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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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breaking overnight, american swimmers pulled off a flight home from rio, the claims that they were robbed at gun point, what police want before they will let them go. >> a major decision from the highest court. >> people living in boston, a creepy behavior to extra police patrols, on the eye for this thursday morning. >> a little help, please. a racoon finds himself in a
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>> and i'm randy price, and cindy fitzgibbon. what were they doing down there? >> dreading it. >> yeah. >> absolutely. >> did you look up on our way in this morning? >> yeah. >> did you see the moon? >> was it? >> yeah. >> it was really beautiful. >> yeah. >> see. >> open your eyes when you are driving in. >> i know. >> we were sent this picture of the full moon. you can see the high clouds there when the picture was taken. we had the high clouds it made for a gorgeous sky early this morning and getting lots of pictures from you of it. you can see what it looks like now, and a little bit of cloudiness overhead, and you are going to find that at least for the next couple of hours. 70 degrees in boston. and the dewpoint temperature, comfortable, right around 60, so we have got readings in the lower 60s in the north shore, around 60 in orange, and on the south shore, and the cape, low to mid 60s, and you can see the area of low pressure to the south. this is what's giving us the cloud cover this morning, it's streaming off this area of rain,
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connecticut right now. and the northern edge of it is skimming the pike, so if you are along or south of the pike and you are getting ready to walk out the door, have an umbrella with you over the next couple of hours. this cluster of showers and sprinkles. it's going to keep moving, and you can see through 7:00, it's closing in, southeastern massachusetts, and maybe hanging around on the cape through 9:00 this morning, and then that's out of here, and the rest of the day, quiet with a blend of sun and clouds, and can't rule out an isolated spot shower late from the day, and north and west t temperatures in the lower 80s, we are in the mid to upper 80s making a run towards 90, and up through the merrimack valley, and winds keeping the low 80s on cape cod, so a nice day overall. we'll get you out to the roads, a tough situation from the overnight. >> yes, the eastbound side of the pike, one lane shut down early this morning. this is all because of an overnight crash involve, two tractor trailers. and another vehicle, and some serious injuries reported there, so as you can see, an active scene, let's get to the maps.
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this, this is the southbound heading towards the bottom of the screen, the lever connector, not bad, over to the maps, once again that accident you just saw pictures coming in from past 290, near bancroft street and they have one lane shut down, two were closed at one point. once you get past that, 15 minutes on the pike, 495 to 128, and 93 stop and go now out of methuen into wilmington, and then you are in good shape into boston, and then south, 24th, slow out of brockton. trains and buses o randy and emily. >> breaking news in the overnight hours, two u.s. olympic swimmers were detained until they cannot leave brazil. >> the storm over armed robbery allegations is taking more bizarre twists and turns, and the eye opennary erika tarantal is tracking new information just coming in. >> yes, overnight we did learn these swimmers will not be allowed to leave rio until they provide testimony to investigates. the controversy swirling around ryan lochte and his teammates really just growing this morning.
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as jack conger and gunnar bentz were escorted out. they want to talk to the athletes after finding little evidence supporting their claims that they were robbed on sunday. ryan lochte is back in the u.s., he left before his teammates were detained. we expect to learn more when they talk to authorities. and we'll bring you updates as we get them. >> more than 24,000 drug cases, suspect is set free. the eye opener's todd kazakiewich is live with the latest fallout from a drug lab scandal. todd. >> emily, good morning, the highest court has agreed to hear arguments from the american civil liberties union that all the cases should be tossed. we're talking about a lot of drug cases. 24,400 cases were mishandled by this woman, former state lab
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the supreme judicial court initially rejected the aclu's attempt to get the convictions tossed, but many of the cases have yet to be reprocessed. dookhan worked at the lab between 2004 and 2010 handling as far as 40,000 samples in that time and pleaded guilty to several charges, including obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence. the aclu will be presenting its arguments in november. live in boston, wcvb. >> thanks. also new th boston parents are calling on the city to replace the pipes causing unsafe drinking water in schools. the city announced the water fountains in six schools were turned off because of high levels of lead. superintendent tommy chang says that they will start flushing the fountains every day to make sure that they are safe for the start of the school year. >> police are on the hunt for a peeping tom in the city of boston who may be on the prowl in the back bay. residents are putting up posters along marlboro street.
