously. >> reporter: and at this point, no word yet if or when trump plans to reschedule his rally here in chicago. dan, paula. >> all right, alex. for more we want to bring in abc's chief white house correspondent jon karl and, jon, some startling images we just saw. you've been covering politics for a very long time. have you seen anything like this? >> reporter: paula, this reminds me of something i did not cover but i grew up watching and that's 1968 in chicago. the riots that took place around the democratic convention that actually spilled out for a time on to the convention 234r50r but
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but it's also not entirely surprising. i've been to so many donald trump rallies where i have heard from the podium, you know, leading presidential candidates say things like you just heard announced in alex's piece like he'd like to slug a protester in the face and in the good old days they were taken out in stretchers. i heard those aimed at me and others in the media pen where they often require reporters to stay at donald trump rallies. taunting members of the press saying these are awful people and then you hear, you know, people yelling at reporters as we. that said, i've got to say at these trump rally, thousands of people going, i don't think the vast majority of them want nothing of this. don't want any violence and there are protesters every day at donald trump rallies and most of the time, you know, they do their thing and escorted out and there's no incident but this has been building for a long time in jon, are you saying that trump
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responsibility here and i guess on top of that question i'd ask, do you think he's going to face political damage here, nothing thus far seems to have damaged him politically but could this be the thing? >> reporter: yeah, well, under first question in terms of responsibility i tell you often you feel like there is incitement that is coming from the candidate himself. and usually the protesters in the crowd see it as part -- or the supporters in the crowd see it as kind of part of the game, part of the show and there's no incident, but, you know, when you hear stuff like that being said by somebody who is being cheered by thousands of people, it can be frightening. in terms of damage, you know, we have a big day on tuesday. florida, ohio, illinois, big take all. most of the voting has been going on for a long time. they started voting on march 5th in florida and started voting in february in ohio. i don't know this will do any damage. this may in some ways help him. you know, there's resentment
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political rally from taking place. i think there will be a backlash protesters. but overall, donald trump needs to unify the republican party and then if he's going to be a general election candidate he needs to assert and unify the country. not the direction he needs to see this going bad in the long term for donald trump. >> we always appreciate your analysis. thank you very much. we want to switch to the security angle here so let's bring in former new york city police commissioner ray kelly. good morning, sir. >> good to be with you. >> great to have you here. in your view did law enforcement chaos correctly? >> yeah, i think the chicago police department did their job and did it well. this has been fermenting for awhile. we knew there would be demonstration, they were there in force, well equipped. if you look at the policing of the demonstration outside, relatively calm. some skirmishes called into the arena after there was tumultuous activity and came in in force
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what i would say is needed more private security on the floor there. now, whether or not that's the university of illinois police or what, i'm not certain but clearly we needed more of a uniform presence on the floor. if you look at the total number of injuries and arrest, it's an indication from a police per sfek tiff, the event went fairly well even though it doesn't look like it on the television screen. >> no. >> you had five arrests and you had three injury, two of them police officers so these are small numbers for a large event like that. >> so, these protesters, they have a right to peacefully protest, these rallies are going to go on. the protests are going to go on. how do we handle this from here on out? >> more people on the floor, obviously more security people. now, the promoters have a right to control the doors, who comes in, who doesn't come in. have to probably pay more attention to the tickets, who gets tickets, whether there are
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of the issues i think they've just been blasting out tickets and sort of you all come type approach. that's caused problems. >> more questions who comes through that door. all right, commissioner kelly, thanks soap for coming in this morning. for your perspective. high stakes primaries looming on tuesday as jon mentioned. trump's rivals in knowing these contests are coming, they are rapidly responding to the overnight chaos and for more on that angle let's turn to abc's david wright. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. whether you're a trump lover or a trump hater, so many people are troubled by all this and some of haters, of course, are hoping to take advantage. trump's opponents blame him for inciting this as we've been hearing but he insists he's the victim. >> this is a sad day. >> reporter: it should come as no surprise that the men running against trump lay blaming him. >> when you have a campaign that disrespects the voters, when you
