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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  February 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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-- ware dealing with the snow. snow is much lighter in our local area. plymouth is down to 1.25 miles visibility. 6 in orange. lower in hartford. you can see from new york city, across parts of long island, southern connecticut, that' s going to come in -- the window for snow is only a couple hours long. anywhere from half an inch to up to 2" could accumulate. you see how the snow does get steady. by 10:00, it' s already up to boston. the pink area is freezing rain. it' s cold on the ground and over the interior. tomorrow morning, starting the community, northern mass, connecticut river valley, still below 32, probably.
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then it' s going to start warming up. little while. ed: firefighters battling the flames and the cold in dedham this afternoon. our partners at wicked local say a malfunctioning stove is being blamed for this two-alarm fire on bridge street. no one was hurt. maria: new at 7:00, crews in auburn dealing with a water main break on route 12 right near the it' s a familiar site all over the area. newscenter 5' s jorge quiroga is live in roxbury, where firefighters and inspectional services, very busy responding to cold weather problems. jorge: boston inspectional services on overdrive since friday as the thermometer dipped well below zero. complaints started flooding in. here on denison street, tenants hit the boiling point after their pipes burst this morning.
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below zero outside, lisa jones says her apartment was almost like a freezer. >> i moved in here last february. it was cold when we move in. nothing has been done. jorge: inspectional services receiving over 70 calls for no heat and frozen pipes since friday. >> i found that the temperature in the unit was 59.9 in the living room. the bedroom was 57.7. jorge: housing inspector julia scott alone responding to 30 calls, more than double the normal. the house on dennisostreet typical, frozen and burst pipes in the basement, and numerous violations in the apartments upstairs, unrelated related to no heat. >> the vast majority of calls were dealt with by triage. the vast majority of landlords do work with us to get problems solved. jorge: boston inspectional
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christopher says his department was ready and cites a small percentage of landlords for most problems. he says the conditions on dennison street were appaling. appalling. >> totally unacceptable. jorge: landlords have 24 hours to fix violations or face criminal complaints in housing court. ed: a local rehabilitation hospital forced to evacuate some patients after a number of pipes burst. this was the scene this morning at kindred hospital in peabody. firefighters say at least 10 pipes were damaged, causing flooding in the building. five patients had to be taken to a different hospital. stormteam 5' s danielle vollmar joins us now. danielle: temperatures are going to warm up into the 50' s. we are talking about the chance of rain, high risk into the afternoon, the ride home from work. we could have some flooding concerns during those downpours.
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wind? along the coast, 50 mile per hour to 60 mile per hour wind gusts. here is the timing. i lunchtime, just a couple -- by lunchtime, just a couple of showers. the heaviest rain will come in by 4:00 for western mass. by 6:00, worcester county. 8:00, right along the cape . we could see from happenings to one inch of rain when all is said and done. it maria: so cold it hurts to be outside. ed: new at 7:00, a wareham woman saw the opportunity to help someone and she took advantage of it. newscenter 5' s todd kazakiewich is live in wareham with an incredible story of paying it forward. todd: we' re outside, but tonight, a homeless man is warm and dry inside this motel, thanks to the generosity of a
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then took action. >> i legitimately had about two dollars left in my pocket. i bought a scratch ticket and i won $200 on the scratch ticket. todd: sofia andrade says her fortune soon got even better than that. she had an immediate opportunity to give back. sofia was at a stop sign in new bedford when she saw glenn williams, a man who has been homeless for three years. he was panhandling saturday night in the bitter cold. >> i knew that the money never really belonged to me, that this money was meant to help him. todd: sofia called glenn over to her car and drove him to a coffee shop. >> at no time did i ever feel threatened by him. he was so overwhelmed by just the generosity of a coffee that he just couldn' t stop crying. todd: she did a lot more than buy him a coffee. after this single mom learned that local shelters had no bed space, she used her scratch ticket winnings to get a motel room for glenn, close to her home in wareham. >> it' s emotional. i couldn' t believe there'
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somebody like her. she deserves a lot of the credit for where i am right now. todd: sofia posted about it on her facebook page, hoping to raise awareness. she also started a gofundme page for glenn' s long-term benefit. the story went viral, and so did the goodwill. a local barber came and gave glenn a haircut. other people donated warm weather gear. a child even made a valentine' s day card. next -- >> i' m overwhelmed with all the help, and i just want to thank everybody. todd: glenn says he' s convinced that she saved his life because he could not have survived sleeping outside in this extremely cold weather. he freely admits he' s an alcoholic, but says his next step is detox to finally get clean. reporting live in wareham, tk, -- todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: tonight former boston mayor
