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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> breaking overnight, a tractor trailer rolls over in sullivan square, the impact on the commute right now. randy: breaking news, central italy rocked by an earthquake, startling images in of >> a convicted rapist accused of striking again at a boston playground. how police say he may have slipped under the radar. >> a former senator facing sexual harassment claims, the accusations against scott brown and how he's reacting on the eye
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pictures of the destruction coming in from central italy. we've been following breaking news all night. crews desperately trying to find survivors buried in the rubble after a huge earthquake there. we'll have an update for you in just a moment. good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price. cindy with the forecast, and coming back. reporter: thank you very much. really nice weather expected today, lots of sunshine. beautiful sentence to pass along this morning. the air is very comfortable. humidity is sill check out the sky over boston. we have this pinkish glow to it. nice sky this morning. definitely we have got a nice morning out there. temperatures starting out mostly in the 60s and parts of the cape but you run into spots in the 50s. taunton 55. norwood 53. look at the orange, 53 degrees, we are at the end of august now, and a typical high for us this time of year should be about 79 degrees.
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that today. some spots towards 90, any patchy areas of fog, they are few and far between. with the high pressure in control, a great day, loads of sunshine, and you can see how the temperatures drop to 70 by 8:00 in boston, and by lunchtime, the lower 80s, a weak sea breeze may kick in but we should sneak up to boston before that happens but look at bedford and laural and lawrence and all around that mark, this afternoon, and mid to upper 80s here through worcester bridgewater and taunton, but along the coastline, it holds the temperatures in the low 80s for you on cape cod. we talk about the next chance for rain just ahead. >> now to the breaking situation in boston. >> a huge mess snarling the commute, this is in sullivan square, and antoinette antonio is there for us right now. >> what a big mess this is out here in sullivan square this morning. some really major slowdowns, if
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this area, and give you a closer look at what's happening right behind me. you could that tractor trailer overturned, and that scrap metal spills onto the road. you can see the workers, they are getting ready to upright this turned over tractor trailer so hopefully this will all get cleared out within the next hour or so. let's go ahead and take a look at the mess overnight. the video that we have here from the scene right after it crashed early this morning. boston police say it looks like the driver took rotary. that tipped over spilling that scrap metal on to the road. the rotary is down to one lane, traffic is coming out of charlestown along main street, is completely blocked off, and once again, you see right behind me, that they are getting ready to upright this tractor trailer, so once they get that moved out of the way, and get the rest of this scrap metal picked up, then they will be able to reopen that stretch of roads, so that's the
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for the latest on the rest of your commute. good morning. olessa: good morning antoinette, more live pictures of the scene in charlestown. take a look at this. there is the entrance for main street coming in from charlestown. as you can see it is blocked so you cannot access but one lane is open, and there are some heavy delays and lots of crews on the scene. we'll keep you posted. if you are heading in, plan accordingly and budget in extra travel time. over to the maps now, this all happened, over by main and for you this morning. accident just cleared on the expressway. good news, and route 3 by route 18, watching a disabled car, and the pike is 15 minutes, eastbound, 495 to 128, and 93 south looks ok out of methuen down to the lever connector, and we are watching minor delays on the blue line with everything else running on schedule. >> thank you. breaking in the overnight hours, a deadly earthquake striking italy. >> right now rescuers are
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part of the country. the epicenter near the city of amatrice, and erika tarantal is here with the breaking developments. erika? erika: the focus is on those efforts to pull people from the rubble. the scope of the tragedy still really unknown as the death toll has risen. that number is expected to go up as many people are still missing, the quake struck as residents were fast asleep around 3:30 in the morning in italy, building -- buildings completely crumbled, ceilings caving in on top of people. the mayor of amatrice saying his town is not any more, and the response is difficult as navigating the narrow roads is going to be a challenge for those operating heavy machinery furiously looking for survivors and victims. >> it's a very mountainous area, the roads are not easy, so it's not an easily accessible area in italy, and it will take a while
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what will be uncovered. it is popular with vacationers in these months so heavily populated. the shaking followed by 39 aftershocks, felt as far as rome. that's about 80 miles away. >> right now two men are hurt after this crash. this happened in wilton, a video in overnight. it happened just before 10:00 last night on lake street. police tell newscenter 5 that the suv slammed into a utility pole. no other vehicles are believed to b preparing to face a judge and not for the first time. it's an alarming twist in the south end. sera congi is live in boston with the clue the suspect left behind. sera? sera: that clue from a gps monitoring device. it turns out the suspect has been arrested before for a similar attack on a high school senior on her way to school. 31-year-old eduardo rodriguez is the man who attacked a woman on
