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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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karen: >> now on newschannel 5s eyeopener. doug: shark warning on the cape. some beaches could be closed all we can. antoinette: new regulations for ride sharing services but there is one group challenging the law. the fight that may end up in court.
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thunderstorms in the forecast. i will have an breakdown of when they move through your neighborhood. doug: communities feeling the impact of a widespread drought. the new ban for one coastal town. >> you are watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newschannel 5's eyeopener. antoinette: ahh, look at that. we begin with a live look from lynn. sunrise just a gorgeous day ou know, changes on the way as we always do. doug: good morning, everybody. antoinette:. saturday, august 6 let's check in with mike wankum and talking about changes. mike: this afternoon, chance of seeing severe weather but what a beautiful morning we have going on. a little buggy and temperatures warming up quickly. you see what is happening -- a little muggy out. if you are traveling up in that direction, downpour may be
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to see the thunderstorms coming from this afternoon. as this cold front approaches. i think we will see a couple showers this morning. most of us will just enjoy the sunshine. heat and humidity and place this afternoon. any time after lunch time and for boston until 4:00 this afternoon. after that, the threat will diminish. the threat will continue towards the cape towards early evening. 2:00, that new round of thunderstorms getting strong timeline and what kind of severe weather you can expect in a few moments. antoinette: right now state police are investigating a deadly crash in sutton after 9:00 last night. 2% of the route 146 in flames. the name of the driver has not been released. no one else was hurt. right now three popular beaches closed after shark sightings. at least six great white sharks spotted feasting on a whale, off cape cod natural.
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warning for swimmer some officials. john: lurking in the waters, some hungry great white sharks. >> any time a dead whale turns up, white sharks are targeting those whales. then they move on. john: as many as six white sharks werot in cape cod bay and the closure of beach point, cold storage, and news landing beaches. >> given that the sharks were on the whale, the whale did wash ashore. it certainly makes sense that folks would take up a cautionary stance for at least a day or two. john: marine biologist say
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swimmers to constantly be vigilant. >> it is becoming a common thing where white sharks appear, if you go to swimming beaches. pay attention to where you are and whether there are seals. the sharks are here to target the seals. john: because of these great white sharks, the three beaches are expected to be closed through tomorrow. antoinette: new this morning, the animals found in deplorable conditions on a are in a new shelter. nearly 1000 animals are expected to stay at the new site as the criminal investigation moves forward. two animal inspectors have been fired. the two town inspectors are accused of failing to address years of unsanitary conditions. last month, hundreds of animals were found in poor health. no charges have been filed. doug: battleship -- in fall river will be back open after a
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police evacuating after someone noticed a suspicious package that appear to be an explosive device. the bomb squad responded and checked out the package. turns out it was just a forgotten prop used during a star wars themed event. antoinette: a new hampshire couple is facing drug and child neglect after the death of their two-month-old baby. crews responded to this camper on monday and found the unconscious baby boy. the baby died at the hospital. the child's parents are not facing any charges in connection with their son's death. but they are accused of possessing and intending to sell methamphetamine in the camper. during yesterday's hearing, kayla austin's mother pleaded for her daughter's release. >> a two month old that suddenly passed away on monday. we are working out funeral arrangements. we still need to finalize with her. kayla is kind and loving.
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signs of foul play. they are waiting for autopsy results. doug: a total outdoor water ban. sky 5 over the town reservoir which is only 20 for eight -- 28t% full. jorge: black earth, the fact you can see it at the bottom of the reservoir shows the real crisis. >> we just got back when you showed me that picture, i had not seen it in two weeks. you could walk across it. jorge: some parts of the reservoir look like a moonscape. during a normal year, i would be standing in water up to my chest. the level is down to 28% and dropping. with no end to the drought, officials issuing a total water ban on outdoor use, reinforcing restriction set in july. >> it is tough. everything around here is brown.
