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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  February 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 now at noon. doug: right now at noon -- falling down during a sobriety test. the new information about the driver accused in a serious crash. a teenager struck and killed in randolph. the investigation into that deadly crash. and thieves targeting your money. the latest device found on an atm in a walpole convenience store and how you can protect yourself. good afternoon, a sloppy morning, snow, rain, ice but a
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cindy: in the 50' s overnight. it comes with wet weather. heavy downpours and a lot of the eastern seaboard bracing for strong and severe thunderstorms. doug: various colors. cindy: the green, there could be thunder around here. a massive storm. a tornado watch around raleigh. the elements of heavy rain developing and back to parts of western carolina and tennessee. this is the area that will move through tonight and in front of it steadier rain in new york city and that will work in our direction this afternoon. a little bit of light drizzle this morning, not terribly wet but temperatures near freezing in northern worcester county. touch and go with a few icy spots in higher elevations. i 6:00, upper-40' s in boston and everybody into the 50' s overnight.
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weather comes in. 11:00 tonight, the downpours in the western part of the state, those move in overnight and heavy downpours, cannot rule out thunder and damaging wind threat with the system. could see gusts up to 60 miles per hour. we will break that down coming up. doug: thank you. right now, this driver is facing charges. you can see him falling flat on his face during a sobriety test. newscenter 5's nicole estaphan is live at the court house in quincy. nicole: the driver is 51-year-old thomas mohan. he faces a slew of charges this originally he was expected to be arraigned here by the arraignment will take place in afternoon. where drunk and high on drugs.
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he was driving on washington street in way met, he falls a first to the pavement during a sobriety test. he' s worked into the breakdown lane, hit a pickup truck -- he swerved into a breakdown lane, hit a pickup truck, before hitting a pedestrian that was walking on the sidewalk-causing serious injury to the man. afternoon in his loss the room and we will bring details when we have them. -- in his hospital room and we will bring details when we have them. doug: a 15-year-old girl is dead after being hit by a car randolph. police say laura viera of east boston was crossing the street at oak and north main streets around 8:00 last night when she was hit. randolph police are investigating the crash. the driver remained on the scene. so far, no charges have been filed. thieves are targeting your money by attaching skimming devices to atms in another town. kelley tuthill is live in
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everybody needs to know. kelley: police say this is related to two skimming devices found in alberto over the begin, an employee that -- over the weekend, an employee found the skimmer. police say an employee in a cumberland farms on washington street found this skimming device on an atm on saturday. >> they come with double-sided tape and stick it on. a walk by thing they can do quick. kelley: they believe the suspects may have been caught on camera and the public and track them down. the deputy chief showed us how to protect our information. >> this piece fits right over the card reader on a normal device. because there are only six with double-sided tape they are loose
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kelley: look out for the tiny cameras these put on to capture your pin number. >> if you see anything with a dot or pinhole above where you type in your keypad, do not use that. kelley: the good news in this case is that walpole police do not believe anyone' s personal information was stolen because the police had the skimming devices and all the data. doug: thank you. a notorious convicted murderer is fighting to stay out of prison. kennedy cousin, michael skakel, is in connecticut's supreme court this noon. back in 2013, a judge ordered a new trial for skakel, setting him free on bail. he was in jail convicted decades after the 1975 killing of his greenwich neighbor, martha moxley. now, prosecutors are asking the state supreme court to reinstate his conviction, putting him back behind bars as he awaits the second trial. a new hampshire man is behind
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prompted a s.w.a.t. response in hudson. matthew felton is accused of breaking into a home on woodcrest drive while armed with a gun yesterday morning. the homeowner managed to escape and call for help. two hours later, swat entered the home, and took felton into custody. he' s facing burglary and criminal threatening charges. right now, a mystery in holbrook. a mother disappearing before she was supposed to pick up her son. police say they do not suspect foul play. the family still searching for answers. judy sales had just returned from a family trip in california. last seen monday, leaving her job as a walgreen' s pharmacist. she called her husband to say she' d pick up their 10-year-old son but she never showed. her brother-in-law says it doesn' t add up. >> the scenarios where she got up and left for some reason do not jive with her personality or the way things have gone in her family life.
