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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  July 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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with breaking details. reporter: good afternoon. within the last hour here, mayor marty walsh announced it's the director of the curley community center in south boston who has now been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of this investigation. the mayor said he's also launching a protocol review of all 36 community centers throughout boston. this all comes after yesterday afternoon, 7-year-old kyzr willis went missing at the curley community center. about four hours later they pulled the boy's body from waters. he apparently had drowned. investigators are trying to figure out how the boy slipped away from the people who were supposed to be watching him. the mayor says the oversight at that center should have been appropriate yesterday, with about 56 kids who signed up for the program yesterday and 28
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>> we try -- these kids that come to our center, their families have no other options. they don't have the ability to pay for summer car or send them for tutoring. this is one of the things -- this is a last resort for a lot of families and these drop-in centers aren't just during the summertime. they are all year long. >> a bit of the challenge for the city making the staffing announcements for these centers because these daycare programs, staffing, the number of kids can go up d dramatically each day. the mayor went to the family's home to meet with relatives. this devastated. the city is offering counselors to get them through this difficult time. >> donald trump is wasting no time on the campaign trail. today he put the dnc email hack back in the spotlight calling on
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hillary clinton. listen. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30 you this thousand emails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. let's see if that happens. >> a lot of people stunned by those comments made by donald trump. our coverage of that will continue tonight but first, let's go live to philadelphia where president obama will take the podium tonight along with vice president the massachusetts delegates got a surprise visitor, we understand, this morning. ed: a surprise visitor, a well-known face, familiar face. rather than me tell you who it is, just take a look at the surprise visitor. reporter: familiar?
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englander. >> the refrain familiar? >> as fast as sanders came in -- he went out. >> folks in new hampshire, let me begin by thanking you very much. >> on to the new hampshire delegation. >> you're fighting the people you don't want to fight and so once feigned a way to mend the fences. >> my people say -- >> the whole world is watching, protestors for this won't give up the cause. >> he ran hard. he built a movement. he didn't get quite must have to get the nomination but he wants to make sure we make the right choice. >> but, of course, he's going through new england and through the country to say thank you. we're back here live at the
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tim kaine's name has been placed in nomination and seconded. he's there and he'll be speaking. let's take a look at the three speaking. tim kaine is one. you'll hear from the vice presidential nominee and current vice president joe biden and president obama, which brings us back to where we started. it will be curious to see how fanned the president chooses this forum. the democratic national convention, the convention for hillary clinton, to address what donald trump said today. very curious. a lot i'm ed harding. >> we know you'll be covering all of that for us. you heard donald trump a few minutes ago urging russia to find the emails and turn them over to the press. how is trump again capturing the spotlight as democrats get ready to crown their nominee. reporter: donald trump
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trump encouraged russia to turn over reporter: donald trump those em. clinton said she deleted bass she claimed they were personal and not related to state department business. >> by the way, they hacked. they probably have her 33,000 emails, i hope they do. they probably have her 33,000 emails that she lost. and deleted. because would you see some beauties there. so let's see. >> the clinton campaign immediately responded, this has to be the first time that major presidential candidate has actively encouraged a foreign power to conduct espionage against his political opponent. this has gone from being a matter of curiosity and politics to being a national security issue. later, trump refused to back down from his invitation to russia but his running make might pence said if russia interfered in our election, there could be serious consequences. >> thank you.
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you see it there on routes 28. few details have been released but we do know first responders including tactical gear have closed off a section of the road. due to the ongoing situation people should avoid route 28 from the deer crossing plaza, south cape village area. >> another hot day. many communities across the state have 90 degrees once again but boston did not. harv: logan airport did and in the last two hours of possible heating. >> that's it, the end of the rain. harv: that's it for the official heat wave for logan where the records are kept. check it out. we did have six days, pretty impressive, not a day seven for boston. the sea breeze is the reason, topped off at 87 at logan. many 90s showing up all around the horn but not as logan and there is the reason. see the wind coming in off the water. worcester, westerly wind,
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hotter there. 93 in fitchburg. 93 in norwood. 90 in pawtucket, rhode island. also 80s. now down to 80 for the cape. it's been a great beach day. we know that. some of us don't know that because we didn't have a chance to get to the beach. 92 is the high expected tomorrow. we have more heat coming. it's not the end of the heat. we have two shots of that, one would be some rain that could come from a front tomorrow night and then could work up here by friday. many more details about that coming up in a few minutes. >> all remaining charges against three baltimore officers in the freddie gray case have been dropped. the decision means no one will be held criminally responsible for the death of gray. the 25-year-old man's neck was broken while unrestrained in the back of a police van. a judge has already acquitted three other officers and a mistrial was declared for a fourth when the jury deadlocked. >> we're learning more tonight about a fatal crash involving a
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todd is live tonight for us. todd what do we know? todd: the driver going the wrong way was a woman from middleboro. she caused a crash that took the life of a man from taunton. reporter: this is the aftermath of the wrong way head-on collision. both vehicles are at a tow yard, their front in mashed in from a crash in the middle of the night on 49 to the scene shortly after 2:00 a.m. >> on arrival they found two cars with significant damage to them. they also found they had two occupants. one in each car, both of which were deceased. >> state police say a 24-year-old woman from middleboro was driving this nissansen trap. she was going north on 495 south, causing a collision with this chevy, driven by a 27-year-old man from taunton. he was driving in the middle lane of the highway. the investigation into the cause
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scene and is continuing. to determine why the female driver was going the wrong way. >> why these accidents occur, we're curious why, but we've had a lot. this year in particular we've responded to a lot of significant accidents. >> state police will be releasing the names of the deceased once all family members have been notified. reporting live in foxborough. newscenter 5. >> for the first time, coach bill belichick poke publicly. >> right out of the chute in his opening remarks, subliminal translation, it is what it is. as much as any coach at any level deals with certainty over hypothetical every time. here's bill belichick, a little earlier on this season.
