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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's shayna: breaking news right now. a live look at a deadly crash in lynne. the street shut down right now and the investigation underway. >> we are devastated and feel betrayed. doug: new pain for a murdered teacher's family. the controversial sentence for a teenage killer sparking outrage and anger. shayna: new jersey governor chris christie teaming up with donald trump, endorsing his former rival. what this alliance could mean for super tuesday. danielle: the weekend starts with a chill, but wait till you see the warm-up on the way. doug: no lights, camera, or action in watertown. the decision foiling hollywood's
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with the marathon bombers. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." shayna: good saturday morning, everyone. i'm shayna seymour in for antoinette. doug: and i'm doug meehan. it's february 27. a little bit of a chilly start, danielle. but you say things are warming. danielle: things will be warming up. that's right, doug and shayna. good morning. temperatures are in the teens and the 20's across the area. 15 in worcester. 21 in boston. and actually i want to show you, if you don't mind, the sunrise because it looks really nice out there. this is over worcester. you see the bright reds and yellows and oranges. we have clear skies, but it is very cold as i mentioned. so just to be aware of that. plus you have to factor in those winds. although they may be light right now, anywhere from 5-10 miles an hour, it still creates a wind chill. maybe stay inside and watch that sunrise.
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it feels more like 14 degrees right now on the cape. now as we go through the next 12 hours we're going to see a lot of sunshine. by lunchtime, we're in the mid 30's. through afternoon in boston, upper 30's to maybe even low 40's in spots. the other thing you notice, that wind shifts from the west to the south and west. and that is going to be a warming wind bringing in warmer air. so we have mainly clear skies right now. pretty much a quiet weather pattern but we're watching one disturbance to the north here. this may give a couple of snow showers to parts of northern new country. other than that though, we have on the way. so we'll talk about just how shayna. shayna: breaking overnight, a deadly crash on the lynneway. an s.u.v. hits a dunkin' donuts, spins into the street, killing both people inside. state police say a man and a woman were thrown from that s.u.v. and were pronounced dead on the scene.
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lynne was shut down around 2:30 this morning and remains closed. investigators are still trying to figure out what triggered the crash. doug: outrage this morning over philip chism murder case. 40 years behind bars but with the possibility of parole. much for the ritzer family and their supporters. the eyeopener's frank holland with the decision and what the family calls a betrayal. frank: shayna and doug, the family says they are devastated by the sentence. in 2013 philip chism robbed, raped, and murdered his math teacher colleen ritzer. but when his sentence was handed down friday, the family learned colleen's killer could be in their lives for years to come. two months after colleen's murder, massachusetts supreme judicial court decided juveniles cannot be sentenced to life in prison without chance of parole. >> because of the s.j.c. restrictions, our family will be forced to attend parole hearings beginning in 38 years which is
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we want to be very clear. at every parole hearing our family's voice, colleen's voice, will be heard. frank: the ritzer family says they will endure a life sentence of grief, but her killer could eventually get his life back. the family calls the sentence unacceptable and is calling for a change in the law. doug: the maynard fire department is taking steps to fire a veteran firefighter charged with raping a child. prosecutors say james macgillivary raped that nine-year-old boy in 1991 and that macgillivary knew the boy. the judge held him on $15,000 cash bail and ordered him to wear a g.p.s. bracelet. macgillivary has been a firefighter since 1986. shayna: sky 5 over a serious car crash on route-93 south in canton. closing the highway, creating a major backup during last night's rush-hour. one person was taken by helicopter from the scene. part of the guard rail actually went through the car. the cause of the crash is under