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allowed. effective immediately, only watering cans are allowed to water the flower or vegetables. a boarding the heat before 9:00 a.m. or after 5:00. >> try not to use outside water. my wife has got a vegetable garden. that needs water for the plants. we are trying to do things off hours. jorge: residents are asked to conserve any be up for that. jorge: the town is not kidding. water police are issuing a $50 fine for a first offense and $100 for a second. around here they are praying for a rainy summer weekend. antoinette: a question onlyj orge can ask someone. critics are targeting the state's regulations for ride sharing services.
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owners planning to file a lawsuit against the state. governor charlie baker just signed the legislation. the bill requires background checks for all uber and lyft drivers but they do not need to be fingerprinted. the bill allows them to pickup riders from the airport. the governor says the law keeps riders safe. doug: speaking about rides, an overhaul of the green line trolley is expected to take longer and cost more than planned. the t l os $104 million project has ballooned to $115 million and is expected to take a year or longer. the t was to refurbish the 86 green line trolley's and removing asbestos. the union blames an outside contractor for delays. antoinette: the 2016 summer olympics got off to a spectacular start in brazil.
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that you would expect from the world's biggest athletic event. >> let the games bring. with a burst of fireworks, the 2016 games are officially underway in rio de janeiro, brazil. they opened as nearly 80,000 watched. an estimated 3 billion watched around the world. brazil as host country provided the pageantry. the ceremony reflecting the culture and landscape of the country. took a final stroll down the catwalk. more than 11,000 athletes from 206 countries gathering in rio for this year's games. for the first time in his five olympics, michael phelps carried the american flag leading u.s. olympians in the parade of nations. as the most decorated olympian of all time, he was voted the honor by his teammates.
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olympic medals, 18 of them gold. games on. antoinette: and some of today's events include the opener for the u.s. basketball team, women's soccer, and metal races in several swimming events. doug: looking rather snappy and their polo outfits. antoinette: michael phelps looking good leading the team. a fire terry gou a b -- tearing through a bar in france. doug: fans at a in new jersey taking the plunge. the accident that ended that show. antoinette: tom brady speaking up here the quarterback opens up on accepting his deflategate suspension. why he says he did not pursue an appeal. mike: >> monday morning on the eye,
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pat randazzo: when i see those false ads attackini wonder...medicare, they think that we're stupid? we know kelly. walter kolodziej: kelly has always done the right thing for seniors here in new hampshire - she has an impeccable record. mary griffin: we need to work across the aisle-which she does. mimi kolodziej: she's fighting for seniors and protecting medicare. pat randazzo: kelly knows that we need to work together to really preserve and strengthen medicare. mary griffin: new hampshire seniors trust kelly ayotte because she has never let us down. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte and i approved this message. doug: getting ready to shut down newbury street to traffic. antoinette: letting shoppers take over later this weekend. not everyone is a fan of the idea. diane: michael has been the owner of this shop for 22 years. he's seen a lot of businesses
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people that come in and say, have you just opened? we don't advertise. diane: it is what he says he welcomes the idea to keep the street open to foot track -- fo ot traffic. >> a break from the normal flow. it changes the atmosphere and hopefully it is enough to bring people down. diane: on sunday from 10:00 to 6:00 p.m. the city is closing new barry street to vehicles. sneake its doors early. >> they are open. that should bring in a lot of people. diane: the idea is not sitting well with some. >> as a service business, we take appointments, so street traffic is not what we rely on. diane: she worries it might keep some customers away because she says many take advantage of free
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on the street of its kind. >> even the people that work here, where are they going to park? diane: the mayor's office says it could become more regular if it is successful. they will review the feedback before they make the decision. >> now your team 5 forecast with mike wankum. mike: we should not be surprised. here we are in august with thunderstorms rolling in. the saturday afternoon. everyone is outside. antoinette: it is really not affecting my nap later. [laughter] it is so exciting in my household. mike: that cold front coming in with a round of thunderstorms this afternoon. be cautious. boy, we could use the rain. worcester is already eight inches dry. an most ofd us are sitting with a severe drought situation. we need some water.
