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tv   Nightline  ABC  December 22, 2015 12:37am-1:07am EST

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, europe's refugee backlash. surging anti-islamic movements after waves of refugees flood europe. angry rhetoric turning into action. protests, arson attacks, hate crimes, and slick campaigns with swedish blonds in bikinis all meant to keep refugees out. >> the outcome is going to be civil war in europe. the nationwide manhunt for that american teenager infamous for killing four people in a drunk driving accident then avoiding jail time with his so-called a ed ed ainfluenza defense. his mom also missing.
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the run together as new tips miss universe -- >> the epic miss universe flub that sparked mass confusion on live television after miss colombia was mistakenly crowned. >> colombia! >> the worldwide online reaction to steve harvey as memes go viral. >> i will take responsibility for this. >> first the "nightline 5." >> you never know when it will be your moment to shine. so don't trust your smile to any regular toothpaste. improffered crest 3d white brilliance removes five times more stains than the red box. try the whole collection for a smile that gets you noticed. innovative sonic care technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral-b. get healthier gums in two weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. phillips sonic care. save when you buy the most loved
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xt1 plain
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good evening. thanks for joining us. while the debate over muslim refugees dominates much of the political rhetoric at home it pales in comparison to the dark backlash spread across europe. tense protests, street brawls, arson attacks. what does it mean for the thousands of refugees caught up in a personal purgatory? here's my "nightline" coanchor dan harris. >> we want a europe free from fear! free from terrorists! >> reporter: there is something unsettling about standing in a square once named after adolf hitler and listening to thousands of germans chant nationalist slogans.
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"traitors of the people." they're referring to the leaders of germany who are allowing all these refugees in. germany has just registered its 1 millionth refuji. and these people want to send them home. this continent is at a boiling point. while the debate over muslim refugees rages in america, we're traveling across europe where the far right is turning angry rhetoric -- >> the next terrorist attack in europe -- >> >> reporter: into reality. >> we want sweden to stay swedish. >> reporter: fueled by a seemingly endless river of refugees as well as by the isis attacks in paris. >> at least one attacker posing as a refugee -- >> reporter: ultra-conservative, anti-immigrant parties or the raise. caught in the crosshairs, the migrants. many of them escaping war zones only to now be confronted with a
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attacks. in germany, the most provocative anti-refugee movement is called pegida. and it's led by this man. mutz bachmann. recently this picture of him apparently mask raiding as hitler surfaced in the media. he insists it was photoshopped. >> we are for a christian jewish culture. this is the culture we have in europe. here. >> there's no room for another religion? >> islam isn't a religion. it's an ideology. and fascist ideology. >> reporter: this is a chant with ominous historical overtones. they're chanting "liar press." this is a chant that the nazis
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but to my surprise the people aren't stereotypical skinheads. they seem like regular folks who are just scared. >> with some people living with islam it's okay, but no so much. >> reporter: just 100 yards away from the pegida rally there is a much smaller rally of anti-pegida protesters. your critics say that your rhetoric is inspiring violence against the refugees. >> okay. if they say it, okay. but it isn't. >> this is going to be hard to contain. the police are moving the counter protesters away but the pegida folks are occupying the high ground. minor skirmishes like this are just a foretaste of what bachmann says lies ahead. >> the outcome is going to be civil war in europe. >> civil war in europe?
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this is going to be the outcome. >> reporter: the next morning we head two hours north to meet a young man who finds himself in the middle of this potential war. a young man we happen to know quite well. >> i'm from syria, aleppo. >> reporter: we met 21-year-old ali in september in turkey. >> hello. >> reporter: we followed him and his friends as they made the 2,000-mile journey, attempting perilous border crossings in the dead of night -- >> we're right on the border. >> reporter: all the while with their eyes on the prize -- >> in germany. we're going to stop in germany. >> reporter: germany. think you'll have? >> a good life. simple life. >> reporter: the three months later the easy, simple life he imagined in germany is decidedly more complex. >> this is pretty far removed. from anything. >> hello. >> hello.