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doug: commitment 2016. a key vote today for democrats as voters in south carolina head to the polls. hillary clinton making a final pitch to voters in columbia where she was joined by her husband who has also been campaigning for her in south carolina. clinton is leading by at least 20 points in the polls. bernie sanders also in south carolina last night, but his focus is split looking ahead to super tuesday. sanders is widely expected to lose south carolina. he only had a small turnout at his latest rally in the palmetto state. sanders is heading to texas and minnesota today. shayna: just hours after a surprise endorsement, donald trump and chris christie are on the attack. they're taking aim at one of trump's biggest rivals. and they are now a united force. here's newscenter 5's john atwater. christie: donald trump represents strength, and marco rubio represents washington d.c. john: a big endorsement for donald trump, and another swipe
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campaign trail. trump: he becomes a senator. he never shows up to vote. he's never around. john: trump and christie have joined forces now in trying to take down the florida senator who himself shot back with what he claims to have seen during a break at thursday's debate. rubio: then he asked for a full-length mirror. i don't know why. because the podium goes up to here, but he wanted a full-length mirror. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet. i don't know. trump: i saw him back stage with make-up where he's taking it with a trowel and putting it on. john: the nonstop assaults just days before critical votes on super tuesday. trump is hoping his first endorsement from a sitting governor can give him a powerful boost. governor baker: i'm not disappointed but i'm surprised. john: for charlie baker, who endorsed and campaigned for christie, the move is one he does not support. baker: the next president of the united states needs to be somebody with a proven track record of working well with others and being able to collaborate and cooperate. as i said before, i don't think donald trump fits that mold. john: christie says he and trump have not discussed any potential
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he says he plans to go into private life after his second term as new jersey's governor. in the news room, john atwater, wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: and another governor is throwing his support to trump. maine governor paul lepage, who had previously endorsed new jersey governor chris christie, is giving the billionaire business man the nod. lepage made the announcement on the "howie carr show." today community activists pushing for a federal investigation into racial tension at boston latin will meet with boston mayor marty walsh. headmaster lynne mooney teta says she'll stay on the job and work to improve the environment at boston latin. there have been calls for her resignation after students said she ignored their claims of a number of racist incidents at the prestigious school. shayna: mashpee's superintendent is stepping down one a week after being cleared of barging into a student's home. brian hyde and the school committee call it a cordial agreement. hyde was accused breaking into
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just returned from several months in florida and was trying to re-enroll. the judge ruled hyde was not guilty because there was no evidence he was barred from the house. the ability to reach out for help right from your smartphone when you're anxious and overwhelmed. doug: ahead this morning the app now offering therapy to people who might not have asked for it before. >> i really, really think they should have let them do it here for authenticity. frank: watertown residents in favor of shooting the gun battle with the marathon bombers, but town leaders saying no. what the former police chief thinks of the controversy. danielle: waking up to chilly temperatures this morning, but changes are on the way. how warm it will get and the next chance for showers. shayna: plus a family escaping just in time. what sparked this fiery blast in their home. doug: we're continuing to follow breaking news. look at this. a deadly crash on the lynneway.
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donuts spinning out of control into the street, killing both people inside. state police say a man and a woman were thrown if that s.u.v. they were pronounced dead on the scene. that area near blossom street in lynne was shut down at around 2:30 this morning and remains closed right now.
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t they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works because it's riggedt by wall street. as long as washington we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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north and west of boston. then behind it, we're going to turn cooler, not cold, necessarily. not talking about much in terms of precipitation from this one. maybe a tenth of an inch at best. and then as we head through the next seven days, temperatures really start to warm up into the mid 50's on monday. behind it, see what i say. turning cooler. we're still in the upper 40's which is well above where we should be this time of year. so wednesday when our next big weather maker comes-- and this one really has its eye set on us-- but the track is very west so that means it's a warm track meaning it should be all rain.
