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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  November 3, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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phil: we are followbreaking news for you right now and an infant found dead and i -- in a home. phil: we' re hearing that dcf is involved? >> dcf now involved with this investigation. the baby lives in his home right behind me. they could not revive the baby. i got the call around 6:30 a.m. this morning watching the baby was unresponsive. they desperately tried to revive that maybe when they arrived at sadly cannot. now the investigation turns to how this baby died. the religious signs of obvious troppo or injuries. the cause of death still a mystery tonight. phil: also breaking, the
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desk government is issuing a hefty fine for me during desperate maker of millions of defective airbags. j.c.: takata is told to pay up for the way it handled recalls of those airbags. ed: to the tune of $70 million, jc and thats just the beginning. it' s related to those 23 million defective air bags, linked to eight deaths and more than 100 injuries world-wide after they exploded sending shrapnel into people. federal investigators say takata failed to disclose the defect to them in a timely manner. they also ordered the company to stop making the air bags unless they can prove they' re safe. under the terms of the deal, takata would pay 70 million dollars over 5-years. but that could skyrocket to a record 200 million if takata doesn' t obey to the terms. >> d.o.t. should not have to license off the dust place it --
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>> u.s. regulators will now monitor the recalls to ensure they' re handled properly. takata still faces hundreds of lawsuits and a criminal investigation by the department of justice. safety officials are also investigating whether takata' s side air bags should be recalled, as well. phil and jc? phil: police officer forced to open fire on a suspect trying to drive into him. the incident happened at a fast food drive-through. >> he is church with felony crime and the police opened fire in the burger king loss print yelling at workers in the drive-through.
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>> bustles and battery with a dangerous weapon, a motor vehicle. >> connor davis of worcester is 19 and accused of hitting a worcester police officer with his car as the officer' s cruiser parked behind him, in the burger king parking lot to ask him a few questions. >> the defendant put car in reverse and attempted to hit the officer sometimes and hit the officer in the foot. >> it was inherently dangerous, and attempted to run over police officer and then fled after numerous companion -- commands to stop and >> davis alleged drove off but was arrested at green and gold streets. >> i heard the shots and the police officers called in for backup. >> the davis family today giving no indication of why davis allegedly acted the way he did .
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>> the officer suffered leg and foot injuries. the team is held without bail tonight. phil: police in manchester new hampshire are investigating a series accident involving a pregnant woman. police say two cars were involved in the crash that sheared off a utility pole causing some residents to lose power. investigators say the driver of a mazda collided with a saab while changing lanes. police say two people were taken to a hospital with serious but non life-threatening injuries s. jc: just days after confirming the wreck found deep in the atlantic is the missing el faro cargo ship the navy says it will attempt to locate the crew members' remains. the navy plans to deploy an underwater robot craft to try and find the ship' s black box, which could reveal what happened before it sank near the bahamas during hurricane joaquin. the robot will also attempt to find remains of all 33 people
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three with massachusetts ties. right now u.s. officials say satellites detected heat around the russian plane before it crashed in egypt. the mid-air heat flash could indicate that an engine exploded or a bomb went off. investigators are preparing to s black boxes hoping to gather more information and determine what caused the plane to go down. a missile striking that jet has been ruled out as the cause. the crash this weekend killed all 224 people on board. phil: a man involved in a standoff with police overnight has died. he stacked his brother early this morning and the brother was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the suspect stayed inside the home which sparked a standoff. investigators believe his injuries were self-inflicted. boston police are still searching for a gunman after a
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dorchester overnight. it happened just after midnight on shepton street. police say the victim, who was in his 20' s was shot several times and died at the scene. j.c.: this webster man is under arrest, accused of donning a scream mask last night and trying to rob a restaurant he used to work at. police say employees at the golden greek restrained kyle berthiaume who also had a knife until police got there. let' skyline. a gorgeous day. s. harvey joins us now. week. s. look at boston. it reached 73 today. only three shy of the record of