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he walked -- she walked to a nearby playground and that's where she was assaulted. he had just left prison in december. he was wearing a gps monitor during the attack, and then cut it off. that is raising some questions. >> it is ridiculous. you would think that they would see that he's out at 1:00 a.m. at a park. it sounds suspicious to me if i was sera: police were able to identify rodriguez thanks to the gps signal from the park as well as the victim's description. he will be arraigned today on a long list of charges including aggravated rape, kidnapping, and indecent assault and battery. live at the roxbury courthouse, sera congi, newscenter 5. >> thank you. no jail time for an east longmeadow teenager accused of assaulting two classmates, and this morning there is a new push
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18-year-old david becker was sentenced to two years of probation after admitting to sexually assaulting a woman at a house party in april. he denied any contact with the other alleged victim. both women say that they woke up to becker assaulting them. becker was initially charged with two counts of rape but was allowed to plead guilty to a lesser charge, indecent assault and battery. prosecutors pushed for two years in prison but becker's lawyer argued that the teen had no criminal record and deserved to go to nearly 6,000 people signed an online petition to have the judge in this case removed for handing down a lenient sentence. >> it's eight minutes after 6:00, the growing opioid crisis may be fueling a new problem in massachusetts. it is pushing the state to the limit. the herald is reporting the 9,500 children are now in foster care, the 10% spiked from last year, child advocates say it's due to the large number of people evicted to opioids. the department of children and
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but has not released a report at this point. randy: right now a man has serious injuries after being hit by a tree whether i am in brookline. this happened in an ally yesterday. it is unclear exactly what caused that branch to fall. the victim, a 29-year-old man who worked at a nearby herb chambers car dealership. the owner released a statement saying that he wasr man's name has not been released. emily: federal aviation investigates are trying to figure out how to get a plane out of the quabbin reservoir after an emergency landing. the pilot from newport, rhode island said his plane began having mechanical problems mid air yesterday afternoon. the man landed on a sandbar, compliments of this year's drought. the pilot is ok. he tells us that he was flying an experimental plane he built himself.
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to flying. investigates will meet today and determine if the pilot should be fined. a guilty plea to expected from the new hampshire state trooper involved in this arrest. andrew monaco will plead guilty to simple assault on thursday. prosecutors say that video from sky 5 shows him punching a suspect after a police chase from massachusetts to new hampshire. a massachusetts state trooper also is charged. randy: quite the dangerous situation here. you will see a driver into this construction sign in the ted williams tunnel. the sign is flying into the left lane and almost hitting another driver. police say that the driver who hit the sign yesterday morning is a 60-year-old from lynn. he has minor injuries, and will be summoned to court. emily: scott brown is facing sexual assault claims. he's bewildered by the accusations from a fox news channel host, and a price hike in your health, how the makers
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the costs while giving raises to higher-up. >> and new this morning, you are getting the kids healthy for school but what about mom and dad, the warnings for the entire family. >> breaking overnight, drivers may want to avoid sullivan square in charlestown right now, a rolled over tractor trailer causing traffic issues in the rotary there, no word on any injuries, and also the death toll rising to 37 after an earthquake hit central italy. the mayor says his town is not th >> around here, things are quiet locally. when the humidity climbs, the next chance for rain ahead, and we're, tracking the tropics. one storm on the verge of becoming a hurricane today. take a look over boston. a beautiful sky as we start your wednesday. a little cool, though, in the suburbs. just 59 degrees as you are heading out the door in plymouth
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narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of
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>> we are the intensive care team at the brigham women's hospital. we have 46 patients here today, but they are all asleep. good morning eyeopener. emily: that's right. we do not want to wake anyone up on that floor. so the first phase of the new building is beautiful. private rooms, and light, it's
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we'll take you inside and show you what's going on in there. >> and you can start your own wakeup call, just record it with your smart-phone, and upload it there. >> i try it in here and no one limps to me. >> doesn't work. >> oh, yeah. >> that's great. >> the weather is quiet. >> yes. >> and locally,. >> and a bit of a different story in the tropics, those are getting a bit more active, we're watching a couple of waves, and you can see where the one farthest away, that is tropical storm gaston, and that is on the verge of becoming a hurricane, the winds are 70 miles per hour, you need 74 to be a hurricane. that is expected today but it is this one right here. this is a tropical wave. it's moving west to 30 miles per hour. and this one make strengthen. gaston, even though it becomes a hurricane, look where it is five days from now. east of bermuda in the atlantic.
