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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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i am totally blind. pi lost my sight in afghanistan. re totally blind, you may also berstruggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: get ready for an arctic blast this weekend. my timeline for what could be record cold temperatures. and how long it will last. antoinette: emergency inspections overnight after a horrific accident on i-93. a young teacher killed by a flying manhole cover. the new information on what caused it and the risk of it happening again. doug: and a part of new hampshire's manufacturing history goes up in flames. the mill that burned down and the technology that dates back to the 19th century.
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boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." antoinette: and a good morning to you. it's just after 6:00 on this saturday, february 13. i'm antoinette antonio. doug: and i'm doug meehan. it's cold. it's only going to get colder. look at that outside. a shot of our city cam downtown boston. my goodness. it's only 16 degrees, and this is going to be warm compared to later. is that right, danielle. danielle: that's right. in fact, the morning is actually the warmest part of the day today. if you can imagine that one, doug and antoinette. good morning, everyone. 20 in boston. 11 in worcester. five already in orange but what happens is cold air is headed our way. take a look up in canada. temperature readings below zero and well below zero. that cold air mass is headed in our direction. the other thing with this is the wind and because of that, wind chill warnings in effect
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afternoon going until sunday at lunchtime. so we're in for a cold period beginning later on today. in fact, here is the wind chill values in boston. it feels like 10 degrees this morning but it will feel like three below zero by 4:00. seven below zero by 6:00. if you plan to go out to dinner for valentine's day, be aware of that. bundle up. you see a few ocean-effect snow showers in and around the cape. because it's so cold, it could pick up anywhere from a coating to a couple of inches from that. in fact, here is that cold arctic front. this is all headed in our direction. there's going to be additional chances for snow and then a warm-up. we'll talk all about it coming up. antoinette. antoinette: danielle, thank you. shock and sadness after a horrific accident on the southeast expressway. doug: a beloved art teacher hit and killed by a manhole cover. those who knew caitlin clavette offering heartfelt tributes right now. antoinette: the eyeopener's frank holland is here with the disbelief gripping one local community right now.
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this is just a tragic accident. passionate art teacher at glover elementary in milton. sadly, she never made it to school friday morning. she was driving south down i-93 when a giant 200-pound manhole cover went airborne, flying directly through her windshield as she drove through the o'neil tunnel. cameras on the highway show an s.u.v. changing lanes. investigators believe that s.u.v. dislodged the manhole cover, sending it through the air and into caitlin's car. parents now struggling to explain the sudden loss of a teacher they love so much. >> she just liked to teach art. she really liked it, i could tell. >> he didn't understand, you know. he said is she going to be there next week? and i had to explain part of life and death, and things like this do happen unfortunately. frank: glover elementary school will be open from 11:00 to noon this morning so parents can get some advice on how to speak with their children about this tragedy.
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transportation is now re-inspecting 500 sewer grates, utility panels, and manhole covers on highways in boston. doug? doug: frank, thank you. "5 investigates" uncovering more about those emergency inspections frank just talked about. and so far no major issues have been found. investigators have, however, found an almost identical accident that happened back in 2014 in new york. a truck driver from springfield was killed on the cross bronx expressway when a truck in front of him kicked up a manhole cover and sent it right through his windshield. antoinette: new this morning aaron hernandez has settled a civil lawsuit in florida. the former patriot was being sued by a friend who claimed hernandez had shot him in the face three years ago at a florida nightclub. alexander bradley's lawyers filed court papers in miami claiming the matter has been settled, but terms of the settlement were not disclosed. hernandez is currently serving life for the 2013 murder of odin lloyd. and he's awaiting a trial for a
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nearly nine months after they convicted the boston marathon bomber, the list of jurors in the case has been released. the seven women and five men came from communities ranging from cape ann to cape cod. only one of them is from boston. dzhokhar tsarnaev is being held at the federal supermax prison in colorado while he appeals his death sentence. doug: violence in dorchester leaves one man dead and two others recovering from gunshot wounds. police say they shot and killed a man yesterday morning after he pointed a gun right at them. the injured suspects were not shot by police. investigators believe those two suspects were shot inside a home on devon street. the third suspect took off from that scene, and that's when officers confronted him. >> nobody likes to take a life; but if you're going to point a gun at one of our officers in the way he did, obviously we're going to protect ourselves. doug: the original shooting on devon street is still under investigation this morning.
