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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: frigid temperatures and brutal wind chills creating dangerous conditions outside. the arctic blast breaking records right now. doug: the supreme court's longest-serving justice has died. how justice antonin scalia is being remembered and the battle already brewing on capitol hill. karen: the six remaining republican presidential candidates hit the debate stage. the candidates throwing nasty jabs at each otherin a crucial, conservative state. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." doug: bitter and dangerous cold gripping state right now. the frigid temperatures creating
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karen: you're looking at sea smoke on the boston harbor. good morning. img karen anderson in with doug meehan and happy valentine's day to you. doug: we are breaking records this morning, karen. are you ready for it? danielle has been up all night long watching that thermometer. danielle: drop, drop, drop, drop, drop. it's still dropping at this hour. we're down to nine below zero in boston so far this morning and 15 below zero in worcester. that shatters all records from today and it's the coldest it's been since 1957 at this areas. just so you know it is really brutally cold outside. nine below in boston. 11 below in lawrence. 11 below in springfield. and then you factor in those winds and there's gusts over 35 miles an hour still this morning. it makes it feel more like 34 below zero in boston and 44 below zero in worcester. this is dangerous cold. that's why we had the wind chill
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lunchtime today. here's what's going to happen as we go through the next 12 hours. notice these wind chills stay about 25 below zero until about 9:00. even at 1:00, it still feels like 10 below zero. in fact it is below zero all day long in boston even though we have a lot of sunshine. i do want to show you what's going on. you see over here there is a little bit of ocean-effect snow showers ongoing on parts of the cape near provincetown. these are all sinking farther to the south so brewster, you'd be up next for some of these. could put down a quick coating to an inch or maybe two on the cape. other than that, dry conditions but we're watching our next system out to the west. this is going to bring a chance for some snow turning to freezing rain and rain. we'll time it out for you coming up. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. >> he influenced a generation of judges, lawyers and students. and profoundly shaped the legal
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doug: right now tributes pouring in for supreme court justice president obama, among the thousands honoring his memory. and it's what comes next for the supreme court that's sparking a karen: the eyeopener's frank shake-up just hours after frank? frank: karen and doug, president obama says he will nominate a new justice in this election year, but the president should make the choice. justice scalia was known as the conservative anchor of the supreme court and the longest serving justice on the current panel. nominated by president ronald reagan in 1986, scalia became the first italian-american member of the court. after his death, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate will not confirm any obama nominee, but the president says he must fulfill his constitutional responsibility. president there will be plenty of time for me to do so and for senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that
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his sleep of natural causes in a resort in west texas. he was 79. he leaves behind a wife, and nine children. justice scalia's death comes as the supreme court has a large caseload this term. his passing means they could now split 4-4 on issues. among the controversial debates-- abortion, affirmative action, the contraceptive mandate of the affordable care act, and immigration. and among those speculated to replace scalia former massachusetts governor deval patrick. patrick, a friend of president obama, served in the justice department during the clinton administration. as of right now, there is no clear timeline of when a replacement will be nominated. we'll continue to follow this story throughout the day. thousands have been paying tribute to the late justice. chief justice john roberts releasing this statement-- "he was an extraordinary individual and jurist, admired and treasured by colleagues. his passing is a great loss to the court and the country he so loyally served." and harvard law sent us this photo.
