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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener . emily: a terrible injury for a construction worker in newton. he was stuck in a cement mixer. antoinette: and the theory on this most mysterious blasts. emily: union rights a scathing letter. five investigates how they say the city is putting officers at risk. >> you are watching wcvb -- boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. >> now the wind is going -- whoa! emily: 6:00 a.m. also on the eye this morning,
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lightning. good morning. i am emily riemer. antoinette: i am antoinette antonio in for randy. emily: what i am impressed with our the sunrise shots. they are so gorgeous. cindy: yeah, we have been seeing a lot of them. clear skies over boston. take a look. we will enjoy another sun-filled da wears on. look at this on the vineyard with some fog around. 47 degrees. low 60's north of boston, 64. high pressure still hanging on, giving us the fun the past few days. more humid air is going to work in on the southwesterly wind. you will notice that today. we are also watching this front
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marginal risk that some of this could be severe. today looks good, though. we will see sunshine all day long, 87 boston this afternoon, and places like lowell, nashua, upper 80's to near 90 framingham, could touch 90 in pittsburgh. down to the south of the cape, water for you, upper 70's to around 80 degrees here lets you got to the friday morning. olessa: so far, we are friday light as well. thank you, cindy. nice and light heading into boston. let's get to the maps and the rest of your ride also looks good. we are watching one problem over in everett on beauchamp and broadway. south of time looks good, 95 out of sharon. from there up the expressway, 20 minutes to get you out of
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about 15 minutes 495 to 128. 93 south looks good. approaching the leverett connector, the trains and buses are on schedule. emily: oh les i, thank you. crews are cleaning up after an overnight crash in everett -- olessa, thank you to your crews are cleaning up after an overnight crash in everett. no one was hurt. right now, a bizarre accident that left a worker trapped and investigation. antoinette: juli mcdonald is live in newton with the major effort to say that man for the life. julie: that construction worker -- juli: construction worker is battling painful injuries. it took first responders two hours to free that man, whose foot got caught in a cement mixer at an apartment complex under construction on lagrange
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this picture shows besides cutaway, in the middle, the heavy metal auger that sucked the worker's foot in with you slipped. the 22-year-old nauset construction worker was an unbelievable pain, given oxygen and an iv. >> we cannot use a torch because the foot was caught in the auger. >> we were surprised how he got in there. they had bof juli: the worker was alert and speaking to first responders when he was taken by ambulance to a hospital. investigators are trying to determine whether this accident could have been prevented. live in newton, juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: juli, thank you. investigators are trying to figure out why this home was reduced to rubble. seven people were inside the home and vernon would it
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possible gas leak. neighbors who witnessed the blast are shocked. >> they were taking away to debris, like where the front porch had been cured at least we knew that they were ok. antoinette: one of the victims has been released from the hospital. the others are suffering from serious injuries, but they a 2016 -- president obama's headed for massachusetts tomorrow, starting his vacation on martha's vineyard. donald trump is also heading to new england for a rally in new hampshire, but not before making a swing through house speaker paul ryan's home state. mr. trump: paul ryan is a good guy, actually.
