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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] emily: good morning. it's tuesday, august 16. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price. following breaking news on the eyeopener right now -- a t 4:30, a teenager shot in the street in boston. the new details we're learning from the scene overnight. emily: an elderly man beaten inside a fall river hotel. why he says he was attacked and the witnesses different story. randy: controversy on the campaign trail. the comments expected today from donald trump, and the new boost for hillary clinton. emily: we will get to those stories. first, checking in with cindy and the forecast. feels cool this morning. cindy: not bad this morning. things will change through the course of the day. we have warmer, more sticky air coming in.
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slight risk for storms. we are starting to see a couple of showers pop up. out across the berkshires, across western massachusetts right now, but this is just the beginning. we will keep a close eye on the radar for you. we do have some clouds working on through this morning out ahead of a warm frontal boundary. this warm front will be lifting in and providing one mechanism of storms. behind i will keep the storm track going on through the hour. you can see how soupy it is to our south. we are waking up to readings in the 60's, around 70 degrees in boston. as we go through the morning hours, that humidity ramps up. high temperatures by noontime in the low 80's. 2:00, 4:00, storms just getting started in the boston area, and
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coming up. how are we doing on the roads? good morning, olessa. olessa: a live look at the pike, eastbound, you can see some flashing lights out there, overnight construction just a little bit longer. the rest of your ride pretty quiet. route 3, problem free on 24, as well as 95, and construction picking up on 128. trains and buses aren randy: all right, olessa. breaking news in boston -- a teenager is recovering after being shot. we have been gathering details overnight. emily: the eyeopener's doug meehan is live at the scene with what we know right now. doug? doug: good morning. we know the victim here is just 15 years old. shot several times. and right now police are looking for help to find out who pulled the trigger. we have some video in a from just overnight. police say the teen was in a car in front of 25 gavin way just
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that is when the shots rang out. he was hit. we talked to police at the scene, and they're optimistic about his condition. >> he is in surgery. he was shot a few times. according to the doctors, there is a good chance he may survive your. -- here. doug: police say the victim was just shy of his 16th birthday. no arrests in this case. police are asking anyone who saw anything to come forward . of course, those tips can beke scene, we will be sure to pass it along. live in boston, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: thanks, doug. other stories we're following right now -- massachusetts state police are investigating the drowning of a man on cape cod. his body was pulled from joshua pond in osterville around 8:40 last night. "the cape cod times reports" a man called police about a missing swimmer after he found two children on the beach who said they couldn't find their
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patriots player aaron hernandez is expected back in court today. hernandez is charged in a 2012 double murder in boston. that case is set to go to trial later this year. today's hearing is primarily for scheduling. hernandez was convicted last year in the 2013 shooting death of a boston man. emily: a funeral will be held today for the young women murdered while jogging in princeton. 27-year-old vanessa marcotte's body was found in the woods sunday night a short distance from her mother's home. some in that community are upset they only got an alert about her disappearance a short time before her body was found. state police responded to those concerns last night, saying the town was directed to issue that alert after police assets had been mobilized. they are reassuring residents that the response was significant, including patrols from princeton police and three state police barracks, commanders from troop c headquarters, k-9 units, our air wing, and detectives. marcotte's funeral begins at 10:00 a.m.
