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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 2, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, final pitch. the presidential candidates crisscrossing the country. hillary clinton lashing out at a protester as donald trump steps up his attacks with just six days until election. we're live in washington. banned forever? the pope's controversial new comments a priests. his explanation and the backlash it's getting this morning. caught on camera. an out-of-control bus jumping a curb and slamming into a house. what caused that dramatic crash. and one more game. the cubs crush the indians in game six setting up a winner
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it's 1908. >> cleveland, 1948 all over again. as we say good wednesday morning. the final push is on for votes after an explosive october. >> as the candidates scrambling from state to state donald trump is making a pitch to early democrats voters who may have had a change of heart and hillary clinton is not letting voters forget trump's most incendiary remarks. abc's lana zak joins us with the good morning, lana. >> reporter: good morning. so much at stake and the polls narrowing we are seeing a flurry of campaign activity. 3100 vents today alone. as the candidates and their surrogates are really trying to bring the message home. the two candidates are making their final appeals to america. donald trump on obamacare. >> i will ask congress to convene a special session so we can repeal and replace.
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boy for everything that's wrong with our economy. >> reporter: nearly 28 million americans have voted and donald trump is hoping to change some of those hillary clinton votes. >> you can change your vote to donald trump will make america great again. >> reporter: in four states wisconsin, minnesota, pennsylvania and michigan there is a process in place to change vote. neither trump or c clinton trying to bring home the female vote. >> i want all the girls in america to know, you are valuable. you should feel good about yourselves. don't let somebody like this bully tell you otherwise. >> reporter: earlier she took on a protester who held a sign attacking her husband. >> i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive,
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people who support donald trump. >> reporter: clinton said she wanted to focus on the future but in her latest campaign ad it was on trump's past. >> putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> reporter: clinton's message is rallying her supporters and the three days that followed the fbi e-mail probe announcement, she managed to raise $11.3 million in online donation, that's the largest number since she received the nomination. >> it's not been boring. >> no, it hasn't. the latest fbi information sure has made it a lot more exciting. attorney general loretta limp and director comey has had their first face-to-face meeting. >> the brief conversation on monday has been described as cordial. comey's decision to alert congress about a new batch of e-mails linked to hillary
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criticism but a source says lynch has still has confidence in comey to handle the case. we are getting the first look at donald trump's larger than life portrait he bought this six-foot tall painting for $20,000 reportedly paid for it with charity money from his foundation. the photos were just released by the artist, speed painter who completed the portrait in about five minutes. >> it's going to be busy day on the campaign trail. hillary clinton has events in arizona and las vegas and tim kaine is spending the day with supporters in iowa. donald trump in the meantime, holding three rallies in three florida cities. mike pence making stops in arizona and new mexico. now to breaking news from the plains where an earthquake has shaken parts of oklahoma and kansas. the 4.5 quake was centered not far from pawnee, oklahoma.
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2 in magnitude. no reports of damage or injuries. the sudden increase in the number of quakes in oklahoma has been linked to fracking. the explosion of a pipeline in alabama is expected to raise gas prices on the east coast. that pipeline is now shut down. it supplies a third of the gas to the east coast. just two months ago a leak on that same pipeline led to days of dry pumps and price hikes in the southeast. officials say thaty have the line restored by the end of the week but analysts say it could be as long as a month. shifting our focus overseas to weather which is hauling the advance on mosul by iraqi forces. high humidity and clouds have obscured the view of aircraft as well as drones. the troops had been checking every building for booby traps and explosive devices that may have been left behind. cell service has been restored to mosul after it was cut off by
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months. china promising strict responsibility after 33 coal miners died in a gas explosion all trapped underground after monday's blast in the city of there. malaysia flight 370 that vanished. australian investigators are now suggesting the plane spirale that debunks the theory that the pilot tried to land the plane on the water. more analysis could come from a three-day meeting about the incident underway now. and pope francis says the church's ban on female priests is not changing. on his trip home from sweden francis was asked about women being ordained. he said the last word on the issue came from pope john paul ii back in 1994. that was when john paul who is
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church has no authority whatsoever to ordain women. francis said john paul's statement was clear and that it remains in place. the women's order says they are disappointed and called the document he referred to as outdated. back at home records are out of date after today's temperatures as we welcome in today in texas and up to ohio, 83 in dallas. 71 in kansas city and unseasonably warmer on the east coast today. d.c. looking beautiful. 76 and high, 60s in new york and boston. on this november 2nd. we should remind you. it was a special night here in new york city, that is because the annual stand-up for heroes fund-raiser was held.