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three day gentle rain. this is hit or miss thunderstorms. some of you may get 1, 2, 3 inches of rain. so, this morning, a few scattered showers but really more towards midday and afternoon we will see thunderstorms. as we head towards evening, it is all over with. you look across the city, starting off with plenty of sunshine. kind of muggy. that breeze will pick up and that right now things are basically quiet but we are seeing a few scattered showers. this one approaching manchester. towards greenfield. if you are traveling up 93, you may have to run the windshield wipers over the next 45 minutes. as you look to the west, a few scattered showers trying to develop out of albany. the main focus is from here. this is the line that will be coming in as we start to talk
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concerned overnight, it is going to be cool behind the system. ahead of it, we've got temperatures like this. 90's today with a south westerly breeze. rockport a little bit cooler. worcester about 83 degrees. with the threat of thunderstorms. cooler on sunday and monday as the humidity goes down. through the south shore, no sea breeze setting up today. that warm air is pushed up to ducks barry, 87. once you get to zz some cooler air. the cable hold temperatures into the lower 80's. but you will be seeing some thunderstorms later -- the cape will hold temperatures in the lower 80's. we watch this area through pittsfield marching its way eastward. getting its act together around 2:00. then in the boston area around 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon. watch for that window this
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we could see some of our strongest thunderstorms south of the city late this afternoon. this line pushes through the cape and by the time the sun goes down tonight we are pretty much all done. temperatures will be dropping off into the 60's and 50's. keep an eye to the sky this afternoon. this is a high impact weather day. the wind and the potential for heavy downpours. those are the two threats. because everyone will be outside, watch out for lighting. when you hear thunder, it is time to go in doors. that is the time you want to take shelter. after today, you have got along gap before have to worry about anymore showers. beautiful weather monday and tuesday. thursday and friday is unsettled. temperatures around 90. the same thing we have going on today. around of thunderstorms a possibility towards the end of the week. for now, remember, you need to keepa an eye to the sky this
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happening. doug: investigators looking for answer after a deadly fire in france. 13 people dead and half a dozen hurt after a fire swept through a crowded bar. police say the fire broke out at a birthday party. 50 firefighters called to the scene. antoinette: 10 people are hurt after a railing collapsed during an outdoor concert in southern new jersey. a partition separating the concertgoers from the stage at the venue fell over people to tumble down to the concrete below. snoop dogg and whiz kalifa.were performing the concert was forced to end -- forced to end. the first family is heading to the vineyard for their two-week vacation. they have spent their summer vacation on the island nearly every year since they arrived in the white house. their daughter sasha is working
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she will wrap up her job today when the family arrives. no public events are scheduled during our visit. doug: the sox blanked the dodgers. steven wright dazzling with the three hitter. nine strikeouts. mookie batts, have a season. david ortiz not in the lineup but he was on the field as the dodgers honor him in a ceremony. 9-0. decision to move on from deflate date personal. brady speaking out about his decision to move on for the first time. saying he's taking it one data time trying to set an example for his teammates as they prepare for a new season. last month, an appeals court rejected his request that they review his case which meant the suspension would stand. after that decision, tom brady decided not to appeal to the u.s. supreme court.
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like i said, i will be excited to be back when i am back. i'll cheering our team team. -- team on. doug: brady says he will deal of the suspension when it happens and will be watching and rooting for the patriots to win. antoinette: a nantucket nonprofit is giving back to war veterans with the. trainers to bring there be dogs and veterans together. of his leg in iraq in 2004. he says his dog helped him recover when he came home. >> he always seemed to know when my leg was hurting, when i was having phantom pains and feeling stress and had flashbacks. and he provided comfort. antoinette: now he wants to make sure other vets have access or he believes the service dogs
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folks who saved who? when they pick up their adopted pets. antoinette: a milestone birthday celebration for the oldest market basket employee. doug: he turns 96 yesterday. his secret for a long and prosperous life. some students in wisconsin a little hot under the collar. fed up with the lack conditioning. the clever way they are trying to solve the problem. antoinette: let's get back to that live look from lynn. just a gorgeous start to the day. consider this your calm before the afternoon thunderstorms. mike has your forecast after this. hello! it's our new intern, bart's first week here at td bank, he's a robot from one of those other banks. we're training him to bank human. i am banking assistance & registration technology.