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chute his remarks about garoppolo and tom brady. >> we have finally some definition. so our priority now then is to get jimmy ready for the start of the season, for the arizona game. so that will be obviously a comprehensive process. tom will return as the starting quarterback when he returns. >> so there is no uncertainty there. back at of emergency is issued in california for los angeles county. >> firefighters desperately work to contain a wildfire. the weather holding them back and the one sign of progress. >> plus, the scientific breakthrough in als research thanked to money raised in that pretty chile ice bucket challenge. >> we'll introduce you to the prosthetic leg being comfort to humans. >> first alert traffic. bunker hill bridge, slow go both
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let's take a look at the map. let's check 93 on the southbound south. it's a pretty slow go there in both direction, it looks like. 32 minutes. on the northbound side, upper deck to route 128. 28 minutes. a lot of incidents around the city. 93 to nutn to corner, 16 minutes. 128 jammed southbound there near the pike. not bad here. tapping the brakes on and off 25 minutes. 495 slow. pike, northbound, though, not too bad up to ? why do banks treat you and your money like this?
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>> german investigators say there is no evidence that a suitcase that blew up today near a refugee center was a bomb. it may have been an aerosol can inside. no one was hurt and the burning suitcase was quickly extinguished. this happened where isis has claimed responsibility for two terror attacks in the past 10 days. new information about one of two islamic terrorists who attacked five french police were trying to go to syria and join isis. he was wearing an electronic bracelet that was switched off. they were shot and killed by police but not before they killed an elderly priest and took several nuns hostage. >> wildfires out west burning tens of thus of acres. firefighters have contained 40% of the flames. doug tells us they are also
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as plumes of smoke billow into the california skies. for days the sight on endless orange and yellow flames. today, a sign of progress. >> it looks like we're just starting to turn the corner. we had large burnout operation in the north aspect of the fire. >> 3,000 local forest fires working to contain the flamest at least 18 homes charred and those allowed to return home thankful to return to. >> the fire department or anybody that needed to come through to save this house, could do what they needed to do. >> the wildfire burning more than 7,000 acres so far. in northern california eight hikers lost for six days, assisted by firefighters to safety. >> they found the hikers. >> growing health concerns for air quality across california. >> as a haze of smoke hovers
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over potential respiratory diseases. >> the larger implications of climate change and record heat waves will lead to more and more wildfires which will really have a longer term impact on people's health. >> newscenter 5. >> the heat all across the country not letting up. temperatures in parts of the country expected to hit triple digits in the next couple of days. officially for us, though, it's over. >> it's over, but it's not over. needham. many areas hit 90 and tomorrow it looks like most of the area will again. >> it looks like friday will be the day of significant change in more ways than none across the region. let's share that with you. first, with bill, not done, i think tomorrow will add another one to it in terms of the number of days in july boston will have reached 90 degrees or higher. won't break the record.
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in july 1994. >> it's refresh relatively speaking at the beaches and along the shoreline thanks to the sea breeze. 82 degrees and there it is, off the water at 18 miles per hour. it's still 94 in hartford. a lot of spots are still above 90. notice the wind is from the west-southwest. when you get boston it's from the east-southeast. from the south down on the cape. all along the shoreline temperatures were held in check somewhat, afternoon hours as the sea breeze took over. later on tonight, we'll lose the sea breeze, go back to a southwest wind. similar to last night, maybe just a whisk more humid than last night. tomorrow with a southwest wind, boston should bounce back over 90 again the cape with a southwest wind will likely be in the 80s tomorrow. it whisk more humid than looks beach day tomorrow. but there are a couple of changes coming. first, you see some scattered
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the canadian border north. there is a front that will come in closer, but not that close. a chance for a pop-up shower or thunderstorm greater in areas well north and west of the boston later tomorrow than in boston or points south but there is moisture to the south down here, and some of that will make a run at us on friday. how far north will it get? it's still a little bit tough to say. it's been a pattern that's been tough to get significant rain around here as you well know. in the meantime you have plenty of sunshine f evening, a few showers and thunderstorms could pop up especially north and west. then that southern moisture makes a run during friday into friday night. different models showing different things. some showing heavy rain near the south coast and the cape but taking some good rains into boston as well, before it exits overnight friday night to set us up with some sunshine on saturday. here's another look at what could happen showing quite a slug of rain that moves in,
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by early saturday. so how much rain can we get? different models showing different things. there is just one computer model showing over an inch in boston and like two to three inches in parts of worcester county into eastern connecticut and northwest rhode island. sometimes it's feast or famine and believe it or not, if that heavier slug gets in here we may actually have localized street flooding developing friday afternoon and friday evening. check out the next seven days. after that threat, we're back in business saturday nice summer weather but the 90-degree readings, that seems like that will not be in the cards through the early part of next week and there could be another system later in the weekend and maybe, let's say, late sunday into early monday, that could give us some more meaningful rain possibly. we finally have our eyes focused on possibly getting some significant rain here. we'll stay on top of that for you. >> good weather to dump a bucket of ice on your head, i think. >> i've already done that.