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seen peeking into windows several times. boston police tell us that they have increased the patrols in that area of the city. >> this convicted sex offender is back behind bars and that's raising questions in one community. why was he free in the first place? antoinette antonio in norwood with the concern there. >> yeah, some really big concerns, randy, this guy has a long wrap sheet that dates back for the 1980s, and now that he's ld they have had enough of him, and they are really fed up with this guy. here's a look at 49-year-old chad falcone in handcuffs again. his record shows a slew of the same kind of crimes, exposing himself to women. a lifelong resident, norwood police say that they have been dealing with him since 1989. he's a level 2 sex offender, and he's been arraigned 14 times for
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indecent behavior. >> i think that he keeps getting out because it's a non-violent crime, he's not assaulted, but he's exposed himself, and the kids are living up there, and frankly the neighbors are fed up and we're fed up, you know. >> out on bail on two open cases, police found falcone hiding out in his basement. just like the last time that he was arrested. that bail has been revoked. we're live in norwood this morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb. >> convicted mob boss james whitey bulger wants the supreme court to give him another shot at freedom. he argue that is he did not get a fair trial because he was not allowed to enter his main argument that he was granted immunity back when he was an fbi informant. a three-judge panel already ruled his trial was fair, legal experts say that the latest request is a long shot. >> anybody convicted in federal
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process, everybody says, i'm taking you to the supreme court. the problem is very few people get there. they accept very few of the cases. >> the 86-year-old bulger is serving a life sentence in federal prison. >> and this morning, new hampshire investigates are looking into the death of a two-year-old girl in summer's worth, new hampshire. police were called to this apartment on monday for a toddler unresponsive. investigates are waiting on toxicology reports now tha three-year-old sister have left the apartment and are staying with families. police in maine are looking into what they are calling a hate crime against muslims in one community. someone left four notes at this apartment complex, in west brook, and the typed words reading, all muslims or terrorists must be killed. the threats were found by an iraqi immigrant living at the complex, and slipped under the
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wildfire in california is covering 40 square miles. it's not clear how many homes were wiped out in san bernardino county but one chief warns a lot of families will be coming home to nothing. there are 1500 firefighters battling the flames. this fire is only 4% contained. >> homeland security secretary jeh johnson will visit louisiana today's mid flooding and review the government's response to the disaster that's led t crews. in the baton rouge area, some 40,000 homes are severely damaged and say that it will take a billion dollars to recover. >> and two men buried in the wrong cemetery plot. the attention over their family's opposing plans. and a new way to solve problems on the commuter rail. the solution bringing experts to the scene in the blink of an eye. new this morning, a must do when it comes to new summer workouts.
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started. erika. >> and breaking overnight, olympic swimmers pulled off a plane home to the u.s. they were escorted out of the airport in rio. investigates say that they want to talk to them about claims that they were robbed at gunpoint. ryan lochte, also a victim of the robbery, is already in the u.s. cindy. >> and tracking showers, skirting across connecticut, areas in southeastern massachusetts could see a shower. the timeline on your weekend, dra i in boston as you are ready to head out the
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>> i am here today at the second annual battle of the interns. >> good morning eyeopener >> gorgeous, we have a lot of interns here. we should have tried >> we would love to see your wakeup call so record it and use our wcvb app. >> the pictures are amazing. >> yes. >> the sunrise was so spectacular. >> wow. >> and colorful.