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nt it done right ? ? 4 by 4 the top down - stars keep ya up at night ? ? 4 by 4 every one of our seventy-five years ? ? 4 by 4 the wave - that's how we say 'cheers' ? ? that's how we live ? ? 4 by 4ever ? mike: beautiful morning. beautiful sunrise. look at hampton beach kind of quiet. if you're going to the beach today, keep in mind there is a moderate risk of recurrence. also, thunderstorms this afternoon and a beautiful view over the city -- there is a moderate risk of some rip currents. temperature wise it is warm. 60's and 70's already. we are going to start to see some clouds this afternoon with the threat of some thunderstorms developing. high temperatures today right up around 90 degrees. a little bit cooler near the
6:26 am
firing up as we head to the afternoon. spotting a few scattered showers this morning but most of us are staying dry. waiting for this cold front for the west to market eastward. that is why i think we will see our best opportunity for thunderstorms once we get to 1:00, 2:00 this afternoon. they will march their way across the state. keep an eye to the sky because some storms could be producing heavy downpours and gusty winds. there will be lightning and thunder as we talk about the afternoon forecast. antoinette: oldest employee just turned 96 years old. doug: meet arthur st. john. he's been a bagger for 26 years. he works two days a week. he takes care of his two dogs and he cherishes his job and says he never was to retire. - wants to retire. >> keeps me busy and that is what keeps me going. if i waited for death,i probably would not be able to walk.
6:27 am
-- grea skin skin and hair. he still drives and is in good health. and says the secret to living a long life is keep voting -- keep working and take a vitamin every day. age is just a number. changing his tune. antoinette: donald trump having a change of heart. the key endorsements he made last night ever several big snubs this doug: he died in the back of a sheriff's van. 5 investigates what happened on the night of this young man's death. antoinette: look at that. a nice walk along the beach does look great. you know you will have to keep your eye to the sky. like
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severe weather a possibility. i will show you the impact on the rest of your weekend. antoinette: major about-face from donald trump. a string of surprising endorsements. the big names he is suddenly supporting. >> the new safety measures put in place after we revealed what happened in the back of a sheriff's van on the night a young man died. 5 investigates. >> you are watching wcvb, bosses
6:31 am
boston's news leader. ? i came into school. we ain't got no air ? ? antoinette: a parody by a group of wisconsin students suffering from the lack of air conditioning use a clever way to raise the funds. the big celebrity hoping they are hoping to attract with those rhymes. might know which celebrity that is. doug: like does not have the big green cat -- big green hands -- but some thunderstorms talking about this afternoon. we did not have air conditioning when i was a kid. antoinette: i walked uphill both ways in the snow. doug: it was awful. mike: let's talk about what is going on with that thunderstorm threat this afternoon. there are scattered showers
6:32 am
hampshire, a quick downpour cutting through. there are few sprinkles trying to make their way into the berkshires. this is light stuff. we have to wait till later this afternoon when not this area but the area to the west gets fired up. we get some heat and humidity going that will make the ingredients we need. this cold front will come slamming into it. that is why i am looking at the potential for severe weather through the afternoon. for today, look at mostly cloudy skies later on this morning. threat this afternoon. by 6:00, the threat is to the southeastern part of the state. more detail on the timeline of those thunderstorms arriving. around 2:00, the line is setting up. this is what we watch for. thunderstorms firing up around 3:00 in the city and pushing southward. this is where they can get stronger. and pushing their way down towards the cape. looking at downpours. perhaps some gusty wind and there will be a lot of lightning. lightning on a saturday afternoon in the summer, you
6:33 am
storm and what lies behind coming up. doug: good nap time. 6:32. some of the stories we are following. antoinette: state police are investigating a deadly crash. the car was in flames when police arrived. this crash happened just after 9:00 last night on an overpass along route 146. investigators have not release the name of the victim. doug: three beaches are closed for the weekend after several great white sharks feasted on a whale carcass off the coast. six sharks were spotted. beach point and cold storage beaches are closed as a precaution. let the games begin. the summer olympics are underway in rio de janeiro. opening ceremonies were held last night to today's events include women soccer, and some medal events and swimming. -- in swimming. antoinette: donald trump is heading to new england today after delivering an unexpected