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to the east could change that precipitation. so we're going to watch that storm system very closely. either way you look at it, behind it it does usher in much colder air by next weekend. shayna and doug. doug: danielle, thank you. it is 6:17 here on a saturday morning. some of the other top stories we're following right now. shayna: five people are dead including the accused gunman after a standoff in washington state. sheriff's deputies say the suspect called 9-1-1 saying he shot four members of his family friday. after a standoff with the swat team that lasted hours, the suspect then shot and killed himself. a 12-year-old girl, who is related to the victims, survived. doug: a west bridgewater driver may be facing criminal charges tonight after crashing his s.u.v. into a house. it happened at 208 matfield street. the chevy tahoe went airborne, flying thirty feet in the air, slamming into the front of this house, causing the driver to be thrown out his side window. police are investigating the crash but say speed was a factor. shayna: a scary sight as another
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home near chicago. you can see it caught on this surveillance video in a kitchen. the hoverboard explodes. then there are huge flames. and there was a little girl nearby. you can see her walk out of the kitchen just moments before this happened. >> now sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. bob: the bruins are the best road team in the nhl. they proved it again last night in carolina. 17 bruins' dads, granddads, and uncles along for the trip. the bruins will get on the board first. patrice bergeron playing in. his 800th game gets his 229th goal. that is tied for 11th best an extreme pride is grandfathered in. that's his grandfather. in the first period a great self pass along the boards by this player. he races to the puck and fires from the sharp angle. his 12th of the year. the bruins up 2-0. the relatives are relatively ecstatic. third period boston college fans
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notice a hand pin, the former eagle, shoots from the blue line, misses. kevin millar makes a boo-boo and knocks it in. hnnapin does get credit for his third goal of the year. this one is is snapped off. the bruins win 4-1. the bruins are in tampa tomorrow and the celtics are in miami this afternoon. that's sports. have a great day. shayna: feeling depressed? anxious? just can't cope? like with most things, you can now turn to your smartphone to get help. doug: one of the first apps to offer mental health services is called "talk-space." and as heather unruh reports, a local therapist is one of many helping a new generation of clients. bisson: i really wasn't sure that texting for therapy was the way to go. heather: but these days licensed therapist steve bisson is the one sitting on his couch in massachusetts counseling clients across the country via text and
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bisson: i've seen so many people really benefit from this type of format that it really has become another tool in my tool belt to just help out people. heather: roni frank launched "talk space" with her husband in 2012 offering unlimited accessed to a licensed therapist for $25 a week. roni frank: "unlimited" means that there is no limit to how many messages users can send to their therapist. heather: for replies, therapists create their own schedule usually setting aside a couple hours two or three times each day. roni frank: basically the clients want to communicate with their therapist the same way they're communicating with other people in their lives. it just makes sense to them. heather: the conversations are private, secure, and anonymous. advertisement: so the next time you need to talk to someone, text us. heather: frank says most clients are battling depression, anxiety, or relationship issues. for many, it's the first time they've ever tried counseling. roni frank: they feel more safe.
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healthy level of distance. that helps users to get over the shame to open up. heather: for clients requiring more care or even medication, "talk-space" provides referrals to a psychiatrist. advertisement: because your therapist is always with you. heather: for bisson, he continues to see patients at his private practice in holliston. he believes traditional face-to-face methods are still important. bisson: i think creating a relationship when you're looking at someone in the eye and going like this versus like nothing is really essential. heather: but he also sees the benefit to something like "talk-space." bisson: if this is what is going to attract 20% of people who have not reached out otherwise, then i'm all for it. i'm very much for it. shayna: that was heather unruh reporting. bisson's caseload on "talk-space" is growing. he now has about 40 clients around the u.s. doug: the app also offers audio and video access to therapists, right from your smartphone.
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the way to their wedding. shayna: ahead this morning the local couple that has something else to be thankful for. doug: plus dancing your way to better health. the eyeopener's erika tarantal shows us the class making fitness fun. oh, my goodness. the sun is already up. shayna: yeah! doug: our window the world right now. we're looking over the zakim bridge. the commute should be pretty easy on a saturday morning. shayna: looks good.