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violence, you create an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty discord. >> reporter: there's only one presidential candidate that has violence at their events. >> reporter: john kasich said of chicago, the seeds of division that donald trump has been sowing this whole campaign finally bore fruit and it was ugly. it's one of the few issues where there's bipartisan agreement. bernie sanders spoke in illinois just a few miles away. >> stop letting donald trump or anybody else divide us up. >> reporter: at an austin fund-raiser last night before president obama took some pot shots too. >> i can insult people even better than that. i can be even more uncivil. >> reporter: obama said he didn't just blame trump, he blames the republican party. but trump himself says he's the victim. noting the protesters are violating his freedom of speech by shouting him down. >> all of the trump supporters have been really treated un
7:11 am
says we have a right to speak. >> reporter: there's no question trump has a right to say what he is saying and thousands of voters are eager to hear him. his critics also have a right to express their views and with emotions running so high no surprise it's gotten so ugly. >> controversy after controversy involving this complain. none of it seems to have slowed him down. see where this goes. david, thank you. >> all right, we move to the nation's extreme weather. the gulf dealing with the kind of flooding that happens just once every 3,000 years. dramatic rescues playing out as families are evacuated and abc's phillip mena is right there in new orleans for us this morning. hi, phillip. >> reporter: paula, good morning. it was eerily quiet in the flooded streets of louisiana. the widespread flooding has prompted evacuations and curfews here and in many parts of the south. >> y'all need help? >> reporter: this morning, his toric flooding causing chaos
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>> emotionally, a mess. it'll be okay. >> reporter: tennessee, mississippi and louisiana all hit hard with nearly two feet of extreme rainfall in some areas. look at these homes nearly under water. and this piece of a building being ripped apart and sent crashing into a bridge. dozens of cars nearly submerged. 3500 people forced to leave their homes. one of hundreds of families in her area who are forced to evacuate their homes. >> my little boy wants to go home, and we don't have a home right now. >> reporter: emergency response teams working tirelessly around the clock to rescue stranded people like in shelby county, tennessee, where a water vehicle helps bring people to safety. residents here are hoping the floodwaters can reveed quickly to get back to their homes but
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it's unlikely when that will happen. paula. >> our hearts go out to those struggling with that this morning. phillip, thank you. indra will have the kw later in the show. we turn now to the farewell for a former first lady nancy reagan remembered for that unbreakable bond with her husband, that epic love story. an event packed with high-profile friends and mourners including other first ladies and our own diane sawyer and abc's matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: it was part funeral for nancy reagan and part celebration of nancy and ronald reagan's love story. >> if my mother had one great talent i think it was that she knew how to love and she loved one man more than the world. >> reporter: jack baker said it was love at first sight. >> when i opened the door, she wrote later, i knew he was the man i wanted to marry. >> reporter: president reagan reciprocated with famous love letters. bells.
7:14 am
with journalists and stars from arnold schwarzenegger to a camouflaged mr. t. in that front row, the families of eight current and former white house residents. first lady michelle obama, she sat right next to president george w. bush and former first lady laura bush. hillary clinton and laura bush sharing a knowing look over anecdotes of nancy reagan's fierce defense of herronny. >> occasionally i've thought that even god might not have the guts to argue with nancy reagan. >> reporter: and our own diane sawyer remembered that after president reagan's death she was sustained also by her curiosity. >> she was way too interested in people and who you really were and what you really knew, all of us woven together in this life and all this week i've been thinking about watching her head down the hall and right there i can't remember exactly what it was, was it a pillow or a framed
7:15 am
were clearly were from president reagan and said something like this, if you must leave, could you just take me with you? >> reporter: after the ceremony, her casket was brought out in the rain to join her beloved, herronny. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, simi valley, california. >> that's a love we don't often see. >> indeed and a nice ceremony. >> we want to turn things over to the other stories we're tracking for that. claiborne. uncle ron as we call you. >> good morning to you paula and good morning to you and good morning, everyone. overnight. the manhunt for two escaped inmates into mexico, police capture capturing joseph cruz after two days on the run. he and another inmate managed to get away without anybody noticing for hours. >> how did you get out of your shackles. >> i picked it.