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but he has his own concerns. speaker ryan: you would think we would be focusing on hillary clinton and all of her deficiencies. reporter: mike pence is left doing damage control. hillary clinton staying on message during a campaign stop in los angeles -- in las vegas, bashing trump and his business practices. ms. clinton: i have met people who were destroyed by trump, so take a look at what he has done, not what he says. reporter: president obama took the gop nominee to task, calling his complaints of a rigged election nonsense. pres. obama: if he is up 10, 15 points on election day and inns up losing, then maybe he can raise questions then. reporter: massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is also taking
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a purple heart from one of his supporters. sen. warren: that donald trump would try to appropriate that, as if somehow he had earned it, as if somehow it meant something because he is donald trump and could hang up one more medal? reporter: warren also chided hillary clinton for hiring debbie wasserman schultz just days after she would resigned as dnc chair. was booed at the philadelphia convention after leaked e-mails reveal she tried to undermine the campaign of senator bernie sanders. senator warren goes "on the record" with ed harding and janet wu this sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. right here on channel 5. antoinette: today, governor charlie baker will sign new regulations on ridesharing into law. it will allow those services to pick up passengers at logan airport and the convention and
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to fingerprint drivers, which some safety advocates had push for p or lawmakers met on thursday during an informal session to push forward a number of bills. that includes proposals dealing with evidence in rape cases, animal abuse, and robert attacks are frozen boston. they will be back in session on monday. emily: 5 investigates -- this morning, leaders are responding after boston's deliver a strong message to the mayor and police commissioner. mike beaudet obtained this scathing letter. the union says it has been begging the city for what they called the "necessary personnel and equipment" for 18 months. the letter goes on to say "you , can sing "kumbaya" or "we shall overcome" until the cows come home, but that won't stop a rifle round aimed at a police officer's chest." mike brought the claims to mayor marty walsh. >> they say there are not enough
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and i do not know what the right number of officers is. emily: it is worth noting the city is in contracts right now. we reach out to the unions but never heard back. an update this morning on water concerns in concord. antoinette: tests show there are no signs of contamination in the water. as we reported earlier this lock on one of the tanks had been damaged. officials sealed off the reservoir as a precaution and put water restrictions in place. that tank should start going online today with restrictions expected to be lifted next week. we have an on settling number to share with you this morning. nearly 62% of the state is now considered to be in severe drought, and that is up from just 40% one week ago according to the u.s. drought monitor.
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state, and many communities now have water restrictions in place. emily: two animal inspectors are fired following the investigation of dismal conditions that a westport farm. the two town inspectors are accused of failing to address years of unsanitary conditions for your last month, hundreds of animals were found in or health, many of them were dead. more than a dozen people are under investigation, and at this point, no charges have been filed. 6:10 antoinette: athletes make disturbing claims against coaches. and the fight against zika getting a boost in boston. the signs from a new vaccine, and what researchers need from you. emily: oversleeping on the weekend can throw off your entire health routine. the other mistake you are making on your days off. cindy: and the humidity will be climbing as the day moves on. also tracking thunderstorms are
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this morning. clear skies, 64 degrees, a little cooler in some spots. massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention. we have a proven record of helping students in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education.
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>> good morning, eyeopener!
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>> in just a few hours, we will be joined by more than 850 volunteers. >> we will stuff back packs local children in need to get ready for school. [cheering] antoinette: what a great event and a great cause that wcvb is so proud to support every year cured they start stuffing those backpacks at 10:00 this morning. emily: we would love to see how your helping in your antoinette: i did that before, it was like an assembly line. it was amazing. they have the weather to do it. cindy: they do. we are in good shape today. we are looking at a gorgeous sunrise. try to make one better! antoinette: oh, cute!