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so that's paid off. the research done right here in boston with all of that money has led to a potential breakthrough. >> new 59:30, a little boy giving back. the special thank you he delivered at shriner's hospital. >> a dramatic takedown. police capture an armed robbery suspect and it's all caught on
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>> your health, every some the options for protecting your skin gets better. new research raises the question of whether a regular skin check by your doctor is really necessary. >> if summer and many of us are showing a lot more skin at the beach, which is why we often hear the recommendation to see a dermatologist for a skin check for cancer. but a controversial new report
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services task force suggests routine skin checks for cancer may not be helpful. the concern for most people, these exams may lead to unnecessary biopsies, and even unnecessary treatment. but this warning is for people without any history of skin cancer, and for those who don't have unusual skin lesions or symptoms. what about moles that have recently changed in color, size, orpp out may be more important and that skin checks can be life saving when it comes to melanoma and aggressive and lethal skin cancer. so rest assured that most moles are not cancerous but if you have a specific concern, it's always good to get it checked out. i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> major scientific breakthrough in the fight against als and all of those buckets of water that we all dunked in the ice bucket
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researchers in part funded by the challenge have discovered a gene they say contributes to the debilitating disease. the als association reports the discovery allows them to look at how the genes of als patients are altered and that will likely help scientists develop new treatment. all this research, by the way, happening right here in boston. >> sometimes the general public doesn't always see it, but i can promise you, as there is some amazing work going on which wouldn't have been possible without the ice bucket money. >> the challenge inspired by beverly's own pete -- raised more than $100 million to the als association. yes, exactly. tweet add short time ago calling this discovery outstanding work and adding, we ain't done yet.
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>> who was the -- >> next on newscenter 5 -- at:30, breaking news. over mashpee. >> that's where first responders including some in tactical gear have gathered and closed off a section of that road. so you should avoid route 28 from the dear crossing plaza. more in the next half-hour. st >> thursday modern on the eyeopener, protecting your heart in the summer heat. >> the mistakes that can put you or a loved one in danger. >> and still hot and more humid, and i am tracking the chance for needed rain on thursday,
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>> this is an editorial by the president and general manager bill fine. >> -- for dinner, a cold beer is a popular way to socialize and that works. just like the jingle from the tv show "cheers," sometimes you want to go where everyone knows your name. highlighting daughter of battle between city hall and boston air legislators, beacon hill is scheduled to consider a municipal reform bill that would provide all cities and towns in massachusetts with a daughter o exception of boston. the opportunity to take control of their liquor licensing p. the governor and legislator truly want to reform the state's liquor laws, many dating back to well before prohibition, why exclude boston? the governor's liquor staff by explanation points out that the city was already granted licenses last year. it is, of course, a short term perspective the question is not over how
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award, but who has the right to determine the amount and approval of liquor licenses and ultimately oversight or licensees. if mayor walsh and the city counselor have their way additional permits would be granted to boston's diverse neighborhood rather than focusing on downtown. walsh is looking for a long term fix. if successful creation of these new wealth building opportunities for the fortunate neighborhood owners and jobs for local residents go hands in hand with the city's development of boston's main street district. it autonomy that other major american cities have and share the wealth with all of boston's neighborhoods. the responsibility for a successful plan will then fall on the mayor's shoulders. an obligation he and the city council are more than ready to
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5:30. >> the director of the curley community center has been placed on leave polling the death of kyzr willis. the mayor meeting with the boy's family today. the child was found in the water after taking part in a city program. >> sky 5 live over break news in mashpee. police surrounding a strip mall on route 28. few details have been released but first responders including some in tactical gear have closed off a section of the road. mashpee is asking people to av line. >> republican donald trump making headlines. the democrats rally. he's calling on russia to help find hillary clinton's missing emails. on another front massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is calling him a racist for calling her pocahontas. >> 90 degrees right now in needham. another hot day. >> i think we should make this count for the heat wave. >> boston, sea breeze, just shy? harv: it's shy.


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