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headed. close to the bahamas here or florida. by the weekend, early next week, so we're going to have to keep a close eye on this one. if this were to strengthen, the next nape on the list is her hermine. we have a clear sky over boston. it looks beautiful. the city is bathed in sunshine this morning. 65 degrees, but the humidity is still in check with the dewpoints in the 50s, so it's a comfortable start. it is probably nice a and 53 in orange. that's one of the coolest spots. worcester 61. you can see plymouth in the 50s, and beverly around 60, and lower 60s on cape cod. we jump up this afternoon. a warm afternoon, mid to upper 80s for most of us. very close to 90 around lawrence, and worcester 83, upper 80s in nashua down to taunton and lower 80s on cape cod. the winds are light enough that a sea breeze may try to kick in, but it looks weak overall today,
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side, clock-wise circulation is bringing more humid air up through the chicago area, and you can see the next front we're watching, this is our next chance for rain. no hurry to get here, thursday night and into friday, is the only opportunity of seeing showers, out ahead of that, the humidity is pooling to the west, and that's going to work in tomorrow, and then by friday uncomfortable humidity levels but it should back off in the wake of that front by the weekend. so overnight low temperatures tonight, mostly down in the 60s, and tomorrow we jump again into the upper 80s and thunderstorms during day tomorrow. really hold off to the west. but then overnight there might be one or two showers on thursday night. you wake up on friday, it should be quiet but a big day into the afternoon. that's when we have the best chance of seeing the showers and storms. by the evening, it should be shifting south of boston. that clears the coast setting us up for what looks to be a pretty nice looking weekend. all right want to get you back to the roads. update you on the situation in charlestown. olessa. olessa: very messy situation.
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sullivan square. the good news, that tractor trailer, the blue one there, it has been uprighted so they have been able to lift it off the ground. it was on its side, and when that happened, that debris that it was carrying, the scrap metal spilled so the cleanup continues but they are making progress. let's check out the other camera and see what that scenes looks like from above. there it is. you can see here the entrance from main street coming in, still blocked because of this debris still here and they are working hard to clean it up. as you can see the rotary has one lane getting through but there are delays, and if you are will not be able to access sullivan square there. let's get over to the maps, once again this happened by main and alford road. accident cleared on the expressway north by marcy, delays stretching back to adams street about a 25-minute ride, braintree up into boston, and still watching a disabled car on route 3, coming out of weymouth by route 18. 24 looks ok. 95 as well, and then as you travel the pike, 15 minutes eastbound, 495 to 128.
