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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  August 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> next on newscenter 5 at 7:00. a driver leads police on a wild chase. and the dangerous discovery inside the car. new zika cases and the travel warning now issued for part of the u.s. danger ahead, what police want to know after gps leads a driver into a gunfight. scattered showers will not do much to calm down the drought. healthy snacks made in mass. the personal health scare that inspired the recipe. from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter five. >> we're following that breaking
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camera. >> police arrested a 21-year-old late. he fired the shot tear it up at of people in danger. right into the path of gunfire. about 12 shots and panic. >> this particular incident is troubling. this afternoon police arrested davon dirty and charged him in connection. no one was hurt but the quick arrest demonstrates the need for people to speak up.
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we have some of these people who are responsible. a 21-year-old under arrest tonight. right now police cornering someone. that wild chase ended here. the end to a wild chase. police say the suspect doused
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in way that hatchet. a wall of cops in her suit. >> something is going on. a rolling block of them. it started in rochester. when police arrived, he chased after him with a hatchet in hand. >> he coming off at that set of lights. it wasn't until i stopped in the road. i knew i wasn't going anywhere. >> i guess, it could have been a lot worse.
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right now in concord, a mandatory outdoor watering ban and other water restrictions are in place. after someone tampered with the door to one of the town's water tanks. inspectors found the access hatch. to one of the water storage tanks was compromised, so out of extreme caution, that system has been isolated. the town manager says it'll take a day or two to test the water, which means a 5 million gallon tank is out of play. >> sinister happened. that, coupled with the drought conditions, made these new restrictions necessary. restrictions include a ban on watering lawns and filling up swimming pools. concord is also asking it's residents to reduce time in the shower, and wash only full loads
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zika inside the united states. this is all because of several new cases in miami but the impact is being -- experts tell us the next several weeks will be key in determining if that will grow. from 4-14. now the cbc is advising pregnant women to avoid one square mile. we sat down with him and wanted to know should the pregnant traveler pull out that border?
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those with zika like systems are -- symptoms are six months. they can be more mosquitoes that are incubating. that is the sort of doomsday look at things. people whose partners have traveled after june 15 are asked to call their health care provider. >> a swampscott man charged with arson in a fire that burned down his own home will be back in court for a dangerousness hearing tomorrow. timothy brosnan is being held without bail after his first court appearance today. he is accused of laughing as he admitted to police and firefighters that he set the fire over the weekend, just before his estranged wife was
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he's back for a hearing tomorrow. commitment 2016 now, the republican national convention gave trump a bump in the polls but it may have been temporary. a new cbs news poll out today shows clinton now leads trump 46 to 39%. >> i am tired of folks trash talk the gop presidential candidate is facing another round about his candidates. a massachusetts goldstar brother is adding his voice to that fight. >> we are immigrants.
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carlos and his wife -- he was killed in action in iraq. they are down those were watching live as another goldstar parent blasted donald trump. >> i think i made a lot of sacrifices. signed a letter to trump demanding an apology. they say when you question a mother's pain kept her from addressing an arena.
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family member. >> the one thing that i think is not partisan is support of troops. the vfw is also condemning trumps comments. tracking down thieves tied to nearly a dozen crimes. prosecutors reveal the strategy used to grab piles of electronics and $120,000. a new weather pattern. that would be nice. i will see which way the drought looks like it will be heading. a local company turning out healthy snacks for people with allergies. the personal health scare that
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>> two suspects tied in court today. investigators say that david barker began their spring last october. parker and montero then
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locations. they say the allegations are based on circumstantial evidence. >> there is nothing concrete. suspects are being held tonight on half million dollars bail each. made in mass tonight healthy snacks that fl on a mission. as newscenter 5's doug meehan shows us it was their own allergy scare that inspired them to cook up something different. inside the old pear hot dog factory in dorchester is a collaboration of new food go getters. we're accidental entrepreneurs. nicole ledoux and her husband rob dalton founded this healthy snack food company called 88 acres 2 years ago. but you have to go back to their 4th date together to learn why they started producing these goodies that are free of most
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>> we ended up in the emergency room that night. i met his family there for the 1st time. turns out, rob is highly allergic to peanuts and tree nuts and his dinner had been contaminated. when i got him on the road to recovery, we just started tinkering in the kitchen trying to find him a healthy, convenient, on the go snack. not only did they come up with a healthy and safe treat for rob, but friends, both with and without food allergies we're starting to enjoy them as well. you could say they were cooking up a recipe for futu s it sort of snowballed into something amazing and we took a step back and said maybe we're on to something. this is the pre baked dough that's currently being formed. soon the apartment kitchen needed to be replaced with this industrial sized one. now they can bake more than 3,000 bars a day. this is not a mass automated type of bakery. this is very much a hand crafted artisanal product. whole foods and 300 other locations thought new england
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but rob and nicole have the bigger goal of making this made in mass bar a nationally known brand. >> we have some unbelievable ideas for new produces that millions of people will enjoy. so it's going to be an awesome adventure. her parents lived on. , you guessed it. 88 acres. >> we guessed it. i am curious to know so take a look at our rain impact.
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no rain of really any consequence. the humidity in the air is still a little bit. we had some sunshine earlier today. we are watching several showers, very light and a long portions of the pike as well but aside from that we are dealing with more appreciable showers. it is just not raining where we need the rain. showers and thunder showers are
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insight. the 6-10 day outlook, anything else below normal is the first 10 days. it felt like we will see any relief insight in the medium range as well. that is not good news. even if you 90's down through little rock. it is starting to lift northward. and that is why it stayed in the 70's. it is slowly limping out to sea. and as that storm is out, that means skies. high pressure should result.
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it looks rather dry through most of the night tonight. let us take you through it. your seven-day forecast looks a little like this. generally a half an inch across the board. on friday, that is our next shop for 90 degrees. that would put us up through 14 days so far. we watched that closely. temperatures will begin to slowly pale off. >> just a little over and hour ago kevin faulk became the
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seasons in the nfl for the patriots. he was a member of two championship teams. he came in sporting this under his jersey. they were in attendance on the side. without him, it would not be possible. without his trust in me, understand that i understood what he understood. that was my biggest gift to this
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>> they only allow one person season. he is very deserving. g.e. taking over more than two acres of boston's waterfront. we are now getting a look at what the massive project will look like when it's done, and
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>> right now, this massachusetts man is behind bars in new hampshire in connection to a murder in lynn. police in lynn had been searching for edwin fernando flores for the july 11 shooting death of phip arrested flores on fugitive charges during a traffic stop after seeing him get into a car. equal pay for men and women doing equal work, a guarantee. signed into law here in massachusetts. governor charlie baker putting his name on the new legislation today. in what backers say is a first-in-the-nation provision the new law also bars employers from asking prospective workers to provide a salary history it goes into effect in 2018. we're getting a look at what ge's boston headquarters might look like. the company submitted plans today to develop a 2 1/2 acre
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the plan calls for fixing up two existing buildings to go with a new, 12-story structure. a restaurant and coffee bar are also part of the plans. g.e. wants to start rehabbing the old buildings later this year. a 2-stage opening of the new headquarters is scheduled for 20-18. ice cream on a hot day. coming up. the biggest debt busting meal. calories.
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>> unity does that in our house,
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>> this is chronicle. this valley runs between this lane and the green mountains running up. the glider gives ted a bird's eye view. their assignment, show us the greenmount state at its greenest. check into the mallard room. all the enough, this room has its own soundtrack.


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