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this picture this morning might be my favorite on duxbury beach. how cute can you get with a dog and a gorgeous sunrise in the background? we love to see your pictures. put them on her facebook and u local as well. it is comparable out there. 50's showing up in places like orange, jaffrey, a little patchy fog in the vineyards. 64 degrees in boston right now. getting off to a comfortable start. are spending the rest of the day in the 80's. we even touch 90 degrees and a few communities today. metrowest, merrimack valley, lawrence, you can see along the south coast, the cape, the islands, a little cooler with that southwesterly wind. that wind is bringing in more humidity cured as your day wears on, the community will pick up. it will be nearly oppressive with all the moisture in the air. there will likely be
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boundary right here. as that front approaches tomorrow, marginal risk that some of these storms get going and could be severe. the primary concerns we have with the storms could be the potential of damaging wind gusts, lightning, and heavy downpours as well. the timing on this is about to walk in the morning until 6:00 in the evening, so if you have outdoor plans on saturday during that time period, be weather aware and ready for some storms. tonight, 60's, around 70, as comparable for sleeping tonight. if you are going to watch though storms get going, you might see a couple leftover showers moving through. south coast of the cape around lunchtime theater the actual cold front will trigger more storms early afternoon around the boston area . it will be by the cape in the evening hours. the deeper we get into the
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humid conditions. saturday, today you are good, sunday you are good, it is saturday that we are dealing with this. we have 80's right through the middle of next week. olessa: sounds good. thank you, cindy. a live look on 93. southbound heading to the bottom of your screen, a little bit of volume starting to build. some sun glare. your trip on the expressway -- about 20 minutes braintree into boston. pike eastbound issues except for the sun glare. 495 to 128, 15 minutes to 20 minutes. out of methuen, a little bit of volume does take up. antoinette? antoinette: all right, olessa, thank you. final preparations are underway
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this morning for the official start of the olympics. opening sir moneys are tonight. supermodel gisele bunge and was reportedly dropped from the -- opening ceremonies are tonight. supermodel gisele bungndchen was reportedly dropped from the program. meanwhile, the our concerns about pools being used in rio. swimming coach refused to let his athletes into the water at the main training pool because he said it looks cloudy and soupy. he was worried about infections. the "indianapolis star" investigation claims the governing body of the olympics' most popular sport, gymnastics, regularly failed to her complaints about improper conduct by dozens of coaches.
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moceanu took to social media to: officials to put children's safety above protecting coaches. emily: your health this morning -- the urgent fight against the zika virus taking a big step forward in boston. researchers at death israel deaconess medical center are working on a major breakthrough. they have found a vaccine networks in mice and monkeys, but it has been tested on humans -- it has to be tested on humans. >> who really want to contribute to the zika vaccine, and we want them right around here in boston. emily: researchers need 30 to 50 volunteers for clinical trials, which could start in october. they also need money. senator ed markey toward the lab yesterday, calling on congress to come back into session to pass emergency funding to fight zika. yesterday, massachusetts got $200,000 in funding to monitor
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your economy headlines this morning -- lawmakers hoping to get scratch tickets online to say they will try again next year. the state senate had initially approved a plan to sell lottery tickets online as part of an economic development bill, but lawmakers to get out of the final version over the weekend. supporters say the lottery needs to start appealing to a younger generation online to maintain strong revenue. and checking the markets is morning, asian stocks were mixed u.s. right now, stock futures are higher. the july unemployment report is due out at 8:30 a.m. lydia people relax their health resolutions on the weekend, but too much relaxing can really blow your plans, like trading the cubicle for social media. your brain is itching for rest, so skip the flickering light of the fun screen and focus on the sun instead. or how about this?
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weekends are a great time to catch up on rest, but experts a sleeping past 10:00 a.m. on the weekends can mess up your circadian rhythms for good. and finally, going to heart of the gym. if you overdo it on saturday and sunday, you might put too much stress on your muscles and do less during the week. a smartphone leading to a not so smart moment. emily: that is the head and eye poppers this morning. new at 6:30, he admitted to lying during the whitey bulger trial. former fbi agent. antoinette: and 40's issuing a big recall in the u.s. the big problem with the dorsal nearly a million -- and for his
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antoinette: 6:24. you have made it to friday. we have another nice day. cindy: 64 in boston. the air is dry. it will warm up quickly. by about 8:00 this morning, we
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afternoon in the 80's. more humidity as the day moves on. lawrence could touch 90 degrees afternoon, so it will be a hot one. if you are sneaking away to the beaches, it is a little bit cooler. high tide before 2:00 this afternoon. your weekend is split -- saturday, thunderstorms through the afternoon. less humid on sunday. it is the pic day o antoinette: all right, cindy. a little sports action. the red sox closing other series against the mariners last not your at it would be travis shaw with the solo home run to get things started for the sox. then mookie betts with the r.b.i. double, the sox up 2-0. but the fifth would end with the mariners tying it up. this one would need extra innings. brock holt getting the single in the 11th, and travis shaw
6:26 am
time for your friday morning eyepoppers. we have an unusual pets. olessa: this is a six-foot alligator being capped in a backyard in springfield. police were called to that home yesterday. they needed help from a nearby zoo. the alligator struggled. he will not be calling main street home any longer. could you imagine being that person's neighbor? dogs and cats, people. >> whoa! olessa: not a good idea. it may be called a smart phone, but not a smart thing to do, pulling out in the middle of a thunderstorm. the lightning striking just far enough away that that man did not get hurt. just go inside. antoinette: you need a selfie stick to make it work. olessa: a lightning rod. [laughter] antoinette: a segment on what
6:27 am
boston police are having a hard time getting a pilot program started. what they need officers to do before they can test out body camera's. and for the first time ever, refugees will have their own team at the olympic games. their shaws and star market has everything you need, every day! shaws and star market prices. and now save even more during our huge anniversary sale.