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pictures, but jeannie sent this in from the vineyards this morning. how much do you want to be there watching that in person? just gorgeous thanks to that high level cloudiness skirting through. the sun is a little higher in the sky. this is what it looks like, mid and high level clouds, ominous looking out there this morning. it's 70 degrees right now in town, but the humidity is down. the dewpoint is around 60, lower in the suburbs, so all that oppressive humidity for now is down to our south, and there isr the overnight and tomorrow. so for the next couple days, we're in great shape. it will be comfortable but on sunday, you are going to notice the humidity and by monday we're back in that oppressive humidity and with that in place, pretty good chance to get showers and thunderstorms and downpours around here on monday, between now and then, there is not a lot happening, but there is area of low pressure that's, tracking just to the south this morning, and the clouds off of this has been giving us the gorgeous sunrise, and you can see that there are a few showers, too,
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trend on these has been for them to weaken, so showers, maybe a sprinkle, the extent of it here but the northern edge is right along the pike right here over to spencer, a couple of raindrops here, and that's the extent of it. if you are getting ready to head out have an umbrella with you. showers and sprinkles through 7:30, and you can see that they are lingering on the outer cape through 9:00, and then that's it. they are gone, the rest of the day is m there is going to be some energy dropping down from the north and by day's end, 5:00, 6:00, north and west of town a slight chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm. high temperatures today mid and upper 80s, a run towards 90 in the merrimack valley. the wind will keep us in the low 80s on cape cod. it will be warm for the pre-season game. 8:00 kick-off, should be dry, falling through the 70s, and overnight will hold 70 in
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the suburbs tonight, and less humid air is working on in setting us up for a gorgeous stretch of weather on friday and saturday and into sunday. we're looking dry. it will be cooler at the beaches tomorrow and on saturday. and temperatures holding on either side of 80 degrees for the weekend. lots of sunshine, though. we're going to see that if you are traveling up north to the lakes' region but with the humidity returning on sunday the chance of showers and storms on sunday night and monday, and once that goes by, we're drying it out and turning coo. i see a 70 something in there. >> yeah. >> all right, thank you. so far unfortunately we have a problem this morning. we've been showing you this. this is eastbound on the pike by 290. overnight accident involving two tractor trailers and also another vehicle. serious injuries reported and it's ongoing, so if you are heading through that stretch expect delays. let's get to the map, the ride looks like this, volume is light, 93 south, that's what you just saw and as you travel eastbound on the pike you have got the delays. it's not impacting your commute
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delays on the westbound side approaching that crash. once you get past it. 495 to 128, a 15-minute ride, and 93 stop and go out of methuen and down to the lever connector and south of town, delays building, and also as you travel northbound on the expressway, braintree into boston, right now that portion of the ride is 15 to 20 minutes. so far the trains and the buses are running on schedule, we're not seeing any problems there, and but the mbta commuter rail, they are taking a high-tech approach. keolis plans to use virtual reality google, workers will use the glasses from a start-up to transmit images to expert technicians, and they will be on the tracks to help solve the problem, and i.d. of sending someone out to the train. >> a cemetery mixup has pitted two fancy against each other, lewis chadwick died in october after a battle with cancer, and was buried at the cemetery in tiverton but his family learned
6:18 am
this plot belongs to the family of raymond murray, buried just steps away. the chad chadwicks just want to expand but the murray family wants the body exhume and had moved. >> i am pleading what sense does this make? i am not a bad person. i just want my husband left alone. >> they say they are sympathetic but bound by the initial contracts for plots. the exhumation is schedul not been a comment from the murray family. >> technology company disco is cutting 5500 employees, or 7% of the workforce. the dramatic move is an effort to trim costs of the company shifts from hardware to software. they are looking to hire new employees with different skills as it looks to grow. asian markets rise overnight following signals that the u.s. federal reserve is in no rush to raise interest rates.