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>> how are you? >> it's been a long time. >> reporter: he's clearly relieved to see familiar faces here in this remote corner of east germany where he's been placed by the government without anybody he knows. >> when you walk through the village, do people say hello to you? >> no. >> no? >> no. they look at you strange. like this. and they will go -- >> reporter: he tells us he spends most of his time at this hotel for refugees. >> this is our theater. she's perfect. >> reporter: he's trying to learn german while he waits for a temporary residency card. he says he's keenly aware that many people are suspicious of him. >> they think we are terrorists. that's why they are scared from us. they must to understand us. because the people, they are coming from syria, they are running, running from everything. >> so they're not coming here to make trouble, they're coming here to survive?
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they don't want any problems. they don't want to hear any shotguns. they don't want to hear any bombs coming on their houses. >> thank you, good luck. >> take care of you, dan. >> reporter: i almost feel badly leaving him. but we have to head north to sweden where in a country that famously promised asylum to any syrian refugee who could get there, a surprising backlash is brewing. a party called the sweden democrats, led by youthful, energetic nationalists, is surging in popularity. >> we are arriving in sweden, famously one of the most welcoming and open countries in all europe. even here the sheer number of refugees arriving on the shores is testing the limits of a so-called humanitarian super power. >> reporter: recently the deputy prime minister choked up when she found herself forced to announce that the country must renege on its open-door promise.
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forcing refugees to register at the border. >> on this train they found some people who didn't have the right papers. clearly refugees. and they're being taken away. >> reporter: but for the young leaders of the sweden democrats, this is not enough. they want to stop these people from coming in the first place. the party recently released this ad aimed at anyone contemplating making the journey. this is a party said to have roots in the neo nazi movement that has now turned from shaved heads and tattoos to suits and ties. producing videos full of images of an ideal sweden. this woman is actually a spokesperson for the party's youth group, linia cortes. >> the biggest mistake in migrant policy have been we have received too many in such short
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segregated country. >> one of the members of your party said he doesn't think there should be mosques in sweden. do you agree? >> we do believe that everyone has the right to practice their religion. and all the muslims in sweden has the right to do that. but maybe not in a mosque. >> isn't that maybe a little unwelcoming or closed-minded? >> no. i don't think so. we still believe that everyone should have the right to practice their religion. >> but only in a building that you think fits in? >> yeah. >> reporter: the complicated part of this story is that the far right is correct that the refugee influx is creating unprecedented issues. mass brawls at overcrowded refugee centers. >> this is police, stop it now! >> reporter: runaway costs. and grave security concerns. but the further you go into the darker pockets of the anti-refugee movement, the more
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some of these people may find acceptable is racial and religious purity. >> if it was up to you guys sweden would be 100% white? >> yes. >> refugees living in stockholm, you are not welcome here, go >> reporter: on our last night we meet perhaps the most extreme people of our entire journey. >> we have to show them that the people don't want them here. we want to stop the invasion. >> reporter: a group called nord nordic youth. >> i think you have to burn it down at the beginning. i think it's going to be worse. a lot worse. >> reporter: the question isn't whether europe is changing. it already has. the question is whether conflict is now going to be a permanent part of this new world. >> do you think there will ever be a time when violence is justified? >> yeah, of course. but definitely believe civil war will be inevitable.
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>> reporter: for "nightline," this is dan harris in stockholm, sweden. up next, the nationwide manhunt intensifying for the rich texas teen infamous for his affluenza defense. why authorities are looking for his mother's black ford truck. later, the social media fallout after a royal screwup while crowning miss universe. pwhy is philips sonicare the most ploved electric toothbrush brand pby americans and their dentists? p because it leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you' ve never felt before.
