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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  October 10, 2015 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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his career long is 51. that was in dome on a neutral site. he sees along 46, two times against iowa last week. >> all chris. coaching as a head coach against his good friend mike reilly. when they were hired. they have coordinated against each other as a hid coach. for the first time, the long-time friends, coaching against each other as head coaches. it happened to be in a crucial big 10 west game. big ten crucial game. second down and nine. 1:48 to go. ogunbowale. seeking space. he works to the 24. young on the stop. another time-out used by nebraska. their second. >> kelly: so far, i agree with the clock management. the opposition is in decent
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you want to go ahead and use your time-outs to give your offense some opportunity when you get the ball back regardless of what happens with the field goal. >> adam: a wild game so far today. 21-20. nebraska with the lead. adam amin, kelly stouffer and olivia harlan as well. one loss doesn't kill your big ten season. two losses is a really tough hurdle to overcome. >> kelly: we came into the game knowing these teams gave away games last week. that hurts big time. mike riley told us this yesterday. my team needs concrete evidence that what we're doing works. this is concrete evidence. they need . >> what we do works. they need to see something happening in this situation
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he seals on the edge. he finishes him off. a minute 32 to play, 4th down coming up. he got to about the 21 yard line. well within field goal range here. nebraska will use its final time out. it was tackled inbounds, last time out for the huskers. wisconsin with a chance to take the lead. nebraska with a chance to potentially get the ball back. a huge kick coming up, indeed they go for the field goal. >> if you lose three close contests, the time management always ask a factor. i think it was well done right there by mike reilly. that's a great use of your three happens on that kick. you have a minute 30 to try to make something happen, regardless of what you need. >> that's an issue last week. 3rd down and 7. clock was stopped. you want to keep it moving
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instead of run him. armstrong handled the play call, it's a run. keep more time on the clock. for the lead, the brazilian born andbred kicker. trying -- off the uprights. a heart wrenching miss. and now wisconsin trailing by one with all three timeouts remaining. their defense needs to stiffen. this was a miss. >> well, mike reilly, as we've said, this team needs something.
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they need concrete evidence that it works. >> i don't know the goal posts are made of concrete. for them. but armstrong needs to make something happen. this one is not done yet. wisconsin needs stopped. they make the cross. there is a stop right there and left. >> you are not going to run much of the clock. because wisconsin has two more timeouts left. and so eventually, if you don't make something happen with your execution on plays. you have to punt into a pretty stiff breeze. a lot left to happen right here. >> no, you talked about it, cal, nebraska has so much heart break. they are two and three for the first time before he began his career. ly the about the relief going through mike reilly's body and mind and soul. right now after the heart breaking losses that his team has dealt with.
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now all of a sudden maybe a little luck bounces it away. >> that reaction was relief. that's exactly what the relief looks like in real life. >> again, 1:22 in the second back on the clock. still two timeouts for wisconsin. they need stops and quick stops and quick timeouts. a 1st down could essentially put the game away. he's just getting his defender back on the field. >> it was a the 11th defender. a stop by dakota dickson ends up with the tackle there. inned is 2nd timeout. let's check in with kass by albert in the studio. >> reporter: we got an update from knoxville, josh dobson having a huge game. five yard score, thrown for 3. five to play, coming up later on abc. jinlbo fisher, number 12,
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8:00 eastern, on abc. back to you. >> cassidy, impressive comingback by tennessee. a tight one. the out standing georgia running back injured earlier today. left knee injury back in the first quarter of that game. >> 3rd down and 7. wisconsin needs a stop. a 1st down could end this game for the huskers. >> janovich gets stopped. wisconsin gets the ball back with time on the clock. paul chryst uses his final timeout. so 1:14 to play. he said, kelly, special teams could be an issue. moments ago the miss. outstanding production. >> you would have expected it. he had a 45-yarder that could have been 55 going into the wind.