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for the first responders who showed up after he passed out and crashed his car. flynn sat down with newscenter 5' s pam cross today. he now has a defibrilator after a cardiac issue caused him to pass out behind the wheel last week. his suv plowed into a neighbor' s home. he says he' s always had respect for first responders, but even now more so after the compassion they showed him. >> i' ve seen their heroic action, the sacrifices they have made, from shootings the -- to fires to accidents, but this is the first time i was on the receiving end. ed: the mayor is now recovering at home in south boston. maria: hundreds of people stood out in the cold to remember a beloved milton teacher who was killed in a freak accident on 93. a wake is being held tonight for caitlin clavette at saint eulalia parish in winchester. the 35-year-old art teacher was killed when a manhole cover somehow flipped up and crashed right through her windshield
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driving to work. her funeral will be held tomorrow morning. ed: an autopsy was originally planned, then rejected for the late supreme court justice, antonin scalia. a texas judge says she initially determined an autopsy was appropriate after the 79-year-old scalia was found dead in his bedroom at a resort ranch saturday morning. but after scalia' s doctor confirmed the justice had a history of heart trouble and other troubles the autopsy was , ruled out. scalia' s death is considered to be from natural causes. our now poll asked, should president obama nominate a new supreme court judge or wait for a new president? scientific. saying he should nominate one. you can still weigh in on twitter, facebook, and our website, maria: the state' s fifth medical marijuana dispensary is opening tomorrow. know. the lowell facility will join existing dispensaries in salem,
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massachusetts voters legalized medical marijuana by approving a ballot question in 2012. patients and caregivers who register with the state are able to possess a 60-day supply of marijuana, with the certification of a doctor. there were more than 19,000 medical marijuana patients in massachusetts by the end of january. since the program began in october, 2014, almost 18,000 ounces of marijuana have been sold for medical purposes. ed: your economy. pump prices in massachusetts down an average of four cents to an average of $1.73 a gallon. a year ago at this time, the average price was 48 cents higher at $2.21. maria: tables that float on air? they' re made right here in mass. ed: how they' re helping scientists and doctors save lives and make life-changing discoveries. maria: new at 7:00, swans getting stuck in the ice. the local firefighters that are
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announcer: you are watching wcvb newscenter 5 at 7:00. ed: they help doctors save lives and help scientists pursue tables specially designed not to vibrate. doug meehan shows us how they'
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made here in massachusetts. doug: it may look like an ordinary factory, but what' s being made here at kinetic systems in roslindale is anything but. >> what we do is create these tables that float on air. doug: alan gertel offering up the simple description. >> the table is floating. doug: to what' s actually the solution to a very complex problem. creating platforms that can eliminate the tiniest of vibrations. we' re talking movement so small it could be caused by electrical currents. >> as we add load to the table, the table will go down and it will call for more air. the legs will fill up and become soft again. and then float. doug: and who would want such table? at northeastern university, researchers are using kinetic tables so they can examine proteins through a powerful microscope. when trying to look at something magnified at a molecular level, even the slightest movement
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>> you put your equipment on top of it and it rests on this cushion. and you can look through the microscope and everything is plain as day, clear and nice. doug: top hospitals through out boston and the world have also called upon this local company to produce the so-called air tables, which in turn has help doctors essentially save lives. >> when you get right down to it, the equipment they are using, putting it on top of one -- of our tables, is solving a very serious problem. which they can' t do with out it. doug: almost every aspect of these tables, down to the smallest detail, is made at this family business. and with each crate shipped -- >> it might be for an olympus microscope going into canada. doug: a little bit of new england ingenuity and engineering goes along with it. >> we are very proud of the fact that we make a product in massachusetts that is used by many people all over the world.
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these problems in 1968. since then, they have pioneered many state-of-the-art solutions in the field. maria: very cool. now, talking about cool -- i' m going to guess. ed: it' s 21 degrees here in needham right now, right? harvey: they are not allowed to guess. maria: there' s only one harvey leonard. harvey: check out these readings. orange was -16. have we made a recovery? we has. -- have. look at the new england south coast, over 20 degrees better off than 24 hours ago. we have some very light snow still cold. the wind direction is off the water.