6:34 am
after several big snubs this week. mr. trump: fully support and endorse senator kelly ayotte of new hampshire. a state i truly love, parmelee because it was my first victory but i love new hampshire. -- primarily. she is a rising star. and will continue to represent the great people of new hampshire. reporter: trying to end a disastrous week, from endorsing kelly ayotte, john mccain, and house speaker paul ryan days after starting a gop feud by saying he might not. mr. trump: i support and endorse our speaker of the house paul ryan. hold in the highest esteem, senator john mccain. reporter: trump has been trying to get back on message, focusing
6:35 am
a new poll has her up 16 points. on friday, trumps temperament questioned by former obama cia head, writing in a new york times trump is unqualified and may pose a threat to national security. >> america is better than donald trump. reporter: hillary clinton trying to correct the record did she claimed she never sent or received classified e-mails on her personal server and that the fbi director said she told t truth. but actually, he said she did send classified info. mrs. clinton: director, he said my answers were truthful. that is the bottom line. reporter: hillary clinton did not set the record straight. she made those remarks while taking questions. she has not had a full-blown press conference since last
6:36 am
in massachusetts and new hampshire today attending the high-priced fundraiser at the home of william koch. then another fundraiser on to nantucket. tonight he heads out to window, --- to windham. president obama as he vacations on the vineyard. he is expected to attend a fundraiser for presidential nominee hillary clinton on the island later this month. contribute up to $33,000 for the campaign. clinton will attend a separate fundraiser in provincetown. doug: police investigating the drowning death of a child in danvers. the two-year-old was pulled from its families pool thursday night on drury lane. family members perform cpr before he was taken to children's hospital. the case is being called a tragic accident. a motorcycle is is dead after a crash and beverly on route 128
6:37 am
a 30-year-old man crashed into a guardrail. his passenger, a woman, was seriously hurt. antoinette: sentencing day for the fbi agent who pleaded guilty to lying during the whitey bulger trial. ryan fitzpatrick was sentenced to two years probation and ordered to pay a $12,000 fine. prosecutors say he made numerous false claims while under both as a defense witness. the government says fitzpatrick's motives for lying was to promote his book about bulger. the boston teachers union says new federal mandates to better serve homeless students will be tough to achieve due to budget constraints. the changes include removing and --enrollment barriers, more development for teachers and shouldering the cost of transporting the kids to and from school.
6:38 am
-- $3.8 million to transport homeless students. doug: new security measures in place after 5 investigates exposed what happened the night he young man died in the back of a sheriff's van. reporter: the cameras are up top. these cameras in the new sheriffs department transport van will provide an additional layer of security to keep passengers of the officers transporting them safe. the st bought by the department in the wake of tragedy. do you think this could have made a difference? >> it might've made a difference. i think the real, to me the real question is, what was going on inside the facility in bridgewater of waiting for three or four hours. reporter: the move comes months after sam dunn was found unresponsive in a van while it sat park for four hours outside
6:39 am
which was in lockdown. surveillance video showed corrections officers only checking the back of the van once while they waited. according to his death certificate sam died of an overdose after ingesting opiates the day before. at the time none of the departments vans had surveillance cameras. essex county also changed his policy by adding checks on there is any type of delay. >> you look at technology coming look at ways to improve. you try to make sure that it does not happen again. reporter: 5 investigates look at transport security all across the state. and found norfolk county added frequent checks and limited wait times after the dunn case. two other departments were considering adding cameras. three have no cameras at all.