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a convicted killer a new trial. joseph cousin was sentenced to life in prison for killing 10-year-old trina persad in a roxbury park in 2002. "the globe" reporting that cousin's lawyer had a conflict of interest while defending him during his trial. the lawyer was also representing a boston police detective in a federal civil rights suit. cousin told the judge that his lawyer never told him about the conflict. doug: the last remaining shoe peg mill in the world now burned to the ground. the kearsarge peg mill in bartlett, new hampshire, went up in flames yesterday afternoon, ending its 139-year history. owner paul soares was working in the front when a passerby yelled the back of the mill was on fire. with so much saw dust and wood product as an ignition source, efforts to save it were too little too late. >> i ran through the saw room, splitting room, and that's when i noticed the fire above me on
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its kind in the world were running and they were running while the fire was going. doug: the building couldn't be insured. in fact, soares-- who has owned it since 2001-- had just signed papers to sell. antoinette: the city of somerville is mounting a new challenge to wynn's planned casino in nearby everett. the city has filed an appeal with the state that challenges the department of environmental protection's decision to grant the $1.7 billion project a key environmental permit last month. mayor joseph curtaton says the project will have serious consequences to the health of city residents with thousands expected to drive to the casino each day. a consumer alert this morning. another skimming device found at a local gas station. quincy police say this was found at the shell gas station at 315 hancock street. if you bought gas there recently, you should pay close attention to bank statements and
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small they might be. doug: commitment 2016. donald trump once again raising questions over ted cruz's eligibility to be president but now threatening to sue him over the issue. newscenter 5's phil lipof has the drama unfolding on the campaign trail right now. phil: at a rally in tampa, florida, the usual from donald trump but earlier in the day taking his feud with ted cruz to a new level tweeting, "if at ted cruz doesn't clean up his act, stop cheating and doing negative ads, i have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen," a threat in response to cruz pummeling him >> it's more than a little irony in donald accusing anyone of being nasty.
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rivals now criticizing the billionaire's tendency to do this. >> i would bomb (bleep), i was going to say they're (bleep) but i won't say that. >> (bleep) she said he's a (bleep). phil: but the next contest is in south carolina where two-thirds of the voters are expected to be evangelical. they are not thrilled with that kind of language. >> he doesn't really look christian. phil: here's something else for evangelicals to consider. this actress in a cruz ad hitting marco rubio. >> maybe you should vote for more than a pretty face next time. phil: turns out she's a porn star. cruz dropped the ad when he found out. all of this as the next republican debate is set for tonight already shaping up to be fairly contentious. in the newsroom, phil lipof, wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: a big break in a series of cyber-attacks targeting u.s. government officials. antoinette: the arrest made and the victims that were targeted. and new information connected with a deadly school shooting. the clue police found after the gunfire. danielle: the temperatures are dropping to dangerously low
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when it begins, and the warm-up doug: and the sub-zero temperatures could cause trouble at home. what to watch as the
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antoinette: sky 5 over the mbta's commuter rail trains as they prepare for this weekend's bitter cold. they plan to run the rail trains all weekend, even overnight. by continuously running the trains, they hope they are less likely to have mechanical issues or delays. taking a live look at the boston skyline this morning 16 degrees outside right now. danielle says this is actually the warmest time of the day. the mercury only dropping right now. you know, a lot can go wrong when temperatures fall below zero. doug: it's true. these are deadly and dangerous temperatures out there. our frank holland is back with the major concerns right now. and some important reminders. frank: doug and antoinette an arctic blast moving in right now expected to last all weekend long. i think it's already moved in. the winds expected to be so gusty that they will create what the national weather service is describing as life-threatening cold. our crews were out in boston
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hoods, and heavy coats. but danielle is forceasting it'll be much worse tonight. if you do have to go out this weekend, bundle up. it takes only minutes for forstbite or hypothermia to set in. if you're feeling numb or cold and groggy, time to get inside. you also need to protect your property. first rule of preventing frozen pipes-- trickle the tap. and if you're away, don't drop the themostat too low. >> don't let the themostat fall below 60. even though you could save more money by dropping it lower than that, you could incur a burst pipe. frank: also don't be surprised if you hear some unexpected booms coming from the roof or attic. we heard them last year on those bitter cold nights. it's the sound of themal expansion and contraction. the wood swelling and shrinking with the extreme temperatures. doug: these are the temperatures that take your breath away. you were mentioning it earlier. you were out there on friday. it was just. antoinette: you walk outside. if you have to do any extended activity, it's really hard to even catch your breath with that
