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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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more trump's reaction to a grieving father. >> good morning this is news center 5 eye opener. emily: it is a birthday cake unlike any other. the fast food feast packing some serious calories. it's ahead.
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emily: good morning. randy: good morning on this monday morning. emily: dreary day. cindy: it's august. cloudy start. the clouds will be pushed up today. there might be one or two bright spots, but overall it is a mostly cloudy day ahead. 69 in town. worcester 64. mid 60s in the cape. we have steady rain for a time overnight. most of that's off we're looking at a couple lingering showers. hyannis slowly drifting toward nantucket. you see the thunder and lightning off shore continuing to move away. we've got high pressure to the north. in between that wind, it's gonna keep those clouds locked in tight throughout the day. you can see maybe late in the day couple breaks here and there. temperature comes up to about 70 by about 8:00.
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this afternoon. we've got the clouds this morning. by lunchtime there might be one or two spot showers around. even as we get into the afternoon there could be some brief passing spot showers. nothing heavy expected but good idea to have that umbrella with you today. any water welcome at this point. let's see how we're doing on the roads. olessa: live look outside for you to start things off. here's the bridge heading to the bottom of the screen. you can see a few more cars rest of your ride so far not too bad. 24 stop and go out of brockton. ride on the express way almost 20 braintree into boston. 93 south some delays building as you past 495 down into wilmington and trains running on schedule. randy: overnight, some major developments in boston. emily: including big changes for
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services. juli mcdonald is live with details. >> reporter: emily and randy, there are a slew of last minute deals headed to the governor's desk. one of the biggest ones new regulations for the ride share industry. now, both uber and lyft praised the plan signaling that this is largely good news for the businesses. it requires driver background checks. allows drivers to pick up passengers at the convention center and logan aior companies with the proceeds split between the cities states and towns and fund for taxi businesses. the plan does not include fingerprinting for ride share drivers. that's something a lot of safety advocates have been pushing for. live outside the state house in boston, juli mcdonald. emily: thanks. a renewable energy bill is headed to the governor's desk. it requires a dramatic increase
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lawmakers also reduked governor baker's for a long term treatment of lyme disease. they did not push through a plan that would have extended the state's hotel tax to companies like air bnb. today the governor is expected to sign a bill that ensures equal pay for men and women in massachusetts. a signing ceremony is planned at the state house. the law will ban discrimination on the basis of employers from asking about salary history. that legislation will take place in july 2018. randy: managers will be meeting today discussing several measures including train safety. they're expected to take up a contract that would deploy new technology that would automatically stop trains using sensors. and the expansion around south station. for years the state has been exploring the state of new rail lines to accommodate demand.
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number of open positions. about 18% of the t's highest positions are vacant including in the maintenance and engineering departments. boston police will be holding a public hearing this week on using body cameras by police officers. the department is working to start a pilot program. 100 officers will wear these cameras for six months. that's a deal that was reached by the police union earlier this month. there will be a public h community center. emily: commitment 2016. an outpouring support for the family of a muslim soldier as the campaign controversy grows. complete strangers placing flowers at the grave at arlington national cemetery. last night gop vice president nominee mike pence released a statement saying he and donald trump believe captain kahn is an american hero. the drama though isn't letting
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his reaction to this moment from the democratic national convention. >> you have sacrificed nothing! and no one -- >> reporter: a heart broken father calling out the republican nominee while giving a raw and emotional tribute to his son who died fighting in iraq. trump responding in an exclusive interview with abc's george >> i think i have made a lot of sacrifice. >> reporter: but trump had more to say. >> if you look at his wife, she had nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> reporter: he said grief kept her from speaking but not any more. hillary clinton blasting trump for his comments while out campaigning this weekend. >> an attack as he did on
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i don't know where the bounds are. >> reporter: the kahns called on other leaders to disavow trump. mitch mcconnell and paul ryan released statements criticizing trump's proposed muslim ban but not addressing the controversy directly. randy: we're learning about more about what led to a teen that drown in the charles river. his mother sharing her grief for the first time. 18-year-old tyler green graduated from a georgia high ol program in the area. it was just before 9 p.m. on friday night when he joined friends in cambridge to jump off the weeks bridge. his mother said the ritual is at school but her son was not an experienced swimmer. his body was pulled from the water within minutes. his mother said even though he's gone, he's still sharing his spirit. >> he was a kind hearted person. he was a caring person.