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>> again the distance was fine. it was just the target and the release that ends up affecting the kick. >> no doubt about that. wisconsin is going to get the ball back in some decent shape, baring some disaster, a minute 14 left. they just burned all their timeouts. so it's going to be the ultimate hurry-up situation. >> again, going into the wind. this wind. ericsson back to the chaur and sam fults, the big internal 10 team player last week trying to avoid that breeze. the week last week, trying to avoid wisconsin setting up for a return. fults keeping it low. to the 28 by erickson he is stopped after a very short return, forward progress to the 32 yard line. >> 1:03 to play, wisconsin now in the hands soft fourth
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winningest active quarterback in college football, with a chance to get wisconsin the lead. whether they get him a touchdown into field goal range, it's up to him now. >> the tight end, a big target. he hasn't exactly been hot. but ericsson also usually from that slot position, but this isn't a nebraska secondary that has something to prove. to the 30 yard line. four man rush. lungeing forward. the clock continues to move. he makes the grab. the tremendous run and catch to the side line. it was a good tackle. >> 45 second left. another four-man rush. inside at the 1st down.
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clock will stop to reset the change, 38 seconds to play. ericson right here. >> four man rush, over the middle. it's caught, inside the 30 yard line down to the 28. 25 seconds to play. one of the best days in his career. takes him in the field goal range. now you have as to manage the clock as well. over again, it's broken up, incomplete. looking for a wheel, right, in on the coverage. it stops at 15 seconds, 2nd down and 10. maybe only one more play, two more plays, quickly, before you have to set up a field goal and you have to make sure the clock is stopped.
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>> exactly. that's what you have to set up for. i think a play over the middle is incredibly dang ris. he may have to keep it right here. side lines, incomplete. you got to go for a field goal now. >> you have time to the side line, just like that, you may flip the formation and run the same. >> on dan fults, the center he's down on the field. >> again, the clock moving, a run play the clock is moving, this goes down, then it's a ten second runoff inside a minute. because it was an incomplete pass which stopped the clock
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timeout, now with nine seconds left, you see he potentially is getting shd for what could be about a 45 over or 46 yard game winning field goal for the badgers. >> and fults is the center, regardless of the play you want to run, it isn't going to be with your starting center, whoever comes in, has to make a shotgun snap. >> i wonder if that plays a role. you go straight to the field goal. you bring in the regular field goal snapper. again for those of you just joining us, this has been the season for nebraska, both teams with big 10 loss loss lasted week. heart breakers for the cornhuskers cornhuskers. byu, the comeback against miami for an armstrong pick and a field goal and last week, some mismanagement of the slot.
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tommy armstrong could not convert on 3rd down. he comes down and scores with ten seconds to play and now trying to avoid another heart break in wisconsin with a chance to win it on a 46-yard go ahead field goal drive out of nebraska. he just missed a moment ago. 46-yarder into the wind. to the uprights. he puts wisconsin in front with four seconds to go. heart break again for the huskers. an incredible drive by the badgers to take the lead in the final moments.
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>> he drives this one through. makes him the right upright. remember it was the right hash he missed the time before. it was on the right hash once again. i don't know how many times your heart can be broken, but nebraska is experiencing it again. it's the opposite on the wisconsin side line. >> scombl what a moment. how many times have husker fans seen this? >> that relief we talked about a moment ago. >> that's agony right there. that's what heart break looks like. >> gordon stephenson a foreman badger signee is back. they will go with the swift kick mear. it's oak. the time pay run out. it's kicked back behind the 30. the clock is going to run out on this game. the badgers with an incredible
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a much needed pitch and the win. and it's heart break for the huskers here in lincoln again. >> 23-21 the final score. ball paul chryst against his good friend mike reilly with the win. win. >> what an incredible ends to this game. back and forth. two good friends, mike reilly, chryst on a crossover, so much emotion in this game a. crucial early season big 10 west game as well. wisconsin has the win. nebraska falls to 0 and 2. and we're down on the field with paul chryst. >> reporter: it comes down, what
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did you say to him after he >> nothing. you know, i said something to him after the first one and that's the game. you got to keep playing, two teams just got playing. we will make the last play. it's okay to be in that situation and come through for his teammates. obviously, a lot of guys made that happen, that was a big stop by the defense. give credit to the offense for giving us a chance to get another chance, so that's why it's a great game. you got to keep playing it. today, you will be able to come on the winning side. >> one he'll always remember for sure. you got this win without most of your starting offense. how did they get it done? >> we had a quarterback that was big. they mentioned plays. there were some guys that you give them an opportunity to play. it's their moment to step up. they have done that. >> a lot of guys put it out here.