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>> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener
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and intense rescue, and searing pain. the questions investigators need to answer in newton today. emily: he spun wild tales during the whitey bulger trial. antoinette: the plans bringing president obama and donald trump close together. emily: and the olympics just hours away to we will take you to rio for amazing journey with some dedicated athletes on the eye. >> you are watching wcvb -- boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. antoinette: and good morning to you. it is 6:30 on your friday. how about this to start off your weekend? a gorgeous shot over the charles river looking over boston. a great day for you. good morning. i am an santonio and for randy. emily: and i'm emily renner -- antoinette: i am antoinette antonio in for randy.
6:31 am
with cindy and olessa. we have had a nice week. cindy: we have another nice one coming. look at that on the vineyard, upper 40's, we had a little bit of fog developed. otherwise 61 in worcester. upper 60's in southern new hampshire as well. on the backside, southwesterly winds are going to pick up the humidity as the day wears on. front to the west. this will be pushing through our area on sunday -- saturday, rather. as it does, it will trigger some thunderstorms, marginal risk that we do get thunderstorms coming up on saturday. today, we are in great shape with the sunshine, upper 80's around boston, but making a run toward 90. lowell, lawrence, metrowest, we could touch 90 degrees feared otherwise, lots of 80's showing up south of boston.
6:32 am
islands, we will keep a little closer to 80 degrees today. good-looking weather for your friday. let's get to the roads. olessa: thank you, cindy. a live start on the pike, you can see the sun glare is definitely a factor. you will maybe sunglasses. over to the mascoma the rest of your ride, -- over to the maps, the rest of your ride, not seeing any problems. i-20 eastbound, a 15 minute methuen down to wilmington, a little bit stop and go to the leverett connector. trains and buses are still on schedule. howie: emily: -- emily: olessa, thank you. a 23-year-old's foot got stuck into a cement mixer on a site in
6:33 am
connecticut home exploded. seven people, some under the age of 16, were injured, but all are expected to survive. a possible gas leak may be to blame. emily: president obama and donald trump may be sharing new england this week. the president arrived at martha's vineyard to begin his vacation. trump will hold a rally tomorrow night at windham high school in new hampshire. antoinette: today, a man who told wild tales during whitey bulger's murder trial will make important request. at stake today. sera: a judge will decide today whether this former fbi agent will spend any time behind bars. robert fitzpatrick has already pleaded guilty to perjury and abstraction of justice. he admitted he lied during his testimony of whitey -- whitey bulger's murder trial.