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formed it after bob was injured covering the war in iraq in 2006. in its ten years it has raised more than $33 million. >> bruce springsteen continued his tradition after performing at the event. every year since it's been held. >> it's doing very well. well, still ahead new numbers out this morning about thanksgiving travel and why you shouldn't wait to book that flight. and also new this morning, the orlando shooter's wife is spea o what she says about living in fear and how she avoids the public eye. plus, the cubs dominating performance. full highlights of game six ahead from espn.
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the wife of the orlando nightclub killer says she had no idea her husband planned the rampage. 49 people died and dozens were wounded in the june massacre before police killed the gunman. she is speaking out for the first time telling "the new york times" the crime has left her afraid. salman says she has moved three times since the killings to stay out of the public accused of leaving his son in a hot car to die has taken the stand to defend him. leanna taylor told jurors that ross harris destroyed her life but she said he never would have harmed their son. prosecutors say harris intentionally left the boy to die in that car because he wanted a child-free life. his attorneys say harris forgot the child.
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cosby's sexual assault case continues in philadelphia today. a judge is deciding if a deposition in a 2005 lawsuit should be admitted into this case. cosby's lawyers say he made what could be damaging statements after being told he would not be charged. the 79-year-old faces up to ten years in prison if convicted. right now he is free on bail. only three weeks to go until the thanksgiving getaway gets underway. if you're flying expect more company. new numbers million passengers will travel on u.s. airlines over the thanksgiving holiday. that is up about 2.5% from last year. the busiest days for air travel, sunday, the 17th as everybody flies back home, thanksgiving, the lightest day for travel. if you're planning to fly, buy your tickets soon. we checked with airfare prediction app hopper shows round trip tickets are averaging about $312 and that's nearly
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$4 a day or about $6 a day closer to thanksgiving. and the good news is if you still need to book a christmas flight, there may be some fare sales on cyber monday. just a few bucks a day. i'm not so sure i believe that. also this thanksgiving a decades old tradition is getting a modern touch. the butterball turkey help line has been fielding calls during the run-up to thanksgiving for 30 years but this year for the first time you can text the turkey experts for y last-minute baking tips. they'll also be available on social media. >> wow. >> when we come back the mystery illness cropping up across the country linked to its first death. doctors now say they may know what the disease cis. >> a bus screens into this.
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yosemite national park yesterday. crews spent the day drilling holes into the boulders to place explosives so they could be blasted apart for removal. the road has since been re-opened. well, let's hope that a little smoother driving today. that road will be dry, though, we should mention, conditions will be wet further north along the oregon and washington coast. same thing from the southwest across the southern plains and all the way to the great lakes. if you're flying, airport well, investigators have begun looking into a deadly bus accident in baltimore. >> yeah, six people were killed when a school bus crashed into the side of a municipal bus. the 67-year-old driver of the school bus was among those killed. there are no skid marks in the road to indicate the driver tried braking. the only other person on that school bus was an aide. she suffered minor injuries and is expected to provide crucial clues about exactly what happened during that crash.
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it's a san antonio bus driver hanging on as he slams into a house. the bus had been t-boned by a pickup truck and he suffered a shoulder injury. it sent it barreling through the fence of a nearby hope, the 18-year-old at the wheel was cited for driving without a license. we've got new concerns about a spinal cord illness in the pacific northwest. it may be to blame for the death of a 6-year-old in seattle. one of nine children treated in washington state this rare illness known as aft, acute flaz sid myelitis beginning with weakness in the limbs, loss of reflects and possible paralysis all within hours. 89 cases reported in 33 states this year. >> scary stuff. the first ranking for the college football playoff are out. alabama is number one followed by clemson, michigan and texas
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>> good morning, america. there will be a game seven. it will be in cleveland. it will be wednesday. if you don't believe me check out these highlights. this is game six. cleveland looking to join its cavs as being champions of its professional league. addison russell, 7-0. youngest since mickey mantle. joe maddon taking a lot of heat from bringing in aroldis chapman with a big lead. but, listen, joe's won a lot more games than you or i and i wins that one so there will be a game seven in cleveland. let's go to the great northwest. portla portland, oh, skinny pop. that's the first one i dropped this year.