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danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. we are on par to be one of the warmest winters ever on record. when we look at the average temperature of december, january and february, so far we're number two. but we're chasing after number one. it looks like we could get close as temperatures start to moderate over the weekend. low 50's on sunday. mid 50's on monday and even the upper 40's as we head towards tuesday and wednesday. we should be running around 41 degrees this time of year but on tuesday into wednesday, this next system approaches from the west. it looks like it will be mainly rain because that westerly track. if there was a shift, that would change the precipitation to maybe a wintery mix. either way you look at it though, we turn colder by the end of the week. doug and shayna. shayna: i love this story. we were the first to bring you the story of these "wedding crashers," a couple whose "i do's" were almost derailed when their car burst into flames on the way to church! doug: newscenter 5's nicole
6:26 am
incredible wedding gift. with a few tears. nicole: a moment of generosity darrel and annie strother will never forget. darrel: it's beautiful. it's beautiful. nicole: overcome with gratitude, the last time we met the strothers they had just exchanged wedding vows moments after escaping a car fire on their way to the church. darrel: the flames were coming inside of the car from under the fire wall. annie: i didn't think we was going to make it. you know, it's a very scary situation. nicole: boston firefighters saved the rings from the burning car, and police escorted them to the church in time to say i do. now an anonymous lynn businessman providing this act of kindness. annie: i love it. it's beautiful. darrel: i don't have the words to express to say, you know, how thankful we are. nicole: the donor saw the couple's story on newscenter 5 and called lynnway auto sales. richard aswad: we're just the facilitators of this good deed for this fine gentleman. nicole: the couple, who have
6:27 am
now have one less worry and one more reason to be thankful. darrel: the least to say a pretty good day. that's the least you can say. a phenomenal day. nicole: nicole estaphan, wcvb, newscenter 5. shayna: makes you feel good to out there. doug: there are so many stories that we read and share with people at home. everybody is all bummed out. that makes you feel good. it sure does. ahead this morning, a popular car seat is recalled. doug: the important information parents need to know. the feds raid one of best-known seafood wholesalers in the northeast. the charges against the new bedford business owner. frank: we continue to follow breaking news right knew on the "eyeopener." a deadly crash on the lynneway has shut down the area near blossom street. an s.u.v. hit dunkin' donuts and spun out of control killing both people inside that car. state police say a man and a woman were pronounced dead at the scene.
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twon't be the same without you bro. when it's go, go to the site with the right room, rewards and savings up to 20% when you book direct. book now at >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." doug: breaking this morning. a live look from lynne. the deadly crash under investigation right now. danielle: cool today but it's not going to last. how warm it's going to get by the end of the weekend. shayna: showdown in south carolina. the democrats vying for key votes. the stakes in today's crucial primary. doug: prosecutors turn over clues in the bella bond case. the new evidence that could show up in the courtroom.
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boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." doug: i think every saturday morning is a good morning. isn't it? good morning, everybody. shayna: it's the weekend. doug: i'm doug meehan and look who is here, boys and girls. shayna: it's shayna seymour. doug: it's not 7:30 on a monday. shayna: it is 6:30 a.m. on a saturday. danielle: it's a cold one out there. changes are coming. a warming trend on the way. you all are going to like me by the end of this weekend. temperaturewise though this morning 21 in boston. if you look back to the south and west, you see little rock checking in this morning at 37 degrees. it's warmer air is is what is headed in our direction. but right now we're in the teens and with the wind it even feels like the single digits especially in central massachusetts and western mass through the berkshires so 15 right now in worcester. 17 in fitchburg. 13 in orange.