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it is still wild bear great if you' re going to be out this evening temperatures will coast down the 15th 1840; spot. we will see if you 30' s for the overnight is over. boston will not be nearly as cool. tomorrow will not be as warm as today but it will certainly be another beautiful day with sunshine. the lid just went will be light. in the sixth is minutes. phil: it' s election day in including the city of boston. the most closely-watched contest is in district four where longtime city councilor charles yancey finished second in the preliminary election to challenger andrea joy campbell. there are also several mayoral races taking place including in medford where current mayor michael mcglynn is retiring after being at the helm since 1988. j.c.: commitment 2016 and the race for the white house. a new poll puts dr. ben carson
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ahead of donald trump tonight. the surge has put the former gop frontrunner on the attack. ripping into his republican rivals once again, donald trump exclusively on good morning america this morning said the have the experience to be president. >> i' veterans. >> here inching his way up in the polls. a new nbc wall street journal poll shows that there tired neurosurgeon has frontrunner status and place for -- >> they cannot handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. >> if you cannot handle those guys, than i do not think the chinese and the russians are
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many gop campaign' s say they will not sign on to a plan that everybody reported he agreed to debates going forward. donald trump to stay out of the donald does debate controversy. >> i want to answer the questions and be done with it. re staying above the fray when it comes to the debate. >> donald trump continues to consider some of the gop contenders as his future v.p.. he will not reveal though who though until he wins the nomination. seven passengers kicked off a flight before it leaves the tarmac. phil: it starts with unruly passenger, but those involved say that' s not what it' s all about. their claims of discrimination. jc: a troubling report about the purpose of the tsa. the finding that agency' s methods are not effective. phil: robin williams' widow speaking publically for the first time since his death last year. why she says no one would have been able to save him. jc: plus, the major upgrades in
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commuter rail system safer. s take a look at first alert traffic. southeast expressway looking heavy in both directions. we will start south city. it is almost 40 minutes to run through -- to route three. out west on the bike, 17 minutes . once you get on 495, it looks ok.
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at five. jc: the transportation safety administration facing tough questions today over just how effective it really is. a new report suggests there' s no solid proof tsa screening methods work. the government accountability office found a lack of consistent performance measures to know if it' s achieving its goals. administrators told a house committee today some changes are needed. >> solutions require realistic and standardized training, a new and efficiency, and support for our front line of the earth. j.c.: the tsa says it will continue to work with airlines and the travel industry to identify more ways to keep travelers safe. passengers kicked off a spirit airlines flight leaving los angeles. of them were being unruly but
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discrimination. tension on the spirit airlines jet captured on cell phone is discrimination. a black passenger and his companion were escorted by officers off the flight on monday. after an argument with a flight attendant over a seat. >> the guy said i' m not going anywhere. he said don' t talk to me. and many said get off this flight. >> according to officers other black passengers created a disturbance. police say all five were escorted off the plane including the passenger recording this video. >> there were so many other people recording in talking
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it was discrimination. official statement. they did offer hotel accommodations and another flight. phil: some witnesses say the passengers escorted off never threatened the spirit flight attendants. others believe the situation was handled appropriately. taco bell fires an employee for attacking an uber driver. look at this video. video shows benjamin golden repeatedly punching the driver in california last week. the driver was able to defend himself with pepper spray. golden who worked as a marketing manager for the fast food chain was later arrested. taco bell says his behavior made it clear he can no longer work for the company and encouraged him to get help. jc: stunning video from thailand. watch, as a meteor streaks by, briefly turning the night sky green. several cameras captured the giant meteor around nine last night. it happened fast but the brightness caused many drivers to punch the brakes.
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locally. often this time of year. j.c.: but there is so much like you cannot pick up on that. harvey: and the northern lights might be visible tonight. keep that in mind. have a meeting like this, this is about as perfect as it can get. when you think but ideal temperatures being in the low 70' s, look at this we had 73 degrees after being 35 this morning. that is a 38 degree jump. there was a light touch of frost this morning. 272. that is an incredible climate. when you a nice pattern, look at the boston sky.
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it is still really nice looking and was feeling outside. 69 degrees still in the 60' s to low 70' s. the winds will be fairly light overnight tonight. in spite of it being so warm today we will see temperatures drop back down. some of the interior valleys will be dropping back to the 30' s. tomorrow will not be quite as warm as today. the one will be light . inland areas will make it into the 60' s. extreme. five to seven degrees.