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a case competition at the prestigious school in 2014. doug: commitment 2016. a moment of silence before a raucous republican debate in south carolina. the candidates pausing in memory of justice scalia. the debate happening just one week before the g.o.p. primary in a crucial conservative state. and as newscenter5's reid lamerty shows us, the stakes couldn't be any higher. reid: a rare moment in the g.o.p. race-- all six presidential candidates shared the same opinion, delaying the appointment for confirmation of a successor to the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. whether i'm okay with it or not. i think it's up to mitch mcconnell and everybody else to stop it. it's called delay, delay, delay. rubio: it's been over 80 years since a lame duck president has appointed a supreme court justice. cruz: we're not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation by allowing barak obama to make one more liberal appointee. reid: it got nasty from there. frontrunner donald trump and jeb
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other's foreign policy. trump: jeb is so wrong. jeb is absolutely-- (audience booing) i only tell the truth, lobbyists. bush: this is a guy who gets his foreign policy from the shows. this is a man who insults his way to the the nomination. reid: marco rubio tried to regain some footing after a fifth-place finish in new hampshire. he said he has made tough choices as senator that have prepared him for the oval office. rubio: so it was a difficult decision to make and one we only had a few days to look at and make a decision on, and i voted against barak obama's plan to use force and it was the right decision. reid: ohio governor john kasich said the u.s. has to tell russia what we expect from them and to make it clear the u.s. will protect its allies. kasich: an attack on nato trumped up on any excuse of russian-speaking people is going to be an attack on us. reid: the jeb bush campaign out today. former president george w. bush will hit the campaign trail for his brother. he and former first lady laura bush will speak at an event in
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carolina, on monday. i'm reid lamberty, wcvb, newscenter 5. karen: meantime democrat candidates are focused on their next early-voting state-- nevada. hillary clinton spoke to supporters at a rally in henderson yesterday afternoon. clinton then headed to colorado for the annual democratic dinner in denver. that's after the state department released more of the emails she kept on a private secretary of state. rival bernie sanders hitting the trail in nevada as well. while campaigning yesterday, sanders said clinton is becoming "unraveld" by his progress. he spoke to reporters in nevada after hosting two events in reno before traveling to colorado for the democratic dinner. doug: new information about the health of former boston mayor ray flynn. he's been fitted with a defibrillator in an operation at mass general hospital. the surgery comes after flynn was involved in a car accident near his south boston home on thursday. according to a family spokesman, doctors believe that flynn may have suffered a condition known
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arrest" before the crash. that irregular heart rhythm may have led to a drop in blood pressure and loss of consciousness. flynn is now recovering. karen: right now lowell police are still searching for the driver of a truck involved in a hit and run that injured a teenager. police say the driver of this older model chevy silverado intentionally struck a 15-year-old on a bike. the teenager was thrown from the bike and is recovering in the hospital. police do believe they know who was driving the truck. doug: emergency inspections of the manhole covers on i-93 are now complete. massdot says the inspections found no threat to public safety. caitlin clavette was killed friday after a loose manhole cover smashed through her car windshield. inspections began immediately following the accident and continued overnight into saturday morning. more than 900 structures were inspected. in winchester. her funeral is tuesday in
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virus in the u.s. ahead this morning the step one state is taking right now a postal worker comes to the rescue. his instinct and quick thinking credited with saving a man's life. danielle: we are dealing with dangerously cold temperatures right now but it won't last. the changes i'm tracking for the week ahead. frank: a massive, deadly pile-up on a pennsylvania highway. the conditions that triggered this tangled mess.
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karen: extreme winter weather across the country. a sudden snow squall in pennsylvania causes a deadly pile-up. doug: the eye's frank holland is back with the tragic scene that seemed to come out of nowhere. frank: doug and karen, the blinding snow surprised drivers on interstate 78 in central pennsylvania yesterday. at least three people have died. you can see the extent of the damage here. more than fifty vehicles involved including tractor-trailers. at least 40 people were taken to the hospital. >> it just sounded like two bombs went off. there were a couple people laying out and trucks and cars all smashed. cars underneath tractor trailers, in between tractor trailers. just total destruction. frank: cleanup continues along the highway this morning.
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in both directions up until state officials in pennsylvania were asking people to stay off out. doug? a reason to stay inside here in brutally cold temperatures. this is some of the coldest weather we've seen all winter. for years for that matter. and on valentine's day weekend, boston was more like a ghost-town last night. many people only going out if they needed to. >> i don't want to be staying outside for too long. necessity. i'm going back to my car. doug: he looks cold. experts warn not to underestimate the extreme cold and the wind chill. just 10 minutes of exposed skin and you could end up with frostbite. live pictures on comm avenue. not a soul. not a soul and for good reason. what i noticed on the way in this morning, danielle, not only that it said seven below on the car. but the car-- the wind going down the highway. danielle: whipping the flag.