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hours, we will see wall-to-wall sunshine. the other thing that is going to happen is those temperatures will begin to increase and be back into the upper 30's by the afternoon. it will be actually pretty warm in some spots. through the merrimack valley, for example, you're going to warm up as high as 40 degrees through the afternoon with some sunshine. but i did say warm up is coming. we'll talk about when we could see the 50's and our next chance for rain in the search-day forecast. shayna. shayna: we are following breaking news overnight. a deadly crash on the lynneway. an s.u.v. hits a dunkin' donuts and spins out into the street killing a man and a woman in that vehicle. right now, state police say the area near blossom street in lynne is shut down. investigators are still trying to figure out what triggered the crash. doug: the big stories we're following right now. a judge sentences teen killer philip chism to life in prison, but he will be eligible for parole in 40 years. that decision bringing outrage from the family of colleen ritzer. chism was convicted of raping
6:33 am
high school in 2013. shayna: watertown has rejected plans for a hollywood movie crew to re-create the shootout with the marathon bombing suspects in the neighborhood where it happened. a statement from the town says re-creating the shootout is not in the best interest of the community. doug: new jersey governor chris christie is endorsing former rival donald trump. he is already joining the g.o.p. candidate at campaign stops and is launching attacks against florida senator marco rubio. it is decision day for democrats in south carolina. shayna: the eye's frank holland is back with a breakdown and the impact on the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. frank: the south carolina primary is the final contest before super tuesday, and the polls in the pal met owe state are predicting a blow-out win for the front-runner, hillary clinton. palmetto primary where democratic demographics present a key test. marc sandalow/political analyst: being able to win the minority vote in big numbers is critical for democrats. frank: analysts say black people are anticipated to make up over
6:34 am
democratic primary voters. it's a voter base that could be critical for hillary clinton after losing the state to president obama in 2008. josh kraushaar/national journal: barack obama cleaned up with african americans. won a huge majority-- obama did in that election. now, african americans like hillary clinton. rep. jim clyburn: we need a real fighter. frank: clinton has already secured the backing of prominent south carolina congressman jim clyburn. she is also courting communities of color with appearances by mothers who lost sons to gun violence. but bernie sanders has rolled out his own big endorsements from actor danny glover to director spike lee who cut this radio ad. >> when bernie gets to the white house, he will do the right thing! frank: hoping to chip away at clinton's support. marc sandalow/political analyst: if for some reason bernie sanders soars in south carolina, it's a real headache for hillary clinton. frank: most polls show sanders trailing clinton by double digits in south carolina, but
6:35 am
not writing off the state. clinton has won iowa and nevada while sanders scored a big win in new hampshire. doug: frank, thank you. the i.r.s. firing back at donald trump. the republican candidate called out by former g.o.p. nominee mitt romney for failing to release his tax returns. trump claims he's not releasing the financial information because he's being audited by the i.r.s. and he speculates he's facing increased scrutiny because he is a, quote, strong christian. the i.r.s. says they have no problem with trump releasing his returns during an audit, and they stress politics and religion are not factors in the audit process. shayna: federal agents raid one of the best-known fishing companies in new england charging its owner and bookkeeper with conspiracy and falsifying records. carlos rafael, owner of carlos seafood in new bedford, faced the charges in court yesterday. during the investigation, agents posed as crime figures who wanted to buy the company. rafael allegedly told the undercover agents he operates
6:36 am
cash. he was known as the "cod-father." doug: months after a new hampshire prep school graduate was convicted of sexual assault and using a computer to lure a teen for sex, a new forum is being planned. owen labrie was 18 at the time of the incident. he was sentenced to a year in jail but remains free pending appeal. st. paul's school is now planning a symposium for june on adolescent development, empathy, sexuality, technology, and social media. school leaders and experts will take part. shayna: new this morning. prosecutors turn over evidence to the defense in the bella bond case. rachelle bond is accused of helping her boyfriend michael mccarthy dump her daughter's body into the water off south boston. "the herald" reports prosecutors have given bond's attorney the results of forensic tests, underwater pictures, and text messages from mccarthy's cellphone. mcarthy is charged with first degree murder in the case. doug: prosecutors in the aaron hernandez double murder trial want to see the ex-football
6:37 am
hernandez gave his phone to the lawyers who defended him in the 2013 murder of odin lloyd. hernandez is serving a life sentence for that murder. the judge is expected to announce his decision on the cell phone next week. shayna: right now investigators are looking for a thief who emptied 200 lobsters from traps set in maine. the maine marine patrol says the traps were dropped near jeffreys ledge about 30 miles off new hampshire's coast. a non-profit group is offering an $11,000 reward in an effort to catch the thief. upton police are are asking people to keep an eye out for this missing service dog. benny was last seen near grove street yesterday, but his collar and leash were found on mendon. his owner, who is recovering from a serious injury, says she's heard that her eight-month-old yellow lab is possibly injured. doug: he's a good-looking pup there, right? a setback for patients and staffers trying to save a popular garden at children's hospital. state attorney general maura
6:38 am
