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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  August 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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erika: good afternoon. thank for joining us. stories we are following right now. a final farewell as family and friends of vanessa marcotte attend a funeral mass for her today in leominster. no arrests in the death of the webby seven-year-old who was murdered while jogging in instant. -- in princeton. erika: a 15-year-old was shot several times in south boston. he's being treated right now and boston medical center.
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developing storm threat and cindy is taking a look at the timeline. cindy: good afternoon. still eyeing us in southern new england with a slight risk of severe storms developing as we go into the afternoon and this evening. we're waiting for this warm frontal boundary to push into our area. it started to develop storms to our south and west and what it is is the leading edge of that oppressive humidity. you remember the storms we had. that is now moving back and in conjunction with this warm front. starting in the next couple of hours, through midnight tonight we will be on guard for scattered storms developing. not everyone is going to see them, the primary impact, and he rain, potential lightning. the way the atmosphere is set up today some of the storms could start rotating so we cannot rule out an isolated spin up or even a tornado. most likely area that that would occur would be out across
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western connecticut so we will continue to watch things closely. a few showers back in eastern new york and one little cell on the radar are you a good downpour across coastal connecticut. notice there are breaks in the clouds. in advance of that cell. these may continue to lift northward and we expect more activity to develop on radar through the afternoon right into this evening probably getting closer to the boston area as we get toward the evening emily: a final farewell for vanessa marcotte is noon. erika: the 27-year-old was killed just a half mile from her mother's princeton home. sera congi is live from our lady of the lake church with more. sera: the funeral mass wrapped up just a short while ago. hundreds of people showed up to celebrate the life of vanessa marcotte. some of the did not even know her or her family showed up
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the procession winding through the town she called home. a final goodbye in leominster for a native daughter, 27-year-old vanessa marcotte. her body was found a little over a week ago in the woods along the princeton road where she went for a jog near her mother's home. her murder, still a mystery. >> i have a daughter and whenever she go somewhere i worry. sera: arthur bartlett and his wife stood outside the church where the funeral mass was held. >> being put them at ease but it will show that we are behind them 100%. sera: loved ones streamed into our lady of the lake church, showing of grief and love for the life that touched many in several massachusetts communities in new york city where she lived and worked for google. >> i feel terrible. sera: mindy park street by the church to say a prayer. >> i wanted to put my hand on my heart and say a little prayer
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maybe she will hear me up top. sera: this funeral service was private. the mayor attended and spoke with us moments ago telling us it was all about her life, all about love. did not focus on her death. he did encourage people to call in on the tip line from state police to give information that might help solve her murder. emily: a homecoming for a korean war pow six to five years in the making. he will looking at live pictures from sky 5 as the remains of army corporal ronald sparks are brought home. the 20-year-old cambridge man was presumed dead in korea back in february of 1951 and his remains were recently identified through dna testing. sparks's family always wanted to bring him home for burial in
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several times as he sat in a car in south austin. late last night and right now search for suspect is on. doug meehan is live with the latest. doug: the victim just shy of his 16th birthday lucky to be alive this afternoon as police continue their investigation into who pulled the trigger. >> i heard a bunch of gunshots. i came out on my porch and realized it was right over here at 24 doug:. just before midnight chris garrett of gunfire in south boston. >> i heard about seven of them. seven shots. doug: according to boston police several of those bullets striking the 15-year-old who was sitting in a car on gavin way. >> he will shot three times. according to the doctors visit good chance he may survive. doug: as scheduled event in roxbury, mayor marty walsh says
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development. >> hotspot the summary another had not been a lot of shootings. police have been working very closely with security as well. >> police are not released the identity of the victim of neighbor who works with him at a local youth center had nothing but kind words for the teen. >> a good kid. while the average teenagers. doesn't cause no trouble. they ride bikes up and on the street. that's about all they do doug: around here. police are asking for the public's help if you have information about the shooting. call the tip line. emily: state police are investigate drowning on cape cod. a man's body was pulled from the joshua pond in osterville around 8:40 last night. cape cod times reports a man called police about a missing swimmer. former patriots player aaron hernandez is inspected back in
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double murder in boston. that case is set to go on trial later this year. today's hearing is primarily for scheduling. hernandez was convicted last year in the 2013 shooting death of old lloyd. -- bowdoin lloyd. erika: new push back to equip boston police officers with by cameras. if no one volunteers for the pilot program evans will select participants himself. the union tells the herald that would go against their agreement with d officers must volunteer. the commissioner hopes to get the six-month trial started september 9. the dvd facing criticism for failure to address complaints against officers. a program started in september is meant to address grievances through mediation with officers but this year only 15 complaint were identified as suitable for the mediation and of those, 10 officers refused to take part. boston police say they are working to try to make officers more comfortable with the program.