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an organ donor, he's still giving. randy: flowers and candles line the bridge in a growing memorial. a boston police officer and another driver are recovering after this crash. this happened yesterday morning on harrison avenue and north hampton street. the user was forced into a building. th to the right of way. emily: new details about a murder/suicide involving a former rhode island police officer. investigators say franklin osgood killed his wife sometime between friday night and saturday afternoon. police say the former providence officer called his adult children saturday night to tell them he had done something bad to their mother. >> he expressed sorrow and sympathy for what he had done.
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to harm himself. >> very, very disturbing, sad story. yearning our prayers go out to the family. emily: he was spotted by police last night in new jersey. he crashed during a chase and then shot and killed himself when officers approached. his wife's body was in the trunk of the car. right now police are hoping you can help identify this man. he's wanted for questioning in connection with an assault with a dangerous weapon. the incident happened last tuesday nightn station. anyone with information is asked to contact transit police. randy: breaking overnight, at least one police officer is dead, several others wounded after a bombing at a hotel in afghanistan. the north gate hotel in kabul houses international contractors. the taliban is taking responsibility for the suicide attack. widespread power outages have been reported throughout that
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do get forgiven. emily: why so many drivers are getting let off the hook? and new information on a tragic hot air balloon crash in texas. the factor that might have started a deadly chain of events. randy: new this morning, know what you're buying at the farmer's market. key terms to eliminate health risk. emily: a late session at the state house. the bill mandates background logan and the convention center. cindy: the timeline on the rain and when temperatures will reach 9d 0 degrees again. first a closer look at radar. you can see most of us dry. couple showers working from the mid to outer cape.
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we're here at the seaport hotel, christmas in july raising money for christmas in the city! good morning! randy: merry christmas! good morning! it's never too early to start thinking about christmas. those are, of course, some very busy elves there. christmas in the city serves
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boston every year. they make sure that kids have toys and clothes for the holidays. emily: great work. keep it up. record it on your phone and upload it to your local news on your wcvb app. cindy: i know i complain, but christmas? it's hard to wrap your brain around it in the summertime. what a great cause. summer goes it's august. i can't believe it. how did that even happen? we've got some time. you see a lot of clouds over the city on this first morning in august. little break in the overcast allowing for a little bit of sunshine. overall it is going to be a mostly cloudy day. since midnight we had a good
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more in nantucket. didn't see anything in boston. for the month of july, under an inch of rainfall. typically we have closer to 3.5. so way under for the month. you can see for the year we're nearing that 7 inch mark. this drought has been going on for awhile. july 9th, driest we've had on record. you can look at the month of june and july. top five driest may, june, july, top ten driest. as you know we desperately need some rain. not picking up on a whole lot. most of us are dry. i would have an umbrella with you. we're in the 60s. 69 boston. mid 60s on the cape. i want you to notice the wind direction. that's a wind off the water. hold the cloud cover in place and prevents temperatures from climbing too much. low 70s in most areas. 72 boston. maybe lower 70s through worcester county. 76. showers from harwitch to
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out as low pressure tracks to our east. to the north though, we've got this bubble of high pressure. as this builds down later tomorrow and wednesday, it's gonna clear us out. today it will keep us locked in. you can see it on future cast. early afternoon clouds, got this bubble of high yes. one or two spot showers around. not expecting anything real heavy. can't rule out a spot shower. we'll wake up to that again. temperatures down in the upper 50s and little more comfortable for sleeping. we are going to start the day off tomorrow with a lot of clouds. look at what happens as we get deep into the afternoon. the clouds break up and we'll see some sunshine returning. mid 70s tomorrow. sunshine, lower humidity. looks really nice wednesday. by the end of the week, wow, there it is.
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again. that's where we stay for saturday. >> up and down. starting out cool this month but the heat comes back. thank you, cindy. let's get to the map and check out the rest of your ride. watching one crash early this morning on 128. expect some delays at the construction zone typically during the overnight hours. 24, delays out of brockton. normal volume up to braintree into boston. still only 15, 495 t8 delays out of andover. as you travel down to spot pond once again approaching the connecter. trains are running on schedule. randy: investigators now say that weather may have played a role in that deadly hot air balloon crash in texas. all 16 people on board were killed when the balloon crashed on saturday. investigators say it went down after it hit live power lines. aerial photos show an area of scorched land underneath.