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side, kicking me in the head. randy: right now, police are investigating the brutal beating of that elderly man inside a fall river hotel. he is calling it a vicious attack, but this morning a witness says that's not the case. 79-year-old al marceau says he came out of his hotel room early sunday morning to ask a group of men to quiet down. he says they pounced on him, kicking and punching him. marceau has a bloody black eye, and cuts on his head, face and leg. >> please, he is 79. he had an operation and while ago. please do not hurt him. they could care less. they were like animals. randy: three men are charged with felony assault and battery. but marceau is also facing a misdemeanor charge because a witness says he threw the first punch. he is hoping hotel surveillance proves he didn't start the fight. emily: new this morning, the boston police department is facing criticism for failure to address complaints against
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a program started in september is meant to address grievances through mediation with officers. but this year, only 15 complaints were identified as suitable for mediation. of those, 10 officers refused the chance to take part. boston police say they are working to try and make officers more comfortable with the program. randy: commitment 2016 -- today, donald trump is set to take on another controversial issue on the campaign trail. the eye's erika tarantal is here to set the stage. you. the republican nominee will host a law enforcement roundtable this afternoon in milwaukee just days after a police shooting sparked a wave of violent protests. monday, he reiterated his calls for a partial ban on muslim immigration as he turned his focus to isis. mr. trump: to screen out any who have hostile attitudes toward our country or its principals, or who believe sharia law should
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vetting, saying when he's president there will be a screening test for immigrants. on the democrat, side vice presidential nominee tim kaine kept up the pressure during a campaign stop last night in north carolina. sen. kaine: he said president obama is the founder of isis. i mean, this guy comes up with one crazy notion after the next. we will not be tricked by trump. erika: clinton-kaine got some support last night in massachusetts. president obama took a break from vacation to attend a fundraiser for the campaign on right now, the state is taking action after this woman a , a dialysis patient, was left alone inside a methuen clinic for hours. firefighters broke in saturday to get her out. now her family is demanding answers. 86-year-old maureen perry was left sitting in a chair at the fresnius clinic. the building was locked, and the staff had gone home. the clinic released a statement saying a staff member had "mistakenly believed all our patients had left the facility. we deeply regret what occurred."
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"we won't be satisfied until we have a full explanation of the situation." both the clinic and the public health department are investigating. mrs. perry is now in the care of a different medical team. a young cancer patient gets a special surprise in boston. randy: the memorable birthday from friends at his home away from home. and going for the gold at the rio olympics. the rough moments for two athletes putting it all on the line. erika: we are following breaking news in boston. a teenager shot several times while sitting in a car. this happened just before midnight on gavin way. that boy is expected to survive. our doug meehan is live at the scene. we'll have updates ahead. cindy? cindy: we are watching some showers popping up this morning. when the more serious storms
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when i look for solutions, i don't start in washington, and has all the answers.arty you know where i find common-sense ideas? right here in new hampshire... where i'm fighting for the good-paying jobs that strengthen our economy. i worked to make childcare more affordable and make it easier to save for college.
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and to strengthen social security and medicare. together, we're making new hampshire and america stronger. i'm kelly ayotte, and i approved this message. randy: oh, boy! a big birthday surprise for a little florida boy. 5-year-old jacob is now boston strong too. his family has called boston home for about m diagnosed with cancer last year. he underwent three brain surgeries in florida and a fourth one here. now with more complications, his family is back to boston. the lenox hotel is their home away from home. and they made his birthday a day he will never forget. >> they found out about his birthday, and they told me they wanted to plan something special if i was ok with it.
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involved. emily: jacob got to be bat boy for the day and met his favorite superhero, batman. it looks like he had an absolute blast. happy birthday to jacob. a name change at a prestigious southern school. randy: why they're paying big books to give a name back. a new health alert for pregnant women. what you may be doing now that could lead to behavioral
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randy: it is 4:44. seven people have died in louisiana as the state deals with a flooding crisis.
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the many areas of the state, a major disaster has been declared. i have been checking in with my relatives on facebook, and a lot have flooding on their homes. not have been displaced. cindy: some have been carried the rain takes a while to flow where it needs to. ev s in boston since the first half of the year, it is just incredible, and this has been a matter of days for them. a really tough situation there. here, we are on alert today. this is the day that you need to be weather aware because we have storm's popping up throughout the day, and the storm protection center is eyeing our area in southern new england.