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the jobless claims report due out today. you are looking at what's believed to be the record holder for the most expensive condo sale in boston. the 64th penthouse at the top of the millennium tower sold for $35 million. that gets you 13,000 square feet and an outdoor terrace with 360-degree views, and also comes with four reserved parking spaces. >> your health for this thursday morning, mcdonald's plans to tracked by a recall, the chain added fitness trackers. it was supposed to be part of an effort to get kids moving, but mcdonald's says that it started getting reports that the trackers were causing a skin irritation on kids and are offering an alternative toy while they figure out what's causing the problems with the trackers. staying healthy in the summer is a complicated thing, this comes
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before you jog, a new path, walk it first so you don't risk sprains by tripping on unfamiliar terrain and also choose your tools carefully. we don't have to tell you that avid gardeners have hard work there. short tools lead to more stooping over, which can lead to more back pain. and finally, scrub it off fast. if you bump up against an unfamiliar plant, watch immediately with soap and water, and once the oil is an good case of poison ivy. >> something awful. >> something that i have done many times. i have learned to watch it off. >> still ahead, newscenter 5's sports director mike lynch is trying out a new role, weatherman. >> yeah, his forecasting skills on behalf of the red sox. >> and an unexpected side effect of the drought, the invasion it's creating in people's homes, and vice presidential candidate mike pence in new hampshire today.
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undergoes a major overhaul. and changes proposed to fenway, the plan on the table, and we do township to track breaking news overnight. two americans told not to leave rio. police want to know more about
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>> 6:24, we are waking up to a decent amount of cloud cover out there. we have got an area of showers mostly to the south this morning. and clouds are streaming off of that. take a look in southern worcester confidante, a few sprinkles around spencer and back towards brimfield, and these are skirting can't rule out a shower, this is in southeastern massachusetts, and then the skies when brighten. upper 80s to 90, and mid 80s in boston, and if you are going to the cape, it looks like a great day after morning cloudiness, and temperatures in the lower 80s, that will be the case at the beaches, low to mid 80s, and a low risk for rip currents today with a high tide coming up. notice the temperatures running in the mid 80s, with low humidity and sunshine through saturday, it will be a bit cooler at the beaches.
6:25 am
causing problems. the game was called in the seventh but not before jackie bradley jr. put a beating on the orioles. he drove in four of the eight runs last night before that game was put on delay. and then the empires called it. the sox win 8-1, they head to detroit for an afternoon matchup today. >> time for thursday eyepopper action. a little switching of roles. >> and it a secret ambition. >> there was no chance whatsoever. one model i've been checking out until the cows come home, the other ones in baltimore should build an ark immediately. >> i want to know which model that was. he tried to explain the sox game, there was a rain delay and that's why he was doing that. >> he did a great job. >> i think so.
6:26 am
>> two thumbs up, very nice and check out this little guy. a racoon there. after time he was freed and unharmed and although as you can see there a little wet and embarrassed. he's so cute. he's ok. >> ok. >> ok. >> that's what matters, and thanks, guys. some kids got out of practice but not from what you would expect. probation officer saves a life by showing up unannounced. the sounds stopping her in her tracks when she thought that no one was home. take a look here at the skyline. gorgeous. this is from the camera right here on our roof at the wcvb studios. absolutely beautiful, and the same thing when you look out across the sea. gorgeous skies to start the day, that sunrise getting later and later. i know, randy.