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safety board is now going to be figuring out what happened there, why it happened, if fog was a factor. they are now looking at electronic devices recovered at the scene for any clues. >> there were images from people on the balloon that might reveal that. we're in the process of analyzing that. randy: police say the victims will need to be identified through dental records which could take weeks even months. police in the bay state got drivers 3.2 million tickets between 2012 and 2015. of those 40% were later thrown out. many driving activists say it comes down to low staffing in courthouses. they believe courts try to move through traffic violation cases quickly. your economy headlines. local retailers are warning summer sales could take a serious dip as lawmakers nix a
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see as much as 15% of their annual sales during that weekend. a spokesman warns some stores could close because of that loss. lawmakers argued the reduced revenue would hurt schools and public safety. checking the markets. asian stocks mostly higher overtphaoeu thanks to better than expected manufacturing data in china. right now u.s. stock futures are higher and this week investors will be watching for the july jobs report due randy: summertime is primetime for farmers markets, but what you ask can be as important as what you buy. you want to know what they mean if they say organic and pesticide-free. but what safety precautions are being taken on the farm and when they transport the goods, and whether milk and cheese products are pasteurized because unpasteurized items can pose a
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waiting to see who was the winner of the power ball jack pot. emily: the $487 million ticket purchased in new hampshire, the aeug largest lottery jack pot ever. the odds of hitting it 1 in 292 million. the question remains who is the lucky winner? locals are guessing it's an outsider but hope not. >> hopefully they use donate to some charity. i'm sure they will. the people around here are awesome. emily: 35% of lottery proceeds do go to education in that state. so wait and see. randy: a pitcher stuns the outfield and a fast food frenzy. emily: it's are awesome.ahead in eye poppers. new at 6:30, a wild car wreck in florida. how fleet strangers helped this
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little boy's death calling for changes at summer camps. emily: a baby born sooner than expected. the emergency bringing a little
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emily: just about 6:24 on your monday morning. we're getting off to a damp start. we had some showers coming through, delivering some welcoming rain. temperatures only sneaking up into the lower 70s. spot shower or two, so have an umbrella with you. it's not the greatest beach day, but if you are heading there, high tide comin 11:00. we'll hang on to the clouds maybe a spot shower early tomorrow, but then it brightens up in the afternoon. mid 70s, sunshine, low humidity. pick of the week back into the 80s. emily? emily: thank you. come from behind win for the sox in anaheim. one strike away from getting struck out mookie betts gets one. sox score five runs in the
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but in the end the game ends with this double play right here. 5-3 the final for the sox. they head to seattle tonight to take on the mariners. randy: 6:25. let's get into some eye poppers. we're gonna keep the baseball theme going. emily: sure. why not? turns out travis wood is a jack of all trades. he ended up playing left field against the mariners last night and made the play of the day. runs into pretty awesome. he can do it all. look at this. this is what i call a birthday cake. this fast food creation from top to bottom is dominos pizza, mcdonald's chicken nuggets, french fries, another pizza, burgers, some more pizza, some kfc. either cause or celebration or a trip to the hospital, but i think it looks delicious.
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producer promise that that will be my birthday cake. randy: we'll order it for you. emily: big papi getting involved in public schools. how he is getting kids fired up for class. and pope francis stands up for muslims. the language he said he will never use. take a live look outside this morning. what a beautiful picture. we do have clouds though as you can see. maybe take the
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>> breaking overnight, state lawmakers take action on a ride share crackdown. emily: what companies like uber will have to do to protect passengers. new training as a tragedy hits a boston day camp. the new rules he's a star on the field. now big papi about to take on his new role in the classroom, on the eye. randy: 6:30 monday morning. right near our studio. this is near here. you see there's a mishap in the road way causing a bunching up
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us. emily: i'm emily along with cindy and olessa. we're watching showers. cindy: yesterday we had showers around. most of the day was drying out. lot of clouds. we're gonna do that again today. pretty much what you see is what you get. cloudy skies over boston. might be one or two breaks. clouds certainly gonna dominate. we're 64 worcester, 69 boston, mid 60s in the cape. we did have a good soaking rain on cape cod. last of the showers, you can see them. that's all that's left here exiting near chatham. thunderstorms in the waters to our south. all of that though associated with a storm exiting high pressure trying to nose down from the north. what it's really doing is giving us a north/northeasterly wind. it's going to keep the clouds
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with some lower 70s this afternoon. that's it. so cool to start the month. below average temperatures today. it's a good idea to have an umbrella with you. most areas are dry. one or two showers around. there will be a few more this afternoon. brief and passing though. i'm not expecting any real heavy rain. have that umbrella with you. let's update you on that situation happening on 128. olessa? olessa: we're looking at 128 nortou side just before highland ave under the overpass. you can see there at least two lanes are shut down. really slowing things down. backup 109 and only getting heavier so plan accordingly. let's get to the maps. this accident is northbound right over by highland av on 128. you can see those heavy delays approaching. we're all watching a crash on i 95 north on route 1. expect delays there.
