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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  August 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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ed: a car pierced by pole. >> that far from her head. maria: new fallout, what the investigation into racial incidents at boston latin reveals. ed: and the plan to fix the problems uncovered. meteorologist: i am tracking the return of humidity and along wait spread spread of thunderstorms. maria: runway explosion. the passenger jet going up in planes. the pilot escapep that may be to blame. maria: we are following breaking news. a stabbing spree is being investigated as a possible terror attack. a knife-wielding man stabbed six people in central london. ed: one woman is dead. five other people are hurt. that suspect is in custody tonight. look at this close call for one driver. a metal pole pierces right thru her windshield and misses her head by inches! good evening, i'm ed harding. maria: and i'm maria stephanos. that driver's family is talking to newscenter 5's jorge quiroga tonight. he's live in woburn with the
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hay? jorge: ed, maria, she remembers none of it. her family telling us she remembers none of it waking up only after the metal pole from this chain link fence had pierced her windshield. the image speaks for itself, a 12-foot metal pole smashing through the windshield of this suv like a spear. >> that far from her head, it and if you look where the head rest is, it was sitting right here , scary. >> behind the wheel, 60-year-old luz sawyer, her husband and son counting their blessings. >> missed her by not even a
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elbow, so we are lucky. sawyer apparently blacking out on locust street, in woburn just a few blocks from home. >> stephen sawyer jr. victims son. >> i went up there on my bike and looked the first thing i saw was the pole through the car and almost freaked out. >> sawyer car, then taking out a cement street-light pole, before careening into the fence in the pool some 40 feet away the hardcastle's grandchildren screamed in terror. >> we just saw the woman 3;00 and the car just turn around and hit the fence. neighbors had her out of the car, no serious injuries. >> tonight doctors have not yet
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sawyer to black out physically other than a bruised elbow from where the pole grazed her , she s is ok. right now, a pedestrian accident in lowell injures two people. one seriously. it happened on branch street just after 7:00 o'clock. the driver of a bmw sedan tells newscenter 5 that a man and a woman ran out into the street without looking. the driver remained at the scene no charges at this time. the more seriously injured pedestrian, the woman was flown to a boston hospital. that same report calls for major changes. newscenter 5's shaun chaiyabhat is live in boston to explain. out of over a hundred complaints, the report found only a handful of cases were founded. >> out of 115 reports, 17 had merit.
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>> based on all the allegations and all the reports that have been given, to say a small amount, i'd say that's far-fetched because it's been going on for a while. >> the number does not surprise councilman tito jackson. >> if you're that student who was in that classroom where one of those reports was actually founded, you wouldn't consider it marginal. >> we have new leer we're working in that system. >> in june, the headmaster stepped down. the department of justice and us attorney began to investigate. and now new guidelines about how classroom. something wornum says could have helped her daughter. >> i think it could have helped. >> in those 17 cases, investigators found either an administrator, teacher or student failed to follow district policies.
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live in boston, shaun chaiyabhat, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: the body of a massachusetts fisherman has been recovered from a new hampshire pond. rescue crews say the 67-year-old malden man fell out of a canoe on gilman pond. crews were able to save the man's friend after he went out to help the victim. police say the men fished there often. the victim's name is being withheld pending family notification. ed: looking live over boston tonight. clear out there tonight. meteorologist: this is a bonus. usually when you get to august, the heat, the humidity. we complain about it. none of that going on. in fact, check out the high today. 79 degrees. normal high is 81 but the humidity was low. that is what made today so spectacular. make force a beautiful evening now. only 70 in boston. you get outside. already down low 60's so spots tonight where temperatures drop to the 50's.