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ping from her phone in connecticut but no clues since. right now, police in brookline are issuing a community alert after a string of burglaries. investigators say the six break-ins and one attempted break in all follow a similar trend. in each case, the thief got into the home through a rear door or window in the evening. they stole items including jewelry and small electronics. police say homeowners may want to keep outside lights on at night. commitment 2016, and now it is on to super tuesday. donald trump celebrating another big win, besting marco rubio and ted cruz by double-digits in the nevada gop caucus. bazi kanani with the latest. bazi: the winner by a large margin, donald trump celebrates hours before the runners up in nevada were declared. donald trump: i dig reading, i want money and now we will get
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bazi: marco rubio edges out ted cruz or second-place. >> we picked up a significant number of delegates. bazi: donald trump now with just two endorsements, brushes off their importance. >> i would rather get the kind of numbers i got yesterday. bazi: ted cruz hoping to begin momentum. >> the only campaign that has beaten donald trump and the only campaign that can be donald trump is this campaign. bazi: donald trump keeping up his attacks on takers and ready for another -- on ted cruz and getting ready on another front. >> i have been very nice to marco rubio. because he has not hit me. when he does, you will see what happens. bazi: marco rubio says he will not attack but not back down from a policy debate.
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not help. bazi: there is one debate and six days before super tuesday for the republicans when voters in 12 states and one territory head to the polls. doug: new at noon, mayor walsh is weighing in on the calls for the feds to investigate one of boston' s top schools. several civil rights groups, including the local naacp, met with boston latin students and parents last night over the handling of racial slurs at the school. a recent report found the school handled most of those incidents properly. the groups disagree and they are asking the justice department to conduct a civil rights probe. today, mayor walsh says he doesn' t think that is necessary. he says his office is looking into conducting its own investigation. >> my biggest concern is the impact on the students and resolve this. there are a lot of outside voices and that is distracting the students and i will get more
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doug: the boston naacp has called on the headmaster to step down. apple supporters out in force as the company' s standoff with the fbi continues. >> apple should not be involved in cracking things on behalf of the fbi. doug: this is a rally outside the apple store in boston. and there were similar events outside other apple stores across the country. the fbi wants access to the iphone used by the san bernardino gunman. apple is refusing, claiming it would compromise the security of all its phones. citing a case of his own, boston' s police commissioner sides with the fbi. >> i have one particular homicide that we cannot get access to the phone. doug: apple plans to tell a judge this week that its fight with the fbi should be settled by congress rather than in the courts. this afternoon, wynn resorts says it will be making a key announcement about it' s $1.7 billion casino plans in everett. the casino is expected to
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taxes, fees, payroll, and operating expenditures. the president of wynn everett, the head of suffolk construction, along with local trade and service unions will be at today' s press conference. a south end institution reopens. charlie' s sandwich shoppe closed -- it is opening this week. the mayor was one of the favorite first guests. charlie' s sandwich shoppe closed with much fanfare in 2014. local restaurateur evan deluty is keeping the menu as is. a plane crashes just minutes after take off. the investigation into the deadly flight in nepal. severe weather strikes the south. the devastation after a series of tornadoes. cindy: we are watching that storm, headed our way tonight, timing the heavy downpours, thunder, and damaging wind threat ahead. doug: and facebook is offering users a new way to express themselves. the new offerings getting rolled
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at noon. doug: the wreckage of a small plane missing in nepal has been found.
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killed. contact with the pilot was lost as the plane flew through a mountainous region. investigators say the plane appears to have flown directly into a mountain. the flight was jumping from one city to another and only scheduled to last 19 minutes. today, lawmakers are hearing from top health officials about the federal government' s efforts to stop the zika virus. experts from the cdc and national institutes of health will testify at a pair of hearings on the virus. it comes as u.s. officials investigate 14 possible zika infections that may have been sexually transmitted. the virus has been linked to severe birth defects. two nonprofit groups want the nfl to stop offering fantasy sports competitions to children. the national council on problem gambling and the campaign for a commercial-free childhood believe the games could lead children toward future gambling addictions. the nfl rush fantasy competition was open to children ages 6 to 12 this past season. the league says parents had to provide consent and could opt
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their children. assessing the damage after severe weather strikes down south. this is just one of the buildings wiped out by the storm in prairieville, louisiana. now, that same weather system is heading north east. elizabeth hur with more on the storm' s deadly and destructive path. >> look up. elizabeth: a massive storm system on the move in these goes . -- the east coast. this rv park in louisiana of litter rated. >> i took off running to help people. elizabeth: entire neighborhoods in pensacola, florida decimated, 27 reported tornadoes in 24 hours across five states. people were inside this goals jim and louisiana when a twister ripped the wall off the building.
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daycare, a scary situation. elizabeth: no one was seriously hurt here but elsewhere the heavy wind and rain, powerful enough to flip this tractor-trailer proved to be deadly. the surge continues for anyone best search continues -- the search continues. elizabeth: forecasters say from florida to maryland, they could be hit with damaging winds and hail this afternoon. in new york , we are being told to brace for heavy rain and flooding later tonight. doug: a little bit of weather this time of year. cindy: the weather outbreak impressive for february, we see normally in april and may. 36 reports of tornadoes, most along the gulf coast.