6:40 am
state either have cameras in their vehicles or are in the process of adding them. in norfolk county, all 16 transport vans have cameras. one in each compartment. >> the protective care and custody of the inmates, supervise the inmates. make sure there is no drug or for diabate past. -- drug paraphernalia being passed. we have had altercations in the back of the ns is. it does have a lot of advantages. reporter: norfolk county his has had cameras for eight years. >> i think about him every night. reporter: tony dunn is trouble they took his son's death to prompt changes but hopes of allies will be saved. -- other lives will be saved. >> he did not die for nothing. his life was important and there were steps that could be taken to change the outcome. reporter: the head of the sheriffs association tells us
6:41 am
of alternative plan with the department of corrections for one of facility is in lockdown. doug: shots fired caught on police body camera. the controversy over a deadly takedown and why a critical moment was not recorded. antoinette: a popular deli shut down after 90 years. but there may be some hope for disappointed customers in brookline. tradition alive. doug: heat and humidity triggering a round of thunderstorms. how the rest of your weekend. will shape up once that threat
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doug: frustration after the social security administration adds extra security to online accounts. users have to enter an extra code in addition to their username and password. the codes expire 10 minutes after issue. not all users have cell phones. they have no way to access their. account.
6:45 am
the problem. the problem will not interfere with the distribution of benefits. american airlines had reached a deal with unions to raise wages for 30,000 employees. the hikes are effective immediately and range from 15% to 55%. the airlines saying that the increases makes the hourly wages the highest in the industry. antoinette: a budgeting program at plain ridge pca the play my way program started in june. so far 3200 people have enrolled -- it requires they set a budget before they gamble. the slot machine will notify you as soon as you reach those preset limits. but it will not stop you from playing. the gaming commission says the program provides a necessary resources for responsible gambling. doug: the state of new hampshire asking for federal help to deal with dried conditions.
6:46 am
rocking him and strafford corner. farmers say the lack of rain has affected the corn crops. the supply is cut in half. another challenge is they cannot irrigate. farmers impacted by dry conditions would receive help. >> it will help us preserve the land, pay our taxes, pay for our equipment as the crops fail. and help maintain the open space and the character that new hampshire has strived for over the past 50 years. doug: the governor says more than 30% of the crops have been lost in those three counties. antoinette: you know how bad the drought can affect farmers. mike: there is not much return on the profit at all. doug: oh, well. any relief in sight? mike: everything has already
6:47 am
of those drought busters. severe thunderstorms this afternoon. i want to bring up some lightning safety. we forget about this. today is the day where you will be doing a lot of things and going, i do not want to go inside. you hear the rumble of thunderbird the best - the best place is to take shelter is in a car. if you were outside taller thunder, you should stay inside for about 30 minutes. but look at this view you're looking at over lynn. rsunrise is beautiful. be careful, a moderate risk of rip currents going on through the day today. let's talk about what is going on today. today is the day where we have got 70 degrees, southwesterly wind at 10 miles up that wind
6:48 am
the humidity is in the uncomfortable range right now but getting up to this oppressive range this afternoon. it all changes late tonight after these thunderstorms, drier air comes streaming in. tomorrow, low humidity. of the two weekend days, tomorrow will be a much more spectacular day. this morning, a few scattered showers. this popped up pretty good. a thunderstorm off to the west of manchester. as it gets into manchester, some light showers. that storms today. they build up in one spot and produce a whole lot of rain. and a few miles down the road you may not see much. even as i show you the timeline this afternoon, they are going to be scattered in nature. here's that cold front to the west. what you get the heat going and that cold front approaching, those are all the perfect ingredients you need to get thunderstorms. warm, 86-90 degrees for the high temperature. tonight, and he evening thunderstorms will be clearing.
6:49 am
northwest after midnight. here is the timeline. noon, scattered showers to the west. as we get towards 2:00, more and more these thunderstorms are building up. even though i am showing you a line, it is going to be a thunderstorm here or there. it is going to be forming in a line, but a broken up line. not everyone is going to get rain. by 4:00 into the city, pushing to the south, i do think this may be our area with starting to push the thunderstorms towards the cape. was the sun goes down, these are auto here. the clear skies move in. even the 50's overnight tonight. big dangers today -- heavy rain. this is one of those things wet one of these storms, over the top of you, you get a quick 1, 2 inches of rain. a few rows down the road, not much going on.