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24 heavy out of brock ton and delays on the express way up to 25 braintree into boston. pike still looks okay. 495 to 128. and 93 south got those delays in place in wilmington stop and go. emily? emily: thanks. we are following breaking news overnight. changes for companies like uber and lyft on their way to the governor's desk. lawmakers approved a bill to allow drivers to pick up passengers at logan airport and the randy: lawmakers restored mandatory coverage for certain treatments for lyme disease. the governor had vetoed the plan earlier saying there wasn't enough evidence that treatments are effective. emily: boston police are getting ready to roll out body cameras. they are working to start a pilot program. a meeting will be held thursday night at the milled red community center. randy: new rules are set to take effect in all of boston's city
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emily: the eye opener is outside the community center where all of this started. sara. >> reporter: emily and randy, the tragedy last week prompted these new rules. today camp officials and staff members will be going over the new protocols which take effect tomorrow. now, they come after the drowning of 7-year-old kaiser willis who wandered unnoticed from his day camp. the new rules include an elderly head child ratios. the mayor said the city is doing everything it can to prevent another tragedy. >> we're gonna continue to work to ensure our kids are safe. this is a horrible tragedy that happened last week. it is affecting a lot of us in different ways. my heart goes out to the family. i can't imagine the pain they're going through. >> reporter: the family of the young boy said they are unhappy with the investigation and they
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planned for wednesday and thursday. live in south boston, wcvb news center 5. randy: worcester police are investigating a stabbing. they say the 33-year-old victim is not cooperating. police say more than 15 people attacked a man saturday night stabbing him repeatedly as the victim has been unable to describe any of the attackers and has refused to give any additional information to the detectives. he is right now police are looking for this man. this guy is accused of stealing from homes in what was supposed to be homes that he's cleaning. aaron mole is accused of stealing several items from clients' homes earlier this year. he's facing larceny and criminal harassment charges. police say mole all goes by the name of sarin simone and has ties to other states. emily: this week we'll get an update on how states will
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massachusetts. for the first time voters will be able to cast their ballots 11 days before business day. that change is part of a reform law passed in 2014. the early voting period this year will run from october 24th-november 4th. randy: it's 6:35. quite the dramatic start to a new hampshire girl's life. emily: the impact sending her into the world early, and a frightening rollover in florida. how strangers helped keep this crash from turning deadly. randy: francis choosing his words very carefully. the discussion on islam he wants
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olessa: 128 northbound right near highland av. we've got delays back to 109 heading northbound so budget in that extra travel time. we'll keep you posted. cindy, lit damp out there today. cindy: we had some rain out there. 69 in boston right now with the cloud cover that easterly wind. it will be tough to see temperatures come up much more. low 70s is the best we'll do in most areas.
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heading out. we'll brighten things up tomorrow afternoon. look at the heat coming back. 90 by friday. emily? emily: an emergency baby delivery after a crash in dunbarton new hampshire. she was 37 weeks pregnant when she was involved in a crash this weekend. she lost a lot of blood and her baby's heart rate began to drop. luckily, the emergency c-section was successful. mom is expected to recover from the crash and baby olivia is survives this car wreck in florida. surveillance video shows this car flipping almost a dozen times. witnesses got it right side up then pulled the man through a window. >> people came over with fire ebbing stingishers to put out the fire. we flipped the car back over, pulled the guy out so he didn't burn alive. >> i started pulling him out. another guy probably about my age helps me. we pull him out of the car. emily: the driver was taken by helicopter to the hospital where
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injuries including head trauma. no one el was hurt. police are reviewing the video to see how that crash happened. randy: miss teen usa will be keeping her crown despite a new controversy. the upsetting find on her twitter feed. and big papi has a big message for students. how he's helping them get to class. and tea for two. the bond making this tea party so meaningful for a little girl and her hero. again sky 5 live over that accident scene. we're lanes here being impacted on 128 at highland avenue. new england's eye opener
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randy: good morning. grayness on monday morning. keep the umbrella or rain moving through. cindy: i think it's going to take like a good dumping from a tropical system to help us out with this drought. watching an area near the dominican. 70% chance in the next couple of days that this develops. earl is the next name on the list. we'll keep you posted. a tropical system with a ton of moisture would help out with our drought situation. you can see we're behind by nearly 7 inches in boston and
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little bits of showers that we've gotten help but certainly not all that much. i go down in the book eighth driest on record that june/july, top five driest on record since may/june/july. you can see the cloud cover over boston. it is 69. got a wind off the water that northeasterly wind. going to be with us long. you can see the steady rain from overnight on the cape, picking up about a quarter of an inch in a lot of spots. we're gonna dry out as low pressure scoops east of our area and the water is to our south. pressure will give us nice weather through the mid week. in between that easterly wind will keep the clouds locked in tight. notice by lunch time one or two spot showers around.