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the brutal cold as it is, you get the wind chill. that's why we have wind chill warnings because it's today. please be careful. we did set some records this morning. nine blee zero so far in boston. 15 below zero in worcester. breaking the records for this date. and also it's the coldest it's been since 1957 in both locations. so we have to go go way back like over 50 years back in order to feel this cold. the big thing is today not just the cold but also those winds. you can see these are the wind speeds so they're sustained at about 25 miles an hour now in worcester. 21-mile-per-hour winds in boston. what does that do? the wind chill values are like this. 44 below zero in worcester. it is a very cold start out there this morning. a dangerously cold start. that's why we had the wind chill warnings in effect through the morning hours until about
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notice by 9:00 we're still 25 below zero in boston. about 32 below zero in worcester. then even as we get towards 1:00 today, you're thinking we're going to get above zero, right? still feeling like 10 below in zero. still feeling like 15 below in worcester. that continues through the afternoon. by 4:00, we're starting to warm up just a touch but still everywhere feels like below zero. even with the sunshine it's going to be pretty bad. we have to wait until monday really until after, say, 9:00 or so to get that wind chill to die down just a touch. and really for our air temperatures to rise well above the freezing mark. so the reason for this is it's a very cold high pressure dome over us so, yes, it's the coldest morning since 1957. you see these two systems here. they're about to come together. this is our next big weather maker bringing us a chance for some snow to start on monday night and turning over to freezing rain and then all rain by tuesday. we're going to talk more about that in just a second. first this morning a little bit of snow this morning to talk about especially if you live on the cape.
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yes, you have some ocean-effect snow showers ongoing because the difference in the air temperature and the water temperature is so great. you're seeing it from provincetown down to about chatham now. you can pick up a i can request coating to maybe even two inches of snow by the end of this. yesterday, you know, nantucket picking up over an inch-and-a-half and the vineyard saw an inch. most places on the cape seeing about half an ismg of snow. as we go through the day today, notice we will warm the air temperature up to above the freezing mark by, say, 3:00. with those winds it makes it feel even colder. here's what you can expect for your local high temperature today. in the teens and single digits pretty much everywhere. that's also going to be along the south shore but as we go through the next three days i want to talk about this. the brutal cold is finally going to leave us. by monday we're back to 30. look at tuesday, back to 55 degrees in bridgewater. yes, we're on the way up. and the reason we're on the way up is we have our next system approaching bringing in that warmth.
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head through the day. we're going to see those warm temperatures all the way up into the 50's. it is going to be just really, really warm outside as we head through that afternoon. this is actually not an updated seven-day forecast because that tuesday should be in the mid 40's to 50 degrees. doug and karen. doug: danielle, thank you. 5:17 is your time. a check of the stories we're following right now. karen: firefighters are investigating after flames forced more than a dozen people out of their home. this happened here on butler street in lawrence. noon yesterday, quickly rising to three alarms. fire departments from nearby towns rushed over to help. one firefighter suffered minor injuries after he was hit by falling debris. fight against the zika virus. the governor declared a state of emergency to fight the mosquito-borne illness. the state is in the midst of a dengue fever outbreak; more than 250 cases confirmed. there have been no locally transmitted cases of zika, but there is concern that the mosquitoes that carry dengue fever can also carry zika.
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will bring in more money to control outbreaks. karen: a fundraiser will be held today to benefit the women's hockey player injured on the ice at gillette stadium. denna laing was paralyzed at the winter classic on new year's eve. f.m.c. ice sports in pembroke is already donating one dollar from every public skating admission to the denna laing fund. today the rink says it will match any donations made. >> now sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. bob: there are only four times when a guy 5'9 rchg has an advantage over a guy 6'11". the first three are limbo, limbo limbo and the other three is the skills competition. thomas loses in the final to the big cat of t-wolves. last night they're neck and neck the whole way in the final round. passing accurately racing down the court for a synchronized
5:19 am
back up the court where they have to knock down a three. that is the final challenge. whoever knocks down the three first wins. they both take several shots here. and he'll finally-- there it is-- a great showing from first time all sar isiah thomas but he's second. bruins in minnesota yesterday. brad marchand was scoring in his sixth straight game. his 27th goal overall. the bruins, 4-2 the final. the wild fired their head coach. patrice bergeron who missed yesterday's game with an undisclosed injury could also be out when the bruins get right back at it this afternoon in detroit. that's sports. have a great day. karen: we are facing dangerously cold temperatures this morning. we thought we would treat you to warmer weather. doug: good idea. "chronicle" heads to barbados. and shayna seymour gets a tough lesson that she just might have
5:20 am
shayna: barbaians have a near total literacy rate. education is free and compulsory until age 16. sports are big here too. cricket and polo among them. tennis? >> it's a cross between table tennis and lawn tennis. the sport originated in the early 1930's. the locals could not afford to play tawn tennis so they compromised and made road tennis. shayna: is it an olympian sport. >> not yet. we actually want to make it the number one sport in the world. that's our air. reporter: in saint james, we meet dale clark c.e.o. of the professional road tennis association. >> if you hit the ball out you lose a point.
