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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  August 11, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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her. the district attorney has a timeline and hoping for more tips anyone who saw a car moving in that area. anchor: tracking a heat emergency. it feels like 100 degrees. despite the scorcher many people were outside. exercising, enjoying the beach. reporter: others under an extreme drought. >> it is about as uncomfortable as it has been all this season. we are tied for the second hottest days. behind me you can see in boston it is 94 but feels like 102.
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110 in hampton. we have a heat advisory until 7:00 going back into effect tomorrow. it will be another incredibly hot day. of course the dry weather is something else. one the drought. we will talk more about that. reporter: you can track the latest forecast and the heat by downloading our mobile app. anchor: a driver is held without bail accused of raping a teenage girl. reporter: live with new information for us. >> the driver did not say a word
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charge against him. the two began to message on snapchat. on july 5 he picked her up and raped her. investigators say they found dna on the girl's shirt. >> he used his body to pin her down. at that point he raped her. reporter: his reaction area expressive. he has a criminal history of eight pages with multiple convictions for violent crimes. we are trying to work out how he was able to become employed in the first place.
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carlo expressing disbelief he was able to drive. 5 the new legislation isn't enough. he says he calls on the governor and legislature to go back in session and amend this to immediately require background checks and fingerprinting for all uber drivers. systems already exist and are working well in places like new york city. heather: live with how witnesses say this happened. reporter: officials say the gates were down and the bells were ringing when a train bound for boston came through the intersection in wakefield. surveillance video shows what happened next.
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front of the train just as it is entering the intersection as well. the train pushes the pickup down the tracks 100 yards. >> the driver seemed to go around the gates. >> they were down. all of a sudden he went. the train just went. it was not the train' robert thompson. we are told he is 76 years old and a retired firefighter. none of the passengers on board were hurt. >> we are builders and we need
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clinton laying out her economic plan today. days after her challenger did the same thing in michigan. anchor: her job ambition, and empower small businesses and make more in the united states. >> we are going to invest $10 billion in make it in america -- american manufacturing. heather: she told the audience not every american should need a four-year college degree to earn a good living. in florida donald trump not backing down from his latest controversy, talking to the national association of home builders.
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isis. i think we will give hillary clinton most valuable player. you get the m.v.p. award. isis will hand her the most valuable player award. reporter: he said clinton will damage the economy raising taxes, increasing spending and killing jobs. ed: we know the name of the man who was the trump tower. heather: he used suction cups. he is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. he faces charges of reckless endangerment and criminal trespass. he spent hours scaling the building before police grabbed him through a window on the 21'st floor. trump lives there, though he was away wednesday. ed: a rough morning for a driver in newton after this jeep slams into a home. it happened on tremont street.
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at st. elizabeth's hospital with unknown injuries. he's charged with leaving the scene of a crash. right now, we're learning more about a deadly apartment explosion in maryland. there are still a lot of questions this afternoon. newscenter 5's ben simmoneau joins us with the latest. reporter: ed and heather, two people are confirmed dead right now, dozens more injured. an explosionuburdiof silver spring. the bo o building. it was just after midnight that firefighters were called to the apartment complex. some people on the top floor forced to drop children from windows. at least 34 people were hospitalized. among them, three firefighters who suffered minor injuries. still no word on what sparked the explosion. investigators say natural gas furnaces and stoves are in each of the units.
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heather: mayor marty walsh says he understands the reluctance of boston rank and file police officers to wear body cameras. on wcvb's on the record walsh says he's committed to outfitting some police on a trial basis. >> we can't gauge how effective they are. when i say 21, maybe 1700 are on the street. we are going to get a good gauge of how these work. with the mayor on the record. >> heather: new hampshire governor maggie hassan involved in an accident this afternoon. ed: the governor not hurt. her state vehicle collided with another car on high street in nashua. heather: sharon police are still looking for a child rape suspect. 29-year-old erik silvia is wanted on several charges. his last known address is beach road in sharon.
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jersey. if you have any information you should call police. a manchester, new hampshirean ad drug deal.nez had crack cocaine and heroin in her car at a local park. in the backseat, her 3-year-old daughter. martinez is charged with possession of a controlled drug and endangering the welfare of a child. bail was set at 2,000 dollars cash. ed: police in manchester, new hampshire looking for this armed robber. he's accused of holding up heavens gas station at gunpoint, no one was hurt. the suspect ran off with cash. heather: the sweetgreen on boylston street remains closed. city health inspectors say the staff, apparently failed to meet code on a number of occassions. among the violations improper food storage, workers not washing their hands and nobody on staff trained in food safety, food allergies, or first aid. a food safety expert is re-training employees and monitoring protocols.
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>> it is august 11. the ball season is here and it is here to day. some of the top players have not expected to play. for jimmy, now is the number one qute of opportunities of a lifetime. >> similar to the last two years. it's an opportunity to go out there and perform with teammates. it's a different situation. you don't know how many snaps you are going to get. you just have to go out and perform.