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temperatures go up. interior sections are in the teens to 20 degrees. very hard to dislodge that low-level air. now 31 in chatham and hyannis. 34 new london, connecticut. the southeast wind is starting to bring the lower-level warmth across southeas tern massachusetts. you can see boston is still not getting much in the way of snow. studied to the south -- steady to the south. the window of opportunity is not large. the lower visibility shows us steadier snow. nobody is reporting moderate or heavy snow, but it is steady snow that can accumulate. new york city is now mixed. long island is now raining. everything is moving from south
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atmosphere very quickly tonight. the opportunity for snow is only hours. s inch to an inch of snow is possible. -- half an inch to an inch of snow is possible. 830. in the mix line in boston. the interior. freezing rain. some slippery going. the computer models are often too quick to dislodge the low-level cold. to start their commute tomorrow, parts of the connecticut river valley, parts north -- it is warmer the rest of the day. we have downpours coming late in the afternoon to the evening. they could contain gusty winds, lightning, and thunder. they are exiting the cape after
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we have a high wind watch in eastern massachusetts for tomorrow afternoon into the evening. these are the potential gusts. getting up to 40 miles per hour or greater. maybe in those downpours, there could be some gusts over 50. some localized damage is possible. temperatures widespread tomorrow afternoon and evening. what a turnaround. in some cases, about 70-degree change from what it was early yesterday morning. -- that' s pretty unbelievable. the next seven days, it gets quiet after we get rid of this storm. a little bit colder thursday into early friday. we can looks to be on the seasonal side. 5' one minute drill. mike: on this presidents day, we celebrate leaders of our nation, tonight we thought we would include, perhaps, one of the
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throughout the course of time there has been a direct relationship between sports and presidential candidates. though obviously not a prerequisite, many outstanding athletes have made it to the white house. dwight eisenhower was a starting linebacker and running back for the football team at west point. gerald ford was a center and linebacker for the university of michigan' s unbeaten teams in 1933 and 1934 when he was the wolverine' s m.v.p. and george h.w. bush was a first baseman for yale' s baseball team, which brings us to this year' s candidates for the highest office in the land. donald trump played baseball, basketball, and soccer for new york military academy, perhaps that' s where he developed his self confidence. jeb bush was captain of the phillips andover tennis team and a member of the paa class of 1971, along with bill belichick. marco rubio was a safety at south miami high school and earned a football scholarship to
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hillary clinton lists softball, pickup basketball, and tennis as sports she enjoyed playing and claims she once won a trophy for a mixed doubles tourney in arkansas. and bernie sanders grew up in brooklyn, attended james madison high school where he ran for the track and cross country teams and once posted a very impressive time of 4 minutes 37 seconds in the one mile run. does any of this information make them uniquely qualified to be president? of course not. but with so many undecided voters out there, consider it a public service gesture from us at sportscenter 5. maria: i like that information. ed: bernie sanders credits the running and that activity as a now. mike: anybody who has ever tried to run a mile and time themselves is impressed with 4: 37. maria: sometimes sisrs and brothers fight. helped save her brother' s life.
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maria: freezing temperatures have caused a strange problem for firefighters in southborough . those are swans that are actually freezing to the ice. they' ve had to rescue swans three times in the past two days. they are able to free them by
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them until the ice melts enough for the birds to wiggle out. the department says this is not an average rescue. if you see a stuck swan, do not try and free it yourself. hanover fire department honors a brother' s life. ed: 12-year-old inka was at home when her little brother had a medical seizure. led them to her 4-year-old brother. inka then also translated between the medics and her family members. the fire department commended inka' s calmness, maturity, and bravery throughout the situation. that' s terrific. very nice. maria: a look at the stories we' ll be following for you all night, when we come back. ed: and remember, we want to know the good happening around you. send us your video and pictures of people making a difference and doing good in your community. share them on the wcvb facebook page.
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ed: flash forward to what' s ahead on newscenter 5 at 11:00. broken pipes everywhere across massachusetts. experts tell us it will only get worse for tomorrow. we' re talking to a plumber tonight about the steps you can take to protect your home. maria: we' re also watching this
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slams through a guardrail and sails off the highway. the investigation into how it happened. ed: george w. bush is on the campaign trail tonight. he is rallying support for his brother jeb' s presidential campaign. what he' s saying about donald trump tonight --without ever mentioning trump' s name. harvey: a lot of us will get some snow and so freezing rain before we wake up tomorrow.
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>> this is "chronicle." >> just another day in jamaica. quick 69 degrees. wet, while, the rom is flowing. -- the r is flowing. um and the bobsled is ready to go. >> here we go. >> estate new england to jamaica, next on "chronicle


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