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skinny pop for everyone. steph curry just went off on portland. late in this game, 23 points in the third quarter. look at that. that's riley curry's daddy. one more skinny pop for the road. rip city, baby. warrior, 127-104. america, stan will be joining me for thiseg two days. >> skinny pop. >> yes, popular. up next in "the pulse," living longer because of facebook? >> yeah, how social media site could be positive for your life span. and jimmy kimmel does it again. this year's i ate all my kids' halloween candy coming up. planned with my friends. got and i want to enjoy every moment of it.
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? time for "the pulse" and we'll start with what's become something of a post-halloween tradition. you're not a big fan of it but some might say it's for better or worse. >> yes, for the sixth year in a row our friend jimmy kimmel invited viewers to record their kids' reactions after telling them they had eaten all their halloween candy. >> eat all of your halloween cay [ crying ] >> what happened? >> what? >> my candy is gone! >> i ate it all. >> i ate all your halloween candy. >> what?
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candy. >> you're just joking. >> nope, i ate it all. >> aaagh. >> the parent has not been seen since. the reactions. >> priceless. oh, man, so the old saying, everything in moderation, apparently is healthy advice. at least when it comes to facebook. moderate use of it can help research finds that people who use the site, a modest amount and receive friend requests have lower mortality rates and facebook was involved in the study but they claim they weren't influenced at all. >> sure. lady luck visited a minnesota man not once but twice all within 18 months. >> this is amazing. anthony fusaro won a jackpot for $875,000 then just last year he took home a million dollar mega
4:24 am
pay off his home and buy a new one. now -- >> he plans to pay off his mortgage again. >> not bad and enjoy being debt-free. >> he said he always believed he'd win again. he is now hoping for three in a row. good luck to him. >> yeah, i've always thought i would win once, but no such luck so far. >> i'm not even that positive. >> more news after this. this portion of "america this morning" brought to you
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our top stories on this wednesday, as the race for the white house tightens donald trump is calling on early democratic voters in certain states to change their ballot and hillary clinton is reminding voters about trump's explosive comments about women. the explosion of a pipeline in alabama is expected to raise gas prices on the east coast. officials say they hope to have the line back open by the end of the week but analysts say it could be as long as isis says no attacks are planned on mosul because of clouds. it comes after iraqi troops set foot in the city for the first time in more than two years. a look at today's weather for you, sunny and warm for most of the east. some temperatures in the northeast will be 15 degrees above normal for this time of year. heavy rain from the southwest to the great lakes, though. rain also in the northwest.
4:28 am
basketball star scottie pippen and his wife. he was best known for winning six nba titles with the bulls. >> now he is fighting his wife for custody of their four children. and new 911 calls could hamper his efforts as abc's mara schiavocampo reports. >> reporter: the breakup of the nearly 20-year marriage between nba legend scottie pippen and his wife heating up. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> can you send someone over here. my husband >> reporter: in these newly released calls, she is heard calling police last month. she eventually tells police not to come after all. then three days later another call. >> my husband's gotten crazy again with me. >> reporter: two weeks after they were made scotty filed for divorce. in the divorce filings obtained by abc news scotty claims the marriage is irretrievably broken
4:29 am
mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> and finally, we are counting down to a star-studded extravaganza tomorrow night or tonight in nashville. >> preparations under way. rehearsals are in high gear for country music's biggest night, the 50th cma awards hosted by carrie underwood and brad paisley. last year the breako was chris stapleton. he is facing off against luke bryan, garth brooks, keith urban and carrie underwood. stapleton is slated to perform with eric church and little big town. >> matthew mcconaughey, sharon stone and lily tomlin will be there.
4:30 am
>> good morning. it is wednesday, november 2. i'm emily riemer. >> i'm randy price. stories we're following on the eyeopener. right now, a mysterious death investigation in the city of lawrence. new details we're learning about the victim and what police are not ruling out here. >> a man and woman hit by a truck while crossing the street in woburn. the clues police into this morning. >> full-court press on the campaign trail. the big events around the country today as we count down to election day. >> we will get you all of those stories. first, though, want to check in with cindy for a look at your forecast as we start the day. much warmer than this time yesterday. >> big difference really from the past couple of mornings. it is near 50 degrees in boston. we have clouds around and the wind is from the south. it's light. that southerly component of the


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