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to the lever connector. we're also watching minor delays on the blue line this morning, and everything else is on schedule. emily. >> thanks. this morning month, former senator scott brown is firing back at allegations of sexual harassment. he's mentioned in the growing sex scandal involving fox news. it was after this appearance on the show outnumbered last august, andrea tantaros is claiming that brown told her that it would be fun to go to he snuck up behind her and put his hands on her lower waist. >> i have no knowledge of what she is referring to. i have never -- to answer your question i never touched her around her waist in a lunch line? why would i do that. >> she said stop. >> i have no knowledge of that. if there was anything in the lunch line it would be good show, and that's it. >> tantaros is not suing brown, the lawsuit for 50 million is against fox and sun executives
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for this wednesday morning. asian markets continue to meander a bit as the investors await fresh clues from the federal reserve about interest hikes, the stock futures are higher here after posting modest gains yesterday. and target is refunding customers millions of dollars after discovering it sold fake egyptian cotton sheets. s they said they were made of egyptian cotton. when they were target is reaching out to customers who bought the sheets for as much as $175. between 2014 and this year, and they terminated their partnership with that company. emily: your health this morning, the maker of the epi pen is defending recent price hikes despite a massive pay raise for the ceo. the price of the lifesaving allergy shot has soared from 100 from 2007 to 500 now. the parent company says that the
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the ceo's pay went from $2.4 million to nearly $19 million. congress is demanding more information about why it's happening. randy: when it comes to back to school health is a big concern, and not just for the kids. if you want to get your sleep, make sure that you get back to set bedtimes for them, and experts say that now is the time to do that before classes resume. if your kids bring home germs, the entire family, of course, can get sick, so pra hygiene at home, and washing hands even after snacks, gets them into the habit of doing this. finally, work on stress. not just yours, be careful not to overload your kids and encourage them to talk about any stress that they might have. stress can be an immune system killer. cat is saving the day for an abandoned zoo animal and. emily: you would say this in eyepoppers. erika.
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body cameras. today their demands before the program gets going, and also a new move from the man seen swiping patriots' memorabilia from a bar. his request and the possible punishment from the team. also recapping one of our breaking stories, at least 37 people now reported dead after a strong earthquake hit central italy. we'll continue to bring you new
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emily: 6:25. we're off to a gorgeous start, clear skies in boston right now. 65 degrees. a nice day with low humidity but warm afternoon. it could touch the 90-degree mark. so it's a warm afternoon, if you are sneaking away to the beaches. no problems there. a low risk for the rip currents, a high tide coming up at 4:45 this afternoon. more humidity working in tomorrow, but still a dry day. thursday night into friday, the next chance of seeing any showers and thunderstorms. look at that. near 90 to end the week, and any wet weather welcomed, especially if you have allergies, ragweed
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>> thanks. 6:25. time for eyepoppers, what do you have for us this morning? >> we're talking about a home with serious curb appeal. take a look at this. this brown stone in brooklyn is, actually, bedazzled. it attracts people from all over, the owner has been working on the art for 15 years as a kind of therapy. i can't tell if that makes me anxious or not. there is a lot going on there. very busy. >> more than the neighbors want. especially this little monkey, and who now makes his home on the back of a cat in russia. the owner works at a zoo, and was afraid the baby squirrel monkey wouldn't survive, after the mother refused to carry tower on her back, no problem because the cat, was an excellent target for that little tiny monkey. >> too cute. >> right, the monkey is there and they are best friends.