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things are moving. into the overnight, in our direction, heavy downpours. gusty winds and eight maybe -- and maybe a rumble of thunder overnight. we will lap up the intensity of the rain desk ramped up the distance -- the intensity of the rain. so dreary and their. reduced visibility due to fog. under a mile, beverly to plymouth. steadier rain to the south. the rain will be filling in in the next few hours. now, patches of drizzle and the hampshire. mark.
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at the airport and in the higher elevations above 1000 feet where we hang onto colder air and the potential for lingering freezing rain until 4:00 this afternoon. it could be icy that way. s. as our massive storm system spins to the west it will draw up the milder air. that is the tornado watch around the raleigh area, that threat of severe weather will extend through the washington, d.c. area through new york and a risk of a thunderstorm overnight but the intensity not what it will be to ourselves. temperatures rise and by this evening, upper-40' s in boston and 50' s to the south. by midnight everybody going up in the 50' s and that is where we will be tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m., 50' s. the warm weather coming in and
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in new york city now which will be filling in here through the afternoon. the next few hours, rain will get more steadier and heavier and that will be with us through the evening commute and around 10:00, 11:00, the line of intense downpours will come into and that will be working eastward overnight. within these downpours, we could get a rumble of thunder and also very strong winds. on the cape come a 5:00 tomorrow morning, you are in it, everything offshore by 8:00 or not :00 tomorrow morning. we could see a half inch too close to two inches of rain, the potential from drainage flooding and winds pick up out of the south gusting 40, 50 miles per hour through early tomorrow morning before the winds shift to the south in the afternoon. the potential for the wind gusts possibly 60 miles per hour, a high wind watch across southeastern massachusetts and they are bringing in the warm weather.
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through the day, the winds will bring in drier air but not much colder air and by days end, near 50 degrees. the cold air on friday, 30' s but clearing skies setting us up for amount of sunshine. it will get wild tonight. doug: i apologize for the madonna reference. facebook is rolling out more options to express yourself. starting today, in addition to liking a status update or photo, you' ll be able able to click, angry, haha, and several other options. the rollout is expected to take a few days. you' ll get the feature automatically on web browsers but you' ll need to update your app on iphones and android devices. this next story is a big smiley face. the surprise of a lifetime for a military family from mashpee. a special meeting with carrie underwood before her show in boston. while on tour, underwood is meeting with military families around the country. and she' s giving back to them
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the seven-time grammy winner is teaming up with carnival cruise line to honor families like the van huysens, raising money for operation homefront. it' s a non-profit, dedicated to helping military families and wounded warriors. >> it is about giving back. while i am doing what i do, i might as well help out. >> this is one of the best experiences of our life. doug: pretty cool. the van huysens were also surprised last night with a carnival cruise and another carrie underwood concert put on for just military families. we love seeing this. a reunion in new jersey. army specialist surprised her son, she was deployed to afghanistan for a year and was nervous about her sons reaction but he ran right into her arms. that is great. a small player with big whose size isn'
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doug: a lost wallet returned 71 years later, a construction
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it had been buried since 1944. the builder tracked down 85-year-old claire who remembered losing his wallet as a key major. -- as a teenager. it had a boy scout card. is mine. a new hampshire hoops hero is the pride and joy of hillsboro. at just 3' 5" and 42 pounds, 14-year-old tristan wilmott is a towering presence on his high school junior varsity basketball team. tristan was born with an extremely rare genetic disorder. his is just one of two cases in the entire country. the tiny teenager is larger than life on the hard court and his passion is contagious. >> making points, it is fun. doug: go get them, big fellow. tristan says his dream is to go pro but he' s got a backup plan. if he doesn' t make it to the nba, he' ll focus on
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cindy: i bet you he is great at that. doug: nothing can stand in his way. cindy: the rain filling in over the next few hours and 11:00 tonight, heavy downpours in the western part of the state move eastward. downpours tonight and a damaging wind threat, courtesy gusts 60 miles per hour.
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>> hey, everybody. with the oscars just around the corner, all this week, we' re playing our game with some of the country. can they turn their film fanaticism into piles of cold, we' it' s movie week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] i' m chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready for more movie week? it' we' re gonna continue today. our first contestant used to skip school to go to the movie let' s see if that alternative education pays off for him today. from denver, colorado, please welcome tim davids. [cheers and applause] hey, tim.


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