6:34 am
part to boost sales of a book he co-authored. as part of a plea deal he made, he could be served with two years of probation and paying a fine, but ultimately, it will be up to the judge if he serves any jail time. the hearing yesterday at 2:00 to live this morning at the federal warehouse, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: hundreds filled a mattapan church to say goodbye to program. family and friends remembered kyzer willis as an energetic child who could light up a room. he drowned at carson beach after going missing from a summer day camp program in south boston last week. antoinette: boston police are finding -- are having trouble finding volunteers to wear body cameras. some are questioning why it has taken so on to get that six-month trial up and running. commissioner bill evans hopes to
6:35 am
july, but he said that turned out to be unrealistic. his new target date is september 1, but he says the department will probably have to assign officers to wear the devices if they do not want to volunteer. 5 investigates tonight -- new security measures in place at sheriff's department when it comes to transporting passengers. this comes after 5 investigates expose what really happens to a 29-year-old man on the night he died in the back of an essex county sheriff's department want it to happen again. antoinette: investigative reporter kathy curran shows you what is being done and digs into security measures being used by department's all across the state. that is tonight at 5:00. emily: 6:35 right now. information on a deadly knife attack in london. antoinette: why police are not calling this a terror attack. and for the first time ever, a
6:36 am
story making their road to rio about much more than sports.
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olessa: good morning. welcome back to the eyeopener. you can see the volume is light, but we have got the sun glare. accident-free start so far, cindy. no complaints here. cindy: we have the sunshine. temperatures warming up to near 90 degrees this afternoon. so it is comfortable out there now. we have more humidity as the day wears on. it is an impact damaging wind potential as well as her the storms get out of here saturday evening, and behind it, less human, sunshine on sunday, low-to-mid 80's, the day of your weekend, sunday. antoinette: cindy, thank you theater tonight, the world comes together to celebrate the olympic games. more than 10,000 athletes from around the world will come together to complete. the newscenter 5 --
6:40 am
joins us live. nigel: you can feel the excitement everywhere. we are talking raw emotion, especially for the team of olympic athletes about to make history. here they are, all 10, 10 athletes who are now the first olympic refugee team ever. >> we do not know the same liquid, we are not from the same countries, but the olympic flag united all of us together. nigel: she escapes syria on a boat sank that we were in. without swimming, i do not think i would survive. nigel: she did, and now swimming has brought her here. >> i had a lot of problems. i do my best in the water when i jump into the water. i let all of my problems behind my back and swim harder.
6:41 am
olympics. >> it gave me a chance to reach the olympic games, so i'm ready. nigel: when the international committee decided to create the olympic team, 43 athletes were identified, and then these 10 maybe a lipid team. swimming, judo, -- these 10 made the olympic team. swimming, judo, track and field, each with their individual stories, one that now includes they now want to focus on their future. live at the rio games, i am nigel robertson, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: all right, nigel, thank you. an organized crime bust the bay state, and a first of its kind event on boston's newbury street. plus, in atm machine that dishes
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break the mold.