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randy: you know the language. emily: ok. a man's attempt to impress his date goes horribly wrong. the stunt that had him calling for help, and a heads up for drivers in charlestown, a tractor trailer that overturned in the sullivan square rotary. it has been upright but the scrap metal is on the road so avoid this area if you can, and olessa will have an update right
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randy: breaking overnight, new video in after a deadly earthquake strikes in italy. emily: the new information on the casualties and the desperate rescue crews underway. reporter: a rape suspect faces a judge. his past that makes the south end attacks more chilling. >> police ready to start recording but won't be wearing body cameras for free. looking down into sullivan square in boston. the cleanup still underway but the truck is up right there, it overturned in the overnight hours, and caused a mess, and lots of delays through that very busy area of charlestown. i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer, along with cindy and olessa. not a bad day for us weather-wise. i like your pictures way better
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pleasant to look at. we have clear skies. a beautiful sunrise. it is the last week of august here, just one week left to go in this month. and it will touch 90 in boston on friday, so warming up around here, even though we're starting out cool this morning. we have 50s down to taunton, as well, and on out the door in worcester, and in boston it is 65, it is a quick jump up to 70, by 9:00 this morning we're going to be in the 70s, low 80s for your lunch hour today, and nothing but sunshine all day long, so a bit of patchy fog here in norwood, reducing the visibility now, that fog disappears quickly, and the high pressure gives us sunshine all day long. temperatures this afternoon, up around 90, bedford, lowell and maybe a sea breeze mid afternoon but we should manage about 86
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80s here through worcester county, and 89 from brockton down to bridgewater, and south coast, and also the south shore, may see that sea breeze kick in briefly but lower 80s ought to do it on cape cod. a beautiful day weather-wise. not the situation we're dealing with in charlestown. what's the latest? olessa: thank you, cindy. a live look outside. pictures coming in live from the scene in charlestown in sullivan square. you can see the cleanup process well underway. they have upright that blue truck there on its s dumped the debris. they are continuing to clean it up. in the meantime, they have the entrance coming in from charlestown closed. that's the main street that's blocked off but hopefully as soon as they get that cleaned up they can reopen it. the rotary does have one lane getting through, but it is causing some pretty heavy delays. let's get over to the cameras. we're also watching this incident sky5 over an overturned vehicle for us. this is route 2. you can see on the eastbound side right here, entrance ramp is blocked, and of course, it's
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down. let's get to the maps and i will show you where. once again there is the issue in sullivan square you just saw live and as you head along the pike eastbound we're getting rid of a car fire by fenway park before the crew where the right lane is shut down. expressway north now, a half-hour from braintree into boston and delays are building on 24 out of avon. also watching a disabled car on route 3 north by route 18 here in weymouth. there is the crash you just saw over route 2 eastbound by 111. and that's blocking part of the right lane and also ramp, they should be clearing that overturned car shortly. 93 south, stop and go out of methuen and then more delays as you travel down towards the spot pond and approaching the lever connector. we're also watching minor delays on the blue line. everything else running on schedule. emily: thanks. we continue to follow breaking news right now on the eye. >> and erika monitoring that news as it comes in. >> and that breaking news coming in from italy. at least 37 people are dead after a powerful earthquake in the central part of the country. there are fears that many may
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amatrice where the quake was entered. also right now the man charged with range a woman in boston's south end is preparing to face a judge. police say 31-year-old eduardo rodriguez was on probation for another assault when he attacked a woman near claremont street early monday morning. and right now federal investigates are trying to figure out how to get this small plane out of the quabbin reservoir. the pilot had to make an emergency landing after having mechanical problems yesterday. randy: boston police officerses will make a ctr today. emily: doug meehan is live in boston with the training about to get underway. doug? doug: emily and randy good morning. they have been talking about it for months, and today the first police officers will be wearing those body cameras. officers in five districts will be strapped with the cameras, for the two-day training session, and those officers were selected after none volunteered to be part of the training. the union has been fighting
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voluntary. the six-month pilot program includes 87 male officers, and 13 female officers, and 55 of them are white, and they are going to be paid $500 each to take part in that program, and the full program is set to begin next month. we're live outside of boston police headquarters this morning doug meehan. >> thank you. new this morning, new numbers showing an alarming spike in medical errors here in the commonwealth. the number of errors in the state hospital jumped 6 that is because of an issue at bay state medical center in springfield where 575 patients were notified. they may have been exposed to infection because of conditions in the hospital's dialysis unit. emily: a strange twist in a story you saw first on five, a man is making a new request after he was caught on surveillance stealing a patriots' helmet. a man hops the bar at skipjack's, swiping a patriots'
6:36 am
players. that day more than a week ago he called the restaurant to apologize saying that he would ship the helmets back. now the general manager says that he got another call yesterday from the suspect asking for the news coverage to stop. >> he says please, i am sorry, and he said maybe, you know, all of this could stop now, and the news, and i said, i can't control that. i said it's beyond me now, and i think he's scared. he's nervous, and i feel bad for the kid. emily: the man promised to ship it a that the patriots are watching this closely. the team says if this man is a season ticket holder he could lose his seats. randy: one guy got a date's attention not in the way he hoped. it went horribly wrong for him, and weather not to blame for most airline delays. the real culprit. one of you're breaking stories, 37 people dead after an
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massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention. we have a proven record of helping students announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2.