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danielle: you could even get frost bite tomorrow morning in 10 minutes or less. antoinette: ten minutes? danielle: because the wind chill values will be 30 below zero in a lot of spots. i feel like we're in canada or something. i'm just saying. this' the coldest air we've seen thus far this season. we're going to probably be setting some record low temperatures too. i want to talk about that cold impact. right now it's not so bad believe it or not. by this afternoon the the temperatures are falling. the winds are picking up. tonight into tomorrow morning especially that is where the dangerous cold sets in. because of that, the wind chill warnings now in effect beginning saturday, today at 4:00 until tomorrow at lunchtime. wind chill advisory for you islands. temperatures. you'll be a little bit warmer than that. it doesn't matter when you look at it. it will be cold. the winds start to pick up by this afternoon and into tomorrow morning. wind gusts in excess of 25-35 miles an hour. all associated with that arctic front that is ushering in that
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right now this morning, we actually have to talk about ocean-effect snow showers still ongoing especially as you go towards, say, provincetown down to chatham. seeing light snow showers. because it's so cold, you could quickly pick up a coating to a couple of inches. guess what? you're going to do this all over again tomorrow morning because we are talking about that ocean-effect snow showers yet again thanks to that wind direction and the difference between the air temperature being so cold and the water temperature being so warm. so future cast showing you what happens. notice the snow showers start to break apart by about 7:00 or so. so we dry things out. then through the day, we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds. the winds pick up this afternoon. we could squeeze out a couple of flurries, snow showers, very hit-or-miss through the afternoon into early evening. and then things start to wind down and the dangerous cold really sets in. by tomorrow morning, look what happens. a couple of these ocean-effect snow showers for the cape.
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in this as well as far as north of the plymouth area for seeing a shower or two into first things tomorrow. notice after lunchtime we're going down into the teens. by 6:00 at 12 degrees and with those winds picking up, it's going to be very cold. record lows potentially tomorrow forecasting 5 below in boston. that would break the record set back in 1934. also in worcester forecasting a record low of 12 below zero. and then tomorrow here's the really impressive stuff, folks. notice these wind chill values at 6:00 to 8:00 in the morning. through this. we're talking about 30 below zero in boston. and then as we go through the touch. we're still below zero pretty much everywhere you look at it. so we are talking about really cold temperatures. with that, of course, there is the chance for some ocean-effect snow showers on the cape for tomorrow. snow chances though on the way up on monday into tuesday. why is that, you ask? we're going to watch another system come in. it looks like because we're so
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snow. we're dry for the morning commute but notice by 3:00 those snow showers are breaking out. notice that pinning line in there. that is some mixture to even freezing rain. north and we have. notice that changeover to just plain old rain occur by tuesday because what we're looking for is temperatures to surge with this system up into the mid to upper 40's, maybe even pushing near 50 degrees. so we just have to get through today and then tomorrow and then the 50's. how about that by tuesday? antoinette: we are anxiously awaiting those 50, right. time now is 6:19. stories we're following right now. doug: two 15-year-old girls, high school students in arizona, are dead in what police are now calling a murder-suicide. police say a suicide note was found at the scene of yesterday's shooting at independence high school in glendale. a weapon was found near the bodies, which were discovered under a covered patio near the school's cafeteria. antoinette: a big break in a series of cyber-attacks targeting u.s. government
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british police and the f.b.i. have arrested a teenager they believe is behind the attacks. over the last few months, several high-profile officials including c.i.a. director john brennan and homeland security secretary jeh johnson have had their email hacked. but no sensitive material is believed to have been compromised. doug: fresh from historic meeting in cuba with the head of the russian orthodox church, pope francis officially kicked off his trip to mexico. officials rolling out the red carpet and treating the pontiff to an olympic-style welcome right on the tarmac. he will be visiting for five days, touring some of the country's poorest areas, where he'll meet with victims of drug violence and human trafficking. >> now sportscenter 5 with bob halloron. bob: good morning, everyone. patrice bergeron's second regular season fight in 12 years may have inspired his teammates two nights ago but it also inspired some part of his body to feel a lot of pain. bergeron missed practice yesterday and is questionable for this afternoon's game in
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he took on former bruin blake wheeler and didn't last very running before wheeler fell on top of him. head coach claude julien didn't say what bergeron's issue is but says he can't guarantee he'll be ready to play today. bergeron did stay in the game goals against winnipeg on thursday night. in toronto last night, marcus smart introduced as part of the starting lineup of the rising stars. he went out and knocked down a quick three-pointer. the u. sturks a. only three points smart's only three points. they were big though because the u.s.a. beat the world 157-154. isiah thomas will participate in the skills competition tonight and in the all-star game tomorrow. that's sports. have a great day.
