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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  August 3, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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4 new allegations of racism at a boston school. >> the new report and the plan to fix it. >> a disturbing discovery and a home. >> the scary call for a driver. tracking on it. >> runway emergency. the crash landing in the person killed on the ground. >> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 7:00. anchor: breaking news on the investigation into racial tensions at boston latin. ed: a new report finding racial
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boston with breaking information. reporter: now these allegations are out and in the public the school and city are forced to deal with them. the report confirms america's oldest public high school continues to deal with an age-old problem. >> it is shocking it took this long to get to this point. reporter: allegations of bias based incidents in which administrators and students violated school policy. >> this school claims to be the model of academic rigor. reporter: the report follows months of controversy. the headmaster stepped down.
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>> we have new leadership in the school. we have a system in place. >> they don't cite specific details of discrimination. they have found in equity of discipline among minority students. they see the school needs to open its doors to more students. >> if it is pushback as the school deals with these issues but added this report is a step in the live -- right direction. maria: breaking news out of upton. sky 5 over a home where dozens of cats have been removed from the property. possibly as many as a hundred. animal rescue teams are on the scene right now, some wearing
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reporter: judging by the expression on their faces it is miserable in their home. animal control officers are wearing protective suits. they are carrying axes. there could be 100 and the home. neighbors say two sisters d home in the past after complaints about the stench. >> at this point officers are removing those cats. they have not evaluated them to see if they are healthy. they just took a breather but
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anchor: take a close look at this picture. it's a close call. a driver slamming into a fence. the poll went through the windshield and miss the driver by inches. live with their story. >> the couple who lives here says when their grandchildren were -- it hears the windshield. this afternoon, a white toyota suv veers off, out of control, by the time it finally stops, the top rail of a chain link fence, a 12 foot metal pole, had gone through the windshield like like a spear. >> that far from her head. it went through the middle.
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were in the background pool. >> they screamed. the car just turned around. >> the female drivers suffered a medical emergency. the suv hit a parked car first. >> i heard this terrific bang. i couldn't believe it. it happened so fast. the car came in, the yard, the poll went down. >> we are very lucky nobody gets hurt. if someone is on the back of your car, the poll will go through.
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hardcastle's driver could not remember what happened until she woke up. the woman was taken to an area hospital, no condition has been given. anchor: shark scare today, the popular beach was closed for about an hour after lifeguards spotted a shark. it was a hammerhead shark. it appea tracking what has become hurricane earl. not too bad. it is a hurricane. 75 mile wind. anchor: i have to keep an eye on them. we have hurricane warnings out down through honduras. if you look at the computer
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later on tonight, it quickly falls apart. from that area to our area completely different weather, lots of clear skies. i will show you win 90's will return to the forecast. anchor: in man from norway under arrest, they were on high alert tonight after a series of online threats. the suspect is identified, sending tweets and e-mails about using assault weapons to kill as many officers as possible. there was a threat of explosives at a local parking garage. >> it is scary. it doesn't seem to be getting
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home. anchor: he flew into boston a few days ago and had a return trip to norway plans. a bomb threat turned out to be nothing. maria: donald trump and hillary clinton both holding rallies, trump rushing off allegations of chaos in his campaign. reporter: the candidates wen trustworthiness. donald trump in florida said his campaign has never been more united. his words. he slammed clinton as untrustworthy. >> what she did is lied so badly. you have the fbi director saying she lied. >> he labeled a disgraced the
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they sayt was a payment due to iran from the 1970's. >> donald trump would not pay people who did work. painters and plumbers. architects. we now have a long list. anchor: both dates are considered swing states. the clinton super pac advertising dollars out of colorado, a sign of her confidence in that state. anchor: now to five on the opioid crisis and startling statistics. half of all deaths in massachusetts are linked to one powerfulrug. live now, a city feeling the impact. >> the number of fatal overdoses
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connected to fence in all. >> people that are in treatment are doing very well. anchor: athena says progress is being made in the fight against opioid abuse but not enough progress and not quickly enough. that is borne out in data released by the department of public health showing deaths are up overall and 66% of those deaths now -- fentanyl. >> i don't see these numbers will go down until we have more places available where people who have substance abuse disorders can get treatment same day. anchor: more options are a large part of the solution but reducing the availability is also vital since it is highly potent and highly lethal.