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trump is in wisconsin today after proposing a process of extreme vetting as a means of stopping isis. the proposal under attack by hillary clinton. kenneth mouton has the latest from the campaign trail. kenneth: donald trump's so proclaimed extreme immigration plan to defend against terrorism. >> time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. i call it extreme vet proposal to give a test to people coming from known terror zones is getting criticism. trump expanding his temporary ban on foreign muslims to include entire regions. >> only those who we expect to flourish in our country and to embrace a tolerant american society should be issued visas. kenneth: constitutional lawyers say it is legal but the use of
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the supreme court would likely step into limit trumps plan. hillary clinton's campaign released a video and called trumps plan a cynical ploy to escape scrutiny of his outrageous proposal to ban an entire religion. joe biden spending his first day on the campaign trail with clinton pounced to read >> trumps ideas are not only profoundly wrong, they are dangerous and un-american. kenneth: clinton's super pac plto of virginia, colorado and pennsylvania. president obama took a break from his vacation on martha's vineyard to attend a democratic fundraiser. he told the room democrats should be running scared until election day or "we will be making a grave mistake." manager senator kelly ayotte saying she has no plans to endorse donald trump but again she says she will vote for her
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i've set i'm going to be voting for him but i do have significant disagreements with him which i have been clear on. so i won't be endorsing him. senator ayotte says trump should release his tax returns say the race is better if he releases them. kurt schilling may be considering a stint in politics. the sights set on elizabeth warren. schilling says he wants to reward the pe schilling is a frequently outspoken conservative. he says he is interested in a formal senate run but that his wife shonda would have the final say. emily: there will be some local excitement today. stiff competition between two american gymnasts. aly raisman defend her title against a teammate. she won gold on the floor exercises in the last olympics and she will defend the title today. her biggest competition is some
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biles took bronze yesterday after her balance beam performance. she is captured three gold medals in the rio games. lori fernandez took on silver on the beam. team usa holds a commanding lead in the medals race, 77 total including 27 gold. nearly twice the number of top metals of china and great combined. -- great britain combined. erika: what will now replace the iconic building. sitting him of the new smoking when it comes to health risks. cindy: it is still pretty quiet but there is a storm threat this afternoon right through the evening hours. the impact and the break in humidity, on the way. erika: a seventh body is found in louisiana. the startling number of residents forced from their
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emily: the iconic riviera hotel and casino is now a pile of rubble after an overnight him to in las vegas. demolition of the monte carlo wing comes two months after the taller tower was leveled the same way. the land will be used as an expansion for the las vegas convention center. erika: the man accused in the murder of a new york imam -- both queens. morrell was arrested after police say they linked into an unrelated hit and run. vanderbilt university making a name change on its campus. the word confederate being removed from a residence hall after 81 years. the tennessee school was sued by a group of made a large donation in 1933 for the name to be displayed but a state appeals court says the court could rule
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the word if they'd returned the donation at its modern-day value, $1.2 million. emily: the mission scandal that impacted more than 435,000 vehicles. the wall street journal reports the justice department found criminal wrongdoing by vw and tabling of the issue. prosecutors are not decided on specific charges but the hope to wrap up the case by the end of the year. you may like one cars new that will give account out on the dashboard as you wait for the light to turn green. the system detects the length of the light by linking it to traffic management computers. the rollout of the system could take a while as audi coordinates with each city. erika: alarming new research suggests many parents put still put babies to sleep in risky ways. each year about 3500 infants die in the u.s. of sids.
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side or stomach which can be dangerous. they also found items are left in the crib that should not be there including loose bedding and bumper pads. a warning about something many of us do everyday, too much sitting. the american heart association says they can lead to heart disease, diabetes come even death. the new recommendation is to get up and do it often. dr. suggest taking active breaks . it's as simple as taking a walk to a more distant bathroom or watercooler. emily: as the search in continues, seventh body recovered from the floodwaters in baton rouge. at least 30,000 people have been rescued. many of them now packed in shelters. elizabeth her reports the danger is not over yet. elizabeth: this view from above showing widespread flood damage, loss is heartbreaking for the homeowners. >> what's left if anything. everything i had is gone. everything.