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the carnival's organizer said he told the group no pigs would be harmed. the carnival wraps up this weekend. doug: they started the morning with bacon and eggs antoinette: a google doodle contest is underway. doug: and a new hampshire 7th grader is in contention. the theme of the competition and how you can help her win. and some co-workers band together to help a single guy score a date. what he has to say about the public effort. antoinette: and a live look from winthrop this morning. the boats are docked. it is not going to be a nice, warm day to go out for a cruise. 6:22. 16 degrees. we're at the warmest point of
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danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. the winds pick up today. the cold air comes on in. wind chill values will be 20 to 30 below zero by tomorrow morning. and that means you could get frost bite within 10 minutes. so this is dangerous cold, folks. be aware of that. here it comes from canada. you can thank the jetstream for dipping down. brick it in. temperatures drop through the afternoon. record lows look likely tomorrow morning. looking like we'll see 5 below in boston which would be the record. that was three below setback in 1934.
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wind chill value dropping to 10 below in worcester by 3:00. by dinner time 10-20 degrees below zero. so bundle up if you're headed out this week. doug and antoinette. antoinette: good advice, danielle, thank you. a michigan man is getting a lot of help in the love department. doug: matt hill works for a lawn and garden company. his co-workers recently surprised him by putting his face and contact information on a billboard. the six-foot-tall 25-year-old says he was pretty surprised by the gesture, but he's making the most of it. so what should ladies know about matt? >> a perfect day is pretty much out in the woods. at somebody's house, a small party. something like that. doug: grab your chainsaw and let's go. hill says he's taken dozens of calls, texts, and emails from potential suitors. he says he's not looking for just a fling.
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someone to settle down with. antoinette: (laughing). doug: here's an ax. let's have a bonfire. let's get hitched. you and me. love is is a strange thing. this is tough news for you. the hockey season is over early for a local college. the incident that forced the players off the ice. a teenager run down while riding his bike. why police say it may have been no accident. doug: and it's a balmy 16 degrees out. antoinette: that's all. doug: grab the bikinis and head on outdoors. seriously, don't. this is a dangerous and deadly cold we're getting into. danielle has the forecast when we come i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, breo won't replace a rescue
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: subzero temperatures and punishing winds. i'm timing how long we'll have to endure brutal cold. antoinette: the search is on for the driver who struck a teenager on a bike. why police believe the teen may have been targeted. doug: a frightening case of stalking and harrassment. the teen victim's connection to the man accused of the crimes. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." antoinette: a good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. 6:30 on this saturday morning. i'm antoinette antonio. doug: and i'm doug meehan. the country is in the situation
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you have the warm people, the v's. it's brutal. danielle: cuddle up, bundle up. i think just cuddle up. we'll all hug. antoinette: we're one big happy family here. doug: sweating now. danielle: especially tomorrow morning, folks. with the wind chill values being 30 below zero. yes, i did say that number. that is dangerous cold. you can get frost bite in 10 minutes. let's talk about the temperatures right now. in the single digits in some leagues. the teens even 20 in boston so far this morning. but as we go through the day, watch what happens. the next 12 hours in and around boston, we're going to see temperatures start to warm up or cool back down into the single digits and even the teens. so here's what's going on currently. i do want to show you as we go through the next 12 hours the wind chill warning in effect beginning at 4:00 p.m. today. that's going to go until sunday at lunchtime.