5:21 am
it's done road tennis champs . griffith didn't lose a single tournament last year. you're going to take it easy on me. >> of course i will. shayna: i get to play against the number one player on the island. watch out, mark. team shayna! i need all the help i can get. in my opinion, there's no such thing as beginner's luck. doug: she spiked it on him. tomorrow on "chronicle," anthony everett goes all-inclusive in jamaica. but he's still got choices to make. snorkel diving? jerk chicken by the beach? maybe a mountaintop bobsled ride? how about all of the above?
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monday on "chronicle" at 7:30. my goodness. i'm already loving it. i can feel the sand between me toes. a postal worker's credited with saving a man's life. the inclination that something was wrong, and the quick action he took just in the nick of time. an emotional interview in the aftermath of the paris terror attacks. at 5:30, the new message from the american band that saw the horrors first-hand. karen: you're looking at live pictures right now. this is in copley square. not a whole lot of people out there. we hope you are sticking around because we are back with another hour-and-a-half here on wcvb.
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danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. i want to talk about the brutal cold out there this morning. temperatures below zero. with the wind it feels like way below zero. here's your 12-hour timeline in boston. wind chill values running 35 below zero this morning and even through the day still feeling like below zero even though our air temperature should go above the zero mark. there's a chance for some snow this morning. we're already seeing it on the cape. chances for snow on monday night and chances for rain coming on tuesday all from this system you see. so the snow spreads in about 8:00 on monday flips over to all rain as warm temperatures come on through. we could see an inch to an inch-and-a-half when all is said and done of rain.
5:26 am
karen: thanks, danielle. an attentive postal worker is credited with saving a man's life. doug: he sensed something was wrong on his daily route. and as newscenter 5's sera congi explains, he was right. sera: tom belzano takes pride in knowing the people he serves on his mail route. tom: i feel like i know everybody out here. sera: so when one braintree resident broke his routine, balzano took notice. tom: i see him once or twice a month, but he would always come out on the 10th of every month and get his social security check. when he didn't come out a couple days ago, i got a little concerned. sera: once the 67-year-old's mail started to stack up, balzano contacted police. tom: it just didn't seem right. sera: braintree fire was called in to help get into the locked house. they found the resident on the living room floor. it's estimated he was there for at least three days. when firefighters found the man, he was alive and conscious and then taken to south shore hospital. fire officials here at braintree credit the postal carrier with saving the man's life. the man remains at south shore
5:27 am
his neighbors are hopeful for a full recovery and are grateful the mailman was so observant. neighbor: i think that's a great thing. he's a kind of constant in people's lives so he noticed that something was wrong and he alerted the correct authorities. i think that's wonderful. sera: a neighborhood watchman who went above and beyond. tom: i look out for these people. i think every mailman does. sera: in braintree, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. karen: that is awesome. doug: neighbor watching neighbor and the mailman in that case. that story would be great except for one thing. see he's an islanders' fan. can we get him a bruins' cap maybe perhaps? karen: they're worn with pride and made in massachusetts. doug: the family company that's left a lasting impression on law enforcement. frank: remembering supreme court justice antonin scalia. his death now setting off a debate over the future of the high court. the reaction from capitol hill and the campaign trail coming up. doug: this is the only way to head outside.