7:16 am
>> reporter: the second escapee, lionel clah is still on the run. and police are looking for this man who used a hoverboard to escape after realedly shooting a driver and rolled over to the car on that hoverboard shot the man in the arm and rolled away on the hooverboard the entire tine. after spending a record-breaking year in space scott kelly says he planning on staying on planet earth. he's retiring. he just returned to orbit on march 1st and spent a year in space studying the effects of space on his body. his retirement effective april 1st. not an april fools' joke. the battle between man and machine. a google computer came out the victor. early this morning alpha go won its third consecutive game of go, the world's most complex board against the long reigning champ in the best of five. it was love at first sight
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spending 18 years alone, at a las vegas zoo he was transferred to a sanctuary in florida where he met jeannie. they started holding hands and they don't like let. they won't let go. even when one decides to change positions, the other would lie day, switch hands and make it work. nothing more romantic than obsession. >> kind of like us, don't ever let go. like seriously don't let go. >> let go later in the xhushl. >> it's beautiful but kind of sad. they shouldn't have kept them alone for 1 years and shows how we need other people to be happy. >> or another chimp or -- >> we need love, right, and companionship. >> thank you, guys. i don't know where this is going. >> let's get it over to the forecast and indra petersons. hey, indra. >> i feel like we'll be changing subjects quickly. look at this dome of high pressure. i'm loving it on the east coast, temperatures 30 degrees above normal. also cold, a blocking high. like a big bubble that is
7:18 am
middle of the country from being east. with that we've been talking about flooding concerns that will just not go away. it's going to take time but eventually we'll see that dome of high pressure start to pull out of here and the rain will shift farther to the north but either way, as we go through the weekend still going to be talking for more threats of rain, in fact two feet have fallen. plenty of flooding into the south and another inch or two. doesn't sound like as much but grounds are saturated. no room for anymore not with
7:19 am
>> okay, all been happy campers, amazing out there. just a little piece of news it may get cold after a while. >> wait? >> i still want to feel that love you were talking about earlier. >> no, we're not loving. >> keep the sign. hold it up. later. >> coming up. >> says it with a smile. >> i want ten more minutes for you guys to still like me. >> we love you always. >> no matter what. to the buzzer beater overnight. >> rachel is weather with an exciting game. >> uconn and cincinnati were looking to burst the 2016 ncaa tournament bubble going back and forth for nearly 2 1/2 hours and did not disappoint. take a look. it was a night to remember on the hardwood. for freshman guard jalen adams as the uconn huskies took down the cincinnati bearkats in not one, not two, not three, but four overtime thriller in the
7:20 am
tournament. watch again as adam quickly launches the ball with less than a second left, taking a couple dribbles before sinking this hail mary shot from 60 feet away. >> i'm just so happy i shot one in. >> reporter: cincinnati dominating most of the game getting flogged on this last-second tiebreaking layup. missing another chance to seal the win in the first overtime. in the second overtime, the huskies coming back to tie the score one more time. and then that half-court heave after breaking the internet finally breaking the tie in the fourth, yes, fourth overtime. >> see, we never give up. we got a lot of weapons. everybody can score. that gives me faith. >> unbelievable. uconn holding on for the really big win. they face off against temple with hopes of getting one close
7:21 am
>> ron believes that adams was traveling. >> he didn't dribble the ball. it looks like he was running for daylight in a football game. >> enjoy the moment. >> okay. >> enjoy the moment. >> four overtimes. >> a great shot obviously. >> what all of our appetites for march madness. fill out your brackets next week. >> i got your back. he's always a journalist. here's what's coming up on "gma," a different kind of sports story, the new twist in the saga of quarterback johnny manziel. the big decision made by the cleveland browns. what lies ahead for the man they call johnny football. an airline passenger pays big bucks for extra legroom that he didn't get and why he had to turn to our abc news fixer. from boy band to the big screen. harry styles going off into a new direction. >> is he getting his hair cut? >> ooh. "good morning america" is bout to you by walt disney world resort. come join us as "star wars" awakens. ease speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target.
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american workers brought us back from the crash. now, let's move forward. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. we've gotta create new jobs and industries of the future. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. good morning, i'm timyka artist.time now 7:27doors open in just under an hour for your chance to eat breakfast with ohio governor john kasich. he'll be in sharonville this morning for pancake breakfast.
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convention center starts at nine. more than 600 tickets have been sold and even more are expected to show up this morning polls put ohio and its 66 republican delegates in a tight race between he and republican front runner donald trump. after this, kasich will move on to town hall meetings in heath, just outside columbus and in mansfield. while trump will host a rally in dayton.our cameras will be
7:29 am
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welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. we are watching the fallout from last night's chaos at the donald trump rally in chicago. violent clashes between protesters and supporters. the event had to be canceled. gawker is going to see their case in the $100 million privacy suit. the defense starts calling its witnesses on monday. everyone, it's time to spring forward and move your clocks up an hour to daylight saving time starting at 2:00 tomorrow. we lose an hour and start gaining extra daylight.
7:31 am
tomorrow, it's because we missed our alarm clock. >> this is known as the worst morning of the year for those would work in morning television. >> ding. >> yes. >> we will be extra caffeinated tomorrow morning. coming up on the show this morning flying as we all know can be stressful enough. what happens when you pay extra to be more comfortable and disappointed and then you can't get your money back. see what happens when one of your viewers calls the abc news fixers but we'll start here with johnny football now looking for another team this morning. >> the cleveland browns cutting ties with johnny manziel and his bad boy behavior. the troubled quarterback making more headlines for what happened off of the field than actually on it and ron is here with more. >> not exactly a surprise. more of a matter of when and not if because of manziel's off the field troubles, all of those off the field troubles and on the field shortcomings. now it is official bidding him farewell after just two seasons. >> terrific job by johnny manziel. >> reporter: johnny manziel officially cut loose.