6:32 am
not only for this evening but also for tomorrow morning. into early afternoon. here is the wind chill values in the forecast as we go through the day. notice by 4:00 we're already below zero in boston. 6:00. a couple of ocean-effect snow showers ongoing right now should put up off shortly after the cape. we're watching this arctic front bring inning the coldest air this season. we'll talk about who could see record low temperatures tomorrow and our next chance for snow coming upment antoinette. antoinette: danielle, thank you. a tragic accident under investigation right now. a beloved art teacher in milton hit and killed by a manhole cover. caitlin clavette was driving through the o'neil tunnel when a giant 200-pound manhole cover went airborne and right through her windshield. the department of transportation is now re-inspecting sewer grates, utility panels and manhole covers on highways in boston. doug: aaron hernandez has settled a civil lawsuit in florida. the former patriot was being
6:33 am
hernandez had shot him in the face three years ago at a the terms of the settlement have not been disclosed. antoinette: right now the search is on for a hit-and-run driver in lowell. a 15-year-old riding his bike was rushed to the hospital after he was hit. newscenter 5's juli mcdonald reporting this morning that this may not be an accident. >> it doesn't look like this is juli: lowell police are looking for a driver who they believe intentionally hit a 15-year-old on a bike sending him flying into the air. captain tim crowley told newscenter 5 they were called to lawrence street just before 2:00 friday afternoon. >> what happened when the officers got there, they found the front wheel and the chain from the bike but no bike. juli: police obtained these images from a liquor store corner of lawrence and roger streets. then they asked for the public's help sending out a code red message to nearby neighbors. >> serious hit-and-run involving a white pick-up truck occurred
6:34 am
the vehicle left with part of the bike under the truck. juli: lowell police found the abandoned truck and parts of the bike about a mile away on bolt street. witnesses later told police the boy on the bike had been talking to the people inside the truck moments before he rode away, and that driver aggressively followed. >> one of the witnesses had actually crossed the street and struck the kid on the opposite side. juli: and lowell and state police with the middlesex district attorney's office still looking for that driver. captain crowley tells me they have a good idea who was at the wheel along with who else was in that truck. in lowell, juli mcdonald, wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: a 70-year-old berkley man behind bars right charged with murdering another 70-year-old man. prosecutors say john witty shot and killed the victim after learning that he had a romantic relationship with his longtime girlfriend. the woman died in last month. witty was going through her things and found out about the affair in a letter. the victim, john williams, suffered ten gunshot wounds to the head and back. he was found dead in his wareham
6:35 am
witty pleaded not guilty and is being held without bail. a frightening case of cyber stalking in new hampshire. a nashua man used information online to harass a teenage co-worker. frank, has more on the story and the warning from police. frank: investigators in this case are telling anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to contact police immediately. the man and the teen were just acquaintances. but he's accused of finding enough information about her on social media, to put her in possible danger at her own home. a scary case of harassment. 30-year-old jason hunter accused of cyber stalking a teen coworker. >> he was sending her some sort of messages regarding sexual activity, you know, kind of just yourself. things of that nature. frank: police believe the nashua man used information he found on social media and online to set up a potentially dangerous incident where two men showed up at the 17-year-old girl's house looking for sex.