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it is brutal out there. it's only-- well, it says nine degrees. i have a feeling it's colder than that in spots. maybe our thermometer doesn't into the negative. we'll find out with danielle right around the discover card. i missed a payment. aw, shoot. shoot! this is bad. no! we're good! this is your first time missing a payment. and you've got the discover it card, so we won't hike up your apr for paying late. that' s great! it is great! (both simultaneously) thank you. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card with late
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: record cold right now. temperatures we haven't seen in decades, but there is some relief on the way. my timeline for a warm-up. karen: tributes pouring in for a
5:31 am
but the death of justice antonin scalia is already setting up a partisan fight on capitol hill. doug: the debate brewing over the future of the high court. the candidates weighing in on who should nominate his replacement. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." karen: good sunday morning. i'm karen anderson. doug: and i'm doug meehan. bundle up, people, because it is brutally cold out. i don't have to see the movie "frozen." i've lived it. danielle: if you stand out there long enough, you will freeze. to be serious you can get frost bite in 10 minutes with this kind of wind and cold behind us. it's 15 below zero in worcester. a record this morning. already setting record. we haven't seen this since 1957, this kind of cold. you have to go back decades as i mentioned before. again, we broke the record of three below zero in boston set back in 1934.
5:32 am
zero in worcester. so again it's all below zero. even nantucket one below zero there for you folks. it's 11 below zero in lawrence. it's a chilly start but it's not just the air temperature. you have to factor in those outside. this is the extreme cold where it feels like 35 below zero almost in boston 467894 below zero in worcester. and that kind of cold is dangerous cold. it's why we have those wind chill warnings in effect until lunchtime today. here's why. you can see over the next 12 hours in boston, wind chill values will stay below zero the entire day. we should see some sunshine. now i do want to talk about this morning. we do have a couple of snow showers on the cape. we could put down a coating to an inch or two when all is said and done. we're watching a bigger system which is out to the west going to bring us another shot of some snow turning over to rain and also a major warm-up. we'll talk all about the timeline ahead. karen. karen: thanks, danielle. right now emergency inspections
5:33 am
are complete after a tragic crash. massdot says the inspections found no threat to public safety. caitlin clavette was killed friday after a loose manhole cover smashed through her car windshield. more than 900 structures were inspected since then. doug: lowell police are still searching for the driver of a truck involved in a hit and run that injured a teenager. police say the driver of this older model chevy silverado intentionally struck a 15-year-old on a bike. the teenager was thrown from the bike and is recovering in the hospital. police do believe they know who was driving the truck. karen: former boston mayor ray flynn has been fitted with a defibrillator after an operation at mass general. he had surgery after crashing his car into a house in south boston on thursday. according to a family spokesman, doctors believe that flynn may have suffered a condition known as "aborted sudden cardiac arrest" before the crash. that irregular heart rhythm may have led to loss of consciousness. right now tributes continue to come in for the man considered the most provocative member of
5:34 am
justice antonin scalia has died. but it's what comes next that has an election-year battle brewing. doug: the eyeopener's frank holland is here with how the death of justice scalia is setting off debate. frank? frank: bette obama said he will nominate a successor in due time. after antonin scalia's sudden death, president obama expressed his condolences and called the 79-year-old a brilliant and energetic justice. the president also announced his intention of choosing a supreme court justice nominee. president: there will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote. but republican majority leader mitch mcconnell who sets the senate's schedule says, "the american people should have a voice in the selection of their next supreme court justice, and the vacancy should not be filled until we have a
5:35 am
candidates weighed in on the president's expected nomination during the cbs news debate on saturday night. trump: i think it's up to mitch mcconnell and everybody else to stop it. it's called delay, delay, delay. kasich: i think we should let the next president decide who is going to run that supreme court. carson: we should be thinking about how we can create some healing in this land. rubio: we need to put people on the bench that understand that the constitution is not a living and breathing document. it is to be interpreted as originally meant. bush: the next president needs to appoint someone with a proven conservative record similar to justice scalia. cruz: the senate needs to stand strong and say we're not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation. frank: democrat candidates are throwing their support behind the president. hillary clinton says it's outrageous that republicans have already pledged to block the nominee. bernie sanders, who serves in the senate, says he wants to move forward and vote on the nomination. karen? karen: thanks, frank. now we turn to what happens in the months ahead regarding the high court. our juli mcdonald focuses on the
5:36 am
juli: influential, provocative and undoubtedly conservative-- justice antonin scalia is remembered for his decades-long legal legacy that didn't change with the times. greenfield: he really thinks that the constitution is beholden to past rather than a living document. juli: kent greenfield, a constitutional law expert who clerked at the supreme court, tells newscenter 5 scalia will be known as an advocate for the originalist view. he believes the constitution means what it meant 200 years ago, and he wasn't interested in compromise. greenfield: he ended up being an opponent of civil rights advances such as affirmative action or gay rights or same sex marriage. juli: as the supreme court focuses on some of the country's most divisive issues this year-- abortion, affirmative action, and immigration-- scalia's absence will likely result in more tie decisions. that means the lower court's opinion will automatically be affirmed. greenfield: the public employee union case which people thought
5:37 am
being 4-4. in fact, that would mean that the unions would win. juli: with an aging supreme court, appointments has already been a topic on the campaign trail. the next president expected to make multiple nominations. scalia's sudden death highlights what could be a significant shift in the court's work over the next several years. greenfield says scalia's death brings the possibility of this change in course out of the abstract and into the concrete making it even more of a key issue in the presidential election. in the newsroom, juli mcdonald, wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: a drug bust in carver. right now, one man is facing charges in a heroin distribution ring. police arrested joshua clements on myles standish drive friday after a three-month investigation. they found this inside the home heroin, packaging materials, and more than $2,000 in cash. karen: the bomb squad gets rid of a mortar shell in dennis. take a look at this.