6:50 am
such that as the storms come in, you could see wind gusts of 40, 60 miles an hour. lightning is going to be a big concern today, especially everyone outside doing your outdoor activities. ahil a -- hail a low concern. we talk about the possibility of tornadoes. the threat is very low. it is really the wind in the rain. heading to the beach, keep an eye to the sky. high tide at it looks threatening, that is the time to move indoors. if you are at the beach looking for shelter, your car is the perfect place to hang out. as far as tomorrow is concerned, less humid conditions, 84 degrees. on monday, the temperature around 84 degrees. speaking of the humidity, it starts to ramp up towards the end of the week unsettled weather from wednesday thursday
6:51 am
degrees. this afternoon is the time you want to keep a close eye. the wcvb mobile app will always keep you informed. doug: students at a wisconsin school are frustrated with the lack of air conditioning. antoinette: so, what do kids do? they've created a pardoy video -- a parody video. ? a new school with no air ? ? antoinette: smith's rap song, the theme song fresh prince of bel air. they got help from teachers looking to attract anyone who is willing to fit the bill for essential air. they are hoping one of those people is ellen degeneres. or then someone with deep pockets. >> it's warm all the time so they get used to sweating to make it through the day. antoinette: summer school ended last week that the kids will be back in two weeks to start the
6:52 am
and helping out with the a.c.? doug: these kids were not even born when that show was on. antoinette: feeling so old right now. well -- there's that. doug: feeling good? antoinette: communities feeling the impact of a widespread drought. doug: the new ban for one coastal town and a shark warning in the cape. some beaches could be closed all weekend. what is luring new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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atta from dunkin' donuts. stay cool this summer with a new sour apple, watermelon, or blue raspberry coolatta. america runs on dunkin'. doug: three beaches are closed after six sharks were spotted in the waters. noons beach point in cold storage beaches are closed as a precaution. outrage after the release of body cam footage from the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old car theft suspect in chicago. protesters shutting down a press conference yesterday. that body cam video shows the officers firing towards the car and then handcuffing paul o'neill. police say the cameras did not record the fatal shot. his family is suing for wrongful death. the department has stripped
6:56 am
antoinette: trump finally endorsed house speaker paul ryan. trump making a rare gesture asking the parties unite behind him. trump also threw his support behind arizona senator john mccain and kelly ayotte. doug: how about this? rubin's deli in b after all. a message posted on facebook says that the building was shutting down. the owners have found an investor who wants to keep the deli open and continue the tradition, tradition. big oceans are still in the works -- negotiations are still in the works. antoinette: sthe reservoir level
6:57 am
to water gardens. hoses are banned. police are issuing fines for violators. mike: some heavy rain the isolated. watch out for those thunderstorms this afternoon. antoinette: we need that rate.
6:58 am
6:59 am
laura (vo): mom taught us that families comes first. laura: hey, mom. mom: hi. laura (vo): so when she needs a little help... i am happy to give it. medicare is a big help too. so when i heard that kelly ayotte voted to turn medicare into a voucher program, costing us thousands, then i saw she tried to raise the retirement age... all while giving tax breaks to millionaires and big oil. kelly ayotte would rather take care of special interests than new hampshire families. narrator: women vote is responsible for the content
7:00 am
good morning, america. new overnight olympic kickoff. the start of the 2016 summer games. the dazzling opening ceremony. fireworks lighting up the sky celebrating the best of brazil as the world's top athletes take it all in ready to do country proud. team coverage from rio from inside and outside of the stadium. will protesters disrupt the game? and a new olympic darling setting hearts on fire. donald trump's endorsements. the republican candidate abruptly changing course. >> i support and endorse our speaker of the house paul ryan.


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