6:36 am
the suspect had placed an ad on craigslist soliciting sexual encounter with a male of some sort and the gentlemen that responded to that ad were the license. frank: the teen contacted police after that it it got to the point where it was overwhelming with her. frank: the 17-year-old reported supervisors. she told police they barely knew >> she doesn't have any idea why it transpired this week. they were not in any sort of relationship. frank: police say it appears the suspect found her address and much more online. they're warning others to be more careful especially on social media. >> when you put stuff online, what you put online is very important. this gentleman probably did learn quite a bit about this girl from her social media postings. i think it's very good information to try and stay as private as you possibly can. frank: hunter is being held on $500,000 cash bail. he'll be back in court next month. again, investigators say if you find yourself the target of this kind of harassment, you should
6:37 am
antoinette: frank, thank you. threatening charges have been dropped against the man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl from north conway. nathaniel kibby is facing more than 200 charges for the 2013 kidnapping. he was also charged with making threats against the lead prosecutor in the case. those charges have now been dropped. kibby's trial is set to start in june. federal investigators will be going back into the water in hopes of finding the missing data recorder from the el faro. the ntsb says the recorder could have captured conversations between the crew before the ship went down. it sank after it got caught in hurricane joaquin, killing all 33 people on board including several with ties to new england. investigators say the search will begin in april and is expected to last two weeks. doug: franklin pierce university has canceled the rest of its hockey season after a hazing incident according to "the telegram." the ravens were supposed to host assumption college yesterday, and the teams were scheduled to
6:38 am
exhibition against the boston university club team. in a statement, franklin pierce president andrew card apologized to the schools they were scheduled to play, saying this does not define the university. antoinette: commitment 2016. republican presidential candidates gearing up for another g.o.p. debate in south carolina. just six contenders will face off in greenville tonight. a new poll showing donald trump now more than doubling his closest competitor ahead of the february 20 primary. trump is leading the field with nearly 35% support followed by senator ted cruz with 15% and florida governor jeb bush coming in at 13%. marco rubio, john kasich, and ben carson rounding out the bottom three. doug: cupid certainly looking out for one couple ahead of valentine's day. this pair will have a lot to celebrate tomorrow after walking away from this rollover.
6:39 am
overturned just before exit 4. but they were okay. into the car to pull out a special bouquet for the lucky lady. antoinette: even after all of that, he had to go and get the flowers. doug: sounds like a good. you rolled over the car and forgot the flowers. no, no. local power companies are gearing up for record cold. antoinette: the steps they are taking right now to make sure your home stays warm. danielle: and i have the timeline for the bitter blast. when the temperature drops and the winds kick in. frank: and the next stop for a cruise line that sent a ship into a storm major storm may be a courtroom. the lawsuits royal caribbean may be facing. doug: "5 investigates" discovers the mbta is paying some drivers to stay home and others overtime to fill those shifts. how is this even possible? kathy curran digs deeper and finds hundreds of thousands of dollars in waste. r something delicious is happening at dunkin'. come in today
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after 12:00 p.m.
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oh-oh, oh-oh t oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. r spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' t cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. antoinette: good morning. it's 6:42. welcome back. stocks ending a negative week on a positive note. doug: and some good news for publishers. the eyeopener's frank holland is back with a your economy headlines for this saturday. frank? frank: doug and antoinette, it's been an ugly month for stocks. but the week ended with a big
6:43 am
here are the closing numbers for the week. the dow jumps 313 points. the nasdaq increases 70 points. the s&p up 35 points. this brought a five-day slide or the dow and s&p to an end. oil also making a slight comeback. u.s. prices increasing about 12 percent. royal caribbean is preparing the "anthem of the seas" to sail again next week. but some of the 4,500 passengers who weathered a violent storm at sea may be getting ready to file a lawsuit. experts predicting customers could file for personal injuries or compensation. four people suffered minor injuries when 30-foot waves and strong winds rocked the ship. the popularity of e-books made a lot of people think bookstores would become a thing of the past. but new data from the u.s. census bureau shows bookstore sales were up 2.5% last year. that's the first year-over-year increase for the industry since 2007. publishers weekly noting many publishers saw a decline in e-book sales last year -- as print sales went up. in the week ahead, wall street
6:44 am
the report on new home construction for january, and the producer price and consumer price index-- two key gauges of inflation are released. doug? doug: eversource is preparing for this weekend's arctic temperatures. the company says the extreme cold makes it even more critical to get the power back on if it goes out. utility workers will be ready to work outside if needed. if you have any power issues, eversource says to call them and they'll respond as soon as they can. >> we are staffed through the weekend. we have folks especially on call overnight to respond to any problems so that if power should go out for any reason at all, we can get it back on as quickly as possible. antoinette: so many things to worry about with this one. the power going out. your pipes bursting. inside too. it is way too cold outside. danielle: you don't want to be outside for 10 minutes tomorrow morning when wind chill values are 20 to 30 below zeer oavment you can get frost bite in just
6:45 am
it is serious out there. that's why we have the wind chill warning in effect beginning this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. until lunchtime tomorrow. wind chill advisories for the cape and the islands beginning at 6:00 p.m. tonight so not as cold there but still at advisory level. it is dangerous cold. here's why. let me show you what happens as we go through the day today. wind chill values by 3:00 at about zero in boston but about 10 below zero in worcester. then we get towards dinner time. this is maybe when you're taking your loved one out for valentine's day weekend. 10 below zero is what it feels like in boston. in worcester 20 below zero. then tomorrow morning this is when it's peaking. we'll see close to 40 below zero in worcester. it starts finally back off, the wind, that is, as we head through sunday afternoon so please be aware of that. it is dangerous cold thanks to this arctic front that is going to be moving through later today.