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the potential for some damaging winds and also heavy rain. the trigger for the storms will be this frontal boundary here off to the west, and as this punches in, it will bring back that oh press of humidity. it will be working on and you're it you can see we already have cloud streaming on and very ugly out of nowhere, a few showers pop up. you can see it in the western part of the state. no lightning. it gives you an idea that very quickly, the atmosphere and storms will develop today, and that is something you will see off and on through today. the timeline of most concern is about noon until 8:00 this evening. at that time, storms could contain heavy rain, lightning, and strong wind. we cannot rule out a spin out. there is churning in our
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things are pretty quiet in boston. temperatures 72 degrees, there are some clouds moving on income and the dew point is running in the mid-60's. these to be air to ourselves and all the oppressive humidity will work on in -- the soupy air to our south and all the oppressive humidity will work on in. high temperatures today held back. it will be a partly sunny day. in terms of the storm timeline, i think this is a little under done. some showers off to the west, and through noontime, just spotty showers, but the activity starts to ramp up early this afternoon first out across the western part of the state, but by 4:00, 5:00, that is getting closer to 495. if the storms can hold together, they will reach the boston area
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temperatures near 70 tonight. it will be a sticky night for sleeping. as the day wears on, clearing skies, and less humid air working on in. pretty nice on wednesday with a breeze pushing the temperatures into the mid-80's. then we had to thursday, and it will be another front, a weak one, and i could bring isolated shower in the afternoon. upper 80's on thursday . the humidity is setting up for what looks like a pretty nice weekend, but all eyes focus on today. it is a red day. emily: -- olessa: thank you, cindy. you can see the northbound side heading to the bottom of your screen. so far, a nice and light ride in both directions. no problems, a couple construction problems. no issues here in boston.
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town, good to go, and we are expecting trains and buses on schedule. emily? emily: olessa, thanks. to the olympic games in rio. this morning, stiff competition between two american gymnasts. needham's own aly raisman defends her title against a teammate. raisman won gold in her last olympics in the floor exercise. she will defend that title today. her biggest competition -- u.s. gymnast simone biles. biles took bronze yesterday after a somewhat disappointing finish to her balance beam performance. she has captured three gold medals in the rio games. american laurie hernandez took home silver on the beam. and check out this finish in lane 7. shaunae miller of the bahamas dove to the finish line to claim gold in the 400-meter final. that dive prevented american allyson felix from getting her fifth olympic gold medal. she finished just 700ths of a second behind miller.
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economy now. asian markets were mixed overnight but stayed mostly unchanged as the price of oil recovers a bit. right now, stock futures here are lower. investors keeping an eye out today for the federal reserve's monthly industrial production report. the u.s. justice department is trying to reach a settlement with volkswagen amid the company's emissions scandal that impacted 475,000 vehicles. "the wall street journal" reports the justice department found criminal wrongdoing by vw in its handling of the issue. specific charges but hope to wrap up the case by the end of the year. emily: your health this morning, some alarming new research suggests many parents still put babies to sleep in risky ways. each year, about 3500 infants die in the u.s. from sudden infant death syndrome, or sids. researchers reviewed video of parents putting babies to sleep and found that many lay them on their side or stomach, which can be dangerous. they also found that items are
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be there, things like loose bedding and bumper pads. a warning for pregnant women. a new study suggests taking acetaminophen while pregnant can lead to future behavioral problems in children, including hyperactivity and emotional issues. many doctors say women should continue to take the medicine, however, because not treating fever or pain can lead to premature labor. randy: trending stories this morning. vanderbilt university is making a name change on its campus. the word "confederate" is being removed from a residence hall after 81 years. the tennessee school was sued by a group who made a large donation in 1933 for the name to be displayed. but a state appeals court said the school could remove the word if they returned the donation at its modern day value. $1.2 million. no institutional funds will be used according to the university.