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reporter: live pictures coming in. this is in charlestown where a
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tractor trailer, and as you can see, wrapping up the cleanup process coming in from charles town off main street into the rotary so hopefully that will reopen. a couple other traffic issues this morning, i will have the details coming up but cindy, you have got good news this morning? cindy: i have great news. a sun-filled day. 65 as you are stepping out in boston, a few 50s in the suburbs but the humidity is comfortable today, we warm it up into the mid and upper 80s this afternoon, and it is more humid tomorrow, and that will lead to showers and here, and it will be scattered about on our friday but cleared in time for the weekend. randy: thank you, a man is trying to impress his date gets stuck between two buildings. police in pittsburgh say that the 22-year-old tried to jump from the roof of a shorter building to a taller one, nearby early on tuesday morning but instead he slipped right between the two, falling three stories, getting his foot strapped. the date had to call for help. >> it appeared there were three walls that we had to go through,
6:41 am
roof, one of the paramedics did repel down three stories to render stance. randy: it took four hours to get him out. he was wheeled off on a stretcher. he's ok. the restaurant that the rescuers broke through will be closed. emily: 6:41. updating our breaking news, the residual traffic impact from that rollover in sullivan square, and the aftermath of a deadly earthquake in central italy. also a wild prank in the predator vandals left in a school, that's also ahead, and take a look outside, across the city this morning. gorgeous start to the day. it feels pretty nice, too. news to go right after the
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narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of
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randy: the eyeopener is ready with the news to go. emily: first we want to check in with cindy and a look at the forecast. a nice day ahead of us. cindy: we do, this is the time of the year that we keep a close eye on the tropics, this has been a quiet season but we have a lot of activity kind of stirring out there in the tropics, so i want to get you up to speed, there are two features we're watching, of course fiona, we had earlier the week, that has since weakened, fallen apart, and the tropical storm
6:45 am
winds 70 miles per hour, this is close to becoming a hurricane, expected to do that today and then we're watching this, this is a tropical wave, near the lesser antilles. if it strengthens the next name would be hermine so that's what we'll be watching for. a close eye on this one because look at where it could be headed to the bahamas here, and then perhaps, close to florida, in the days ahead, where the water temperatures are very warm. so if this in the meantime, even though gaston will become a hurricane, look where this is headed. still out in the atlantic, and likely east of bermuda, so not as much of a concern. we have got blue skies over boston this morning, and 65 degrees, there is the dewpoint in the 50s, so still very comfortable out there, and we dropped into the 50s overnight, and a lot of the suburbs. still there. orange, 53 out the door, and 59 in plymouth right now, and the temperatures jump up quickly. in fact, by 8:00 it's around 70 degrees, and low 80s for
6:46 am
wall-to-wall sunshine. light southwesterly winds may allow a sea breeze to kick in, but we should hit 86 in boston before that happens, and low 80s on the cape. and storms about 89, near 90, and the high pressure hanging on today. we are watching a front. this is the next chance for rain, out ahead of it the humidity climbs tomorrow. we're in the upper 80s, and then showers and thunderstorms will threatennen on friday. they should clear out for the weekend. in the meantime back tomorrowly and randy. we've been following in charlestown. emily: antoinette antonio is on the scene of a big mess there. antoinette: significant progress has been made since i last talked to you. that tractor trailer that turned over this morning has been moved out of the way. you can see the final cleanup is happening right now, but i can tell you that the lane is still blocked through the rotary, and main street to the rotary, is still blocked off, as well, and what a mess this was overnight.