5:38 am
finding it at his home. state police were called in to check out the mortar shell blocking off an area outside the station. the state bomb technician determined the mortar shell was an inert training round and took it away for disposal. a massive manhunt for a killer is over in new york city. doug: the dangerous man off the streets right now. plus raw emotion from the frontman of the eagles of death metal. his message months after the terror attacks in paris. karen: decades of quality work leaving a lasting impression. the important badges and shields that are made right here in mass. danielle: we are setting records this morning. the coldest air we've seen in over 50 years the relief on the way after today. frank: we're celebrating black history here at wcvb. coming up, a look at how boston influenced the life and work of dr. martin luther king, jr. one day a rider made a decision. r the decision to ride
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or visit karen: the city of boston celebrates black history month and the most well-known icon of the civil rights movement. but many might not realize how boston influenced dr. martin luther king, jr. doug: the eye's frank holland is back with the less familiar story.
5:42 am
frank: dr. king was educate at boston university and inspired by his time in the city. dr. king said what he learned here was a blueprint for his philosophy and his work. dr. king: i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up. frank: before dr. king shared his dream, he earned his doctorate at boston university. vita paladino: this is really the beginning. this is all the formulation of his theory. frank: academic papers, letters, pictures, and more are now housed in the king reading room at b.u.'s library. before winning the nobel peace prize in 1964, the civil rights leader explained to reporters why he donated these important documents. dr. king: it was this university that meant so much to me in terms of the formulation of my thinking and the ideas that have guided my life. vita paladino: he had a very empowering experience here. frank: vita paladino is the curator of the king collection. during that same press conference, dr. king explains how studying boston personalism,
5:43 am
changed his life. dr. king: the whole doctrine of personal idealism philosophically is the philosophical position that guides my theology. vita paladino: boston personalism said a person's character, personality was more important than just service to god. that, for him, is the breakthrough where he becomes an activist. frank: for more information on the dr. king reading room at b.u., you can go to our website, >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meteorologist danielle vollmar. danielle: check this out. this is from mt. washington observatory. you can see this. they're actually throwing off water there. it's turning to instant snow because the air temperature was 35 below zero. that's from yesterday. wow! that is very impressive. that can happen when we have these really, really cold temperatures. and even this morning mt. washington checking in at 27 below zero.
5:44 am
worcester at 15 below zero. the reason i point this out is because we set new records this morning. in fact, we broke the record set back in 1934 in boston and the one in worcester set back in 1979. we should be and r running around 25 degrees to start out the day. we are well below that. in fact, we haven't seen this type of cold since 1957. it's not just the cold. you have to take into account the wind. and the wind is sustained anywhere from about 15 to 24 miles an hour now in worcester. 21-mile-per-hour winds in boston. those strong winds out of the north and west are creating a wind chill that is dangerously cold. wind chill values now feeling more like 34 below zero in boston. feeling more like 44 below zero in worcester. of course that's going to continue at least through the morning hours. it should let up a little bit once we get towards the afternoon. but by 9:00 here, still feels like 25 below zero in boston and about 32 below zero in worcester.