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on the warm side of the jet stream. that is what we are destroyed this type of weather patterns for the average highs around 56. to date even little more than 15 degrees above average in terms of the high temperature. this front is really nothing front. basically we continue the fine weather. the only thing that will change thursday and friday, it will be much above normal. friday will become a windy day ahead of this cold front, as you get into the southwesterly wind we may get some cloudiness developing. it really will defend it does depend upon how much cloudiness we have. if we can break into meaningful sunshine, we have a shot at tying or exceeding the record here in boston if clause hold strong it may not have been. either way it will be very mild indeed. right around 60 degrees along the coast.
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we start introducing cloudiness at times coming in from the south and the west. we will have some sunshine for a while at least and left will take temperatures well into the 60' s. on friday that is the day we will be near the record. they could go by the boards. saturday' s little cooler, but nice and above average . early next week, dr. spence aixa again. we can be the 60' s by tuesday. a nice pattern for november. jc: jon stewart is taking his act to hbo. the former daily show host has struck a four-year deal with the cable giant. it includes short-form digital
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s online platforms. the cable channel says the content will likely include commentary on the events of the day. s contributions will start appearing online early next year. phil: a major change to twitter has some users not feeling the love. the social media site has removed the star icon for favorites and replaced it with a heart. now clicking the heart means you like a tweet. twitter says it made the change because the star can be confusing to new users and the heart is more universally known. j.c.: i have concern about those who are confused about a star. another reason tonight to limit the amount of sugary drinks in your diet. phil: on the health alert, the new research that finds all that soda could be hurting your heart.
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new at 5:30 p.m. -- >> good night bear, good night chair, good night noises. jc: the power of reading helping preemies at one local hospital. the evidence of how it can improve their development. phil: parking isn' t cheap in boston but new at six, why the asking price for one
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get out of the past. get fios. jc: a new harvard study shows prescription drug use is on the rise here in the u.s. the study reveals that in 2011 59% of adults used a prescription drug in a 30-day period. that' s up 50% from the decade before. more people are also taking
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multiple medications raising concerns about the potential for drug interactions. experts say the increase in prescription use may be driven, in part, by the increasing obesity rate as americans try to treat diabetes, blood pressure and high cholesterol. here' s another reason to stop failure. researchers followed the food habits of 42,000 swedish men for 12 years. those who drank at least two 23% higher risk of heart it' s not clear if women or minorities have the same risks. and while the study was only conducted in europe, researchers say the findings are likely applicable here in the u.s. phil: getting the most out of your workout before you step one foot into the gym. there is a simple formula that lays out what you should eat to maximize your exercise routine. newscenter 5' s erika tarantal tells us you won' t even need a measuring cup.
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>> your pre-workout meal is one of the keys to keep you from burning out midway through your routine. all you need are three agreements and your hands. >> on proteins you' re going to use the palm of your hand. for carbohydrates you' re going to use a cupped hand, and for fats you will use your thumb. >> for fats, try not letters and seeds. >> these are two or three hours three workout. in the morning a lot of times you do not have that time. you think about those same composition of ingredients in the form of a liquid like a protein shake. >> like a combo of almond milk, ice, half a banana, a handful of spinach, and a scoop of peanut butter and whey protein powder. for men, just use both hands.
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chicken parmesan and steak and cheese would feel my workout. [laughter] jc: a first in the nation right here in massachusetts. phil: the announcement today by governor baker concerning lgbt owned businesses. j.c.: also ahead at 5:30 p.m., the department of education' s decision that is the first of
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>> says newscenter 5 at 5:30 p.m. phil: breaking news. an instance debt under investigation right now. state police are at the home. j.c.: the content being hit by a $70 million fine. phil: a man involved in a standoff overnight has died. his injuries were in fact self-inflicted. he is accused of stabbing his brother in their home before it began. jc: right now, major upgrades are in the works to make the mbta commuter rail system safer, following that deadly crash in pennsylvania last spring. phil: a safety system called positive train control is designed to save lives on the tracks. there is already a federal law requiring train systems to install the safety mechanisms by the end of this year. congress has now passed an extension on that. but mbta officials say it' s an unfunded mandate and their focus
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