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cc1 test message the rich and privileged teenager who killed four people in a drunk driving accident and
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ainfluenza defense, now reportedly on the run with his mother. perhaps joining him as an accomplice. >> what's the next thing you recall? >> waking up handcuffed to the hospital bed. >> reporter: he's the rich teen whose drunken ride left four dead. >> there's four, five kids, kids laying in ditches and streets. oh lord, oh, yes, there's another child in the ditch, oh my god. >> this guy killed four people. paralyzed another. >> reporter: and famously sparked the so-called affluenza defense. >> affluenza? >> too rich for jail. >> reporter: she is the doting mom who infamously didn't rein him in. >> when is the last time you recall disciplining ethan for anything? >> i don't remember. >> reporter: ethan couch, now 18 years old, and his mother, tanya, reportedly fleeing authorities together. >> we believe that she's helping him and that she's assisting him. >> we need the public's help in
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>> reporter: perhaps in this tricked-out harley-davidson edition ford pickup truck after undated video surfaced of ethan attending this beer pong party, raising questions he might have violated his probation. >> to be a violation of probation they need evidence he was actually drinking. not just at a party. >> reporter: it began on a summer night in 2013 when couch, downing booze and pills, got behind the wheel of his father's red pickup truck. speeding down the wrong side of the road, he lost control of the vehicle and plowed into a group of people. >> just a recipe for disaster. >> reporter: richard alpert, the assistant district attorney who charged ethan with four counts of intox saying manslaughter. alpert wanted the poor little rich kid to do big boy time. >> we asked for 20 years. >> reporter: ethan pled guilty, an unusual defense. >> affluenza. >> he talked about the fact that the reason for this crime was he was a child of privilege.
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him. >> reporter: the juvenile court judge sentenced it's than to ten years probation and time in rehab. four dead, nine injured, and not a single day behind bars. >> what i really hate about this is not the nagging sense of wrongdoing and injustice. what i really hate is having this all dredged up, reopening the wound for these victims' families. >> reporter: in videotaped depositions from a civil trial his parents admitted to allowing him to live on his own in this 4,000 square foot ranch house. these pictures from the weapon site zillow show a wet bar in a den, a pool out back. they let him drive a car from the time he was 13. >> you understood, if he was at any time under 16, he was never to be driving by himself? >> yes. >> nevertheless, you allowed that behavior to happen,
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>> yes. >> reporter: now has ethan's mom gone insofar as to enable his escape? >> if we can find out she helped him at all, i assure you, we will file criminal cases against her. >> reporter: ethan's father fred couch is cooperating with authorities. telling them he hasn't heard from either of them in two weeks. >> i promise you, he is being tapped and surveilled. his money transactions, his cell phone, his home phone. like nobody's business tonight. they are watching to see if he's transferring money to them. not so much for his wife. they're esstranged. but his baby boy. >> reporter: following that trail could lead authorities to exactly where ethan and tanya may be hiding out. >> you've got to find the money. you find the end of the money, you find the kid. bottom line. >> reporter: but that won't help much if they've left the country. >> there are around 100 countries that do not have an extradition treaty or agreement with the united states.
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first-time charges for tanya could be stiff. >> the mother may very well face jail time of her own. in some jurisdictions that's up to ten years. depending on the degree with which you aid and abet the fugitive. >> reporter: and ethan may face what critics said he deserved long ago. >> in my opinion, he belongs in big boy jail. he belongs in adult prison. let him get a taste of real prison and real adult justice. and maybe let him know that money and privilege don't buy you out of every circumstance. up next there can be only one miss universe 2015. but last night there were two. albeit briefly. thanks to a mistake that gave
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she's beauty, she's grace, she's miss -- philippines? there is normally only one crowned winner. in the miss universe 2015 pageant there were two. what happened? here's abc's david wright. >> miss universe 2015 -- is colombia! >> in the history of beauty pageants this was the shortest reign ever. two minutes in the tiara before a sheepish steve harvey slung k back onstage. >> i have to apologize. the first runner-up is colombia. >> reporter: before essentially telling her to hand over the
1:02 am
>> miss universe 2015 is philippines. >> reporter: one of the most awkward moments ever on live tv. >> i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. >> reporter: steve harvey didn't help matters by sending out an apology tweet that misspelled the names of both countries. all of which led to a justin bieber sorry meme on instagram. and this. say sorry now >> reporter: the mistake so bad that the 2015 miss universe pageant is now fodder for conspiracy theories. with some insisting it must be a hoax. a request for comment unanswered. >> everything happens for a reason so i'm happy. >> it's a very -- nontraditional crowning moment. >> reporter: today donald trump, former owner of the miss universe pageant, suggested they
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as if he'd ever accept sharing the tiara in the beauty pageant he's competing in. bottom line, there is only one miss universe. and, for the record, it's not miss colombia. for "nightline," i'm david wright in new york. >> not just beautiful, but diplomatic. thanks for watching. tune into gma tomorrow. as always, we're online at good night, america. >> what charges to the mother
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>> a craneopples onto a me.
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