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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  August 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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>> the investigation revealing blatant discrimination by baltimore police. >> we know our citizens are outraged. . >> lazy heat and high humidity on the way. >> fighting peanut allergies. the promise for infants. >> breaking for years now charged with murder. >> cadillac frank salemme was arraigned in federal court a short time ago in connection with the 1993 murder of a witness. >> we're live outside the federal courthouse in boston. >> frank has been convicted twice before of violent crimes but this time he faces his most serious charge which, if convicted, he could be put to
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he walked in federal court with a greeting for the prosecutor. >> something to the effect of -- nice seeing you here again. >> he's charged with murdering a federal witness in 1993. court documents do not name the victim, but the date of the murder matches that of disarro, whose body was >> for 23 years, the disarro family has had more questions than answers so they are hoping now at some point they will have their questions answered. and eventually justice received. >> he was previously part of the federal witness protection program has been living under another name in atlanta. his lawyer did not request a preliminary hearing and he did not subject to prosecutor's
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out in the end. >> was he on the run? >> absolutely not. >> frank salemme's attorney tells me he had gotten wind of these new charges and was driving from atlanta back to boston when he was nabbed by the federal marshals in connecticut. prosecutors say that's not true. they say he was trying to flee. >> live in boston, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> let's go to breaking news out of new york city. there is man climbing trump tower in manhattan. backpack on. he's using suction cups to get up that building. now, what you're seeing right above him, police officers breaking a window trying to reach him. he's been eluding police. police have tried to get at him using a leader. we also see a window washing unit trying to come down. police officers on the right-hand side of the screen leaning out. trying to get him as well. >> all we know about the man is that he's carrying papers with
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building in midtown. we think he's about five or so stories up. the building is 58 stories high. we'll be keeping an eye on this man. no reason why he's climbing trump tower. >> a violent crime spree in worcester. rape, kidnapping, and carjacking among the charges he's facing. live in worcester with new information on this. todd? record. he has two open cases. as for the violent random pam page that began 24 hours ago it's leaving people shocked and disgusted. >> 35-year-old antonio damon wearing scrubs during his arraignment for a violence rampage tuesday in worcester. beginning with the rape of a 27-year-old woman inside her main street officers around 5:00 p.m. >> when she was approached by an
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suspect. the male physically assault her. grabbed her around the neck choking her and then forcibly raped her at knife point. >> following that incident, uranium, defendant, in essence, told her, fine, go ahead and call police. >> then this father of five, who is on welfare, hunts down his next victim. allegedly carjacking, kidnapping, and sexually assaulting her. >> the defendant took that vehicle, got into two car accidents with it and then fled the scene of t eventually he abandons it, and breaks into this business. women and children hide in a bathroom as damon allegedly robs and threatens a 38-year-old man. that's when police arrive. >> he told police he should shoot them with an assault rifle. >> despite all the evidence implicating him, antonio damon
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>> injured by the officers. struck him when he was arrested. denies the charges. >> police determined early on that the same man was responsible for all of the incidents, though it's still not clear what prompted the rampage. tonight he's being held without bail until a dangerousness hearing later this movement live in worcester, todd, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> thank you. you can see pouring there in worcester, rain for most of us. it seems to be letting up in most places across definitely shift our gears. it getting very humid and we have all of this heat behind us across so much of the country and we'll be a big part of that tomorrow. >> i think we'll avoid bad weather in the short-term. worry about that maybe the end of the week or weekend. right now we're shifting gears, although as you saw it's still raining like crazy. >> we have a heat advisory in effect. when you take into account the
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like 95 to 105. it will be tough out there and that's why that's in effect from noon to 7:00 during the maximum heating of the day. there was a tornado warning a little earlier on long island. still a severe thunderstorm warning. this is eastern end of long island. this is not a threat to our local area because it's moving south and east but you see all of that lightning as well as the hail that's been associated with that cell. a couple of storm reports related to that particular cell also when it was in north haven, connecticut. it could have spawned a tornado er offshore but we have these little pop-up showers that have developed. they are heavy, right around cape ann. these will tend to diminish after sunset tonight and then it will become clear in most of area by tomorrow morning but then it will ball about the heat and humidity. it's already here. in the oppressive range. we'll let you know how long those conditions will be sticking around. >> right now the search
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princeton. police following up on tips in the murder of marcotte. we're live from princeton tonight. rhondella? >> we've learned there is a oreskovich that w -- vigil that will be held. in princeton. people want to know more and police don't have the information. marcotte used to live near leominster. they are keeping watch on the home to ensure the family's privacy. he reportedly saw her father for dinner. then she went for a jog and never turned. marcotte may have been strangled and she suffered trauma and burns. we've learned that investigators are also awaiting the results of a rape kit. princeton residents more uneasy
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detail in the case. investigators receiving a flood of anonymous tips. the number, 508, 453-7589 and they are still asking for the public's help. still no arrests, and police haven't indicated if they have any suspects at this point. live in princeton, rhondella richardson, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> once one of the most wanted fugitives in massachusetts is in trouble again. this time in new hampshire. local police say he led them on a lo londonarry. he stole nine cans of baby formula. >> at one point going over the solid yellow line to pass forcing oncoming traffic off the road and causing one vehicle to crash. >> several years ago, his nickname was billy the kid, he was on the most wanted list for armed robbery.