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? ? 4 by 4 by land, 4 by 4 by sea ? ? 4 by 4 by air - 'cause i like to fly free ? ? 4 my country and how it all started out ? ? 4 the brave and every boy scout ? ? 4 doin' it yourself cuz you want it done right ? ? 4 by 4 the top down - stars keep ya up at night ? ? 4 by 4 every one of our seventy-five years ? ? 4 by 4 the wave - that's how we say 'cheers' ? ? that's how we live ? antoinette: 6:44 is your time, and drought concerns are growing as we kick off your news to go. nearly 62% of the state is now considered to be in severe drought. that is up from 40% just a week ago. emily: every day we go without
6:45 am
cindy: you can see boston, worcester, even southern new hampshire, southern maine. this is new england, with a tough situation for. we do have a chance of seeing rain, which is good. but it may come in the form of some thunderstorms. and a marginal risk could be severe tomorrow. this is saturday we are watching for this potential. timing a 6:00 in the morning until that entire time, but during the window will be the opportunity for scattered storms that could produce lightning, gusty winds, and torrential downpours. there could be a lot of moisture in the air tomorrow. this is a fun fact for the thunderstorms down and through st. louis now. as the front marches eastward, hot, humid air. the humidity is so comfortable now that it is picking up with the southwesterly wind. look at the dew point tomorrow
6:46 am
it will not last time he front. humidity drops way down on sunday. 61 worcester, 64 boston. here are your high temperatures us afternoon -- upper 80's to around 90 degrees, the exception along the south coast and the cape. first thing tomorrow morning, there might be a couple of showers trying to approach the area and weakening as they do so. by noon time into the early afternoon, you see a line of storms getting going. worcester into this will be dropping southward by about 6:00 and the evening. the later we go into the evening, the storms die down. if you have plans tomorrow evening, i think you'll be ok, but during the afternoon, keep an eye out for the storms. looking great on sunday. let's see how great we are looking on the roads right now, olessa. olessa: so far, so good, cindy. here is the southbound side coming to the bottom of your screen. a little more volume, but not
6:47 am
the maps and the rest of your trip. braintree to boston, the pike, also only about 20 minutes from 95 to 128. a little volume does pick up into boston. trains and buses doing ok. antoinette: olessa, thank you. a painful accident is under investigation this morning. emily: a 22-year-old instruction worker -- construction worker is recovering after a bizarre mixer. it took first responders two hours to free the man feared they could not use powertel's because the rescue was so delicate, but the whole time -- free the man. they could not use powertel's because the rescue was so delicate -- power tools because the rescue was so delicate. osha investigators are working to determine whether this could
6:48 am
agent will be sentenced today for lying during the whitey bulger trial. robert fitzpatrick once claimed to be a whistleblower. he now admits it was all a lie. under a deal, he pled guilty to perjury and obstruction of justice for his 2013 testimony for whitey's defense. he admitted to embellishing his accomplishments, claiming he recover the gun used to assassinate martin luther king, jr. u sales of his book. the 76-year-old is in failing health, and as part of his plea deal, he agreed to two years probation and paying a fine of $12,000. sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: news to go continues. london police say a knife attack that left an american woman debt was not an act of terrorism. authorities say these aspect, a somali-norwegian man, has mental health issues.
6:49 am
police mobilize counterterror detectives. right now, roads are back open after an overnight crash in every that caused a serious mess. police say a tractor-trailer failed to negotiate a turn at broadway and beecham street and was basically split in half. no one was hurt. emily: two animal inspectors are fired following dismal conditions at a westport farm. the two years of unsanitary conditions. last month, hundreds of animals were found in poor health, many were dead. more than a dozen people are under the division, and no charges have been filed to her to an update on water concerns in concord. tests show their are no concerns of contamination in the water supply. a countably found a lock on one of the tanks had been damaged. officials sealed off the tank as a precaution and put water restrictions in place to that
6:50 am
antoinette: five alleged associates of a new york-based mob family are under arrest, facing charges including loansharking and extortion. they use violence, exploited their affiliation with la cosa nostra, and made implied threats of murder to instill fear in their victims. emily: more than $1 million of cocaine seized from an apartment in quincy photo shows what appears to be 37 kilos of the drug as well as a shoebox with $65,000. no one was arrested, though. authorities say the apartment where the drugs were found was empty. antoinette: construction is officially underway on a resort casino in everett after a year of legal battles. they broke ground yesterday at the future site of the wynn boston harbor casino.