7:32 am
the quarterback on friday. >> winner of the 78th heisman trophy. >> reporter: the browns had picked the heisman trophy winner dubbed johnny football at texas a&m in the first round but it fell flat after two seasons playing in just 14 games for the browns throwing seven touchdowns and seven interceptions at a $7.7 million price tag. >> i think the entire national football league knew that drafting johnny manziel came with an inherent risk. the browns assumed that risk. they felt like when they had reached that portion of the first round, that he would be worth it. it turned out not to be the case. >> reporter: overshadowing his career off the field antics. in recent weeks tmz sports showing the young quarterback out partying. even spotting manziel leaving a hollywood nightclub early this past wednesday morning. and now the athlete under investigation for a misdemeanor
7:33 am
by his ex-girlfriend colleen crowley in january. >> personal foul. >> reporter: and cleveland's new coach hue jackson distance ing himself from manziel at the combine. >> our organization is going to take a stand and we'll move on from those kind of situations. >> reporter: manziel says he is grateful for playing for the cleveland browns saying in a statement he'd "like to thank the browns for the opportunity" adding "he will always remember the support from the organization, team p mates and especially the fans". >> if he gets right he'll find a home somewhere in the nfl. >> he could be picked up by another team as soon as later today but that seems highly unlikely. you have to figure the other 31 pro football teams looking at manziel and thinking he's just too high a risk right now at least. >> but -- >> maybe down the line. >> as the analysis goes if he
7:34 am
>> unlikely this coming season season. >> i'm glad we're focusing on getting right. let's get help for him. >> let's take a look at the forecast. >> a lot of complaints in california, february. >> still cold. >> we will be warming up then it'll get cold but taking you to cali. >> there we go.
7:35 am
>> that weather was brought to you by king's hawaiian. i love king's hawaiian. so good but yes, it's warm for a week. >> we'll take a week. why not? >> thank you. >> i won't take it. >> nope. >> not good enough. >> everyone else is fine. tough, that paula farisen what's coming up, midair turbulence over the issue of extra legroom and the passenger who shellinged out for more space to stretch out and found it wasn't there.
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welcome back, everybody. march means spring break and
7:40 am
their travel plans but one "gma" viewer ran into problems when he didn't get what he paid for so-called the abc news fixer. >> in a world fraught by fear. >> when voiceover artist renn pencil has to fly he's willing to pay extra to be able to stretch his legs. >> i'm a little bit of a bigger guy. >> reporter: so ray who is also a retired cop figured an extra hundred bucks was worth it to get exit seats for his wife and him on spirit airlines. the outbound flight was home. the flight attendant told him his flight had been downgraded. >> and got to our assigned seats. they weren't in an emergency exit room. >> reporter: his legroom was gone and asked for a refund but when he got home. >> i called. their customer service line, and got put into a turnstile from hell. >> then it got worse.
7:41 am
although he may disagree the matter was closed and he had received their final response. >> i felt my head was going to explode. that's how frustrated i was and then my wife decided why don't you call the fixer. >> reporter: our fixer stephanie zimmermann took on ray's case and went straight to the airline and showed them ray had paid for something he never received. within one day, spirit airlines apologized and said ray should have been given a full refund for the $52 which they issued right away to the most interesting man in the world. >> i don't always have trouble when i fly but if i do, i'll call the fixer. thank you, abc news. >> everybody loves the fixer and, remember, if you have a consumer problem for the abc news fixer stephanie you can find her at legroom, so important. >> i want that guy to voice everything i do. >> i know, it's amazing. >> in a world -- >> coming up here on this world, "gma," how do you help here?
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looking to improve your health in as few as 30 seconds? sounds too good to be true but it's probably not. here with us this morning abc news nutrition and wellness editor dave zinczenko also the author of "the zero belly diet" here to talk about smoothies. one of the few things i can cook, smoothies like that and toast although you would probably tell me too much gluten. are they really the answer to our health woes? >> they can be.