garden. the land was donated to the hospital, but "the globe" reports healy found nothing in the bequest that says the hospital can't use the land for something else. the attorney representing the group trying to save the garden tells "the globe" they want health officials reject plans for the $1 billion building planned for the site. another american town dealing with dangerous water right now. shayna: the parents outraged as schools take special precautions. doug: hitting the dance floor instead of the gym. the dance class that's a real workout. shayna: a looming deadline for stop & shop employees. why some may be walking off the job by midnight tonight. ahead in your economy. frank: we're continuing to "eyeopener." a deadly crash on the lynneway. an s.u.v. hits a dunkin' donuts and then spins out into the street killing a man and a woman inside of that vehicle. right now as you can see state police are on the scene. they say the area near blossom street inland is shut down. investigators are still trying
6:39 am
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p approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. pwhich is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... pwho's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- p
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you- she understands that our rcountry can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. doug: school officials in ithaca, new york, have shut off the drinking water at all of its schools. that after testing last month found unsafe levels of lead in the water. but some parents are outraged
6:42 am
also found unsafe levels of lead. the school district says it's now providing bottled water to students and staff. shayna: to your economy now. a loss for weight watchers and savings for shoppers. doug: the eyeopener's frank holland is back with those stories and a look at what's next. frank: stocks ending a strong prices and utility stocks offset encouraging economic news. the dow fell 57 points to close at 16,639. the nasdaq rose eight points. the s&p 500 lost more than three points. it appears even the midas touch of oprah can't stop the financial struggles of weight watchers. the company suffered through a decline in sales and subscribers for three years when oprah became its public face in october. she also made a $43 million investment and joined the board. but since oprah joined the company, quarterly revenues dropped by 21 percent. jc penney, trying to live up to its name. starting sunday the department
6:43 am
for just one cent. the struggling retailer closed about 40 stores last year and is hoping the deep discounts will draw customers into its stores. stop & shop workers could authorize a strike this weekend. the united food and commercial workers union says their contract with the supermarket chain expires saturday at midnight, and the two sides are still very far apart on some key issues. the unions are expected to vote with strikes possible as early as tomorrow if they are rejected. as the countdown to tax day continues, some concerning news from the i.r.s. the number of taxpayers who had their information stolen by computer hackers may exceed 700,000. that's more the double a previous estimate by the i.r.s. the sensitive information can be used for identity theft and to claim fraudulent tax returns. the breech was first discovered in may 2015. in the week ahead, the jobs report for february. analysts are predicting a surge
6:44 am
remain to remain around 4.9%, the same as last month. doug: frank, thank you very much. shayna: it feels a little chilly in here, okay. where is the heat, danielle. danielle: the heat is not coming today but tomorrow the heat is on the way. the 50's for sunday. we'll take it. it will be a very nice weekend overall. a lot of sunshine. just to let you know about the 50's. for december, january, february, so far this year in boston we've had 33 days at 50 or above. last year we only had nine. february was actually one of the coldest months on record. in worcester we had 26 this year and last year only three. so we are looking for more 50-degree days before we finish out the month of february. in fact, one comes tomorrow. the next one coming on monday and tuesday. we will be pretty close in the upper 40's. we should be running around 41 degrees this time of year. however, if you're stepping outside right now, you want to
6:45 am
we're in the teens in most locations. 20's boston and points south. 26 on nantucket. that's actually one of the warmer spots this morning. and those winds are anywhere from 5-10 miles per hour out of the west. that is creating a bit of a wind chill so it feels more like six degrees right now in worcester and like eight degrees in portsmouth. it is a chilly one to start. through the day we are going to warm things up especially as that wind shifts to the south and west by about lunchtime or so. it will pick up through the afternoon. you're going to feel that wind out there today. the other thing you're going to notice is we're going to stay pretty sunny through the afternoon. it's really this evening into the overnight that some clouds will work their way in. temperaturewise for high temperatures 41 boston. 40 taunton. upper 30's in worcester. for the afternoon. now tonight, we're drop back into the 20's and 30's but not as cold. as this morning. we'll see a mix of clouds and then tomorrow it will be a mix
6:46 am
54 degrees in boston and 55 lawrence. and even 51 in worcester. so it is a warming trend. this is going to stick around for the next couple of days. here is how it all sets up. we have high pressure down to the south. the winds around it clockwise. a southwest wind will be with us for tomorrow. also keeping us dry. we're watching this system up to the north for sunday night into first thing monday. notice a couple of showers will come up on the map especially northern new england, i think, for monday morning. some of them may work their way in through the interior basically north and west of boston through the afternoon is what i'm thinking. and then we're going to turn cool. not cold but cooler behind this system. not picking up much in terms of rainfall. maybe a tenth of an inch at most in some spots may not see anything at all. really a nuisance shower or two. behind it, we're 49 degrees and dry on tuesday. but our next system is coming in on wednesday. this one has more of a punch to it. in fact, it's going to bring in a period of heavy, steady rain through the afternoon.