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>> breaking overnight, two athletes ordered not to leave brazil. >> the tough questions after they were yanked off a plane. >> a convicted sex offender, arrested again, and said time police say that they are just fed up. >> and all eyes on new
6:30 am
after a campaign shakeup. >> and his pictures going viral. why this police chief ended up signing autographs instead of the patriots. it's on the eye >> heading to work here, traffic coming off the tobin bridge, good morning and thank you for joining us, i'm randy price. >> and i'm emily riemer, along with cin we have the sunrise this morning, gorgeous. >> yes. >> 5:55, is the sunrise. >> ok. >> and hanging on to every minute that we have. >> right, slipping away from us. >> right. >> but if you missed it, you would have to share. just incredible. and this picture from the vineyard, jeannie sent this, and rachel, this one, got the beach, just so colorful this morning. and thanks to some mid and high level clouds around, just gorgeous since the time of sunrise, and you can see now that the sun is up, and you can
6:31 am
colorful, but still a nice start to the day, and 70 degrees in town right now, and you can see the humidity has come down a bit. the dewpoint temperature running right around 60 degrees, and so certainly feeling more comfortable. 65 in worcester, mid 60s on the cape, as well, and starting out fairly comfortable but the clouds are streaming off an area of rain, that's cutting through parts of connecticut this morning. it's an area of low pressure that's skirting by, so as this goes by to the south, the northern edge is bringing a few shows southern worcester county, and so around broomfield over to spencer and the worcester area, might see one or two raindrops but this area will continue to shift through southeastern massachusetts, through 9:00, 10:00 this morning, and it's off the shore, and things are quieting down, a blend of sun and clouds. however during the late afternoon hours another front approaching from the north and west, and could bring us a late day shower so we're in and out of the clouds, a blend of sun and clouds, lunchtime temperatures in the lower 80s,
6:32 am
so a warm day, and cooler on cape cod. out to the roads. that situation is tough on the pike. >> we're talking about this right here, two trucks involved in a crash. overnight hours in auburn, the eastbound side of the pike, and about a mile east of 290, so if you are traveling through that stretch they still have two lanes shut down. there are serious injuries involved, so a very active scene and we're going to keep you posted and let you know as it develops. eastbound side of the pike, once again, you can see that heavy backup if you are traveling east but luckily westb crash. and eastbound from there, you are in good shape up to 20 minutes, 495 to 128, and 93 south looks good, no issues out of appearedover, that volume picks up, and stop and go as you travel down towards the lever connector, and south of town, normal delays out of avon, 95 in canton and the ride on the expressway, 20 minutes braintree into boston, trains and buses doing ok. >> we're following breaking news right now on the eye. >> and erika is tracking the new information as it comes in on
6:33 am
are being ordered not to leave rio after being pulled off a flight to the u.s. police want them to testify about claims that ryan lochte and his teammates were robbed at gunpoint on sunday. authorities say the stories are not adding up. new this morning, more than 24,000 drug cases could be thrown out after a ruling by the state's highest court. the sjc will allow the aclu lawyers to argue that all cases tainted by road state chemist ann dookhan should be dismissed all at o boosting patrols in the back bay after reports of a peeping tom. residents are putting posters up along marlboro street, they warn someone has been seen peeking into windows several times. >> and today all eyes will be on the battleground new hampshire, for a big campaign visit. >> sera congi is live in manchester to set the stage. >> the gop vice presidential
6:34 am
visit comes as the trump campaign gets a big shakeup. take a look at the two new faces of the operation. bry batter news executive steve bannon is the ceo and pollster kellyann con aware the campaign manager. she struck a different tone existing it's hillary clinton who is bossing the media. >> i know her people and supporters are protecting her by not letting her talk to the press. i am happy to talk to not even give you a press conference. >> donald trump has come under fire in recent months for pulling credentials from several media organizations including the washington post. he's also been trying to stabilize some sagging poll numbers. again today mike pence visiting here in new hampshire later this afternoon. live in manchester, sera congi, wcvb. >> hillary clinton expected to hold a fundraiser in montana today. she spent yesterday in the
6:35 am
she toured a middle school in cleveland. >> some changes could be coming to fenway, red sox owners are eyeing a 4 million expansion for the beloved park. that would include more dug-out area seats for fans, and new suites, and a removable bullpen field wall so the park can adjust for regulation college football. the plans are still in the early stages. >> and a woman is under investigation accused of leaving her newborn child alone in we're hearing from the probation officer credited with saving the baby. julie hall has been making regular visits to the barn stability home. she made an unannounced stop and that's when she heard the baby crying. nobody else was home. she pushed in an air-conditioner through the window and found the baby in disturbing conditions, sweating and soaked with urine.