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and needs help. >> revelations in a probe the justice department releasing a blistering report following a year long investigation. sally kidd has details. >> the justice department says baltimore police have engaged in a pattern of practice of unconstitutional conduct. the report cites intentional discrimination against african-americans, including unconstitutional stops. searches and arrests, and >> officers resort to physical force when the person did not immediately respond to verbal commands. >> the investigation found officers disproportionately stop and search african-americans. make warrantless arrests without probable cause and in some cases perform de gragd strip searches in public without legal
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you know, you know what? this is a lived reality for many people in the city of baltimore. enough is enough. >> the police commissioner says citizens have a right to be outraged, and he's taking action. >> we're going to do whatever it takes, whatever it takes, to have the police department that the city of baltimore deserves. >> six officers have been fired this year alone and major reforms are already under way. >> i'm committed to putting the resources on the table to get this done. >> the mayor says the reforms include additional training and a new approach to accountability. she says the department will be outfitting ought officeall offi body cameras. >> let's go to break news out of midtown manhattan. a climber, you can see the camera moving around. these are live pictures from fifth avenue and 56th street in
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outside of it. we don't know y. he's outfitted with a pretty elaborate system of suction cups attached to a harness. you can see, though, they have just broken a window right above his position there. police officers have. they are waiting there, to try to take him into custody. they also have a fire department leader nearby. they have been trying to get close to him with a window washing apparatus, but he appears determined to keep climbing that apparently some papers with trump's name on it. we've no other information as to his motivation in doing this but again this happening live right now in manhattan. he's high above fifth avenue, at least five to six stories up at this point and it's been going on for about 45 minutes or so. >> he seems like he's surrounded by police officers but yet, still there he is on the outside of the building. >> we'll keep following it.
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newscenter 5 at 5:00, two police officers shot in arkansas. >> the suspect in custody tonight and the call that led to the violent encounter. >> the new plea issued. the father of the new york city jogger found murder last week. >> trouble from security. >> thursday morning on newscenter 5's eyeopener, making sure that back to school doesn't bust the bank the moves you can make to save money when classes start. >> and a piece of humidity, they are really picking up.
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>> right now a police chief is recovering after being shot in arkansas.
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taking any of our commands. >> just take cover reporter: today a tense an violent stand-off for arkansas police. a suspect this morning shooting a police chief, one law enforcement later dying at the hospital. a manhunt under way. a flood of law enforcement on this sebastian arkansas county road. so here, you can hear shots fired. >> the suspect now identified as billy jones from the small town of greenwood, arkansas. barricaded in a home and then captured. >> another perfect example of how local law enforcement every single day comes to work, they leave their family in order to serve and protect. >> that sheriff reporting. they found explosives in the
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they have very limited information right now about the motive. abc news, los angeles. >> the search goes on in queens for the murder of a new york city jogger. vetrano was beaten, raped and strangled last week after going for rain. city police have created a special task force to sleegtdz. the victim's father has a blunt message for the killer. >> you will pay. you will pay here. you will pay now. and you will pay no way to hide. we're going to find you. >> a reward for finding vetrano's killer has been doubled to $20,000. >> to portugal, at least four people have died in massive wildfires. more than a dozen forest fires have destroyed houses and cars and sent people fleeing. forest fires are common in southern europe at this time of year but extreme high temperatures and strong winds are blamed for the worst conditions seen there in several years. and take a look at this scene in
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huge dust storm. making its way across thecy of phoenix. can you imagine the sandstorm. rolled in due to the remnants of tropical storm -- sglsh that's something we do not have here. up with less thing to worry about. >> but we did get some much-needed rainfall. >> no one is complaining that i have seen. no one is complaining. >> but the heat tro i know that but i know others will. a look hyped us. now much of the country is enveloped in incredible heat and we'll be part after that story starting tomorrow. >> we'll show you what's been happening today. there is the rainfall. showing you the last six hours of radar. you see the steadiest bands that came through late morning into the afternoon. we still have some showers popping up even though the main area has moved off. the air is tropical. it's incredibly humid so it don't take much to create
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picked up heavy rain like over average in spots down here as well. a lot of areas between a quarter and a half an inch and some areas between half an inch and an inch. when you have the kind of weather we've had that won't aleve kwlat the problem but at least it was fairly steady for a few showers which is decent. it's a help. it certainly doesn't hurt the situation. but let's show you what's happening right now. we still have a few downpours ready cape ann, up to gloucester. a pretty good downpours coming through worcester. right now they are moving along routes 9 and the pike toward westborough. intersecting with 495. shop showers -- some showers extending northward. into the evening hours we'll tend to see that wane but there was some serious weather that came through north haven, connecticut, a possible tornado,
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those produced some damage. as you can see described here, several trees were down. a similar situation again in north haven, connecticut, from that particular cell so that was where the active weather was and that's still where the most active weather is. as this merges from the eastern tip and now moving south of long island. but notice it's not moving east-northeast toward cape cod. possible there sure or thunderstorm. most of us will have a lot of sun tomorrow. there will be lingering clouds for a whale on the cape but the sun won't be a blessing because there will be a lot of heat and humidity. still scattered showers around, our tropical conditions, 79 in boston but we've often talked about how oppressive the care be. right now the air temperatures in the 70s and low 80s but that's not the story. the air is impressive.