7:46 am
effective than exercise at losing weight and keep it off. i'd rather eat my way lean than exercise my way lean. >> absolutely. >> but there are rules and follow certain smoothie rules. there are three that i have. number one, start with a nut-based milk instead of like whole dairy milk. if it's under 50 calories, it's 60 calories, less sugar, you're saving 100 calories you don't need. >> almond milk, cashew milk. >> number two what you want to do is get a plant-based protein powder, so that's hemp, rice, pea, sunflower, this is a full amino acid profile which is the building blocks of protein. >> actually i make a lot of smoothies. i wasn't aware this is something i should be adding and i've been hearing a lot of celebrities doing it like gwyneth paltrow so this is a real thing. >> i became a huge proponent in putting together a book about
7:47 am
less sure. it's a healthier fat profile so what you want to do is get the almond milk or cashew milk and protein-based plant based protein powder then load it up with fruits and vegetables. i like spinach because you don't taste it in there and potassium packed banana. the two are great at muscle recovery. if you want to work out you'll hate it less. >> adding muscle where there is none like all of me. >> the smoothies, the smoothie diet is going to do it for you. >> awesome. you see these pythons, huge. i think he's laughing at me. >> anacondas that just ate a pig. >> appreciate it. dave, always great to have you. appreciate it. author of "the zero belly diet." the model hoping to make a name for her outside of the shadow of her famous pop in "pop news."
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"good morning america" is brought to you by prudential. it's "pop news." rachel, what's popping. >> oh, lots popping this morning. so first up we begin with very big congratulations going out to ciara and russell wilson engaged. broke the big news on instagram sharing this adorable message presumably just moments after he popped the question. take a listen. >> she said yes. >> oh. >> yeah. >> whoa. >> i mean -- >> i just lost sight in my eye. blinded. >> weird. >> seriously, i mean that's amazing but the star couple have been vacationing in a tropical paradise. pretty much the perfect setting to celebrate their big news. wow, that's a good catch. >> why do they need to be in paradise were the sun -- >> 2,000-carat ring or something like that. >> 2,001 politically correct.
7:53 am
the star of "batman v superman" henry caval telling man of the world magazine that he's not just in showbiz for the art but the money is fantastic and that's something i deem very important. cav ville reports he was weary of making aup is a statement but in a position to take care of his friends and family and it's making plenty of headlines right ron? >> yeah. >> funding himself. >> a lot of people are praising him for his honesty. >> my grandfather used to say rich or poor, it's nice to have money. >> twice? >> at least he's thinking outside of himself saying he likes to do nice things for his friends and family. >> that's what he said. >> are you sticking up for him because he said looking or because he really can a big fan of superman. >> i'm just a good person. that's why i'm sticking up for
7:54 am
>> and he's got money. >> minor side note. madonna's 19-year-old daughter is making her modeling debut for stella mccartney. lourdes who goes by lo lo and animal activist kenya and promoting the new fragrance called pot. it's said to be about embracing self-acceptance and university of michigan and this modeling campaign, right. modeling campaign marks the first time she's ever consciously stepped into the lime limelight on her own. >> interesting. >> she is stunning. stunning. >> beautiful. >> she looks a lot like her mom too. you have to do a double take there. finally the story of harry styles' life just keeps getting better. "variety" reporting that he's been cast in an upcoming world
7:55 am
tom hardy and mark rylance called "dunkirk." the british military evacuation of the french city in 1940 being directed by christopher nolan and set to begin filming in may. it's where the real-life event took place and we'll see him on the big screen when it opens in july of 2017. >> i think of one direction when i think of classical movies. >> they're on hiatus. >> wants his hairdo. >> he'll have to cut his movie. >> don't back baby into a corner. don't typecast him. he can do a lot of things. >> sticking up for stoils and cav ville al this morning. >> you are talking about superman. >> i have got no problem -- >> i don't want the one direction fans to come after me. >> i love one direction. >> the story of your life.
7:56 am
let's clip one more head and back here tomorrow morning.
7:58 am
violence breaks out at a trump rally in chicago.thousands taking to the streets protesting those protests will affect a poosible rally here in cincinnati.
7:59 am
kasich is holding a pancake breakfast in sharonville.we'll have a live report coming up in just minutes. good morning tri state weekend starts right now , good morning tri state...i'm timyka artist...and i'm jason adams expect mostly cloudy skies today with a few showers developing this afternoon. temperatures will climb from the mid-40s this morning, into the mid-60s this afternoon. showers will become most widespread tonight into sunday. lows tonight will fall
8:00 am
breaking person is dead after a fatal accident happened just before midnight on the 43 hundred block of hamilton ave. police say a woman crossed over teh the center line hitting breaking person is dead after a fatal accident happened just before midnight on the 43 hundred block of hamilton ave. police say a woman crossed over teh the center line hitting another car head on.58 year old cheryl asher died a short time later at u-c medical investigation intothe crash is ongoing. the road to the white house is winding through ohio today as presidential hopefuls from both sides of the aisle are making campaign stops today. stumping for those last minute


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