6:36 am
him, and after i realized that he was ok, he was very hot because he had a lot of clothing on and there was no air. >> the boy is recovering in foster care now, as the police investigate. it's been 25 years since hurricane bob, and experts say the next storm could be much worse. it is creating the potential for more disaster, and target stores trying to please both sides of the debate over transgender bathrooms. the solution they hope will ease everyone's conrn news, two american swimmers are held in brazil. this is video of them in the rio airport after being taken off a plane home. police want more information about their claims that they
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>> good morning. pictures coming in from a scene in auburn this morning. there was a crash on the eastbound side of the pike, and this is about a mile east of 290, two tractor trailers and another vehicle involved in this accident, still a very active scene with serious injuries reported. crews are still out there, heavy eastbound delays, and they still have two lanes shut down, and we will keep you posted. >> and from the pike on southward, there are a couple of showers skirting by, very light sprinkles, in southeastern massachusetts, and that's a
6:40 am
umbrella with you, otherwise sun and clouds today, we're going into the applied 80s, a bit cooler at the beaches. tomorrow, marks the 25-year anniversary of hurricane bob hitting the east coast, and experts say the next storm could be even doing more damage. wareham's parkwood beach was largely spared from bob's wrath, even though it's in a low lying area of buzzards bay. we have seen sea levels rise and more development, tha spot could cause tremendous damage. >> we have got to be cautious up here in new england of weaker systems producing inundation. hurricane sandy was just that type of event in eastern connecticut. it looks like a category two hurricane hit that area from a storm surge standpoint. it was partly because of the immense ocean waves coming to shore but also because we have
6:41 am
harvey, mike, j.c. and i look at the 25 years since hurricane bob, including the lessons learned and the new concerns and what we can do to prepare. >> we're following breaking news, the new trouble for olympic swimmers who claimed that they were robbed in rio, and a historic moment on the track for team usa and a 100-year-old woman gets her high school diploma. the sacrifice putting off that milestone for looking out across the water. a beautiful sunrise. coming right back. for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, all stop & shop produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh...
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>> 6:44, the eyeopener team with news to go. two swimmers are yanked off a plane. >> and we are following stories in norwood, boston, and manchester. cindy also tropical stuff for you. >> yeah. >> we have have our sixth tropical storm of the season, say hello to fiona, moving west, northwest at 16, winds at 45 miles per hour. but this is way out there in the atlantic right now, not bothering any land areas, and this is the forecast through tuesday. it's just going to stay in the open waters, and not expected to expect any land areas, and hopefully we'll still say that way and keep you posted on the progress here the next few days.
6:45 am
gorgeous sunrise, a lot of mid and high altitude clouds out there. 70 degrees in boston with comfortable humidity levels this morning. and a lot of 60s as you are heading out the door in the suburbs, watching an area of low pressure track way down to our south, and the northern edge of that, is skirting across connecticut, and skimming areas just south of the pike out through worcester, and these, very light showers, and sprinkles might be a better term for them, but they continue to shift, and as they hold together, in the cape, they are about 9:00 this morning, and you a brief passing shower, or a couple of sprinkles in your area, and notice by lunchtime they are got -- gone, and the rest of the day will feature a blend of sun and clouds, however as we get towards the later afternoon hours, north and west of boston, there could be one or two additional showers or thunderstorms popping up as the front at the canadian border right now pushes southward. that's the leading edge of less humid air, it will turn more comfortable tonight and tomorrow, a warm day, mid to upper 80s to around 90 degrees, a little cooler on the south coast and the cape
6:46 am
gillette tonight for that patriots' game, 80 degrees, the kickoff and tomorrow and saturday. and loads of sunshine, although a little cooler right along the coastline, let's get you out to the roads. >> we're talking about this situation, two trucks involved in a crash in auburn. eastbound side of the pike, two lanes are still shut down and these are pictures from the scene where you can see the serious damage, and some serious injuries with this crash, unfortunately, we'll keep you posted. and in the westbound side of the pike approaching that crash starting to build a bit of volume but for the most part westbound we're doing ok so shouldn't impact the commute too much, take a look at the delays approaching that accident. and once you get past it you are doing ok. 20 minutes, 49520128 on the pike, and 93, quiet until you get to around spot pond, volume picks up, and northbound 24, slow out of avon, expressway now, about a 20-minute ride, braintree into boston, trains and buses no problems running on schedule. >> thanks, breaking news from