5:45 am
zero everywhere although air temperaturewise we should rise above the zero degree mark. as we head towards this evening, more of the same. in fact, we have to wait until tomorrow morning to really let that wind let up. that should allow the air temperatures to start to rise. that's why the wind chill warnings are in effect until lunchtime today. so pretty much everyone wind chill advisory for the cape as well as the islands. high pressure dominating our weather today giving us that strong northwest wind. we're watching this system out here to the west. this one up to the nor. they're going to combine together. this will be our next chance at a shot of some snow starting on monday night turning to a period of maybe a mixture or some freezing rain and then turning to all rain. actually warming up to believe this or not on tuesday into the 50's. but for now we have to talk about the cold. that cold water or excuse me that cold air temperature running over the warm ocean water is creating ocean-effect snow showers like we saw yesterday morning.
5:46 am
down to a mile there as well as in chatham. that's pretty heavy snow coming down. you can pick up a quick coating that area. so just be aware of that this morning. this should let off once we get towards afternoon. and then there's going to be a chance for some snow, as i said before, on monday. tuesday. with that rain, it's going to be a soaking rain where we could see an inch to an rainfall. let's talk about that on tuesday. see. first of all we have to talk look at this. they're going to climb into the upper 40's and low 50's. through. i want to show tu future cast on out. monday we start out dry. by 7:00 the snow is flying west. it continues to spread into boston by 9:00. notice it's mixing on the cape. mixture line moves north and west of boston. then it lifts well to the north by 7:00 on tuesday. so we flip over to all rain and
5:47 am
be some showers through the day of tuesday. it's really not until the tuesday ride home from work where we could see the heavy rain and wind and by the end see an inch to an inch-and-a-half. that should help melt any snow but could lead to potential flooding issuesment we're still warm through wednesday. we turn colder by next week jefned. doug. doug: danielle, thank you. a powerful glimpse into the paris terror attacks. the american band playing during the horrifying attack is back on stage in sweden. the frontman for "eagles of death metal" made an emotional appearance on swedish t.v. he spoke about the chaos at the bataclan theatre last november. 130 people died in coordinated attacks across paris. the band was playing when the shooting started. >> i knew exactly what was going on. i think i might have been the only one in the whole theater who knew instantly. i really think it's important that everyone noose what happened to our friends in there, you know. i didn't see a single coward. i didn't see anyone do anything cowardly. you have to stay light.
5:48 am
so i'm not going to let the bad guys win. i promise you. doug: hughes says the band takes their return to touring with both strength and humility. karen: other stories we're following right now. a fugitive is under arrest in new york. he's accused of stabbing his girlfriend and all three of her small children. the youngest, his own daughter. michael sykes was seen here wednesday on surveillance footage in a staten island deli just before the attack at a homeless housing facility. his girlfriend and her one-year-old and the couple's four-month-old all died. a two-year-old is in critical condition. police say sykes called his mother and confessed about the attack. doug: an iconic and historic store in ohio is destroyed in a fire. flames engulfed the "rabbit hash" general store last night. the fire finally knocked down around midnight after a three-hour battle. nobody was inside at the time. the store was founded in 1831 and reportedly contains items
5:49 am
karen: if you want a break from the new england boat show is convention center. 400 exhibitors will show off boats, boating gear, and fishing gear. you can also test your boating skills with the new boating simulator. sunday with events scheduled daily just to get you in the warm weather mindset. doug: i'll take one of each, please. karen: it was once known as the jewelry capital of the world. right here in massachusetts in attleboro. doug: today, a local company is continuing a family tradition there, of making ornate items. it this morning's "made in mass," you'll see there's nothing frivolous about these products that are worn with doug: at the blackinton factory, it's all about the impression not just on the surface of this metal but also on those who wear what's being made here. >> it's a very unique special part of the uniform. doug: a badge can say a lot about the organization it represents not to mention the power and responsibility that
5:50 am
and this southeastern massachusetts company has been recognized as one of the premiere makers of government, law-enforcement, and public-safety emblems in the world. >> my grandfather-in-law has his warden badge from 40 years ago. it was a blackinton badge. doug: andrew rock's family now owns the 164-year-old company. andrew: it wasn't really badges until many years after the company started although we did do civil war insignia. doug: today they're making hardware that has a global reach with the latest technology including badges that have color-shifting elements and computer chips to fight counterfeitting. >> smart shield is probably the most famous one. these are badges with the i.d. chips embedded inside them. >> most badges have some type of coat of arms. doug: blackinton's chief operating officer david long says there's a certain pride within these factory walls.