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that gives some hope to people in recovery who work to help years stay clean. -- help their peers stay clean. >> the recovery also low. reporter:hat people want to say it -- see is a quicker pace of progress. maria: much more still ahead. marijuana store. could it be coming to the hub? anchor: humidity will start to inch up as a threat of thunderstorms moves up into the area. maria: new information on a jumbo jet crash. could the pilot have forgotten a
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maria: new details about a jumbo jet crash dubai. abc news reporting tonight, that the emirates flight might not have had its landing gear down when it crashed on the runway. the plane was a boeing 777. a firefighter was killed rushing to put out the fire. miraculously the 300 passengers and crew survived. at least 10 hospitalized tonight. anchor: take a look at this
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a gleaming storefront opening up on milk street. it was brisk business on opening day at the city's new medical marijuana dispensary. maria: the shop had a line out the door at one point. newscenter 5's janet wu is live right outside. janet. reporter: the doors closed an hour ago. customers were going marijuana to 100 people in five people don't realize this is a patient focused company. we don't anticipate in recreational markets. >> doors open to the downtown medical marijuana facility. they had to leave twice because they were too long of lines.
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relax, helps open my mind, helps close my mind. reporter: every customer has a card issued by a physician. it is old hat now but the company expanded. they want a yes vote calling for the legalization of marijuana. >> kids can smoke pot and continue to enjoy every privilege but black and brown people go to jail? reporter: they say there recrel and medicinal. >> some people use the argument of people unfairly being arrested. that is not the case in boston anymore. the concerns they have are the edibles.
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care was looking for a storefront property but neighbors next that idea. they would like a medical facility look. >> the weather today was delightful. >> delightful. do i have to say it like that? >> no. >> you can use so many words to describe today. low humidity. sunshi you know it is not going to last forever. check out these high temperatures. it didn't feel that bad. as you look over the city clear skies. 76 degrees. there is your friend. you feel good about life. once you get into the 60's you notice it.
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today. e ugly stuff is back. that's our best opportunity for thunderstorms. nothing going on out there now. you have to go way down south to find anything that is remotely thunderstorm related. that's going to take until saturday before it gets here. tomorrow it is sunny. a cool star in the morning. high pressure is moving off. when that happens we get that flow in the muggy air starts moving in. it said says off for a chance of thunderstorms. see what happens in the afternoon.
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in and that will trigger the change in weather. tomorrow, 84 degrees. it's not only going to be hot, it's going to be on the muggy side. you will feel the return of summerlike weather. 88 degrees ahead of that. heat and humidity pushed out of the way. behind it, look at that. low humidity, talking about the middle of next week. watch out for thunderstorms on saturday. it's a line of showers going through. that is the latest forecast. anchor: now, sportscenter five one minute drill. anchor: today is tom brady's 39th birthday. he entered the practice field. his birthday always falls during
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>> i don't think we want to miss his birthday. as long as we are celebrating. he works hard at all phases of the game. >> it was his birthday. i had to wish him a happy birthday. >> what did you get him? >> are you doing anything for his birthday? >> practicing. >> very good. not exactly what he wanted. he would probably rather have a phone call from roger goodell. anchor: not going to happen. anchor: a new twist on the ice bucket challenge. maria: now it is more about in
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pat randazzo: when i see those false ads attacking kelly on medicare, i wonder... they think that we're stupid? walter kolone odzieje right tg for seniors here in new hampshire - she has an impeccable record. mary griffin: we need to work across the aisle-which she does. mimi kolodziej: she's fighting for seniors and protecting medicare. pat randazzo: kelly knows that we need to work together to really preserve and strengthen medicare. mary griffin: new hampshire seniors trust kelly ayotte because she has never let us down.
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>> two summers ago was the ice bucket challenge. maria: from eyes to beans. that is what they are doing.
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warm. that's larry kaplan, a long-time volunteer for the als association getting drenched with baked beans. it's part of kaplan's 50 in 30 challenge that will take him to all 50 states during the month of august. kaplan will do a bucket challenge specific to each state. today he was at faneuil hall to take a bath in boston baked beans. ed: ok. it's good. two local college athletes survive a crash. their drive to get back on the field and how teammates are
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ed: tonight's of fight for good is a slamdunk. maria: the organizations today honoring the 2015-2016 heroes among us. always a great ceremony at the state house. the heroes among us program recognizes individuals who have a made lasting contributions to
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only from xfinity. anchor: this is chronicle on wcvb channel 5. >> say hello to two ladies in waiting. >> they will give birth. anchor: a lot of people coor >> you can become one of those visitors. >> height hike the view.


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