6:47 am
american swimmers detained in rio. >> and erika is back with the details in overnight. >> this is a growing international incident, the swimmers can't leave brazil until they give testimony about robbery claims which they are expected to do today. and jack conger and gunnar bentz were met by a crush of media after being pulled from a flight back to the u.s. they were with teammates ryan lochte and jimmy fagon early sunday when they were robbed at gun point. controversy swirling as investigates say that there is little evinc happened. this video of the athletes returning to the olympic village after the crime looking unfazed, leading to more questions, and lochte is standing by his story, and already is back in the u.s. sierra, out to you. >> donald trump's running mate mike pence will be in new hampshire today as the campaign gets a shakeup. rye batter news executive steve
6:48 am
annkelly is a manager. >> if you are going to go into the ballot box and it's going to say donald trump, yes or no, it's no. hillary clinton's name will be on the ballot. >> the new leadership is believed to be a sign of trying to rescue some sagging poll numbers, with just 81 days left until the election. live in manchester, new hampshire, sera congi, newscenter 5. >> democrat rival hillary clinton is expected to hold a fundraiser in montana today. she spent yesterday in the state of ohio, toured a middle school in cla students. >> a norwood man is arrested again accused of exposing himself to women, and police here say that they are fed up and they have had it with him. here's a look at chad falcone when he was arrested after police found him hiding in his basement. police say his record shows a slew of similar crimes, indecent exposure, and exposing himself to women, and norwood police say
6:49 am
falcone since 1989. he's a level two sex offender, and he's been arraigned 14 times for 23 related charges of lewd and indecent behavior. he was out on bail on two open cases, and that bail has now been revoked. we're live in norwood this morning, antoinette antonio, cystic fibrosis. >> new this morning, the fallout from the scandal at the state drug lab could soon be, or i should say, will soon be heading to the state's highest court, hear arguments from the american civil liberties' union that more than 24,000 cases should be tossed because of evidence mishandled by former chemist annie dookhan. dookhan handled 40,000 samples, pleaded guilty to several charges, including obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence. and live in boston, todd kazakiewich, wcvb. >> thank you, and a warning to
6:50 am
the residents are putting up posters along marlboro street saying that someone has been peeking into windows several times. boston police tell us that they have stepped up patrols in that area. >> a man is suffering serious injuries after he was struck by a car. the 41-year-old man was hit yesterday on paramount drive. the driver did stay on the scene and the victim was taken to a rhode island hospital. >> and today governor charlie baker is expected to address the widespread drought in state and federal leaders, they are going to be outlining a plan to help residents and farmers during a prolonged drought. the conditions continue. right now more than 60% of the state under a severe drought. >> and that drought is impacting more than just farmers. it's forcing ants to march into houses in search of water. and they say that the heat is driving the numbers down but the ants are more noticeable, congregating in sinks and toilets. the good news is pest control workers say those ants are not
6:51 am
wood. >> a wildfire in san bernadino has grown to 50 square miles now. the fire started on tuesday, and years of drought, fueling the flames, and 62,000 people are under evacuation orders now. several buildings and homes have burned. >> homeland security secretary jeh johnson will visit louisiana today's mid widespread flooding. he will review the government's response to the disaster that led to 13 deaths and more 30,000 rescue crews. in the baton rouge area, some 40,000 homes are severely damaged. and state officials say that it will take more than a billion dollars to recover. >> target is investing $20 million to build single stall bathrooms in the doors. after feedback on the policy, at target, in april target announced that transgender people could use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity, the company says that it heard from
6:52 am
stall bathrooms to make sure that all of the customers are comfortable. >> a 100-year-old north redding woman celebrates her birthday by getting her high school diploma. claire left high school 80 years ago during the great depression to support her family. loved ones surprised her with a high school diploma from the superintendent. she got a cap and gown. even though she left school they never stopped learning. >> and it seems t paying off for president barack obama. he hilt the golf course. after a few swings he let one rip there and very pleased with it. we can't see where the ball actually went. first family will be wrapping up their vineyard vacation this weekend. >> a wet night for the sox and baltimore, the game was called in the seventh but not before jackie bradley jr. put a beating on the orioles.