5:51 am
detail, the company's jewelry-making past is also on display. >> this coloring in here is actually colored glass. doug: whether it's a local municipality or a federal law enforcement officer, at blackinton, they understand the name on the back is no more important than the one on the front. >> we've got a lot of people that are making sure we're in a safe environment. doug: and they're wearing your badges. >> and they're wearing our badges. doug: 80% of law enforcement and public safety officers in massachusetts wear blackinton badges. and next time you're flying at any airport in the u.s, check out the t.s.a. badges. in mass. karen: here's something you don't see everywhere. a gathering of the best of the best pinball players. they took part in a competition in pelham, new hampshire, yesterday for the state championship. what sets them apart from us regular pinballers? game knowledge. because not all the tables are the same. >> you have to learn how to play games from the '60's up to
5:52 am
they all play different ways and all have different rule sets. karen: the winner of yesterday's competition is headed to las vegas to compete for the national championship. and yes, there is a national pinball championship. doug: you know who holds the national title right now. don't you? karen: who. doug: tommy. he's a pinball wizard. it's right there, karen. come on. karen: (laughing) a valentines day more than 800 girls will never forget. doug: one high school student's sweet gesture that's getting national attention. karen: ahead at 6:30, a teenager hit by a truck that kept going. the search for the driver behind the wheel right now. doug: are you up for pizza this morning? how about a drive through the north end? not a lot of people walking around out there right now. it is nine degrees below zero. that is without the wind chill.
5:53 am
when we come you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers.
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what is going on? today we're going to run a slalom course. r not down the mountain, but up it... that's terrifying. one of these. sweet r the chevy silverado offers a combination of 4wd and an exclusivep"auto-locking rear differential" t let's do this. so, if a rearr wheel starts to slip, p the axle automatically locks to provide better traction. feels like a beast. grips great. dude, that was awesome. current qualified competitive lessees can get this silverado all star v8 for around $269 a month. silverado, the #1 sellingnfull size truck in new england. danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. it is a cold start out there for most locations. we actually set records in boston and worcester. nine below zero in boston right now. 15 below zero in worcester. it's going to be a cold day out there overall. in fact, our high temperatures reaching the single digits in worcester and the teens in
5:56 am
those winds which will be pretty strong all day long, it will feel like below-zero readings all day with lots of sunshine. temperaturewise. by tuesday 50 degrees. wednesday 44. i think we'll take that. doug and karen. valentine's day. i left a box of roses in the back of the car thinking it was in a refrigerator where it would be nice and cold. they were dead and black by the time i gave them. didn't work well. however, it did work well for a utah teenager goes the extra mile this valentine's day. karen: but it wasn't just one lucky girl. it was 834 of them. hayden godfrey handed out a carnation to every girl at his high school this week. the 17-year-old says he spent about $450 but that it was definitely worth it. and his girlfriend agrees! >> to watch every single one of those girls walk out of school with a big smile on their face makes me very happy and very proud of him. karen: godfrey says he started sending girls secret valentines
5:57 am
who didn't receive any. so this year, he decided to make sure everyone got something special. doug: there's a young man who gets it. he gets it. he's good. karen: a postal worker's credited with saving a man's life. doug: the instincts that had him jumping into action . karen: and paying tribute to supreme court justice antonin scalia. the supreme court justice being remembered as a brilliant afternoon energetic justice. but confirming his replacement is already turning into a contentious debate. doug: looks like state street heading up the hill. that building the second place where the constitution was read in the united states from that balcony. they do it every fourth of july. anyways, not doing it out this right now because you'd be too
5:58 am
t my computer's dying again. p you'll need to email us so we can issue you a ticket. but you're right here. it's protocol. tor, you can try staples tech services next day guarantee. it's fast and done right. i'll do that instead. t that's not protocol marsha. in by noon, out by 5 the next day.
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: frigid temperatures and brutal wind chills creating dangerous conditions outside. the arctic blast breaking records right now. doug: the supreme court's longest-serving justice has died. how justice antonin scalia is being remembered and the battle already brewing on capitol hill. karen: the six remaining


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