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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 23, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- more e-mails, causing trouble for hillary clinton. donald trump now asking for a special prosecutor to investigate the clinton foundation. plus, clinton making a late night appearance on "jimmy kimmel." we're right now. plus several fast-moving wildfires forcing more people from their homes. so how much is too much? new guide lines about the amount of sugar children should consume. and can you guess what caused this huge group of people to race down the street in t taiwan? i'm thinking black friday sale. >> looks like it, doesn't it.
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trump's presidential bid, his immigration policy was one of the corner stones. >> he may be backing away from that a little bit. that propose toll deport 11 million illegal immigrants. >> as for hillary clinton, turning to laughter as she faces ongoing conspiracy speculations about her health. as kenneth moton. now it's back to the serious stuff. she's callen donald trump's outreek to blacks and hispanics appalling. >> to the african-american who is i employ so many, to the hispanics, tremendous people, what the hell do you have to lose? >> reporter: now it appears
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soften his tough immigration stance. the candidate told our abc affiliate in cleveland nothing has changed. >> we don't have a strong border, we don't have a country. >> reporter: at rally in ohio, trump once again hammers hillary clinton, her private e-mails, and the alleged special access clinton foundation donors had to the secretary of state. >> after the fbi and department of justice whitewashed hillary cannot be expected to impartially investigate her new crimes. >> reporter: clinton staid up late to laugh it off. >> make sure i'm alye. >> oh, my god, there's nothing there. >> there's nothing there. >> reporter: on debating trump. >> i'm drawing on my experience in elementary cool.
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grandkids sflp have you considered using facetime instead of e-mail? >> 2u8ly, think that's really good advice. >> reporter: trump was not laughing. calling for a special prosecutor to investigation his rival and the clinton foundation. on immigration, he was schedule today deliver a major speech on that issue later this week. but it's been pose poened. >> let's get baaing to the e-mail. apparently, e touch with the clinton state department. what are we learning about phone call as well? >> reporter: that's right. the chief of staff for hillary clinton at the state department. phone records showed that mills received 150 calls from 2010 to 2012, far more than anyone else. that is raising new questions about the close contact between the clinton foundation and
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kendis and diane? >> interesting that bill clinton made the announcement about him stepping down there the foundation. now developments from the tropics, heating up overnight. as we head toward september, the most active month of the hurricane season. tropical storm gaston is expected to strengthen and become a hurricane today or tomorrow. another tropical wave further west hz developing. and a non-threatening fiona is still swirling away. firefighters are working through the night in washington state to contain several fast-moving wild first. dozens of homes and businesses have been destroyed. one fire is threatening power lines. residents say some of the damage can never be repaired. >> everything from the trips to
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pictures, whatever, all gone in that. all gone with nothing to show. >> so far, no serious injuries or fatalities have been reported. but resources in the west are stretched thin with firing in wyoming and oregon as well. and there's better news in california where a fire on the central coast is now mostly contained. still, the flames encompass 62 square miles. about 34 buildings have been destroyed. hearst castle has been forced to stay closed until next week. now to the south. president obama travels to louisiana this week to get a first hand look at the flood zone around baton rouge. the president faced criticism for not cutting short his vacation. the white house says the president didn't want to interfere in the ongoing
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heating up in physical fm so is the political rhetoric. the state says it's sends ago $5 million to help fight the situation. the major says he is angry because he didn't learn of new cases right away. >> i think the governor blindsided me, our administration, the county administration. >> i've been holding roundtables been to any of those events until today. i reached out to him. he didn't return my phone call. >> the cdc says it's possible that there are other zika-related cases as well. a top general will testify in army sergeant bowe bergdahl's court martial.
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while general abrams referred it to court martial. the best day for a deal. why you should book that flight today. and outrage growing in a deadly police involved shooting of a deaf man. hear how sign language may have played a role. anpi what caused this panic in a
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the sidewinder. last week, the park's fahrenheit roller coaster was stuck mid ride for about six minutes before continuing on. well, ryan lochte is still waiting to see how the olympic committee will deal with his legal situation in rio. his sponsors have spoken. many of them dropping lochte. he when he said he and three teammates were robbed at gun point. he'll donate money to charity in brazil. today is cheap flight day. august 23rd has been dubbed that because it marks the start of the fall travel season. you can expect to see fares drop on most routes. with kids heading back to
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are getting more crowded lately, you're not imagining things. a new government report says we're driving more. the main reason? low gas prices. driving is up just over 3% for the first half of the year. we drove more than 1 1/2 trillion miles from january to june. that's about 250 round trips from earth to pluto. apparently, it looks like siri has taked off the wrong person. barbra streisand was with siri that she did what any diva would do. she called apple c erk o tim cook to complain. siri will no longer say
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came baurling in. luckily, she got way with only a small cut on her leg. the driver of the suv accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brake. no one else was hurt. heavy rain a threat h the center of the country. flash flooding a possibility in the desert southwest. if you're flying, airport delays possible in minneapolis and kansas city. family friends and neighbors gathered to remember fatally shot by police. >> harris was killed after an attempted traffic stop. he led police on a long chase before he was shot by a state trooper. neighbors believe he was trying to communicate juzing sign language when a state trooper opens fire. >> his family says he was unarmed. police have not confirmed that. the police officer has been
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this video. police are hoping this video can held inspect the thief afs arrest. he enters if home with what appears to be an ak-47. he's been terrorizing atlanta home owners and may be behind at least three other robberies. a warning for parents, your children are probably eating way too much sugar. the american heart association is out with more recommendations. no more added sugar a day. that includes honey and high-fructose corn syrup. some streets in thailand turned into what looked like a human stampede. that's in taiwan.