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affordable. lin-manuel miranda says automated programs are being used by scalpers to jack up the price of the original ticket. a new york senator is teaming up with him to push the bots act. the bill would fine those who use the software. randy: actor ashton kutcher is heading to boston this fall. he is going to be cohosting forbes' under 30 summit along with cambridge-based rough draft ventures. the summit is a competition for startups that will take place at five sites across boston. more than 5000 people are expected to attend. a scare for pats fans. rob gronkowski leaving practice early. emily: we have some good news about his condition ahead in news to go. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00, summer getaways can also end in summer colds. three strategies to keep the whole family healthy when you
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randy: good morning. it is five minutes before 5:00. breaking news in your early news to go. emily: a 15-year-old is recovering after being shot several times in boston. this was the scene overnight on gavin way in south boston. police say the teen just shy of his 16th birthday was shot while sitting in a car just before midnight. police say they are optimistic he will recover. so far, no arrests. accused of kidnapping his son in boston and shooting a man in the stomach. juan ayala-powell hid his face in court yesterday. he is charged with custodial kidnapping of his 9-year-old son, kelvin, after shooting a neighbor during an argument thursday night on blue hill ave. nue in the city. the victim is expected to recover.
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driving, having two toddlers in her car at the time of the arrest. police say angela powers smelled of alcohol and was unsteady when she was stopped last friday. police say she also refused to answer questions and blew smoke in an officer's face. emily: a california man is under arrest, accused of selling -- setting this devastating fire in lower lake. the fire destroyed more than 175 homes and businesses over the weekend in the northern california town. police arrested damin pashilk yesterday on 17 counts of arson. they believe he's responsible for numerous fires in lake county over the past year. randy: the obama administration announces its biggest transfer of detainees from guantanamo bay. 15 prisoners are being sent to the united arab emirates. it is part of a renewed push to cut the number of terror suspects held at the u.s. base in cuba. 61 detainees remain. emily: the nfl is threatening suspension for four players refusing to cooperate with the league's investigation into claims of steroid use.
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claims in a december report that included peyton manning. he has been cleared, but players like clay matthews and james harrison, who deny the claims, have dodged nfl interviews. the league says they have until next thursday to comply. good news for patriots fans. rob gronkowski could get back to the practice field today after leaving early yesterday. gronk pulled up short while going for a pass yesterday. he then saw a trainer on the sideline, then left for the locker room. is not serious. randy: kansas city tries to capture a good luck charm in detroit. that is a praying mantis. they found it at their dugout last night. the royals had a praying mantis mascot during a winning streak, but that bug died. so they want another one. this insect got away but not without leaving behind some luck. the royals beat the tigers 3-1. emily: interesting.
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yesterday was a hot day. again, we touched 90 degrees in boston -- the seventh time this year. i cannot think that is happening today. in fact, we will be a little bit cooler today. under an inch, we should have closer to two. we are behind for the year. you take the month of june, july, and august, the meteorological summer, it is currently the dri rain, the driest we ever had back in 1957 when we had just under what tro inches or if we do not get an inch of rain around your by the end of the month, this will go down in the record books in boston as the dryers summer -- the driest summer. we have a low chance of some showers developing this morning. we are starting to see that on the radar right now. out across the western part of the date, these are showers, not thunderstorms. the potential is there that we
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severe as we get toward midday and the afternoon hours. him are under a slight risk of storms later on today. what is going to trigger them is this warm front off to the west. that will put us back in behind, soupy air. even though the temperatures are only in the low to mid 80's, the human the ramps up. it is an active weather day across the entire northeast. it is less humid as the day wears on. notice as we go through mid-to-late about temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. a big drop in humidity as we had through the weekend. right now, the weekend is looking comfortable and mainly dry with the next chance of showers coming inside at night -- coming in sunday night. and we will break it down for you as the eye-opener continues. >> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener . randy: breaking overnight, gunfire in a boston neighborhood. the young victim's condition this morning. emily: a man beaten inside a
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randy: donald trump, touting what he calls "extreme vetting." his newly rolled-out immigration plan, on the eye for this tuesday morning. >> you are watching wcvb, boston's news later. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. emily: also on the eye this morning, airplane germs can put a damper on your summer travel, but there are some easy ways to stay healthy. tricks to keeping your immune system strong, ahead this half good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price with cindy fitzgibbon. we are expecting some storms today, cindy. cindy: we sure are. my best advice to you is to stay weather aware throughout the day because some of these are scattered in nature. not everyone will see them, but as we know, when we get them, they can be intense. the storm production center i in


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