6:45 am
frbgs there may be a few more organized showers trying to develop. nothing heavy or long lasting. that's the case up until tonight. even tomorrow morning we're hanging on to the clouds. as the day wears on, things brighten. we'll brighten things up tomorrow afternoon. mid 70s. back in the 80s for sunshine. low humidity. wednesday looking like the pick of the week. let's get you back out to that situation on 128. olessa: you can see the heavy backup. the crash is right underneath the overpass. so if you're heading toward high land ave expect the volume back up to 109. budget in a ton of extra travel time. let's get to the maps. there's that accident that you just saw northbound side of 128. slammed. that red shading back almost to 95. we're watching an accident there. all providence highway. there's a water mainbreak.
6:46 am
braintree into boston. 20 minute ride 495 to 128. another crash on route 3 south. you've got delays back to route 12. then heading 93 south from wilmington. trains and buses still doing okay. emily, randy? randy: several big decisions made in the overnight hours. a rare session on beacon hill including changes to ride share services. emily: juli mcdonald is live in boston with the impact. >> reporter: that's right, deals on several bills overnight which will head to the governor's desk to be signed. one of the most talked about bills included safety rules. under the law, drivers will under go a background check by the company and state. they will be able to pick up passengers at the convention center and logan airport. plus the companies must pay a 20 cent per ride fee which will
6:47 am
uber and lyft praised this deal for the way that it protects their innovative industry. i'm juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. renewable energy bill is headed to the governor's desk. it requires a dramatic increase in hydropower and wind power in the several years. they overrode the governor's veto for long term cove governor baker had ten days to act on the bill sent to his desk. senator kip donnelly is awaiting surgery at massachusetts general hospital after suffering what are being called difficulties. a spokes person posted to his facebook page saying the surgery will be performed within the next 48 hours. there were no other details about the emergency or what kind
6:48 am
rules at several boston camp programs after a tragedy here last week when a young boy drowned. 7-year-old kaiser willis slipped away unnoticed tuesday from one of the city's drop in summer camp programs. his death prompted the city to come up with stricter rules which include an hourly head count, require life sprefrbers and smaller child to staff ratios. the family which is preparing for funeral services wednesday and enough and they are looking for some consequences. live this morning in south boston, wcvb news center 5. randy: breaking overnight at least one police officer is dead, several wounded after a bombing at a hotel in afghanistan. the north gate hotel in kabul houses international contractors, the taliban the taking responsibility for what was a suicide attack. they took that responsibility in
6:49 am
been reported throughout the city. emily: a man accused of burning down his own home is due in court. he is facing arson charges. the fire seemed suspicious because it spread so quickly. one firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion. randy: boston police will hold a public hearing on body cameras for police officers. the department is working to start a pilot program now. 100 officers will be wearing the cameras for six months. it's a deal that was reached with the police union earlier this month. and there will be a public hearing thursday night on this. it will be at the mildred community center. emily: the state medical examiner in new hampshire is reporting a rise in the number of bodies left unclaimed in the morgue. according to the union leader, records show there are five bodies unclaimed during any given week. officials are seeing the same trend at funeral homes and hospitals.