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character. this kind of scene is quite common in that neighborhood. >> at first, i thought it was weird. once you said it was a snor larks ax, i was like, i understand. i'm book my flight. >> can you imagine being a driver trying to get through those streets? someone trying to get to work? time for sports, including a play that's being called the catch of the year for baseball. >> here are our friends at espn with the good morning, america. he's stan, i'm neil. we did "sportscenter," it was awesome. cow can look at them both. >> pick which one you like best. the rays and red soux. stephen sousa at back. andrew bene the tendi over the wall to snatch a home run.
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run. it would have been an out. and sousa can't believe it. he was already mid trot. >> that's unreal, man. well, it's not unreal, cause it's real. >> cause it's real. >> even the rays fans have to give him some love. the red sox won the game. seven home runs in the yank keyes here mariners games. gary sanchez hit two. the fastest a yank kooe this dude is something else. here's another catch of the night. sean o'malley. he's not taking away a home run. he's taking away another swing at least. look at nick vincent. that was to tyler austin. then nelson cruz. the seventh of the seventh home runs. all the runs scored were via the home run. ear muffs. so, those are two catches of the fight.
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you think was the best. >> except neil's not on twitter. at any rate, back to you. >> minor point. >> a tiny detail. one more note. a pro baseball player will pay the price for being a little too strong. >> it's brandon thomas of the gateway grizzlies, swatting a grand slam home run. anybody would be delighted about this. of course, unfortunately, though, that's what his because his own grand slam hit his truck's windshield. hen he saw the shattered glass, he said, that's some pretty good damage. so at least i know i hit it pretty good. the homer helped gateway to a 17-6 win. >> it was a close win. up next in "the pulse" -- after winning gold in rio, gymnast aly raisman makes a love connection with an nfl player. sflmplgt and golf cart karaoke. see what happens when these
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time to check "the pulse." we start with hillary clinton, as we mentioned at the top of the show, laughing off the rumors about her health. >> clinton stopped at kimmel" last night after some republicans made comments about her physical condition. she asked him to check her pulse. ? can you open this jar of pickles? this has not been tampered with. this is -- [ growling ] >> oh, oh. she got it. [ cheers and applause ]
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speculation about her health as part of what she called trump's wacky strategy and she said it makes no sense. now to olympian aly raisman saying yes to a date an nfl player. >> yahoo! played a video for her of oakland raiders player colton underwood. >> aly, what's up. just want to congratulate you the usa. i know i've been following along. my roommate, my teammates, everybody here is superproud of you. you know, if the you're ever in san jose and want to go on a double date with me and andrew and shawn, let me know. >> they've told me about him before. he's very cute. >> you know who he is? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> she sounded very casual.
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checking our top stories, president obama travels to louisiana later today, where he'll tour neighborhoods in baton rouge, hard-hit by historic floot flooding. thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed. firefighters are battling at least seven wildfires in the pacific northwest. some people facing evacuation are refusing to leave home. parts of las vegas. thousands lost power after severe storms mufed through. there were reports of hail and winds gusting up to 60 miles an hour. another dry day along the west coast. severe weather possible from nebraska to iowa and into missouri and kansas. it will feel like fall this morning in the northeast. >> already? too soon. we're getting ingting a gli the life and times of a woman
4:28 am
long before she became caitlyn jenner. >> linda thompson talks about the moment of truth in their relationship. she refrekted on what it was like to be elvis presley's girlfriend. >> he said, i identify as a woman. those words, excuse me, what does that even mean? you identify as a woman? he said, i am a woman. i would like to become female. on the exterior, because i've always been female on the inside. >> reporter: song thompson is speak out about her memoir jt a little thing called life." chronicling her times with caitlyn jenner. >> i think it's been a relief for her to remerge as her true self. for the rest of us, when we of her, when i first met her, she was in a bruce jenner body. he was an incredible person. still is.
4:29 am
credit. you kicked manhood's but. >> reporter: we hear more from her about how she felt when she met elvis at movie theater. and you can't remember the movie? >> would you be able to? my son, brody, when he was old enough to fully understand the impact of my having lived with e elvis presley, he goes, mom, he's the original pimp >> quite a story. >> she was one of the composers for "the body guard" sound track. >> we'll have much more of that interview on "gma" this morning. but that's what's making news in america this morning. >> check us out at
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] emily: good morning. it's tuesday, august 23. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price. stories we're following on the eyeopener right now, at 4:30, a woman sexually assaulted at a park in boston. the search underway this morning for that suspect. emily: new details in a deadly mystery in east boston involving a party bus. why the victim's family says the bus company isn't telling the right st randy: storm cleanup continues in middlesex county. the damage left behind from a wild tornado. emily: and it is kind of a 180 degree flip, mike, today is calm. mike: oh, yeah, completely different. there is absolutely nothing going on. yesterday at this time, we were watching showers, storms, 20 to


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