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what could happen in boston over the next 12 hours. dip done the mid 60's. we start warming up tomorrow. the ham ty is not going to be with us again. lows tonight, some spots dropping think of 50's and watching the tropics. it is now a hurricane. hurricane earl moving to the belize coast. more on that coming up. as well as when our temperature returns to the 8's-90 he a and the threat of thunderstorms as well. all of that ahead. ed? ed: animal rescue teams all suited up in protective gear rescuing several animals from an upton home. tomorrow they're going back for more. newscenter 5's john atwater is live in upton with the new details tonight. reporter: a tough day. it's clear officers came prepared to remove dozens of cats from the home, but in the end, they say they were only able to round up eight. >> it's a situation the cats need to be removed from
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masks to filter the stench, animal control officers armed with nets searched the home trying to find what they thought could be as many as 100 cats living inside. >> especially this year, smelly, especially when it's raining and the wind is blowing around neighbors say the sisters who live here have had trouble with cats before. back in 2011, police say animal control officers responded to remove other cats. >> if you keep your cats like that, the odor's that stron house are not good. >> right now what we're trying to do is make sure they're caught and get medical attention. >> the mspca says their biggest concern is the health of the cats. at this point, they don't expect to bring charges against the owners. >> they're fine. they're great neighbors, except for the problem. a norway man under
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against police in maine. police in portland on high alert tonight after a series of online threats. the suspect is identified as 28-year-old espen brungodt. brungodt sending tweets and emails today about using assault weapons to kill as many officers as possible. there was also a threat of explosives at a local parking garage. >> i don't know. it is scary. it doesn't seem to be now it is getting to close to home. maria: police say brungodt flew into boston a few days ago and had a return trip to norway planned. this caps a week of threats in the downtown area. yesterday, a bomb threat to the planned parenthood there that turned out to be nothing. ed: commitment 2016, donald trump heads to maine tomorrow as the latest numbers show the toll the last week has taken on his campaign.
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hillary clinton by 10 points. trump led last week's fox poll by 4. in florida today, trump kept his focus on clinton, blasting her on several fronts, including her email explanations. trump supporters say that's what he should be doing. >> you have got to find a way to slowdown, really learn new lessons. it is look the apprentice. ed: trump denied reports of "chaos" in his campaign, saying the effort is completely united. new at 11:00, two local college athletes lucky to have survived a violent crash. one of them lost a leg. now they're both on a drive to get back on the field. newscenter 5's mary saladna is live in lowell, with how teammates are rallying around them. mary? reporter: yeah, a young team. they are close knit and tomorrow night, they will gather in a boston hospital room to start
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>>umass lowell women's lacrosse coach carissa madeiros talking about two of her star players. noelle lambert and kelly moran-- both 19, both from new hampshire, were seriously injured saturday on martha's vineyard when the moped they were riding side-swiped a dump truck. kelly suffered a severe leg laceration, noelle lost her left leg above the knee. >> they are both just really eager to move forward and to tackle this head on and their spirits have been absolutely tremendous. >> the young women were vacationing on the vineyard. accident happened, officials say both teens could have been killed. now they embark on a joint mission to recover. their coach says their friendship will empower them.
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close throughout their high school career, met each other in the recruiting process here, they immediately knew they wanted to be roommates. the two were the only two freshmen to get on the all rookie team last year, so for quite awhile. >> and both women say they plan to stay on the team and play again ed: five on the opioid crisis -- new data shows a sharp increase in the number of opioid related deaths in massachusetts. tonight all fingers point to fentanyl. fentanyl is a highly potent drug and once mixed with opioids can be deadly.
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numbers show 66 percent of opioid overdose deaths tested positive for fentanyl. that's up 57 percent from just last year. the number is troubling to those who work in recovery centers. >> i don't see numbers are going to go down. ed: the state says cutting down on over-prescribing is vital to preventing addiction and fatal overdoses. announcer: next on wcvb newscenter 5: maria: runway expression. the the panic onboard and the pilot mistake that may be to blame. meteorologist: as muggy air return, the threat of thunderstorms increases. will show you the timeline. maria: these guys really deliver. the call for help along i-95
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terrifying crash landing overseas. the plane skids to a stop before erupting into flames! 300 people onboard run for their lives. ed: newscenter 5's ben simmoneau reports, the investigation is turning to how it happened and what the pilots may have forgotten to do. their plane had just crash landed. >> leave everything, please jump and slide! >> yet some people opening overhead bins trying to grab luggage. moments later, the fuel tank in the wing explodes.