6:51 am
mystic river. the casino hopes to open in 2018. somerville officials say they are still pursuing other ways to block this project. emily: the first mi will be back on martha's vineyard tomorrow to kick off their annual summer vacation. they have sent just about -- they have spent just about every summer there since the family took office in 2009. sasha obama has already been on the island working a summer job at a seafood restaurant. antoinette: gop nominee donald trump is heading to new england this weekend. he will be attending to fundraisers, one on nantucket and the other in osterville. trump will also be at a rally in windham, new hampshire tomorrow. ford is recalling more than 800,000 vehicles in the u.s. the company says the latches on side doors can break. ford says the doors on the vehicles can fly open when they are moving. the rate of problems is higher in states with high
6:52 am
a new investigation into exploding airbags is underway. a woman was killed in newfoundland, canada after a crash. investigators are blaming her death on a faulty airbag. this time, the safety device was manufactured in knoxville, tennessee. as many as 8 million atc inflators are coming under scrutiny. they are found an older model vehicles made by general motors, feel chrysler, hyundai, and kia. emily: and the at apple. the tech company says it has officially achieved its goal of equal pay. this coming from apple's new report on inclusion and diversity. now workers with similar roles and performances will receive the same paycheck. however, apple is still dominated by mostly male workers. the red sox are closing up their series against the mariners last night, and it would be travis
6:53 am
the sox backup 2-0, but the fifth what end with the mariners tying it up. this one would need some extra innings. brock holt gets the single in the 11th, and travis shaw scores. the sox win 3-2. antoinette: boston's newbury street will be closed to traffic this sunday. mayor marty walsh says they are drawing inspiration from major cities like paris, which recently started closing off the avenue day sean caeli -- the champs-elysees to cars for one day each month. emily: a big shout out to these guys, taking part to the yankee homecoming 5k in beverly yesterday. this road race is all part of 10 days of events in that historic community. today is friday. you know what that means -- it
6:54 am
enjoy special deals at the harvard museum of natural history, the old state house, the greenway carousel, springfield museums, historic deadeerfield, hancock shaker village, the old manse, and he worcester historical and museum. more from asia, log on to -- for more information, log onto antoinette: xavier college ha pizzas instead of cash. so far, the reviews have been pretty good, but there is some drawback. this machine can only hold 70 pizzas before it needs to be restocked. i do not know that is enough pizza's our resident pizza lover, olessa. [laughter] olessa: i think i already have one of these in mind.
6:55 am
all for this invention. live look outside at the expressway. just starting to build some volume. you can see some of those delays starting to pick up. it has been quiet all morning. over to the maps, still accident free. stop and go out of sharing. as you travel the expressway, 25 minutes braintree into boston. 93 south, no issues out of methuen, and still a nice and light ride you make your way down out of the leverett connector down into boston. trains and buses still running on schedule. cindy, today is a nice day? cindy: you have got it. temperatures warming up, still pretty comfortable out there right now. hot and down to the cape. vineyards, you are out of the 40's -- 47 this morning. 61 right now. the temperatures come up quickly. right :00 this morning, a lot
6:56 am
afternoon as we climb into the upper 80's to around 90 degrees. at 90 nashville, lawrence, metrowest. the wind is coming out of the water. if you are headed to the beach is today, cooler air, low to moderate risk for recurrence, high tide -- for rip currents, high tide at 2:00. this frontal boundary is approaching us tomorrow. the storm production center ey n tomorrow. low temperatures tonight from upper 60's, close to 70's. tomorrow is an impact weather day. the potential for the storms -- showers in the morning, and then watch the timeline as we go from lunchtime into the afternoon. hit or miss storms flopping up throughout the day. there be dropping in the case are the evening hours. past 6:00, storms will be winding down if you have evening
6:57 am
on standby. the weather looks great. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> if you are heading out, make sure you have the app with you. >> we will see you back here at
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good morning, america. dangerous twisters hit the south. a tornado tearing through new orleans flattening buildings, residents rushing to the rescue. livestreeping the moment they pull someone from the rubble and flooding on famous bourbon street. now more threats this morning. new trouble for donald trump showing he's in a fry fall as the president lashing out on his latest allegations. >> of course the elections will not be rigged. what does that mean? >> now hillary clinton taking on donald trump's sons and these pictures. a search for a serial killer. a shooter on the loose in phoenix now linked to nine attacks. this time a man and his 4-year-old child targeted. the urgent manhunt right now.


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