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we appreciate that. it was a good win for us there the quarterback finished what he started two years ago as a red shirt freshman, what did you do before that? >> i thought he gave us a chance and played with tremendous poise and competitiveness at the end and that's all this is. you know, you talk about giving yourself a chance, having a guys did. of. >> coach, you didn't speak to your good friends mike reilly all week, what did you say to him there shaking hands? >> i said, i'll give you a call. >> looking forward it to, coach, thank you very much. >> appreciate it. >> incredible back and forth ball game, incredible, emotional game as well, back and forth between two good friends and a big win for the badgers. >> only one of the best friends can win, right? it was chryst this particular time, nebraska is still looking for that concrete everyday. i think there are good things happening. meanwhile, wisconsin the way
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they played defense, the way they are learning lou to play the game. their run game will get going. they're going to be in the middle of this big 10 west. >> the badgers win the freedom trophy the second time they battle for this one and a comeback victory for the badgers 23-21. the final score. for our fantastic crew here, we say so long from memorial stadium. later on tonight on abc, miami, unbeaten florida state. an incredible game and a big 10 win for the badgers. huskers are 2 and 4 for the first time since 1959.
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>> now on newscenter 5 -- pam: breaking news from beverly, police shooting a suspect in a violent confrontation. good evening. bob: a powerful explosion and raging fire. complex. what may have been the cause. mike: get ready for a chill. frosting temperatures tonight. >> you are watching doubly ptz. boston' this is news channel 5. pam: good evening. we learned just a short time ago that the suspect is dead, a team of investigators now going over exactly what happened. bob: our jim lokay is live at the scene with breaking information. jim? jim: it started around 3:00 this afternoon. as you take a look, they are still out here. it went through the car. let' s take it back to the scene
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police were called out near the cummings center. you can see the activity at the time. a suicidal man was in a car. police arrived on the scene. many people at the scene told us that another vehicle was the man' s wife. the district attorney appeared to break the news. -- break the news that that man had died at beverly hospital. he takes over from here. ask the individual -- >> the individual struck a beverly police cruiser, struck a second cruiser. an officer got out of the car and asked him to stop. he hit the drivers' s side window, hitting the driver in the shoulder. jim: police are telling us a single shot was fired, one shot, that killed a 49-year-old man who has not been identified. they believe that man was not
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armed at the time, but it came down to the man not heeding the orders to get out of the vehicle at that time. we are told the officer who filed but -- fired that shot is a veteran. right now, the dreams are released as they continue to investigate the shooting that happened at 3:00 this afternoon. we are live in beverly tonight, jim lokay. newscenter 5. bob: a tragic discovery after a raging fire in a franklin condominium complex. the bodies of a married couple found inside. investigators say the fire was touched off by a powerful explosion. to the area. tonight, underground propane investigation. our reid lamberty reports from franklin. reid: the explosion that heard and felt by nearly everyone. >> it woke us up, obviously and the house shook. a horrible blast. >> we sat right up in bed, it was so loud. reid: the fire, fueled by
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charred remains of the two-story home, and extinguished the lives of two people, nancy and richard brown, the husband and wife who moved here less than a month ago. their bodies, according to investigators, found near one another. >> they walked every morning, just nice, grandma and grandpa. gary and deb had just met the browns, telling us they recently moved from florida to spend time with their grandchildren, who were frequent visitors. >> they were riding their bikes last week. reid: the cause of the blast remains under investigation, but fire officials are looking at the underground propane tank that provides fuel to the units. >> we will systematically and randomly test the propane throughout the complex. deb and gary also recently moved here, right across the street from the home that exploited, -- exploded, unsure now if they will stay at their place for the near future. >> probably not, not until we' re sure everything is ok. reid: time is what it will take to reassure this community danger isn'