6:50 am
overdose epidemic. lobster men in southern new england could face new restrictions to stop the drop in the lobster population. this week the atlantic state marine fishery commission will talk about ways to help preserve the species. one of the new rules could be a change in the minimize size of lobsters caught. that means more would have to be thrown back. lobster fishing across new england brought in more than half a billion dollars last year. randy: police are still searching for a suspect police say a man was shot near 39 hazing street in dorchester saturday night. he was pronounced dead at the scene. anyone with any information is asked to call boston police emily: 300 extra firefighters have been sent to battle a raging wild fire in california. they're joining about 5,000 others fighting this fire in monterrey county. it broke out more than a week ago. officials don't expect the fire to be fully contained until the
6:51 am
the fire. randy: a family is grieving the loss of their 5-year-old who died after being struck by lightning. the family was on a vacation when the little boy was hit. he was taken to the hospital where he died. police are not identifying the family. emily: a show of solidarity in france. muslims joining katd licks for mass after the murder of a catholic priest in normandy. many muslims sat in the front row among the church's parishioners for mass. muslims and catholics also shared pews in churches in italy yesterday. randy: pope francis is defending his refusal to use the word islam when denouncing extremists. francis said it is not right to identify islam with violence. he said that all people are capable of killing, even catholics. during his latest trip to poland he asked that god protect people from the devastating wave of terrorism in the world. emily: the newly crowned miss
6:52 am
tweets. officials have issued a statement saying she regrets what she posted in 2013 and 2014, but the organization is supporting her continued growth. she posted apologies and instagram and will get to keep her crown. randy: the number of injuries reported at trampoline parks is soaring. emergency room visits jumped 12 fold for the five-year injuries included broken legs, concussion. 90% of the injured children and adults were treated and released. the american academy of pediatrics said the injury rate at trampoline parks should be monitored. emily: olympic athletes have a tough time in rio. right now the olympic village is under investigation after the athletes were forced out during possible arson. the small fire started in an under ground parking lot forcing some of australia's teams to
6:53 am
giselle will be back on the runway next week despite announcing her retirement last year. tom brady's wife is making an exception for a very important cat walk. women's wear daily reports the brazilian native will help kick off the opening ceremony of the summer olympics in rio. randy: first time a major champion in men's golf. jimmy walker closing with 3 under 67 pga championship yesterday in new jersey. one stroke defending champ jason day. walker is the fourth first time winner in as many grand slams this year. emily: a come from behind win for the sox in anaheim. one strike away from getting shut out by the angels. mookie betts hit an rbi single. sox down with three men on when pedroia knocks this one out of the park. sox force five runs in the ninth. angels still get their turn, but the game ends here with with this double play.
6:54 am
randy: and red sox favorite is joining the age old battle to get kids out of bed and on to school. boston students will be able to wake up with david ortiz. big papi recording a call telling students to take control of their education and future. the superintendent hopes the calls will motivate students and fight texas police officer who saved the life of this little girl. the pair first bet a year ago when the little girl choked on a coin. he finally got her breathing. the little girl hired a photographer to capture the tea party. the officer said he has a new pwef friend and can't wait to watch her through all of life's milestones. randy: really cute. friends forever. emily: exactly. trouble out there, olessa?
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this is 128. you can see an accident right underneath the under pass. two lanes opened. they only had one getting by. hopefully the delays will start to ease out. this is near high land avenue. approaching this accident scene which is right here starts back at 95 so give yourself lots of extra travel time. 95 northbound watching an accident. we've got some delays with a water main break highway. northbound express way up to 30. the pike still looks okay. 20 minute ride 495 to 128. route 3 south bound this accident still working by drum hill road with delays back to 112 there. delays all the way down to the letter connecter. trains in boston doing okay. cindy, not the prettiest monday? cindy: no, but i just found a break of blue. it's almost fleeting now. it's a story of the day. lot of clouds.
6:56 am
we did see quarter of an inch in some spots overnight. those showers exiting off shore. with the clouds around, spot showers. 60s now. low 70s. east/northeasterly wind in off the water. low pressure scooting out. eventually this will come down and clear us out. doesn't happen until tomorrow afternoon. lot of clouds throughout the day. notice showers around the afternoon. we'll see some showers this evening as well. we're gonna brighten up our skies. clouds start to melt away once we get into that sunshine. temperatures nudge us into the mid 70s. back to around 80 wednesday. probably the pick of the week with low humidity. heat comes back at us. 90 degrees is back. we'll stay near 90 with some thunderstorms on saturday.
6:57 am
not too many of them up there today. emily: thank you. randy: remember, you can watch us any time on the go on the wcvb mobile app. emily: we're back with you at noon. se ? with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank.
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good morning, america. state of emergency. >> oh, my god. >> deadly flash floods pound the east. half a foot of rain in just two hours sweep as way cars. at least two people killed. 120 water rescues. people link hands to form a human chain saving this driver. now the east on alert for more dangerous flooding. newub trump. the gop nominee in an escalating war of words with a muslim family of a fallen u.s. soldier who told the nation trump does not know real sacrifice. >> how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country. >> i think i have made a lot of sacrifices. i work very, very hard. i've created thousands and thousands of jobs. >> the candidate facing outrage from both parties and what he told george about president putin that is unleashing a new


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