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christina and neighbor survived hurricane katrina. the devastation this time, even worse. >> it was nothing like this. a lot of displaced people, a big area but this is a whole town just washed away overnight. >> it like the end of your world , having to start over like that. we worked so hard for it. elizabeth: the worst of the rain has stopped for the flooding continues. so many spent the night sandbagging hoping to save their kept busy volunteering looking for neighbors who might be trapped. >> we're trying to do whatever we can in our time of crisis and disaster. elizabeth: in parts of louisiana more than 30 inches of rain fell in just three days. so far at least 30,000 people have been rescued area of them, 12,000 are now homeless and packed in shelters. in sorrento louisiana, the mayor
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forced to rebuild. >> we're not going to give up. we will stay until the end. if it knocks us down where going to get back up and rebuild. elizabeth: the water is starting to reseed but that means towns downstream will not be dealing with swollen rivers and that is why authorities say they remain on high alert. emily: the amount of rain is incredible. cindy: since the first of january we have here all year. clearly we are in a drought situation but when you get that much rain in a matter of days -- we have the potential to get some beneficial rain this afternoon. unfortunately those storms may come with a little bit of a punch. slight risk of severe storms this afternoon in area shaded in yellow. pretty much all of southern new england. 2:00 this afternoon right through midnight, kind of want to be whether aware and keep an
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you can see showers across eastern new york. showers to the north. we started to see a little bit of activity and you could see how the cells have just started to pop up, that will be the trend as we going to the afternoon. storms will start popping up. there are lightning strikes -- they may get a little more intense as we go through the next few have been brighter for a little longer across eastern connecticut. that is helping to destabilize the atmosphere and create an environment that is more conducive to storms developing through the afternoon. 86 in hartford. compare that the 76 in boston right now where we still clearly have a good amount of cloud cover. we also have the wind coming in off the water, and east northeasterly wind for the moment with cloudy skies, 76
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low 60's. humidity on the way up. as you look to the south, those oppressive dew point temperatures where you see the red, they are moving in through connecticut and they are well to the south. this is all of that oppressive humidity that is shifting in our direction. the leading edge is this warm frontal boundary and if this continues to lift northward it's going to be the trigger as it brings in the more humid air to start to get the storms firing northward our chances for storm development will go up. that is why they go up through the afternoon. the primary impact as we get into that deep moisture for some of these storms to put out potential rain and that could lead to some areas of poor drainage flooding. a lot of lightning potential with the storms. some of the stronger storms do have the potential for some strong to imaging wind and also the way the atmosphere set of the wins will be changing direction with height and i
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there is a low chance but it is not zero that there could be a brief spin up or a tornado. the best area that could probably happen would be at -- will be out across western massachusetts and western connecticut. futurecast, watching a few more of these start to pop up. notice it's nothing real organized. scattered storms. not everyone is going to see them and they do become closer into the evening hours. these are scattered strong storms with damaging wind threat and the potential for flooding right through the evening hours and even into the overnight this particular computer model is not depicting much happening after midnight that there's going to be another front approaching so we could have some storms going right to the predawn hours of tomorrow morning as well. temperatures in the 70's tonight until this front crosses the area the humidity is high. dropping over the course of the day tomorrow.
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well up into the 80's for you tomorrow. still in the upper 80's on thursday. another front is going to drop down from the north on thursday and that is a reinforcing shot of drier air. less humidity as we go toward the end of the week and the weekend is setting up nicely with some sunshine and more comfortable temperatures. all eyes focused on the afternoon and evening hours for the potential of stormy weather. erika: keep the act handy for updates. show.
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when i look for solutions, i don't start in washington, and has all the answers.arty you know where i find common-sense ideas? right here in new hampshire... where i'm fighting for the good-paying jobs that strengthen our economy.
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i've worked across party lines on clean air and energy efficiency efforts... and to strengthen social security and medicare. together, we're making new hampshire and america stronger. i'm kelly ayotte, and i approved this message. emily: ashton kutcher is coming to boston this ball. cohost forbes under 30 summit. the summit is a competition for startups that will take place at five sites across boston. erika: the creator of hamilton wants to keep show to the best keep show tickets affordable. lin-manuel miranda says automated programs are being used by scalpers to jack up the price of the original ticket. a new york senator is teaming up with him to push forward a bill
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the software -- find those -- fine those we use the software. cindy: keep an eye on the radar. things are relatively quiet but that is expected to change in the afternoon. emily: thank you for joining us.
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>> you know, it's not every day that someone wins $1 million on our show, but stick around, because today just might be the day. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ? ? hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to continue to play "millionaire"? [cheers and applause] returning contestant. says she's a 7th generation kentuckian who's hoping to win big so she can travel even further south. from louisville, kentucky, please welcome back my girl, holly gray. [cheers and applause] >> hello, chris. >> holly. >> nice to see you again. >> good to see you back. >> thank you. >> i always love finding out what people will do with the money. >> [laughs] >> what would you do? >> well, i actually have two things that i really, really, really want to do. like you said, going further


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