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heal from such a violent loss. >> it' s a disaster for the community, we' re all very saddened. reid: investigators are reassuring everyone that there is no danger, with that said , safety propane checks will continue over the next several days. in the meantime, the investigation is now being left by the norfolk country da' s office, in franklin, reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. pam: to fitchburg now, where 10 people have been left homeless by a fire. the fire broke out in this multi-family home on henry street just after 1:00 p.m. an off duty firefighter helped everyone make it out safely. investigators say the fire broke out on the second floor porch. bob: two cars towed from a weymouth parking lot after a pedestrian was struck this afternoon. it happened at south field, where a fall festival was taking place. the victim was rushed to an area hospital. investigators are still trying to determine exactly what happened.
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boston skyline this saturday evening, we had a spectacular autumn day, but expect a chill tonight. mike wankum is here, and mike, we are talking about foss advisory? -- frost advisory? mike: there may be frost in the western part of the state. it is going to be chilly out there. high-pressure is in control. there are clouds that will try to come here tonight. that is preventing our temperature from really bottoming out. even so, we will be seeing 40' s in the city and spotty 30' s. with that, the national weather service has issued this. if you want to keep your flowers, cover them up, because it will be chilly. we start cold, maybe clouds in the morning, but look at what happens at the temperatures. we are in the mid 60' s. some of you may flirt with mid 70' s. i will show you more at the
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bob: tonight, boston police is releasing surveillance video of a suspect in a sexual assault. it happened in the area of dorchester avenue and harbor view street late last month. the victim says she was robbed at knife-point, then sexually assaulted. police say the suspect has a distinctive gait as he walks her dog' s -- jobs -- jogs, and that could help identify him. also, camera, on that same night, and in the same neighborhood as the sexual assault, this robbery incident. two people confronted by the man in the red shirt. the victims say the suspect demanded money and threatened to stab them. they complied and were able to get away safely. anyone with information is asked to call boston police. pam: bill cosby on the hotseat, forced to answer questions about relations with women. the location of his deposition now known, he was questioned in boston. but the contents, still secret, they won' t be revealed for months. today we learned a few details. it went on for hours, perhaps as long as seven. >> the deposition began in boston at approximately 9:00
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pam: the civil suit claims entertainer bill cosby gave judy huth alcohol at the playboy mansion before sexually abusing her in 1974. she was 15. she is one of more than 50 now accusing the 78-year-old of drugging or sexually assaulting them. never charged with a crime, his lawyers call huth' s suit a meritless and unsupported 40-year-old claim. nonetheless, others feeling the heat. his tv son, actor malcom jamal warner, now telling abc the legacy is tarnished. >> people of color have always had the cosby show to hold up against that. the fact that we no longer have that, that' s the thing that saddens me the most. pam: cosby admitted in 2005 obtaining quaaludes to give to women. that civil suit was settled out of court. judy huff will be deposed next week. her lawyer said they want to question cosby again. the contents are sealed until at
7:28 pm
>> the court wants to be sure that both parties have a fair trial, but the judge also recognizes that the public has an interest in this case. pam: cosby' s accuser not present for his deposition. another woman sued cosby this week in federal court, claiming an incident occurred in 2008. it' s under investigation. pam: a deadly act of violence in turkey. coming up, a deadly act of violence in a peace rally. bob: also ahead, roads getting a test drive at the stadium. and there is some rain in the forecast. mike: i will show you what it will get here.
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