6:53 am
runs last night. the sox win 8-1 and they head to detroit for a matchup today. and to rio now, american volleyball players kerri walsh jennings and april ross recover from a tough loss in the olympics in rio. they took the bronze medal in beach volleyball against brazil yesterday. >> the u.s. makes history again, a clean sweep in hurdles. before. ianna rollins took gold with 12 boy 48 -- 12.48 seconds. she was closely followed by american nia ali and kristi castlin. >> and the new medal count is 93, that includes 30 gold medals. china lagging with 54 and great
6:54 am
>> and the pats will take on the bears at gillette, and the coach bill belichick as always staying quiet about whether we'll see tom brady at the stadium or on the field. this would be brady's last chance to get in a few snaps before his suspension will be taking effect. >> the abington police chief saves the day. police chief david majenski says he was approached by groups of children who wanted h autograph. they couldn't get autographs from patriots' players, so they asked him instead. he was humbled by the gesture. >> all right, olessa, how are we doing? >> we're watching this one problem spot on the roads, this is the eastbound side of the pike where this happened. two trucks involved in a crash in auburn, about a mile easter of 290. you can see the damage done to the trucks there. serious injuries and two lanes are closed, so the rest of the
6:55 am
gas tank, northbound heading to the top of the screen. let's get to the maps. eastbound side of the pike take a look at the eastbound delays approaching that crash. the good news anyone heading westbound, so far you are in good shape and this accident happened just past 290. once you get through there you are in good shape. 20-minute ride, 495 to 128, 93, volume as you travel from concord down to the lever connector and south of town 24 slow out of brockton and again on the expressway delays about 20 minutes, braintree into boston, trains and buses no problems, running on forecast. >> yeah, not bad. a fair amount of cloud cover around this morning. made for a pretty sunrise, now just partly to mostly cloudy skies across the area. 70 degrees in boston but the humidity is comfortable, and there is lower humidity air, drier air sitting up to the north, going to work in later this evening and tonight, and all of the sticky stuff is just to the south for now, so we're going to keep it comfortable through saturday, and then you are going to notice the humidity coming up on sunday, and it's
6:56 am
next week. watching an area of low pressure track to the south this morning, that's why the clouds are out there, and showers, and they have been diminishing a bit here, shrinking up as they go through eastern connecticut into rhode island but along and south of the pike for the next couple of hours you cannot rule out a sprinkle or a brief passing shower on the cape and the islands. otherwise we're drying things out. a blend of sun and clouds most of the day, however late in the day especially north and west of town as this front drops southward, we may see one or two isolated srs morning, temperatures near 70 degrees, with the shower threat, and sun and clouds, and lunchtime temperatures in the lower 80s, and mid 80s this afternoon, and in fact, could make a run towards 90 up through the merrimack valley. and comfortable sleeping weather the next couple of nights and your weekend looking great, if you are headed to the cape, the temperatures on either side of 80, a little warmer through the lakes' region of new hampshire through saturday, and a bit cooler on sunday, and more humid, and it looks like sunday night and into monday, the next chance for showers and
6:57 am
drought situation in massachusetts, so be sure to pass that along. >> ok. >> we thank you for joining us this morning month. we hope you have a fantastic day. >> have that wcvb mobile app with you and we'll see you tomorrow morning starting at
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight two u.s. swimmers pulled off a plane in brazil by police held for hours and now being forced to stay in rio. facing questions about that alleged robbery at gunpoint. the videotape now at the heart of the investigation. did ryan lochte and his te teammates mislead authorities about that alleged bb the chaos in california. >> this is nuts. fire on both sides of me. >> 29 major fires raging in the west scorching thousands of acres. one just 60 miles outside los angeles. now more than 1,500 firefighters battling the blaze facing new red flag warnings this morning. terror at sea. more than 500 people told to abandon a passenger ship after a fire breaks out on board. passengers evacuating down


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