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negative. he is batting third. we will see you then. >> that is amazing. did you see the way he was carried off the field? ed: three young woman shot and killed inside of a car. five investigates about the crime that shocked they city. heather: now she is hoping you can help her meet her birth mother. ed: they're clowning around but on a serious mission. in tonight's 5 for good, this group's work to make sick children smile. anchor: there is good reason you are uncomfortable. it feels like 102 in boston. that is how hot and humid it is.
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change. >> friday morning on the eyeopener, extreme heat and health concerns. men may be more at risk. >> and i am tracking when the steamy weather will break, and plus the chance for storms on friday, starting fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan.
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ed: lisicki live look at the traffic. the traffic going to boston is bad. we are actually moving out ok. let's see what we've got.
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get down there. mass pike, that is what traffic looks like. >> they are impressive. sand everywhere.
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tropical storms. we have to talk about our weather. we have a couple of little pop-up showers or downpours around the region. the latest is actually weakening. it looks like it is falling apart. we have another little wine down. there were drops of rain. the air humid there is no tremendous mechanism to produce a lot of storms. we have the localized one or two showers here. today of course, the situation as it goes on longer and longer becomes more serious.
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is over 7.5 inches. this is where it is driest of all. in between, 96 that is oppressive. if you have this kind of heat and humidity at oppressive levels that is a very uncomfortable situation. we have the heat advisory that is going to be repeated tomorrow.
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we factor in the temperature and humidity. heat advisory in effect for tomorrow. starting at 90 degrees headed to the 80's. look at this. boston is going to struggle to get under 80 deg. thunderstorm around. not much thunderstorm around. always keep an eye to the sky. one thing i want to point out, we will develop a northwest wind in boston. it will be cloudier and cooler.
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go along. the next seven days, once more that is due to the heat and humidity as it was today. on saturday the coast will be cooler. watch for storms. somewhere, later in the weekend there is the potential for downpours. of road rage caught in missouri. ed: two men captured this cell phone video as a man gets out of a minivan and starts punching and kicking the car next to him trying to get in. the witnesses say the other driver was elderly and visibly shaken up during the two-minute ordeal. the men only captured a few seconds of video before the
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>> he was yelling at bunch of cuss words. he unlocked the doors. ed: he only captured a few seconds of video before he took off. heather: your health, the dea announces it will not approve the use of medical marijuana. the agency claims its therapeutic value has not been scientifically proven. 25 states, including massachusetts, have laws allowing the medical use of marijuana. one change the dea will ke, it will expand the number of places allowed to grow marijuana for research purposes. a new study shows obamacare may be making some people healthier. ed: these findings reported in the journal of the american medical association. the study reveals low-income people in arkansas and kentucky which expanded medicaid insurance to everyone under the affordable care act are
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expanded. researchers also found the expansion of medicaid was associated with increases in the use of outpatient services and reductions in emergency room use. ed: patio furniture that can put you at risk. the recall from home depot. heather: -- ed:
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ed: focusing on your economy, macy's closing more stores. heather: the retailer announcing today that 100 stores will close by next year. the list of stores affected has not been finalized. the closures represent 14% of macy's store base. this is another attempt by the department store operator to become more nimble in a competitive market. word of the closures comes as fell but beat wall street estimates. ed: -- heather: delta appears to be back on track days after a global computer outage. between monday and wednesday, the airline canceled nearly 2,000 flights including a handful here in boston. delta had hoped to have flights back to normal yesterday. but most flights appear to be operating on schedule today with the exception of a few. ed: home depot recalling 265,000
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the can reportedly break unexpectedly causing injury. in fact, there have been more than 400 reports of this happening, at least 16 people were hurt. they were sold in pairs or as part of patio sets between october 2012 and january 2015. heather: ariana huffington is stepping down. the name and face of the popular huffington post is resigning as president and editor-in-chief. she is staying busy huffington plans to launch a new health and wellness company. it's expected to launch later this year. ed: a man after a fly ball creates quite the mess. heather: the attempt worth an instant replay next on
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right.
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i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. heather: it's the end of an era at disney world. the resort is pulling the plug on its famed main street electrical parade. the event has dazzled visitors since 1977 with characters and floats covered in lights. the parade will be shipped to disneyland in california for a limited time. it's not clear what will replace the parade which will officially end in october.
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this is a fan of the pirates game. not only lost them got a face full of chips, cheese and salsa. no ball. he didn't get the ball. heather: he didn't have a fre no food and no ball. heather: that is something. he will never live that down. >> breaking news in the murder of a jogger in princeton. new information just reliving old by investigators. >> a pickup truck dragged by a commune or -- commuter train. >> when we will get a break from drought. >> three women shot and killed in a car.
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justice. >> this is wcvb at 5:00. >> breaking news in the search for that killer. let's get live in princeton. >> investigators have released more information . they are looking for a man who has cut's and bruises. the jogger murdered in princeton is being remembered with balloons and sneakers. police return to the wooded crime scene. this is where she was found dead. police still working to identify a suspect say it a man who was injured when marcotte fought back.


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