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our humidity impact. we're now at the top of the scale. you can cut it with knife and it extends down to the southwest. at fenway tonight there have been warmer nights but this will probably be the most humid night so far. temperatures in the 70s during the course of the game. slight chance at the start of the game there could be a shower, but the chances probably will be dwindling as we go through the game. all this heat becomes ours for effect from noon to seven. look at the high temperatures. humid as well. that means the heat index will run between 95 and 105 in much of the greater boston metropolitan areas. it will be. it's not quite as hot but very humid on the cape and islands. it will probably be in effect on friday as well. it's just that it doesn't get issued until day before. friday's heat advisory will probably issued for tomorrow.
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rule them out. but the chances are small tomorrow. a little greater later on friday and increase during the course of the weekend. we'll stay on the of this as the heat will be moving in. >> the mayor of boston has declared a heat emergency. >> because of the heat harvey was just talking about. that's in effect tomorrow right through saturday, which means hydrating, check on numbers. we'll have a list of the cooling centers on our website. that's going up. >> we're going to see some of the hottest weather of the season. >> re-dwroan update on rio. . >> your health at 5:30, new research that offers added
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fighting peanut allergies with peanuts. >> at 6:00, a rare catch. where a local lobster man found
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>> let's go back to manhattan, where a man for some unknown reason is climbing trump towers. it's fifth avenue and 56th street. you can see police have broken a window he was just chatting with the police officers through that window. we don't know why he's doing it. he's carrying backpack apparently also some papers with trump's name. we'll coop you updated as this story continues to develop. >> we check in on the summer games in re-owe. big win today. deja vu at the aqualities
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shot the greatest swimmer of all time finished first in his 200 individual medley. brian also advanced, heading into the semifinals. call this one a grudge match that's a rematch. king swam into a spot on the semifinal for the 200 meter breast stroke that set up the potential to face russian rival. king beat him in the 100 meter event and called out the russian for previous doping violations. the women's four by 200 u.s. women. the team advanced potentially giving katy another shot at a gold medal if she swims with the team tonight. simone advanced in the women's 100 meter freestyle. a big win in cycling, am strong battled a slick road and tough challenge tore take gold in the individual time trials. the 43 mother of five got to share the victory with her son. the women's basketball team dominated.
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volleyball team were eliminated in pool play and the men lost to spain and were bumped out of the tournament in a tie-break. the men's gymnastics team is back in the hunt for the all-around competition. sam and chris vying in all six disciplines trying to earn a place on the podium. >> a scary but still funny moment for the women's gymnastics team. simone captured the moment the fire alarm went off today making sure she their gold medals before they left. >> jim ryan, abc news, rio de janeiro. >> congratulations. next 59:30, a deadly issue, fight between friend thaensded in one man's death. >> a librarian dies. the questions right now about how she got shot.
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>> following breaking news at 5:30. former new england crime bros back behind bars tonight. he's charged with the 1993 murder of a south boston nightclub manager known as
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protection program. he's now being held without bail. >> back to breaking news in new york city. live pictures as police try to capture this man who the climbing trump tower using a suction cup method. we estimate he's at least five stories up at this point. police have been trying to get at him from different angles, breaking windows. apparently he has papers with trump's name on them. this is, again, trump tower in midtown manhattan. you can imagine the spectacle this is making on fifth avenue well and continue to bring you updates. >> right now, charged in connection with a violent crime rampage. antoinee owe is charged with rape, sexual assault, rape and armed robbery. he also threatened to shoot two women an assault rifle the defendant is father of five. >> the rain seems to be a leave for many. >> needed it. >> there are still a few showers


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