6:46 am
couple of ocean-effect snow showers still in provincetown but beginning to wiefned down at that hour. that will be the case. you notice that visibility is down to four miles. it has improved about a mile in the last hour meaning that the snow is starting to let up. that's the idea on the future cast. it will let up very quickly. we'll start to see a mix of sun and clouds through the day. we can't rule out a brief shower in the form of snow showers or snow flurries as we head through the afternoon thanks to this arctic front although it is pretty much dry in nature i think. that continues through the evening. watch what happens overnight into first thing sunday morning yet again. you'll start to see a couple snow showers coming close to the cape and the islands so there is a chance for additional snow showers for tomorrow morning. you could quickly pick up a coat to go a couple of inches. just to be aware of that. the idea is this though. everybody starts to see the cold. temperatures around 20 degrees at lunchtime falling into the teens later on this evening. and then we're looking for record low temperatures
6:47 am
tomorrow morning. forecasting a record low of five below in boston and a record low of 12 below in worcester. and boston if you go back to 1934 to see that record low of three below zero. that was also the coldest february ever on record. then these wind chill values are really impressive for tomorrow morning. 30 below zero close to in boston. they start to let up through the afternoon. we will see a lot more sunshine tomorrow, i think. then snow chances on the way up for monday. rain chances for tuesday. this is all a system that is headed our way. first we have the cold air out ahead of though for monday so it will start off as some snow. looks like the monday morning commute should be okay. what happens is we're going to see the snow start and break out by about 3:00 or so. so the ride home could be a snowy one. by the evening hours notice what happens. we start to see it turn to a mix or some freezing rain before flipping over to all rain. it should turn over to all rain by tuesday morning in most
6:48 am
the only exception is far north and west. that could still see pockets of freezing rain at least for tuesday morning but by tuesday afternoon, everybody is warming up into the mid to upper 40's. so it is a soaking rain. it's a windy day. it's also a very mild day. comparatively speaking to this weekend. doug and antoinette. antoinette: danielle, thank you. "5 investigates." mbta employees getting paid to stay home on the taxpayers' dime. safety rules require drivers to have ten hours of rest before they start their shift. "5 investigates" found cases where some drivers would get paid to stay home because their schedules don't give them the required amount of rest. then the "t" pays other drivers overtime to cover those shifts. >> it just doesn't make any business sense. >> i recognize that.