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amazingly, all 300 people aboard this emirates boeing 777 made it out. but why did this jetliner, seemingly on normal approach at dubai's airport the airline's hub crash land with no landing gear deployed? if there was a problem, the pilot never told the tower or passengers. >> there was a big noise. >> did the pilots forget to put the gear down? >> yoh that gear down yourself, the airplane won't do it for you. it'll squawk at you, give you warnings of all sorts, you've got checklists and procedures. >> at the last moment, the tower told the pilots to scrap the landing, perhaps someone noticed the landing gear up. but the pilots didn't. the crash ripping off the plane's right engine. >> it's almost infinitesimal probability that a gear up landing is going to occur but humans find a way to work around these things, and we may have
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of this in a very long time. amazingly only about a dozen people suffered injuries in that crash. it did shut down dubai's airport the world's 3rd busiest. maria: look at the flames shooting into the air after a backhoe hit a gas line in los angeles this afternoon. people who live nearby were evacuated as crews were called to shut off the gas. they're all back in their homes tonight and no one was hurt. ed: a police officer whose job involved the security of the washington, d.c. subway system is under arrest for allegedly helping isis. prosecutors say nicholas young gave advice on joining the islamic terror group to an fbi informant. young also allegedly sent the man gift cards for mobile messaging accounts, and traveled to libya twice in 2011. the 36-year old suspect is the first american law enforcement officer charged under the federal anti-terrorism law. florida's governor taking new steps to battle the zika virus outbreak. maria: they delivered a healthy baby girl in the side of as
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a mom who planned to give birth at home, decided she needed to go to the hospital instead. after crossing the whittier bridge, it became clear that the ambulance would have to substitute for the birthing center! >> we pulled over. we did what we had to do. we worked as team. >> one of those things. the baby was not going to wait. >> it was good outcomb. i was rewarding. maria: mom and baby are doing fine. the three firefighters receiving proclamations from the mayor, and "stork pins" from the fire chief. maria: love that line. maria: the baby did not wait. they did a beautiful job that. welcome to the world, little baby. ed: all right. mike wankum, what did you do today? >> meteorologist: enjoyed the weather. temperatures from grateful that the humidity was low. sunshine was out. this is bonus day for august. we'll pay for it coming done the road. the humidity coming back in. 79 the high. all at 86 today.
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throughout. what a great evening we have. still 70 with the southwesterly wind at 9 miles per hour. here is the reason. today felt so good. the dewpoint down at 59. in the 50's all day today. typically, this time of year. you can plan on the 60's. tomorrow, another fairly decent day for dewpoints. remaining in the 50's. then notice, friday comes up. saturday goes way up. this sets us up for thunderstorms on saturday afternoon. then behind. boom. it drops off again. we got a couple of would be muggy hear as we talk about later on this week. here's the satellite. try to find a cloud anywhere. none to be found. you widen out the view. go to the south. away out here to the northern plans before you run into cloud cover. the area to the north. this thunderstorms across here. tonight it is clear and very comfortable. 58-54 with the southwest. then tomorrow, sunny skies.
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with the breeze in here. a little cooler. look for temperatures. here the highs. notice inland, upper 80's close to 9. the humidity is still manageable. you are right nar the shoreline. a little bit cooler. the cape and islands, highs tomorrow in the 70's. that is the cool breeze coming in across the ocean. now let's check on the tropics. this is a tropical storm. this is a full fledge hurricane. it is barely a hurricane status. we are talking about winds of 75 miles per hour out to the west at 14 percent. what it will do is cross the belize coast tonight then tomorrow morning, a tropical storm over the yucatan and head to central mexico. from here, not necessarily the winds but pits the rain. 6 to 12 inches of rain just possible some areas could get as much as 16 inches of rain before it is over with. a lot of water out of that one. now we start tomorrow with cool weather in place. this moves off. you know what happen.