6:47 am
shortly after that tractor trailer crashed here in sullivan square early this morning. boston police say, it looked like the driver took that turn around a little too quickly and tipped right over. you can see all of that scrap metal, that it was carrying that spilled on the roadway. once again, even though that tractor trailer has been moved the rotary is still down to one lane, and main street coming out of charlestown to the rotary is still blocked off right now. so that's the latest live here from sullivan square, let's rest of your commute. good morning. >> good morning antoinette, it is causing major problems, in addition to that, we're also watching this problem spot here, in actin. this is sky5 over route 2 eastbound by route 111. this vehicle here was upside down on its roof. the tow truck is on the scene. it is causing very heavy delays right there with one lane partially bloct off. let's get to the maps. that incident antoinette was talking about happened this morning over in sullivan square
6:48 am
they have upright and removed that but the debris is on the roadway, so until they can get that out they will not reopen the entrance from main street into the rotary. the rotary has one lane getting by so progress is being made. there is a car fire on the pike over by fenway, so if you are heading that way, the right lane is closed, and this is what you just saw eastbound on route 2, expect delays there, as well. pike eastbound, 25 minutes, 495 to 128, 24 heavy out of avon, 95 from sharon, and your braintree into boston. the volume picks up at concord street, stop and go down to the lever connector, and plus minor delays on the blue line. >> breaking overnight, a deadly earthquake striking italy. >> rescuers digging through debris. erika tarantal is tracking new developments for us. randy: survivors have been rescued but many victims have been recovered, with, at least 37 people were killed, that
6:49 am
the magnitude quake struck near amatrice as people slept around 3:30 in the morning. heavy machinery has been brought in to help in the furious efforts underway to pull people out of the debris, and entire buildings just crumbled in the shaking, which was felt as far as rome. this area is a favorite for vacationers, so it's heavily populated, of course, we'll keep you posted assess more information continue says to come in. out to a judge today for what police are calling what was a vicious attack on a woman in the south end. she was first approached on claremont street on monday at 1:00 a.m. by 31-year-old eduardo rodriguez. he claimed to have a knife and forced her to walk to a nearby playground where she was sexually assaulted. rodriguez was wearing a gps monitoring device, which he cut off. that is how people -- how
6:50 am
him. he had just been released from prison in december for a similar attack. that one on a high school senior. live at the roxbury courthouse, sera congi, newscenter 5. doug: a select number of boston police officers expected to hit the streets today with new equipment, none of them which they volunteered to wear. body cameras. 100 in all will be wearing the devices as part of a two-day training session. the full be rolled out in september. that program will include 87 male officers and 13 female officers. more than half of them will be white. those officers will receive an extra 500 to wear those cameras. we're live outside of boston police headquarters this morning, doug meehan, wcvb. emily: two men are hurt after this crash in wilmington. it happened just after 10:00 last night on lake street. police telling newscenter 5 the suv slammed into a utility pole.
6:51 am
involved, and the cause is under investigation. randy: investigates and state police are deciding if a pilot should be fined after an emergency landing here in the quabbin reservoir, it happened after the pilot had engine problems, and he landed safely on the sandbar but flying is restricted in this area, the plane remained there overnight. it might need to be taken apart to be removed. emily: a man is free on bail accused of sexually assaulting a classmate at a prestigious new hampshire boarding school. chukwudi ikpeazu pleaded not guilty after the alleged incident at phillips exeter academy. school leaders admit they improperly handled the case by telling the suspect to deliver bread to the victim aspennance. the school is under fire for handling several cases since the 1970s. charlie baker is expected to sign a bill to offer protections for animals in massachusetts. the bill would ban owners from
6:52 am
people to break into the cars if animal is in immediate danger. randy: president barack obama toured areas hit hardest by severe flooding. the president met with victims yesterday, promising their continued national effort to help to rebuild. mr. obama was criticized prior to the trip, awaiting more than a week to visit the zone. the state's governor has asked the president to hold off, he said, so that first responders could focus more on helping flood victims. emily: police are searc vandals who dumped crocodiles at a school in the town of humpty do australia. it happened on sunday morning. four men busting into the office and stealing computers leaving crocodiles behind. park rangers had to be called in to take them away. randy: quite the scene there. the federal government effort to create a massive stockpile of cheese. the department of agriculture plans to buy $20 million worth
6:53 am
suppliers. 11 million pounds will be donated to food banks and pantries. dairy producers have had difficulty selling cheese since losing oversees buyers a mid more milk production in europe. emily: a howard johnson's restaurant is closing in may leaving just one location left. that main location will close september 6. the franchise once had 800 restaurants and owners say that the business has just really slowed down over the past four years. the new york location will be the only randy: severe weather no longer the driving force behind all of the airline delays. computer glitches and mechanical breakdowns like this meltdown are the leading cause. last year more than 323,000 flights were delayed because of airlines. however aviation experts point out that the delays are less severe now than they were between 2006 and 2008.