6:47 am
out of the south and west. notice that track once again is favoring the west which means it's a warmer track staying all rain. however, this is still five days out so if this were to shift to the east, that could change the type of precipitation we see. behind it though those temperatures really start to fall and unfortunately winter is not yet over as we fall back into the 30's and even 32 degrees as we head towards frye fry. doug? doug: thank you. a popular car seat is recalled because of a potential hazard. evenflo is recalling 56,000 transitions three-in-one combination booster seats. they were made from december 2014 through january 2016. evenflo says curious children can loosen the internal harness, increasing the risk of injury in a crash. the company says the problem only affects the seats when they're used as forward-facing harnessed boosters. evenflo is notifying owners and will send a kit with a new seat
6:48 am
shayna: not much rivals the joy of a bollywood dance number. but it may also bring some energy and fun into your fitness routine. the eyeopener's erica tarantal with how you can learn some moves and get fit at the same time. erika: if you've ever seen a bollywood movie, you know a requirement is a scene like this-- well, minus one uncoordinated news reporter. i'm so bad. the shame. luckily this is a "no judgment" zone. >> i started off feeling really inhibited. i just started coming out having more fun with it, and with bolly-x that's the whole aspect of it. erika: yes, the whole point is that it's so much fun, you don't realize this is an exercise class. >> i love that dance has brought people who would never go to the gym into the gym. they don't even realize they're burning all these calories. erika: long-time bolly-xers report results. >> now i feel i can go through
6:49 am
the steps are very simple. it's high intensity. erika: offering classes in and around boston, slots that used to draw five people now draw up to 40. that's a legitimate dance party. >> towards the end everyone is singing and shouting the songs. it literally just clears your mind. it's amazing. erika: that class was at the dance complex in cambridge. classes are also offered in a host of other spots including somerville, boston, braintree, brookline and more. i'm erika tarantal, wcvb, newscenter 5. shayna: erika looked good. doug: she was more coordinated than she gives herself credit for. the countdown to hollywood's big night is underway. doug: from the "best picture" race to the diversity controversy.