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the high pressure that is going to budge. we'll be back to friday. then we jump ahead to saturday. saturday morning, some clouds throughout. perhaps a few scattered showers early. what this is line that comes through at 2:00 in the afternoon. that is the best opportunity for seeing rain and that could feature some thunderstorms. hot and humid weather means we keep an eye to the sky. there could be a strong storm again happening saturday afternoon. so ahead of it, temperatures in the 90's. the upper 80's. muggy. that cold front comes t behind it. oh, yes. the drier air moves back in. sunshine returns. of the two weekend days, sundays the pick then monday,s day doesn't look too bad. we pick up ale willing bit for the middle of next week. overall, that is a quiet forecast we are talking about. i know we need rain. if you don't have rain. you have lower humidity to make it manageable. ed, maria. amen. >> we we've all seen the ice bucket challenge.
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pat randazzo: when i see those false ads attacking kelly on medicare, i wonder... they think that we're stupid? we know kelly. walter kolodziej: kelly has always done the right thing for seniors here in new hampshire - she has an impeccable record. mary griffin: we need to work across the aisle-which she does. mimi kolodziej: she's fighting for seniors and protecting medicare. pat randazzo: kelly knows that we need to work together to really preserve and strengthen medicare. mary griffin: new hampshire seniors trust kelly ayotte
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>> we saw the ice bucket challenge. it involves baked beans guys. >> a long time volunteer for the als association getting drenned with baked beans all this is part of the challenge. it will take him to all 50 states during the month of august. larry caplan will do the bucket challenge today. he will take it back in what else boston? >> although, you know when i
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my mine. a meanwhile, what is new in your world? >> all right. we'll see. which got before the game tonight. ramirez not on the lienup today.
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reporter: hi, he. david ortiz was given 34 pounds of salmon. they will ship it to him. don't worry about it. no one would want be tone night if thatp mapped. meanwhile, x-rays negative for any fracture. that is good news. this is a freak bizarre accident
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night's game. ramirez flipped on set of stairs leading to the soxs' clubhouse. x-rays last night negative. mri today, no structural damage. he is out for a couple of days. meap while, out in seattle, the sixth inning now. one run in the game. he hit a homer off rick. that's the score of the game. andrew and his first major league hit and the first at bat tonight. it seep look the en neighborhood at the game. as we lo i can tull baltimore won. toronto won. if they within the two back they lose, they, theyle with be three gams back. all right. great highlights of major being league baseball. check out the reds' rightfielder. scott going back up, up, up rig in front. backing to the ballpark. robs it of a home run. that things out of the park. now we go to st. petersburg. check out beckham.
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a great sliding catch in front of the dugout. all right. the bluejays' game in huston. keck out kevin. he seemed to being intoly highlight reel and takes one on the tip of the grass. the same catch that is made by lonni out in cleveland. looks identical, doesn't it. the umpire's call safe. they say he trapped it. so he said, i am challenge it. the umps put the headsets on and went to new york and said what did you see? he trapped it. he said are you did you not see what i saw? he comes out of the challenge which means you are ejected, gone. indians lost. tigers win. down a mere two games. today is the 39th birthday. he was serenaded around 9:30 to bam ritual over the years because they fall during training camp as you can he. the people are very, very happy at this time is tom's birthday
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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? >> as long as we are celebrating, yeah. no question. tom works hard. tom works hard in all phases of the game, so i think you have to. >> it was his birthday today. i had to wish him happy just little things here and there. >> what did you get time in what did i get him? >> are you or any players doing anything for tom's birthday? >> roger goodell. you have 27 minutes. >> when the phone doesn't ring. >> unfortunately. >> i am taking the fact that
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he is not 40. another year. another year. he is almost 40. ed: i wonder what it is like. you look fabulous.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight, hugh grant, comedian nikki glaser, britney spears, and music from miranda lambert with cleto and the cletones. and now, not so fast -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watchinging.


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