6:54 am
he only gave up one run and nine hits with nine strikeouts but the play of the day really is this shot here, it's a line drive down the first baseline and the ray's batter wants to test mookie betts' arm, not a good idea, he goes for third you, and that's a mistake, betts gets the out, and the sox win 2-1. randy: here in our hometown, needham, we're planning a big rally for aly to the gymnast, aly take place at 11:00 on saturday morning, in front of the town hall in needham, and raisman is coming back from her incredible showing at the olympic games in rio and earned a gold medal. emily: it will be nice to welcome her back. congratulate her. olessa. randy: just about cleaned up there in charlestown. randy: we've been watching this tractor trailer that turned over dropping debris all over the roadway. that debris is just about cleaned up but they have this
6:55 am
accessible at this point but it is looking much better than it was a while ago. let's get over to the maps. once again that incident happened during the overnight hours over by alford and main street, and at this point they have the rotary opened but you cannot get in. at least not yet. eastbound on the pike we're watching this car fire at fenway if you are traveling east. expect one lane to be closed and an overturned vehicle in the process of clearing on route 2 eastbound by 111. south of there the pike looks ok. 25 minutes. 495 to 128 and as y delays on the expressway, 25 to 30 from braintree into boston. 93 south is ok. that picks up at concord. we're watching delays on the blue line. cindy is here, a quiet forecast, maybe you can give us one for humpty do australia. cindy: i have to find out where it is. we have sunshine over boston. it will be a beautiful day. as you know we really need the rainfall here with the drought
6:56 am
3.92 inches of rain in boston. that is the driest on record. we have a week left to go in the month, and our rain chances go up on thursday night and friday. that's it really over the next several days. that rain that we're watching next is coming right now through the great lakes' area, along a frontal boundary that stretched back to the west, and this has no hurry to try and get on in here and out ahead of it. the humidity will increase, so we have got the high pressure in control today, and going to be a comfortable day, but starting tomorr i going to notice that humidity pick up and that will bring up the chances for rain. 54 out the door in orange. 61 in worcester, and 65 in boston, and we have got low to mid 60s on the cape. and we're jumping into the mid to upper 80s this afternoon. going to be a great day with loads of sunshine. just a little cooler at the beaches and comfortable for sleeping tonight and tomorrow is more humid, and you can see as we get into the afternoon, any showers and storms off to the west, and that will change on friday, and especially around lunch time and into the afternoon the threat of a
6:57 am
sets us up for a nice weekend. >> all right. sounds good, cindy, thank you. randy: thank you very much for joining us am this is our live camera in charlestown where the problem has been cleaned up. emily: have a great day and
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking news. a deadly earthquake rocks italy. victims pulled from the destruction. a desperate search for survivors right now. after the 6.2 quake turns homes and buildings to rubble. >> quite severe shaking of the bed. the first thing >> the tremors shake rome. one mayor says his town is not here anymore. the pope speaking out the this morning. and "gma" live on the scene with the latest. cyberattack on "the new york times." the fbi investigating if the same hackers that targeted the democratic national committee tries to do it again. donald trump signals a shift on immigration. >> there certainly can be a softening, because we're not looking to hurt people.


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