6:50 am
what you need to know before the 88th annual academy awards. brandi: the red carpet is out and final preparations underway for hollywood's biggest night. the 88th annual academy awards. >> yes, i feel so lucky. brandi: this year eight films are nominated for best picture. "the revenant" leads the pack with 12 oscar nods including leonardo dicaprio with his fifth acting nomination. >> i'm just a fan of film. brandi: for best actress cate blanchette is competing against jennifer lawrence, brie larson, charlotte rampling, and saoirse ronana. many anticipating what hollywood's leading ladies will be wearing. >> it's a great way for me to express what is happening on the inside. brandi: inside the governor's ball, celebrity chef wolfgang puck is preparing dishes for 1600 guest including a new donut recipe. puck's is preparing more than 50 dishes for 1600 guest including a new recipe. >> a little bit of-- reporter: back stage final rehearsals are underway for chris rock. >> i think he'll do a great job. he's done it before. he'll say-- i imagine he will discuss the diversity controversy. brandi: for a second year in a
6:51 am
nominees are white. the spotlight shining bright on who will be and won't be walking the oscar red carpet. >> when it comes to oscar fashion, you can expect some wow moments from some of the presenters including kerry washington, lady gaga, and others. brandi hitt, abc news, hollywood. shayna: join us on wcvb on tomorrow night for the 88th academy awards. coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. i will be tuning in. watertown says "no" to the producers of "patriots day," but some are surprised by the town's about-face. and we are following breaking news overnight. a live look from lynne where two people are dead after their s.u.v. slams into a coffee shop on the lynnway. the new information on that
6:52 am
6:53 am
r my school reunion's
6:54 am
could be bad. could be a blast. r can't find a single thing to wear. r will they be looking at my hair? twon't be the same without you bro. when it's go, go to the site with the right room, rewards and savings up to 20% when you book direct. book now at breaking overnight. a deadly crash on the lynnway. a car hit a dunkin donuts and spun out into the street killing the driver and a passenger. state police say the area near blossom street in lynn is shutdown. right now investigators believe it was a single-car crash. they are still trying to figure out what triggered the wreck. doug: the big stories we're following right now. a judge sentences teen killer philip chism to life in prison but he will be eligible for parole in 40 years. that decision bringing outrage
6:55 am
ritzer. chism was convicted of raping and murdering ritzer at danvers high school in 2013. the maynard fire department is taking steps to fire a veteran firefighter charged with raping a child. prosecutors say james macgillivary raped that nine-year-old boy in 1991 and that macgillivary knew the boy. the judge held him on $15,000 cash bail and ordered him to wear a g.p.s. bracelet. macgillivary has been a firefighter since 1986. doug: this morning community activists pushing for a federal investigation into racial tension at boston latin will meet with boston mayor marty walsh. there have also been calls for the headmaster's resignation after students said she ignored their claims of a number of racist incidents at the prestigious school. shayna: watertown has rejected plans for a hollywood movie crew to re-create the shootout with the marathon bombing suspects in the neighborhood where it happened. a statement from the town says
6:56 am
community. doug: democrats are getting ready to head to the polls in south carolina. hillary clinton is expected to take the state. the latest polls have her ahead of rival bernie sanders by double digits. sanders will head to texas and minnesota today. new jersey governor chris christie is endorsing former rival donald trump. he is already joining the g.o.p. candidate at campaign stop and is launching attacks against florida senator marco rubio. all right. one last check of the weather before we begin your weekend. danielle: yes. if you're headed out right now there's a lot of sunshine but it's still cold sunshine to make sure you bundle up if you're stepping outside the door. in the teens and 20's. only up into the upper 30's, low 40's today. however, tomorrow southwest winds 52 degrees, mixed with sun and clouds, a couple of showers on monday. not really going to do much. mid 50's for highs. we're dry on tuesday. still in the upper 40's. our next real big system is going to bring widespread rain and wind that's coming on wednesday. notice i say rain though because it's a westerly track.
6:57 am
farther to the east there could be wintertime precipitation. shayna: you didn't say snow. she didn't say it. danielle: i kept my mouth closed on that. doug: it is also march. it's not there but it's there. all right. danielle. weren't you in barbados? i don't know if you should be
6:58 am
you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers.
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike t they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] v all come to look for america v all come to look for america
7:00 am
and i approve this message. good morning, america. playing the trump card. the presidential candidates bombshell endorsement, a former foe signing on. >> there is no better fighter than donald trump. >> now double-teaming marco rubio. >> he was putting on makeup with a trowel. >> rubio taking his own swipes. >> he was having a meltdown. >> the latest twists and turns and predictions for today's democratic primary in south carolina as we head into a crucial super tuesday. zika alert. the cdc's startling report. the american pregnant women who visited countries with zika outbreaks. plus, the new travel advice from health officials.


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