6:49 am
if we were able to use an electronic scheduling or an electronic rostering schedule, we could build a schedule where this didn't exist. antoinette: mbta management blaming part of the problem on the antiquated paper system that drivers use to pick their shifts. the union would agree to a trial period of using electronic rostering which would fix the scheduling issues but only if the "t" would consider a four-day workweek. doug: 6:49 right now. a seventh grader from durham, new hampshire, needs your votes to get her art on google's homepage. antoinette: hannah jeong is the state winner of the "doodle for google" contest, and the oyster river middle school is celebrating. she was among tens of thousands across the country who submitted designs. the theme of this year's contest is "what makes me me?" >> i want to be a fashion designer when i grow up, and my
6:50 am
google and then i drew myself in the middle. antoinette: on-line voting is open until february 22. the top five finalists will visit google and receive scholarships. the first place finisher's google doodle design will be featured on the site for a day. that would be cool to see. doug: really. i can't draw a stick figure. after a horrific accident on i-93. antoinette: a young teacher killed by a flying manhole cover. the new information on what caused it and the risk of it
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
antoinette: a tragic accident under investigation right now. a beloved art teacher in milton hit and killed by a flying manhole cover in the o'neil tunnel. investigators believe an s.u.v. dislodged the cover, sending it through the air, and into caitlin clavette car. the department of transportation is now re-inspecting sewer grates, utility panels, and manhole covers on highways in boston. investigators say an almost identical accident happened back
6:54 am
doug: right now the search is on for a hit-and-run driver in lowell. a 15-year-old riding his bike was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries after he was hit. it happened yesterday just before 2:00 on lawrence street. investigators believe this was not a random act and the teen was intentionally hit. antoinette: aaron hernandez has settled a civil lawsuit in florida. the former patriot was being sued by a friend who claimed hernandez had shot him in the face three years ago at a florida nightclub. the terms of the settlement have not been disclosed. hernandez is currently serving life for the 2013 murder of odin lloyd. and he's awaiting a trial for a 2012 double murder in boston. doug: sky 5 over the mbta's commuter rail trains as they prepare for this weekend's bitter cold. they plan to run the rail trains all weekend even overnight. by continuously running the trains they hope they are less likely to have mechanical issues or delays. we just hope that the heat works. antoinette: yes, we do. we hope the heat is working in your house right now because,
6:55 am
warmest time of the day. danielle: right. the temperatures will drop through the afternoon. the winds really pick up out of the north and west so that wind chill warning going into effect at 4:00 p.m. today. it continues until lunchtime tomorrow. we're expecting wind chill values tomorrow morning 20 to 35 degrees below zero. we're also talking about record low temperatures both in boston and worcester going for five below in boston 12 below in worcester tomorrow morning. it is a really cold weekend, folks. there could even be ocean-effect snow showers yet again for tomorrow at cape cod just like they saw this morning picking up a coating to an inch i'm hearing from this viewers about that. it's cold on monday. there will be a chance for out into the afternoon. it will transition to freezing rain and then to just plain old rain on tuesday as temperatures warm up into the upper 40's, maybe 50 degrees on tuesday. around.
6:56 am
next. we'll be back in about an hour. antoinette: see you then. >> this is an editorial by general manager bill fine. bill fine: nearly 112 million sunday, a spectacle starring past m.v.p.'s, beyonce, bruno mars, and a broncos' team that won with hard-hitting and so the nfl is riding high, right? well, in the previous week we also learned that three more players, including quarterback ken stabler, were diagnosed posthumously with the degenerative brain disease c.t.e. and the nfl says the number of player concussions rose by 54% during the 2015 regular season. when pressed about player safety, commissioner roger goodell defends the league, pointing to an updated concussion protocol and rule changes that limit contact in practice and outlaw helmet-to-helmet hits. goodell also said that if he had a son-- which he doesn't-- he'd love to have him play the game of football. former pro players have greatly increased levels of a.l.s. and develop alzheimer's four times higher than the general
6:57 am
more alarming, one study claims that concussions may triple the rate of suicides, a staggering statistic that nfl players share with military veterans. football will continue as our national pastime, but it is extremely reasonable to limit kids to flag football until their brains have matured enough to cope with tackle football. commissioner goodell should reverse field and use the nfl's substantial clout to promote changes in youth football, in addition to even stricter enforcement of the rules and more severe punishments for the obvious intentional hits designed to injure opponents. the league has the ability to institute change, even if the current commissioner lacks the backbone to lead. as the movie "concussion" put it, right now the nfl owns a day of the week and with such popularity comes the responsibility to america's youth and their players-- past,
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
out here. >> how many layers do you have on today. >> 4. >> the struggles to stay warm for man and beast. in this dangerous weather. everything you need to know about the frigid forecast. setting the stage. republicans ready to rumble again in the next debate. and with donald trump threatening to sue ted cruz, get ready for fireworks. >> as it gets closer it's going get nastier and nastier. >> cruz taking aim at hillary


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